Big Brother 16 Zingbot Zings Leave A Houseguest In Tears – Update: Full List Of Zings From Tonight’s Show

Last night the Big Brother 16 Houseguests got a visit from the much anticipated Zingbot, but by the time he left some of the HGs were really wishing he had never been plugged back in this year.

Zingbot on Big Brother
Zingbot on Big Brother – Source: CBS

As part of the Power of Veto competition the Zingbot arrived with a special guest this time: Kathy Griffin, or Kathy Lee Gifford if you ask Cody. The Zingbot cranked up the mean factor this year along with Griffin’s help while mocking Frankie for his coat-tailing, Derrick for his looks, Christine for her behavior with Cody, and plenty more.

Update: Zingbot Zings list from tonight’s Big Brother episode:

Kathy Griffin Zings:

  • Caleb: You and Amber have something in common. You think she is drop dead gorgeous and she wants you to drop dead.
  • Christine: There’s a belief that glasses make people look smarter. Thanks for disproving that.
  • Victoria: I would Zing you, but I’m only supposed to Zing people who are actually playing the game.
  • What do you call someone who is not afraid to cry, wears pink, and cuddles with men? Zach! *Kathy walks over to Zach* “Zing! Motherf**ker!”

Zingbot Zings:

  • Frankie: That’s a nice tan, but I’m surprised you get any sun at all considering you how much time you spend in your sister’s shadow.
  • This is a house of good looking dudes. There’s not one unattractive man in here. Oh wait, I didn’t see you there, Derrick.
  • Donny: Your luck is very Duck Dynasty. Too bad your social game is more like Suck Dynasty.
  • Cody: You’re such a nice guy. You haven’t made any enemies this summer, except for maybe Christine’s husband.

When the Feeds returned from the comp not only did we find out who won the PoV this week, but also lots of retells of the Zingbot’s Zings this year. Here’s what we’ve gathered from the Live Feeds:

Frankie’s Zing was of course related to his sister. Zingbot told Frankie he had a good tan considering his lives in his sister’s shadow.

Derrick’s was about his looks. Zingbot said all the guys were really good looking this year then adds, “oh wait, I didn’t see you there, Derrick.”

Donny’s Zing related to his poor social game of not being around the other HGs so he said he’d stay up later to be more social. “Your beard looks like Duck Dynasty, but your social game is Suck Dynasty.”

Victoria was criticized for being a wallflower and not having a game. She became very concerned that she’d get boo’d or disliked by Julie as a result. Victoria told Zach she was playing a “reserved game.”

Zach’s Zing asked what you call someone who wears pink, cuddles with men, and cries a lot: Zach. Kathy Griffin allegedly walked over and told Zach, “Zing, MF’r” after her joke.

Caleb’s had something to do with wearing make-up as he has repeatedly done in the house.

Christine’s was about her tattoos and may have been a throwback to JennCity’s tattoo Zing.

Christine’s Cody’s Zing took aim at her close and physical connection with Cody. Viewers and production have zeroed in on the frequent physical contact between her and Cody. Cameras often zoom in on their hands rubbing all over each other.

Cody said he didn’t initially think the Zing was that bad but then realized it was. He’s very worried about Christine’s husband being upset and it making Cody looking bad. Derrick advised Cody to go tell the DR that they shouldn’t air that one.

Christine echo’d Cody’s concerns and it was heavily discussed after the Feeds returned. Christine is very worried about her pastor and members of her church hearing the Zing and thinking poorly of her. She must not be too worried though as she almost immediately started doing it again and the cameras zoom right in on their hands pawing at one another.

Later that night Christine was crying around the house about the situation. HGs tried to comfort her as she worried about what her husband might think. Online her husband took to Twitter to reassure viewers that he did in fact love his wife, but other comments have also indicated he’s felt hurt by the behavior. Rightfully so, I’d say, but how they handle it is between them.

We’ll have to listen out for more details on the Zings then we’ll get to see them all play out on Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 16. Who do you think got the best Zing?



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  1. Matt oh Matt! Zingbot said all the guys were really good looking this year then adds, “oh wait, I didn’t see you there, Derrick.” This wasn’t about Derprick’s looks. It’s about Derprick hiding behind the good looking guys so no one sees what he’s doing.

