Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 8: Wednesday Highlights

If this week in the Big Brother 17 house has proven anything, it’s that John and Becky are really boring nominees.

Vanessa floats the idea of keeping Becky since she’s injured – Source: CBS All Access

It has been an incredibly slow week with only a few Vanessa meltdowns and I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re sick of seeing Austin and Liz kiss and … well you get the picture. The good news is, this week ends tonight and next week will surely be an exciting one! So let’s just prepare for that.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 19, 2015:

9:00 AM BBT – Becky is up and icing her toe before heading in to the DR.

9:40 AM BBT – James and Meg are up talking to Becky. Becky is crying from the pain. She asked for a doctor over five hours ago and has not received any attention of medicine.

10:30 AM BBT – Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

12:30 PM BBT – Becky gets called to the DR. She stands up and hobbles down the hall. Cameras do not follow her path.

12:55 PM BBT – Austin wakes Liz up with breakfast. They’re the only two up and around in the house.

1:00 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz that Becky needs to campaign so they can tell her John made a more convincing argument.

2:17 PM BBT – Liz and Austin agree that Becky is milking this toe injury as strategy. People could think she’s not a threat if she’s injured (she has said she can only win comps that involved running). They say they hope no one is falling for it and that they still want her to go to jury. They say they will decide which side of the house they’ll go with depending on who wins the next HOH.

3:10 PM BBT – Julia says she’s going to try hard to win HOH. Austin tells her that if it comes down between her and someone else they’d like to win she should make a deal and throw it. Austin thinks it would be good for James to win HOH.

3:23 PM BBT – Liz and Julia talking about not wanting Vanessa to win next week. They wonder if she would backdoor Austin and then they talk about everyone telling Vanessa all the things they’ve said about her this week.

4:40 PM BBT – Becky finally got antibiotics and pain meds for her foot injury.

6:00 PM BBT – Vanessa and John talking game. He’s grown comfortably numb to be nominated and says he’s ready if his eviction happens. Vanessa suggests being HoH is more difficult than being nominated. John says he won’t campaign against Becky.

6:05 PM BBT – Vanessa tells John she does all her own accounting because “unless you have millions and millions in the bank” it isn’t worth paying someone to do it for you. Yep.

7:15 PM BBT – HGs are finally getting their meal from BB. They’ve ordered In-N-Out.

8:00 PM BBT – Feeds cut to highlights. Must be dinner time (why exactly can’t we see them eating In-N-Out?

9:00 PM BBT – Feeds are back. HGs are getting ready to play their makeshift bowling game. This means no game talk. Again.

9:58 PM BBT – HGs get a new BB announcement: “Houseguests: Please clean your house!”

10:00 PM BBT – Becky apologizes to John for having to deal with her complaining. She said she’s taken two vicodin and is still in pain.

10:10 PM BBT – JMac and Becky spending their last evening together in the house.

10:15 PM BBT – Austin and Liz have retreated to the HOH room. Austin is annoyed with Vanessa again. They talk about a final five with them, Julia, James and Meg.

11:09 PM BBT – What Austin and Liz thought might happen has happened: Julia has fallen for what they think was Becky’s plan: exaggerate her injury so she won’t be a threat. Julia asks if the should keep Becky. Liz says no way.

11:13 PM BBT – Vanessa shows up in the HOH with the same idea as Liz (remember when Vanessa PROMISED Johnny Mac he wouldn’t be going home this week?).

11:15 PM BBT – Liz is still trying to advise against this idea. She suggests she might be better by veto and then she wins it and is in the house yet another week.

11:22 PM BBT – Austin joins the girls in the HOH. They’re telling him their thoughts. He’s receptive but still advising against (remember he and Liz want JMac to take Vanessa out).

11:24 PM BBT – Elsewhere Meg and James are talking about how exhausting Becky and her problems are and they want her out.

11:25 PM BBT – Vanessa wants Austin to get John so they can talk to him about making deals.

11:28 PM BBT – Austin says that this week coming up isn’t the one they want to win. They should let James or Johnny Mac have it and they can go after each other. Vanessa agrees (but I doubt she really agrees).

