Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 9: Thursday Night Highlights

The typical post-HOH talk lit up the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds for the first time in a week. As we know, there are always a lot of scenarios for them to run and a lot of wishful thinking, and that always makes for entertaining feeds.

Austin reads his HOH letter (not from his girlfriend) – Source: CBS All Access

Right now Vanessa is still on everyone’s radar, but Austin isn’t sure it’s time. Sounds familiar, yes? Austin has other things in mind for the week, but it could always go back to Vanessa as Austin is pretty fed up with her.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 20, 2015:

8:10 PM BBT – Feeds come back after Austin won HOH.

8:11 PM BBT – Liz and Austin talking about making deals this week. Liz thinks Steve will push for James and Meg to go up but that’s not what they want. He says he’ll tell Steve they made a deal with James and Meg not to put them up (sounds like Johnny Mac gets the short end of the stick this week).

8:14 PM BBT – Steve tells John that he thinks they are good this week (OK, Steve). John says he didn’t try that hard to win because he thought James and Austin were going to throw the competition to him.

8:15 PM BBT – Austin tells James he will do what he has to do this week and that it could get ugly. Austin tells James he and Meg are safe and that he will tell everyone he made a deal not to put them up this week.

8:17 PM BBT – Meg reassures Liz and Austin that if Jackie comes back into the game she won’t be coming for them.

8:25 PM BBT – Liz isn’t totally pleased that Austin won HOH. He says he was starting to doubt people so he couldn’t throw it to anyone and had to try to win himself. She says she doesn’t trust James enough for him to have thrown it to him anyway. Liz is nervous about what will go down this week. Austin says he might have to put Steve up as a pawn.

8:26 PM BBT – Liz says to Austin she hopes he doesn’t get a letter form “you know who” (his girlfriend). He says they wouldn’t do that to him. Liz says they might to cause drama.

8:35 PM BBT – HGs are anticipating Zingbot to stop by soon.

8:43 PM BBT – James and Meg think a Vanessa backdoor could still be an option this week, but think initial nominees will be Steve and Johnny Mac.

8:56 PM BBT – Steve is still saying they’re good this week and is happy they made a deal with Austin and the twins.

9:20 PM BBT – Liz is making some suspect chicken and some macaroni and cheese for everyone.

9:52 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin she has a very good idea about what he can do this week and she’ll tell him later.

9:56 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz he gets to be Judas this week. Liz tells him that’s a turn-on. Austin tells the twins that he is not putting up James and Meg and that it will have to be John and Steve or John and Vanessa.

10:02 PM BBT – Austwins discuss the idea that it might not be the best idea to send Vanessa out this week. Austin says they can just go for John instead.

10:09 PM BBT – Vanessa comes in the room to deliver her “brilliant” plan. She says Austin puts up Meg and Steve or Meg and James and then everyone throws the veto to one of the nominees so Johnny Mac can go home. She mentions asking even JMac to throw it. Austin is worried what Steve will think but Vanessa promises she’ll come up with something good that he can tell Steve (oh Vanessa and her amazing reasons). Vanessa also says she can’t be the pawn because she doesn’t trust Steve to vote to keep her.

10:15 PM BBT – Vanessa says this week guarantees them and Steve in the final five.

10:22 PM BBT – Now Vanessa for no good reason is saying if John makes it to the final two only Becky would vote for him.

10:55 PM BBT – Austin tells James and Meg that Vanessa wants them to go up this week.

10:58 PM BBT – Austin tells them that Vanessa revealed that John and Steve has a final two deal. They said she could be making it up but they could see those two having that deal.

11:10 PM BBT – Julia and Vanessa agree that they’d vote James out this week over Steve if that’s how the nominations end up. Julia doesn’t trust James and thinks he would target her and Liz.

11:14 PM BBT – Vanessa has already changed her tune. She says it’s better if Meg or James go this week in case Jackie returns to the game. She says it’s easier for them to work with Johnny Mac and get him to do what they want.

11:23 PM BBT – Austin gets his HOH room key. Everyone heads upstairs to check it out. His letter is from his parents (not his girlfriend as everyone had hoped).

