Big Brother 17: Dr Will Reveals “Very Angry” Jury At Round Table

Dr. Will Kirby, former winner of Big Brother, will return tonight to host the Big Brother 17 Jury round table debate where he’ll moderate and lead discussions to help each Juror decide who should win BB17. Turns out that might be tougher than expected when dealing with a “very angry” Jury.

Dr. Will Kirby, winner of Big Brother 2
Dr. Will Kirby, winner of Big Brother 2 – Source: CBS

Speaking with, Dr. Will gave us some very interesting insight to the decisions being made, what might be leading the choice they’re about to make at tonight’s season finale, and who he thinks will win.

I took at look at the potential Jury votes and while I felt pretty confident about a Vanessa versus Liz match-up, it was a Steve versus Liz that seemed less of a lock. Maybe no one is a lock just yet after all.

Dr. Will reveals that while last season’s round table made it obvious that Derrick was the “runaway winner” this year wasn’t so clear cut. “This year, that wasn’t the case with the jury. There was a healthy debate about which of the three was going to win,” Kirby told TVInsider.

As for the anger level of the Jury? It’s pretty far up there, Says Dr. Will:

“They’re extremely pissed off. In fact, I had to ask them to stop talking over each other and to give each other basic respect. They were not even listening to each other. They’re very angry, and the emotion is pretty raw for some of them.”

It’s no surprise that Austin Matelson is one of those very angry Jurors. We saw him leave the house telling Vanessa she couldn’t possibly win and wouldn’t have the Jury votes after making a move like that. So did Austin end up getting the influence at the Jury House that he thought he’d have? Heh.

[Austin is] hellbent on turning the jury against [Vanessa]. The problem is, the jury doesn’t really like him, so that could easily backfire. If someone you don’t like gives you advice, why would you follow it? …

The jury was kind of rolling eyes at him when he was explaining what they should do.

So the Big Brother 17 Jury is angry, but they may not be following Austin’s lead which would be to go against Vanessa? Then who are they angry with? I’m really curious to see how that’s answered tonight.

Kirby also addresses if the Jury’s anger will impact their final vote or if cooler minds will prevail. “You know, they’re hyper-aware of how they’re being perceived by the public—so much, in fact, that they almost can’t make decisions on their own. They’re making decisions that they think the public would like,” says Dr. Will. Ugh.

Sounds like Jurors more worried about their Twitter follower counts than doing their own thing. Dr. Will says if they want to vote bitter, then own it. I’d rather them not vote bitter, but I guess honesty about it is better than what we’ve seen in the past.

When the votes are revealed it’ll take five of the nine to secure the win. Who does Dr. Will Kirby, winner of BB2, expect to take the crown?

“If you put a gun to my head and made me guess right now, knowing that I have no influence, I think Steve will probably win. I’m reluctantly saying that, and it’s against my nature, but I’ll just go ahead and float it out there that I think he’ll probably win.”

Interesting. That’s coming from someone who has sat with the Jury and listened to their anger over the season. If that anger is impacting the votes and Steve isn’t there then will it transfer over to a Vanessa versus Liz match-up? Yikes. That’d be a shocking upset indeed.

Read the rest of Kirby’s interview where he discusses being impressed with James’s approach to the vote, what he thinks of the final three, who he believes has won America’s Fav, and more.



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  1. I really wish we had more insight into the jury house in the last couple of weeks of the show. Not only would it be entertaining, but it would add a whole other level of drama to the final vote. And it would be interesting to see these people in a much more relaxed context, where they are perhaps more themselves and not kissing ass with people to win a game.

      • What’s weird is some of that memory lane was scripted and didn’t have the best participants responding all that accurately either because of a one-sided alliance that generated most of those memories than other hgs were given a chance to star in which is where I feel was a discredit to them. But who am I, but this passionate viewer who’s tried very hard to be objective and voiced my opinion strongly about each of the 3, rather than just one out of the three!

      • I couldn’t even watch it. Seriously. I downloaded it and when I saw what they were serving up, I turned it off. Just can’t do it.

      • I did, even though I was discouraged a bit by it, only because I wanted to be able to discuss it here if it ever was brought up! LOLOL

      • I tried to watch it also and ended up having to fast forward through most of it..especially the part about Liz and Austin’s showmance. I did not want to travel down that awful memory lane again. ugh.

  2. Kind of surprised Will Kirby didn’t have to sign some sort of confidentiality agreement about the jury house state of mind. Of course, then my more cynical side says perhaps CBS wanted him to talk about the jury house state of mind, to keep things interesting.

    • I think they did want him to talk about it. But from some stuff I have read on Will he basically snaps his fingers and Alison will do what he wants. If he wants to be able to talk about it he can talk about it.

  3. As easily the smartest person to ever play and probably the smartest that ever will play I have never seen Will be wrong. Not one time. He has misread situations before, but corrects himself before something happens. What I got from the interview is not that Steve will win, but more the jurors won’t vote for Vanessa. They are too bitter and won’t have enough of them give her their vote. Steve wins part 3 he wins. Vanessa wins part 3 Liz wins. And the votes shouldn’t be that close.

    • Agreed. I was seeing it as they’re less angry at Steve than they are at Liz & Vanessa.
      And I absolutely love how they mentioned none of them like Austin so he’s basically talking to himself lol When he was saying he would convince the jury I had flashbacks of Frankie last season. I laughed at Frankie then and I laughed at Austin now when he said that. He thinks waaaay too highly of himself and Liz. It’s sad and pathetic really. But look out everyone, Liz should be winning AFP by a landslide….. hahahaha!!!!

  4. Please tell me it’s really Wednesday! Been so dang tired of having these dreams that have literally invited these critters on BB to star in them. That has never, ever, happened in prior seasons…and I mean ever! So why is this season different? I guess you can say that my passion rose more this year than ever before. I just want the person who’s been an active participant in game play, was generally liked and was socially interacting with everyone than just a few here and there and the only one I could come up with of the three remaining that fit that bill was Steve. Tell me I’m wrong on all three counts combined and I’ll tell you where I feel I’m right! This may or may not generate a lot of responses, both good and bad. With that said, I may not answer everyone that posts, but I’ll try my darnedest to! :-)

    • Steve is the only one that fits. He is also the only one who has not constantly disrespected the game and the production team.

