Big Brother 17: Who Will Win? Counting The Jury Votes [POLL]

The Big Brother 17 Jury will come together on Wednesday night for the season finale where they’ll cast their vote to help decide which remaining Houseguest will walk away with the half-million dollar prize. Predicting which way it’ll go might be more difficult than it seems.

Big Brother 17 Jury House
Big Brother 17 Jury House – Source: CBS

We’ve looked at the F2 match-ups and there appear to just be two potential cases and while one of them seems clear cut for deciding a winner the other could end up surprising some of us.

If Vanessa wins round three of the Final HoH on Wednesday night then she’s cutting Steve. If she moves on to the F2 with Liz then it’s an easy win for Vanessa. Really though I doubt it’d be a hard win for her against Steve either though.

In a Liz and Vanessa match-up I think Vanessa could take it 7-2 with Julia and Austin being the hold outs. No one expects the Austwins to vote against one another. That just won’t happen. And while we’ve heard comments from James and Meg in the house that they’d never vote for Vanessa, they may not have considered their options.

Vanessa and Liz are coming from the same alliance so it’s not like the Jury gets to pick one side or the other here. If they didn’t like the Scamper Squad group then they’re picking between two unpleasant choices for them. It’s certainly possible that Jurors may feel too burned by Vanessa’s methods to vote for her and that’d be a testament to her fight-then-evict, etc. methods. But with a guide to their Jury round table, they may be able to overcome those frustrations before the big vote.

For Liz to win against Vanessa she’d have to flip three more votes. John and Becky had agreed inside the house that if Vanessa got to F2 they’d vote for her and I think they will. That leaves Jackie, Meg, and James for a possible flip. Maybe. Maybe they would since they certainly didn’t align with Vanessa, but it seems like a long shot for all three of them to do it together. Also keep in mind that James told us he’d like to see Vanessa and John at F2.

As for Steve, he won’t vote bitter. If Vanessa gets the chance to send him out to Jury then he’ll respect her game move and Vanessa will get his vote.

If the F2 ends up Vanessa and Liz then Vanessa wins the $500,000 and deservedly so. Now on to the other match-up.


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  1. I still see Steve winning over Liz. I don’t see Jackie, Becky, or Shelli voting for Liz. Meg and James could be a toss up but I think they will also vote for Steve. Steve vs Liz, Steve wins 6-3.

    • I hope Steve wins! V is hopefully a bitter juror! She should vote for Steve but she will be biased like Julia and Austin! That puts Steve down 3-0! However John Becky Jackie I think vote for Steve! 3-3! Shelli may vote Liz but I hope she votes for Steve as if Shelli heard some of the twins said about her personally and Clay she definitely would vote Steve! Twins are fake mean lying arrogant bitches! That leaves dumb Meg and James as the swing votes! They will vote the same like they did all year! I hope they vote for Steve as Steve did not have shield protecting him like LIZ! Liz is dumb and got lucky on 2 of her HOH wins! Steve should win over Liz! It will really come down to JAMEG? The friend mance!!!!

      • Steve also got lucky in his win over Jmac. “601? I thought I had another 0!! It was supposed to be thousand. OMG”. Steve’s game was rubbish. I’m not caring to much who wins anymore, but I can’t give delusional Steve any credit for game play. Terrible.

      • Very true sucks otherwise Jmac would have made final 3! He played a respectable game! Still won a respectable amount of comps and needs tonights or he is gone! He mostly pretends to be awkward like 80%! Atleast he did not bully anyone or cry a lot like V or is a terrible human being like LIZ! Liz got lucky in 2 of her HOH’s and V got lucky in her GRONK PONG HOH as Clay and Jeff should have won CO hoh that week! Steve is the lesser of the 3 evils here! He knows the game and made a few big moves recently and if he evicts V he should get the win! Shelli had played the best game this year before her eviction! Steve knows how to strategize just as much as V and their social games are similar! Comp wins close! All about final comp tonight! Liz has little brains as Austin and V guided the twins all season! V is a millionaire and LIZ will split 2nd with her sister! Steve atleast is a super fan of the game! He could have played better but easier said than done! Easier to say from home and not sleeping in dentist chairs slop for a week sleep deprived at times etc!