11:52 PM BBT – Austin is annoyed that Vanessa is trying to get him to target Meg and James this week.

12:02 AM BBT – Now Austin is telling Meg and James that he has doubts about targeting Vanessa. He says it might be better for everyone to go for Johnny Mac. Meg is pushing for Vanessa to go and tells him that everyone would support him in that decision.

12:28 AM BBT – Julia is still on the James kick. She wants him backdoored this week. She thinks he was silent during their discussion because he was planning on coming after them this week.

12:50 AM BBT – Liz and Julia are pushing again for targeting James. Austin says John gone this week would be better.

1:30 AM BBT – Austin telling Steve about his “Judas” character.

1:45 AM BBT – Austin and Steve debating how to target Vanessa. Austin wants Steve to provide her lots of assurances that she’s just a pawn if she goes up.

2:10 AM BBT – Vanessa joins the HoH talk. She questions going up as a pawn against JMac with Steve aligning with him.

2:25 AM BBT – Austin wants to end the talk. Vanessa asks for 3 mins. Austin denies her the extension. (That’ll be a sticking point.)

2:40 AM BBT – Julia heard John yelling in the DR. They’re confused. She thinks he’s lying about being a dentist.

3:10 AM BBT – Austwins and Steve decided to bring John up but Austin was called to the DR so the others talk general game chatter.

4:00 AM BBT – Austin is finally back from DR. He’s wearing the top hat. They discuss Judas since Steve just found out and John hadn’t heard it before.

4:10 AM BBT – Austin running loops on who to nominate. John asks if this all means he’s going up on the Block. Austin skates it.

4:15 AM BBT – Steve suggests Van & Meg. Austin says no, Van & JMac then pauses and considers Meg before saying again he won’t put up a Goblin.

Austin has been going in loops all night long. He’s going to put this Houseguest up. No wait, this Houseguest. Or maybe he should put up that Houseguest. It’s pointless to listen to him right now, but he seems set on not putting up a Goblin which leaves him with 3 options: John, Steve, and Vaness.

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    • They entertain him. A King needs entertainment. Maybe Her Hotness, his Queen, doesn’t fulfill all of his requests.

      • KSJB, are you serious “Her Hotness”??? Not only is she not that attractive, but as soon as she opens her mouth that annoying, nasal voice comes out.

      • I was being my normal sarcastic self, but I could see the twins on the cover of Playboy when this is over.

      • What are you taking aboutah? Reeaalyy, she sounds allllll nasallll, reeaalyy??? gosh, I don’t hear it.

      • You wouldn’t be the one and only G-Man who Austin referred to as a good friend, would you, G-Man? Huh?

      • I know nothing about this, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Don’t understand why Austy would expose that info?

      • I think it might have something to do with James never putting them on the block when he was HOH. I also think it is playing on his mind that Vanessa was willing to back door him earlier in the game, he would love to have that notch on his belt if he makes it to F2. I also wouldn’t be surprised if him and James don’t have a F2 deal either.

      • Strange reasoning considering NO ONE has put him or the twins on the block in a ling while…and he does have a few F2 deals

    • I believe the week that Becky was HOH, they (Austin/Twins) made a pact / alliance for at least Top 7 safety with James, Jackie and Meg ???

    • He is dumb not too go after the gobs…He’s all over the place and if james stays the Austwins will regret it

    • Austin trusts James the most, after the twins of course. He’s been going to James & Meg for game talk ever since James went to him and said that they had to stick together to protect their women.

  1. I’ve seen a lot of suggestions of Van vs. Liz (and some of Julia) to get Van out. However, Van vs. Steve is an interesting consideration. I think that Julia and Liz are a lock to vote however Austin wants. JMac would vote to evict Van. James and Meg would likely vote to evict Van, but they’ve been grumbling about Steve, but either way their votes don’t matter.

    Van vs. JMac is a poor choice. Steve is going to vote to evict JMac. Julia and Liz will once again vote however Austin wants, but Austin can flip flop. James and Meg’s votes become important. I think that they’d vote to evict Van.

    • SOMEBODY Puhleeeez stick to your guns and evict Vanessa. She is really manipulating everyone in the house. If somebody doesn’t have the b – – -s to stop her, she will, sadly, win. I would rather see Steve or Jmac win!