1:00 AM BBT – Austin and Liz doing their making out again. He’s trying for more but she’s shutting him down.

1:45 AM BBT – Liz and Austin excited about parties after the finale.

2:00 AM BBT – Steve and Becky talking about life back home.

3:45 AM BBT – Becky was up for DR and hobbling around.

There’s talk of a shift, but I don’t think we’ll see it. There’s no pressure to shake things up at this point and the votes are likely to end up as they’ve been planned for days now.

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      • You are doing a great job, Matt. This site is fantastic. A couple of typos is nothing.

        You make BB more fun each year even if the game itself is getting kind of boring.

      • IDK what he’s talking about, but I pretty much only watch Thursdays episode, I get all my info from you on here lol. Keep up the good work.

      • Matt, glad you said that, I’m like I don’t see no typos, of course I’m looking after the fact… we all do it. My sis kept mixing up ‘Becky’ & ‘Jackie’, I’m easily confused enough w/o that going on to confuse me even more.

        Thank God for ‘edit’, sometimes I reread what I wrote… typos, mixed names, mixed metaphors, wrong words… the worse is when you meant to say “he didn’t… ” and you wrote “he did… “.

      • Yeah was Vanessa agreeing with !iz or Julia keep Becky or at 11:13? That is only one I got confused on.

  1. It doesn’t really matter what the twins or Vanessa want. John has a guaranteed 3 votes with Meg, James and Steve. So as long as Austin votes Becky out, she’s gone.

    • I think it would be more correct to say “… doesn’t matter what Julia and Vanessa want”. Julia/V are contemplating keeping Becky. If Julia/V convince Austin that makes Liz the tie-breaker if James/Meg/Steve all vote out Becky.

      It wouldn’t be the first time the plan changed right before Eviction. I think Austin/Liz believe it’s a ploy by Becky plus they want to keep JMac to do their dirty work it may be too hard for Julia/Vanessa to sway them to vote JMac out instead of Becky.

      It might be more a ploy of Production to put doubt on who’s going to be evicted… JMac or Becky?

      I can’t figure out how Austin/Liz figure they can make sure JMac wins HoH if he stays so he can target Vanessa.

      • Well, if they’re not evicting V until AFTER next week’s eviction, WHY NOT? That would be interesting to see what she’d do… though only Vanessa could say “being HoH is more stressful then being OTB”. It could even put her over the edge and she’d be Audrey Jr this season.

      • I think it would be fascinating if Van wins HOH. If she turns on Austwins, that would be exciting to see.

      • But I don’t think she would target them. It would be nice but can’t see it happening. I know she’d put up JMac and who else I have no clue. She thinks she’s safe with everyone so she might throw it from the conversation last night on the feeds.

    • If Vanessa, Julia or Austin win HoH I am not sure what happens. Vanessa will put up JMac and Meg with James as a BD?

      But who will Austin put up? I am guessing he puts up JMac and James or Meg with a BD plan for Vanessa, but who knows. Vanessa intimidates him and the twins for some reason so he may actually target JMac.

      The one thing I am certain of is that no one in the house will target Steve even though he is a very good target at this point

      • Ya, Austin said this week if he were HoH he would take out Vanessa, but they also want to wait till after the juror returns, so would be interesting to see what he would do. Probably end up taking out JMac with the influence of Vanessa so no one would come aftter her lol.

      • I think Steve will go up as a pawn if Meg, James, Austin, Julia or Vanessa win. Only one that won’t use him is JMac.

      • I am sorry but to use pawns at this point in the game is just pure stupidity. Not saying that won’t do it but it would be stupid to do it. Like I said before, put Vanessa up with Austin or one of the twins and hope and pray Vanessa doesn’t win POV. If she does then put up a twin to match the other twin and let Austin decide who he want’s to keep (Liz) or put up Austin and then let the remaining twin decide who stays. Win either way.

      • I agree with you but who is going to have the guts to do it? We know JMac is gunning for Vanessa but if she happens to win POV then what? I think he would put Meg or James up don’t you?

      • No nuts no glory and this house i full of people with no nuts or no glory. The strongest one still in the game is dare I say it…..VANESSA.