    • No need to answer this post, because I’d like to see Steve win as well. I think his game, not to mention his personality, has been greatly misunderstood by a lot of people, but he’s quite good at this game and deserves it.

      • I guess it wouldn’t be a season of BB without all the conspiracy theories. Why anyone thinks enough people care about BB that it is worth CBS being all conspiratorial is beyond me. Look how quickly the players are forgotten after the show airs. They have way bigger fish to fry in their drama department than to waste time rigging a reality tv show. And for that matter, even if it is rigged, who the f cares? We all get what we want, which is to be entertained.

      • It is not “conspiracy” is real life and reality is there is not such thing as a “reality TV show” since the beginning shows have been manipulated to bring drama because that’s what sells, they figured it out early on the show who are the ones they can profit the most and keep them longer on the shows, come on!!

      • Then whats the point of having a cast of real people in the 1st place when you could just create a hollywood drama with actors?

      • Who told you ALL cast members came from open cast, do you know some of players are coming from casting companies!!!! Companies that cast and represent models actors etc etc

      • they are all people who either applied or got randomly recruited that never saw the show they are not payed to play this game. (besides the leave money)

      • Oh please don’t be so naive
        Isn’t it true HGs get an allowance for been on the show? , that to me seems to be a payment for your service

        They get paid and in top of that TV time and exposure a win win situation

      • You need to go and edit your previous post cuz you just said “they are not payed to play the game” money is money and they get payed to play the game none of us have ever seen the contract they sign, and as any business contract you are getting pay to do what your employer hire you for, who knows what else they have to do or not to say ater the show

      • Of course you don’t get to see the contract. This isn’t the government and there’s no access to information act in place. Do I get to see your work contract? Do they need to publish those on celebrity dirty laundry? But you know who does see their contracts? The employers from whom they are taking a leave. And they are massive contracts.

      • I believe one of their contracts was published online. I think it was the confidentiality agreement. If I remember right it was they can’t talk about the show without CBS ok for 5 years or risk a $5m lawsuit. Could have been another show though.

      • Of course contracts are private silly that’s my point that actually you don’t have a clue what is going on behind all that!!!

        So if you don’t know what was said in a negotiation how can you be soooo sure they cast people for a secondary gain or casting companies making deals with reality shows like these to promote their people

      • So are you saying that they are signing a contract in which they agree to play a rigged game? Because I don’t really get your point.

      • Signing a contract to play a rigged game is illegal and they will face fines and jail time, so no way that is happening.

      • I won’t comment on anything contractual with this show. It’s just best to leave that up to the experts that draw them up than any speculation we viewers might have! It won’t accomplish anything by arguing over it. Not saying you shouldn’t argue about it. But what are ya’ll hoping to accomplish by filling up the thread here is my question! :-)

      • That’s a question for BigFan128, who seems to think the contract we don’t get to see is evidence of something.

      • The same way people opine about production rigging the show behind the scenes, where they don’t see either. Seriously, I am so tired of all the show rigging conspiracy. Honestly, who cares if it is rigged? We’re all along for the ride anyway.

      • Me too! Me too! If you really feel it’s rigged, why watch it and then make a statement when there’s no tangible proof of it? :-)

      • I should probably self-evict because I only pop in now and then. :) With that being said, I DID hear with my 2 little ears, Liz said to Steve on 9/19 live feeds that production did help her with the crossword comp by telling her she was indeed in the house(not Julia like Liz thought) and was HOH the week of the hg named in the puzzle. She then quickly finished the puzzle. Forgive this floater for not responding further; I may not be able to find you again. ;(

      • From what I can tell by the stuff I read here, I don’t see how it had any effect on comp outcome.
        Lipz says she wasn’t in house, she had right to bring it up. She was dumb enough to to not remember or know she was I’m house, so she said she wasn’t. They corrected the situation by saying yes you were. Not sure how that helped her other than clarifying she was indeed in house at taht time.
        Lastly, from what I read, her time was already past Steves, so even if they fed her all the answers after that time, it wasn’t going to have any bearing on the comp she has already lost.

      • Answering by telling her she was HOH that week of DE was not helping? It lit her bulb and she got the answer immediately. By how many seconds did you read she lost?

      • Interesting. If it did help her win and was actually broadcast, I’m surprised they didn’t stop the comp right then and there. That first season of BB Can had several instances of cheating in comps and they halted them immediately. Not production giving clues, but players somehow cheating. I can’t see BB US doing this on a live broadcast or feed if it would help her win the game. Are you sure it wasn’t just one of those “Oh Liz, you were there” moments that had no impact? I didn’t see this comp at all, so have no idea how it went down.

      • Neither did I, I wasn’t gearing that towards you! LOLOL You seem to be the more sensible one to respond to about it! :-)

      • I suppose they might, if anyone cares enough to investigate. But more generally, I couldn’t care less. Reality TV is not international affairs. I’m in it for the pure entertainment value. For the record though, I don’t actually think it’s rigged. I just don’t really care all that much if it is.

      • They would care it is extremely illegal and everyone involved would face fines and jail time. After the Quiz Show scandal the government does not mess around with this. I can tell you you are right it is not rigged just like every other show is not. The legal manipulation of the show is what confuses people into thinking it is.

      • Without reading it there are a few thing that you can know. You know they are paid and you know it is not rigged as those are both required by law. You also know that they can’t talk about the game at least until the game is over as all shows pretty much require that. Other than those 3 things you can’t know anything else.

      • You have to pay the house guests just like you have to pay all reality show contestants. Not paying them is illegal. They have to be compensated for work.

      • Of course there’s manipulation on the part of production. That’s the name of the game. But the extent to which some people go on about wild conspiracy theories is ridiculous. Or rather, the importance given to them. My point exactly. Who cares? This is not world politics. It’s a flippin’ reality TV show.

      • yes im the moron why don’t you go watch or re-watch bbcan3 that’s what rigging looks like. Look at how many times Sarah and Brittney got saved by “random twists” then re-watch bb17 and tell me how “rigged” it looks now.