      • Hell even Meg would be a better winner than Vanessa (as a person and not a game player, that title would go to Vanessa).

    • I still believe that Austin and Vanessa have a F2, as a result of her not back dooring him when she was HOH ? If I recall, he did pledge his BB Life to her at that time? That, and, as long as Vanessa is there, he is not the primary target of the House ??
      He realizes that Liz/Julie will not bring him to F2 .. so, Vanessa may be his F2 end game, perhaps?

      • He might have thought that a long time ago, but Van is on his short list to evict ever since both Becky & JMac spilled the beans that Van was behind the BD Austin plan in the first place.

      • Austin, perhaps .. but, Judas, on the other hand ….
        I still think that Austin, Vanessa and Steve have something hinky going between them, for some reason ….
        Whomever, he decides to nominate and/or backdoor as his main target, should not likely hurt his game .. other than Vanessa or the Twins, imo … That is, think he will preserve what’s left of the Sixth Sense Alliance ..
        Having said that, targeting James/Meg could cost him Jury votes .. so, in some ways, Austin tends to keep to his word .. It’s Judas that they have to worry about .. Ha !!!

      • That 6th Snake alliance went out the door as soon as Becky nominated Shelli & Van. Austin is not with Van, although he has preserved her feeling safe with him. Austin & Steve working together behind the scenes is another matter. That is a bit stronger, but not enough to keep Steve from being a pawn this week.

      • But, Austin believes it was Van. What the HGs believe is a bigger factor than what we, the viewers, know.

    • Vanessa is in Julia’s ear again. They both are wanting James to be nom’d. Julia says she doesn’t trust him and Vanessa is trying to set things up to make sure she is not on the block. Steve is putting up major resistance to being used as a pawn. I think Steve is aggravated with Van. Hopefully something will come of that and somehow their alliance will be revealed today. That could put a kink in the whole nom process.

      • True, but for some reason Austin really trusts James and by extension, Meg. He’s been going to talk game with them ever since James came to him about sticking together during James’ plan to evict Shelli. I doubt if Austin budges on his “I’m not putting James/Meg up” stance. Either James or Meg would have to do something really stupid for that to change. They’ve had stupid ideas, but I don’t see them doing/saying something against Austin, especially while he is HoH.

      • Maybe we’ll find out if Austin is still controlling his balls or if they are being squeezed by Liz. I’m all in for a good lover’s quarrel over noms, especially if it results in less Austiz time.

    • For Austin’s game I actually think it’s better if he keeps Vanessa one more week. Vanessa is his meat shield. The Goblins and JMac are foolishly focused on Vanessa. It will ultimately be their undoing.

      Right now Austin has Vanessa boxed in. She is despised by JMac AND the Goblins. Vanessa isn’t able to gain the Goblin’s trust. Austin just threw Vanessa under the bus AGAIN, telling the Goblins that Vanessa wants Austin to target them.

      Austin gains trust with the Goblins if he sticks to his word and doesn’t put them up. He also hopes to have the Goblins keep the target off the Austwins if Jackie returns.

      His longer term strategy with the Goblins is to have James take out Julia. It appears Julia already doesn’t trust James.

      From our vantage point, quite frankly, Austin’s best move would be to evict STEVE! Austin is in a really good position and has a good handle on everyone in the house, except Steve.

      Steve is a wildcard. And when you’re winning the game (like Austin is at the moment), you don’t want a wildcard coming in and messing up your plans.

      There’s one wildcard coming back next week when an evicted player returns. By potentially keeping Vanessa, Austin hopes his “numbers” will minimize the damage that the returning player may cause.

      JMac, Vanessa and Steve are Austin’s only options. His preference for eviction at this point seems to be JMac, Vanessa, Steve. That may change over the course of the next several days depending on what occurs in the house.

      Steve did make a mistake by be so reluctant to go up as a pawn.

      Unlike most observers, I think it will be an interesting week.

