Sneak Peek: Zingbot Returns And Causes Tears Tonight On Big Brother 16 – Update: Zing Video Added

The Veto competition this week on Big Brother 16 features the return of the Zingbot and we’ve got your preview of the competition and the latest round of Zings.

Zingbot and Kathy Griffin on tonight's Big Brother 16
Zingbot and Kathy Griffin on tonight’s Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Players in the PoV had to connect a series of wiring to power up the Zingbot and run the circuit through a row of its most important functions: Sass, Zing, Wit, and one other that I can make out in the photo. The challenge was to figure out which path would create the circuit and light up each function along the way. First to finish would win the Veto.

Of course as with any Zingbot visit the HGs get a jab or two and this season’s were apparently rough enough to leave Christine in tears for most the night after it was over. Caleb caught a Zing over wearing make-up (he has curled his eyelashes, applied mascara, and used eye liner). Donny got one for his beard looking like Duck Dynasty, but a social game of Suck Dynasty.

It was Cody’s Zing for his near-constant touching, pawing, and hand holding with the very-much married Christine that caused all the tears.

Since CBS hadn’t included much of what Feedsters had seen of the pair doing this for most of the season I wasn’t sure if that’d get included tonight. Then on Sunday they finally included a segment on it and that cleared the path for it to show up tonight.

Check out the rest of the Zingbot’s Zings on Big Brother 16 to get ready for tonight’s Big Brother show featuring special guest Kathy Griffin who delivers a few Zings of her own.

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Update: CBS has released a quick video clip featuring one of Griffin’s Zings. I’d guess it’s about Christine, but maybe it’s about the fake ones Derrick wears around. Watch the clip below:



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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the looks on Christine and Cody’s face when they get zinged plus the aftermath. I saw a little of it on the live feeds but not for long. I also want to see Kathy zing Frankie. It should be an interesting episode. lol

    • One is – surprised your so tanned always being in your sisters shadow zing. I only know cause they talked abt it on LF.

  2. Zingbot – The only truth teller on Big Brother! Christine deserves her Zing, considering she’s married and flirting with Cody! It’s not for her game, I can tell you that much.

  3. What I don’t get is how Christine and Cody don;t see what everyone else on the planet thinks is obvious. Cody flirts with all the girls and he has hugged an pawed most of them too. But Christine has only been touchy feely with one guy in the house and that’s Cody. I don’t know what her husband is like as a person, but my goodness that has to be uncomfortable for him to watch. I am no prude but her behavior is totally inappropriate for a married woman game or no game.

    As for Cody, someone needs to tell him to stop sucking his snot all the time. It makes we want to puke. I ca’;t even watch when he is on camera because every few seconds he makes that noise of snot being violently drawn into is throat and down into his stomach. Disgusting!!

    • Codys habit has been disgusting. I estimate he has swallowed almost two bathtubs full of snot since he entered the house.

      • OMG!!!!!! That is so disgusting I actually gagged. But it is probably a fairly close measurement. YUCK YUCK

    • Maybe it’s her snout. The way he likes to snort down his own snot…. Just saying. She is far from his league married or not

  4. Donny is starting to talk an awful lot of game the last two days or so..right now he is basically telling Christine the same thing he told Cody yesterday. Cody told Derrick..Christine will run and tell what they talked about. I feel like Donny is putting a bigger target on his back. I guess he figures what does he have to lose at this point in the game…he just wants someone to work with..hopefully Hayden or Nicole come back in and give him some help.

    • Still going to be hard 6-2 unless they can pull someone in. One of them HAS to win HOH to make it.

  5. Frankie has got to go. I just can not watch bbad anymore. He is just ignorant. His best friend. Really.

    • I haven’t been able to watch it the past few nights. I was DVRing it each night in case I fell asleep but I’m not even going to do that anymore. I wish I never had to look at his mug again or hear all those stupid voices he uses, but I will finish watching the season despite my utter disgust for him.

  6. When Cody isn’t fondling Christine he’s fondling his junk. Donny made that observation last night that Cody was always grabbing himself.

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