      • If we are going by random twists then the coup de’tat in season 11 made it rigged and the duos twist in season 13 made it rigged as well.

    • If CBS has paid ANY attention to these comment boards they’ll realize real quick how hated Vanessa is. I don’t know a single person who will watch a show starring her.

  5. EEEEWWWW bitter jury. I’m so sick of these jurors that act like little children that can’t handle losing. Take your self on a nice vacation with your family after the show with the 16k you get for making jury after you vote for the person who deserves it the most. Like get over it you were out played move on and be grateful that you will leave with 16 grand in your pocket.

    • I guess if you get selected to play BB and gets outplayed and evicted in a game you are supposed to outplayed everybody and win 500k who wouldn’t be a little bitter, at the end is human nature and the reason shows like these got created in first place.
      If you get peoole with flat affect that will sing a kumbaya soon at the end so what’s the point!!

      • sure it might sting getting evicted at 1st but after a few minutes when you get to the jury house you get to calm down you get a level head about things. Its about being a good sport and congratulating the better player.

        My philosophy in any reality game I have played (online) or if I was to get onto a show is if you outplayed me and got me out you deserve my vote.

      • there are no rules on who you have to vote for…if you dont like somebody or the way they played then go ahead and dont vote for them, or if one is your friend vote for them it isnt up to people on this site to make up the rules

      • of course there is no rules and there will never be rules in jury voting but my point is that. If you made it to the end would you want people to base their vote off of personal things or game play? Look at what happened in bb3

      • The idea of bitter jurors just adds a new aspect to a player’s strategy. It keeps someone from going nuclear every time they don’t get their way because they need to consider the possibility of losing jury votes due to their behavior and treatment of others.

      • Yup, you are so right. The player may be evicted, but it is a big mistake to behave as though they are out of the game.

    • I expressed my views about there possibly being a bitter jury, but was dismissed for having that “feeling”! Thank you Dr. Will for confirming my “feelings” on this! :-)

  6. anybody but vanessa. james was right, she plays TOO HARD. All that crying and whining and lying will cost her (hopefully)

  7. So this is off topic but this is the most recent post so..
    I’m team Vanessa all the way. I’m finishing up my finale shirt & I’d like to hear some of your fav quotes from her.
    Thanks in advance and also want to thank all of you that comment. My family/friends get sick of listening to me talk BB, but yall never do. Love you guys!

    • “I am always honest with you” “I have integrity” “(crying noises)” “I will give you $10,000 if you vote my way”

      • I forgot some “Are you insulting me right now” “I have a high IQ so don’t lie to me” “I am playing this game for you”

      • She should have said as a cover up I am also a medium and a mind reader that is the reason I know what is going on in the house at all times even if no one tells me

      • “I watch for the pulse in their neck to see if they’re lying or being truthful!” hahahaha that was one of my favorite lines of hers!

      • I think this is what I will go with!
        “I’m not sweet. I’m kind hearted.”
        Any Johnny Mac quotes? The back is for AFP.

      • Hahahahahaha
        I think that is the reason HG s are all bitter, she cheated in so many ways and they didn’t do anything about it

      • She should have been expelled after she was talked to by production and continued to bribe house guests. It really is a shame.

      • They really didn’t try hard enough to get her to cut that out. If she did it once tell her to stop, but she just kept going and they did nothing.

      • No, she stopped saying it explicitly. She may not have offered them money but she said just this week that everyone who was good to her in the house will have a merry christmas. That’s still a form of bribery even if she didn’t specifically tell someone they would get this or that. It’s veiled but it’s there.

        And I’m not saying it was only Vanessa. The twins said repeatedly they would split any money, which is illegal.

      • I think its different if you are related by blood because it just makes sense for families to split the money. Did Evil Dick split the money with his daughter?

      • I don’t know if they split it. I think it’s still illegal, it’s just harder to stop. Maybe I’m wrong on that, but they should have at least told them to stop saying it so openly.

      • They just cannot outright give them “cash” or deposit cash into their account. It can be shared as a gift for a specific purpose, like a car or college funds, of that nature. But one shouldn’t state it outloud to any of the hgs on national t.v.!

      • I don’t know the specifics myself. But my mom has mentioned a few times that on some reality show (it may have been BB but I don’t know) someone offered to buy someone else a motorcycle if they did something for them and there was still trouble for that.

      • Derrick as well as others in past have said similar thing. Stating if they win they will party with guests after, go to dinner, where ever.. Memory serves me Derrick offered Cody a trip to Disney with him and his family when game was over.. Saying someone will have a good Xmas doesn’t fit in into line of bribery in my eyes. Also, isn’t a bribe only a bribe if its accepted?

      • I understand where you’re coming from, but because she had tried to offer “incentives” before, it kind of taints the sentiment a bit.

      • So what is the difference from her offering cash then when Elissa gave Amanda her wedding ring as a promise of her vote??

        I think it’s more that CBS can’t be responsible if she goes back on her word. Where as the ring was in the house.

      • She shouldn’t have done that. You’re allowed to offer gifts, but not as a bribery tool is all during the game. It’s a big no, no in the rules and that’s why so many are upset with this tactic she used more than once.

      • I agree. I don’t like that she did it. However, I find it interesting that she was willing to give up 10k knowing that it still wasn’t guaranteed for her to win the 500k. I understand she’s a gambler… but imo this girl is not there for the money. She just wants to win. I love this game as a social experiment, and usually we see middle class Americans that are only worried about the money. It’s interesting to see something else drive them besides money and potential “fame”. & that’s why i like her.

      • Derrick stated it perfectly. “If it’s not the money, then what motivates her? What’s her motive?” Someone stated she wanted to write a book on strategy was her motive. His answer was: “In order to do that, though, she has to win the game or no one will buy the book!” I agree with that and I hope she does win for that purpose and that purpose only. I’m not a huge Van fan like you, but I will say, best of luck just the same!

      • If she wins the final HOH she should do it. Part of me is rooting for Steve, but the other part says no. She ran the game and this girl thought of every possible situation every week. I’ve heard the comment about worrying about her mental health. I do too. lol. I think it’s the game doing this to her. Which is amazing to watch. Maybe that makes me sick. Who knows.