  2. Pretty boring week, would be funny if Vanessa was very adament about getting keeping Becky all of a sudden, and they just tell her no and don’t do what she wants, right now they are tring to be logocal woth her, I’d love for them to just say no. And again with the crying last night for no reason, just trying to get synoathy, it’s annying as f***.

    I hope when/if Vanessa finally goes she has the numbers to stay, like next week only 5 can vote(right?), it if were her vs Meg/James/Steve/JMac(somehow, idk how lol), and she thought she’d have the Austwins and Steve to keep her safe, then a 5-0 or 4-1(Steve) vote sends her out. Although She’d probably stay if it were her vs an Austwin cuz she’d convince Steve and James/Meg to keep her safe…

    • I would love to see her on the block next to Liz. I think that would make the most interesting week. Especially if Meg or James won POV. I would imagine Austin selling his soul to them to use veto, hoping to have Steve or Julia renommed.

      • Ya, Liz vs Vanessa would be good, it would seem like the best plan to get Vanessa out with cuz you’d assume pretty much everyone would vote to keep Liz(except maybe Steve), except if they see the Austwins as more of a threat than Vanessa, but even at that point they should remove Liz and BD Austin IMO, but also Liz breaks up that mini alliance where with Austin gone it still leaves Liz and Julia together, so I can see the case for Liz.

      • Less interesting, but almost as sure, is to put up the black widow, Meg, next to Vanessa. Van knows that everyone who sits next to Meg goes home, so it might really freak her out.

      • Liz is the smarter choice to get out, but Austin is the easier. Julia wouldn’t be upset if Austin goes home, even if Liz is. Both Julia and Austin would be gunning for you if you got rid of Liz.

      • Agreed, not much backlash for Austin, a lot for Liz. So Liz next to Vanessa then make sure James and Meg know one of them is going home next week if they vote out Liz and don’t get HoH.

      • I guess I’m pulling a Meg! LOL

        But did you hear Meg say she couldn’t stand James!!! Isn’t that what Liz said for weeks about Austin? ??

      • Why would that matter to Austin? Liz felt the same way about him at first, well maybe not quite as negative as Julia but still negative.

      • Next week – I’d like to see Austin / Vanessa OTB and then the Veto used to remove either but probably Vanessa… yes, I said it. So Liz could be BD’d essentially busting up the Austwins.

        Could you envision Austin’s anxiety? Now, you might remove Austin w/Veto instead of V just to avoid him throwing himself on the sword like Clay but at the same time it might be worth it to see if he would sacrifice himself. Also it would be fun to see if Liz insisted Austin did sacrifice himself.

    • Here’s the sad reality, if Vanessa lasts much longer at some point one of HGs might want to take V to F3 or F2 b/c he/she feels the other HGs won’t vote V the Winner… put that in your pipe & smoke it.

      • Tend to agree, he tries not be obvious of his alignment w/her, I believe he’s using her which is poetic justice b/c of her using EVERYONE else but would get rid of her once he gets to a certain week or decide to take her to F2… at this point that would be iffy b/c he really doesn’t have anything to present to the Jury so he might lean to EVICTING her as a feather in his cap.

  3. IF Vanessa were to win HOH, who do you see her putting on the block? I am thinking JMAC and James. She would keep Meg (no threat) and may use as a renom if necessary. I don’t see her going after anyone from the Austwins yet because she still needs their numbers.

    • In a perfect world, Vanessa wins Hoh, puts up the twins, with Austin as a BD plan. Won’t happen, but man would the feeds be great! Instead it will be something predictable.

      • I think there is a chance she does that but not without making a deal with JMac, James and Steve. Whoever puts up the twins needs to make she the house has her back because the following week the remaining Austwins are going to seek revenge.

      • I would love to see her get one of the Austwins out after they decided to keep her, just like Jackie. Keep Vanessa and get one of your allies sent home the next week. If Vanessa doesn’t go I want it to be an Austwin at the hands of(or at least influence of) Vanessa.

    • I could see her planning on BD Austin. She could easily sell that to Julia and I don’t think Liz would be too hard to convince that he was making her a target and bad for her game. I don’t think getting rid of Austin is a smart move, I would target Liz since she actually has some comp wins.

