‘Big Brother 15’ Nomination Anticipation – Aaryn Calling The Shots Again In Week 8

Big Brother 15 - Aaryn and Judd photo booth

Another week, another Head of Household for Aaryn. Making this her fourth HoH win and fifth comp win of the season. All of Aaryn’s issues aside, it’s an impressive record but that’s about as much praise as that BB15 HG is going to manage out of me.

Now that she’s back in the penthouse Aaryn will once again be setting the tone of the week with her nominations. Two HGs will be sent to the chopping block with nothing but a Veto and a vote in between them and Jury. Following a night of watching the Live Feeds we know who is going up on the block and which HG is this week’s real target.

After climbing out from behind the trash can, seriously, Amanda stopped pouting long enough to start pulling the strings again and making her nomination wishes known. She sends McCrae to find Aaryn and bring her before her, but instead McCrae has his own quick conversation with Aaryn ahead of Amanda’s arrival.

Flashback to 7:31PM BBT 8/15 to hear Aaryn and McCrae discussing the nominations.

Aaryn agrees with McCrae and says she wants to nominate Helen and Elissa. Helen is set to be the target but they plan on telling Helen that they’re actually going after Elissa.

Earlier that night Elissa allegedly refused to sit between Aaryn and GinaMarie because she doesn’t like them. That pissed off Aaryn. Now Aaryn plans to use that as ammo to provide cover while they go after Helen.

When Amanda arrives they rehash this plan and all agree that Spencer would be the renom should either of them come down after the Veto.

Amanda makes a very smart suggestion for Aaryn to make it appears as those she (Aaryn) is playing very closely with GinaMarie again. The idea here being that if either Helen or Elissa decides to come back after Aaryn next week they might be more likely to nominate Aaryn and GinaMarie as a pair, thinking they’re together. Then Aaryn could more easily survive nominations and it would keep one of the 3AM members from being up there with her.

So there we have it. Helen and Elissa will be Aaryn’s nominations tonight. Spencer will be the renom if needed on Monday at the Ceremony. Then one of those three will be sent to Jury on Thursday.

Don’t forget that one of the first four Jury members will be coming back to the game next week. Exciting times ahead on Big Brother 15! Join us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates throughout the day all season!


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  1. Whoever it is that comes back has to be HOH, or I don’t see it working out well for them. Well unless it’s Helen she can leave the same week. I would be okay with that :)

    • The person returning should get a diamond POV to atleast, last one week in the Big Brother House. The 3AM alliance will target the returning house guest that very week and could be going home if he or she does not win HOH! A diamond POV will be a huge twist as the one who has it can overrule their nomination and nominate someone else in place! And they should also give the returning house guest an option to use the diamond POV the following week if he or she wins HOH or POV this coming week. That way, you give that person a chance by keeping that person in the house for atleast 2 weeks!

      • AGREE. We had this BS before when Brandon came back for a second and was voted out the same day. Why even send one back if they do not have immunity for a week at least to stir things up and get the RACISTS OUT

      • No one should get a diamond power of veto. The person will already get a second chance which is just pointless and nonsensical to begin with, but giving them an unfair advantage while being given a second chance is completely ludicrous and absurd. It is unfair to waste an hoh that was used to evict one of these people. I also don’t like any of the houseguests, but I don’t want cheating. Also, If the person that comes back wins the game, it just would not be fair.

      • It has been done before and it will bring excitement to the game. As for HOH, it has been wasted over and over evicting the non-threats in the game. Giving them the power to last 2 weeks in the Big Brother House is no big deal! Twists has been introduced in other seasons so, how is that any different? Producers have the leeway under creative license. In the Storage Wars case filed by David Hester against A & E, the judge ruled that the producers had the creative license to craft the show any way they see fit! That includes planting valuables in lockers as alleged by David Hester. You can whine about it but, producers of Big Brother can introduce any twists as they deem fit
        under creative license.

