Following the Big Brother Rewind non-eviction show the Final Five Houseguests returned to the backyard to play the exact same “Seed Sawing” competition again that we saw last week. Could Frankie repeat his lucky streak and get four comp wins in a row?

Big Brother 16 logo redesign

Julie Chen has the Big Brother spoilers – Source: CBS

It’s disappointing to see the exact same competitions used again because where’s the excitement in watching the same thing over? Especially when it’s a skill based comp that they’ll already know how to do and either do well or still stink at trying. But anything can change, and maybe it did. Read the results:

Big Brother 16 – Week 12 Head of Household:

Caleb Reynolds is the new HoH

CALEB is the new HoH for the week!

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Nominations discussions will be held tomorrow and should be official that evening so check in for those results. Will the guys be able to keep Frankie away from the Veto win??

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