Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 6: Tuesday Highlights

There was a little game talk and a lot of making out in the Big Brother 17 house Tuesday as it’s still anyone’s guess whether or not Shelli and Clay will be going home this week.

Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole finally kiss
Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole finally go for it – Source: CBS All Access

One thing is for sure, though: the biggest showmance of the season have thrown all of their own rules out and are making the best of their final days together, as you can see above.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 4, 2015:

10:10 AM BBT – Feeds return from wake-up call. Steve is talking with Vanessa & updating her on late night discussions with Shelli & Clay. Steve wants to form a 4-HG alliance, but Vanessa discourages and says it won’t work. She also discourages him from talking with either Shelli or Clay. (Isolate. Isolate. Isolate.)

10:20 AM BBT – Vanessa suggests that Clay and JMac are related. Steve doesn’t seem to agree. (Clay & JMac also happen to be two of Vanessa’s targets.)

10:30 AM BBT – Most HGs are now back in bed.

11:33 AM BBT – James got his HOH camera, but Austin seems to be the only other HG awake. House is quiet.

11:35 AM BBT – James taking pictures of sleeping houseguests.

12:40 PM BBT – James is able to get in a group shot before he’s called to return the camera back to the Diary Room.

1:43 PM BBT – Vanessa and Shelli are discussing that Clay thinks he’s staying 100 percent. Shelli is upset that he seems to think she should just lay down and die.

2:15 PM BBT – Things are awkward and tense between Shelli and Clay.

2:32 PM BBT – Indoor lockdown has been called.

2:37 PM BBT – John and Becky talking about how they only trust each other. They know they can’t trust Clay or Shelli because their true colors have come out the past week. They know that whoever survives this eviction is with Vanessa, Austin and the twins. Becky says she’s realized she needs to work with Meg, Jackie and James. Becky and John agree that they’ve done a lot for that other side and haven’t gotten anything back from them. Becky says she’s not going to directly target Vanessa’s group but she knows she can’t trust them.

3:14 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz they need to convince James that Clay should be the target. Austin knows that Clay will be coming after him.

3:30 PM BBT – Meg mentions Clay is being mean and wonders if it’s strategy.

3:35 PM BBT – Austin agrees that Clay is acting like a jerk and that it’s making him uneasy. This turns into a Clelli bash-fest.

3:45 PM BBT – Shelli has checked in with Steve to make sure she has his vote. He tells her she does.

4:25 PM BBT – Julia wonders if they should keep Clay. Austin and Liz tell her absolutely not.

4:45 PM BBT – James gets a card to read to HGs. Feeds cut so production can fill them in on something.

4:55 PM BBT – HGs are apparently getting Chipotle tonight.

6:35 PM BBT – Meg, Clay and Shelli talking about the relationships and bonds they’ve formed in the house. Clay says he will never be friends with Audrey.

6:52 PM BBT – Clay and Shelli talking about being split up for a couple months and imply that there’s a bit of fear things will change between them. Clay says if it’s meant to happen it will happen. They are still hoping for some sort of miracle (like they’re all at jury already).

7:10 PM BBT – HGs got their Chipotle and some beer and wine.

8:40 PM BBT – Vanessa talking to Austin and the twins. She’s doing her Vanessa thing and making them all swear to never mess her over. She wants to meet later with them, James, Meg and Jackie to discuss double eviction plans.

8:55 PM BBT – Jackie and James both realizing that there’s probably a plan to keep Shelli and evict Clay. James thinks everyone will stick to the plan his week at least.

9:00 PM BBT – Meg, James, Becky and Jackie aren’t too trusting of Austin and the twins. They talk about going after them if they get the chance. They’ve all made a deal to go after floaters, but they don’t think Austin, the twins or Vanessa will stick to that.

9:10 PM BBT – Jackie says she won’t stick to the deal to go after floaters. She says she’ll target Vanessa.

9:26 PM BBT – Now the whole HOH crew has decided Vanessa should be their target before Austin.

