Big Brother 16 Episode 12 Recap: A New Alliance, A New Language


All in one Big Brother 16 night we got to see two new HOHs crowned, four nominees go up, a new alliance form, two nominees come down and a HOH dethroned.

Oh, and we got to hear Jocasta speak in a new language. Seriously, I’d LOVE to quote her, but I don’t think Google would recognize it.

Sunday night’s episode picked up in the middle of the Head of Household competition. Devin just walked out the door and Derrick’s HOH reign ended. It starts to look like Brittany and Jocasta can win this and shake things up. If this house needs anything, it’s a power shift. But in the end, the power remains where it has the entire time as Frankie and Cody win the competition.

But with Caleb’s recent actions and Cody as one of the heads of households, things could still be shook up. Wait, Derrick is still running things. So, never mind. He won’t let that happen.

More likely to be a target is Brittany and she already knows it. She believes there’s still some leftover Bomb Squad members and expects she’ll be going up on the block again.

It’s HOH room reveal time. And luckily Ariana Grande only sent in baby photos of her, so Frankie’s secret is still safe. And Cody got a picture of his dad, who he is VERY close with (if you remember back to episode 1, they were practically making out). But it’s time to get down to business.

Later in the HOH room are five people: Frankie, Derrick, Zach, Cody and Christine. They decide it’s a good thing that Caleb and Amber aren’t in the room, so they decide that five will make up a good new alliance. And so The Detanators are born and Caleb, Amber and the Bomb Squad are through.

And just when I was starting to enjoy the episode, it’s Team America mission time. And this one is even more ridiculous than the first. America decided that Frankie, Derrick and Donny need to get a physical threat nominated for eviction. OK. What a pointless twist. Have I mentioned how much I hate Team America?

So Frankie got the mission and fills Derrick in. They immediately decide that Amber will quality as a physical threat and she was already an option (as you could see on the Live Feeds if you were a subscriber), so that’s an easy $5,000 for each of them. Again, WAY too easy, too pointless and just a waste of time.

Let’s catch up with Brittany again. She continues to basically invite herself to be nominated. She tells Frankie that Cody will probably put her up because she doesn’t kiss his ass and flaunt herself at him like all the other girls. Frankie goes to tell Cody and he’s quite insulted by it. Good job, Brittany.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she tells Cody she’s over it all and that she hates fakeness and lies and doesn’t seem to want to be there. Cody then confronts her on what she said to Frankie and she doesn’t really defend herself or lie (which has been one of her greatest weaknesses in the game).

Frankie decides to see what Caleb thinks about putting Amber up. Caleb claims to be pretty over Amber because of what he thinks is going on with Cody. So Caleb gives Frankie the OK to nominate Amber.

And since there are other people actually in the house, they decide to give us a quick segment on how no one wants to sleep with Victoria. In case you’re wondering who Victoria is, I think she’s the one with the long black hair who hasn’t really done anything in the game. You’ll learn more about her next episode, I promise.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Frankie goes with Amber and Jocasta while Cody goes for Victoria and Brittany. What we don’t see in the episode, Brittany is the main target with Jocasta as a backup target (that’s why they weren’t put up by the same HOH.


And up next is the Battle of the Block competition. Its sort of a chess board/puzzle-ish competition and Brittany is out first, followed by Jocasta. So it’s down to Amber and Victoria. In the end, Amber wins, saving her and Jocasta, who is over in the corner sobbing and speaking in religious tongue. OK, since it’s at the end of the recap, I’ll go ahead and quote her. “Didadidadidadidadida dadadadadadad didadidadidadidadida,” Jocasta said happily.

So Frankie has been dethroned and Brittany and Victoria remain on the block ahead of the Power of Veto competition.


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