    • Derrick has a face only a mother could love although he looks to have lost some weight while being in the house – If he fixed his nose it would greatly improve his looks – That being said Frankie ain’t no prize either

    • You really need a new nickname for Derrick. Derprick? Really? Make it creative. You can’t just combine two words that don’t blend together what so ever. It would be like if I started calling Donny Donprick. It doesn’t work.

      • Derrick has proven he is a prick in every sense of the word ,i liked him at 1st but his targeting Donny all the time has really pissed me off i hope the sob gets hit by a bus now

      • It’s part of a game…really your going to wish getting hit by a bus on someone for being a smart game player?

      • I thought the nickname was creative – add a P in the middle of Derrick and get DerPrick. I wouldn’t use it, but I never would have thought of it, either.

      • I was trying to be creative and come up with a different nickname for Derrick, but I was unsuccessful. I think DerPrick is good.

      • I tried to quickly think of one also but the best I could come up with was: Dertrick (being the mind trickster he is)…

      • Good one Matt. I was thinking earlier that Derlice would be a good one…po(lice) with lice also being implied negatively on it’s own. But I have been dealing with a shoulder issue and having to take some medication for it. Having read a few of my comments from recently, I decided that I needed to refrain from making any unless I am totally unmedicated !

      • How about liarrick I know I changed the first few letters but it fits he lies to everyone even the fans saying in the DR that he doesn’t really want Donny out

      • He didn’t want Donny out. He thought Donny had his back since they were Team America. But after the failed BotB throwing, Derrick realized that Donny wasn’t as stupid as he thought. So now he sees Donny more of a threat.

        Of course, Derrick wouldn’t have mind if Donny went home either, but I think he has bigger fish to fry in his mind (Zach, Christine, Caleb.)

    • I think derrick may have gotten it but chose to spin it the other way so nobody else guesses he is ‘hiding undercover’ LOL

      • But is it outing his game? Everyone knows who hasn’t been on the block. Everyone knows who controls Vic and Cody. Everyone just isn’t paying attention to what they already know.

      • Well I was kinda surprised (not really, but that it was kinda blatant more than anything) when they actually HELPED Donny’s game by telling him his social game sucks. Production is trying hard for this year’s favourite player, and I’m on board with that even if it is favouritism.

    • If anybody in the house possibly took it that way Derrick quickly jumped on it and steered it toward him being the ugly guy in the house. The guy is slick.

  2. Do these guys not realize that they are being filmed 24/7 and that people are able to look at these feeds and blog about them? What kind of superfan is Christine if she doesn’t realize that it’s way too late to start worrying about what people will think?

    • Ratine thinks she’s a superfan because she’s watched the shows but never had the feeds or followed online.

      • My guess is that they don’t tend to pick people from the casting parties who’s interests include being online 24/7, never going outdoors, and can name the top 10 search engine providers in the USA. ;)

  3. If you can’t take the heat Christine, get out of the kitchen. I’m glad she finally got the picture, because her and Cody seemed to shrug it off when Caleb called them out for their inappropriateness.

    I would be sick to my stomach if my partner was all over another person the way Christine is to Cody. I think I would understand the occasional head/back massage, but these two have taken it WAY too far.

    I feel bad for the husband.

    • It figures that Christine would be religious – Typically the biggest hypocrites of all – Her heavy petting and dry humping with Cody is disgusting – Hopefully her husband serves the rat faced floozy with divorce papers on finale night

      • Aren’t you the same dude who got mad at me for attacking you “personally” on another post on this website?

        And being religious has nothing to do with this. That’s a cheap shot…

      • The Big Brother Cast are on a TV Show and subject to public scrutiny

        Religion has everything to do with it considering that Christine references her pastor and religion constantly then turns around and “cuddles” with a man that is not her husband – Sounds like a hypocrite to me

        Go troll somewhere else

      • Don’t attack someone personally then get mad when someone attacks you personally.. that seems a bit hypocritical if you ask me.

      • Eric, why don’t you become a Christian so that finally the world will have a perfect Christian?