      • Ya I’d love to see an Austwin going home after they decided to keep her safe, just like what happened to Jackie.

    • Don’t know…but is obvious to her that at one point is going to be 3 to 1 situation..she waits any longer she will not have the numbers to do anything but to win break up the’s only a matter of time.

      • I can’t believe noone has done this.
        Theres a good chance of them making final 3 or 2 of them making final 3

    • Yes, or Becky/James if she’s still in the House and her toe/foot is better. She might go Austwins (pick 2) if she suspects or even gets a whiff that they are thinking of targeting her, she could get the numbers by jumping ship, as long as the other side made her believe she’s on-board with them.

  4. The way Austin gropes and smothers Liz is scary. I have never seen a man grab his girlfriend with both hands around her neck when he kisses her. I hope she knows what she’s doing.

    I also wonder what her parents think of what they see. I hope they are not watching her on the live feeds because I can’t help but believe they are disappointed, disgusted and embarrassed by their daughter’s behavior.

    • Yeah, he’s either trying to keep her from getting away or he’s really jamming his tongue as deep as he can… ‘ewwwwww… wwww… wwww’ just the thought of that GROSSES me out!!!

    • Jace posted a funny little video on one of his social media sites, I saw it on Jokers, of Austin talking about how he can’t say if Liz is hot because he is in love with his girlfriend. Of course this was in the first couple weeks.

    • I hope they show her parents soon and get their thoughts on the “faux-relationship” (oh I hope it’s fake). Did she forget about his “girlfriend”? If he was easily swayed by Liz, imagine when he goes back home and she is not around, he would replace her just as easy.

      I want to see the “girlfriend” and her thoughts and her letting Liz know she could have him!

      • Weeks ago when Austin was talking about his girlfriend we kept getting fish. So I am assuming that she pulled the waiver to signed to have her named be mentioned in the house. I wouldn’t be surprised if the twins parents did the same, after seeing the questionable movement of the covers the other day.

      • Bummer for us! Smart on her/their part. As Julia said, she is ashamed of Liz and wonder what her parents are thinking…. he is not the kind of guy you take home to meet your parents.

      • Not to mention now there is a story/video on Perez Hilton about Liz being stimulated by Austin’s hand. Sorry I know its gross, I tried to be as polite as possible with that one.

      • I cannot see how it can be fake at this point with the kind of things see is letting Austin do to her. I think her parents would be more upset to find out it is fake realizing how far their daughter would go for a game show. I won’t use the words but you can pretty much some up what kind of girl she is if she puts the game and money over her dignity.

      • For someone who repeatedly stated she didn’t like him, what was the turning point. Certainly not the nipples. It feels too embarrassing to fully discuss

      • Either way, her parents may be upset. First, she just met this person who told everyone he has a girlfriend and she is carrying on with him. Second, she is carrying on with him on a television show for the world to see. Third, if she is doing this for money, oh my…. It is just how upset they are.

        With the exception of the few romances, how many do you see last? Which all started when each party was single. They are no Brenchel. Rachel would cut someone if they peeked at her Brenden. As annoying as those two were, it was more authentic from the day they laid eyes on one another. Brenden could be dirty, smelly, that was her knight and no one better speak ill of him…

      • 4 couples (as of now) are still together. 2 are married, Rachel & Brenden and Daniele & Dominic, 1 are engaged, Jordan & Jeff, and 1 are still dating, Nichole & Hayden.

    • According to Julia, Austin is not the type of guy you take home to meet your parents and their parents don’t like tattoos. So, I’m pretty sure that between how gross Austin is and his overt obsession with Liz, they are more than just cringing.

    • HELL, I’m disappointed, disgusted and embarrassed by her.

      I think when James & JMac were discussing the twins on the youtube video I saw… James is like “we can split them” & JMac says “yeah, right down the middle”… I would opt for Julia over Liz.

  5. John has a good chance of winning. He made a deal with Liz and Austin so I don’t think James or Meg will be staying in the house much longer. James winning will be the only hope they have. I hope he puts Austin and Liz. Vanessa is no longer a huge threat compared to those two. I change my mind every week and today I think Liz should go to break up that alliance.

