Big Brother 17: Vanessa And Steve Reveal F2 Deal To Liz

Vanessa Rousso and Steve Moses have been working a Final Two deal on Big Brother 17 since the first few weeks of the game and it’s an impressive feat that they made it to the end together, even if that wasn’t what they always really wanted. On their final night inside the BB17 house these two revealed their history to Liz Nolan.

Final 3 Houseguests on Big Brother 17
Final 3 Houseguests on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Sitting around the now incredibly small final three sized table Liz took the opportunity of chatter to address the “elephant in the room” and whether or not they’d be taking her on to the Final 2.

Steve had been pushing for Vanessa to make their F2 deal known to Liz since he won round two on Friday night, but Vanessa has pushed back urging them to wait. Now with the talk out in the open it was her chance to control the messaging and give the talk she had prepared Liz to hear.

Yes, Liz knew this was coming because Vanessa had plainly explained to her that despite what she might hear in the coming days, Vanessa was absolutely taking her over Steve if she won round three. All the same, there were tears and sniffles as Liz must be stressed to watch this all play out beyond her control.

Flashback to 5:53 PM BBT 9/22 to watch as Vanessa, Steve, and Liz sit at the table. Liz says she wants to change the topic and address the issue that she fears the other two will be taking each other and sending her out to Jury. Liz reminds them that she will still have a vote (nevermind the other two she can likely control) and asks them to give her their spiel.

Vanessa starts it off saying they were both always loyal to Scamper Squad but “around Day 40” they realized Liz and Austin were becoming an item and they needed to watch out for each other as two inside a group of five. Now SoS (Students of Sound, the F2 deal between Vanessa and Steve) existed before Day 40, but Steve doesn’t challenge this.

Steve doesn’t add much as Vanessa continues on saying she cares about both of them and she has a lot of respect for Liz. Vanessa promises Liz “whatever happens tomorrow, all three of us are going to have successful lives.” No where in all of this does Vanessa say she’s taking Steve to the end nor does Steve mention a move like that.

After just a few minutes Liz says she wants to “drop it because I don’t want to cry anymore.” Steve does more of his “Liiiiizzzzz” in a sad voice before asking for a long hug. Liz says it’s okay and that “this is a horrible game, but it’s a fun game.”

Liz says, “as long as I’m not a Victoria I’m good.” Definitely not an issue. Liz won a lot of comps and was a strong player. She just couldn’t pull out the win in round two when she needed it most and she really, really shouldn’t have thrown round one to Vanessa like she did.


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  1. I expect to be disappointed again but I hope Steve wins and evicts Vanessa. Maybe she played the best game in a house full of non-players but she does not deserve to win because she is an ugly person. Her superiority complex and arrogance make me sick.

    • I do not like Vanessa as a person either, but have always believed that she played the best game. However, throughout the season she has tried to bend the rules and after reading this article that she is still bribing house guests which violates the second biggest rule (no sharing of prizes only no physical violence is higher) she does not deserve to win and has not played the best game. She has ruined the game with this and doesn’t even deserve to be in the house she should have been expelled.

  2. First, there have been a lot of times people went overboard this season, but Steve saying Liz is Janelle is up there. Second, we know that Vanessa was bribing people and then had to talk to production. If after their talk she has stopped then fine. However, if I am understanding this post right she has continued to bribe house guests which breaks one of BBs largest and most important rules. At this point I don’t know what you do. She should have been expelled earlier once this kept happening as it really compromises the game. But, now its the final 3. Do you expell her, probably not. Penalty vote, maybe. Just do nothing? Not sure at this point what they can do, but it really ruins the game.

    • Agree – That is so not cool. It should not be tolerated. Should have stepped on her the first time. Evidently, she blew them off, it sounds like. Not cool.

      • She has continually bent the rules in this game, but at this point she is buying the title, not earning it. Someone like Steve who respects the game would never do something like this.

      • Wouldn’t put it past her that she countered Production (privately) with some pseudo legal mumbo jumbo and got herself off the hook.

