Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 17 – Week 0

And we’re back… another season of Big Brother is upon us. The new BB17 Houseguests are getting ready to move in and start competing for $500,000… BUT FIRST…

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13
Adam Poch on Big Brother 13 – Source: CBS

It’s time for my preseason Bacon/Tofu rankings for each player. Once the season starts, my rankings will be based on how the HGs are playing the game. But since they have not started playing yet, I will base it on their preseason interviews with Matt & Big Brother Network.

Some general observations- they were all forced to watch Big Brother 10 & 16 – since that’s the season that got quoted the most. Everyone understands the “get to know everyone first” method perfected by Dan & Derrick on those seasons. A lot of them said that’s the way they want to play. But chances are – there will be some Brians & Joeys in this bunch. As usual – there are players share similar qualities to previous HGs. And some fit the same tried & true molds we’ve seen over & over. We do have 2 new categories of players this year, Hillbilly Asian & Transgender. I am glad we have these two rather than two more model type recruits.

Besides the Bacon or Tofu – I will also take a guess on how far they will go. I will never pick who I think will win before they move in and I see how they interact with each other.

John McGuire – 5 strips of 23K Gold Dusted Chocolate Covered Bacon* – I have no idea if he will be a player or voted out week 1 – but he gave the best answer on why he was cast “maybe it’s cause I sound stupid when I talk.” If he can keep his annoying fandom down – and, as he also says, “keep his mouth shut” early, he will go far. I think he will be the Judd (BB15) of the season – everyone will love him, but somewhere in the top 6, they will have to get rid of him.
* – this does exist and I have a strip in my freezer now!

Vanessa Rousso – 4 strips of Bacon – I am sure she will be a lot of people’s prediction to win it all because of her poker background. She admits the toughest part will be playing & reading these people for 100 days. That’s a long long long time & unlike poker, she is not only playing against the other HG’s – she’s playing against the house. Those walls can break people. I see her in the jury – and most likely top 6. She will not be the one someone will want to take to the final 2, so she will need to win out to get the $.

Meg Maley – 4 strips of Bacon – OK, maybe I am giving her extra bacon because she is a superfan from the NY area and has been to some of the reality viewing parties here. So of course I am rooting for her. Could she be a Jessie (BB15) and have her game hurt because she is too busy chasing boys? I am hoping not. She has to not fall victim to her craziness getting her in trouble. I see her as first 2 out – or final 6.

Audrey Middleton – 3 strips of Bacon – Ok everyone knows by now that Audrey used to be Adam – and the timing of the transformation of Bruce to Caitlyn will help reel in some new viewers, which is OK by me. Anything to help keep this show’s ratings up is fine by me. But all of that aside, she is a fan, who knows the game, and does not seem shy so she will be able to bond with everyone. I do not see her winning, but final 6 for sure.

James Huling – 3 strips of Bacon – probably the most genuine person in this group. James has seen a lot in his days of the military & as a corrections officer. He will be very aware of what’s going on around him without anyone knowing. He has a chance to go real far if he can align himself with some other strong/smart players. Top 6.

Austin Matelson – 2 strips of Bacon – A big guy with a big heart, shows respect to his girlfriend at home – superfan & live feeder – this reminds me of another player from a few years ago – what was his name? (hint, it’s me!) Only knock on him is he does not seem to think quickly on his feet. How are you going to play like you are weak & then lead everyone in exercises & do back flips in the backyard? He could be a target early so he will need to win some comps or he’s a goner. And I think he will win those challenges. Lock for jury – possible top 6.

Liz Nolan – 1 strip of Bacon. This girl has no idea what she is getting herself into – which will probably work to her advantage. She will be flirty and use what god (or the doctors) gave her to get one of these guys into a showmance. No shot to win, but she should make it to jury. Also, if you close your eyes and listen to her interview – she sounds just like Michelle Costa (S10).

Steve Moses – 1 strip of Bacon – How this kid never compared himself to BB14 winner Ian is beyond me. It’s so obvious that’s why he got cast. Smart & awkward – his knowledge of the game will either propel him to top 6 – or make him an early boot. I see the former.

Jason Roy – 1 strip Tofu – Jason will have to figure out how to stay out of his own way to get far. He wants to get rid of the strong guys early which will put a big target on himself. I like that he is willing to go after people, but you have to do it the smart way. If he can keep his emotions in check, and align with the strong female players he’ll be in jury. That’s too many ifs for me however. I see him out right before jury

Jace Agolli – 1 strip of Tofu – if you mix Hayden (BB16) with a frat boy, you get Jace. I am not sure which side will take over in the house… the chill California guy, or the cocky dbag that will for sure get on everyone’s nerves. I see him finishing somewhere in the middle, first or second juror.

