Big Brother 17 Rumors: Eviction On Premiere Night?

There are more Big Brother 17 rumors than members of the Bomb Squad right now, but one is rising to the top as seemingly credible and a definite possibility based on recent Big Brother seasons. We just might be seeing a Houseguest evicted during the two-night season premiere on June 24-25, 2015.

Julie Chen has a secret on Big Brother
Julie Chen has a secret on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Last year the Big Brother cast moved in over two separate nights complete with their own Head of Household competition which set us up for the season’s twist of dual HoH’s. This year we’ve got the double premiere episodes again, but unless they’re repeating that twist (I don’t think so) then they’ll need something new to do which leads us to the rumor.

Allegedly one Houseguest will be evicted from the Big Brother 17 house during the second episode. The rumor comes from an episode description like the one below which is showing up for some fans:

Now I haven’t been able to find that same episode description online with TV Guide, Zap2It, or Directv’s listings nor does my TiVo guide show any of those details. So, it could be old or just plain wrong or it’s completely accurate and just not widespread.

So how could this work out? Houseguests will enter the house next weekend and have nearly a full week of hanging around before the premiere hits and even then we usually don’t get a live show until their second week. There’d be plenty of time to set things up for an early eviction round.

The listing info I saw did show the June 25th episode as “Live” though the same caveats apply as before. However, it could easily be live and we could see the first Big Brother 17 Houseguest walk out the door on the second show. Not quite as bad as Jodi get it on BB14.

What do you think of this Big Brother 17 rumor? Do you like the idea of hitting the ground running or should HGs get almost two weeks in the game before someone goes home?

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  1. If you consider that HGs should be in the house at least a few days before the 24th, and that they will send them in all on the same day, like it’s usually done, I would see an eviction on the 2nd night as quite possible.
    And if you remember well, that’s exactly what BBCan did this year. 1st Night of Premiere, we had those weird nominations and 2nd night, Risha was voted out.

  2. Could be a fake eviction, which BBUS so far has never done before. There’s a lot of international BB twist that they can derive from to avoid a Jodi-like scenario.

    • That will be really nice to see. I am not really a fan of first night evictions because that is just a slap in the face for who ever goes home. it like Hey you’re on Big brother now get out. After watching BBcan3 it was hard to watch for the first few weeks. I am starting to become a fan of BBUK because they don’t have the instant or first night evictions. But they did do that this year but the player that got the boot came back in a few weeks later.

      • They had someone evicted on the first night this season, only to be brought back 2 weeks later though (and after watching footage while he was on the outside).

      • Did you watch BBUK or BB Australia? Just wondered if they are as good as BBUS and BBCan. Those are the only two I watch and if the others are good I’m going to order them on DVD.

      • they are different from BBCAN and BBUS. BBUK and BBAUS are like the first BBUS season. Where the public votes the player out of the house and each day they have task to complete or a week long task to get luxury budget for food if they fail they are on food ration.

      • At the same time, housemates on those shows tend to be smarter on who they want to nominate without having to discuss nominations openly (which is the forbidden rule across all BB’s). And all reasons for nominations have to be of valid grounds or else BB could void it null.

      • Ok thanks. I think I like the way they play for HOH and POV better than the viewers voting someone off. I liked season one but after all the changes in the following seasons I don’t care for season one as much now. Isn’t it boring if they’re not competing for HOH and POV? What do they do all the time? Maybe I’ll get BBAUS season 13 and see if I like it. But thanks. I just have to get my BB fix in the winter when U.S. Isn’t on. Lol.

      • You’d be surprised at how entertaining they will be provided there will be tasks that will keep them occupied and also pushes their buttons. Diversity of personalities among the cast is also key in allowing interesting conversations to listen to, even though it’s not necessarily game related.

        At least we get to hear more of that than the frequent whisperings in the BBUS house.

        Oh and twists also play a huge part of the international BB’s unpredictabillity.

      • EDIT: Wrongfully posted this as a reply to Tyler. Meant to be yours.