      • I don’t know if this is going to be an interesting week… Since Austin probably wouldn’t have been my first, second or even second to last pick for HOH.
        I don’t think anyone has caught on to Steve’s game, so I think there is no way Steve will be in trouble this week. So we are down to either Jmac or Vanessa.
        Theoretically it’s a gamble for the Austwins, if they do BD Vanessa, they will lose a big meat shield for them and they will be immediately targeted if they don’t win HOH. If they don’t, they will lose trust from a lot of ppl in the house. So we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

      • Brys, I agree that no one has caught on to Steve’s game, that’s why I said “from our vantage point”. Steve did make a mistake however, by fighting so hard to not be used as a pawn.

        I also agree that it’s a gamble for the Austwins to evict Vanessa this week. A gamble that I wouldn’t make if I were the Austwins.

        JMac’s only hope may be to throw some shade on Steve, however JMac seems to be playing Big Brother in some sort of alternate reality. He still seems to think he was in an alliance with Clay and Shelli.

  2. So John has agreed to be a pawn and Steve is fighting it and refusing to do it. We know that Vanessa is going to pressure Julia into pressuring Liz into pressuring Austin to put up James or Meg. Will Liz threaten to withhold the bedroom antics if he doesn’t comply?

    • I agree! It’s down to either Van, Steve or JMac this week. Getting JMac out is a weak move. I’d prefer Van goes, but evicting Steve is a close runner up for me.

      • To me, Steve is the person doing most of the manipulating, including manipulating Vanessa, which she may be coming aware of. I think we may see another Vanessa breakdown before this week is over.

      • That “that was 50% acting” shows he is not the weak, easy to be manipulated nerd they think he is.

      • I think more of his true character and strategy will start to be revealed and fairly soon. He can’t go undetected much longer. He is not the innocent that he is portraying.

      • In the long run getting rid of JMac is good because I don’t think anybody want to sit next to him in the final 2. For Austin getting rid of John is a good move since he is playing both sides of the house and doesn’t want to rock the boat.

      • What sides? Van’s lines in the sand got washed away when she was on the block. There are 2 main subgroups .. Austwins & James/Meg. Plus there’s the weird Van/Steve and Steve/JMac with Van & Jmac targeting each other. Then there are a whole bunch of fake alliances with multiple combinations of the above.

      • Well I don’t really consider the twins to be working with James & Meg. James/Meg are more so working with Austin while the twins are just an extension. Plus the twins are pushing hard to get rid of James. Austin wants to keep James/Meg and wants to please the twins so I think getting rid of John is a safe move for Austin. Plus in the long run it will benefit Austin since he can have Steve to himself and John can be a potential jury threat.

    • I agree, most of the HGs are afraid to get “blood on their hands”. It would be far more exciting to see what happens when Austin in out of the house and his girlfriend confronts him.

      • Thanks. She sure did. She may want to remove the picture of her and Austin (they look cute in that picture). Austin is such an arse, should have just gone in the game saying he was single and tell her if anything happens it’s all for show.

      • That pic was her profile pic, which she changed. She also had “in a relationship with Austin”, but her relationship status is now blank.

      • I was excited at the beginning. Now it’s getting very predictable. I think Austin or one of the twins will win the game. Hell. They will probably be final 3. Snooze fest if that happens.

  3. It is going to be Johnny Mac or James going to the jury house this week.
    Like there are any other choices. Vanessa’s alliance is not going to put her up. They still control the votes and the game and there is no good reason to upset the apple cart. Next week, someone is coming back who is probably hostile to the alliance like Becky or Shelli. They are not going to break up just now.

    • JMac or Steve or Van. James is not an option. Even if it is Steve & JMac as first noms, Van wins Veto and takes Steve down, then Austin would put up Meg as the pawn. James isn’t going up this week, unless something drastic happens.

  4. I know a lot of people hate Austin or Vanessa, but I swear that the person that I hate more than anyone is without a doubt Liz. She’s snotty, entitled and she acts like she’s in summer camp. Last night when Austin and her were discussing Steve going up as a pawn, Steve declined and she ACTUALLY GOT MAD AT HIM for not wanting to go up.

    • Steve has really been laying it on thick to Liz and Julia. He is like their little brother.He has them eating right out of his hands. They think they have him controlled by their hotness. It’s not easy realizing that the little needy, gullible, nerd wouldn’t fall on a sword at their command.