      • I don’t think that Vanessa will be bitter, but I think that Vanessa won’t vote for Steve because she promised Liz that she got her vote and she was closer to Liz this entire season than Steve.

      • Good point as V was closer with the twins but i still think she will be bitter! Either way Steve does not get her vote!

  2. As it stands, it seems it’ll be Liz vs Steve or Van vs Steve. Funny all the talks about Liz was playing for 500K while Julia was aiming for 50K but in reality Lizzie is exactly like JuJu, playing the second fiddle. It would be a total shock if Liz wins.
    Anyway, Lil Stevie to win and Van Van comes third, leaves with nothing while Vampire Dentist wins the AFP/AFH … happy ending, right? Not yet, ok then … one more wish: Lizzie shares her 50K with JuJu and breaks off with both the Big Troll and his Judas.
    The End!

  3. Vanessa’s earned this like her or not. But if it’s Steve vs Liz, whomever gives Vanessa the boot has earned it I think. I think they’re both worthless (Steve and Liz) but if either of them makes that final decision, it’d be the thing required to push me in their favor.

      • They may have won a few comps here and there but with Steve always hiding behind Vanessa and allowing himself to be so easily manipulated by her and Liz hiding behind Austin and Julia each of them have, in my opinion, been worthless as players this season. We’re not talking about Kindergarten and wanting to give everyone a trophy just for showing up the first day. We’re talking about a 100 day game where someone gets to walk with a half million dollars. Things being what they were though, I guess finding worthy of the final money (outside of Vanessa) is kind of hard all the way around!

      • I’m not so sure. Julia certainly was doing nothing to protect anyone, and Liz seemed a much stronger player than Austin

      • Julia was more fierce with her mouth and was very protective of Liz while Austin seemed to guide her decision making. She was great in comps when she needed to be sometimes but I think if Liz had been in that house by herself she wouldn’t be in the F3.

      • I think Austin was a stronger player than Liz in both comps & social game… Liz seemed almost isolated from most of the HGs.

      • Even though Liz won more comps than Austin she got lucky in 2 of her HOH wins! Austin and V guided the twins all year as they are young immature and dumb and without them would have been gone the 2nd or 3rd week right after JACE! I agree GMAN she was isolated at times because of her stalker creeper friend then showmance! Worst humans in house this year by far the AUSTWINS!

      • Actually even though I hate the twins Liz did better than both at comps! Julia sucked until the second double eviction where she finally won a veto and came in 2nd behind Liz for HOH that same night! She definitely was hiding behind Austin all season just about except 1st week! Her sister was hiding behind her or it was equal as only Meg was worse in comps? They both only won 1 comp all year!

      • NO she actually won the comps as far as i know so we can give her that much! So what are they saying now? They talking about all former HG’s? V knows she has a lot of people in jury etc that will not like her because of how many people she sent to jury! She was a crier manipulator lier bully etc I have some hope maybe she is different according to the interview I heard from MEL her GF! Reality is the AUSTWINS think they are so great and better than anyone on the planet! They are so dumb and clueless as anyone on the planet who watched feeds not on tv knew just how scummy their characters are! Nobody on the planet should help them after show! Austin wants to be on the Bold and the Beautiful! He is bold and arrogant stalker disgusting pig and is clueless about his looks etc! I hope he gets a clue as to how UGLY he is on the inside and outside! As for the twins they are hoping for modeling or commercials! They should get nothing with how horrible human beings they are!

      • I think Julia and Austin were hiding behind Liz. Have to give Julia a break though, she wasn’t there the whole time. Liz won more comps than Austie (yuk) and kept his butt in the HOH room more times than it should have been.

      • But Austin spent most of the season protecting Liz and Julia. lol..i still don’t know what or who he thought he was protecting them from…. or is protect Austinspeak for control?

      • I agree that worthless is not the correct word here. My problem is that if Steve gets to evict Vanessa, he will do so after winning a game of chance rather than any sort of skills based competition (Physical or mental). So although he could earn some brownie points for evicting her, he isn’t evicting her in a show of power or strength per se. I would be much more inclined to respect the person who was able to evict her during regular game play.

