Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 0

The Big Brother 17 cast has begun their season fun without us after moving in last week but we’ll soon be along for the ride following this Wednesday’s season premiere. It’s still as early as it gets in the season, but it’s worth taking a look at the early favorites among the cast.

Big Brother 17 Cast of Houseguests
Big Brother 17 Cast of Houseguests – Source: CBS

So which Houseguest could be your favorite on BB17? Vote in our poll below. It’s a tricky choice this early and one subject to change but the fun part is seeing who put on the best show in our Big Brother interviews last week for the best first impression. Missed the videos? Scroll down to watch them now.

I know my opinions have morphed wildly from the preseason to the end of the summer and that’s part of the fun as we discover more about each Houseguest and develop our own perspective on them. Not ready to cast your fav vote just yet? Watch our one-on-one interviews & learn more about the HGs.

Big Brother 17 cast interviews by Big Brother Network:


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  1. I’m going to vote Jason for the sole reason that he’s an actual international BB fan so he’s very appreciative of all the versions airing overseas, at least the ones he can understand (and accessible to watch via Youtube).

    No default winner pick for me this season but I’m betting my 3,000 US dollars worth of hollas to all the actual applicants in the cast (Jason, James, Audrey, Vanessa, Da’Vonne, John, Steve, and I think Jace is one as well)

    • I don’t think Jace is to be honest. He is legit the love child of hayden voss and hayden moss, taking the latter’s gameplay

      • Perhaps a casual fan who got recruited. He seemed to talk very smart in his interviews than I expect him to be due to his chill surfer-emitting persona he’s giving off.

        Even if he is a recruit, I do think Jace has the biggest potential to learn the game faster as he goes and could become a strategic threat if allowed to stay long, at least based on initial impressions in his interviews.

      • I agree! We’ll see, but he seems to have potential. I like the one who went to Cornell for two yrs and then moved over to another for music I believe. He sure knows the game, and seems very logical

      • i dunno, just seems like he was cast to play the “surfer dude” role of the cast to be honest

      • He looks very smart and acts smart to be just a mere surfer dude. Hayden Voss acts like one last season but doesn’t really surf.

      • i feel though that audrey is playing the game wayyy too hard and people will turn on her. too bad that i chose her as my 2nd placer, next to da’vonne as first lol

    • Jace is frankly, one of the least intelligent of the house guests and will prove to be terribly annoying. He has no chance.

  2. I was having trouble deciding between 3 and they are in the top 3 as of right now. Ow! Just pulled a muscle trying to pat myself on the back. LOL

  3. I voted just to see where they rank among the fans, but honestly I have no favorites yet. I wasn’t surprised with the girl from Florida to be at the bottom. lol

  4. Off-topic: Looks like the alternate “outed” himself as being one as it seems some BB fans who were stalking his Instagram account keep pushing him about what he thinks about the cast, specifically Audrey.

    At least that was the vibe I’m getting based from how he answered. I don’t think alternates usually talk like that in public unless of course he was that invested with the casting process and perhaps THIS close to being picked.

    • If they were going to bring in a few of the alternates at a later date, he won’t be one of them now!

      • I got to the bottom of the issue just now and learned someone simply made a comment about him in Instagram being a “transphobe”. Guy must not have handled it so well for some reason that he made a long commentary involving Audrey as a response.

        IMO, he could have carefully worded his response because sometimes the best intentions gets misinterpreted tenfold, especially on social media, which actually raging right now.

        Unfortunately, he basically let the guy prove a point and now a screengrab of that one post meant as a response is spreading like wildfire online.

        And we all know how much of a raging beast the online fandom are sometimes, hard to please and even harder to tame.

  5. There is no serious doubt that Matthew Boyer is a complete moron. Continually bringing up the girl alliance thing almost certainly because that’s exactly what he wants. Way to go basically guaranteeing that male housemates on future seasons will definitely align. The Bomb Squad happened on BB16 because of the girls alliance threat. Now we’re now going to see that on every season especially if BB17 plays out exactly as these interviewers and CBS wanted.

    Why this is bad for female players and seriously bad for the show should be obvious. The guys are generally more likely to unite because of the whole bro-thing. Girls on average are far more likely to work separately because – for whatever reason – you generally get a whole load more personally clashes happening between girls than with guys. History has overwhelmingly shown this to be the case. That’s also the reason why you almost always have a number of women wanting to work with the guys which just backs up and intensifies the danger of guys alliances forming and working.

    So CBS and the dumb arses who got to interview these people like Rachel Reilly and Matthew Boyer have been pushing for a girls alliance. You have absolutely no idea of the consequences for future seasons. Well, done. You have probably killed Big Brother.

    • Being female, I would love to see an all girl alliance dominate and win. It’d be a nice change from the all guy alliances that have dominated and won in the past. Would it “kill” Big Brother? NO! It would just add to the multitude of statistics.