      • I don’t think she thought that. She stated in her initial interview that she loves challenges and if that was a component to winning, then she was all in!!!

      • She mentions an awful lot her background in behavioral studies, game theory, and her high IQ. I always got the impression she thought she was the clear winner. I guess I’m wrong but that was always the feeling I got.

      • Don’t they give those “penalty votes, for eating cookies while a have not” what no penalty vote for buying Jules a car or offering 10gs. Seems pretty upside down to me.

      • They should give Steve a penalty point in part 3. Part 3 is so much luck that an extra point is a huge advantage.

      • I heard she was put in hospice or taken hostage by production…was confused when she said something to that effect…and was glad to have had the Bible then.

    • “I know for a fact….”
      “You know my word is good”
      “You can never have too many alliances”
      Okay I made that last one up but still it does sound like her.

  8. I can not vote / wish vote for vanessa. She is a liar and a cheat. I know that is part of the game but I’m talking about cheating to the point she should have been disqualified.

    Liz… she is a horrible person. Nuff said.

    Steve.. I hope he wins.

    • I always love when people lie, so I have no problem with that. It is the constant rule bending and the worst part bribing that I don’t like.

      • True. I’m fine with lies in the game. But don’t come into the DR and act like the lies you spew to the other HG’s are the truth. It’s disrespectful to the viewers and makes you look pathological.

        So I guess it is pretty obvious how I feel about Vanessa.

      • The fact that she did that makes me think she actually believes these lies. And that makes me seriously question her mental health.

      • I believe if V had brought us along on her journey of mass destruction via the DR – I think she would have quite the stable of supporters and a big group of haters but for a different reason. I liked Dan though some of my friends absolutely hated him and called him a “snake”. But we were in on the show with him in the DR. That was a mistake on V’s part, not to bring us along for the ride. At first, I felt she was doing that but shortly, nope.

      • Yep! Ownership is what’s it’s all about … I also think that if Van had “pulled” in the viewers, even talked to Mel a little, during DR it may have cleared her head as well.; it might have been positively (and humanely?) empowering for her. You know why that’s possibly important … She may have come off as “beloved” or favored by fans and then, after tonight, whether she wins or loses (but especially if she would lose) fans would have LOVED her. No ownership, no glory … Sorry girl, the fan base doesn’t care for you a whole lot :(

  9. Did anyone read the full article and see his assessment of Austin? :

    “He somehow thinks that he’s this phenomenal public speaker and he’s this motivator, and he’s convinced himself that he’s going to convince the jury to vote which way he wants.”

    That is so spot on about his personality. His ego is so big he thinks he’s the hero of the season and some big speaker and that he’ll be totally famous after the show. Just makes me laugh.

      • I have Dan second. Based on game play an argument can be made for Dan, but intelligence wise it is Will by a mile.

      • I have Dan first. I never saw Will’s season and probably never will because of, like, the giant spoiler.

      • Dumb argument. I’m sure you watch Batman movies even though you know Batman is going to win in the end. Season 7 is brilliant. Dr. Will and Boogie completely dominated that season. If you’re a fan of great gameplay, watch Season 7.

      • My favorite season. Will’s game play, even though he doesn’t win (he does get what he wants though) is off the charts that season.

      • www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=f_SgpbdZm-E

        www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=ngELRloYcx4

        Have to post them when talking about Will and Chilltown

      • Not dumb, but thanks for the compliment anyway. We all have different reasons for and expectations when we watch and for me, knowing the outcome is a big downer. I’m not such a huge fan of Big Brother that I would waste my time watching something where I know the outcome, because for me, that’s a biggy. And by the way, thanks for the Batman spoiler. Now I don’t need to watch that either.

      • I never saw that season because I wasn’t even 10 yet but I don’t really have favorites because I forget seasons so quickly. I guess bringing old players back is wasted on me :P

      • Just got hooked on Survivor and BB. When Rudy got confused an took his hand off the pole in the first season I actually started crying. I wanted him to win so bad. Luckily Will won, so maybe that’s why I prefer BB although I love both.

      • Is survivor worth watching? Never seen it. Nor BB before this season. Enjoyed the social experiment expecially in modern day where everything we do is communicated via a device and they don’t even get paper or pens in the house. Interesting and in a way about surviving.

      • If you enjoyed BB then you will likely enjoy survivor. Basics of the game are similar. It is still a game based on voting other contestants out who then vote in a jury for a winner. But everyone except for those with immunity at risk, rougher living conditions, and a much shorter overall game time are the main differences. Also, you have 30 seasons you can go back and watch haha. I would certainly recommend it. Also, if you want to watch past BB seasons I would recommend 2,6, and 7 as those were my favorites.

      • If you have CBS all access you can watch them there. There are also places online you can watch if you search for them.

      • www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=ngELRloYcx4

        Just for a little taste of the greatness of Will and season 7. Doesn’t spoil anything this happens very early on.

      • First, I have to say I had no idea that this was your first season of BB … Due to your insightful comments which said to me you “got” the game. Second, you see they get no communication media … They can only have holy texts to read or play chess. I think they allow chess b/c you can talk game or just talk while playing but all other games are verboten prior to F4/F3 b/c by this time they are ready to go insane – therefore references to Jenga, fingerprints, and this year, cards have been made or given to them. The whole skittle thing was an accounting mechanism – invented by Van – which you got due to your observation there is no paper/pen thing allowed. Yeah, they are deprived of outside contact for 100 days, but watch Survivor. The get none of this, no environmental amenities, and very little FOOD – the absolute sustenance of life is EVERYTHING! And it happens in 30-32 days. The players lose a lot of weight, but the social game moves on. Hey, you might even like some of the Survivor comps! Hope to see you at Survivir Fandom dot com … Yep, run by none other than our favorite web master here, Matthew! Try it … You’ll like it. :)

      • I prefer Survivor, but I can see how people who want to be completely consumed by a show would prefer BB. Survivor is just once a week.

      • My parents were fans of the first Survivor season, so that is how I started watching it. After Survivor, Big Brother was a natural progression. They stopped watching Survivor after season 2 and never watched BB, but I was hooked.