    • I would love to see James win and put Austin and Vanessa up. Then Liz to win the veto. Would she use it? If she did her sister would likely be the renom, if she doesn’t would Austin feel betrayed. Best case scenario is for a Vanessa and Liz nomination and Austin to win veto. By using the veto on Liz and letting Julia go up, he would completely lose all her trust and she would be open to working with a different group.

      • Interesting. I like the targeting of the Austwins – its best strategy for most in the house, if you want to win the game.

        Only would add further a more direct targeting. Maybe put up Julia & Austin – with Liz as BD target. Liz wins veto – same as you said, but more direct. And ultimately, an Austwin goes, not Van. Many fans & even HGs want Van gone, but strategically she has no power left. Suck it up, tolerate the Van-drama, and take out the elephant in the room. An Austwin needs to go – best case scenario = Liz – as losing her would make everyone in the house free agents.

    • Liztin have already said that depending on who wins next, would decide if they go with James/Meg or Steve/JMac for an F5. Austin likes both James and JMac. Liz thinks they’re both funny.

      • So according to someones definition Austin/Liz are ‘floaters’… as Vanessa says “I didn’t say that”. ‘Floater’ defined as HG who floats to who’s in power… my idea of a ‘floater’ is someone not causing any waves and staying under the radar, floating along biding time… like Meg, who’s only fame is coming on to Clay and doing a face-plant during OTEV. LOL… btw, I love Meg and that’s her strategy… get everyone to love her. $10 says that’s a mirror of her life and that’s not to say it’s a bad thing b/c it isn’t.

      • Probably good idea for Austwins to pair up with others to put them on the bottom of their totem pole. And probably not a bad idea for others to at least placate the austwins about joining them if they continue in power. But any HGs that continue to see joining the austwins as a strategy (looking at u Jmac) is just a person who doesn’t want to win this game!

        Any HG that makes F4 with the 3 Austwins is a loser, Period. Unless the Austwins are dumber than they have been and jeopardize the guarantee that one of them will win by getting selfish at F4.

    • You forgot to say “AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME… ” because in this House things change on a dime… here we’ve got talk by Julia & Vanessa about keeping Becky because she’s injured meaning JMac would go. Does this surprise me? Hell, no.

      I likey your idea, if JMac does stay & does win HoH put up Austin & Liz or Austin & Vanessa then BD Liz. OMGosh!!! I don’t like it when 2 go up & no change after Veto… BORING, so the 2nd option may be more fun for us as fans/viewers.

      • Ya it’s more exciting to see the veto used, but either way I like the main target going up first incase somethign happens and the veto isn’t used. Or at least have your options 2 and 3 up on the block. But with these people you never know, could throw up James and Meg as a pawn, then knock out JMac with influence form Venessa lol

      • Flip side of that the Target wins Veto, BD fixes that problem as long as Target doesn’t get to play in the Veto. Six of one, half-dozen of another… the real question is CAN JMac trust Austin/Liz… NO, that’s why I was surprised JMac threw OTEV which winning would have saved him & MAYBE Becky, if a bigger Target went up on Re-nom.

      • With 8 ppl theres a decent chance they play for the veto anyway, I guess if they feel safe they aren’t on the block they could throw it or just not try as hard. I’d just rather them be up there for sure. JMac probably saw himself in a bad place, and everyone telling him he is safe (I know that doesn’t mean anyhting, but still) so to gain there trust he threw it. I wouldn’t have gone out in the first round tho lol. I dont think he can trust them, but if they can get out Vaness then Liz/Austin he could be in a better place with the power ppl losing numbers.

    • Who in this game doesn’t flip daily in their decisions????? It boggles the mind and makes the game a tad bit difficult to play. Whom can one trust? NO ONE!

  6. Have to comment on this: “11:13 PM BBT – Vanessa shows up in the HOH with the same idea as Liz (remember when Vanessa PROMISED Johnny Mac he wouldn’t be going home this week?)”

    This is no big deal, I can hear her now… “I NEVER SAID THAT!!!”.