      • But since you are so perfect that you able to call out imperfect Christians there is a great need for you in the Christian community. Finally! After so many years the world has been blessed with the first perfect human…(drumroll) ERIC

      • Fox, I feel your anger on this and share it somewhat. But sadly experience has shown us that slinging insults with a person who insults others only results in….(you guessed it)….more insults. I actually do genuinely hope that Eric is one day open to faith and that any flack he is getting from believers on here doesn’t push him further away from that.

      • Thanks Matt, I just wanted Eric to realize that he isn’t perfect either and has no right to expect perfections from others, Christian or not.

      • True, but take a step back and see how funny that sounds: ”I just wanted Eric to realize that he isn’t perfect either….(so I insulted him right back!”)

      • I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to answer Eric’s asinine remarks or be rebuked by you. Yes, I have a right to my opinion even if you don’t agree with it. :D.

      • Sorry Fox, I neither meant to offend nor make you feel rebuked (though I did chuckle because you used the negative preposition which means you did want to be rebuked by me…but I know what you meant).

      • I wish you felt free to critique Eric’s remarks as you did mine. Why the double standard?

      • It is a stereotype which has been proven to be true in Christine’s case. She has a right to be criticized given that she constantly makes reference to her “faith” yet in the same breath is groping another house guest that is not her husband.

      • Well said Matt and your absolutely 100% right, it’s just disappointing that it’s falling on one deaf ear (Eric).

      • North, I know you and know you’re a good person at heart. I implore you not to swap insults with Eric. Although I strongly disagree (and I’m hurt by his insults) we have to demonstrate that his opinion is as welcome as anyone else’s. Matt has done the right thing in not removing his comments even with them being as offensive as they are.

      • Guys have you not learned – You NEVER discuss religion. Talk about the show. You are both being childish.

      • lol. Did you just call the site Administrator childish? (Ever seen Monsters Inc. with the one poor monster who keeps getting piled on and quarantined because he touches, says or does the wrong thing by accident)? ;)

      • Is it fair game to argue that blond people/people with glasses/thin people/people with tatoos/women/white people/etc are cheaters just because of what Christine’s doing, too?

        Or does it only count if Christine reinforces a bias you already have?

      • Now you’re starting to become a little bit sanctimonious Eric. Nobody enjoys being around a holier-than-thou type of person.

      • Has anybody thought Eric is saying these things cause he wants attention in any form. And every time he makes his comments you all give it to him can we keep on topic about the show. Maybe if you ignored Eric he would start thinking about his comments before making them

      • Doug, while you are busy ignoring Eric why don’t you ignore me too? Thanks! One sermon per week is enough for me and I had mine on Sunday.

      • Believer or non believer! I head two comedians explain it well in a debate once: ”Whether you’re a believer or a non-believer, just don’t be a jerk!” (they used another word at the end, but I’d like to keep my posts family friendly). Seriously though, a jerk is a jerk not by their faith, but by their actions.

      • True Matt, I’ve been around sanctimonious Christian types and sanctimonious liberal types and both make me want to roll my eyes. Neither realizes how similar they are.

      • I agree and have said so in this thread,now she cries about it because some robot calls her and cody out on it,yet she went right back to doing the same damn thing,she is an idiot,she has no scrupples at all.

    • Americans are a bunch of hypocritical prudes. People need to mind their own business when it concerns other people’s relationships. I swear after reading so many snide comments about the christine and cody situation, I thought they were caught in the shower together or something! Also, cody is gay, I’m fairly certain of that. There is nothing sexual about their cuddling.

      Lastly, caleb is the last person you should be applauding for “calling someone out”. He is a sexist stalker who thinks a woman should bow down and serve her man. Caleb had ZERO room to be calling out anyone for their actions!

      • Caleb is not married or dating Amber is not married and does not have a boyfriend So he had every right to call them out I do think Cody is gay but again he is pretending to be str8t Caleb never said a women should bow down and serve her man YOU made that up He always called her a princess and put her on a pedestal Thats not disrespecting a women As far as stalking she led him on for protection NOT ONCE DID SHE SAY STOP MAKING ADVANCES TOWARDS ME NOT ONCE So get your facts str8t

      • Actually she did he just never took no for an answer, you should get the facts str8, Caleb ain’t no womanizer, he’s a hopeless romantic stalker who actually sees himself as God’s gift on earth, I call that faulty parenting IMO.

