Ready to find out who will be sent home tonight on Big Brother? Let’s take a look at our predictions for the next eviction vote with the potential for a tiebreaker by Devin.

Big Brother 16 HGs prepare for an eviction

Big Brother 16 HGs prepare for an eviction – Source: CBS

I’m agreeing with the majority of readers here who suggest Zach will be safe after tonight’s vote. Since Monday we’ve known Zach was the renom and he’s been working hard to secure votes ever since. Now it looks like he’s sitting pretty, but nothing is official until those Houseguests step inside the Diary Room to cast their votes

More predictions are in from these Big Brother sites and things look bad for the aspiring DJ.

Big Brother 16 Week 2 Eviction Predictions – Paola Shea or Zach Rance?:

Paola Shea
Big Brother Source Paola Shea
Paola Shea
Big Brother Access Paola Shea
Zap2It Paola Shea
Paola Shea
Big Brother Fix Paola Shea
Big Brother Junkies Paola Shea

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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