Big Brother 17: Thanks For All The Fun!

Big Brother 17 comes to a close tonight on CBS (season finale at 9:30PM ET) and our season of coverage will soon wrap up as well, but before we go I want to thank all of you for joining us.

Big Brother 17 says goodbye
Big Brother 17 says goodbye – Source: CBS All Access

It’s been a wonderful season for me and hopefully you’ve enjoyed it too. We got another long, long season of nearly 100 days with the most Houseguests ever (17!), and a lot of drama that delivered for this Big Brother fan. No season is perfect, but this one didn’t disappoint me.

Working to cover Big Brother every single day from early June until late September is no easy task, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to have this work and the support it provides to my family. None of that would be possible without you, our constant, tireless readers.

When we all come together here it makes what I think is one of the best Big Brother communities out there. As long as there is another season of Big Brother we’re not going anywhere. Please be sure to add us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you don’t miss the return of next season!

I had a lot of great support this season from Branden, Adam Poch, Matt Hoffman, and Derrick Levasseur who all joined our writing team to give you an array of perspectives and takes on the season. It was a real pleasure to write with them and I look forward to their return next year too.

In the meantime, I’ll be covering Survivor at our fansite,, plus Big Brother Canada here on our BBCAN site. And in the winter, one last season of American Idol!

Thanks again to everyone who joined us and shared us with your friends. A very special extra thanks to all the fans who signed up for their Live Feeds through us which helps earn us extra revenue to keep us going. I’ll miss you all in the off-season and can’t wait to see you again for Big Brother 18!


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  1. Thank you for all that you do Matt! I love the site and all of the writers (I especially love the commentary throughout the articles i.e. “Integrity”).

  2. This was a horrible season, but I think Vanessa received the most attention from everyone here which made it fun to keep reading and posting.
    I am exhausted and very happy to say goodbye to this show for now. I will try to join in on the Survivor Network which is a better show.

    • Amen they need players on BB like they do on Survivor, instead of the Bully’s, Dumb Blonds Nerds , Fairys and ugly Wrestler, and idiots.

  3. This was my 4th bb season I have watched live (including bbcan3) and the only one I have not liked is season 15 but I think this season is one of the best. I watch season 2,3,7,8,14, and bbcan1 online.

    • It was my 4th year too! I’d not been nearly as involved in discussions with other years as I have this one, so that says something! :-)

    • I think if there’s ever one thing the people on these boards will ever be able to unanimously agree on is that bb15 was awful.

      • Yes, absolutely terrible, BB15 was. This one was pretty bad, too. The ONLY thing that would save it for would be Steve winning tonight.

      • I do not understand how people could root for Steve of all people with the final three that there is. You can find Van and Liz annoying or whatever but Steve was pretty clueless the majority of the game for someone who thinks he’s some sort of mastermind. He got pulled around for the longest time because he was a vote in the middle.

  4. Thank you to all that contributed their opinions! Another fine season it was! With that said, I didn’t know you covered American Idol too. I’ve been a die hard fan of that show since Season 2. Will be nice to see familiar faces there this January for the last season! Good luck in all your endeavors Matthew from here on! :-)

  5. I like this season, maybe wasn’t the best and maybe the majority of the houseguests weren’t smart players, but had some positive things. I enjoy see Becky and JMac, and I enjoy more read the articles and comment about the show with all the users. I can’t wait for the next season!

      • JMac was the funniest character of this season, I really wanna see him (among with Becky) in another BB Season, or why not? In other show, like Survivor or The Amazing Race, it could be great!

  6. Thx to u too Matt. There are ppl who check ur website daily and always find interesting content on this website. Thank u for dedicating so much to this website… I also think this year was a good season despite what Les Moones said (not sure if I spelled it correctly…)

  7. Thank you Matt & Branden for doing the watching, so I didn’t have to. Also a big thanks for keeping a close eye on the comment section and making sure we didn’t go too far off the rails.See ya next summer!

  8. Thanks for everything Matt! I loved your site and your wit and all your constant updates ( and trust me i was checking ;) ) thanks!!

