The Big Brother 17 cast has begun their season fun without us after moving in last week but we’ll soon be along for the ride following this Wednesday’s season premiere. It’s still as early as it gets in the season, but it’s worth taking a look at the early favorites among the cast.

Big Brother 17 Cast of Houseguests

Big Brother 17 Cast of Houseguests – Source: CBS

So which Houseguest could be your favorite on BB17? Vote in our poll below. It’s a tricky choice this early and one subject to change but the fun part is seeing who put on the best show in our Big Brother interviews last week for the best first impression. Missed the videos? Scroll down to watch them now.

I know my opinions have morphed wildly from the preseason to the end of the summer and that’s part of the fun as we discover more about each Houseguest and develop our own perspective on them. Not ready to cast your fav vote just yet? Watch our one-on-one interviews & learn more about the HGs.

Big Brother 17 cast interviews by Big Brother Network:


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