9:55 PM BBT – Vanessa, along with Austin who came earlier, join the HOH crew. She asks them if they want to talk about a double eviction plan. Vanessa asks everyone to agree not to put each other on the block. They say that they’d put up Clay (wait, is he staying or going?) next to John.

10:02 PM BBT – Twins have joined the HOH group and they’re filled in on the plan to not go after each other in the event of a double eviction. So the plan is who ever stays from Shelli and Clay, John and Steve will go during a double eviction.

10:05 PM BBT – Talk goes to who Vanessa thinks should go this week. She’s clearly defending Shelli but everyone sort of overlooks it and agrees that who ever is left can just go next week (as if Shelli won’t win HOH if she stays).

10:10 PM BBT – Jackie asks Vanessa if she’d actually put up Shelli next week if Shelli stays and Vanessa wins HOH. Vanessa says yes. Something tells me Jackie doesn’t buy that any more than I do.

10:12 PM BBT – Steve and John wonder why everyone is up in the HOH room. John tells Steve it’s probably not game talk.

10:20 PM BBT – James tells Austin and the twins that Shelli is the one who was pushing for them to go on the block this week. He also says that Shelli is due for another HOH win and that when she wins she’ll send one of them home.

10:27 PM BBT – Shelli and Clay have broken their no-kissing rule. They’re making out outside.

10:28 PM BBT – HOH meeting breaks up. They all agree to stick to the plan to not target each other through a double eviction.

10:29 PM BBT – A twin comes out and interrupts Clay and Shelli’s make-out session.

10:36 PM BBT – Liz and Julia want to be with the good guys. They think they should vote with the house to evict Shelli. They know that Vanessa would talk them out of it even though upstairs she told everyone to just vote how they feel they should vote.

10:40 PM BBT – Vanessa lies to John and Steve about the HOH talk. She says there was no game talk.

10:44 PM BBT -Jackie talking loudly to James about Vanessa insisting on voting to keep Shelli. Vanessa comes in. She starts her Vanessa gig of asking James if he knows of anything Shelli has said about her so she has a reason to vote her out. James says no and that she should just stick to the promise she made Clay to vote him out. Jackie tells Vanessa it would be easier to vote Shelli out now so she doesn’t have to put her up if she wins HOH. Vanessa agrees that is a good point. Vanessa also remembers that Shelli didn’t include her in the deal she made with James before Shelli dropped out of the HOH competition.

10:57 PM BBT – After Vanessa leaves the HOH room again Jackie calls her out to James saying she doesn’t want to vote out Shelli but claims she’ll nominate her if she wins HOH. Jackie isn’t buying it at all. Jackie is seemingly the only person in the house onto Vanessa.

11:15 PM BBT – James and Jackie talking still. Becky comes in and Jackie asks her how she feels about Vanessa. Becky says it’s more of the same and she talks about how honest she is and how much her word means and then she’ll just break her word. Jackie says Vanessa wants to keep Shelli for her own benefit and wouldn’t care at all if Shelli puts one of them up.

12:00 AM BBT – Vanessa, Austin, and twins going over a plan for what to tell James when they’re ready to admit they want to keep Shelli.

12:55 AM BBT – Vanessa talks with Steve about what was going on upstairs in the HoH room. She suggests James was bullying everyone to get Shelli voted out.

12:55 AM BBT – Austin and Clay have the apology talk that Vanessa was hoping to prevent. Clay promises Austin he’s not mad at him and is on his side.

1:00 AM BBT – Austin updates Vanessa and the twins about his talk with Clay. He’s no longer worried about Clay saying Clay would go after James if he stayed.

2:45 AM BBT – Austin talking with Liz about Clay making amends and why he thinks they might be able to work with him. Sounds like Austin is still thinking of keeping Clay.

The vote continues to be in flux and there’s certainly a chance that Clay could stay, but I’m still expecting Vanessa to apply the last minute pressure to get the votes she needs. Austin and the twins will have to flip on her to keep Clay around.

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  1. J/J/M/B cut Vanessa to the quick last night and I was cheering!

    First, Jackie & James both experience walking in on Van & Austwins talking game, which stops and they scatter.