Da’Vonne Rogers – 2 strips of Tofu – She is coming into the house with all the confidence in the world, not nervous about anything. Signs that she will probably be the quiet one that stumbles her way into jury. Although Da’Vonne could get lucky and recognize Vanessa. If so she can rope Vanessa in, and hitch onto her wagon to get her much further.

Shelli Poole – 2 strips of Tofu – I am truly sad that at 33 Shelli is the oldest member of this cast – but that is not why I am giving her tofu. The fact that she had such a hard time answering questions and I predict will be a horrible liar will not make her a power player. Dare I call her a floater who will make jury & someone will have to waste an HoH on getting her out later.

Becky Burgess – 3 strips of Tofu – I swear, I try to keep these recaps positive even when people are not playing well, but I could not get through her interview. I kept falling asleep. If she makes friends, she could make jury, but I see her as an early out.

Clay Honeycutt – 4 strips of Tofu – Calling it now – he is the Devin/Jeremy of BB17. He has crammed a bunch of seasons into a short period of time. This is bad because he has no idea how long the season actually is. I have power watched seasons before, and you get can get through 21 days in one night. Inside the Big Brother house one night feels like 21 days. Most likely to overplay and be voted out way early! Watch, he will end up winning it all!

I am not giving anyone 5 strips of Tofu – and no Tofurkey of the Week yet. I will save those honors after they start to play and aggravate us.

OK – there ya have it – my first impressions of the new Houseguests. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Who are your early favorites? Who do you think will win it all? And most important – who do you think will be the first one out?

I am looking forward to reading your comments all season long. From outside the Big Brother house – I’m Adam Poch!

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  1. Way to start us off, Adam! What I really want to know is, where can I go to get a strip of 23K Gold Dusted Chocolate Covered Bacon? How does it taste? #baconlover

  2. Da’Vonne’s paragraph sounds positive… so why the 2 tofu?
    And don’t you think john’s energy will get him in trouble? He’s bound to play to hard to fast there’s no way he can quiet down for the whole summer

    • Because he knows….& I swear I’m not playing some ‘card’, here… the reality is that most BB black women players, in recent years particularly, are seen as pretty expendable to many of the others. I’m not crying ‘racism’, it’s just the truth. Last seasons Amber was multiracial, super easy going, gorgeous & fairly gullible… that kept her around for a while. Jacosta lasted because of Donnie & the fact that she didn’t provide a threat…. but there has been a definite pattern. The ‘pattern’ only increases when the black woman seems strong-minded & is chatty & possibly loud (as this chick says she is)…. doesn’t matter that there are other loud mouth women in the house…. the black loud one is always honed in on, for some. In conclusion, as I mentioned before, this isn’t a racism accusation but that doesn’t mean race has nothing to do with it. ;)

      • I completely agree RVolpi. She seems to be a great player, but her race could hurt her. Having a different race most likely means a different background. Having a different background makes it more difficult to connect with the other house guests as there is less in common. Also, it does have to do with racism slightly. Everyone is racist, some very little, some a lot, but everyone is racist. It is natural and comes with years of evolution to like those similar to you and dislike those different. So, although many (hopefully all) of the house guests may not be racist as we consider it, racism will play a small part in how they act even if they don’t recognize it.

      • Charles, I totally get what you’re saying… & thanks for the understanding. I understand what you’re trying to say about common backgrounds except that being the same race doesn’t award you the same upbringing. There could easily be blacks & whites w/the same upbringing just as you could have a white liberal Ivy leaguer & an another who’s a high school drop-out, libertarian, who’s struggling… I mean, I know you don’t think that generally, all whites connect & the same for blacks, right? That couldn’t be further from the truth. As a black woman, I have two Harvard graduates… one graduated Columbia then Harvard Law….. an array of other University grads….attorneys, a pilot, business owners, educators (including my mom), government employees… a Wall Streeter (ssshhhh..)… world travelers… a few Christians… a few Jehova Witnesses… a few Agnostic… Catch my drift? It runs the gamut. I’ve worked with several white people whose life experiences have never afforded them anything close & it usually applies to people within their circle. With blacks, you’ve got the inner city gang-banger, you’ve got the hard-working Christians just trying to provide for their families…. I mean, I could continue. So ‘same race’ isn’t synonymous with ‘shared/common experiences’…. at all.

      • I also don’t buy into every one being a racist… seems that theory is an attempt to excuse bigoted behavior. Everyone has quirks, judgments, curiosities, fears, insecurities… & often times, some if not all of these traits can manifest into bigotry…. but there’s no generalizing racism…. what you CAN say with certainty is that we all bleed the same, are of the same ‘source’ & that this journey isn’t eternal for ANY one. ;)

      • …again, you’re a good sport. You know some folks FREAK at the mere mention of race… even in the most innocent of circumstances. There’s no running from it… may as well address it… civilly.