      • She’d only say that to an ally… Vanessa is ALL about “deny, deny then deny some more”, like it’s been said she believes her own lies or better yet whatever is better for her ‘game’ at the time… but according to her, she’s not a ‘bad person’. Those that like her can forgive her, she’s just playing the game.

      • I wouldn’t say she’s a bad person, I don’t know her outside of the the game. But she is playing one of the dirtiest games ever, and no one can truster her and most of the viewers don’t like her. I hope she gets boo’d and then cries if she ever gets evicted lol. Play the victim…

      • Uses her ex husbands death from cancer to get sympathy from Jason after putting him up, makes me question her morals. Especially since it was completely unneccessary.

      • If she makes it to F5 and then gets evicted, she’ll get the CBS employee audience, just like Frankie did. It happens every year, because of the start of football.

      • Not this guy… I would tend to think they’re lying. Btw, how’s Amanda, you guys still together?

    • I loved when the show aired her conversation with JMac and she said, “I’m a straight-shooter! I’d tell you if I were upset!” then showed her in the HOH going “I think he should go home this week!” She really believes her own lies, she’s sick.

      • Why do you think she is on Adderol its for her paranoia but apparently its not working,its the same medicine my grandson is on for his ADHD

  7. This is interesting … Austin’s g/f says that she is still in a relationship with him. Apparently they’ve been in a relationship since Oct 2013.
    facebook dot com/jenifer.l.palacios?fref=ufi&pnref=story

    • Not sure that is true. She changed her profile pic from the one of her and Austin on July 12 and it says she currently lives in the Virgin Islands. And there is no relationship status on there to see.

    • Get out! You mean Austin is using Liz. Wow, Liz should feel ashamed for not sticking to her guns. Ewwwwwwwwww.

      • CRAP, what if Julia find out? I vote for SOME HOW getting the msg to Julia… who’ll pitch in for a plane with a banner trailing behind it… “Austin your GF is pissed!!!”

    • Ha, ha… still in a relationship, so she’s okay with Austin smooching on Liz to win the 1/2M+? What if he sticks… never-mind I don’t want a picture of that in my head… too late… where’s the mind-bleach?

    • I was talking to my husband about this last night while the show was on saying I would wait if I were Liz until they are out of the house and he breaks up with his gf, and my husband said, “Don’t you think the show did that for him?”

  8. Is Austin stupid? Telling Julia to make a deal and throw it and saying it would be good for James to win? To me that suggest to make a deal with James during a comp. Does he not remember how well that worked for Clay & Shelli.

    • I feel that that situation was a little different. They were targetting james group and she did it as a last ditch effort to try and save her butt, I don’t take anything away from James word for that. This could be different since they kept him safe this week, and they can have him target Vanessa/Steve/JMac. But he would probly end of taking out Meg lol

      • That being said, it doesn’t mean James wouldn’t target them if they made a deal, just saying I wouldn’t not trust James based ont hat particular situation.

      • James will still target them if Vanessa wins/uses veto on herself. But does it matter, didn’t Liz, Austin, and Julia promise Becky safety if they got HOH, since she didn’t nominate them during her HOH? Safety deals are never good in the BB house.

  9. Now i want Steve or Meg to win next HoH and nominates Van with Liz and austin as Backdoor option i know about there deal of Last 5 but deals can be broken :) i think that will be smart option to break Austwins next week

  10. How did Becky hurt her toe? Funny in diary room talking about eviction she said, If a train can’t stop me, house guests sure cant. Guess she wants her toe to stop her. Surprise she isn’t campaign to keep her. Vanessa isn’t on block, but is Audrey 2. Yikes!

  11. James current game plan apparently consists only of playing scary pranks in the BB house,that worked in Junior High but not sure that can repeated here and still win $500,000.

      • I enjoy most of his horseplay, but I’m a bit of a prankster. I’ll have to say Julia has been a good sport about the scares. I don’t blame Meg for getting aggravated with James, though. He goes a little overboard at times.

      • That’s a possibility, or he is just a little “antsy” from being cooped up. Some guys just don’t know how to flirt. I don’t think Meg is interested, though.

  12. Hope Vanessa wins next HOH,if nothing else will be like Roman candles going off in every direction and just watch the twins go into full retreat while Austin tries to hide under their bed.

