Big Brother 17: Nomination Anticipation In Week 9

Once we knew who won HoH last night on Big Brother the next question was who would be nominated this week and would the big plan to target Vanessa remain in effect. After a long night of rambling we might not be any closer to knowing.

Judas plans his next move on Big Brother 17
Judas plans his next move on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

There was so much talk this past week of getting out Vanessa, but you know, not now now getting out Vanessa, just eventually. Like sometime in October maybe. You can’t rush these things! So would this be the week to do it? There aren’t many options left as we hit Week 9 of Big Brother 17.

Overnight Austin, the new Head of Household, had a lot and I mean a lot of talks. Things started immediately after the endurance comp finished and only ended when Austin and Liz finally stopped making out and closed their eyes for some rest around 5AM.

Whispering in the hallway after coming back in from the comp Liz told Austin she was worried about what he’d have to do with his choices. Austin is in a tight spot because he got a little alliance crazy last week and made deals with everyone. Oops.

Austin made a 5/6 way deal with the Goblins and Austwins plus Vanessa on the side, but it wasn’t too serious about Vanessa being involved because the Goblins thought she’d be the next target. Then Austin made a 5-HG deal with Steve and Johnny Mac with at least John thinking Vanessa would be the next target. Then with Vanessa Austin has had a long running alliance deal. So yeah, good luck Austin.

I really don’t understand why he wanted to win this over James since they were last two in the comp. James would have gone after Vanessa and that would have been it. Austin later said he was nervous that James would have been swayed by Vanessa and having the power themselves was better than relying on someone else. I still think Austin should have let this one go.

Of course the idea I keep going back to is that Austin deep down knows evicting Vanessa would be a huge move for him and I do believe he would like to have that notch on his belt instead of someone else claiming the prize. But does he have the guts to do it?

No matter who goes up, Austin is going back on his deals in one way or another. So what are the options he’s seriously considering? There aren’t many available.

John, Steve, and Vanessa are Austin’s three possibilities and he’s trying to work out the scenarios. Vanessa had been pushing overnight for James and Meg to go up with JMac as the BD, but Austin has resisted calls for a Goblin on the Block.


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  1. Awesome! Another week where they target the easy people(James, JMac, Steve), Vanessa being paranoid and crying, and ‘we should get Vanessa out’ JK lol we will just keep her forever. I alomost want Vanessa as HoH if she wouldn’t be going home just so she can screw somebody over close to her and see all there reactions, but we are left with this week…

    • James is safe this week. The 3 possibilities are JMac, Van or Steve, with Steve being the safest of the 3. IF 2 of those become safe (Van wins veto and goes against Austwins to take Steve off the block, which is highly unlikely), he’d put Meg up as the pawn.

      I predict that JMac & Steve are the initial noms. Either the noms will stay the same and JMac leaves or Van will go up as the BD target. If it is JMac vs. Van as the final block duo, it could be either going home, depending on if Van pulls a fast one or continues to alienate the other HGs. If it is Steve vs. Van as the final block duo, Van goes to jury, unless the twincompoops betray Judas.

      • There’s no guarantee Vanessa goes up as a BD, Austin could throw Meg up if JMac or Steve wins the PoV and send the remaining one home. This would keep him good with Vanessa. They are all to scared to target Vanessa.

      • I don’t think he’s scared of Van any longer. He knows that she has no support. She’s a shield and a number, if anything to him. He has zero loyalty to her now. He’s trying to decide between JMac & Van.

      • redroses, why do you say that Austin isn’t afraid of Van any longer? I may have missed something…

      • He realized that the whole house is targeting her. Plus he thinks that Van was behind the whole BD Austin plan the week that Jason went home. He lost his fear when he realized she has no power and no support. His whole attitude changed from being scared of her to she’s a shield, but needs to go.

        ETA: He spent last week appeasing her to keep her from breaking down & being suspicious, but not including her in any real game talk.

      • But he also said he’s worried if she gets evicted and comes back. So he’s also afraid of her.

      • I think his only fear is that Van goes to jury, comes back vengeful and wins the next HoH. I’m not sure if that’s enough to make him back off of targeting her or not. It’s a lot of IFs. It could be, though. We’ll soon see if he targets JMac or Van.

      • I’m hoping JMac stays safe. He’s too gullible and takes people at their word. He needs to win this POV bad.

