Big Brother 17 Is A Go: Houseguests Head Inside As Game Begins

Earlier today the Big Brother 17 Houseguests passed through the front door and officially launched the 2015 season as we prepare for next Wednesday’s premiere event.

Studio 18 on CBS lot in Los Angeles
Big Brother House, Studio 18 on the CBS lot in Los Angeles

In an announcement by Fly On The Wall, the company behind Big Brother, we learned things had “officially started” in the BB17 house and in just under a 100 days someone will be $500K richer:

When Big Brother 17 arrives next Wednesday and Thursday we’ll get two hour long episodes, but we still don’t have too many official details on what to expect. There’s the potential for someone to be evicted on Thursday night, according to details we previously discussed, but there’s also another possibility. What if they thought of a way to need two arrivals again this year? (Note: I’m discussing possibility of two separate arrival groups, not individuals. Though maybe we’re getting more HGs.) You never know…

Make sure you’re ready for next week’s premiere. Check out our Big Brother 17 cast interviews where I sat down with the new cast, look through the new house redesign, and check out the latest Big Brother twist details. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates for more BB17!

Big Brother Live Feeds available this year *only* as part of CBS’s All Access & just $5.99/month. This season’s Feeds will turn on June 25th @ 9PM PT (6/26 12AM ET) so be sure you’re ready.


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    • I think that’s a good thing. A first impression eviction wouldn’t be my choice. There will probably be at least a couple of HGs that will be prime candidates for eviction by then.

  1. I for one, would be thrilled if they didn’t do all of that hugging stuff after evictions are announced. I’m a hugger but I seriously would find it awkward to be fake hugging people under those circumstances. Really, is it a requirement or necessary? If it is just a BB tradition, I wish someone would be brave enough to put an end to it. No fake hugging should be a rule.

    • There have been some evictees who choose not to hug their antagonists, but do hug their ‘friendlies’.

  2. On my 6/3/15 wish list: 7) The very first time a hg makes a bigoted/prejudiced remark, said hg will be immediately expelled from the BB house. No excuses. No discussion.

    • This would be terrible. It would take away from the premise of the show so much to punish someone for their words, whether they are stupid or not. It’s part of humanity for people to have issues, and if theirs is to be irrationally judgemental, well then they would be in the same boat as someone who irrationally judges the heck out of someone for a prejudiced comment.

      The more real the show is, the better.

      • Two things –

        1) Mental Abuse and a prejudiced comment are two different worlds. Words are powerless until the receiver of the words gives them power. The mindset you seem to hold in my opinion is just as bad if not worse than the comments we are talking about because hold this mindset damages societal genuinity.

        2) Read Joey_N’s comment below. This is the best route for BB in these situations. Don’t censor the world from wrongdoing, that’s so deceitful of reality, which isn’t what a good reality show wants/needs.

    • The ideal scenario for the house is to work its issues with each other as mature adults. However, the tendency has been leaning towards more on the verbal which sometimes lead to near-violent confrontations.

      While there is a zero-tolerance policy toward violence, having expelled one for assault, two for dangerous behavior, and diffused two related heated arguments, everything else seem to fall on a grey area that production is unable to act other than merely give warnings in the DR.

      I kinda do wish any such remark is met with immediate forced eviction though. I just don’t know if BB is willing to trek some dangerous waters because I know for certain there will be those from powerful places willing to defend the houseguest in question, justifying their actions, however wrong it may be.

      Regardless, it shouldn’t be reason not to act on the matter immediately before the situation could worsen.

    • So freedom of speech isn’t allowed in the BB house? I don’t agree with anyone making any bigoted remarks but removing them from the show is unnecessary. If they want to make bigoted remarks, let them and let karma handle it when they leave the show.

      • “So freedom of speech isn’t allowed in the BB house?”

        It would make sense if it wasn’t. After all, it is the BIG BROTHER house.

