Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Hot Topic For Aug. 20: Donny Works Christine


Zach’s Big Brother 16 fate is sealed this week (unless he comes back Thursday), so everyone is thinking about next week already, especially Donny.

Donny knows that he’s the clear target now that Zach is going (not that he hasn’t been the target since week one), so he’s working on the remaining HGs, trying anything he can to stay. Yesterday he talked to Cody and today he talked to Christine. No one else was up most of the day, so it wasn’t hard to get her alone.

12:18 PM BBT – Donny and Christine start talking about who you can trust in the house and who you can’t. Donny says that he has no one because all of his friends have been evicted. Donny tells Christine it’s going to be interesting when that big group (that she’s a part of) has to start turning on each other and taking each other out. Without saying Derrick’s name, Donny reminds Christine that he’s remained unscathed all season. He then turns to Victoria and says that she’s going to get carried to the end and win the $50,000 just like GinaMarie last season.

1:30 PM BBT – Their conversation is about to break up so Donny asks her to not mention they talked. He said it wouldn’t be good for either of their games. He adds that if they win HOH they should go after one of them and leave each other alone.

Christine was perceptive, but as her game has shown, she’ll do nothing with the information but turn it on Donny and present it to Cody and Derrick, thus making Donny’s target larger. But the guy has to try. Can’t blame him for trying.

Do you think Christine should team up with Donny to get the others out?

Update: Yep. 2:35 PM BBT. Christine is telling Cody everything Donny said to her. He tells her Donny gave him the same talk yesterday. They talk at length about how much they hate Donny and Zach.

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    • Even if Zach returns however, they still need someone from the Detonators to work with. Given that Donny has tried to talk to Cody and Christine, I doubt any of these mindless kids will budge. Christine and Cody were both approached by Donny, they should of consulted with one another and made a deal with him.

      Instead, “Let’s run back and tell Derrick!”– “YEAH! Master will pet us real good!” SMH. Zach is even smart enough to make side alliances, these two? HOLY CRAP, pathetic.

      • If Nicole returns, Donny and her would have a real chance as both of them have proven themselves to be great competition threats. I also think they would be the most persuasive about turning people against Derrick.

    • Caleb, Cody, and Christine especially. Caleb thinks he’s really in with the group. And christine is just going to get picked right off before Victoria. And DUH you won’t win against Derrick or Cody. Period. I’m glad someone told her the truth, even if she won’t believe it.

  1. I kind of liked her at first, but thanks to her backstabbing and lies (especially the ones from this morning’s [5:00 a.m. or so]), I can’t wait until she goes. I’ve never seen such a gleefully nasty person on the show — and that’s saying a lot.

    • As much as I don’t like Christine, let’s not forget Aaryn or even Amanda from last season.

  2. Save your breath Donny. Wait for whoever comes back, be it Nicole, Hayden or Zach. That is your best shot. I would not trust anyone left in the Big Brother House. Ninnies that they are, you can be sure Christine tells Derrick which only hurts your game. Not that you are not a target but, give more reason for Derrick to go after you! That is what happened to Nicole. She trusted Derrick and Cody and Christine with everything she knows and paid a price for it! Align yourself with whoever comes back in the house and then, try to win HOH and go after Derrick, Frankie and Christine. Put two on the block with the 3rd as replacement nominee then, whatever they do, one of them is going to the jury house! That is your best shot.

    • When you’ve got nothing you’ve got nothing to lose. Donny is stirring the pot. He knows if he doesn’t win HOH or POV he’s gone so why not mess with their heads on the way out.

      • It is not over yet. Whoever comes in be it Nicole, Hayden or Zach can work with Donny. They need to win HOH and POV and protect each other. While, it is hard—-it is not impossible. First win HOH and put the big threats on the block like Frankie and Derrick with Christine or Cody as replacement nominees. They will not get off this time. One of them has to go to the jury house for good! Rinse and repeat and you will break apart the Detonators for good.

      • It’s not impossible, however unless Zach or Nicole don’t come back I feel as if their chances are much lower. At least Zach has some ‘ties’ to the Detonators, even if they evicted him and Nicole can clearly win competitions.

        Derrick leaving however, would shatter that alliance… taking out Caleb, Cody or Frankie will only solidify them more imo. I can’t think of one person who could sit next to Derrick though and not go home.

    • Donny trying is better than not trying. Derrick will be getting rid of Donny no matter if he attempted or not attempted to. It was clearly apparent to Derrick after the conversation of BOTB that Donny does not swallow his junk like the rest of the house does.

  3. Christine is the most disgusting player ever on BB. She’s done nothing but be Derrick and Cody’s snitch! Is she really too stupid to see that neither one of them will take her to the end? And that oh so annoying laugh! The live feeds are really annoying when she is on camera!!