      • You’re right there’s been a lot of “If’s” all season. This is the first season that I can remember not knowing what anyone is going to do. There has been fifty million alliances and people changing their minds every other second. Guess it keeps us guessing.

      • Vanessa coming back is one thing but if she stays and Shelli comes back its much worse for the Austwins.

      • If he wants to keep James (to take out Julia), he better hope Vanessa doesn’t win the next HoH.
        She might target him (Austin) or James.

      • When the HOH was over, it is worrisome to me that Julia stated she didn’t trust James even before Vanessa got to her ear about targeting James. If those two put enough pressure on Liz, and they all gang up on Austin, he may not nom James, but Judas might.

      • I don’t think that Van has the power to put pressure on Austin at this point. Julia is another story, though. The only thing I have to hold on to hope there is that throughout the past 4 weeks, whenever Julia has said something against the grain, she backs down. Austin is standing his ground so far, so Julia would have to apply a LOT of pressure. I think Liz is the stronger twin.

        ETA: Julia is the level headed one, but Liz has a stronger will (just not will power when it comes to men! LOL)

      • That might make the case for Austin to keep James even more since Austin may need James to take out Julia later. He might be content with “love” but I’m sure he’d still prefer to be Liz’s only choice for F2. :)

      • It may all be up to Liz. If she started insisting that James be OTB to prove his loyalty for the Twincompoops, and she doesn’t get what she wants, Austin sure as heck won’t get what he wants. Does he want the money more than Liz?

      • By what he stated today, he just wants to make a good tv spot. He wants to be funny for t.v. That’s all he cares about. Jason is probably cussing over this statement and Van’s as well.

      • Maybe his humor is more geared toward wrestlers.

        I can’t think of anything he said or did that made me laugh for some reason JMac & James have been the funny ones. Then there’s Vanessa, she’s just a barrel of laughs & fun.

    • Vanessa will eventually move to target Austin, Liz and Julia. Not now though. Here is the best argument she can use on Austin this week to whip him back in line. I know you made a deal with the Goblins this week for safety. Remember if they win HOH, they will go after me and you as well. They will not waste their HOH targeting Steve knowing if our alliance regains power the following week, they will be evicted for good. So, who do you think they will target next? And you want to trust these guys? Did you see how fast they turned on Becky? What makes you think they will not go after you? That should be enough there to whip Austin back in line. If Steve or John gets off via POV, it could be James on the chopping block.

      • That she does not manipulate people? We will just have to wait and see. Eventually, people’s selfish self interest will prevail. Between Johnny Mac and James, who is the bigger threat? James has won one HOH and nearly won another HOH just last night. Johnny Mac has won a couple of POVs aside from being all alone in the Big Brother. So far, Vanessa’s alliance has not made a mistake taking out the biggest threats around. I still see James getting evicted if Johnny Mac or Steve wins POV. It does not even make sense to waste the HOH on Johnny Mac when James is a better competitor and a bigger threat.

      • It’s not her MO to use “look what’s best for your game” logic. At best she’d use “look what’s best for OUR game” logic. Austin reads that as “you’re only saying what’s best for your game, not mine.”

        Austin trusts James way more than he trusts anything that Van says.

      • Whoever Vanessa wants gone will get evicted. She is already pushing for James and Meg to get nominated. Her saying then backdoor JMac is just a cover up. She wants James gone bad. Don’t you see every week whoever Vanessa wants gone goes no matter who’s HOH.

      • She did after the disagreement with JMac then she changed back to Becky. At least that’s what I saw on the feeds.

      • She won’t change her MO. It’s got to be all about her, especially all about her being the victim. She has used “us” and “our” as backup, though.

    • Meg is the only easy target left. James jmac and Steve have all won povs so how they are easy targets I don’t get. Smart target is James. Then you have four people in the buy back competition who can make it tough on each other. And at least for sure only one be back in game at once not combo of 2. But these people don’t think that way. Vanessa be alone from here on out. Meg not threat even if someone comes back. Jmac and Steve together just not strong enough cause they will not team up with Vanessa. So send James out. Leave Meg Vanessa Steve jmac and who ever comes back. Odds are only becy would come back actually try work with her. So why send her out now. James with Meg no stronger then as now and you would have same numbers with deals made. Same with Jackie. Sending Vanessa out bassically a wasted week if she comes back. At least sending someone else out serves a purpose of keeping the buy back tougher on the other players. What I dont get is how stupid the non austwins being not using Vanessa to take them out. I would be like OK sacrifice whoever this week to keep her someone coming back and then everyone team up pick those 3 off.

