There’s a lot to look at since last week’s Big Brother 15 player rankings. We’ve got two Heads of Housholds, two vetoes and two evictions to consider. And in between, not a lot of game. So this might be the hardest rankings for me yet.

But let’s get to it.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Player Rankings 

1. Andy. He has continued to keep his plan afloat and after winning the last Head of Household and veto, he solidified his final three plan by sending McCrae home. And to be honest, Andy should be able to win against either Spencer or GinaMarie in the final two and he knows it. I think his best shot is to win against Spencer and again, he knows that also.

2. McCrae. I don’t normally rank evicted housguests this high, but this is a special case. McCrae won the veto when he was 100 percent going home. It only bought him  a few extra days instead of a week because of the speed-up, but it was still a very important moment for him. But as we know, his luck stopped there.

3. Spencer. He won the first HOH of the week which basically meant he was safe for the week. He put up McCrae — The Exterminators’ target — but he allowed McCrae to win the veto and his plan fell apart and he had to evict one of his own alliance.

4. GinaMarie. Well, as usual, there’s not much to say about GM. She doesn’t deserve to be where she is right now, but she is, and I’m still adjusting to it. She didn’t really make any moves in the past week leading into the final HOH, so she lands in 4th place.

5. Judd. Oh Judd. I hated to see you go again, but you really blew it this week. You got too emotional and actually quit the veto game that McCrae won that actually sealed your fate.


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