    Next J/J/M/B have a pre-meeting in HoH. They come up with a plan for the house meeting, discussing upcoming DE, and an agreement that Van can not be trusted and is #1 target. They agree that votes have to be discussed and if Clay goes home, they’ll know that any house meeting deal is not true.

    Next is the house meeting. After a quick agreement to go after remaining Clelli next week, Meg brings up that they have to discuss and agree on votes this week. Meg wants everyone to say who they are voting for this week. Van counters with that it doesn’t matter who stays, since the other is going home next week, and everyone should just vote how they want this week. James counters with that it is more important for Shelli to go, because she has a higher chance of winning HoH next week. Austin & twins all shaking their head in agreement. Van repeats that it’s only fair for everyone to vote how they want. Meg concedes that it is OK for Vanessa to give Shelli a pity vote, but everyone else has to vote her out.

    Every time that Van speaks, the James Gang counters with reason. Even the Austwins started backing up James. Van was left hanging out to dry. The harder she fought for not committing to sending Clay packing, the stronger the James Gang got. You could physically see the power leaving her. She actually started shrinking.

    • “she actually started shrinking” you have me in tears this morning, hahahaha. I cant help but wonder how many poker stars are watching her every move and studying her.

    • I am really hoping it’s true tho but you’ll never know with the Judases and Julia and that lil Stevie.
      Besides they didn’t involve Vampire Dentist so he didn’t get the memo that he shouldn’t keep his words to Clay.
      How ironic it would be if the votes tied at 4-4 and his vote decided Shelli to stay.
      At this moment my gut feeling is:
      Pro Clay: Jackie, Meg, Becky, Judas
      Pro Shelli: Vanessa, twins, lil Stevie
      Vampire Dentist’s vote is the swing vote.

    • Shelli staying only benefits Vanessa because she is a bigger target to the other HG’s over Vanessa. Getting Shelli out this week puts that big old target right on Vanessa’s back and that has her scared.

  2. The house is either going to be divided 5 against 5, with Steve in the middle or Van is going to be left out on her own.

    If the Austwins stick with Van and keep Shelli, they’ll be 5 strong. J/J/M/B will absorb JMac and become 5 strong.

    If the Austwins jump ship and keep Clay, Van and Clay will be on their own.

    I can’t wait until tomorrow night to find out what they finally decide!

    • I think it’s pretty easy to get Steve, Becky and John on your side IF YOU HAVE HOH! This next HoH will determine the course of the game. It’s going to be interesting for sure.

    • I don’t for a second think JMac is smart enough to dump the remaining members of 6th sense. He will likely cling to his desire to be part of the cool kids.

      This moment of clarity from him and Becky will be short lived.

  3. Its funny how Vanessa get self-righteous when she’s lied to and someone isn’t honest with her, then she turns around and lies to people and isn’t honest with them! I don’t care about lying…it is part of the game. Just dont act like a hypocrite about it.

    • Not that I don’t agree with you (because I do think she’s playing too hard now and it’s gonna screw her). But some might say that pretending to be honest while screwing over the competition IS gameplay (Dr. Will anyone?).

      • Dr. Will actually admitted to being a liar the first week of Season 2. The difference is that he actually owned up to his lies and “apologized” to the people he screwed over.

      • You people are splitting hairs. She’s a poker player playing Big Brother.. How can you blame her for bluffing that she is a totally honest person.

      • In poker you can lie in the BB house, you need to remember your lies! LOLOL

      • Not blaming her for anything, just pointing out that there are no similarities between her and Will.

  4. ummm yeah–thanks to production, those new to the feeds actually think Tuesday night was exciting.. so sorry folks.. the biggest excitement was that Shelli allowed her son to kiss her (ewwwww). The good news is that because production is throwing out these morsels of information by way of questions to the HG during their D/R sessions, James/Jackie/Meg have finally began to realize the importance of watching what is going on before and after they walk in to a room where “the others” are–as in Austwins/Van.

    All I can say is Thursday can’t come soon enough for me–a die-hard feeder from day 1/season 1 and this is brutal to watch.