    • Best way for production to save face at this point is with more cheating. Stack the final competition and throw it to Steve. Toss Vanessa to the jury. Then even if Liz wins it won’t taint the game too badly. But if Vanessa goes through? There is no fixing that. Integrity of the game is gone.

  3. Go, my nerdy, needy, loving Cornell boy…Go! Good always wins over evil. Maybe not right now. V will most likely win. But you, my friend WILL win in the end. And that’s what matters. I’m rooting for you and haven’t given up entirely—but you WILL will in the end. Godspeed, Steve.

  4. So Steve didn’t pipe up to correct V’s lie to Liz about how long they’ve been aligned? I’m sure he noticed she was skewing the facts. She is too smart to just erred; she knew what she was saying and she probably had a good feeling that Steve would not chime in. Maybe she told Steve she was going to make it sound like they didn’t align til Liz/Austin hooked up? IDK.
    If V is taking Liz to F2, I guess I don’t see how fudging the days helps her. Liz has no control over votes if she is in F2 so not sure how it helps V.
    She’s playing down her relationship with Steve. And she never said she was taking Steve so I guess that will be her burn salve to try for his vote if she goes to F2 with Liz.

    • Yep, that was Van’s implication; she & Steve did not hook up til the Austwin thing. I know Liz hardly has a synapsing brain cell, but if Van said Steve & I were together since day2, then it would (should) have set off smoke alarms in Liz’s head. Steve on the other hand is aware of what she is NOT saying, but maybe he thinks it’s a moot point now and just let Liz have the “milder” version of the truth. Steve is probably thinking, doesn’t matter – I’m taking you, Liz. I think this convo was Van’s last mind f**k attempt on both of them.

  5. I really hope Steve wins. He has played a much smarter game than we think and played fair and with interrity. I hope he wins. Vanessa has been very smart but she has tried several times to cheat and should not be allowed to continue. PERIOD. Liz.. I don’t have any respect for. She fucked her way to where she is and got lucky with some comps. The way she talks about everyone and everything is horrible. She is horrible.

  6. Everyday I look down at this message board, it reassures me that big brother fans are entitled idiots. I don’t even know why they watch the show when they know nothing about it. A bunch of snitching selfish and extremely shallow statements are being made all the time. It isn’t about who deserves to win, it’s a game, Vanessa hasn’t cheated, it’s the scumbags online who made it up to create an excuse to hate on somebody. It’s like the fan base is full of trolls. This has been a great season, how it comes down to 2 strategists in Steve in Vanessa in round 3 of final HOH is pretty exciting. You would think it would be easy to have an intellectual conversation with somebody on here who is a fan of big brother, but all I see is a bunch of whiners, grow up and accept things for what they are, otherwise you’ll be bitching forever.

      • Bahahahahaha! Anyone who thinks bribing people for votes with money isn’t cheating clearly doesn’t know the rules.

      • When cheating becomes “playing the game” then it is game over. It may be a game but games must have and keep their integrity to be fair. No bribing is in the rules. She broke those rules knowingly and repeatedly. She deserves nothing except a date with Devon.

      • I wonder how the other houseguests will respond when they watch all this back…and they will. There may be some hush money involved.

      • I don’t have a problem with Devon’s choice in who he supports and considers deserving to win. We all have a right to express how we feel. He is bashing people who post here because they disagree with him which is exactly what he is accusing others of doing.

    • Well said Devon…It’s a game that requires,at times,to lie and/or deceive HG’s and if needed, manipulate. Vanessa has done this amazingly! Dr. Will did this in his season, with a lot more charm though, but he achieved the win! It’s a game people, so realize this and take the emotional factor out of it. The HG’s know this going in and some just can’t hack it. Keep the eye on the prize, then worry about friendships etc. outside the house. The fans of BB need to reset their thinking. Vanessa should win ’cause she played “the game”. Steve did well but I believe he lucked out more often than using strategy as he would like us to believe. So fans, always remember it’s a game, nothing personal..GAME ON!!