      • Ok the moral police has arrived!! Caleb was quoted as saying “one time I got mad at my girlfriend and I drew a circle on the floor and made her sit in it to think about what she did. ” nicole replied saying that she would never let a man make her do that and calebs reply was “she would have teeth in her stomach if she talked to me that way”

        Way to stick up for a psycho who apparently would beat a woman for bad mouthing him. Of course cuddling is way worse then this (sarcasm). You’re an idiot and probably not even married you f $% cking idiot.

      • If Caleb ever put me inside a circle, I would use one of his guns to show this country bumpkin who is in charge. He is all mouth and no action. Dumb men with big egos talk big but have nothing to back them up.

      • Caleb also said Amber better learn where her place is and then stay there; figure out who had been protecting her. I think that was when they found out she wanted to try forming a girls’ alliance.

      • She never led him on she told him several times she wasn’t interested in him in that way. That they would only be friends caleb is a creepy egotistical stalker

    • Way too far is right. Sure everyone hugs, massages shoulders, etc. but when you’re constantly rubbing someone all over and laying all over them and then talks about how she’s so into him that’s crossing the line. Frankie is another one. He’s all over the guys and constantly making sexual comments to them. He’s a disgusting pig. Talk about sexual harassment.

      • I hate that pink haired little bastard,the 1st time i seen him hug and try to kiss a strait guy on the show i wanted to punch him in the face,and if i were on the show i would have been thrown off for breaking his freaking nose

      • Frankie makes me want to throw up. He is disgusting and thinks he is just the most popular dude on the show. If he only knew how much fun people were making of this fool. I loves how he purses his lips (like a little girl) and holds up his little finger. Why is it gay men imitate the worse behaviors of a women?

      • But Lavendar don’t you think this is Christine’s husband’s issue not ours? Even worse, don’t you think we (as fans) ”cross the line” when we start making personal comments about people’s character and worth when all we know of them is from a reality show? Does that not reflect poorly on us as fans? I for one couldn’t imagine the emotions of being locked in a house for 2months without my s/o around, so I can’t even say whether I would be ”better” than Christine. I hope I would be because I would never want to hurt the person I love, but I’m hoping Christine went into the house with the same intentions of not hurting her hubby.

      • Sure it’s her husbands problem and not mine. But when you’re watching a reality show you get involved in the people that are in the house. I’m sure you have your favorite just like everyone else. And it’s hard not to comment on some of their actions. I’m not the only one. Just read 90% of the posts people comment on who they like, who they hate who they think is playing the best game, etc. It’s a reality show hard not to form opinions. I’ve said numerous times I’m sure they are great people outside the house.

      • Fair enough, but do you see what I’m saying about there being a difference between general comments and when fans go too far and forget that we’re talking about real people? I mean it’s scary that people use words like ”hate” to describe somebody they don’t even know. It’s also scary when people don’t detach themselves from these sort of things and forget that it isn’t cool to comment on another person’s marriage, or to send threatening letters to characters on a show (and this is a show). I mean we (as fans) do lose perspective sometimes when we stir each other up.

      • Or he is an incredibly honourable man with integrity who doesn’t allow ”fans” to get a say in their relationship. He could be hurting a lot but chooses to deal with it privately.

    • Though I would be hurt if my spouse did the same, I would hope that people would show enough respect to my family and let ME sort that out and not try to meddle in my family business. If I needed support because I’m hurt I would turn to genuine friends who care about me and not about the joy they get from the gossip of it all. Furthermore, I really do hope that Christine’s hubby is a man of forgiveness and had a good chat with Christine ahead of time about what they would do if something like this were to occur.

  4. I hope all the zings get shown on TV. It wouldn’t be fair to hold back the Christine and Cody ones just because they don’t like what was said–they shouldn’t hang all over each other if they don’t want people to notice. Probably one or more of the others didn’t care for their own zings either, but if you go on BB? You know you’re going to get zinged, deal with it.