    • I agree. First of all, none of them are any good at comps so they will be easy targets. The only one I think who might have a chance to stay is Judd because they like him personally.

  2. So Helen is in trouble as I predicted for many weeks when she decided not to gun down for Amanda. Helen’s big mistake now seals her fate. When Jessie planned to evict Amanda, Helen should have supported her and defied Andy’s requests to keep Amanda. Oh well!

    • If Helen half tried, Amanda probably would be gone by now! She and Judd had two chances and Jessie’s reward for helping her is being stabbed in the back and thrown under the bus afterwards! Atleast, if Helen goes, she can see how stupid she really is!

      • I can’t agree with you more! Helen’s strategy was always to vote with the house…but on thing she forgot was that it had to come to an end! Maybe her politcal strategies did not work.

    • I am not sure Helen ever had the votes to get Amanda out. Her mistake was trusting Andy. But I don’t think Helen is going home this week. I think Elissa is going home. Once Helen and Elissa go up on the block, Elissa will have a meltdown while Helen will act calm. Elissa’s melt down will make her the bigger target and she will be evicted despite Amanda’s plan. This is Candice all over again. They can’t tell Elissa that Helen is the real target because they can’t trust Elissa to keep it quiet. Elissa has no clue she is in the house to play the Big Brother game. She thinks its all about liking people or not liking them in her case. She doesn’t realize in this game you can dislike someone but you still have to make nice to them in order to keep yourself safe.

      At this point, I don’t think she deserves to be in the house and I am pretty sure the people in the house feel the same way. I have no idea why she is on the show in the first place. She is the most disinterested contestant ever.

      • She had on the week with Candice-Howard-Amanda.
        Spencer had 4 votes. They needed 5 to tie. With helen-Elissa they would had Amanda out… but Helen made the numbers and forgot that Mcrae would never vote for Amanda. So it was out of the picture.
        Elissa was on board with Amanda to be out… but Helen was not.
        Then Candice made that very STUPID move to call out Spencer and Helen pushed back Elissa to vote out Howard.
        If helen had gone with Spencer, Amanda would be out on that week.
        On the week after she thought on that again… but Aaryn was on the table… (Helen never thought that Andy had a deal with Amanda… until the Veto of this week)

      • No question about Andy, but Helen should have been outsmarted him. As far as Elissa, I would like her to go home this week. I feel she came to play another game and not BB!

  3. Sorry but BB has lost me, not watching anymore, I cannot abide the fact that the racist moron is HOH again….. I’m over it as I think it is disgusting that she is still in the house, as well as Amanda and GM…. end of rant and end of BB for me this year sadly

      • its not the best, but it isnt the worst like people here are making it out to be… it just seems bad because last season was so good.

      • How about we see YOU later and take your ignorance elsewhere! Pam, you are absolutely right. This season blows and CBS should respect its viewers by taking a more proactive approach to remedy the ills in the house instead of their failed, passive aggressive attempts to rid the house of Aaryn and Amanda. smh.

      • I agree with Gellie – if you aren’t watcing the show why the hell are you commenting on the board. You are clearly still watching it, just wanting an outlet to whine. If you aren’t watching you probably shouldn’t be commenting.

      • But I am not American LoL, and you are rude, I am entitled to my own opinion no matter where I come from, by the way I am in Australia and normally love BB US, but this season is just plain lousy, full of idiots and racists :) have a nice day yank

      • im not american either; i’m a canadian. a lot of you guys come on here and moan about something followed by a “im not going to watch anymore”. It’s negative, brings the comment section down and isnt constructive. So yea. If you want to whine, take it elsewhere. no one wants to see it.

      • True. I have said I wasn’t watching so many times and so many times I have tuned in anyway. This addiction is strong! LOL

      • Rick thank you for your funny, nice comment unlike some others and you made me laugh…. we shall see….. watch this spot LoL :)

      • Of course I watch our own BB AU but yours is entirely different than ours, our HM’s are there to have fun mainly and dont play as strategic as yours :) so it is very different :

      • Just to add to that James, you are absolutely correct, if there were any racist comments on our BB they would be told to leave the house and have been before :), so you obviously watch our BB or you are Aussie ?