      • Well said! I deplore racism, but it needs to be talked about, so it can be wiped out (hopefully!) I am a hypocrite, because I am prejudice against people who display prejudice against anyone for race, looks, age, religion, disabilities, sexual identity or preference, etc. We are ALL part of the human race.

      • I agree with everyone here. It is in our society and should be discussed instead of ignored. By discussing it and listening to all opinions in order to learn about it we are able to move forward. This may sound bad I am not sure, but as a white male I have found it very difficult to discuss race issues with those of other races to the point where I now just don’t. It seems as though most of the time, not all, but most my opinion is ignored or in some cases attacked because I am not a minority so I have never felt what it is like and thus my opinion is wrong. Even though I have been discriminated because of my race and gender. Probably not the amount of others, but it has happened more often than most would think. It is the most odd when I agree 95% with what someone is saying then the 5% I disagree with is because I don’t understand. If more people were able to listen to all opinions, although I have ignored peoples opinions because they “don’t understand something” at times so it is something I have to work on too, the race discussion would be far better.

      • I wish there was much more civility with the discussion of such issues. If only we could all concentrate on what we have in common instead of our differences. But, I agree, RVolpi, it is better to recognize and address it, if it is indeed an issue, than to deny and ignore it.

      • also how come only one black person this season? does not seem fair to me ( Im white )

  3. My pick to win is either Vanessa, Meg, and Jace. I have Da’Vonne as an alternate. I feel like people are sleeping on Jace, he sounds intelligent and I feel like he has a good grasp on the game.

    • But he seems like such a jerk he will turn people off. Like adam said will he be the chill california guy or the cocky dbag. That dbag is going to come out at times. All the other three are my favorites to win too.

      • I didn’t get that vibe from Jace, but it seems like everyone else did. But I feel like out of all the guys, I am the most confident on Jace because I can picture all of the other guy’s downfall. Clay could end up winning as well but I am more confident on Jace.

      • This deffinetly seems like a girls season. There are much better female players than males. For Jace if he is able to keep the chill guy attitude the whole time he will do well. I just don’t think he can. I thought it might have just been the BBnetwork interview so I watched the cbs ones with Jeff beacuse you can sometimes get a different look on someone. He was so awful I had to stop watching after about 2 minutes.

      • The CBS one was really bad. Jeff seemed to hate him. Especially after the Jordan comment. I feel like it would have been fine for someone else to say it, but after how he acted early on it just seemed to piss off Jeff. Jeff of course was professional as always even though it must have been tough.

      • Huh? I didn’t get that at all from the CBS interview. I got the impression that Jeff really liked him. The only time Jace mentioned Jordan was to ask where she was.

      • I think you’re right… & I’m no fan or foe of Jeff… but he certainly didn’t come off as hating the guy.

  4. I’m looking forward to another season of shaking my head in disbelief at some of your assessments and in agreement with others. Take for instance, Liz. I thought she would for sure get a lot of tofu. My first impression was I would vote her out ASAP. She annoyed me the most. I also could not watch all of Becky’s interview. She couldn’t come up with answers to the simplest of questions. If she had nothing interesting to say about herself in that interview, I can’t imagine how boring she could become. Later.

    • I hate to make impressions before seeing them interact, but I think you hit the nail on the head with Liz and Becky. They’re either going to be out soon or ride someone’s coat tail to jury.

      • I really would not enjoy having to vote someone out on a 1st impression. I’m sure when we actually see them together in the house, our opinions of some will be entirely different. We’ll see very soon.

      • I can’t wait! Biting my nails in anticipation. They’re going to be stubs by next week! LOL

      • That might be a plus. They won’t get in the way of hitting those keys on the keyboard. Accuracy and precision in the making, as if you need help with that, redroses.:)

    • Hey, KSJB and redroses!! So good to see you on here. I was G-Ma-G last season, but felt like a change of name. Looking forward like crazy to this new season of BB – can’t wait for the 24th.

      • GMaG/ EnglishRose….YEAH!!! I was anxiously awaiting your arrival. Let the craziness begin. Really, really great to see you!

      • Welcome back English Rose aka G-Ma-G aka Peasant Queen aka Aristocracy54 aka Guest1. Are you still living in sunny CA?

      • Hey, everyone! Yes, still in CA, but wish it was rainy rather than sunny. Everything is so brown. I wasn’t Guest 1 or Aristocracy54, I always consider myself more of a peasant! Sounds like I’ve had a bit of an identity crisis, huh? Can’t wait to get this thing going!

      • It’s suppose to be mid to upper 90’s this week in East Tn. with high humidity. It is 7:40pm and currently 91, first day of summer. We got a lot of summer to go, EnglishRose, but we’re turning the heat up!!!