  5. I think either Vanessa, John or James will leave this week. I kinda hope it’s John because he doesn’t really do much and the other two are more entertaining on the feeds.

    • James isn’t an option. For some reason, Austin trusts him the most outside of the twins. He isn’t even a consideration for Austin.

      • But the twins are pushing for Austin to target James. I could see Austin giving in and targeting James if Vanessa happens to win veto.

      • Well we know how Big Brother is, remember when Vanessa was dead set on sending Austin out her last HOH and all of a sudden after veto it flipped. Anything can happen on Big Brother, I wouldn’t be surprised if James ends up being a target this week.

    • Good thing he’s not an option this week, then. Van, Jmac and Steve are the primary options for noms. Meg is a weak alternate.

  6. While I agree he made an alliance with the goblins I also believe if Austin really wants Vanessa out the only way is for her to be sitting next to James on eviction night. Think about it, the reason Beckys plan failed was because Vanessa was able to get into James’ head and change his mind, because thus far this season James is gullible enough to believe everything people say, like when he first believed Audrey about the alliance but then changed his mind after talking to clay. If he falls for it again while she’s still on the block next to Steve next Thursday it’ll just be a repeat and Steve will be walking out the door, probably for good seeing as how I don’t see him beating Shelli Jackie or Becky if it comes to an endurance comp like it always does for returning jury week. But if Vanessa is sitting next to James he’d have to pull a Lawon and believe he’ll be the returning jury member in order to let Vanessa get him evicted.

    • If Steve & Van are the final noms, James & Megs votes won’t matter. Liz & Julia will vote to evict who Austin wants, Van. JMac will vote to evict Van, too.

      ETA: Last year’s returning juror comp was luck, not endurance.

  7. It wouldn’t be a terrible move for him to go after Vanessa, but it needs to be a backdoor. You can’t put her up on the block if she has the shot to save herself, because then she knows you’re not on her side any more.

    • I’m worried about her winning Veto and taking Steve off of the block, if it’s Steve & JMac as the initial noms.

  8. They need to open feeds up for the jury house….gotta be way more interesting than the circle jerk going on in the main house. Sigh.

  9. If Johnny Mac goes this week and the next person coming back in the house doesn’t take out Vanessa, you might as well end the show then, as far as I’m concerned the only reason the fans at watching is to see who is going to take out Vanessa. Once she is gone then we can actually get behind the HG we want to win and finish the season on a good note.

    • Well said. If Vampire Dentist is evicted this week and he’s not returning I will give this season up.

      • I was rooting for JMac from the beginning, he’s a home state boy and I love his quirky DRs and speeches. But, I’ve grown very tired of him not playing the game. Even Meg and Julia have more game than he does. He may win more comps, but he’s never been in a solid alliance with anyone and has not made any game moves, other than ratting out Van, and has never had any influence over anyone. Even Victoria last season had a little influence over Derrick’s decisions. He has had some tentative relationships, but every single one of them were closer with other people, even Becky.

      • Well … first time watcher here, so I don’t have any expectation of game plans and such. I just root for contestants I like. But now the house is taken by the Judases and Van Van. It’s not fun watching it anymore. Even James-uhh is Judased, Meg becomes a Grandma, no longer Crazy NY Chick. Lil Stevie is ok tho.

      • Ah! That explains some of your comments that made me go, “huh?” Welcome to the BB addiction!! If you go back and watch past seasons, skip season 1. :)

      • This is my second time watching a BB. My first time was BB Australia Season 1 way back in 2001 (I think) when I lived there. Good memories! Ben was the winner, Blair the heartthrob became a star in Neighbours, Sara-Marie the bunny girl released a single (I even bought it!). Sweet gay Johnny was seen as a backstabber just because he hugged somebody after nominating her.

      • It’s totally different. There’s no alliances in BBAU Season 1 (not sure about following seasons). The HGs nominated two or three players for eviction and the viewers voted to evict. Sara-Marie finished third, altho she was almost evicted in the first week, because people grew to love her throughout the season.
        I am like Karen (KSJB) actually … I don’t mind watching this season until the finale even if Vampire Dentist (my fave contestant) is evicted. BUT too many HGs that I dislike are running the house, so it doesn’t make a pleasant viewing for me. Why torture myself to watch Judas and Madam Judas exchange salivas every week?