        BTW, I saw a compilation of BB’s on Endemol’s page. I think you’d fancy this: endemoldistribution(dot)com/uploads/trailers/mid/Big_Brother_Promo_EWD.COM_FLASH_16x9_475984(dot)flv

      • I don’t think you will like them. I’ve watched them all. It’s not bad. Different..I just like everything about our version, but give it a try.

      • I go through BB withdrawals in the winter so I have every season of BBUS and Canada and I’ve watched them all at least a couple times. Thought I might try something new. But now that I was told I can watch the UK version on YouTube I’m going to try it. But between watching BB when it starts and the feeds I’ll be spending enough time on BB. Lol. That’s the only bad thing about the feeds I spend too much time watching them.

      • personally BBAUS season 10/2013 that was my favorite season. and I am liking this season of BBUK a little boring right now but it’s getting better.

      • Yes, it’s my third season right now of BBUK (Season 16) and I got 2 seasons of BBAU under my belt although it is on hiatus as apparently a celebrity edition is in the works but nothing official.

        What I like about those 2 is that while they’ve taken a lot of liberties with the original format (athough one downer is not continuing having feeds). BBUK is more extreme with their over-the-top casts every seasons and it’s always no-holds barred although it has a tendency to get depressing (which Season 15 was). BBAU is more fun and light, closer to BBUS in tone and it doesn’t leave you frustrated when watching.

        DR sessions in the UK are never sacred so it’s difficult for housemates to let off steam knowing their vents will get aired by BB. Australian BB tends to be the humorous type who likes to play jokes without warning.

      • Hi Lavendargirl!

        You can also watch lots of recent BBUK seasons for free on youtube in pretty good quality. Just search big brother uk and click on the channels and start from the beginning.

      • Go to youtube and search BBUK. Tons of seasons there, you could watch a few and see if you want to spend the money on DVD’s. I am currently watching BBUK 2015 thru YT. Be aware tho, they allow full nudity and cursing on their show, it’s really not much like BBUS, IMHO. No HOH, they do have to do weekly tasks for food which I wish BBUS would go back to.

  3. I hope they do this. it’ll make them really start playing the game early instead of doing nothing for two weeks. I hope the player has a chance to come back. And if it’s 13 weeks with an eviction quickly I feel like they’ll have at least 18 houseguests this year.

    • Yea, with almost 14 weeks season, chance are good they will bring someone back in the house. Hope it’s a competition and not a vote.

    • Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…Ah, come on, Cyril, let em’ breathe and enjoy all the drama for a day or two. Sometimes first impressions can really screw up the game for a great player. Rock, paper, scissors? lol

      • Rock, paper scissors?.lol Karen, Remember they did “skittles” OMG!..btw the whole congregation in my church is happy to see you here.

      • I am literally crying LMAO!!!!!!! Just think what I have to look forward to. Love ya, Cyril.

      • You actually became one of the best posters here in BBN……, below your comments, there’s edit, reply and share. You can click edit and change your comments Remember? …haha. you’re not a rookie anymore..

      • The best posters, to me, will always be the ones who impart and share all of the trivia they have retained. I think that is amazing. But, thank you, Cyril, that was very kind and encouraging.

        How could I ever forget all the fun you all had at my expense while I was trying to learn how to post. I had to go online constantly to look up meanings of any acronyms used, and still do. lol You all would tell me, while laughing with each other, I’m sure, that I had an edit button, which I did not.You may have thought that I did, but I had not joined Disqus and was allowed to post as a guest but could not edit. Someone was nice enough to point that fact out to me, so I joined, and, wallah, I had that little magic button appear right before my eyes. I have posted very little and very infrequently since BB 16. I still have VERY limited skills with any of this new tech stuff. It will most likely be that way when I die. I appreciate you all being patient with me and enduring my lengthy learning curb. :( :)

      • No, Capt., I haven’t, and my 79 year old mother is on FB. I guess I’m afraid that I could allow it to consume too much of my time that I have already dedicated to other things, kind of like I did with the BB blog. It’s addictive. lol But I did just figure out how to put an avatar on my profile. I think it worked. If I do decide in the near future to try FB, will you do whatever they do with me? Now how could you refuse an offer like that? LOLOL

      • The offer will be that if you join FB, I will invite in our little group of poster here. We also chat on FB.