        I do think that Vanessa deserves to win the whole thing. Certainly, she deserves it more than Liz does and dare I say Steve, even though I am a bit of a Steve fan.

    • Does Vanessa’s atrocious social game figure into this equation?
      Since Steve avoided getting the dreaded blood on his hands doesn’t this indicate superior gameplay by letting Vanessa do all the dirty work – not that she seemed to mind in the least.
      Will Vanessa be able to bully the jury into giving her the win? We’ll just have to wait until Wed. to find out who wins the final HOH comp.

  4. I wonder if it would really be 7-2 in a Vanessa – Liz final 2? I’d think there’d be at least one bitter jury vote? Given how the house always seems to vote together, 7-2 is probably right.
    Did James say he’d never vote for Vanessa? In his eviction interview, he mentioned he wanted to see V in the final 2. Maybe he was saying that because he wanted John to beat her in the final 2?

    The winner will be determined by the winner of the final HoH comp. Craziness. Such a silly comp, and that’s what’s going to make someone a quarter of a million richer after taxes.

    • James and Meg talked one night playing pool that they’d never vote for Vanessa, but it sounded like a lot of venting frustration to me. After that much time has passed they may be ready to vote for her.

      • Ah, thanks.
        I’ll be interested to see how strong the Shelli Effect has been on the jury in voting for Vanessa.

      • That’s a GREAT thought. It could backfire in a big way. If the jurors were all annoyed by Shelli in-house if she badgers in the JH that could be a potential problem for Vanessa. I’m hoping she laid low and talked about all of the expected Hosting jobs she thinks she might be offered and let that be her focus instead.

      • I wouldn’t attribute too much to Shelli.
        I just think Meg, James, Jackie are above being bitter. I think they’ll vote for who they think played the best game/deserves to win. Could be wrong but I think they will. I also think Becky will, too.
        Austin surely will be over his bitterness by then but maybe not. Maybe he wants the winner to be the one who took him out. :)

    • It’s pretty much the way sports are played. In baseball, for example, instead of four games out of seven determining a winner, why not total up all the runs the teams have scored throughout the season, subtract the number of errors, and put the top two teams in the series against each other. The number of runs scored matters only during a particular game (which ends in a simple win or lose for the team). If one team beats another by say 20 runs in one game, shouldn’t that total amount to something in the end?

  5. Steve would really have to sell his strategy to the Jurors in his speech. They were annoyed by him in the house. Only the audience was able to get an insight into what he was doing. If the Jurors don’t get that picture, they wont vote for him.

    • This is where Steve needs to come out in the Jury Q&A and let his strategy shine. As someone else on the discussion board once said, he needs to come out and say, “I am Kaiser Soze!”

  6. Vanessa will win the game because its fixed for her to do so, they will probably feed her answers like they did Liz.

  7. I’ll play the scenarios:

    Liz vs Van:

    Shelli: Van
    Jackie: Liz (she’s probably bitter)
    Becky: Van
    Meg: Van
    James: Van
    Julia: Liz
    Austin: Liz
    John: Van
    Steve: Van
    By 6-3 Van wins

    Steve vs Van:
    Shelli: Van
    Jackie: Steve
    Becky: Steve
    Meg: Steve
    James: Steve
    Julia: Steve?
    Austin: Steve?
    John Steve
    Liz: Van

    By 7-2 Steve wins

    Steve vs Liz:
    Shelli: Steve
    Jackie: Steve
    Becky: Steve
    Meg: Steve
    James: Steve
    Julia: Liz
    Austin: Liz
    John: Steve
    Van: Liz

    By 6-3 Steve wins

    So as of now I feel like Steve has the best chance of winning

    • James seems to have game knowledge and I think he’s a guy who appreciates game. I might be wrong but I can’t possibly see him being proud of being a superfan and voting for Steve over Vanessa (even if personal feelings enter the mix.)