    • I know he teaches a class for college as requested by his former professor. I read how fast he is when it comes to speaking as well as seeing the imaginarium nomination speech which went rt over most people’s head. It literally said, in translation “life is random, I was a victim in a plot by vanessa and the rest of you week 5,so don’t blame me for what about to do, since I’m a victim like you. being nominated is meaningless, and meaningful at the same time, so I randomly nominate to two innocent ones becomes victims we all are. That is highly complex and blew by everyone, leaving the audience mostly and hg’s confused. Should we hate him, what’s he saying, he doesn’t want to do this or does he. They had no idea. Of course steve and John would not forget as they shouldn’t but weren’t livid with him as they would be by an emotional panic strike Vanessa nom. Listen to Austin and all the hgs interviews before the season. You will see in all of them thier attributes. He in fact is a phenomenal speaker. Out.

      • I have no idea what you’re referring to there.
        He is well spoken but that’s not the same thing and he isn’t as good at it as he thinks. He thinks he’s magical good and he really isn’t. When he was planning his speech for when he was on the block he said it would “set the world on fire” and it turned out to be pretty lame.

      • I understand what your saying, I do. I’ll give that as a good example to you but I must say, the choice to be the villians Judas character and personal played up some of those comments. If I could choose, I’d pass on the wrestling entertain and be myself. But.production liked pushing the idea. It didn’t play well. In fact, it proves my point as to how well liked he was in the end by the HGs. Think about it…everything negative, jealous, appropriate, judgmental and I’ll say negative again comment aboit.him and the insane maniac picture on the wall, as a reminder every day to the competitors that he was Judas. Now the real judas set Christ up for death. Ultimate betrayed, all time. And somehow some way he made it to final 5, would have won the game if Vanessa didn’t take him out. She knew she had to. Same reason she made a pact with him first and ended him last. She knew he had something… how would you play off the evil Madussa in a house of cutthroat competitors going for half a mil??????????

      • I respect that you liked him, but I never really did. We all have our favorites and that’s what makes the game.

        The way I saw Austin was that he was just trying way too hard to get something going he could rely on after the game. I found the Judas persona to be a cop out. If he wanted to do something he should have just done it, no Judas necessary. And I am religious, I know who Judas was, and maybe that’s something that bothered me too; willingly comparing yourself to Judas Iscariot seems so inappropriate to me. It’s like having an alter-ego named Hitler.

        And I found a lot of his speaking to be overwrought. It was clear he thought he was super clever and that really hit me the wrong way.

      • Thank you, this is the answer complete with specific, sharp insight that I couldn’t see. As for a synopsis, your helped me understand there was more to statements than the 2 obvious ones. Well done.

      • I just love it when people can disagree and still find value in the comments of the other. Something a lot of people on this board could stand to learn.

        B5150, I know you have a special connection with Austin and hear what you’re saying. For me, the problem with the Judas persona is that he really couldn’t live up to it. And that’s perhaps the better compliment, although maybe not when applied to playing Big Brother, where you sort of need to be a Judas. You know what I mean?

      • Thanks Sophie. Strong insight, in fact my mom watches the show and she said she can see right through the Judas persona. Keen eye on this one-you.

  10. The statement that the jury doesn’t like Austin, as pertaining to the influence, is inaccurate and I like everything else I read. I know that he, james, and meg are extremely tight. The cuts in the season shows didn’t show this. They showed Goblins vs Austwins rrrrR and Austin and Liz (tons of hating) it did not show thier relationship through, inbetween comps and downtime. Julia is a Lock. So that’s 4 I’d bet on. If you don’t believe what I’m saying then I respect any counter vote opinions. That leaves Jackie as the wild card. Though she may not love Austin she loathes Vanessa for making up the lie to Steve and is tight with James and Meg. Austins perception is swayed towards neg but if you watched he is a nice person and little aquard as well as hillarious. Not seen because gf media outrage and voyeurism. As well as other not so great choices don’t make the final 5 without being friends with alot of people. Mark this post because it will be unpopular but what I wrote is accurate. Happy guessing, peeps

    • I’ll back you on this based on my impression of Austin. I don’t get the feeds – I only watch CBS and read this blog (rarely BBAD).
      I feel like Austin is probably an ok guy outside the house.
      If he comes off as emotional/sour grapes, then others might discount what he says for THAT reason, not because they don’t like him personally. They may feel he’s just salty and not a good source.

      • Thanks Bb, trust me, super special person. I’d say misunderstood but, he has made mistakes or poor choices. I’m into the tough to figure out types, expecially if they end up having true content.

  11. Mods: can we please start banning all these “Poker Face” conspiracists. We are all aware of the theory and having it constantly jammed down our throats only detract from any real discussion.

  12. If the majority of the jury weren’t dumber than rocks, one of them might be in the final 3. Vanessa is not that strategic, the rest were just followers/dumb.

  13. I’ve no problem with the “bitter” voters. Ian got his win off “bitter” voters. There IS a social.component to the game, and it doesn’t only apply to how you play people, it’s how they perceive it. Pissing people off is a social action, I believe.

    • That’s fine but own it, like Will says. I wish they’d tell the jurors WE said, be bitter or not – we don’t care – but vote honestly and own it. We won’t hold that against you. If it’s a consensus for the sake of hiding among the trees, that sucks. Be you!

      • I would love to hear the jurors own their vote and give their honest opinion about Vanessa; probably because I just want to see her squirm but the truth would be refreshing to hear.

      • Me, too. Just own it. Don’t worry about Twitter followers for corn’s sake. If you’re mad, just say that. I went to a charity sale few weeks ago (pay $5 for ticket and get 25% everything in store) and when I got to counter with my loot, they said only 1 item was available for the discount; everything else was exempt from the sale. I calmly said, “Oh, ok. Well, never mind then.” My friend asked, “You’re not getting any of it (it was quite a catch) – You’re not even getting the dress that’s on sale???” I calmly said, “Nope. I didn’t get out of bed to be here by 6am to get one dress. I’m mad about it so I’m not buying any of it. That’s all.” (I was calm but I owned it and was respectful to the cashiers.) And I started to walk off (my friend had checked out before me). A store manager walked up and said, “You know what – I’m a manager. I’ll override it and give you the 25% off.” I got my discount, I thanked them and off I went. Sometimes it pays to own it even if you’re not at your best as long as you’re polite about it. :)

      • I love it bbadboy! I do love a straight forward and direct person and you’re approach achieved it’s purpose:D
        I do not want to see Shelli fake smiling into the camera oohing and aahhhing about how great it was that Vanessa lied, cheated and stabbed her in the back and how great that was. Shelli was practically chomping at the bit to crown Vanessa as this year’s winner.