      • I’m not from Australia unfortunately, and I’m not from the US either. It’s my first time watching BBAU although I watched last year’s launch night, but I was too busy with BB14 to make any commitments.

        However, I am familiar with your show’s format since we also have a Big Brother in the Philippines. We’ll be having PBB5 next year and just got news that casting calls and auditions are set on October. Our BB’s only flaw is its reliance on showmances and casting young people with the potential to become instant soap opera actors.

        I do believe strategy in BBAU is very vital, especially if you don’t want to get nominated. It’s always a mental and psychological game as the original Dutch BB format intended to be and I do think BBAU is the best example of it among the existing Anglophone Big Brothers.

    • Yeah take your whining somewhere else, if you don’t like the show anymore then do us all a favor and not come back here. All these complainers on here are childish…seeing an adult complain and rant on about a reality tv is just sad but welcome to America now adays haha

    • This comment makes me laugh, cbs gave you and america every chance to get aaryn out, but instead you hopped on the hate amanda train. So quit your complaining, the threads are better without you haters crying saying you dont want to watch, cool peace then, thanks for you the update on what your watching

      • Not all of America voted for Amanda to be the nominee. I gave all of my votes to Aaryn every chance I had.

      • Sureeee you did, funny i didnt see you complaining back when amanda was the one voted by america onto the block

  4. Despise Aaryn being HOH again, I’m not sure she’s ever really called the shots. Maybe the first time.

    • Agreed but no one else can win comps and it seems like McCrae threw this one so Amanda would not lose to him again. Even then she lost.

      • No question….Amanda is horrible at comps but her ploy to have pity parties is working as she is proving to the hgs that she is a good candidate to take to f2.

      • I,agree she was mad at Aaryn for not throwing the comp I say if you can’t win by yourself show some sportsmanship and don’t start crying because you didn’t win grow up. Already why do these people think they are intidled ?

    • What floors me is? Why NOBODY in the house is thinking why would I want a final 3 or 4 deal with tattle tale Andy,Amanda,McCrae!!!!! No don’t go to the end with them. Take GM or Ellisa. Nobody would give em a vote!!

      • Reason? Hgs like Aaryn, GM, Spencer and Elissa have no clue on how to play the game. They are outplayed by McManda under their very own eyes, but can’t see it.

  5. Not even half way through Jury and Aaryn has got 4 HOHS under her belt. She is definitely going to set a new record if she stays in the house. But thats what happens when you evict strong players instead of working with them lol.

    • Howard, CandiceDavid, Nick, Jeremy, Judd and Kaitlyn are not strong players. If they were half as smart—-they would still be in the game! Judd cannot even figure out who evicted him even though, Aaryn put him in the block and the vote was 7-0 and means his alliance voted his ass off! Yet, Judd blames Elissa and Jessie who was on the block before Aaryn took her off as responsible for his eviction! Jessie is the smartest and best of the group but, she cannot do everything by herself!

      • Sorry i meant strong as in competitive wise haha. Kaitlyn, Jeremy, and judd were at least better at comps. I thought Jessie was the same as the rest of the group she just voted like everyone else. For majority of the game she voted for the house instead for herself like everyone else.

      • Jesse is one person. She votes against the house, she only puts a bigger target on herself. Why do you think the votes has been 7-0 and 6-0 of late? For that very reason. Jessie atleast, tried to get Amanda out but, Helen stabbed her in the back by exposing her lobbying efforts to Aaryn who told Amanda in turn! Then, Helen throws Jessie under the bus by making it seem that it was Jessie’s plan all along! Jessie shredded Helen’s game to pieces anyway by exposing Helen’s lies for all to see!