      • I think James would vote for Steve because they get along pretty well. But if he’s a superfan like he claims he’d vote for Van

      • The last few weeks before James got evicted he grew to like Steve a lot and vice versa! They actually became friends and thus targets of V because of this! Also it depends on final 2! James will vote Steve over LIZ and 50/50 if it’s Steve verses V?

      • Vanessa might win don’t matter who she sit next to. Vanessa might as well take Steve, thinking Julia and Austin has gotten in the others head. Why is Liz worry about Austin and Jackie. She doesn’t trust him already

    • I feel like Julia and Austin would vote Vanessa over Steve. (If Austin got over his bitterness, which is a big IF. But Julia hates Steve, right?)

  8. I seem to be one of the few rooting for Liz. Not that I think it will happen necessarily I just can’t stand the sight of Vanessa let alone her with half a million dollars in her hand. As already determined if she’s in the final two she will win it all. I don’t want Steve to win either, he never played his own game even once and shouldn’t be rewarded the grand prize. I don’t think Liz is that worthy either but of the three she’s the best in my opinion. She’s catty and superficial but she played an okay game without being psychotic and won a decent amount of comps and somehow avoided the block with two big targets on her back. #teamliz

    • I can’t say I’m a Liz fan but you do make a few good points about her game.
      Honestly, I’d rather see Liz win over Vanessa if a female winner is preordained.

      • Oh I’m not a Liz fan either, until this week I wasn’t rooting her for in the least bit but Steve proved just how dumb and naive he is throwing Vanessa comps so I can’t root for him at all. I loathe Vanessa so the idea of her winning HOH disgusts me, I’ll turn off the tv immediately.

      • I plan to turn on the closed captions and mute Vanessa every time she’s talking tomorrow night.
        It’s been a long summer and I can no longer tolerate the sound of her voice.

      • I’m not really a supporter of any of them but if I was a juror I would vote for Vanessa. As much as I can’t stand her and didn’t like watching her she still deserves to win out of the three. Aw well it is what it is.

      • If Vanessa wins HOH I’m sure the jurors will see it that way as well, fingers crossed her karma comes tonight and Steve wins and takes Liz. It’s been a long time coming and karma will get her good.

    • She was on the block twice but won BOTB early on! Then was on block with Austin when Austin won veto and was then next to her sister! Then Julia got evicted instead which was dumb move for Steve and V and John at the time!

  9. I know minds are said to be made by final 2 (jury votes) but I think if it is Liz and Steve, the jury will be a little undecided in how they want to vote and this is where Steve practising his speech the last week or so may help him. I don’t think Liz has even began to think of what she will say if she is in final 2, even though 100% she will be there. I know she doesn’t know this (but she should be thinking she has a 50% chance), but you’d think she’d atleast try and come up with something to say, its not like she has done nothing all season, she has some valid arguments. I think as a recruit she hasn’t a clue she has to make a speech and that that speech could make her $450000 richer.

  10. If Van and Liz, it’s Van 5-4. The four against will be Austin/Julia (obviously), James who will want to please Austin, and Meg who will do what she is told by James. If Steeevuh, then I think Liz wins in a surprise vote with only JMac, Becky, and maybe Jackie voting in his favor. By cutting Van, he will have far overplayed his hand, pun intended.

    • Good assessment – and nice pun! I really think if there is a Steve/Liz F2, Steve’s only saving grace will be a good campaign speech, and clear, direct succinct responses to the Q&A … This could show the jury he was really playing the game and wasn’t the Froot Loop dingus he came off as in front of them. I’ll tell ya, QAP, I just couldn’t / wouldn’t lay down any $ on who will be the BB17 winner.

      • Liz will have 3 automatic votes in final! It will be 6-3 at best for Steve! James and Meg are the swing votes and will vote the same! Hopefully they vote for Steve otherwise Liz wins 5-4! Go Steve verses bullying bribing lying V or mean fake arrogant lying BITCH twin!!!

  11. Anyone who hates Vanessa and or Derrick who is planning on applying to get into BB18 should remember when you get into the house (according to you) you must be kind to your competition entertain america and not be a hypocrite at any point in your game. How does that sound?