    • I started late on BB , like season 8. So I’m glad to hear you say what I’ve been saying, production is the only reason these fools woke up and started playing. I think even the Jason eviction emotions would’ve worn off on these lazy players. They would’ve continues to sit back and only hope to be the last one standing of the stragglers.

      To me BB17 is officially the worst.

      • I’ve only seen the last 5 seasons, but I’d say this is the best season I’ve seen. The range of potential outcomes is huge. I don’t think I’ve seen a season like this where literally any HG can win. This is exciting!

      • BB17 is not the worst. The worst season was BB1. Also, BB15 had all that hatred and racism. BB16 had Freaky Frankie, rape jokes, lesbian bashing, and complete steamrolling.

      • Haha yea that’s pretty bad but in my humble opinion to me it’s the worst in terms of game play. Never watched BB1. Bb15 was hard to watch but I at least was glad these people were showing their true colors on a national tv show so that there’d be some consequences. BB16 had some of my least fave cast aka Frankie. BB17 had up to last week (5 full weeks) of the biggest mass of people sitting around getting picked off and they were still confused as to their status in the game. Now it’s that the ship is starting to right itself and I’m convinced, as the above commenter, that it took some additional manipulation by production to get them to wake up and PLAY.

      • I’d give BB1 the benefit of the doubt. The original production team who handled the first season missed the mark on what made original BB’s back-to-basics format compelling and great in every other version: An actual compelling cast who could carry a season and tasks that can truly stir up some shizzles and not foster kumbaya sessions.

    • It cracks me up to watch Jackie and Meg in bed all day while everyone else is up and around playing the game. They are missing so much but more importantly, they need to mingle to keep Vanessa from twisting their minds. As long as one of them is nearby Vanessa is prevented from spewing her lies.

  5. Shelli is using her feminine “Hot Mama” wiles on Clay, getting that boytoy all hot and bothered, to make sure he is in full submission and would feel guilty for doing anything that makes it appear he wants anyone to vote for him to stay over Shelli.

    • If I were his Momma , he’d be exfoliated, sanitized, and exorcised before there was any kind of touching.

      • Think his real mama will give him a tongue lashing or whooping first? I have this picture of her dragging him into the house by his ear while berating his showmance at a mile-a-minute.

      • Nah … his momma wouldn’t do that to his precious boy. First he would be fed well with grease and sugar. You know the stuff. Then he would be tucked in and kissed good nite. Then he would put on his Sunday suit and sit still the whole day while being treated to silent treatment until he begs for forgiveness. This is how a good ol country boy is raised (I think).

      • From what I understand, he and his Mom are close. So if there are “issues”, I wouldn’t think it was from a lack of attention or love. But who knows, maybe he is a Mama’s boy and doesn’t function well without that type of presence on a daily basis.

      • It reminds me of an episode of 30 Rock when Liz dated a younger guy just to find out that she looked exactly like that boy’s momma.
        So you’ll saying that Shelli looks like Clay’s big momma?

      • Momzoned: When an older woman dating a younger man ends up being considered his mother instead of a lover.

  6. The other side is incredibly gullible. Why do they think they can trust anyone in that other alliance? Why depend on Austin and the twins to help them out? Jackie seems to be the only one who realizes they can never be trusted, any of them. Vanessa sat up their in the HOH and made everyone raise they hand and swear they will not target each other next week. Then she goes right down stairs and plots to break her own agreement.

    But at the same time its a stupid move. If Shelli stays, the eviction is before the HOH, then the other side will know they were lied to and will no longer honor the deal not to nominate each other. As Jackie said, the meeting was a total waste of time.

    If it is a double eviction week, its going to be very interesting.

  7. Vanessa telling Steve that James was bullying everyone is so ironic considering how she bullies Austin and everyone else by brow beating them into doing what she wants.

    • It’s usually the one that is making false accusations that is guilty of those accusations. That’s why when a spouse cheats, they accuse the non-cheating spouse of being unfaithful.

