Big Brother 15 – Week 8 Weekend Wrap-Up

Clowny commits suicide

The Big Brother 15 weekend is wrapping up so here’s a quick rundown on what you might have missed since the last episode. The Live Feeds never stop so we’re always watching and that keeps us, and you!, way ahead of CBS.

Here’s what’s been going on and yes, there are many spoilers below.

Head of Household – Week 8:
The competition was held on the live show, but the fallout was just for the Feedsters to enjoy. While Helen sang praises of Aaryn matching Janelle’s skills Amanda sought solace in the Storage room behind the trash can as she cried over losing yet another competition and this one when the other competitors tried their hardest to throw it to her.

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Have-Nots – Week 8:
This sounds like it’ll be a fun competition to watch. The HGs were split in to two teams and raced against the clock to be the first to find a key. The guys won with a time around two minutes while the girls took over seven minutes, according to HG discussions.

Have-Nots this week include Amanda, Elissa, GinaMarie, and Helen. They’ll be eating Slop and completely avoiding the supplements of habaneros and head cheese.

Nominations – Week 8:
Aaryn is sticking to her 3AM alliance with Amanda, Andy, and McCrae. On Friday night she nominated Helen and Elissa while assuring both they would be safe. Not true. Helen is in trouble here.

Power of Veto – Week 8:
It was another late Veto competition on Saturday and when the Feeds returned we found Elissa was all smiles. The competition featured the return of Otev where the players ran around searching for increasingly rare names. Sounds like it may have come down to Elissa and Andy which would be surprising since Andy did not want to win that comp.

What’s next? – Week 8:
On Monday the Power of Veto Ceremony will be held where Elissa will most definitely use the Veto and force Aaryn to name a renom. Aaryn is planning to renom Spencer in Elissa’s place, but Helen will remain the target.

The next few days will be interested in Helen currently believes she’s safe and Spencer will be heading home. If she figures out the truth soon enough then she might be able to work her magic, but if not then Helen will face off against the other 3 Jury members for a shot at coming back to the game.

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  1. It’s possible that Andy isn’t capable of throwing a competition. Maybe Andy is more competitive than he comes across and maybe he knows himself enough to know that he can’t throw a comp. That could be why he went for the POV and why he was feeling tortured about it. He knew he’d try no matter what and then if he won he’d have to betray his alliance in some way.

    • Or the other ones where so weak that Andy survived just because his weak play is too much for all the other ones… except Elissa.
      (Spencer should have been the first one out since i have doubts that he could climb the water tarp)

      • If spencer wins the HOH the 2 on the bench are Amanda and Mcrae.
        He was the only one that already say that “a couple is too powerful for the final 5”.
        Nobody else is caring with that when they started to make alliances with everyone.
        Andy and Aaryn are waiting for someone else to attack Amanda-Mcrae.

      • He should ! Obviously he’s the lowest on the totem pole. The guy is always on the block. He became a professional nominee. lol

  2. Helen deserves to be shown the door. She has been a smart player but her biggest mistake was not getting rid of amanda when she had the chance.
    Moreover, the haste in which she threw elissa under the bus was astounding! I’m at a point now where I hate macranda. It should have been broken up long ago.

    • Thopper14 – You are so right! I am tired of Helen and her maneuvering but watching her cry and complain to all about Elissa was a real turn off. She can go now and I cannot wait to see her face. Why the house guests are playing with Amanda is beyond me. I am so tired of her whining and crying. Good grief, if she were the last Real Estate Agent on the planet, I would not buy or list with her. She is outright repulsive. McCrae needs to grow a pair and move on with his life without that baggage.
      I really am stumped why the winners keep bowing to Amanda and doing what she wants. This has been a very irritating season. I will have to see what is up against BB-16 next season to decide if I will continue to be a fan. As of now I am tired of it.

  3. I think it would be super exciting to see Helen get Aaryn back on her side and replace Elissa with Amanda or Mcrae. That’s what I hope to see. A real game changer – big moves!!

    • As much as I dislike Helen, that would be awesome TV. Not sure Aaryn has what it takes to do that. Since Amanda is already talking about getting rid of Aaryn next, would make sense that Amanda gets backdoored. That might be wishful thinking though.

    • If Mccrae goes up, Helen for sure goes home. Her only chance is if Amanda goes up and they convince Spencer that Mccrae will not come after him if he votes Amanda out (that will be a hard sell). I really don’t see Andy turning on Amanda. But it would be good TV, watching Amanda melt down.

      • I’m afraid that with the coming competition this Thursday that will bring back a jury member to the game, McCrae or maybe even Amanda might fight his/her way back in and succeeds.

      • Cutesmartdarling – OMG – that would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, I think that is all it would be. Darn!

  4. Helen talking to Elissa, she is calling the people in the jury (Judd, Candice and Jessie), the crazy people. She did.

      • I’m assuming that’s covered in the rules. What they earn on the show has to be declared as a revenu to the IRS. For that you need a US social security number. I’m assuming it’s the only basic requirement.

    • she is still an american citizen. just cause you live in canada does make that person a non american. chances are she lives between both countries. you can only stay in canada/us for period of time. unless she has dual citizenship.

      • marriage does not give them both legal status for both sides of border. unless they individually apply to receive us/canadian citizenship.

      • You’re mixing legal status and citizenship. Mariage give automatic acces to a green card. Green card give you the right to live full time in the US. Green card holder can ask for citizenship after 5 years of holding a green card. But they don’t have to. Same thing in Canada.

      • Things on our side of the border are a bit different than you think Capt (mind you I’m a bit confused also). We have something called Permanent Resident status which usually takes a few months (must be applied for, not automatic) after somebody marries a non-Canadian. Then, once you have that perm-res status you can apply for Canadian citizenship. This usually takes a couple years to get through the system (1-2 years I’m guessing), but for USA citizens it is not required. You can remain permanent residents I believe.

  5. Why does Amanda think a jury member is coming back. Julie didn’t tell the houseguest I still think she is getting outside information. Not fair.

    • She’s just speculating, as were many of the other house guests, they’ve all said it at one point or another.

      • Julie hinted the other week of a jury member coming back. With only a month left in the game (5 weeks to be exact), there’s still much to be done.

        With 7 players left after this Thursday, we’re still due with another double eviction, that and more until we reach final three before the 18th of September.

  6. I am sitting here watching Big Bother after dark…it is so boring! Judd brought fun and laughter to the show! Im hope he is the one that gets back in the game! It’s time for Helen and Amanda to go! This is the first time I have ever watched the show….unless Judd comes back I will Never watch again! Team JUDD!

  7. Can a live feeder please explain to me what Helen and Elissa are talking about right now..(BB 10:30 8/18) its about David.

  8. I have trouble understanding why everyone seems to be afraid of Amanda. (or is she riding on McCreas coattail?)

  9. Amanda needs to go!!!! She is sliding thru n those lil fits…. HOW OLD ARE YOU AMANDA? Grow up!!!! Get her out!!! Wish BB would get exciting lol

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