Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 1 Saturday Highlights

Saturday went from a relaxing day of bikinis and sunbathing to an all-out crazy fest by the end of the night. Someone forgot to tell these HGs it’s just Week 1 in the Big Brother house.

Zach yawns on Big Brother 16
Big Brother is wearing Zach out – Source: CBS

After a calm day Joey started to scramble when she realized how much danger she was in, but what did she do? She dug that hole of danger even deeper. Much, much deeper.

Joey made a house announcement then went to Devin and exposed her plans to get him out. Unfortunately for her this didn’t work like she thought it would.

Find out the highlights from overnight on the Big Brother Live Feeds and get caught up on where the house is headed next. Looks like we’ve got a fun week ahead of craziness.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, June 28, 2014:

9:30AM BBT – HGs getting their wake up call.

10:00AM BBT – Caleb resting out in the hammock and enjoying a beer. Nice.

10:20AM BBT – Hayden tells Nicole he had a “steamy dream” about her & retells the prelude to their “steamy” interaction.

11:00AM BBT – Zach invests some time in building a relationship with Donny. They talk in the backyard and then work out for awhile. Nice to see Donny have someone since he sometimes seems isolated.

12:05PM BBT – Caleb is walking around wearing Frankie’s shorts, because they’re the same size (no).

1:00PM BBT – HGs break out their swimsuits and hit the pool. Picture gallery here.

3:45PM BBT – Zach and Frankie get together in HoH and start talking game. They’re working on side alliance plans to keep them covered. Zach is building his with Cody & Derrick, but his F2 with Frankie is still solid.

4:50PM BBT – Devin urges Caleb to not get hung up on Amber and to focus on the game instead.

5:35PM BBT – Devin and Joey talking in the Living room. He’s asking again why she’s been making these questionable moves. She admits she played too hard, too fast. But never fear because Joey says she has “done the calculations” and has now figured out the game. She knows there can be no alliances and now knows how to navigate these pitfalls. Wait for it…

5:58PM BBT – Joey makes a house announcement. She tells the kitchen that Caleb is going to poll everyone to decide who should be the renom. No, he’s not, but he’s just saying that to cover his decision to renom her.

7:30PM BBT – Caleb and Devin talking about Joey. Devin: “She came, she saw, she didn’t conquer.” Caleb: “One down.”

7:55PM BBT – Victoria, Paola, and Amber talking in Fire room. They can’t believe what Joey is doing and how it’s actually hurting their games. Sounds like Joey has even lost their support.

8:25PM BBT – Zach and Joey in the hammock. He’s prodding her on what she needs to do. Joey admits she wants to see Devin go home. Zach agrees. Derrick joins & they start manipulating Joey. Now settle in for some fun here.

8:35PM BBT – Joey pulls Devin in the Hive and tells him she wants him to go home this week. She’s planning to name him to Caleb when he asks her. Devin just sits there and nods. Joey leaves to go back outside and Devin dances out of the room smiling.

8:40PM BBT – Joey is back outside talking to Derrick & Zach. Meanwhile Devin is inside telling everyone what just happen. They’re laughing and perplexed by Joey’s bizarre behavior. This didn’t help Joey’s chances. From now for awhile the HGs are going to be talking about this in various groups and pairs. Joey’s actions are not well received. She’s sinking her ship.

9:00PM BBT – Joey going around telling HGs about her decision that they should target Devin. HGs pretend this is the first they’ve heard of her telling Devin that, but really they all already know. Joey is oblivious.

9:05PM BBT – Caleb and Devin laughing about Joey’s behavior. Christine comes in and joins in the fun. All agree she’s doing a bad job with her game play.

9:45PM BBT – Cody, Zach, and Derrick agree that it’d be a great chance to get out Devin, but Caleb won’t put him up so forget it. Though if they get the chance soon then they need to take it and evict Devin.

9:50PM BBT – Frankie suggests Cody should have sex with Brittany to gain control over her. Cody says he’d never do that because her three kids are watching.

10:10PM BBT – Hayden and Amber agree that Joey’s actions tonight make the vote choice easy come Thursday.

12:20AM BBT – Devin and Brittany get in to an argument. It’s rather mild, no yelling, but both are upset at the other. Brittany leaves and goes to cry in the bathroom. When everyone leaves there she goes to cry out in the backyard instead. Eventually she comments that Devin acts just like her ex-husband.

12:45AM BBT – Britt getting support in the hammock from Pao. Derrick and Nicole come over too and chat. Derrick is being very supportive.

5:30AM BBT – Joey and Britt are still up and in the backyard. Britt tells Joey that Paola will definitely go home over her. Nope. Britt starts talking about Devin and how she thinks he might throw her across the room “like a chicken wing” if he got evicted. This girl has a serious problem with Devin.

Joey’s game is done. As much as some HGs might want to get Devin out now they also know Caleb will not put up Devin at the Veto Ceremony on Monday. Instead Joey will go up and she will go home. Team America!

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