      • I had a friend who’s spouse cheated and accused her of doing that instead. She finally said to me, “well if he’s going to accuse me of being unfaithful, I might as well do it. I’ll definitely have more fun than I’m having right now.” What she didn’t know is that he was cheating with another man, something I warned her about that he might do before they moved across country and had another child and before she saw the light!” hahahaha

      • It sounds awful. I dunno … I hate guys who marry for the sake of discretion and have kids but then go all the way to cheat with other guys.
        Cheating is perhaps part of human nature, a temptation that we need to work on, but guys cheating with guys is more than temptation, is a lie.
        Why got married with a woman at the first place, then have kids?
        Before you all jump to conclusion with what I was just saying, I was rooting for Clay but now rooting for Vampire Dentist … that should be a hint, rite?

      • Sounds like something out from a soap opera I’m watching at the moment (or at least close to it somewhat): Military dad fathered a child in the countryside where he was stationed but has a wife and child back in the city. When he got found out, well, let’s just say the legit child had gone cuckoo beyond her years several episodes later.

  8. I think Vanessa will be the first member of the jury. She has to stop questioning the loyalty of her own alliance members. I think that Austin and the twins will vote to keep Clay, then Vanessa will realize that she is on a sinking ship.

    • If someone would be active and purposeful in keeping Van away from the Austwins , there might be a chance that they’ll vote Shelli out. They are so wishy-washy. I think they really do want Shelli gone, but Van keeps the pressure on with her badgering mentality and knowing how Van operates, the other side should be applying pressure of their own.

  9. Jackie is one smart cookie for sure! She read Vanessa like no one else. And all we got from Shelli and Clay is upping their showmance to that kiss in the BY instead of campaigning for the right to stay…oh wait, they’re relying on Van to do that for them. So at this point I do not care who goes home and who stays because neither will have the strong alliance they once did. They’ll have just Van for the most part and she’s beginning to shrink by the hour.

    • Exactly! Hopefully she can shrink to the fact that she’s unable to win the next HOH comp! Lol just hoping for a Jackie win so she can finally get rid of Vanessa, although it will be pretty hard since Vanessa has her ways with the house guests

      • I’m hoping that if they keep talking to J/J/M, the others will soon see the sense in not joining forces with Van after Shelli is out of the picture.

      • Lol Joni we are all hopeing for that to happen! Haha As of right now it’s a miracle waiting to happen!

  10. Sorry I don’t watch the live feeds but has Clay ever mentioned that he’ll go after James if he stays and wins HoH? Or that’s only another Judas lie?
    Coz it would be really good for his game to stick with James if he stays.
    If Clay joins Meg, James, Jackie then he can easily persuade Becky and Vampire Dentist to join them so it will be 6 against 5th Sense.

    • I see your point, although I’m still trying to figure out why would Clay want to join them after he called James a POS and thinks that James betrayed them? Just curious that’s all :)

      • I think Clay had made peace with James and said it’s all a game. Besides before this all happened, they both were buddies. Remember Clay and mini Clay? Clay was James’ date to outback steak dinner. And the kiss!
        James had all the right to be upset actually since he trusted Clay and Clay tried to nominate him before (thru Shelli of course).

      • Yes Clay would be a great aspect to their alliance and would possibly be viewed differently by viewers if he joins the underdogs! Just hope he can get the votes to stay to see how this actually plays out.

    • When Clay apologized to Austin, he told him that he was going after James and that Austin had nothing to worry about from him. He’s told both Van & Shelli that he’d go after James.

    • I know you said you don’t watch the live feeds, but there’s no love between Clay and James. Quite the opposite as I’d say the animosity is thick enough to cut with a knife. I’d put the odds of them working together at around the same likelihood of Meg winning the next 4 consecutive comps.

      • Clay’s a grudge holder more than James, so don’t see them reuniting for anything!

      • It’s all this week only right? Or James had said all these things way before. If only this week, it’s justified in my eyes anyway coz basically it’s true.

      • True, but you don’t go from calling each other pieces of feces and badmouthing one another like that to working with each other the following week. There’s a lot of bad blood between them. There’s no possible way they’re going to work together.