  6. If either McCrae or Amanda win BB, there’s a good chance I may never watch Big Brother ever again. At this point in the game, I would rather have Aaryn win.

      • Exactly. As much as I despise Aaryn, she really is the only one who deserves to win.

        This season is worse than BB9 and BB1, and that’s definitely saying something.

  7. You know the cast is terrible when you are rooting somewhat for horrible people like Spencer and Aaryn………..

  8. They should have evicted Aaryn instead of Kaitlyn when they had the chance. In one of her few lucid moments, Elissa told them this but they ignored her.

    Having said that, I will be glad to see Helen go home this week. Anyone who saw her last night on BBAD when she went crying to the HOH room about Elissa after Elissa was speaking to her very personally, not about the game, but about her personal feelings, would have a hard time liking Helen. Why does she throw all of her allies under the bus? I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

    In any case, while she thought her fake crying was going to win her sympathy, you could see by the look on Amanda’s face that Helen was playing right into her hands. Now, it will be easy to convince Helen that Elissa is the target. Helen, of course, will think her fake crying worked to save her while she is the real target and doesn’t know it. Her ego gets in the way of her game once again.

    • problem being Elissa wanted Aaryn out at that time because she didnt like her. It’s not like she predicted any of these current events and wanted to proactively act on it…

  9. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Aaryn put up Amanda and McCray, yes I know she won’t, but can’t you imagine the hissy fit Amanda would have, not only being on the block but thinking McCray could go to the jury house to be with Jessie. As long as I am dreaming might as well dream to put Andy up if either one comes off the block

  10. I can see the show improving without Helen and Elissa in the house. They’re annoying but obviously miscasts. Once they’re gone, what we have left are the racists bigots, misogynist, pervert, homophobic, etc.etc. Now, we can enjoy and concentrate more on watching the destruction of “Sodom and Gomorrah” lol

    • I get your sarcasm but what people want, I think, is to see the bad ones get evicted. That is not going to happen on BB this year. All of the honorable people are gone or about to be gone. The remaining house guest all make me sick, including McCrae who was obviously only pretending not to be Amanda’s lap dog for a while. McCrae is so far up Amanda’s butt its not even funny.

      Oddly, I find myself waiting for the moment when Aaryn puts Amanda on the block with McCrae in order to break up that couple to give herself a chance to win. On the one hand, seeing Amanda go would be very enjoyable. On the other, seeing Aaryn win would make me puke.

      • They are all gutless imbecile’s, none of them deserve the money, they are all also a bunch of losers

      • May I ask? Who was Honorable besides Candice & Howard? David I can’t even describe his lazy ass. Nick a sneaky creep. Jeremy a pig. Judd got what he deserved…trusted the wrong people and got kicked out. Jessie couldn’t make up her mind who the hell she was with. Helen? Oh man…talk about stupid….one by one got her own ‘friends’ out…and now’s she’s alone. Oh yeah Elissa. Spencer?. I don’t see anyone but Candice/Howard with any character. JMO

      • Not sure any of them are completely honorable but who amongst us is under the scrutiny of cameras 24 by 7? But I think Candice, Judd, Howard, Jessie and Elissa are all more honorable than those who remain in the house. These are the people who did not engage in the racist, sexist banter and did not approve of it either.

  11. I hope feisty Candice wins the comp and is voted back in!! If not her then Jessie! Or Helen if she leaves this week. We need a power player who will come back and shake up the house! They better come back in as HOH or they will just leave again!

    • As much,as I liked, Candice, I hope, she does not return. I hate how the racist houseguest, treated her.

  12. I don’t understand all the Amanda hatred. I don’t care for her persoanlly (run McRae run!), but I have to respect a player that has been able to exert her will so completely without ever having the actual power.