      • I like John as a person but as a game player I am ready for him to go. He doesn’t really contribute much strategy on the show. On top of that he seems a little bit bland on the feeds. I remember watching all the videos of him pre-season and I loved his energy. I don’t know what happened. I feel like the fans over hype him because of his DRs. If it wasn’t for that he wouldn’t be liked.

    • I’m watching because I love Big Brother. Vanessa for me makes the show at the moment, her paranoia is entertaining on the feeds and on the show itself. Don’t viewers want good TV?

  10. Austin should stop with this Judas character. He is no Judas! Now, Vanessa on the other hand, she is Judas-tacia (girl Judas), Benedict-tricia (Benedict Arnold’s sister)… She will turn on you in a hot second, then turn again to be your best friend, then beg for forgiveness (while stabbing you in the back).

    Austin is a scaredy-cat.

  11. Really not sure why everyone is so hesitant to get Vanessa out. The reason now is they don’t want her to have a chance to get back in the game. Maybe Vanessa is throwing these comps, but she does not appear to be a threat. John and James are a bigger threat to get make in the game, as well as Shelli, Jackie and Becky (if she is healthy)

    • Her mouth and acting are her weapons, rather than comp ability. Although her weapons have been mostly neutralized, they are still very sharp and she still uses them.

  12. Johnny Mac needs to wake up and realize that he’s in trouble… This is the most important Veto of the year for him. Don’t be stupid and throw this one for Austin.

  13. This is getting dumb, these guys must never watch a single episode of Big Brother ever! Let’s keep the best game player in the house, lets not make a big move that will help my game in the end if I get there. I know its easy saying this from my couch, but come on…Johnny Mac, Meg, and James are no threat. Deal with them later if need be. Again, “big alliance” when most of those players don’t do crap..the twins have been sliding, Austin has been sliding. Take Vanessa out and maybe you will have a big play in the game.

  14. I’d love to see some changes in the format…1.) Have a small financial incentive for all the players to win comps, that way the throwing of the comps would not be as common. Such dominant use of “pawns” would be more difficult. 2.) Not announcing the return of one of the jury members and/or, even more interesting….have it be a double return, then a double eviction. That could turn everything on it’s head and great to watch. 3.) Not have the HGs on the block also as “have nots”, letting them sleep well and eat well, again making the comps more competitive and interesting.

    • I’d wish they’d can the whole have-not thing. Back when there were have-not comps, it was effective. This season of them taking turns hopefully makes production realize that it is old and should be eliminated.

    • And/Or what if:
      – When you win comps, it’s points or “BB money in the bank” that you can use/trade later in the game, for power in the game.
      The points, once used, are gone.
      Maybe if you have so many points “in the bank” and you’re on the block, you can use them to remove one vote against you (if you use the points at that time) or something like that? But you are limited to 1 vote only that can be removed at any one time.
      Maybe the points go into a bank and there is one “entry” per “point” for each HG who has points. If BB has a DPOV or something like that, they draw from the “bank” so that only someone who has won comps is in the drawing for the DPOV/whatever. (Or the person with the most points…) But there is no guaranty there will be a DPOV.
      If you have enough points, maybe buy your way to avoid being a HN. And/Or acquire points for being a HN.

  15. Here is his opportunity to get rid of the third wheel, Julia. Ha! I know he wouldn’t put her up but what a show it would be if he did!

  16. Oh mylanta, I just can’t stand Judas. Somebody helps me get thru this week! He should put up Vampire Dentist so at least he has a chance at the PoV, finger-crossed!

    • John already volunteered so unless something changes, looks like he will get his chance to pick Meg again to play in the veto. That should set some kind of BB record, you’d think.

      • Oh mylanta … yes pleassseeee-uhhhh. It’s better for him to be up on the block instead of being renom.