  13. Based on Liz’s body language, I have to say she is not that interested in Austin as much as she would like everyone to believe. She is always pulling and turning herself away from him. I have yet to see her truly relaxed with him. When they are making out, she is stiff, and Austin is always the one that has to pull her closer to him. You can tell she was trying to pull away when they were/are kissing, but can’t because he was holding her head while they were kissing. Ugh, it’s gross and uncomfortable.

    • I agree. I think she’s going along and never meant for it to go so far. He still creeps me out how it appears that he possesses her.

      • Austin and Liz together are disgusting. Austin by himself is just plain gross! Liz and Julia together are annoying with their cursing and those voices. All three of them seem to think they are God’s gift to the world. They are all conceited individuals. That concludes my charachter analysis for the day.

    • Well i good knee to the groin would probably stop his BS ,what he is doing could be considered domestic violence by grabbing her around the neck so she needs to kick or knee him in the you know what and watch him double over and grab his crotch maybe he would take the hint

  14. Still not sure what Becky did to her foot. I haven’t seen anyone really say. Was their house that dirty that they had to be told to clean like kids? I am hoping for something exciting because every week people say surely something exciting will happen next week, we will get some drama or action and most every week we get more boring same old, same old.

    • From what i have heard Steve say that OTEV is the most injurious comp ,that may have been how she got hurt.

    • LG was telling me last night that it was an infection. That’s why they are giving her antibiotic.

      • Yes she has an infected cut or blister and I worked in nursing many years and it would not warrant vicodin.. Ppl have gotten hooked on it after just a day or two plus I’m thinking of her safety as it pertains to competing in a comp especially an endurance comp under the influence of such a strong medication she could hurt herself even worse..I’m just saying I have only seen that med given for far worse things like when she got hit by a train now that would make sense to me lol

      • Infection can be pretty painful depending where it is. Like if it is under the nail of a toe, I would see how that hurt.
        I’ve taken hydrocodrone for sinus infection on a few occasions, taking it weeks at a time. Never got addicted. I’ve took also some oxycodrone for osteoarthritis pain. I did a few weeks also each time my doc give it to me. Never got addicted either. My doc usually give 3 weeks at a time of either one.
        I’m not an expert but from what I’ve read on site like WebMD and by talking to my pharmacist, it take a few months before there a danger of addiction.

      • I pretty much always was taking them late at night anyway. The idea was to prevent the pain from keeping me awake. I was usually sleeping pretty well.

    • Sounds by the talk today she hurt it somehow during otev however I watches the episode back and she was walking fine to the veto meeting but on after dark she was talking about blisters so if that’s the case the antibiotics would make sense however who ever heard of a Dr. Giving vicoden for a blister in fact it doesn’t seem bad enough to warrant vicoden in any case that stuff is highly addictive and you would think would only be prescribed for an extreme injury such as a bad break and even then likely not..I have completely ripped everything in my knee to the point my bottom leg was just hanging and didn’t get anything near as strong as that. Good thing for her it looks like she is going cause I can’t imagine having to compete in a comp with vicodin on board I’m surprised she is awake at all especially she said they gave her 2 wow

      • Whatever it started at, I was just reading on twitter that her injury is infected. That’s why she’s getting antibiotic along with the painkillers.
        BTW you can take any type of hydrocodrone or oxycodrone for a few days and even a few weeks without getting addicted.

  15. I would bet that Austin is pushing everyone to throw hoh and saying James should win because if that were to happen I think you would see Austin make a deal with James so he will put Julia up. Notice Julia is being kind of a thorn in his side when it comes to him and liz . Julia is always scolding Liz. He likely thinks this is what may be holding liz back and likely thinks Liz would be open to more action if Julia isn’t in her ear constantly…but also Austin knows there is no way Liz would choose him over Julia in the end so this would be his way of getting Julia out without getting that blood on his hands and he could just blame James. But Austin said long ago he wouldn’t mind someone taking Julia out. I think that is his motivation with all this James talk and telling his group to throw it to James or jmac and I think if jmac wins hoh you will see Austin approach him with the same kinda deal.

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