      • I meant easy targets as in they aren’t in his inner circle. I guess obvious might have been a better term. Vanessa wont be alone 100%, Becky said she would want to work with her and Shelli could too. Jesus reading all those errors and mistakes hurt my head… I couldn’t even follow what you were saying.

    • Could not agree more with you. Getting rid of Vanessa would be the ONE thing that Austin could put on his scorecard, in his otherwise lackluster bb career.

  2. “I really don’t understand why he wanted to win this over James since they were last two in the comp.” The answer is simple. He was thinking with the wrong head. He even told Liz that his reason for winning was for the HoH bed (& I’m assuming the privacy.)

    • Ya James likely would have targeted JMac or Vanessa. But for as much as they say they want Vanessa out, Austin still doesn’t/wont target her, so he needed to win to keep her safe I guess.

      • Doubt that even entered his mind. His mind was ONLY on getting another week in the HoH bed with Liz.

      • Exactly Redroses. These are the dumbest house guest ever. This season has also been the most lackluster. Except for Meg and James, the rest have the personalities of slugs. Please somebody, take out those horrible twins, Austin, and Vanessa.

      • and he was thrilled that another week in the hoh spotlight will be another week of tv exposure to further his chances of getting back into wrestling, because we just know that those wrestling scouts are glued to their tvs watching BB

    • It didn’t enter his mind at the time, that he might have to use the other head. What a dilemma for him.

    • I’d agree, little austin’s doing the thinking at this point. It’s a EGO thing, she held HoH last week, he has to show he’s a man and can do it too. It’s totally understandable, the testosterone is flowing & he’s male. Liz does understand he knows wrestling holds, right? But she’s got the little guy wrapped around her finger.

  3. The Goblins are stupid After John they are next and don’t even realize it. They should have got out Vanessa when they could. I want Johnny to stay but he will be the fall boy this week. Hopefully he will win and get back in the house. As we get closer to the end my money on Vanessa. Don’t like her, but she is a good player. It’s all a numbers game at this point.

    • We need to get this Goblins changed to Dumblins! I’ve been trying lol
      JMac will be told he is a pawn, which is fine, I just hope he isn’t dumb enough to throw the PoV this time thinking he is safe. If it’s him next to Steve, one of them has to win it, even if they are told to let Austin win and he will take one of them down, well win it for yourself and take yourself down. If that is the real plan then they should be fine with them winning. If not, you know somehting is fishy.
      If John and Steve go up, if John wins the PoV I wonder if he’d throw Meg up as a pawn to get rid of Steve, or if they’d switch to target James.
      If Steve were to win the PoV I’d expect Meg to go up for sure to JMac gets evicted.
      I’d love to see Vanessa go up, but lets be real…

      • I’d like to think so, but if they still see her as a shield, I’d see Meg going up as a pawn, or James going up to be evited, or James going up and they can decide later, but they’d likely lose some trust from James cuz even if they told him he was safe why not throw up Meg as the obvious pawn, not him.

      • He will target Van, if JMac isn’t an option. He’s only deciding between JMac and Van as targets.

      • How is this the Goblins fault? They didn’t win HOH? JMac didn’t either. So maybe he is stupid for going up on the block. When the truth is you can’t win them all, and none of them are stupid for not winning unless they throw it and then get evicted.

      • Doesn’t matter who they put up against whoever they are targeting because not only do they control HOH they control the votes. So whoever the Austwins want gone they control it. Which when are the Dumblins going to realize they are sitting ducks.

      • You sure? I can’t wait til noms, so we’ll have a better outlook on the scenarios all discussed. I am praying Austin does the deed he first stated before Van came in to talk to them all. After that talk, I felt that Austin was just agreeing with Van or she’d go nuts on him..which he said to the Gumblins.

    • After Johnny Mac goes, there will be few easy targets left. Becky might be able to come back and she will definitely, target Vanessa if she wins HOH but, even she is on borrowed time. Vanessa’s alliance has the majority votes and control of the game. Why would they give up control to the others who will go after them? They will evict the leftovers meaning James and possibly Becky if she comes back then, turn on each other because there is nobody left except Meg. She is a good Final 2 option so, should be safe.

      • Ya she said she might want to work with Vanessa, good luck lol. I wasn’t paying attention, what did Liz say?

