Big Brother 17 Medieval Punishments Arrive [PICS]

Big Brother rolled out its latest punishments following Saturday’s Power of Veto competition where a mix of prizes and penalties were delivered.

Shelli, Jackie, and Vanessa in their costumes
Shelli, Jackie, and Vanessa in their costumes – Source: CBS All Access

A trip to Ireland for two? Nice. 2400 sword battles? Not so nice. $5,000 cash? Sweet. 24 hours of squire service to a knight in shining armor? Ehh.

The lucky ones were Clay with the trip to Europe, Becky with $5K, and James with the PoV wins. The unlucky players were Shelli won received 2400 sword battles in 24 hours, Vanessa as a squire for 24 hours, and Jackie with a knight costume for one week.

Jackie just has to wear a costume around for the next week and can go swimming but has to wear a the helmet when she does it. This is likely due to HGs escaping their costume responsibilities by going swimming.

Vanessa has to stay right next to Knight Jackie and be constantly buffing/shining her plastic armor. As for sleeping Vanessa has to lay on the floor next to Jackie’s bed. This only lasts one day though.

Shelli’s is obviously the hardest one involving a triangle pattern in the backyard with a station at each point. She has to hit a punching bag in to a target, poke another target, and then knock a bar off its seating. Every 100 rounds Shelli has to go inside and ring a bell while shouting “the castle is safe!”

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  1. Live Feeders, According to Joker’s she’s (Shelli) at around 1700 of the 2400 revolutions she has to make. (As of 11:20am/2:20pm.) How is she holding up? Pretty strong or has it gotten emotional? (I’d imagine she’s probably keeping it together pretty well?)

    • She’s got to be cracking. She’s beginning to complain about everything, even about Clay. Last night she thought that this would be SO easy! LOL

    • She’s beginning to break and tells Clay she’s too tired to keep talking to him and sends him on an errand! haha

      • Let’s hope Clay will soon tire of Shelli and try to save his game instead. I was hoping Meg would talk some sense into his head last night…

      • I have a feeling even if he does that V will still instruct Austwins, Steve and Becky to keep Shelli. I don’t think he could stay if he wanted at this point. Not against Shelli. I hope twins realize they’ll have to beat Shelli/Van to go to F2. And hope John/Becky/Steve realize next week is only week left 6S can target J/J/M.
        Say they evict James next – the next week Jackie could win Pov and then one of them goes up (St/Bec/John). They should have the votes

      • It sure doesn’t look like it at all, I’m ready for the DR to do something to help James out if he really thinks V. is his new buddy.

      • He’s been a target and always gonna be a target, It’s not gonna disappear. He has to at least put a dent on that alliance. He can survive this if luck is on his side. He should actually make some deals now.

      • The only outcome that will save James this week is Jackie winning. It’s 5 against 1 with two wild cards with Becky and John. Meg doesn’t count as she’s irrelevant.

      • The numbers don’t look good on James I agree, but we all know dynamic in the house changes, new deals are being made..etc.and luck.

      • Luck is certainly a factor we can’t forecast. I’m disappointed James isn’t using his HoH to form better deals. He really wasted a big opportunity. He’s getting a player out, but not doing much to advance his game beyond this week.

      • Yeah I know. That’s what Dan G. has been saying. You have to prepare for the coming week and the week after. Run different scenarios in your head.

      • Meg’s talking to him about Austin and the twins…he at least told her that they’ll be easy to beat in comps.

      • He feels he’ll be on most people’s radar and doesn’t want to be redirected until this week is done.

      • I’m sure she is. At this point he needs to tell her she’s forced his hand and now he needs to use pov after all to ensure Shelli goes home, by replacing Clay with V.
        Headline reads: Austwins have all the voting power / decide who they want to keep.

      • I been reading Jokers and nothing has been said about James being on to the real plans of the SS alliance.

      • Someone said V told Shelli that Clay was asking people to vote him out and that Shelli told him that he’ll forget about her in couple months after he leaves. She doesn’t seem to be worried about leaving based on that.

      • I would think Austin would want physical comp threat Clay to stay over Shelli since Clay leaving would leave a big target on Austin’s back.
        But Austin’s terrified of Vanessa now so this probably won’t happen.

      • Maybe the SS Alliance is afraid of the upcoming double eviction and want to stay on the good side of the other side until that’s over. Then good-bye James.

      • That’s my thinking too. Maybe next week would be a good week for a non-elimination…James on the block alongside Austin. Then the week after would be DE.

  2. IKR? This was much more punishing than kicking a soccer ball 2400 times. A shame Production wouldn’t let her catch the bar instead of letting it fall to the ground where she had to bend down to pick it up!

    • I think this one is harder because she has to move rather than stand in one place basically.

    • They’re both hard! Kicking a soccer ball into a target 2400 times is one repetitive motion, compared to hitting 3 targets (3 motions, with one of them bending over.) On the other hand, Brittany kept missing the target, so she had to do way more than 2400 kicks.

      Same with the shackling… wearing skimpy costumes while shackled to someone you don’t like vs. constantly polishing & difficult costume while shacked to someone you don’t like.

      • Jackie’s definitely taking it well, though. Vanessa doesn’t seem to mind that it’s Jackie she’s doing this for.

  3. Oh Lord, Shelli leaves her post and Clay goes and adjusts the bar…Production told him to stop that. Hope he doesn’t cost Shelli a penalty. Nobody is supposed to even touch that bar but her.