    • Well said..they know cameras are watching..they know exactly what they are doing. Lots of past HG’s have gotten pretty bad zings. They need to air it. People that don’t have the feeds don’t see the constant interaction between those two.

  5. As someone who dislikes Christine, I don’t understand why Derrick doesn’t get the same scrutiny she does. He and Victoria sleep in the same bed, are also huggy/touchy feely. I don’t think Derrick is being inappropriate and I don’t think Christine is either. I guess I just don’t understand why Derrick has no scrutiny for his actions.

    • He has groomed her and flattered her hugged her lay with her and blinded her to the fact that they are in a game. Would love to see her turn on him and tell all.

      • Derrick shows how someone “grooms” their victim to be abused. Being a cop he should know. In that light, he is disgusting. I have not seen him in the same bed hugging and being touchy feely.

      • I saw them in the hammock being pretty flirty-person above me said they sleep in the same bed

    • I haven’t seen anything remotely similar in volume from Derrick. Yes, he has given Victoria a supportive or congratulatory hug, but the overall behavior has been very different.

      If you have any timestamps of Derrick & Victoria behaving like Cody & Christine then I can certainly go back and check it out.

      • Matt I think she just has a pure distasteful hate towards Derrick that she’s willing to use a comparison of Cody and Christine to throw off her true reason of why she doesn’t like Derrick, has he done something to her?

      • Check out the YouTube video, Victoria and Derrick BB 16 tribute. FYI, I am not a Derrick hater; I think he deserves to win.

      • Wow I saw the video, it does seem very inappropriate! Its kind of uncomfortable to watch, knowing he has a wife, I had to turn the volume down on that song. lol

      • Oh no…yeah that looks bad. Derrick is gonna have a lot of explaining to do when he gets home.

    • While I don’t think it is on the same level as Christine and Cody’s, their behavior is still inappropriate at times.

    • According to this site, Vic was told in DR to stop doing things to the guys when she cuddles. Hayden, Frankie and someone else said things out loud about it. Next thing I see is Derrick sleeping with her. Vic can’t sleep without cuddling, at least that’s what she said to Nichol. Nichol offered to share a bed, instead Vic went to a guy. Just saying…

      • if she can,t sleep without cuddling ,she should cuddle her pillow ,like i do because i,m alone too,and prefer it that way

      • This is BB. It’s a social game as well as do what I have to to win the 500K. Christine may be playing Cody because he is playing a good game mostly flying under radar. Christine has a lot of blood on her hands. She’s responsible for the eviction of most the other house guest. She won’t get any votes if she makes it to the final. It’s like survivor, outwit, outsmart, outlast! I hope Donny wins it all!

    • Because in America it’s ok for men to behave that way but when women do they’re whores that need to be exposed and harassed by the world.

    • I am of a similar opinion. Though I would say that showing this level of affection most likely is hurtful to their spouses, it is neither my business, nor am I their God. One thing I am DEFINITELY not is superior to them! I always remind myself of my own weaknesses (the ones I admit to and the ones I don’t) and I’d be making a hypocrite of myself if I judged Cody, Christine, Derrick or Victoria for such a thing…

  6. Caleb’s zing was something about him putting on too much make up and how he should be called “beast mode cowgirl”.

    Idk what Cody’s zing was but I heard that Christine’s zing was actually something about her tattoos while Cody’s zing was actually about him being “friendly” with Christine. Idk if it’s true or not.

  7. does Christine really think BBfans haven’t noticed this before the zing bot came into the room, REALLY?? I am sure somebody from productions job is to read said blogs FOR zing bot!!!

    • Even the house called out NoBallsCody and Ratine the other night for being all over each other all the time but they didn’t care and went right back to it. And right after ZingBot they were doing it again. Then when she re-read her husband’s letter and read the part about don’t forget me she might have gotten the hint.

    • Nope she’s was just blind to the truth till Zingbot opened her eyes and made her see it for what it is but she’ll just go back to doing what she’s been doing. Remember this is the same girl who advocated for Britney and Amber to leave so she could have Cody all to herself.

      • She was even jealous of Nic cuddling with NoBallsCody. She doesn’t care about VapidVic but if NoBallsCody starts with her I think she’ll lose it.

