Tonight On Big Brother 17: Power of Veto & Final Nominations

Get ready for more Big Brother 17 tonight at 8/7c when the Power of Veto competition is held and the final nominations of Week 6 are revealed for the next eviction.

Shelli Poole is not too happy on Big Brother
Shelli Poole is not too happy on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Last we saw Shelli and Clay were sent to the Block and neither took that well as both were disgusted that anyone would dare go back on a promise. This is Big Brother after all and you don’t break promises on this show! Oh, no wait.

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This week’s Power of Veto competition is going to be critical for Clay and Shelli to avoid being split up and missing the chance at a summer together in Jury or the Big Brother house. We got a sneak peek of the comp and from what we heard it’s the prize swap with cash & vacations in the mix. That also means we’ve got some punishments ahead of us to enjoy in the show.

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Once the competition is over the House has to decide who should be the final noms and there were some serious conversations trying to lock down that final choice. Should be interesting to see how it all gets edited down tonight.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the next Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Live Feeds.


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  1. You’re so right, Matthew…this is a game of integrity! Of honor! Of kept promises! Note to Shelli: This is not the Boy Scouts. It’s Biiig Brother! So, buh-bye, Shelli!! Buh- bye!! Hopefully your fiend Vanessa will join you next week. Again, buh-bye!!

    • The only thing I might point out is that promises are important to the game. James is lucky his alliance members still want to work with him. It’s one thing to spread lies and rumors, but I would never offer James a deal or accept a deal from him.

      • Why not? He has been completely loyal to his alliance members. While the other side has broken promises and thrown each other UTB many times. It’s Van that I would never make a deal with.

      • For sure, I feel many are overlooking the fact that clay and shelli have been lying since day 1!! Shelli turned on her first alliance (day and audrey) as soon as Clay became a factor in her bb game. Vanessa also has made tons of deals and promises and has went back on almost all of them.

  2. I guess Shelli is going to stay after all. After making a deal with Vanessa to slip poison into Clay’s drink so to speak, Clay will go home and Shelli will stay – to the benefit of only Vanessa. The people in this house need to wake up and start thinking what’s best for them. Austin and the twins should remember that Shelli is good at comps and she is never going to be loyal to them over Vanessa.

    Yesterday, Vanessa made a F4 deal with Austin and the twins. They never so much as questioned why. If Vanessa takes them to F4 she has no chance of winning so it is ridiculous to think that’s not a lie. She only made that deal to ensure their vote this week to keep Shellli who Vanessa will use to take them out. I used to think Jackie, Meg and James were the dumb ones but its Clay, Austin and the twins that are the dumbest people in the house.

    • If Julia can keep her mind on the game and stop being overridden by Liztin, she might just lead them away from Van. She doesn’t trust Van and she can’t stand Shay. She’s the one that wants to roll with the James Gang. She just needs to convince Austin. Liz will go either way, since she’s the follower.

      • You would think being twins would help this cause… I guess we know who got more of the brains in the family…

      • Maybe Julia will throw a hinky vote to evict Shelli and Shelli goes home. Vanessa will be enraged and will blame Austin. that would push Austin closer to James,

        Julia does seem to have more sense than Liz and Austin. I still do not understand why Austin let’s Vanessa bully him around. Doesn’t he realize that Vanessa did not savehim last week? She threatened him. If she saved him it was from herself!

      • Maybe Van did the whole “I’m putting Austin up, telling Liz, letting him plead for his BB life, saving him” thing just to make him more indebted to her. Getting people indebted to her is a big part of her M.O.

  3. There is a plan to upset the house in a few different ways today: Vanessa’s idea of course. I hope the house is upset and it is by all of Vanessa’s lies coming out. I hope that James learns that Vanessa is calling him a bully which is totally not true. He has told them to vote as they see fit but did let them know that he hopes Shelli goes…James did not pressure or threaten anybody.

    • I thought he had worked in a prison. I remember something being said about he had worked with a bunch of big guys with tattoos. I’m not sure if that is related, though.

      • I’m hoping that’s the case. If he did time, it’s not going to change my view of him…but wow! I don’t know what to think.

      • I read where he was arrested for contempt of court in a family court, but that’s not punished by jail. I do think he worked at a prison.

      • I thought so too. Ex-military sometimes they get preference for jobs (which they deserve). Butin the case of a guard, ex-military would be in excellent shape and are experienced in close quartef fighting.

    • You misunderstood him. He worked as a prison guard for 3 years. So he actually did 3 years in prison, but as a guard not an ex con.

    • We knew at the beginning of the season that he was arrested for something that was resolved in family court, but we never really knew what for. First I hear about prison involved.

  4. Shelli always have a horrible DR..She sounds like she’s reading from a forced.

  5. Lol! “I did three years in prison with bigger guys yelling at me, I am not scared of you”.

  6. Clay was right on calling Van out right?…in this episode. They’re stupid for not taking Van down.

  7. Shelli is scary. OMG, she is really like that scary step-mother. Poor Clay, his mother scolded him in front of everyone. Her DR is so fake, those tears were so dry and forced.

  8. If Shelli wasn’t so blinded by Clay, she may have avoided the block altogether.

  9. Clay looked like he was going to cry while he was standing there with the POV folks.

  10. Wait, the goal of this game is to make it to jury? Huh!?! Yay! Austin will make it to jury with Liz. WTH! Not “I can make it to the end and maybe take Liz on a nice vacation”?

  11. Shelli looked as if she was going to kick Clay’s butt if he decided to stay chained to Jackie.

  12. James is a dad? I missed that information and spent 3 years in prison….. what! James!

  13. I so wish they were getting rid of Shelli instead of Clay. She is way more annoying than he is.

  14. Oooooohhhh, his momma Shelli gonna kick that hussy Meg’s arse! Meg and Clay looks better as a couple and more romantic than him and Shelli.

  15. Wow, what is going on with Clay and Meg? Maybe he wont have to miss Shelli so much after all.

    • Why did Meg tell Shelli she was jealous? I think she’s wanted to be with Clay this entire time. She may just get her wish.

  16. I’m sorry, Shelli, but I need to go purge now—having heard your sad excuse as to why you should stay. Buh-Bye!!!

    • Sorry speech in why she needs to stay. I cannot stand her DR sessions, arrrggg!

      • Yes, ma’am. You have been on it the past few days, gal. I’m right there with you hoping Shelli goes home. It changes by the minute. Not looking too good at this minute, though.

      • I refuse to give up. In fact, I’m going to go make a sacrifice to my TV god to intervene and put Shelli in BB purgatory. (Sorry to anyone who thinks I’m being blasphemous…I’m not. I’m a smart a**). See you later!

  17. Whew….Shelli is gonna feel stupid when she sees this Meg/Clay scene. Clay told her not to tell anyone about what happened…and she has plans to see him after the show. Hmmmmm…lol. Wow

  18. What Jame’s gang should do if they win the next HOH and Shelli is still in the house………put up Vanessa and Liz and get out V. Tell her you wanted Shelli to say? now she’s staying and your ass is out!!

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