    • She was beyond that. Vanessa was an emotional mess and emotional abuser at the same time. It is not her fault she has mental problems, nor that the idiots in the house allowed her to manipulate them. She deserves to win the $500,000 and I hope, as a long time viewer and fan that she doesn’t win HOH. If Steve wins and chooses to keep her then he on his own chooses second place. I can’t stand her either but Liz winning will be better than the other two.

    • Ha! It’s so true. It’s amazing how self-righteous people get about this game, sitting on their couch. The game is all about manipulating your competition and yet there are so many people who seem to love to watch, who religiously watch the feeds, who relentlessly follow sites like this, yet hate it for exactly what it is meant to be. It makes no sense to me. Why put yourself through that if you find it so difficult to watch?

      I get not liking certain players and having favourites and all that, but the self righteousness about how one ought to conduct themselves is too much. I suspect if everyone were nice and sweet and perfectly behaved, the rates for this show would plummet.

      I would like to see every single one of those people who “hate this show” and are “disgusted” by particularly player’s behaviour locked in a house for 90 days to battle it out for half a mill and see how perfectly and sweetly they handle it.

      • Well said…it’s about surviving the 90 days and being miss congeniality won’t cut it to get you to the 500K. Every one of these haters wouldn’t last a week in there.

    • Vanessa and Derrick are very different and played the game in very different ways. The people who say you shouldn’t lie and manipulate others should not watch the show and certainly should not play as they will lose and probably lose quickly, but there are many reasons to hate Vanessa.

    • The only reason I don’t like Vanessa is because of the way she bullied Steve who obviously has some social obstacles to overcome which she knew and used. He’s a winner just to match her to get this far without caving. It will be horrible if Liz gets any prize money but that’s the game…she’s the one to take to win the big bucks. Hopefully Steve wins…if he took Vanessa and had a very cool speech to go with it he could beat her but that would mean risking the big bucks…it might be worth it. Go Steve! Be ashamed Vanessa…you should know better…and I heard your mom’s a high school guidance counseller…don’t know if that’s true but it makes it even worse.

  12. Vanessa is gross and disgusting. If she wins, i’ll be disappointed. Steve you had your shot and you didn’t flip the house :(

  13. Why do they stretch out the end of the season so much? They should have just done the finale on Sunday instead of that filler episode.

    • It’s all about ad dollars and launching the new tv season. Ending this Weds. allows them to dbl up the final ep with the launch of the new Survivor.

      • OK that’s a fair point, I just think it’d be better for the end of the season to be exciting, as opposed to totally boring and drawn out.

    • And they could have wrapped up the whole season in a couple of weeks. It’s tv Jake, it is what it is. Notice that we keep watching and commenting?

  14. ‘Twas the night before the BB finale, and all through the house
    Not a creature was stirring, not even Vanessa, the louse

    The HOH key was hung by the memory wall with care
    In hopes that St. Julie soon would be there.

    The HGs were nestled all snug in their beds
    While visions of $500,000 danced in their heads

    And Vanessa in her beanie, and Steve with his Coco
    Had just settled their brains, least they go loco

    The poem is just too long to keep going, but you get the picture.
    Feel free to add additional verses.

  15. Competitions like balance, faces and people favour women — strength and numbers competitions favour men so HOH’S and POV’s can be planned that way.

  16. Steve sure proved me wrong when he finally started playing the game ! I was worried he was gonna be a floater but nope he won some HOH’S to ensure his safety !

      • People can be a bit slow…Steve has played an awesome game staying under Vanessa’s wing and using her for all she’s worth, which could be half a million $. There are many strategies that people are oblivious to and Steve (and just a couple others) at least had one. Pot ball anyone?

      • You’re right. You can argue he played poorly, but he has been playing the whole time. He just used a different strategy than many others.

  17. If Vanessa is in jury and votes for Liz as a spite vote then she is the biggest hypocrite ever. She worships the strategic game play gods and sees Steve as her protégé. She could declare lady luck shining on Steve in the final comp and applaud him making a good game move…she would do the same thing herself. Also, if she gets the Austwins mad at her then she won’t stay as connected to those cling-ons and she won’t have to host their fantasy tour in the real world. It will certainly be interesting tomorrow because it is really up in the air…like one of Steve’s farts.