      • They are going in on Friday or Saturday before. So on Thursday, it will be at least their 6th days in the house.

      • Dang it, Capt.,a second isn’t much in the real world, but it can surely make a difference in many scenarios, like a Nascar race.

        Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize that. Six days should be enough to get a 6th impression and maybe have a sixth sense, too.

    • I wanna see the hgs scrambling around a ping-pong table in the backyard instead of lurking around a pool table.

  4. I really hope they do away with the dual HOH’s and BOB..I want the keys brought back for noms. (this is Hoosier1158) The hubby changed my name on me!! I will get it changed when BB starts…I love BB!!!

    • IMO, I like the new way to do nominations. The pulling out of keys simply take too much airtime. At least they go straight to the point, unlike the steam-punk dramatics of BBCAN3’s nomination ceremony.

      • Oh yeah, that heavy key holder they have to carry to the living room? I like that! In fact I don’t want anything changed

  5. don’t know why it says recent seasons since BB only did the Jodi thing in one season in bb14

  6. To my fellow BB peeps..Last year I posted on here as “Hoosier1158,” this time around you will see me as “Lynn.”

    • I see you “Lynn”. Now I need to remember that. I definitely and fondly remember “Hoosier1158”.

      • I know..I commented many many times last season as Frankie and Christine had me all riled up as they did most of us! I tried to get my Hoosier1158 back on Disqus..but, for some reason couldn’t get it done..I just wanted you all to know who I was! I am excited to get started this season..let’s hope it’s a good one!

      • You are a really great poster and anyone that posted last year will miss Hoosier. The name stood out and was very recognizable. It will be a shame if people don’t recognize you. Shout it to the rooftop, Lynn.

      • Speaking for myself, I think I can retain the fact that Hoosier is now Lynn. NTCU Hoosier, OH, I mean Lynn! LOL! Your above suggestion sounds good for maybe the 1st week or 2. Take care …

      •’s all the husband’s fault! He didn’t like that his disqus account was bombarded last season with BB he changed it on me!!

    • Depend, can you install Chrome on your iPad ? Because Safari doesn’t have Flash and you need Adobe Flash to watch the feeds.

      • Hey I watched the feeds last year on my IPad. Is that going to change? And you know me I couldn’t tell you if I have Chrome since I don’t even know what it is. Lol

  7. The anticipation is excruciating. I’m trying to store up sleep hours so I can get off to a running start on the big day!

    • Now I have the Carly Simon song, “Anticipation” in my head. Yesterday, it was the theme song from the movie”Love Story”. Don’t ask me where that came from because I have no frickin’ idea.

      • Replace “Anticipation” with “Let it Go” … “Let it Go” … “Let it Go” … “Let it Go” …

      • Taylor is an amazingly talented young woman. My philosophy: You can only see as far as you think. P.S.: I do my best thinking at 6 am.

      • I love early AM, too. I went up to help my Mom in her garden at 6:30. I have fresh squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes. My zucchini bread is in the oven and it smells wonderful. I’m going out to spray my rose bushes, crepe myrtles, hostas, and calla lilies for Japanese beetles as soon as it dries up enough. Gotta keep on top of things. BB is getting closer and closer.

      • 2 acres of my family’s potato farm was devoted to veggies ~~ carrots, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, white turnips, cukes, tomatoes & a few others. Some my mom would can for use during the winter months, but most was consumed on a daily basis. Those were the days my friend … I thought they’d never end ~~~

      • We’d sing and dance forever and a day…great song to reference! I use to can and freeze veggies and other items when my children were small. Lots of work, but well worth the effort. My husband wants nothing to do with a garden anymore and I have too much on my plate to try to go it alone. I think that would be a good side project for the BB HGs, a small garden to tend. I assume they’d have to move though; there is probably something “unnatural” under that fake grass in the backyard.

      • Not much of a singer, but love to dance ~ especially the lindy and the cha cha. I remember spending a lot of time in our garden pulling out the weeds and munching on raw turnips ~ delicious. The hgs have the kitchen ants to tend to. There’s lotsa time and skill necessary to tend a real garden ~ they probably don’t have the skills and their time is much more enjoyable sitting on a couch or chair just hangin’ out.