        And it’d be so stupid to say anything to an evited houseguest. First of all you want there vote at the end, so don’t be mean, and expecially if they are returing they could target you. Feed some BS ‘it wasn’t personal’, ‘you are a good competitor’ to feed there ego and hopefully like you.

      • Liz did all that in her goodbye message. She told Becky to take it as a compliment, because she thinks Becky is a really good competitor.

      • Did you see the nasty look on her face when she said that. It was a nice goodbye but a bitchy look on her face. Haha

      • Becky would have to put up Vanessa right beside Liz if she is able to comeback and win HOH to evict Vanessa. That is the only good move she has left. Chances are good Becky gets evicted if Austin, Liz or Julia win the next HOH. She does not have any other good options left.

      • Targeting Liz should be everyone’s #1 priority. You take her out, and the Austwins block of 3 crumbles. It will bring wrath upon you from the other 2, but if you want a really big move – this is it!

    • The Goblins have no power this week. They are suggesting Vanessa as the target which is really all they can do. They cannot and should not throw their games away for JMac.
      The Goblins might be the targets next week or even the targets later this week, but that is not because they are stupid but because they are in the weakest alliance.
      And yes keeping Shelli would have changed all this. She would never have gone for James and the Goblins/Shelli would rule the world, except for the fact that Shelli stated she would go for James.

      • Yeah, but, just because Shelli say she will go after James means that she automatically wins HOH. In that week, Steve won HOH and sent Jackie to the jury house. If Vanessa won HOH, she could have sent James to the jury house as well!

      • Vanessa didn’t win HOH either. If Steve had won the next HOH, it might have turned out the same way. So why should they have then saved Shelli? If they were no better off with saving her than why save her?
        We have had 3 HOHs since Shelli left (Steve, Liz and now Austin), I think Shelli would have won atleast one. Saving Vanessa put them no worse off. In in fact bough James another week or two.

  4. It’s time for Austin to make a big move and take out Vanessa. Since he has made deals w everyone they don’t need her vote and getting rid of Jmac makes no sense as he is the one w the balls to put up V.

    • James would probably target Vanessa, and Austin needs to keep the target on Vanessa and off himself and the twins. For his game it probably still makes sense not to target Vanessa. Then hope the returning HG and James fight for the HoH next week and will target Vanessa. I would love for him to get her out, but don’t see it happening.

  5. Austin (and Judas) don’t have the balls to get out Vanessa. This is the perfect week to do it. If she’s nominated, she goes home. And even if she comes back as a returning juror, she still has no one in the house to work with and will be evicted again. This should be a no-brainer for Austin, but he’s not smart enough to realize it.

    • Depends on which head he uses, the little one that has controlled him all season, Austin’s brain or Judas’ brain. hehehehe

    • They need to get her out this week so Becky and/or Shelli can’t come back in and work with her giving her new life in the game. If it’s Shelli they could likely get Steve to join them and have a new group, not good for everyone else. I know Steve likely wouldn’t be full on with Vanessa, but he’s playing along with her now, and wasn’t Steve decently close to Shelli before? With Austin not being able to play next week, theres a good shot one of the three fo them win, and could easily target an Austwin. Getting out Vanessa this week even if she returns is actually a decent move. I know I said in another post it’d be smart for them to keep her, but it can change depending on who re-enters lol.
      I guess keep her if you expect JMac or Jackie to come back and target her, or evict her this week if you expect Shelli or Becky(although they probably think she would targert Vanessa again, not try to work with her) to return.

      • Steve never talked to Shelli until they had a late night talk when Shelli was on the block. They aren’t close at all.

      • Altright I must be thinking of JMac and Clay, they were kinda close. I hardly watch the show and just started here last week, so the first 5/6 weeks I wasn’t paying much attention lol.

      • Jmac wanted Steve and Shelli in an alliance with him & Becky. Steve seems to be getting bolder with his social game. I think as long as his cover is not blown, he seeks refuge mainly with the Austwins. With Vanessa OTB, she may blow him up, especially if he’s OTB with her.
        If she does, then I can see him seeking cover with Shelli/whomever.

  6. Matthew, I love you re-caps of the show…especially since I don’t have the feeds. They’re really funny and informative. But for the love of God, could you please not mention Austin and Liz making out? Thank you. :)

  7. BDing Vanessa this week would be a terrible game choice for Austin.

    If Vanessa leaves, Steve will gravitate towards James, Meg and John, and without Vanessa out in front, the Austwins will get targeted next week, unless one of the twins wins HOH.