  18. I look at it this way even though Steve played a horrible game in our eye sight if he wins he deserve the $500,000 same as Vanessa. That bi$ch

    • Steve played a great game. He didn’t have a showmance or a twin or celebrity status to pull him through. He did good and at this point I hope he wins. Some viewers have bullied him as much as Vanessa did.

  19. Where’s Waldo has nothing on Where’s Austin. I wonder if Liz will even remember him…she certainly seems to be enjoying life without him and his scratchy, dirty ponytail beard.

    • She keeps worrying about Austin taking up with Jackie in the jury house. Doesn’t she think with Julia there that probably wouldn’t be happening?

  20. Have anyone notice that Vanessa always wear her hair down covering her ears? I keep hearing that the cast is working with her she might hear everything someone is saying about her might be wearing a Mic in her ears.She always in deep thought like she’s listening to something. Like the cast or other house guest when their not around her.

    • Yep! I’m one with you on that. I reached a point of no return some time past midseason, and I’m like a dog with a bone – I can’t let it go but my jaws are tired! Now … Am ready for the end. Love Bb … But I need my life back too! :)

      • Glad it’s not just me. No one I know pays as much attention to it as I do so you all have been my besties on this one.

      • Naw it’s not just you. Have enjoyed you’re posts, thoughts, contributions, etc. Can’t wait to see ya back here next year or maybe on Survivor Fandom … But right now I think aour brains are weary and we’re all beginning to smell like fish … You know, Visitors that stay too long! :) Never mind!

      • I won’t be doing any Survivor stuff except watching the show like a normal person. I’m actually trying to write a book (not about this…lol) and this is getting in the way. Nice to have met ya. Cheers.

      • I know. When I think I should be working on the book I bring it up here. I’m seriously whacked. Can you tell?

      • Yes. It’s all good. I was blacklisted from making online comments from my local newspaper, but I already said that before too.

        I’m a 62 year old grandmother for God’s sake, how bad can I be? Put me on the damn show, I won’t win any comps but I can trucker mouth with the best of them.

      • Well, some newspapers are stupid. They don’t realize that controversy is one of the things that keeps them alive. Nobody wants to pay for a newspaper where all they get is feel-good news.

      • My comments weren’t even bad, the newspaper just didn’t like me commenting on them. Gotta go now, this is enough, even for me. Later…

      • I’m also a 62 year old granny and I want to be on it, too. Bet throwing us into the mix would make it a much better show. Because seriously, they need a wider range of people, not just young cookie cutter people. I know I wouldn’t win any physical comps but neither did Meg. I do think I’d stand a fair chance at some of the mental challenges. Even if I didn’t win a thing, they need to shake things up a little.

  21. I heard that Vanessa and Julie Chen have a deal to split the $500,000 and then Vanessa joins The Talk. This couldn’t be more rigged.

      • I read a very interesting article with Robyn Kass from the Toronto Sun that someone on this site told me about. It really changed my mind on a lot of the casting problems that annoyed me. Any problem I had, using recruits, all young people, Robyn gave very good explanations for. The using young people shocked me. The reason for using so many young people is that 96% of applicants are under the age of 32.

      • It makes sense. Those of us over 32 typically have career type jobs or life responsibilities we can’t easily just drop for three months.

      • Plus it’s heading toward 40 that people start having physical issues, as well. Let’s face it; a 40-year-old probably couldn’t “endure” some of the competitions as well as younger people can.

      • You do the hokey pokey and that’s what it’s all about. They used to have a better mix. Did they all die?

      • They did indeed. Check the link I posted above: TV Guide ranked the 16 previous winners of BB. They weren’t all the youngest to ever play the game.

      • Wait, wait, don’t go … Let us vote if you should have Brussels sprouts or bugles! :). (Have a good nite.)

      • And eat really fast, and shove as much as possible in your mouth and start talking nonsense…make sure you keep your mouth open.

