Cody Calafiore is HoH on Big Brother

Cody Calafiore is HoH on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Another week with Cody Calafiore at the helm of Big Brother 16 and another round of HoH pics as one of the perks. Of course these would be better if HGs didn’t sleep until dinner, though maybe Big Brother could just do the camera later in the day.

Last time Cody was HoH I noted they were the saddest pics yet as few were around to share in the fun. This time, it’s even worse. There were a few with Christine and one of a “confused Victoria” as CBS puts it, but is that seems a little redundant.

Check out Cody’s pics below and then get ready for a whole new Head of Household on tonight’s Big Brother 16!

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Source: CBS


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