Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 9: Monday Daytime Highlights

Veto Day did not disappoint us in the Big Brother house as things got off to a quick bang and didn’t slow down as Vanessa ran her laps around the Houseguests faster than most nominees looking for votes can manage.

Austin Matelson on Big Brother 17
Austin Matelson on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

After John revealed to Vanessa the plans to get her out we were treated to plenty of crazy as sides competed to make their pick the top target of the week and it’s still only Monday!

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 24, 2015:

9:40 AM BBT – HGs are up for the day.

10:25 AM BBT – Vanessa talks with Steve then tells John that she won’t be using the Veto. She says she tried to get approval (she actually did) but it didn’t work. John tells Vanessa about the 5-HG deal w/ the Austwins to get her out. It doesn’t immediately change Vanessa’s stance.

10:35 AM BBT – Vanessa now asking Liz about the 5-HG deal that John just told her about. Julia joins. Twins say it was a stupid deal. Vanessa is pissed at Steve.

10:45 AM BBT – Twins upstairs ranting about John and want him gone now that they know he told Vanessa about the deal they made and then broke.

10:50 AM BBT – After contemplating her next move Vanessa goes to find Steve. She wants to know if there was a 5-HG deal. He says there was but denies that he lead it like the twins suggested. Vanessa doesn’t believe him and marches out after saying he’s lost her vote.

10:55 AM BBT – Steve confronts Austin in front of Goblins & Vanessa to ask if he created this 5-HG deal. Austin says he did.

11:00 AM BBT – Vanessa in the Lounge with Liz and Austin trying to find out what happened. She’s not upset at them, she says, because they had reason to question her, but she says Steve never did. Vanessa tells them she wants Steve gone.

11:10 AM BBT – Austin grabs Steve and they go back to the Lounge. Austin tells Steve he’s trying to cover for him and explains what’s going on. He tells Steve that JMac revealed their 5-HG deal to Vanessa. Feeds cut for the Veto meeting.

12:15 PM BBT – Feeds return. Vanessa did not use the Veto. JMac and Steve remain the nominees.

12:20 PM BBT – Liz goes to talk with John. She’s upset that he told Vanessa about the deal. John tells Liz it apparently wasn’t much of a deal if both he and Steve are up on the Block. Liz tries to tell John he could still stay over Steve, but John doesn’t seem convinced.

12:26 PM BBT – Liz tells Austin and Julia about her talk with John. Austin says John is so dumb and has gone rogue. Julia says she hates him and Liz says he has to go.

12:30 PM BBT – Vanessa is still trashing Steve. She is completely fed up with him.

12:36 PM BBT – Austin goes to talk to John about why he thinks they prefer Steve over him. He tells John he wasn’t targeting him but his nomination options were limited. John says he’s just feeling defeated and has no one to turn to. Austin tells John to talk to the twins because they’re upset. He tells him he still has a chance to stay this week.

12:50 PM BBT – Everyone inside was hoping Austin and John’s talk was going to get heated, but it didn’t. Liz was disappointed because she wanted a show.

1:10 PM BBT – Steve doesn’t feel welcome downstairs so he goes to the HOH room to talk to Austin. Steve asks why Vanessa is so mad at him. Austin says Vanessa feels he’s being two-faced. Austin assures Steve that the twins want John to go so Steve can still repair what has gone wrong with his game this week.

1:28 PM BBT – Vanessa enters the HOH room and Steve asks if she wants to talk. She says no because she’s too upset and doesn’t want to act foolish on TV. She adds for the 1-millionth time that she’s a rational person and not normally emotional. She asks Steve to leave and he does.

1:34 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin that she is fine with John because she didn’t expect any loyalty from him but from Steve she did. So she wants Steve out. They talk about how terrible Steve and John are playing. Austin calls them the two stooges.

1:50 PM BBT – Liz has joined Austin and Vanessa. Austin tells everyone to just relax and they have three days to decide what to do (translation: 3 days to flip-flop 100,000 times on who should go).

2:00 PM BBT – Twins tell Austin they still want John gone and they need to get Vanessa on board.

2:10 PM BBT – Julia and Liz are being catty about JMac. Julia wants to mess with him and hide his belongings. Liz calls him “a skeleton with a hairy back.”

2:15 PM BBT – Liz tells Julia if anyone ever puts them up together she’d never vote for them in jury.

2:30 PM BBT – Everyone has calmed down. People are cooking, resting or working out.

3:35 PM BBT – Pool time for Austwins and nap time for everyone else.

So the feeds have quieted down for the day, but expect some more flip-flopping and drama tonight. It’s still a few days away from eviction and John and Steve are pretty even on who could stay and who could go. Let’s see which of them makes the better campaign.

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