    Keeping Vanessa this week, means the Austwins still have numbers next week, and have a bigger target out in front of them, for which ever juror returns.

    As much as I dislike Vanessa and want her to go home…. next week is the perfect timing for it – not this week….. as even if she wins HOH next week (where she will need the Austwins votes for whoever is her target), she can go the week after.

    • What makes you think that Steve or JMac would gravitate towards James and Meg? Steve is firmly behind using Van & Austwins as bigger targets. He’s convinced JMac of that. If Van leaves, why would he switch?

    • I think he’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Steve will tell Vanessa what’s up once Steve is put on the block. And if not Steve, then James and Meg. And if not James and Meg, then JMac. No matter what the nomination outcome, the heat is on Austin after this week.

      • That’s tricky too. James has shown a propensity to go for big targets. He could have just as easily thrown up Liz and Austin as his nominees. Especially with JMac, Steve and Vanessa in his ear telling James what was really happening behind closed doors.
        Austin couldn’t win this week no matter what.

      • Very true. But I feel next week he will take heat for his decision. He shouldn’t have made deals with everyone in the house. He’s not a very smart player. I feel like he’s lucked his way through the game so far. The only thing that may save him is the returning juror, and the fact that usually that person is a huge target after returning.

      • He is scaaaaa-rewed next week for sure. It’s the same situation Clay and Shelli found themselves in where they were making deals with everyone. That works until your game is exposed, then you’re toast. Buh-bye Liz or Austin next week unless Julia or Liz wins the HoH.

    • Everyone keeps saying nows not the time. Let’s get her next week. The weeks are running out and she can win HOH then what? When you have the chance to get out a big player do it now don’t wait. She’s going to make it to the end just wait and see.

    • I agree next week would be better but then you risk Van getting HoH or Veto, sometimes you have to take it when the getting’s good. So if a BD opportunity is left on your door-step you need to take it… Austin throws Veto and then if Veto is used “Sorry Vanessa, the House came to me unanimously & I can’t risk alienating the whole House against me, you need to take the seat”.

  8. I will say that I am surprised Austin is willing to sacrifice JMac (someone who wins POVs) over James.
    Whether that happens is another story but I am surprised that Austin would rather have James in the house than JMac.

  9. I don’t know what to think of Jmac. Last night it looks like he’s starting to make game moves but at the same time he’s on the verge of taking a nap.

    • He has no choice, but to take a nap! He has zero influence over anyone. I like JMac, but he has no game. He can win comps, but in this game if you can’t win & influence friends, you’re dead weight.

      • I love JMac. His social game is off, but I feel he knows whats going on at least. Just has no support. This happens to my fav every season..
        recent examles: Judd, donny, nicole

        Seems to be what happens when you lay low at the beginning and don’t pick a side.

      • I loved J.U. double D and Donny (and “his brother with one arm” and his “beautiful girlfriend Christine)”.

      • Loved Donny… Judd, I could not place and even looking at a pic of him I don’t remember him. Forgot about Nicole… funny, gosh loved her voice & personality, just very cute and funny ways… could act the ditz and fool you.

      • He did mention recently “I need to play the dead fish”. Don’t understand his strategy but it’s his game. He seems to make moves or deals that disappear right under him. Don’t know if he has it him in to be assertive at all. He should have taken Assertive Training before coming in the House.

    • This is why I said I was over JMac a few days ago. I can’t root for him just because he has entertained me in DR. I expected much more out of him. I assumed he would be a more intellectually strategic player, but he has disappointed me over and over. I didn’t assume Meg would be a strategical player and she hasn’t disappointed. She has proven to be exactly what I thought she would be, a very fun gal who HGs would like. JMac has proven to be a darn good pawn, though, and has volunteered to do it one more time now.

      • Ian Terry has a different take on Jmac. As long as he trends upward on a non-strategizing game, it’s good. He could start tearing the comps late and start winning everything, just like he did.

      • I’m sure he would have a different take. I compared Steve to Ian more than I have JMac to him! I’m just so glad that Steve didn’t take to the hammock like Ian did or run through the house nekkid with a cowboy hat in place down there either…Jace already did that anyway! hahaha

      • Yes, I see the Steve / Ian thing, though Ian was more savy… maybe Steve being from a really small town hindered his growth. Steve was telling someone he just started coming out of his shell after high school.