      • Joey, you have the wrong interpretation of “freedom of speech”. THE “freedom of speech” that is given to you by the 1st amendment of the US Constitution apply to the government. You can say anything you want on a street corner without fear of reprisal from the government. The BB house is not a public setting, it is private property, it belong to CBS. CBS can decide anything they want as far as what you can and can’t say in the house. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

      • Thanx Captain for your definition of ‘freedom of speech’ and how it doesn’t apply to what goes on in the BB house. I sometimes have a hard time getting my point across so it’s understood by others. Thanx. I’m merely saying verbal/mental abuse should be treated the same as physical abuse in the BB house. Many times, verbal abuse is more traumatizing and long-lasting than (let’s just say) a punch in the gut.

      • I agree but it is a social experiment, so you can’t outlaw everything. I believe that over the year they have stepped in when it went a bit over the line without really telling us.

      • I think back to last yer and all the prejudice that was thrown around. It was addressed by Julie during the evictees exit interview ~ too little too late for me. I will not be watching when and if it starts this year.

      • Oh my goodness! The prejudice actually feels like yesterday. Yes, Captain, you’re right, Aaryn/GinaMarie was BB15, 2 years ago. Thanx so much for the correction.

  3. This was posted on reddit yesterday and would make sense due to the
    number of houseguests and make sense for the larger number of LGBT cast members.

    all, first let me start by saying that I am not one who normally comes
    on these fan forum sites to talk Big Brother (or anything, really).
    Someone I am fairly close with has a loved one who works for CBS and he
    provided me with some pretty cool news for this season. I will not say
    that this is 100% legit info, but I trust this person enough and I think
    that it is true. Especially with how much detail I’ve been given.
    The reason I decided to post this on this website is because I have a
    friend who is a huge big brother fan and he is a regular poster here (so
    he tells me). He told me to post my info on this site and so, here I
    So to start, I will say there will be 16 people in the house this year
    but only 14 actual houseguests. The main twist this season is Battle of
    the Sexes.
    There will be 14 new houseguests and 2 returning players who will be the
    “leaders” or “coaches” of their “team”. One female & one male will
    return. Both are from recent seasons but I will not reveal their names
    as my friend told me that I could ruin their chances? I don’t know how
    this stuff works lol so I’ll just keep quiet about that
    So basically each week the girls & guys will compete separately for
    HOH. The winning male & female of each comp will compete against
    each other 1 on 1 in the Battle of the Sexes comp. Whoever wins must
    nominate 2 people of the opposite gender. The “team leaders” (returnees)
    can not be nominated as they will not be considered houseguests.
    Additionally, each week the 2 returning players will battle in a
    separate competition and they will be competing for FOOD for their
    gender. So if the female returnee wins, all the female houseguests will
    get food and hot water while the males will be on slop and cold water.
    No have-not room while this twist is in play. The losing genders will be
    given sleeping bags and will be able to bunk wherever they want in the
    house, but only in their sleeping bag – on the floor.
    This twist will last throughout the entire pre-jury portion of the game.
    Once this stage of the game is over, one final competition will take
    place between the men and the women and the 1 winning male and 1 winning
    female must choose to evict one of their team mates (same gender) or
    team leader from the game. If the team leaders survive they become
    houseguests themselves, if they are eliminated they become the first
    members of the jury. Regular have-not comps and have-not room will come
    back into play at this portion of the game.
    Lastly there will be not 1 but 2 returning jury members this season. The
    2 returnees will be eligible to return if they get eliminated as well.
    This twist will come into effect when we are at the final 5. Unsure if
    it will be by public vote or competition, or another method, but 2 of
    the 6 jury members will return, making the final 5 go back to final 7.
    One female & one male will return. If there is only 1 female or 1
    male making up this jury of 6, then that person automatically returns to
    the game.

    Well, that’s all the info I’ve got for you guys. Do what you’d like
    with it. Tomorrow we will be introduced to the 14 houseguests while the 2
    returning team leaders will only be revealed on premiere night!
    We’ve got a crazy summer ahead of us this year, I can feel it!

  4. Have any of you seen Da’Vonne’s interview tape? She said she didn’t think Big Brother would “let a black girl from Inglewood” on the show. So is she a rascist? Careful, Cuddles, one person’s rascism is another person’s harmless observation
    based on their own perspective. We don’t need you to sit in judgement and pass sentence on those who express themselves in different ways.

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