      • I’ve heard of the lindy but I don’t know the steps? Is it complicated? I’l have to look it up online. Did you ever hear that old adage that a dancing foot and a praying knee don’t belong on the same foot? I heard it quite often as I was growing up. I think it messed with my rhythm. I have none. My dancing is confined to when I am alone in the kitchen and “Santana” (for instance) is blaring out so loudly that the whole neighborhood might hear it. I put two right shoes on my two left feet and the magic begins.

      • It was actually called The Lindy Hop and people did it back in the 1930’s I believe (before my time haha). You sure had to be in good shape to do it, it was very fast. Not something you could do to Santana who I love by the way :)

      • That little tidbit may be very helpful when I look for it online. Thank you, Miss Mary. Who can be still when Santana plays? Not me.

      • As well as the ’40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s ~~~ and to this very day there are many many people enjoying the Lindy.

      • Do you remember Rock Around the Clock by Chuck Berry? The Lindy was still popular when that came out in the 1950’s or early ’60’s ~ shoulda looked that up b4 I replied to you K. And no, it’s not complicated at all. Wow, is that a southern adage about the dancin’ foot and the prayin’ knee? Never heard it b4. LOL ~ Yes K, “who could ask for anything more”.

      • I do remember and I looked up the dance and it was the one that I thought it might be…fast moving and looks fun. That adage might just have been a “local” one, I don’t know, but it was often used. You’re making me wonder if maybe my sisters and I are the only ones who heard it. Hmmmmm….lol

      • Hey K ~~ I’m a little ole country hick from Hicksville. Your adage may have been local/statewide ~ just didn’t reach me on Long Island ~~

      • Your post made me curious enough about that adage to do a little research. It led me to a man named Billy Sunday, born in Iowa in 1862 to German immigrant parents, played baseball for the National League, then became a very influential and celebrated American evangelist. From everything I could find, he was reported to have said this “A dancing foot and a praying knee do not grow on the same leg.” Interesting read. Thanks, Cuddles.

      • Wowser! Love the research you turned up. Billy sounds like some kind of guy! BTW: My great
        grandparents (on both sides) emigrated from Germany in the late 1800’s ~ could we possibly be distantly related?? Whew!!!

      • 2 acres of my family’s potato farm was devoted to veggies ~~ carrots, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, white turnips, cukes, tomatoes & a few others. Some my mom would can for use during the winter months, but most was consumed on a daily basis. Those were the days my friend … I thought they’d never end ~~~

      • 2 acres of my family’s potato farm was devoted to veggies ~~ carrots, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, white turnips, cukes, tomatoes & a few others. Some my mom would can for use during the winter months, but most was consumed on a daily basis. Those were the days my friend … I thought they’d never end ~~~

  8. They did that in big brother UK. And big brother AUS. It’s a good way to start the game.

    • We need a confirmation to this though and we’ll probably know about it by Saturday once we hear from those who attended the pre-taped premiere.

      Crossing fingers it’s a fake eviction.

  9. Question for Matt or anyone else who may know:…I was wondering about the feeds this season. Since they are month to month and not a 3 month subscription like will that work with us signing up? Do we just go into BBN each month and re-sign? Just curious.

    • I think (and this is someone who’s from outside the US so don’t take my word for it) that if you already have an All-Access account, I’m guessing CBS will notify you about renewing your subscription through e-mail and undergo the process of re-signing directly on their website.

      Matt may give a clearer picture to this but I think what I mentioned could be the most logically streamlined step-by-step renewal procedure ever that CBS will more than likely pursue.

    • Actually it’s a subscription. So you sign up and they will bill your card each month automatically until YOU cancel your subscription. If you don’t cancel it will keep running even after BB.

  10. I don’t know how I feel about this. One hand, I feel like it’ll be the whole Jodi thing all over again. I always forget that the houseguests have a few days in the house already before the show premieres. I won’t bash it until I see it though. I’d rather keep the eviction until the second week.

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