      • Lol Thanks, Fox! Wasn’t my best moment but I remained calm and respectful and owned that I was being a baby about it. I was mad. I wasn’t out of control but I was mad. Matter of fact about it.

        That “fakeness” of Shelli is so offputting to me. I rolled my eyes when I saw her coming in making googly eyes over Clay and agreed with Da when she warned Audrey, “We gonna have to keep an eye on that one. She’s getting too close to that man.” I kinda discounted her at that point. She did end up competing well after that and I wanted to root for her but that robotic DR stuff – ugh.

        While I’m at it (before we shut this mutha down for the year), does it annoy anyone that sometimes they wear sunglasses inside the house when speaking to you? When Shelli (reminded me of this) was HoH one week, she called some folks into her room to talk and she sat in the bed with sunglasses on. If it’s a no makeup situation, fine – whatever. But I’m going to find it difficult to trust a word you’re saying to me or a deal you’re making me if you can’t let me see your face.

        In one of today’s pics, it showed Vanessa at the table with the others, wearing shades and that entry was about them having the “Victoria” talk with Liz. I wondered if she was wearing shades while talking (shady). That annoys me. Don’t talk to me inside the house with shades like that if you want to “sell” me on a deal. Not for me, chickadee!

      • With Shelli it’s probably the no eye make-up on option but with Vanessa, of course she’s lying again :D
        I need to go read that article even though I’m sure V. is being super annoying once again.

      • I wonder if they catch on to the shades thing. I bet Steve does. I mean, it’s a pretty lame trick and Steve is a smart guy

      • Please stop Sophie, I’d rather talk to others on the last day of BB. Thanks so much for your consideration :D

      • I’m a bit confused. I’ve been on and off this board all day, talking game, cracking jokes, discussing the season, and not one of these wonderful people who participate here have requested to not speak with me, except for you. Interesting. If you would “rather talk to others,” fine. Just don’t respond to my posts in that case. But please don’t try to bully me out of the discussion, if that is what you are doing. I really don’t know if it is. As I said, I’m a bit confused.

      • I haven’t been responding to your posts Sophie but thanks for your kind response and consideration. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun talking with others here. :D

      • I’ve been having a great time talking with others here. Thanks for the kind wishes. I wish they were actually kind though. For some reason, I’m pretty sure they aren’t.

        I don’t know why you don’t like me. You’ve made that very clear in the past, when you have also been unkind. I know a week or so ago, I suggested that Big Brother was not the show for you if you don’t like lying and cheating (something you see on these boards almost every day), and you responded with a rather extensive and ongoing assassination of my character. Fine. I can chalk that up to having a bad day. We all have them.

        But jeez, Firefox, we don’t know each other. We are just two people on a discussion board, where things get heated sometimes. I’m trying really, really hard to be nice to you. I’m taking the high road here, but I guess you just take whichever road you want. What a shame.

      • BTW, Firefox, typing the word “flagged” is responding to my post, and in a rather passive aggressive way, I might add. You attack Vanessa for being a bully all season long, but what are you doing here with all this flagging and “I’d rather talk to other people” stuff? Go ahead. Flag this one too. I just want you to know that you are not coming across as a very nice or decent person.

      • Why on earth would you flag that comment? I just really don’t get where you are coming from, but now I really am starting to feel bullied. Well, not really. I’m far too old and strong in character to let anyone bully me. I would just really like to know what the deal here is, and why on earth you would flag that comment?

  14. I have never seen BB as I’ve mentioned before but I assume BB Allstars is the winners of several seasons head to head? An interesting idea I got from all the Vanessa crushing. Have the fans, feedsters, etc vote on the worst of the worst. Vile sob’s and poisioness felines. Dub the season Big Brother’s Assasins. Sit back and watch the blood spray.

    • Generally, an All star is just someone from the past who could have been a fan favorite, or said/did something hinky or … Whatever. Survivor 31are a bunch iof contestants we all voted on from the past; their stats are various – maybe someone came in 2nd place, maybe it was someone we just loved due to their personality and got voted out in the middle of the game, or they are just a stinkin’ character! It’s gonna be another fun Survivor season! Yee-haw!

  15. Thank you Matthew and Branden for a great season of updates and spoilers. Even though I paid for live feeds I seldom watched them. Enough to justify getting them. Mostly used the dvr when you said something was good. Looking forward to Survivor updates.

  16. Will the HG’s remain strong in their convictions by not giving Vanessa the win? I certainly hope so and Dr. Will has now given me hope.
    If Austin is advocating a Liz win to his fellow jurors I can see why they wouldn’t be listening to him.
    Wonder who the other anti-Vanessa jurors could be?

      • I think Shelli might be thinking about her career chances and wants to stay in the good graces of BB and her “fans and followers”. I would respect her more if she was bitter and honest about Vanessa – I want to see believable, human emotions.

      • Shelli was the fakest person this season. Every answer she gave was rehearsed and the jury house visit with Austin made her look awful. More than anyone she cared what America thought of her.

      • I’ve heard several people mention Shelli and her career aspirations on this thread. Is she hoping to get a gig as a host of something, or something?

      • If she’s an event planner or designer or something, IDK – maybe HGTV? Haven’t heard for sure. Maybe she wants to be the next Bachelorette?

      • Plus, she might believe Vanessa could possibly help her with her career aspirations (whatever they might be) so she wouldn’t want to tick off Van I suppose.
        Shelli owns her own interior decorating business so she can probably anticipate increased traffic in her store at least.

      • But did Austin know? I thought she only told Austin that she liked to gamble. Not that she was a professional poker player.