      • Well said? Why does Devon get to tell us what to think and what to say? He is annoyed because some people don’t share his viewpoint so he attacks. Hypocrite. Charming.

      • I agreed that Vanessa has played a good game and I don’t even like her. What I don’t like and the reason I hope she does not win is because she doesn’t own her game. Derrick last year did in every one of his dairy room sessions. In Vanessa’s dairy room sessions she talks about how she doesn’t lie and is playing a very honest game. That just ticks me off. Like you said, in BB you have to lie and/or deceive HG’s. But don’t lie about it in the dairy room. That is why I hope she doesn’t win. AND the fact that she is trying to buy her way to win is beyond tacky.

    • Some of what you say is true but in defence of us entitled idiots we are responding to what we have both seen and read in the articles.

      This very article states that Vanessa has been bribing the houseguests and what I’ve seen is that she had crossed the line.
      What I find most amusing about your comment is that “everyday I look down at this message board…” Talk about self entitled. You sit back and judge everyone who is candidly and politely giving their take and feedback on what we have seen. If you think we are idiots than I give you the ALFH award…America’s Least Favourite Hypocrite.

      Stop looking at the message board why don’t you and take a chill pill. It appears that you are doing some whining and bitching of your own and you call us entitled? Like you said, it’s a game, if you don’t like it take your toys and go home and stop peering through the window and judging how we play.

      • Well Tim, I guess we Agee to disagree. BTW: Austin did say to Julie Chen that he had been scum bagged by Vanessa. Food for thought.

      • Tim, I responded to these comments made by Devon but it is me choose to call out on this?…

        “Big brother fans are entitled idiots.”
        “A bunch of snitching selfish and extremely shallow statements are being made all the time.”
        “Scumbags online who made it up to create an excuse to hate on somebody. It’s like the fan base is full of trolls.”
        “All I see is a bunch of whiners, grow up and accept things for what they are, otherwise you’ll be bitching forever.”

        I will defend myself and others who are being bashed.

      • Good on ya!! I’m a big boy though and I take these comments for what they are…Opinions are like assholes, we all have or are one…LOL

      • Agreed, just thought it was odd to call out someone defending themselves (and others) rather than the person doing the initial bashing and name calling.
        Believe me I can take it too and then some but if someone wants to throw a punch I’ll punch back (if I’m in the mood…which I guess I was). Just one more night, that God.

      • Whoosh! Great comment / summation! And I think I told you this before … You provide intelligent insights and contributions. This board / forum is also a lot of carry-on fun after the peaks of the game are played; that is who is HOH, who’s going to be evicted, were the comps innovative or dull, etc. But we get a little extra by getting to know the individuals in the off camera / feeds moments. For me, this is entertaining, plus I get to be exposed to a lot of fun, endearing, smart personalities in this Forum!

      • Hi Marg…yeah, Austin was taken out by Vanessa, but it was a smart move that will probably cost her a vote or 2 or even 3. She had to do it though for a better chance rather than compete against an unbreakable couple. She needs to take Liz so that will only be 2 guaranteed votes for Liz as opposed to 3 votes for Steve just so Vanessa won’t win in the eyes of the Austwins. I love watching all this but I hope casting is better next year.

      • We are coming at this from the same place…I think we would probably be friends in the real world. Thank you for your comments, I respect your comments as well and the way you interact with others on this site. Cheers.