      • If she hasn’t lost it already lol Her reaction yest was funny she was walking to go inside the house and Cody seen her crying by the couch and asked if she needed a hug, she responds, “Excuuuse me??” and Cody goes, “A handshake??”. Then she’s like, “I guess it’s ok”. Hmmm doesn’t seem that upset after she spent close to an hour by the couch reading the letter her husband wrote.

  8. The only people that act like they are in a relationship is Derrick and Donny, Christine has been acting like a unmarried woman. The Zingbot brought it to her attention and bam she right back to Cody!
    I hate to be in her shoe when she goes home

    • Yeah your right, she has huge mess to clean up when she gets home, wonder how family picnics and reunions are gonna be like?

    • Her husband is trying to minimize it on his twitter but I think her pastor, church and in-laws already know. Plus there is that YouTube of her pleasuring herself. She really seems to not care the cameras are on 24/7.

      • YouTube? I thought only only Frankie was the YouTube star in house… WTh is the deal with girl? I heard her humiliate her husband more by saying she could make him do anything for her so she made him lick the dog against the grain and he had black fur covering his tongue she is disgusting and disrespectful!

      • I hadn’t heard that. That’s awful. How about when she said people always asked her husband how he got someone like her? Building yourself up and tearing down your spouse at the same time.

      • JacinJax you seem really fixed on making sure people share your judgement of Christine. But honestly is this the appropriate? Wouldn’t this fall under the banner of gossip and slander? Wouldn’t this also hurt you deeply if you knew somewhere out in cyberspace there’s a forum of people who feel qualified to make judgements about your comments and character because you’ve gone ”public” (and all’s fair in slamming people when they’re in the public eye right?) I think I know you well enough to know your intentions are not meant to hurt but to express disappointment – but please remember these are real human beings with real feelings and real lives you’re talking about.

  9. I don’t understand why some get so upset over a cuddle. Human contact does not have to be sexual. It amazes me how uptight some are and pushing their feelings onto Christine’s husband.

    • It wasn’t the hugging or cuddling so much as Cody & Christine humping in bed and being too touchy/feely with each other.

    • Cuddling is one thing but laying all over him, rubbing all over him I’d say that’s taking things too far.

      • Derrick said he thinks it was not really inappropriate but he[CODY] still needs to be kicked in the balls,but thats really hard to do to a guy who has no balls

    • My husband is not jealous, but if I acted that way, I know he would look at it as being disrespectful to him on my part and Cody’s part and I would agree. I have no idea if Christine feels her husband doesn’t deserve that respect, if he feels he doesn’t deserve the respect, or if they either one even care. I hope it doesn’t cause them any problems.

      • Your right we really have no idea what they feel towards each other in terms of respect and boundaries but is it really not common knowledge between a couple that those types of behavior are disrespectful and one should establish that or purposefully fall into temptation.

      • You would think so, but traditional views about a lot of things are becoming more unaccepted and less practiced. Guess I’m just a little pessimistic thinking society is going to hell in a hand basket.

      • Hey there’s my gal and you said it so well! The issue isn’t for us to judge what is ”appropriate” but rather for Christine and her husband to figure out what is honouring to each other. If they are ”ok” with this, then who are we to say anything? If he is hurting (and she intentionally is causing this hurt) then of course the criticism is warranted. The problem is that none of us know these people – we’re watching a reality show – we don’t know these people and their life stories!

      • I am trying to regain my sensibility in all of this. This nonsense can literally invade your personal space….if you allow it to. Gotta take a step back and be a little realistic and not make the mistake of thinking that my moral compass and the HGs moral compass are the same and not use that as a tool by which to comment. Always enjoy hearing from you, Matt

    • Its not only disrespectful but embarrassing…she is on national tv…that poor husband. Unless they have some sort of open marriage?

  10. I sure hope all of the Zings get aired. But I’m sure they will edit some of them out. I really want to see all of them. Can’t wait until Wednesday.