      • He talked about V hooking them up in Vegas. Don’t have the feeds – maybe someone with them can elaborate???

      • But that’s not necessarily telling him she’s a professional poker player. She could have just been saying she’s connected.

      • Oh yeah. That’s why if someone with the feeds heard the convo, they might know the details on that. Wasn’t sure if that was the extent of it or if she had the hookup because she was a player.

        But then, it seems like if she had revealed herself to Austin/anyone, that maybe Julie would have mentioned it on the CBS broadcast? IDK.

      • Many of the house guests think this will propel them to stardom and you can tell she is one who thinks that. Andy of season 15 put it best in an interview. Your life changes for about a month and then everyone forgets who you are.

      • I think she is one of the ones Will refers to as being aware of her social persona. I agree. That put me off on her. Even her angles in the DR seemed like she was looking at the monitor to make sure her good side was showing and at just the right angle. Nothing wrong with trying to look good – that’s human. But like you said, her posture/posing and her words all seem to be flat (for the camera). I don’t find her believable which is unfortunate because she was a decent competitor. I wanted to like her more than I did but that just really put me off.

      • So true…there are some that try to play for America’s affection…you should play for yourself and not for the popularity…and the possible future rewards of just being in BB.

      • I usually find a “goody 2 shoes” extremely irritating and that’s how I viewed Shelli’s gag-worthy jury house performance the other night.
        Since she’s a southern gal she’s been well trained to hide her uglier emotions and be polite in order to please her parents. So I’m not expecting to see any visceral emotions or opinions from Shelli.

      • She reminds me of the friendship. Think they are great and nice and America loves them. Really care what viewers think. But, people end up hating them for that reason.

      • Thank you! I’d respect them voting a different way if they own it. Adam voted against Rachel (who won) and I didn’t like/agree with his vote but he owns it. Look at him now! He’s a rock star! ;) Who wants to follow someone who OBVIOUSLY panders to you? I don’t get why they think people want to follow “followers”. If someone votes for/against Vanessa because he/she thinks that’s what “‘Merica” wants, I’m not following them. Jmac – says it like he means it so (not that I will but) if I was going to follow someone from this season, it’d be him. He’s original (to himself).

  17. Gotta love Dr. Will’s response to jurors who want to be cast as all-stars: “you were on the show five minutes ago. Why didn’t you play then?”

      • Sitting in jury, wannabe an All Star. If they’d just call it “2nd Chance” instead of All Star, I wouldn’t scoff so much.

      • Hey if Vanessa wins…I definitely want to see her there…this time she’d be playing against some people with a little more spine and clarity…won’t be shooting fish in a barrel for certain.

      • I’m with you Tony. Vanessa against some really skilled and seasoned players would have a much different go of it. I think it would be really interesting to see how she would fair with some hard core competition.

      • They all have to change their games on a return. Derrick’s cover as a policeman is blown; Vanessa’s poker prowess will be out there, etc. They have to play a different game so it won’t be like we’ll see the “old” versions of them pitted against each other. Well, still the same people but different approaches. Interesting.

      • Definitely….Vanessa won’t start intimidating and bulling…that won’t work….Derrick’s psychology of making the other person believe it was their idea and he only suggested it…won’t work…it would be the best of the best and a lot of drama…they wouldn’t be evicted because they work a cowboy hat in the first week…but because of their past history in BB….a lot of ammo to work with.

    • roflmbo!!!! EXCELLENT! You KNOW Austin is kicking himself for not wanting to be “the one” that took out Vanessa earlier. You know he is!

  18. Help me out here: “You know, they’re hyper-aware of how they’re being perceived by the
    public—so much, in fact, that they almost can’t make decisions on their
    own. They’re making decisions that they think the public would like,”
    says Dr. Will.
    This is all based on unknown speculation, right? If jury mems have no access to the internet or outside influence this has to mean speculation, right? (Like Austin and the Twins thinking America loved them.)

      • Then if that’s the case it would seem the players must be leaning toward Vanessa because at the end of the day people want the best player to win. (Even if they got there in a somewhat ugly manner. ie: Evel Dick, Rachel Reilly.)

      • This is just speculation but if they’ve even had one conversation among themselves I think it’s probably fair to say they all realize Vanessa had a pretty good puppet show going on.

      • When did I say he contaminates the jury? I said he might say things to the Press to heighten drama. As for saying things to the jury room that wind up on the cutting room floor that’s silly. If footage was ever made available of him leading a jury to vote one way or another it would bring all kinds of drama down onto CBS and would ruin his reputation as a Doctor. Do you think he’s going to risk that for 6 minutes on a TV show? I think not. Someone in the house who disagreed would DEFINITELY talk about that later.

      • You see how intently they listen to the applause when people exit. When Christine got booed, they heard that last year. When Jmac went out the 2nd time, they noticed his was the “biggest applause yet”.

        I get annoyed during the game when they “worry” so-and-so might be “America’s Player” and maybe they shouldn’t evict him/her. Yikes! Gimme a break. Play your game!

      • Wasn’t it Liz who was worried she evicted someone America / the fan ship liked, then she would be hated?

      • All Dr. Will has to do is hint that America won’t like them if they don’t give the right person (in Dr. Will’ opinion probably Vanessa) the win since they are pretty vulnerable right now and used to BB telling them what to do 24/7.

      • It’s like two separate contests this year (unlike last year). This year it’s first who wins R3. Then it’s like a whole new ball game – now we get to see who wins what money. Very different from last year when we all knew Cody would make the $450,000 decision and give the win to Derrick.

      • Yep, Will even said that last year’s jurors were for Derrick … It was a shoe-in … Not so much with this jury!

      • Yep, and he said that to an interviewer outside of the house. (I know that’s what you meant, but just to be clear to other readers who may be dashing thru these comments.)

      • I don’t think Will will guide them in a vote direction … Otherwise CBS wouldn’t have brought him back. Jeff’s live chats does the same thing with evictees going to jury … He NEEVER poses a leading question and Will doesn’t either … They’re job is to make them think and tell the audience what they’re thinking.

      • I would think the last person who would try to be leading with the players is a former player. Especially a former winner. I would hope they would have too much respect for the game.