    • He seems like he’s giving up. I think he’s tired of going on the block all the time. And he was really close to Clay, Shelli and Becky. He even said if he goes he goes. I want him to get some fight back and win POV.

  10. Austin is week

    .if Judas comes alive he will go straight for van. And show hisbjand. Which is 5 strong vs solo van. And her only hope is veto. Austwins have the numbers by a huge margin for the remainder of the game

  11. So basically Judas will nominate Vampire Dentist and Van Van, right? Since he doesn’t want to put Jameg up and Lil Stevie refuses to be a pawn. Good luck to both Vampire Dentist and Van Van … let the game begin!!!

    • There virtually no chance he puts Vanessa up. It’d more likely be Steve as a pawn, then BD Vanessa, but I doubt he’d even do that.

  12. I don’t get why people think that James might go home this week. In order of safety this week it’s Liz, Julia, James, Meg, Steve. JMac & Van are the 2 that are not safe at all.

    Ever since James had that talk on the hammock with Austin, saying that they have to stick together to protect their women, Austin has trusted James. I think Austin sees him as a kindred spirit or something. Austin has regularly gone to James & Meg to tell them things, talk game and seek their advice. Austin’s trust in James is only behind Liz & Julia.

    James won’t be a target this week, unless he does something drastic to change that. Even if 2 out the 3 nom considerations (Van, Jmac, Steve) become safe, Austin would chose Meg as the pawn to send whoever is left on the block to jury. Austin is not going to risk his boy James.

    People seem to be assuming based on what we know has happened in the game. It only rests on what Austin thinks.

    • I think James has put himself in a very good position. I can’t wait for him to be HOH again. Soon I hope. I think he’s my next favored to win after JMac.

    • You don’t see JMac and Steve being nominated, then James being a potential target if one of them were to win PoV? if JMac doesn’t win PoV ya he should be going out, but if he does, you don’t see Austin nominating James then sending him out to keep Steve?

      • Not at all. If JMac and Steve are the noms, which I think is highly likely, the noms will most likely stay the same. If one of them comes down, Van goes up. If by some weird chance that Van wins PoV and takes Steve off the block, making them both safe, Meg goes up as the pawn to send JMac to jury.

      • I do for the simple fact is Liz and Julia love Steve. They also don’t trust James and have said so several times. So James could possibly go IF he goes up.

      • I really don’t see Austin putting James up, though because he said he’s more fun to hang with than Van is! We shall see if he can put action behind those words!

    • James Doesn’t Go Up then who ever returns will be siding on Keeping him if its Jackie or Becky then the Austwins are doomed they will go after them one by one leaving Steve and John Lots of power to control Votes on who gets to stay or not , if it was Shelli or that Soon to be jury member then all will gun for Vanessa giving votes to save them making Her vulnerable and making the Austwins one step closer to the finish

    • The goodness and/or bad news for the Austwins, if Jackie should happen to be the one to comeback into the House next week …
      Good news is that their Duo-Trio Alliance would be intact, Austin, Liz, Julia and James, Jackie and Meg … to take out the remainder of the House Guests for Final 6 .. :)
      The not-so-good news, is that, not sure who would be the stronger Trio to survive, once they start going after one another, should that ever reach that point in the Game ??

      • Van has no influence over Austin. If she manages to influence Liz enough, that might have some impact.

  13. if James was BD then they take out a Strong player taking him out leaving meg but with Jury to come back into the house they can Blame Vanessa for putting the idea into their head once that person that is back if they Win HOH they can Target Vanessa all odds would come down taking her out it would be smart for Austin to BD James keeping Vanessa letting The Jury do his dirty work with out even knowing it

      • I think Austin is smart for keeping James as long as he can keep buddies with him & keep James’s target off himself. Austin needs someone to take out Julia at some point. James is a great candidate – not afraid of blood, not truly aligned with them, is good at some HOH comps.

        Julia was expressing a lot of paranoia last nite about James (on Jokers). and I think rightfully so. James could make a big step to put up both twins. If he had won HOH this week, it isn’t out of the question that he would have.