      • JohnnyMac volunteered to ensure he gets a chance at veto to protect himself from elimination. He knows what Judas is up to and shows he doesn’t trust them, especially when Judas asked him to throw HOH, and he won it.

  17. They think John is lying about being a dentist. Because it’s such a dangerous lie? I mean, really. What benefit would he gain from saying he’s a dentist when he’s not?

    • And what dummies, most people are not going to recognize the detail differences between their mouths.

    • Mama Day questioned him about that. He doesn’t look like a dentist, that’s why never judge a book by its cover, but feel free to judge the Judases and Van Van.

  18. Austin is never going to put Vanessa up because he is scared of her!!!!! Still. He is an all talk kind of guy.

  19. Since Austin/Liz is/are in power we just have to relax and roll with the punches, wait until next week’s eviction and then hope/pray like hell the Returning Juror is the SAVIOR. I’ve got a feeling once Becky entered the JH the Revolution has began at least the planning of the ‘takeover’ has began. ONE mistake the House made was putting 3 smart, vengeful women together… too bad only 1 can return.

  20. TBH if you quit watching a show mid season then your not a true fan and your just someone who watches it for personality.

  21. After last night’s memory lane of Zingbot’s past, should be interesting next week to see what Zingbot mentions about Austin and Liz’s showmance this season, especially after the whole Cody/Christine fling last season … In particularly with Austin’s (ex) Girl friend ???

    Now .. what would be a crazy backdoor from Austin would be to nominate both the twins, blackmailing Liz to give him more than her nightly 30 seconds or else …. while, backdooring Vanessa a replacement nominee … Ha !!!

      • Well, if he really wanted a showmance this season, should have chosen Meg .. Ha !!!!
        Though, from last night’s episode, it appears that James and Meg are not engaged ??
        Poor Steve, as he wanted to wait until Jury House before hooking up with Meg, if I recall ??

  22. Has anyone ever considered or remembered that Austin told Jeff that he would like to see Julia leave first? Something to do with him having alone time with Liz. Julia is a third wheel in that showmance and is always in Liz’s ear about Austin. I will wait to see who he nom’s then go from there as to any chance of a BD for some other HG.

  23. Austin is all talk he is clearly not about to nom Vanessa. It will be stave and John on the block and I hope Vanessa wins veto and takes off Steve forcing Austins hand. That would screw up his alliance with the goblins and force them to come back under vanessa’s control

  24. Julia is making nice with Vanessa because she still does not trust Austin I think she thinks James will take Austin to final 2. She flatters herself. If anyone targets the twins it will be Liz going home first.

    If the twins are worried about being targets the worst thing they can do is back out of the evict Vanessa plan. The rest of the house is going to wonder why they keep putting it off and if its even a real plan or just a ruse to keep them on board while they get picked off one by one. If they wouldn’t put her up last week, and they won;t put her up this week, then it stands to reason that as long as they are HoH she will not being going home which means one of them will be. I realize we are talking about some of the dumbest players in the history of the game but even these people will figure that out.

    If they win HoH next week, they will go after the Austwins because they cannot be trusted.

    • From their game’s perspective I can understand why they want to postpone in evicting Van Van (3 vs 1) and to a degree I also understand postponing in sending her to the Jury House until next week to make sure she won’t be back.
      BUT I am not one of them and to heaven with what they want. Just go away (all of them + Van Van)! Go away to the Jury House I mean … asap!!!

  25. I have to ask, who would be a more concerning team, Vanessa and Shelli or Jackie, Meg and James?

    I would be more concerned about Shelli coming back and teaming up with Vanessa than I would Jackie coming back and teaming up with Meg and James. Jackie may be another vote but she and Meg are not great at comps and would be long shots to win an HoH. Shelli can win HoH comps.

  26. Jmac should have tried harder to win HOH instead of waiting for Austin or James to throw it to him. If he’s evicted, maybe he’ll grow backbone come back an ‘win’!!

    • Yeah, I’m rooting for him, but if he really didn’t try his hardest at the HOH comp then he’s deserves to go home.

  27. Just from reading the above 8am – 4pm it’s obvious Austin is spreading thin, he’s telling too many stories & his HEAD is getting way too big being HoH and it’ll come back to bite him, just wait & see.

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