    • I doubt that production will give a penalty for that. Clay broke a HN rule last week (I forget what he ate) and Liz ate a peanut this week. They didn’t get punished. Production doesn’t punish their favorites.

      • He ate cereal without milk. Hate when Production punishes some but not others. Rules should be rules in this game, no exceptions.

  4. She’s beginning to crack having to keep it up now that the sun’s out, making it hotter for her.

  5. Do you all think Production would make this a non-elimination week or would they wait to do that next week? I’ve been counting the weeks still left and a non-elim would need to be instated if the finale is Sept 23.

  6. Shelli just hit 1800 in 14 hours and 47 mins. Think she’ll make the next 600 before collapsing? She says she wants to hit 1900 and then take a cereal break.

    • She must be just taking a break. She’s having a
      heart to heart convo with Clay..Just add some soft piano music, it looks like “Days of our lives”..seriously. lol….so sad

      • She’s still counting on Clay going I see! Sweet of her to say all this to him…not only that, she says he’ll forget about her after he’s been out 2 months.

      • Confirmed? They have the numbers? I hope Mr Miyagi has a contingency plan. I know Van is working on this one.

      • GENERALLY SPEAKING, IMO it’s not age, but experience and maturity… 23 is too young for 33, but 43 is not too young for 53. Unless of course you are both just off your age appropriate target, then “love knows no age”.

      • You should check out Shelli’s twin brother and how much he resembles Clay! Then tell me Shelli is in love with Clay! She did tell Clay he’d get over her after he was gone for 2 mos. hahaha Tells me she’s encouraging him to keep with getting others to vote him out.

      • It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s true love….that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that it’s their choice as to love each other or not..gosh people need to LEAVE them alone and let them do as they please…You people continue to criticize them and it’s ridiculous…

      • I understand what you’re saying and you’re right, it’s none of our business who they want to love or not…but he’s not seeing that’s she’s using him now, telling him that he’ll get over her once he’s been gone for 2 months. Basically she’s selling him out and wanting to win the $500k for herself, with no hopes of sharing it. He is wanting to take her on that trip he won, but I don’t see her going. That’s what I’m saying. I’ve see this happening a hundred times in my lifetime. I just hope it doesn’t pan out that way for him, though.

      • Experience and maturity may matter for YOU but it may not matter for someone else….like I said in my original post: society teaches people to judge others without realizing that we are all different for a good reason…people on BB network continue to talk of the age gap of Clelli and it’s just stupid…something may matter to you but not to someone else… We’re all unique and beautiful <333

  7. why doesnt production keep them up all night with weird light flickers, scarier faces in the mirrors, just sporadic, but give them a few hell nights, now that would be worth watching during bbad, its getting so boring they r constantly focusing on certain individuals for soooo long, u just get bored and turn it off. come on production, do something worthwhile, scare the hell out of them, noises, while their sleeping ring a door bell and no one is there, flicker a light turn off a shower for 10 mins, lock the hoh door, freak them out and keep denying, SHAKE IT UP, TOO BORING AT NIGHT WITH ALL GAME TALK, time to take back the show, u use your imagination for games, wtf?

    • They do play music off and on if they’re sleeping so they’ll have interrupted sleep.

  8. Now this is a bit funny: Van asks Jackie for a potty break. Jackie doesn’t respond – half asleep.

  9. Oh No! Meg just asked James if he thinks Shelli will be the one leaving and James said he thinks so. Get busy Meg, time to play BB and make SURE Shelli is the one going home.

  10. From the updates site. “Meg wondering who Austin/Twins would target. James says none of them. Meg says maybe Becky which is fine with her.”

    Meg and James are the worst. I can’t wait for both of them to leave. They are so painfully stupid as far as this game is concerned. It may be boring to watch a mega alliance control the game, but do we really want these two clueless morons taking over? Not for me please.

  11. Liz to the Rescue! Liz has just informed James and Meg that Clay is telling everybody to vote for him and save Shelli. I’m hoping James and Meg will now awaken and realize they need to take Clay off the block and put up Liz instead. Anything to get rid of that vooooiiiiicccceeee is ok with me.

      • I’d rather see Vanessa go up too but I think he’s afraid to tick off his new “alliance” by doing this. Maybe he’ll take Clay down and put up Steve.

      • Putting Steve up is exactly what they want for Shelli and Clay to stay I seriously hope he is not that stupid

      • What’s her purpose on giving that info to James? To reinforce the idea of not changing the nominees. That means they’re safe too. James said he’s not changing it. The Austwin got what they needed to hear, then they’ll change their vote and keep Shelli?.

      • I didn’t see that on the feeds. I only saw that Meg asked James if they should target Austin and the twins next week. He said he wouldn’t because they’d be easy to beat in comps. Said nothing about Meg asking to use the Veto to take Clay down and put up Vanessa.

      • This was from Jokers – “Meg tells James the best move next week is to break up Austin/Twins, but its risky to anger them.”

      • Actually saw many tweet that said Jackie is trying to convince James and Meg that saving Clay is the thing to do and put Vanessa on the block.

      • I have a feeling that some players want the nominees to remain the same avoiding backdoors of Van/ Austwin and work on saving Shelli later.

      • Not me. I don’t stay on feeds for a long time. I saw Liz going up to HOH to give the info to James.

  12. I vote to evict Vanessa’s hat from BB!

    But seriously she wears a hat every single day! It’s crazy!

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