    • Matthew is NOT a moron, and I’m not gonna call you a moron but your comment is moronic.

    • If a female alliance is what it takes to get a female winner, then I am all for it. I assume that makes me a moron in your opinion. For some reason, that doesn’t bother me at all and I’m sure Matthew is far from offended by such nonsense. In past BB seasons, I have been all in with a male winning. I agree, mostly, with your”bro-thing” assessment, and also, with there being issues, seemingly every season, with one or two females who want to be part of the bros. But people wishing for an all female alliance(if true) starting a gender war that could possibly kill BB? That’s a little extreme, don’t you think?

    • No need to call Matthew Boyer a moron. He is our fearless leader and we will defend him to the end!!

    • I must say I’m flattered that you think I have complete control over the game and the minds of all these individuals.

      My questioning has guaranteed the guys will align? Amazing. You mean that never happened before? I was able to retroactively force that to happen? Wormhole-mania here! Does that mean I get credit for S5’s Four Horsemen too and ever past guys alliance before I asked about the history of that happening?? Amazing!

      Hmm, I asked the women how they’d combat a potential all-guys alliance and I asked the men what sort of alliance plans they had. What powerful questioning that was! I all but forced it to happen now.

      Well, one of us is a moron for sure.

      • Matt, because of your interview,you started a BB gender war and might have killed Big Brother. lol You’re good ! man. You should move to CNN…the most influential reporter.

    • Wait, wait. Do I also get credit for any sex-based alliances on other shows too? Uh-mazing! All the past & future guys or girls alliances on Survivor are mine then, especially the ones that went all the way to the end and secured the win.

      • What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. Gotta say it again now, what a man, what a man…

      • Wow! What a fantastic sense of humor you have Matthew Boyer! (still sitting her laughing)

      • I definitely don’t hold the harsh opinion the guy abobe holds… but this particular question did stand out to me when watching, because it forced each contestant to consciously think about this concept, which is different than all other questions you asked.

        What I’m saying is, I didn’t like the question because every girl you asked is now asked was required to view male alliances as something they would need to combat, which in turn could impact how they approach the game, which no other question did.

        I think you di a great job and ask good questions, but maybe avoid questions that peematurely get contestants to decide how to react to a specific situation, when its part of the game for them to not know if it exists or not (if that makes sense). Because it actually can affect the game

      • I appreciate the perspective. The question flowed from last year’s implosion of the girls alliance. But if *any* of the ladies have gotten this far and don’t realize that there’s a history of male alliances dominating & no woman has *ever* beat a guy in the F2 (BBUS) then they’ve got their eyes closed.

        There’s just no way any of them don’t already know the things discussed in that question. The ladies know the tough, strong, bonding guys are their threats. It’s not revealing anything new to them.

  6. Oy Vey~ The suspense! May the best woman become the 1st HOH and evict the quirky dentist (just kidding folks).

    • Getting your Yiddish on today, Cuddles? It is definitely PAST time for a woman to win. The men have got to go!!!

      • I like Audrey from the interview. But as far as DNA, Audrey is a man, right? I want a woman to win!!

      • Yeah Audrey is still a man, and you’re right her hands are big. Adams apple need to be shave some more.

      • Awfully pretty, though, and seems to be smart which will make for some real competition in the BB house.

      • I’ll tell you what, because of her {secret} back story, it will be interesting to watch her play this game.

      • It will make for some very interesting interactions, I’m sure. Another BB first and perfect timing with all the buzz about Caitlyn.

      • Yes, and several tv shows that are now on TV ~ One with 2 transgendered dads. It seems Caitlyn’s coming out has inspired the powers that be to educate all of us and, of course, generate controversy on the subject.

      • From what I understand (from Julie), Audrey will be divulging that she’s transgendered to the other hgs on the 1st day in the house. So they already know.

      • Audrey’s a gem of a wonderful, intelligent, loving woman ~ I look forward to seeing how she relates to the other hgs.

      • For all intents and purposes Audrey is a woman and should be treated as a woman. (try to forget about the DNA) I want Audrey to excel at playing her game.

      • We each have our own opinion about that, but in any case, Audrey should be treated with respect.

      • Yiddish by association. Yeah K, let’s get rid of those tiresome men one by one by one by one by one ~ LOL! Any, yes, ANY woman for the win!!!

    • I’m hoping that the dentist is a hoot to watch, so I’m rooting for him to stay for a while.

      • Actually I am too ~~ I’m all for quirk-e-ness and lightening the situation ~~ let’s see if quirky dentist delivers. ((I’m still rooting for a woman to become the 1st HOH))

  7. I’ll decide who I like and who I despise after watching the feeds for a week. That’s where you see there true colors.

  8. I liked Meg from the interview – yes she is loud, but seems entertaining. Not crude like Gina Marie. It would be nice for a woman to win this time but may the best houseguest win.

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