      • And thank you … Ditto on the friendship deal. Hope to see you again next year … All good tidings to you :)

      • You too. When I see that there is a comment or a reply from you I know it will be worth checking out and it won’t raise my blood pressure. : )

      • I said some rationale things, I’m not a Vanessa ass-kisser by any means, I simply feel that a lot of people are not being very grateful. This season has been fun to watch. But it really lowers the bar when people dismiss gameplay, if it gets you further in the game, you can do no wrong. We have 3 people sitting happily in the finale and each of them have no problem cutting one another to get to the end. I like individual gameplay. But I contradicted myself by labelling people without a reason, in response we all are entitled to voice our opinions, to clarify Vanessa has played the game aggressively, how I feel is when Vanessa cries like a baby and doesn’t own her game like we’d like to see her do cynics get angry for some reason, like this has any affect on them at all. Then I point out how I feel about these people, and now I’m being contradictory. This relays back to what I said about intellectual conversation, it’s no news that people have complained about this season in ways that don’t make any sense. I didn’t want to comment on this board but it’s been building up inside of me because it bothers when people would rather bitch than not watch a show.

        I don’t care who wins this game it’s been fun to watch, the only thing the contestants are going to realize when they enter back into the real world is how many random haters are out there, hating because they want to. Dr. Will said he doesn’t want to come back because you don’t want to taint your reputation. And this is exactly what that is. Boogie and Janelle said Vanessa is one of the best of all time, Dick thinks she should win. I’m not being biased here, Steve and Liz can win the game too, it doesn’t matter what I want.

      • I don’t disagree with most of your opinions/points but you really put it out there when you started it off by calling us all idiots (and then some)…and you’ve amended that…I respect that. I understand frustration and sometimes it just comes pouring out.

        Some of us have had real good intelligent interactions going on about the game, and even about other things because of bonds we’ve made over something as trivial as a reality tv show. Of course there are trolling comments, usually from people who aren’t interested in the game play but just like to stick in their two cents.

        I’ve had good conversations with people who totally disagreed with me but we respected each other’s opinions because we kept it civil and really thought out the game, almost as if we were there.

        Too bad you didn’t come on sooner and have some real conversations with some of us. This is the first year I’ve made posts on here and not sure if that was good or bad. I feel I made some cyber friends here so that is good. Hope to meet up with them next season…lol.

        It’s anybody’s game I think and I think that Steve and V have played the game hard so depending on what’s deserving, they’ve got that anyway.

      • I post very seldom but I do post when I feel it is important. I do read the comments. Several years ago I find a woman on line about my age and we started talking about BB and Survivor. Even when we disagreed we acted like friends and didn’t put down each other. Sometimes her opinion was different from mine but after reading her reasons they made a lot of sense. So sometimes I would change my opinion or after reading my reasons she would change her opinion. In my opinion that should be the one of the reasons we post.

      • I’ve had my opinions changed as well, or at least altered. It’s nice to acknowledge someone when they have given you insight. I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end of such banter. I’ve met some nice people on here.

      • I agree. I enjoy talking about BB & Survivor but I do not care for the put downs that I read a lot. One persons opinion is just that. One persons opinion. I enjoy TALKING, not someone getting mad because you don’t agree with that person. A lot of times someone will think one thing and I think another. Sometimes when I read what someone else thinks it may be something I have never thought of. That is what I like when I am talking to someone. I don’t care to be told how stupid I am for feeling that way. We are ALL entitled to our own opinion. That does not make us stupid.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. I was beginning to think I was the only person who thought this way about the players, and well everything about Big Brother

  7. I will never understand why people think the one “Who Played the Game” should win? If playing the game is what Vanessa did then it is really dad. I don’t think you have to be a liar and sneaky and hurt people like Vanessa did to win. I think she should be an embarrassment to her family and friends, I can’t say that any of the contestants this season were very smart, lets hope that next time they pick a lot better cast. Let’s get some older contestants and contestants with disabilities in the house.

    • Sandra: I absolutely agree with your last statement. Last nite, in another thread, there was the start of a convo about mixing up the cast – yes, it’s been discussed before. But if ya’ll would accommodate me for a minute – I would LOVE to see groups of 4 as follows: (4) Little people – won’t Production have fun figuring out how to construct fair comps for that or for someone like Kelly Blue on Survivor with a leg prothesis; (4) African-Americans; (4) folks of any combo from the LGBTQ community; (4) Asian-Americans …. And/or some combinations thereof within in these groups to include Muslim, Jew and/or atheist! In other words, we (America) are a melting pot … This IS a social experiment , so let’s get on with it. Please believe me that I did not intentionally leave out any ethnic group on purpose … I think it would be great if 2Hispanic-Americans were in the house and they are the only ones who speak Spanish … Could be a great advantage when speaking privately? I think you get my drift.