      • We already had this discussion. There are tons of people who are in a position to take leaves from work, writers, DENTISTS, homemakers, seasonal workers, artists, early retirees, etc….I’m not going to go back to repeat them all. Getting tedious. You will never get me to believe this is the best cross section they can get. It’s ludicrous.

      • You also have less that would want to be on the show though. Many people with kids would rather spend time with their family than spend the money and time for the recruiting process and then all that time away. Younger people will say a free 100 day vacation on tv sign me up.

      • There are still big numbers in that 4% if it’s true…they don’t need that many players. I would think the quality in that 4% would be doable.

      • So do I, but apparently they don’t really look for it. At least from what I got from the article, they just try to get who they think are the best regardless of age.

      • Sorry, but that sounds like the corporate line. Why is there only 1 person 40+ each season? It’s because CBS wants young people. Young people tweet more, young people are online more. Her answers conveniently favor casting young good-looking people. If her answers are valid, why are none of them super unnattractive? Different people have different tastes, that’s for sure, but no one this year (out of a supposed 96% pool) were overweight or ugly? Her answers feel a bit forced.

  22. Check this out: TV guide’s Best and Worst winners of Big Brother (ranked from 16-to-one … https[://]tvline[dot]com/gallery/big-brother-best-worst-winners/. Interesting rankings.

  23. From. What I’m reading on spoiler alert they seem to think Vanessa will get all the votes???? Hmmmm cannot. See it!

  24. Well I seem in the minority in WANTING Liz to win. To me she is the most likeable of 3 not so likeable people. As to who will win, it’s a shame that it’s a toss up – wish they would change round 3 – but Vanessa has overcome at every opportunity, so I say she will again.

    • IF Vanessa doesn’t make the finals,then hope Liz. wins,but Vanessa by far has been the best player and feel she will pull one more rabbit out of her hat,has managed to do that all season when the game was on the line.

  25. Steve better win this comp tomorrow. I really want him to win. However, if he’s in the final two with Liz, their still is a big chance of Liz winning. And Liz is the only one I DEFINITELY don’t want to win. So I want Steve in the to win, I’d be ok with Vanessa winning, and I’d DIE if Liz won.

  26. I wouldn’t care if Liz won. The mentality of wanting a twin to make it into the house, and then keeping the twins and a showmance? They all deserve to lose.

    If I’m honest, no matter what I think personally about her game play, Nessy had a plan and played to win at all times. It’s worked perfectly.

    There’s a reason for me to want any of them to win and to lose. Kind if sad. Lol. But I’m looking forward to in anyways. Can’t wait to find you guys after the show.

    • If Liz wins $500g, I will be unhappy. I agree with the rest of what you said. I don’t like bitter juries. Wish they had to use rules that keep them from voting with their emotions and personal feelings.

  27. I thought Meg and James said they would never vote for Vanessa after she put them both up. I seem to recall Meg say she would vote for Liz over Vanessa. Maybe I am mistaken.

    I think if Meg and James have an issue with voting for Vanessa they can get Jackie on board to give it to Liz, especially if Austin and Julia are in the house campaigning for Liz and against Vanessa. This could be a bitter jury.

    • There is a huge difference between voting bitter and voting with a social justice consciousness. The most beautiful girl doesn’t always win the beauty contest. The most talented person doesn’t always get first place. There are many other things that, when they all come together, make a winner.The most strategically, manipulative HG shouldn’t necessarily win the game of BB, especially when, in this case, it would be putting a stamp of approval on her bullying tactics and rewarding that. Anytime a bully is perceived as a winner, it has to negatively affect the progress being made toward ridding our society of bullying. My vote could never be for Vanessa. It has been hard to see so many people say she “deserves” to win. She deserves to be publicly shamed. JMO

      • Mine too. It’s a network it’s a show and production aND staff are always building and looming behind the camera. Though most, including myself commented that, no one in the hg crew had ballz except Becky. I don’t believe the hg’s were indecent or wiling to shame themselves in that way for 500k which is 340k after sick taxes. Therefore the one who always mentioned “they weren’t evil” cool thanks for telling me again. Wtf? And “I don’t want to get blood on her hands” got theost.blood on her hands. Wtf?? Would care less about ruining everyone, including themselves. What’s that say about society? Well everyone judged Austin for a pony tail beard, the twins for being dumb, it goes on and on and gets worse. To me, it says, we’re fuuuuu!#$#. Good post KJSB.

