Big Brother 16 Episode 22 Recap: Game Shifts Into Overdrive


Big Brother 16 has been chugging along at a decent pace, but this week the game has picked up some speed and is now going full throttle.

Alliances have crumbled, secrets have been revealed and emotions are high. And we got a look at all of that during Sunday’s episode. The episode picked up right after Frankie won the Battle of the Block by himself. He decides he has to play his “Ace card,” the truth, to get people back on his side.

But first, it’s time for some major “Zankie” fallout. Zach and Frankie go at it for awhile, calling each other liars and this and that. Then Caleb chimes in to let Frankie know that they know he went to Christine and Nicole about putting up the guys he’s been working with all season.

In steps Derrick, the voice of reason, and everyone calms and goes behind closed doors to talk this all out. But unfortunately, it all just leads to Frankie letting everyone know that he’s a multi-media “mogul.” Oh and he tells them that his sister is Ariana Grande, but no one knows who she is. Derrick though it was Amanda Grande and Cody thought “Ari” was a dude. No one in that room cares. So Frankie takes his news to the girls for a different reaction.

Victoria and the others think it’s great that he’s Ariana’s sister and yeah. I’d rather just stop watching the show altogether at this point, but I have this job to do. But at least Christine knows he’s boasting and even Victoria thinks he’s using it as an “escape goat.” So maybe this won’t work out as he planned.

The only person it’s really effecting is Zach, whom Frankie has claimed is his closest friend in the house. Zach is in tears at the possibility that no one else will stand a chance against Frankie now.

So Operation Grande is a bust. Sorry, Frankie.

Now back to the game. Donny and Zach will be joined in the veto competition by Derrick, Caleb and Nicole (and Christine as HOH). And the veto competition is OTEV!

Donny is the first person out of the competition. Nicole is out next. Christine is the next person out. Derrick is out after Nicole and that leaves Caleb and Zach. Zach bests Caleb in the final round and wins the Power of Veto.


Christine is the most upset because she wanted Zach out and now she has to get more blood on her hands by naming a replacement nominee.

And with the veto in his hand, Zach decides this week’s safety is a good enough reason for him to start spilling all of his secrets. He starts with Victoria and all she hears is that Zach was in an alliance with Derrick and that breaks her heart, she says. That’s because she thought Derrick was on her side and her side only.

Zach didn’t realize what he did, so he tries to clean up the mess with Victoria. But she’s too hysterical to really listen. So he tries to cover his missteps with Derrick. Zach decides to blame that on Nicole. But Derrick doesn’t buy it. He knows Zach is lying. But Derrick is more concerned about getting Victoria back on his side. And along the way, he decides it’s not a bad idea to make Zach look bad again, which has been the theme of this season (especially with Derrick and Team America).

Speaking of Team America, the mission this week was another horrible choice (good work, again, America), so they can’t do it.

Back to the game again. Derrick, Caleb and Cody are talking about what’s going to happen when Zach uses the veto. They don’t want Cody or Derrick going up and Derrick doesn’t want VIctoria going up. So they decide Nicole should go up. So Caleb decides to go to Christine and work toward getting Nicole on the block.

Caleb tells her that Nicole said “Caleb, if you throw (the BOTB), I will backdoor Christine.”

So at the Veto ceremony, Zach uses it on himself and Christine does decide to put Nicole up in his place. So either Nicole or Donny will be evicted Thursday night.


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