      • Don’t politically correct people know that by using “polite terms” for various ethnic groups, while still listing them as separate, IS still prejudice?

        People who have no prejudice are colorblind. They don’t give a toss who or what or where someone is or isn’t. They only care if someone is a jerk or not. Truly non-prejudicial people do not put people into categories like this at ALL.

        That is the problem with PC, it is just as ignorant as the problem it purports to address.

        Dividing people up based on things that they cannot help IS prejudice, no matter how one might sugarcoat the terminology.

        I hope against hope that I am not the only one who sees this??

  8. I hope Steve wins final round but I’m not expecting it, considering Van is gonna go all animal in the last round and may end up winning but i hope Steve can out her !

  9. This is the first time in awhile that the final 3 have 3 or 4 HOH wins each, but that want matter I think cause if the Jurors are still bitter they will vote for the one that pissed them off the least. But what I am anxious to see is if Vanessa makes it to F2 and during the Q and A part someone ask her a question she doesnt like how will she react, will she say “Oh who her you to ask me that how dare you’ and start to cry with her hands on her head classic Vanessa. But I wonder if Steve really has a chance against either one of the ladies cause there will 5 to 6 women in the jury who could simply say we want a woman to win and there you go. We shall see.

  10. I don’t think Vanessa has played the best game, I think Vanessa has given all of us an insight to her personal behavior outside of a game. Her ability to bully people and turn her tears off and on at will came way too easy for her. I would guess she uses these same manipulative ways on her family and friends to get what she wants in life. I have no respect for people like Vanessa and I am hoping like hell she gets booted, she doesn’t deserve to win.

    • Well I wouldn’t be friends with her either, but it’s a game that requires these types of tactics at times to win…and if they win $500k, so be it. It’s a game not life..we all love the drama and that’s why we watch really.

      • true, this is a game, I guess my point is that Vanessa is likely to be a bully outside of the game and my personal opinion is that I never want to see a bully win at anything. There have been past winners of this game and others who didn’t need to stoop to her level, they didn’t have to bully people. I do love the drama but actually stopped watching, deleted BB from my DVR about 2 weeks ago, Vanessa is a disgusting human, I don’t like watching that kind of drama. I cut people like her out of my life, I certainly don’t need to allow it on my television. thank goodness for BBN for the recaps, much easier than watching the show as far as my blood pressure.

      • Well Kelly…I have to say I’ve read a lot of very negative stuff re:Vanessa…she has a lot of haters out there and I agree she is like a child banging on the floor and yelling and crying until she gets her way, but the other HG’s fell for it and realized it too late, or not, because they can still stop her at $50K. But she controlled better than anyone else this year and should win no matter how dirty, I wanted Shelly to go further and win but she let Clay speak to much and I think that’s what cost her the game. Stay a fan,Kelly…we need rational people here…LOL

  11. I hope that Steve could win the last HoH round and take Liz to the F2, I really wanna see Vanessa walking out of the house.

    • Best case scenario would be for Steve to take V to F2 and jury unanimously pick Steve and then V donate her second place winnings to a charity. Last night I had a dream that I had super powers, then I woke up.