  9. Thanks to all the writers on this site it was my first season following along on here and it definitely made the season a lot better. I loved checking in each day and reading all the comments. So thanks again to all contributors for all your hard work see you back here for bb18 can’t wait

  10. Will there be a comment board after we know what happens tonight? If it’s Vanessa, i’m going to vent.

  11. It’s been very fun commenting about these people. I love Big Brother!
    Season 17 was the first season I’ve ever watched while the season was going on.
    To think that I discovered Big Brother only 3 months ago when season 17 premiered on June 24 (which happens to be my birthday)…I can’t believe I hadn’t watched this show sooner. It’s amazing!
    Vanessa for the win!

    • During the Big Brother off season, I suggest that you rewatch some of the other seasons (excluding Season 1). That way if you miss the fact that Big Brother isn’t on at least you can have the other seasons keeping you entertained.

      • Oh trust me, I’ve been doing that. As soon as the premiere of BB 17 ended, I went online and looked up Big Brother. I watched season 10 in 5 days. I watched season 11 in 2 days. Season 12 wasn’t turning out to be a good season to me so it took me longer to watch it, but I still finished the season within a few weeks. Now I’m on season 13, a few episodes in. I’m also watching season 5. So I’ve learned A LOT about this show in the past few months. I feel like I’m an expert now. lol.
        Vanessa better keep her head up! She played a FANTASTIC game!

      • Yeah I didn’t like Season 12. It was a boring season. You will love Season 5, that is a top 5 season in my book. Vanessa played an amazing game, even though she lost she is still the best female player in my opinion.

  12. Thanks for keeping me informed because I don’t have the live feeds, I just don’t have time for it so thank you all!

  13. There’s something I’d like to say before BB17 concludes.

    For the past 5 weeks, my mother – a long time fan of BB right alongside me – has been in and out of the hospital for various reasons. I honestly think the only reason I was able to keep my sanity throughout the entire ordeal was because of this community. Staying focused on the show, what was going on with the HGs, and the thousands of discussions we’ve had has certainly been a wonderful distraction. So thank you, everyone.

    And thank you to BBN for their continuous coverage.

  14. Can’t believe that BB17 is over. It’s going to be a long six months until BBCAN (or nine months until BB18). Thanks Big Brother Network!

  15. Oh how the days go by indeed. Thanks Matt and everyone in BBN. We appreciate all the hard work you guys have spent in covering this show that never seem to end and surely the much needed break before BBCAN is worth it.

    Cheers to another season!


  16. Thank you, Matt and staff! Great job as always! Appreciate all you do to not only present it in such a consistently humorous and insightful manner, with your own views included, but also in patrolling the site for trolls and exterminating them in quick measure (especially the one who called me a See You Next Tuesday).

    I know it gets fervent sometimes – I’ve been guilty of it myself. But it’s nice to be able to express our opinions and questions and have a dialogue that is satisfying. Some people on here have changed my opinions with either a well presented argument or by just answering questions and filling in the blanks (live feeds that I don’t have). It’s fun for the most part and I’ll be back next year! Yay Matt!

  17. Matt! As always, you did a fantastic job of leading us through this season. I don’t know where you get that energy, but I’m damn glad you do.

    Thanks to Matt and to all the other wonderful people who frequent this site and join in the spirited discussion. Hope to see you all for BB Can

  18. I’m gonna miss hearing everyones outrage at this season and i hope to see you all next year ! Hopefully next season be good !

  19. Thanks for all your hard work this season! I also thought this was a great season. Do I like Vanessa, Austin or the twins? No, but they have made the season interesting. This is the first season in a long time that we don’t know who the winner is. It all depends on who wins the final HOH. I’m rooting for Steve, but if Vanessa or Liz win my life still goes on.

  20. Thanks to all of you who let me join into the fray over the past couple weeks.
    I am not a feeder or a tweeter, so all that I had beyond the few days a week of the show, i had you guys, so many thanks to all of you.
    I only fell into here in last couple weeks, so my stay was short and sweet, but will see you all back here next year.
    Until then, its still just a game and its a game of do anything to win.

  21. Matt: I can only repeat what everyone one is saying … You and your staff are great. Each article is SO well written and thanks for throwing in a few thoughts and personal zingers along the way. Job excellently done!

  22. I could just thumbs up what everyone else wrote but because of what you do for us I think it deserves more recognition. You do a fantastic job with this site and BB would not be the same without it. Don’t ever stop!

    I can’t even imagine what kind of effort and the time that goes into this. Saying thanks does not do it justice. You deserve much more than that!

  23. Thanks Matt! Coming to your site has been a daily (or hourly at times) routine for me this season! You always keep us updated in a clear, consistent way… Thank you!

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