      • Big Brother has had its share of bullies. On the ranking scale, Vanessa doesn’t even register compared to some of what we’ve seen in the past. Two seasons ago we saw Amanda literally terrorizing Elissa, getting up in her face and insulting her looks, her intelligence, her personality. Same season we had racists ostracizing a beautiful young black woman. In the vintage years we had people getting up and screaming at the top of their lungs in people’s faces calling them every name in the book or even making fun of their parents who committed suicide. And some of these people won. Vanessa is small potatoes compared to what we’ve seen on this show historically.

      • So that makes her less of a bully? But nevertheless doesn’t negate from the fact she wasn’t! Are you sure those particular people won? I don’t recall any that did those such things end up becoming the winner!

      • Evel Dick comes to mind. The doctor as well.
        I’m not arguing it makes her less of a bully, but I don’t recall the public outcry being this ferocious when a man displayed far worse behavior. This all feels like a massive gender double standard. I don’t find anything she did to be particularly horrible quite honestly.

      • She offered me a season of BB entertainment, which is something no one in the two seasons prior were able to offer me.

      • I’m a big advocate in not rewarding bad behavior. Didn’t do that with my children from the start and I don’t plan to start now with my grandbaby! She will grow to learn what true integrity is all about! :-)

  28. So happy to see the overwhelming majority of people want Steve to win. Vanessa doesn’t deserve it and people who can’t relate to sociopathic behavior don’t want her to claim the title. Only the mentally disturbed root for her. Her game has been machiavellian, while Steve is a genuinely good person and has managed to make it all the way without being a POS.

    • Sociopathic? Lol. You do know being Machiavellian is a huge part of BB right? Like all past winners did it by being a good person. Loooooooool.

      • No, being a complete scumbag machiavellian is not required to participate or win. LOL you think a GAME is worth acting like that? Ruin your honor and integrity on national television for $500k? LOL what a joke. Moreover, plenty of people make it far in the game without doing so. Of course being “squeaky clean” isn’t going to be the best game plan, but Vanessa is a prime example of someone who is a genuine POS.

        And, yes, she exhibits multiple signs of being a sociopath. As others have stated and reinforced using psychology, she clearly has mental issues.

  29. If Steve pulls this through and evicts Van, I’ll be the chick doing cartwheels in my living room!!!

      • THAT would be great! And I’ve been a fan of Vanessa but no one really likes a steam roll. That’s never fun. Steve cutting Van and beating Liz would be a band aid over this gaping wound that this season has left me with.

  30. Not a big fan wanting Steve to win this,his whole run here this summer has been marked with immaturity and mommy issues that border on frightening for someone his age,have nothing against him but he was clearly not ready for prime time and honestly fault BB for this error,they must have picked up on some clues before hand that all is not well with him,seems like a cruel public joke by the powers at hand..think about it for a moment,can you imagine the ridicule this young man is going to get after this show ends?,doesn’t matter he is wins 500,000 or not that image of this crying mama’s boy clinging to his teddy bear are seared in peoples mind and rest assure they will never let him forget for one second.

    • He’s ready. When I first saw him I saw the goober, he and production wanted me to see. But he speaks truth. When he said the experience has changed him, it has. He even became more handsome and got a wicked fohawk look. His momy issues are irrelevant, now. Yes it’s extreme, but so is bb. Remember bb sequester all hg in a hotel room prison for a week before they enter the house. Imagine sitting in a room spinning for a week. That’s to prime your ass, then 100 days in the house. I’d be talking about outter space and have made up, an imaginary, exotic, magical, sensual, gf on another planet and I’d be talking to her at nigjt instead of peeling paint off the comic room wall. Also they are locked inside 3 to 4 days a week, while they build the comp sets. Steve is NO Jared from subway with girls people, please. Hell crush interviews. He’s quirky and has a sharp aware intellict.thays not to.u hep the girls thing was something else I read. Sorry

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