      • Yes, up until the Jason blindside and then Shay lying, James truly thought that he was in an alliance with Clay.

      • Perhaps my heart is with the outsiders so I can’t fault James haha. If Clay is really a momma’s boy as he often mumbles, then he should put a shirt on coz it’s embarrassing to watch his son semi naked all the time.

      • In this game, strange thing happened! Last week I swore the power couple would be safe for weeks while I was convinced that Vanessa’s head would be on the chopping block. And see how it turned out. If Shellli is out of the picture and not blocking his brain anymore, I really hope Clay will finally come out of the dark side. I think James always regarded Clay as his mate hence the date to outback dinner just last week, not sure how Clay viewed James tho, sadly.

      • Clay is ungrateful, which we now see after James put Shelli on the block next to him.

      • Clay can’t stand James and James no longer trusts Clay. Doubtful that, that can be mended inside the BB house. Maybe after the show.

  11. Oh Yes! I am loving how Jackie is actually comparing the dots and trying to spread the word that Vanessa is actually a bigger threat than they think! I am hoping so badly that Jackie wins HOH this week. And it’s about time JMac and frickin Becky come to the realization that the Sixth sense didn’t really need them and were just using them! Hopefully they get with the underdogs and fight back, but that seems less and less unlikely by the day!

    • More likely for Becky, less so for JMac. SHe told James this morning that JMac is too much of a wildcard for her.

    • Vampire Dentist and Becky were never really allies to the 6th Sense, right? They were allies to Clay and Shelli, I think they didn’t even know about the 6th Sense at all, altho they could probably connect the dots.
      I am also hoping that Jackie will win HoH next, or Vampire Dentist, just to know how he’s gonna play it.

      • Yes! I am hopeing and praying for a Jackie HOH this upcoming comp. She needs to secure her and her allies another week in the house, and I really want her to target Vanessa since everyone seems to be so afraid to do it! Idk if John would want to start winning HOHs so soon! Haha he’ll probably throw a couple more ^_^

      • Yup rooting for Jackie. The thought of Meg winning a HoH makes me laugh actually haha.
        Vampire Dentist is smart. He should try to win HoH soon, well my wish anyway haha coz I am rooting for him to win this whole enchilada.

      • What would be surprising is if Meg actually won the next HOH! Since strange things happen in the BB house! But yes I would love if the final three were James Jackie and JMac! I like them all equally now but if it is those three I wouldn’t mind either winning the whole shebang!

      • Laugh is good, rite? So if Meg wins HoH then I’m gonna laugh muppetedly while wearing a flower crown.
        My final three are Meg James and Vampire Dentist.
        Once upon a time before Shelli happened I was rooting for Clay, can you believe that?

      • Ha-ha yeah I can believe that since at one point I was rooting for Vanessa, now I so badly want her gone! And I wouldn’t laugh I would be too shocked to even utter a sound at that moment! Meg is final 4 for me along with the three that I mentioned above

      • I’ve been rooting for the underdogs mostly…Jason, Meg, James, Jackie and Steve. More so James and Jackie lately since Jason left.

      • Lil Stevie is not an underdog … he’s a different species entirely … he’s Van’s lapdog. I never consider him to be an underdog or a floater, to be honest.

      • Yes I was hoping Jason would stay and help lead the underdogs with Jackie by his side, but James is now in that spot with Jackie helping him along the way

  12. Isn’t it nice to see that no one else other than Clay sleeping in the HoH room when they’re not the HoH or using the facilities there? Anybody notice that this season?

  13. Jackie is the only one onto Vanessa. Dude come on ! Van is slipping up and people still aren’t seeing it ! Shelli NEEDS to go like NOW ! I can almost gurantee,she will win HOH and start burning the betrayers the minute she does. It’s safer to keep Clay !

  14. Vanessa needs to go home, she’s not even entertaining to watch!
    The most disappointing part of Big Brother this season is the fact that they did not include any older houseguests, not only are the mature players often more interesting than the young ones, but they should get the chance to play too!

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