  11. I think the whole zingbot thing is so incredibly stupid I wish we could do away with it all together and now they add in Kathy Griffin to make it even more annoying…!! great. Christine and Cody need to stop, that is so disrespectful to her poor husband and Cody should know better… I am liking him less and less every week… and how he sat there last night not volunteering to go up on the block after everybody else has been up Caleb has volunteered three times…

  12. In a perfect Big Brother world, the HOH that wins tomorrow’s competition should align with the person that returns to the game. I am hoping for either Hayden, Nicole, or tomorrow’s evictee (probably Zach) to return and Donny to win HOH.

  13. Donny: Your luck is very Duck Dynasty. Too bad your social game is more like Suck Dynasty.

    Its supposed to be Donny: Your LOOK is very Duck Dynasty. Too bad your social game is more like Suck Dynasty.

  14. Christine said it herself in the DR on Sunday’s episode that she’s willing to flirt to advance herself in the game and she’s hoping her husband understands.

  15. Can’t believe Christine and Cody are concerned and are discussing this with production. If you both had kept your hands to yourself neither one of you would need to be concerned. BUT to then voice your concern and continue with the actions you are concerned about is just plain stupid.

    Christine echo’d Cody’s concerns and it was heavily discussed after the Feeds returned. Christine is very worried about her pastor and members of her church hearing the Zing and thinking poorly of her. She must not be too worried though as she almost immediately started doing it again and the cameras zoom right in on their hands pawing at one another.

  16. Does the returning HG get a week of safety? I am really starting to really dislike Cody. He has turned into an arrogant and nasty person. The way he talks about Donny is terrible. He way he has acted with Christine the entire season. I really want to see Frankie, Cody, Christine, Caleb and Derrick come off of those high horses that they have been on for awhile..they are way too comfortable..they treat Donny like dirt..trying to make all of his wins seem like nothing..Hayden or Nicole..get back in that HOH, team up with Donny and hopefully flip the script on these people..I am not really sure I want Zach to come back in..I am afraid that Derrick and Frankie will mist him once again and the same old crap would just start all over again.

    • I really think that Christine’s hatred of Donny has rubbed off on Cody. In the beginning Cody liked Donny. In the beginning Cody liked Zach Christine hasn’t hidden her dislike for these 2 guys. Now since Cody has been around Christine, Cody doesn’t like them either. My question what has Donny ever done to either one of them to be hated so much. Do I hear jealousy?

      • That green eyed monster is a mean and nasty thing. I totally agree with you, that is why Christina wanted Nicole out so too close with Cody on many occasions, not near “as close” as Christine has with him, but too close in her eyes.

  17. No more ZIngbot… That segment reminded me of daytime children’s cartoons…

    “Zingbot’s broken! Do you guys want to help fix him? Good!”
    “Yay kids we fixed Zingbot! Good job! Looks like he’s back to normal!”

    It’s embarrassing to watch.

      • Woah now I like the show, i just didn’t like that segment.
        Are you seriously suggesting that if you don’t like Zingbot then you don’t like big brother? Hahaha come on man…

      • no. What I am saying is: if you don’t like the Zingbot segment, don’t watch. Plenty of people (me included) love Zingbot. No one is forcing you to watch Zingbot.

      • I mean when Zingbot shows up you can just leave the room and come back later. I didn’t watch Amazing Race because of Brendan and Rachel and I like that show. So how about you “come on”

  18. Why are people so salty that derrick is playing the game well? Hes there to win, not hand Donny a 500 K check. And hes not ugly either.

  19. Let’s hope Jacosta loves being in the jury house that she doesn’t even try to compete. Just like Helen did last year

  20. Christine needs to stop crying. if its really true what she said about “playing the game” and thats the reason she is touchy and flirty with Cody, then what is the problem? Why cry about it ? I think she feels guilty because Cody is the only one who she flirts with.Honestly I think she might have a crush on him where Cody is a whore and acts this way with all the girls. I would never act this way if I was married. Not even for votes!!

  21. Zingbot should have come with the police and zinged Caleb that he was getting arrested for animal cruelty, especially after bragging about it. I agree he’s not good looking, his personality takes away ANY thing that could have been attractive about him. He makes me sick. I hope there are handcuffs waiting for him after the finale, I can’t believe CBS and BB let that slide on bbad, he should have been removed from house immediately,

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