  14. If James Doesn’t Go Up then who ever returns will be siding on Keeping him if its Jackie or Becky then the Austwins are doomed they will go after them one by one leaving Steve and John Lots of power to control Votes on who gets to stay or not , if it was Shelli or that Soon to be jury member then all will gun for Vanessa giving votes to save them making Her vulnerable and making the Austwins one step closer to the finish

      • Since Becky is injured & the potential 4th juror is either Van, Jmac or long shot Steve, I think that Jackie & Shelli have the best shot at returning. Shelli can’t stand Van now plus Jackie has her ear, since Shelli has no real alliance left in the house and Jackie does. I see either one of them teaming up with James and Meg, although James may not accept Shelli.

      • I don’t doubt Jackie is bending Shelli’s ear because IF Shelli returns, Jackie would like for her to take out Vanessa (first). I’m not sure Shelli will really heed that though. Hope she does but I have doubts.
        I can see Shelli returning and teaming up with Vanessa just in case Vanessa is next HoH but secretly working against her. Surviving another week to survive HoH Vanessa but taking out Vanessa if/when she has the opportunity.
        If Shelli lets goes of her James obsession, and gets her head in the game for games sake, she could go to the end.

      • Shelli teaming w/James might not be seen coming from the other HGs. But James is only 1 person & not the brightest and Meg is a vote, that’s it no help otherwise.

  15. Let’s face it, after what James and Meg did to Becky a couple of weeks ago is it any wonder why no one really trusts them to stick with a plan? When Meg tells Austin, if you take out Vanessa everyone will support you, isn’t that what the Goblins told Becky?

    And isn’t James really that easy for Vanessa to control? She whispered a few thoughts in his ears about Becky and he totally flipped on her. He never even divulged to Becky what Vanessa said to that Becky to defend herself. I hate to say it but James is more intimidated by Vanessa than Austin is.

    What Austin should be thinking is who is smart enough in the house to realize that Austwins are getting to the point where they can control every eviction in the house until the end? Only Steve and Vanessa seems to realize it. James and Meg are dummies. JMac is probably in the middle between James/Meg and Steve/Vanessa. Hence, Steve Vanessa should be his immediate targets. If I were him, I would worry if Vanessa wins the next HoH I think she will find a reason to back door Austin, especially if Shelli comes back into the house.

    • I think Becky explained it quite well to Julie last night in her exit interview … If I recall, she told Julie that she over-estimated her desire to evict Vanessa more for her game, than it was for her so-called Alliance (James, Meg and Jackie) to target her, as for whatever reason, they feared Shelli more ???

      • Shelli was gunning for James next. Van had other targets before James. He chose what he considered to be the lessor of 2 evils.

      • NO, I meant the lessor of 2 evils. To James Van was less of an evil than Shelli. As I said Shelli was gunning for James next and Van had him targeted after a couple of other people. Both evil for his game. The greater threatens him immediately. The lessor buys him at least a week or two. (Two so, far!)

    • Shelli was going to put up James if she won HOH. Since he put her and Clay up and got him evicted.
      Vanessa just assisted with the decision to vote for Shelli who was working with Becky.
      I am sure if James would have won HOH he would not have hesitated to put Vanessa with Steve or Johnny on the block.

    • All good points… but Austin has a good thing going being aligned with the twins but if Austwins get to F3, he’s screwed winning or losing the F3 comp, he’s got to get rid of 1 twin before F3. There may be a break-up in the works before we go to F3. I wonder if there’s a change the twins might even BD Austin.

  16. Why do I watch ? These people suck except for James. He is the only one willing to make any moves. He would have no problem putting up Vanessa or splitting up the twins.

    • Umm, he was the one who flipped the House to save Vanessa over Shelli, if you recall ?? Ha !!!
      Other than that, he has been playing jokes on Meg and / or Julia other than winning those 2 HOH’s …. and, even then, did not Target Vanessa nor the Twins ….

      • That was only because James had to decide between the lessor of two evils. If he could have sent both Van & Shelli packing, he would have. He chose the one that he thought was more dangerous for his game & then convinced his allies Jackie & Meg.

    • The best game move for James is to separate with Meg- she is worthless and sitting next to her on the block is guaranteed eviction.

    • The move is to attack Austwins, not Vanessa. If he won HoH and targeted Vanessa, it would be the biggest argument against him having a good game.

  17. So another week of Vanessa because Austin is thinking with the wrong head just to get the bed. I’m just hoping JMac can pull this off and stay safe. I hope whoever comes back in goes after those three. I give up on getting Vanessa out.

