Revealed last night on the Feeds, the latest Big Brother spoilers show what the remaining Houseguests will face tonight following the next live eviction vote. It’s a familiar challenge, but definitely not an easy one and there could be a lot of luck involved.

Big Brother 16 - Week 3 HoH competition practice

Big Brother 16 – Week 3 HoH practice – Source: CBS

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 9:05PM BBT on Cameras 1/2 to find the HGs back outside and checking out their new Head of Household competition. Or at least a very rough draft of what’s ahead of them.

Caleb reads off the instruction card that HGs will stand in the “tube” though I’m pretty sure he means “tub” and swing the mallet to knock a croquet ball down the ramp and around obstacles to reach the goal. Here the goal is a plastic container at the end of a bare ramp, but we can expect a far more elaborate arrangement come tonight.

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I had hoped for endurance, of course I did, but this will be interesting to see how the two HoHs are decided. Will the HGs be split again by sex or by random draw? With two women evicted after tonight’s vote (sorry, Pao, but you’re going) the odds are better for the female competitors even with Devin out of the challenge.

HGs pointed out that Zach is the resident golfer in the group so we may be looking at a classic outhouse to penthouse scenario tonight. I’m sure he’d love nothing more than to see Devin leave by his hand next Thursday. Who do you think might do the best at this comp?


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