      • I know I have, but don’t really recall. I definitely don’t recall him trying to lead the vote at all, but of course we only see the edit. But I really don’t think he would.

      • Smiles – My dear friend who turned me onto Bb – and b/4 the days of forums, use to say: BUT you don’t know what’s on the editing room floors!

      • Ah yes, that is very, very true. Always my thought about Survivor, since there are no live feeds. What are we missing? !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Good question. First, how much of the deliberations will be on the editing floor? Don’t know… That’s why I compared Jeff’s integrity with Will’s as an interviewer b/c there must be some contractual guidance NOT to contaminate the jury. There’s some $ involved here! Will is not here out of the goodness of his heart. If you want to go conspiracy theory, then I can’t address your question. His responses in his interview were straightforward, and that’s how he has come across the past couple seasons. He shoots from the hip, and he did so when he was a BB HG.

    • If they perceive that America thinks they are all dorks for allowing Vanessa to bulldoze over all of them, then they could easily perceive that America would not want them to vote for her because she’s been a bully (which she has), and they have one final chance to prove they’re not as stupid as everyone thinks they are. It’s interesting – maybe we’ll get a glimpse into what they are really thinking during the interviews tonight.

      • I hear what you’re saying. But from my personal perspective I’d hate to be seen as someone who voted out of anger that I got played instead of voting for them BECAUSE they played me. I don’t think people want to be seen (publicly) as “sore losers.” – But maybe I’m dead wrong! (It’s going to be fun to see how it unfolds!)

      • And that’s exactly what Dr. Will said in his interview – he’s concerned that they could vote “pissed off” and not with rational thinking. Guess we’ll see in a few hours.

      • He’s viewed as “The Best” because he played the 2nd Season when the game was new and no one had ever seen anything like him before. While I’m not a big Derrick fan I think a guy who goes the whole game without ever getting nommed and manages to pull all of the strings from behind even after the show’d already been on air for 15 years deserves that praise. Will is charming and flashy. That means a lot. But I’m not sure he’s the “Best” player ever. (In the History of BBUS I mean.) He’s certainly the most fun though!

      • I almost wish we could go back to the way it was in the early days, before there were “ways” to play the game because of the people who went before. I miss that. People say they don’t want recruits, but I think a game with all recruits might be the most fun. In comparison to how it was, the house guests these days are coddled. I think in the first few seasons, they never even knew what time it was. No clocks. Seems that now they know to the minute, so they must have clocks. That’s just an example. With so many super fans, they know what comps to expect and when to expect double evictions. There’s NO “unexpected” anymore.

      • I agree with you 100%! I’m not a fan of recruits being mixed in with real players but I LOVE the idea of “all ignorant” because THAT would be a BLAST to watch!

      • Truly, he comes off very reasonable and objective. It’s been a lot of years since he’s played; Yeah, he probably references his own experiences, but he seems very emotionally removed and common-sensical b/c he’ been there. Got the same feeling from Mike Boogie when he was on RHAP last week. These guys are really ‘chillin’. :)

      • Perception is part of the process…but any BB fan can tell you that in the end you vote not by emotion but by who played the best can be bittersweet but you have to vote for the all round best played game.

    • I think they all have Twitter accounts set up while they’re in the house. I’ve seen Shelli’s (asking to vote her for AFP) and so forth. They’re run by their fam/friends while they’re in the house. Some were just created before they went on BB and some were their accounts before then.

      I thought someone on here said recently that they get to read some tweets/posts as long as they’re not game related. I guess Production feeds them to them (printed). Can anyone confirm?

      • Right. But maybe (IDK) Shelli might get a tweet like, “6S forever!” or “Clelli for F2” or “Shelli & Vanessa are my faves – Girl Power” – something like that?
        I doubt they get negative ones like “Shelli sucks – Jmac rules!” IDK. Have to ask Adam. Then he can ask somebody. Ha! J/K.

        I’m sure it will be in Vanessa’s book.

      • Aren’t you looking forward to seeing the reunion between Clay and Shelli tonight? I wonder how (or if)awkward that will be.

      • Hopefully she was able to get word to him about which outfit she wants him to wear and agrees to let him stay up late for the after party.

      • Yes! I really think he’ll be on his good behavior tonight and be a gentleman though. Have you seen his new Twitter picture – Whoa Nelly!

      • Yep, me too. I think the clay/shelli thing might be a little stiff … They may get over it at the Wrap party, but truly, I just don’t see this surmounting into much. I don’t know why, I just get a feeling of ‘meh’.

      • Remember Paola? She tweeted him and said she can’t wait to catch up to them. Shoot, it seems like a fraternity. They meet past players and go to events, etc. His social calendar has been busy. He’s been on some (local to him) tv shows since the show. No grass growing under his feet!

      • Well the only issue with that is that family and friends will no doubt subvert the process by encrypting messages to indicate the public perception…

      • By CBS no less (did you hear they’ve already chosen next season’s winner)… I couldn’t believe it until I read it from people on here. ;)

  19. Should be very interesting… I thought Vanessa had this pretty easily but then I realized all 3 remaining guests have strong supporters (or detractors) on the jury…

    • It will be interesting. I think we will (potentially) all be surprised. We see the whole game and dissect every aspect of these people’s personalities (sometimes too much, I suspect), but they don’t. So while there is the group out here that sees Vanessa as the evil bully and the group who sees Steve as the secret genius, who knows how they see it from inside. I think it will make for a potentially really fun finale.

      • Yes! Wise words indeed. Too often people seem to forget these are contestants in a game show who have a very different reality than we do as observers…

  20. How do they know how they are being perceived by the public, either positively or negatively? Aren’t they sequestered?

  21. I find it funny how Austin thinks he can control the votes at the final episode tonight. I’m just laughing so hard cause no one in the jury likes him or his sore loser attitude ! He needs to just except Liz probably won’t win. Even if Van or Steve takes her. She got little chance.

    • Let’s catch up at 11. I’m leaning towards a different outcome. He doesn’t care if Liz wins. He wants V to loose.

  22. Steve can’t win because he won’t be in final two. He’s falling apart fast. I hope though that he does win!

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