    • On Austwins keeping Vanessa until after the Juror returns:
      Pro: If the returning juror targets Austwins, that will show THEM since they are thinking they kept Vanessa to be the juror’s target.
      Con: The returning juror targets Austwins and Vanessa is safe yet another week.

      (head banging on my desk)

  18. Place Meg and Steve on the block. And pray for Vanessa not to get into the Veto. Then, 3 options: Austin or Steve or Meg (some drink beer competition may be?) wins it, pull Meg out and BD Vanessa. Im not seeing Vanessa winning the returnee competition against Shelli or Becky. (Jackie will stay on the Jury house…)

  19. I’m holding my breath until noms..hahaha I’m still giving Austin the benefit of the doubt. If he doesn’t do what I’m hoping, then I’ll be able to say, “You’re a left numbnut!”

  20. Season 17 has been such a “wash”. I’m already looking forward to Survivor. America’s Next Top Model has “promise”, but Face Off has been great so far with some really talented make – up artist this season. Nobody 4 MORE!!!

  21. I really hope Austin grows a pair and sends Vanessa out the door. However I am hoping zingbot tells all about what went on under the blankets in HOH last week and Julia goes into overload after Liz promised nothing was going on ..yeah whatever lol I think that would throw a wrench in between julia and Austin. Also might stir up Liz and Austin relationship. That would make good drama for cbs and nice argument and resentment. So maybe zingbot will be what shakes up the house

  22. I’m actually surprised Aus is feeling so connected to James/Meg. I thought he’d immediately go against them. I’d put money on Aus not having the guts to BD Van. He’s all talk.

  23. I wonder if Zingbot might open some eyes again this year. Remember his Zing to Cody last year (if not, they showed it last night on the live show)? That got the HGs talking and when Christine was finally evicted, they heard just how much America disapproved of that situation. Granted, Zingbot can’t give anyone game info, but if he could poke at their flip-floppiness.

    • I never saw Cody/Christine as being anything serious just a friendly fun relationship, 2 people that enjoyed each others company. A spouse may not be able to fulfill every need of the other spouse, as long as Christine loved her husband and wasn’t unfaithful to him I don’t see the problem.

  24. Austin won so he could continue getting it on with Liz in their own bedroom. He also felt like a loser not winning anything to keep her save but his main reason is so he can sleep next to her in a huge bed. He’s creepy and I’m disappointed he won

  25. Since 10:27 a.m. BBT, Vanessa said if he is intending to put her up on the block to just tell her, don’t surprise her. She also reiterated that she doesn’t need the money! WOW…a truth by Van??

      • Further proof is not necessary as far as I’m concerned… why didn’t she say “I don’t need the money, I would just use it to gamble and play high stakes poker so I can divide the winnings equally among you guys who I’ve grown to love” as a single tear rolls down her cheek.

  26. Austin was in good with everyone else and didn’t need to be HOH (except for his personal sessions in HOH bed) this week. I still don’t know why he won the HOH.

    But, he has won it so now he is in a bad place. He is going to have to screw over one of his bridges – and all of them have plusses and minuses for his game. To keep his options open, Austin’s best noms today – no matter what his ultimate intentions – is to put up Steve and Jmac. From the feeds, Jmac is cool with it (???) and Steve is not. By putting up Steve, it can help him learn more about him and his game.

    He really can’t put up James or Meg without destroying any goodwill he has gained with them. If he needs to do it in a BD, he still could – at which point he will have made his (future) decision to discard the Goblins.

    Putting up van is too risky for him. Directly. It is a shot he cannot take back. But with these noms, if he decides to go thru with BD, he still can. Of course burning that bridge, but again he gets time to decide that

    Austin’s best choice this week would have been NOT to win the HOH. Right now, his choice is the lesser of bad choices for his game.

    • Tell that to little austin. It’s always safest to have total control of your fate or next safest that one of your alliance is HoH. I don’t see the down side, attempt to get a non-vote out, his main purpose doesn’t have to be keep little austin happy, maybe Liz whispered if you win HoH & keep me & sis safe I’ll be so grateful I’ll let you put your thumb in my bellybutton.

  27. I thought so..Ian Terry thinks Steve is his clone 3 seasons later!!! That’s who I compared him to as well! hahahaha

  28. Austin really wants to put up Vanessa with Johnny, and was going to, but felt the need to tell Vanessa first. Of course she hyperventilating and spinning her web of lies so now lolls like iMac and Steve.

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