Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Monday Night Highlights

The fallout from today’s veto ceremony continued throughout the day and night as Vanessa spent all of her time in bed crying, reading The Bible and trying to figure out why she’s on the block.

Vanessa Rousso is upset on Big Brother
Vanessa slams her friends for not checking on her after she was nominated – Source: CBS All Access

And Becky and the other side of the house spent the night rejoicing and thinking about their next moves after they send Vanessa home this week. Or maybe not.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 10, 2015:

4:15 PM BBT – The Austwins tell Shelli they’re not afraid to target the Goblins side of the house. Julia is most worried about James.

4:45 PM BBT – Julia complains that James was pressuring them to vote how he wanted during his HoH stay.

5:15 PM BBT – Julia tells Shelli they won’t waste an HoH getting out JMac or Steve. She wants to go for a Goblin, specifically James.

5:30 PM BBT – Shelli wants to get Clay’s t-shirts back from James. Shades of GinaMarie here. She says she’ll wear one of them when she wins HoH and noms James.

6:10 PM BBT – Twins are back with Shelli trying to steal shirts from James. Shelli is very upset because it doesn’t smell like Clay anymore.

7:52 PM BBT – Vanessa is crying and telling Austin that no one has checked on her and people are treating her like Audrey. She says her friends suck. Austin tells her that he thought she was sleeping.

7:59 PM BBT – Steve and Julia go in to check on Vanessa after Austin tells them what she said. She is crying and tells them that no one has checked on her in 7 hours. They apologize and tell her they thought she wanted to be alone. Time for Vanessa to go through everything once again (she doesn’t know why she’s on the block or why Becky lied to her and then says Becky yelled at her outside).

8:03 PM BBT – Vanessa’s retelling of her “argument” with  Becky has evolved even more. She now says Becky was so mad her voice was quaking. She then says no one hugged her after she was nominated.

8:05 PM BBT – Now Vanessa is accusing Steve of knowing that she was going to be blindsided and not telling her. He tells her he had suspicions but did not know. She keeps telling him to stop compromising his integrity and just tell her that he knew. He maintains that he did not know.

8:09 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Julia and Steve she’s going back to bed so the leave. Under the covers she says “I hate these fake motherf***ers.” She continues sobbing to herself.

8:12 PM BBT – John tells Steve and the twins that Vanessa is dealing with what he and many others in the house have had to deal with being on the block.

8:15 PM BBT – Austin telling Liz about Vanessa going off on him. He’s not happy with how she treated him. He says he’s not sleeping in that room with her. He says she’s acting like Audrey.

8:18 PM BBT – Johnny Mac goes in to give Vanessa a hug. She’s still crying.

8:30 PM BBT – Several HGs outside discussing Vanessa. Jackie says she’s playing the victim right now. Johnny Mac says that’s what she always does. Shelli joins them and Becky explains to Shelli that she was not yelling or mean to Vanessa earlier.

8:45 PM BBT – Becky tells the other that the problem with Vanessa is that she seems to believe her own lies. Elsewhere, Austin says he’s tired of Vanessa thinking everyone owes her something in the game.

9:20 PM BBT – Vanessa is up making food and no one is talking. A lot of awkwardness going on.

9:42 PM BBT – Jackie and Meg talk about how Vanessa picks at your insecurities and tries to break you down. Meg says Vanessa is crazy. They talk about the poor person who will follow her to jury and be alone with her for a week.

9:57 PM BBT – Steve goes to check on Vanessa who has calmed down. Oh wait, she’s crying again. She tells Steve that she’s an idiot. Shelli comes in and Vanesa repeats that she’s an idiot. Shell tells her that she disagrees.

10:03 PM BBT – Vanessa is back into complete sob mode. She’s inaudible.

10:10 PM BBT – Vanessa is stressing she’s not upset because she’s going to lose this game. She tells Shelli and Steve she’s played games for a living before so that’s not what matters. She says she’s upset because of how she’s been treated in the game.

10:20 PM BBT – Steve apologizes to Vanessa for not coming in to check on her.

10:27 PM BBT – Vanessa is back on who knew about her going up. She again asks Shelli and Steve if they knew she was going up.

10:57 PM BBT – Vanessa is now talking about things from The Bible.

11:18 PM BBT – Johnny Mac and Steve talk about which side they should pick (Austwins or The Goblins). John tells Steve that they can get Becky in with them (which includes Shelli).

11:24 PM BBT – Steve and John are still talking game, but Steve isn’t good at talking game, so the conversation goes basically no where.

11:25 PM BBT – John tells Steve that Vanessa will never have his vote to stay this week.

11:50 PM BBT – Vanessa proposes the “Nice Kids” alliance to Julia and Steve because the other Houseguests are mean.

12:15 AM BBT – Austin trying to prepare for Double Eviction. He thinks about putting up JMac, but won’t put up Shelli or Steve.

1:40 AM BBT – Goblins are now debating keeping Vanessa to evict Shelli. Seriously. Jackie thinks the whole house will go after Vanessa if they keep her around. Meg thinks Vanessa will be easier than Shelli to evict during a DE.

1:50 AM BBT – Becky is promising Shelli she’ll be safe this week.

2:30 AM BBT – Meg thinks if they keep Vanessa then the Austwins will go after Vanessa before them.

2:35 AM BBT – Liz wants to Backdoor James next by using Jackie and JMac as pawns.

2:50 AM BBT – Meg is worried Shelli will be too bitter over Clay to make a deal with them so they should vote her out now.

3:30 AM BBT – James talking with Becky. She warns him that Vanessa is holding the other side together and has deals with so many HGs.

Since Vanessa spent the evening sad and angry, when she goes into her next phase of mourning, we’re going to be in for even more drama. Now the bigger mystery is what will happen with this Vanessa or Shelli decision. We’re still several days away from eviction and a lot can change.

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