  4. Thank you, Susan Grant for saying exactly what I feel. Derrick has played a great game and Donny is nice and will probably win Americas Favorite. And Donny did not try to be in an alliance in the beginning (which is the smart way to go) because he said he wanted to quietly observe.

    • Yeah I have no problems with Derrick at all. He’s the best player in the game and it’s not even close. I actually hope he wins

      • But Donny is starting to come on strong now, he has won when he had to and he knows Derrick is running things.

  5. I like what was said yesterday. Since it’s a “twisted season” 2 HOH’s 2 chances to save yourself (BOB and Veto) then 2 jurors should return. They added a week and another DE would work,

  6. IMO these talks did not hurt Donny’s game. they have been wanting to get him out since day one. He knows the deal as Zach filled him in on any thing he did not yet know. To them he is the big bad wolf after all the little sheep

  7. How absolutely frustrating to see this one-sided play—house against Donny (and Victoria floating on Derrick’s coattails). Really glad to see another HG is coming back into the house (as long as it’s not Jocasta = useless), because surely they’ll be an alliance for Donny, and hopefully they’ll gain control of the house for that week and then see these guys turn on each other. Maybe then it’ll start getting interesting again (like the first week).

  8. I can’t believe at this stage of the game that no one, other then Donny, sees Derrick as a threat. If Cody and Christine had any amount of smarts they would at least be considering what Donny told them. I keep hoping someone will make this season exciting because the last few weeks have been predictable and boring.

    • Cody and Christine can’t see past their hatred (how i dislike that word) for Donny so they probably don’t even remember what he said to them.

    • Actually, everyone seems to realize that Derrick is guaranteed to win if he’s in the final 2. People just agree to it like it’s common fact, but no one seems to take this information as a reason to evict him! All of the BS members (except for Derrick) are not thinking long term and focusing on how to win! They’re just playing week to week and focusing on smaller targets in the house. Frustrating!

  9. Derprick just said Donny is the has been the most manipulative person in the house. I have I mentioned I hate Derprick? Team Donny!!

    • I was just going to type that. He also said that they are not running around talking to people like that. Seriously, what is wrong with these people that they cannot think or act for themselves?

    • And I suppose no one asked him how Donny has been manipulative. I want to shake these people till their teeth rattle.

  10. Christine is a terrible player. She should realize that she’s just being used, but doesn’t. Not surprising she told everything to the alliance she thinks she’s high in, for some reason. Also, if Zach gets back in the house, I think he is too stupid to team up with Donny, too, and will go back to trying to trust Derrick or Frankie.

    • I think he’s had enough of Frankie he’ll team up with Donny and try to get a third alliance to get out Frankie!

  11. this proves that christine is one stupid a$$ biotch hope that c–t gets hit by a damm bus the idiot, she will know what an idiot she is when she watches the replay of the show

  12. and here we go again. Frankie swears Donny is a doctor because he uses words like osmosis and diluted blood, and again Caleb is swearing that he is ex-military. These people are the biggest group of idiots to ever play this game

  13. Dumbarses. FloaterBoy doesn’t even see that Donny is giving them valuable information. Guess he is okay being second or third. Christine should be playing to win at minimum the $50,000 to pay her divorce lawyer. She is just happy to have something to cuddle up with FloaterBoy about.

    • I want Zach to come back and stir up some real drama in the house and I cant wait to see cody get to steppin him n Christine are so sick to watch sheis married and cody will make it with anything he is so hard up to hit on Christine ewwwww Zach come back and make it to the top 2 you can do it!!!!!!!

  14. Poor Donny :( The guy has been nothing but nice and these people treat him like garbage. When he learns just how loved he is by America, maybe he’ll forget about this summer in the Big Brother house. If I were the HGs, I’d be thinking about jury votes and not hating someone for no reason.

  15. Don’t be so sad Donny, once Nicole, Hayden or Zach are back, you’ll have someone to work with. The stocks are still gonna be stacked against them but at least he won’t be alone.

  16. I hope Donny wins HOH this week and then Nicole/Hayden come back this week and because they already like Donny everything will be easy :D Now hope to get Christine, Frankie or Victoria out. Cody is a nice guy. Hes more sane then Caleb.

  17. I think that is the worst move Donny could have made. He knew Christine threw the BOB, that alone should tell him she’s loyal to her alliance even at the risk of her own safety. Every week he does the same thing by trying to turn people against Derrick because he knows who’s controlling the house, and everybody he talks to gets evicted while he makes his own target bigger. Maybe he should try something different like play the dumb country bumpkin they expect him to be. When Derrick told him about the skittles he should have just went along with it and said he won like they wanted him to. All of the dumb people are staying in the house with Derrick, so from now on he should just ask Derrick for advice and agree with everything he says while he keeps his plans to himself. Then in the end he can do what he really wants, and he might even be able to make a final 2 or even a final 3 deal with Derrick that actually sticks instead of all the fake deals.

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