    • Ya know Nathan, a lot of us have fantasized about V’s reaction if she’s ousted by Steve. But, I am certain she will win whether up against Steve or Liz because she WILL be an eloquent and concise speaker. A couple months ago, I googled her, picked something listed and watched her respond to a French interviewer in near- fluent French (must have been after some poker championship). She was engaging, endearing, intelligent, cute (for lack of a better word) and she seemed to be well-received by the reporter. The reason the last description is important (wellreceived) is that the French – as a generalization- hate it when ANY body bastardize ptheir language – they have very little tolerance for “foreigners” … And no offense to the French out there – I think you’re cool even if you don’t like us:)

      • I live in Ontario and we have the QuebecFrench thing here at times…especially during federal elections. I don’t see it myself. I think V and Steve both have good chances to win the big one. They say it doesn’t come down to the final speeches but this time I think it will be huge. If Steve calls V out on some of things that he seems to have kept to himself…like his long standing F2 deal with V, and how V and JMac plotted to get Austin out so V could show some muscle for the jury…if he gets it right…he could flip those Austwins because they won’t have time to digest it. By not calling V on certain things to Liz during this F3, he saves some ammunition…maybe, just a thought. Of course if Liz wins, it’s anyone’s guess…and I doubt V and Steve will be in the F2 anyway unless hell freezes over in the next few hours. More this season than any other I think it’s really a toss up.

  12. All I have to say is GO STEVE!!! He is honest, seems like a great person and has played a fair and awesome game. I will be very disappointed if he doesn’t win.

    • Me too, now that JMac has gone. I still wonder if Steve threw that 601 comp in hopes that JMac would go over and he could play dumb, therefore downplaying his intelligence/threat. It was going to be 50/50 either way, so by going this way and throwing it, he has an extra bonus point if he tells the jury it was a strategy. Lot’s of “ifs” but who knows?

      • That’s a pretty big gamble, to guess someone would “probably” go over, esp’ly Jmac. He’s no dummy. He DID go over but I don’t credit Steve for that. I think if Steve was going to fake it, his number would have been like 240 or something closer to the actual number. IDK. But I think Steve will be honest (if anyone asks him about it later). I don’t think his ego will prevent him from telling the truth about it. :)

      • I know, that strategy would be a stretch but sometimes they overthink things…like I just did…lol. I don’t what you mean by 240 and if you don’t know what the actual number is (which they didn’t) how could you get closer to it? No matter, it was a dumb idea…just threw it out there.

      • The 240 thing: The question was how many seconds did the egg comp take. Steve sat that one out (he was outgoing HoH).
        The correct answer was 2400 something seconds (about 40 mins).
        Jmac offered up like 3600 (1 hour).
        Steve offered up 601 seconds, which is 10 mins.
        If Steve had added that “0”, and made it 6010 seconds, his answer would have been like 1.5 hours, which is way off (unless he was trying to throw it TO Jmac by intentionally going over and left off the “0”).
        I would think if Steve meant to go “under” intentionally, seems like he would have said 240 (since that is missing a “0” to be 2400 seconds – the correct answer). It happened quickly and he changed from 601 to 701 back to 601 which makes me also think he just had a brain f*rt (like we all do sometimes). But who knows? Like you said, moot point now. I think Steve would ‘fess up either way.

      • I think Steve probably did have a brain f*rt like you said…just threw that out there. Actually I thought the missing 0 was supposed to be in the middle…6001…no matter like you said.

  13. One thing that disappointed me this season is that BBAD was such a complete waste of time and effort. Probably because I have such a negative reaction to listening to Vanessa – like that lizard part of our brains that reacts to snakes and spiders, with me it’s an instantaneous aversion. I can count the nights that showed anything interesting on the fingers of one hand.There was no drama, just constant running backwards and forwards to Vanessa to fill her in on what everyone else was doing. How did she exert that type of mind control over the other HG’s? By extreme psychological bullying, that’s how – as we all saw, they were afraid of “upsetting her”. I hope next year’s HG’s have enough gumption to stand up to anyone like her and call them on their B/S. Being at home and having to watch her expressions and listen to her mind-numbing conversations was hard enough, so I can’t imagine being stuck in the house with her 24/7. For me as a huge BB fan, it’s been a very frustrating year.First time ever that I haven’t had a clear favorite to root for, just people I couldn’t stand (hello, Austin). Looking forward to Survivor starting up again – they usually have clear villains and heroes who catch on to each other’s tricks early.

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