  5. Adam, you should add one more assessment every week. With the 2 so called guest players every week and they are supposed to bring a new twist with them, you should grade that weekly twist.

  6. This was posted on reddit yesterday and would make sense due to the number of houseguests and the larger number of LGBT cast members.

    all, first let me start by saying that I am not one who normally comes
    on these fan forum sites to talk Big Brother (or anything, really).
    Someone I am fairly close with has a loved one who works for CBS and he
    provided me with some pretty cool news for this season. I will not say
    that this is 100% legit info, but I trust this person enough and I think
    that it is true. Especially with how much detail I’ve been given.
    The reason I decided to post this on this website is because I have a
    friend who is a huge big brother fan and he is a regular poster here (so
    he tells me). He told me to post my info on this site and so, here I
    So to start, I will say there will be 16 people in the house this year
    but only 14 actual houseguests. The main twist this season is Battle of
    the Sexes.
    There will be 14 new houseguests and 2 returning players who will be the
    “leaders” or “coaches” of their “team”. One female & one male will
    return. Both are from recent seasons but I will not reveal their names
    as my friend told me that I could ruin their chances? I don’t know how
    this stuff works lol so I’ll just keep quiet about that
    So basically each week the girls & guys will compete separately for
    HOH. The winning male & female of each comp will compete against
    each other 1 on 1 in the Battle of the Sexes comp. Whoever wins must
    nominate 2 people of the opposite gender. The “team leaders” (returnees)
    can not be nominated as they will not be considered houseguests.
    Additionally, each week the 2 returning players will battle in a
    separate competition and they will be competing for FOOD for their
    gender. So if the female returnee wins, all the female houseguests will
    get food and hot water while the males will be on slop and cold water.
    No have-not room while this twist is in play. The losing genders will be
    given sleeping bags and will be able to bunk wherever they want in the
    house, but only in their sleeping bag – on the floor.
    This twist will last throughout the entire pre-jury portion of the game.
    Once this stage of the game is over, one final competition will take
    place between the men and the women and the 1 winning male and 1 winning
    female must choose to evict one of their team mates (same gender) or
    team leader from the game. If the team leaders survive they become
    houseguests themselves, if they are eliminated they become the first
    members of the jury. Regular have-not comps and have-not room will come
    back into play at this portion of the game.
    Lastly there will be not 1 but 2 returning jury members this season. The
    2 returnees will be eligible to return if they get eliminated as well.
    This twist will come into effect when we are at the final 5. Unsure if
    it will be by public vote or competition, or another method, but 2 of
    the 6 jury members will return, making the final 5 go back to final 7.
    One female & one male will return. If there is only 1 female or 1
    male making up this jury of 6, then that person automatically returns to
    the game.

    Well, that’s all the info I’ve got for you guys. Do what you’d like
    with it. Tomorrow we will be introduced to the 14 houseguests while the 2
    returning team leaders will only be revealed on premiere night!
    We’ve got a crazy summer ahead of us this year, I can feel it!

    • Wow, lots of very interesting info to process, especially the two returning players as coaches with the girl/guyteam scenario. I wonder what effect that will have on the possibility of showmances developing? It does sound crazy, I can feel it, too!

      • The worry I have is that the show will become male dominated as males have won HOH about 2/3 of the time in past seasons and this seems like a group with a lot of strong male challenge players although they seem weaker than the girls socially. Since they have to put up two girls that would mean many of the girls may be gone by jury similar to last season. I also don’t like house guests being able to return later in the game never have and don’t like it now. Once you are evicted you should stay evicted especially returning at final five.

      • I agree. I never have liked the return of a player that has previously been evicted.

      • I posted a link to this a few day ago. Already some of that stuff doesn’t seems to be panning out. So who knows.

      • As usual, I’m coming up from the rear; figuratively speaking; not literally, Capt.:(

    • i’m pretty sure i’ve seen this on reddit. i also heard it on big brother social media sites based off of the aforementioned reddit, so it might be true

  7. my pre-season favorites are vanessa, da’vonne, audrey and jason. i feel like they are the people who have the most grasp on the game and know the way the game works, and if they align together, they could become power players this season.

      • No lol, we just happen to have the same last name xD But I do am rooting for him & audrey

    • hey – I even put in my analysis he will prob go on to win it all. I just think he will get into a showmance early – and that will cost him the game

  8. I really just wish they cast people not based on easily marketable stereotypes.

    CBS should least film a mini documentary to fully flesh out the contestants. 15-30 that explores their lives and flesh them out beyond the stereotypes they seem to be before and during the earlier part of the season.

    Realistically, I know it wouldn’t happen as you can’t sequester those people for that long to release each short for everyone to view in time. Plus, sending a team to film at each location is costly on that scale.

    But boy wouldn’t it be amazing!

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