    • its funny how people here want people to make moves, but then hate the player that is making moves (Amanda)…

      • What moves is Amanda making?
        Bullying everyone to vote someone else and not her?
        Amanda already give the warning “if you vote against me, you will be out next week.” to everyone (not everyone… Mcrae is still out of that, even that Amanda was scared that Jessie could get him to do that).

        Every “big move” made until now… it was Helen that draw the first shot. Amanda just followed.

      • Does it really matter how she gets it done? “Big Moves” or coercion – doesn’t matter as long as she’s still in the game and somebody else isn’t.

      • Amanda’s method is by intimidation. Nevertheless, it is her strategy, and it’s working. HG’s that tried to evict her didn’t get any support and they end up being evicted. I put the blame to all the stupid followers.

      • She’s dictated nearly every eviction in that has occured in that house. So as much as you disagree with her strategy, it’s working. Maybe take off your blinders and look at gameplay.

      • Did she?
        Let´s go back:
        Dave eviction – Elissa called it out. Amanda just stayed outside… on mcrae hoh bed.
        Nick eviction – Can´t remember where Amanda was, since she only found out on the eviction day.
        Jeremy eviction – Amanda was pushing for Howard and Spencer.
        Kaitlin eviction – Amanda was against it until she saw it could not be done.
        Howard – This was the only one that Amanda got the leader sit.
        Candice – Well on this one Amanda called it out… even that Amanda just gunned for her after the mistake of the house meeting.
        Judd- Where was Amanda on this one? “He is our best friend but they want him out. Lets vote it out”
        Jessie – Helen wanted her out. Amanda wanted to kick her out because she could be a problem to her relation with Mcrae…

        So where are my “blinders” about “amanda gameplay”?

      • Because it’s a game, not a Best Person In The World Competition or auditions for who you would want your son to marry. It’s about who can be most effective at furthering themselves in the GAME. Now, floaters also get themselves further, but I have trouble respecting someone who just rides along. I don’t think anyone can accuse Amanda of being a floater.
        I respect her gameplay.

  13. A bunch of gutless inmates allowing a can not win anything cry baby rule them, none of these incompetence idiots deserve the money. Please send them all home and focus on next year to save us from the continuous pain from watching these inepts losers

  14. well I hope judd comes back , but at this point anyone of them would be good, helen has shown her true colors, candice will go after amanda and gm , judd after helen and ellisa and jessie amanda and helen. I hope everyone really sees who helen is , she is playing as she is working spreading lies and lies and casting doubts on good people, just like her lies to help win elections , she has no morals at all. just a plain old lieing skumbag. I hope those who vote open thier eyes so they can see how people like this help to win elections , with half truths and lies. I hope she goes home,
    Amanda will not stay long , she keeps begging people to throw comps so she can win, what a lazy nasty person.
    Too bad america didnt vote for who to come back because it would be a win win for all , no matter who comes back.
    Poor ellisa is blamed for things helen does , mr mc would never be the final two if amanda has her choice, she would kick him to the curb, Then you have poor spencer ,does he not see he is being used ,

    • Elissa is just following Helen’s lead all the time. She needs to grow a pair of her own and tell Helen to stop lecturing her. I cut Elissa some slack because she is always a target and it must be very hard for her knowing she sucks at comps and can never protect herself. At least Amanda has McCrae to give her cover when she loses comps. Helen has never been unwilling to throw Elissa under the bus. But at the end of the day, if you cannot win comps and you cannot play a good social game, you are toast. Elissa is just a historically bad BB player.

  15. Again these HG have been playing house and not the game. 4 instance every season before this hg would have noticed how many hohaperson has won and not, how often an hg was up in the hoh room like mancre they live there aaryn has been hoh 4x and they wont target them. Andy is a clown professor in crying. worst season ever will watch a little but not much because it just bad game play.

  16. lol no way Amanda can win any thing .I am so ready for Helen and Elysa to go ..and the rest of them!

  17. BB is going to start getting more exciting now that the ppl who have been leading the pack has to go against each other. I’m actually enjoying this season, of course it is not as great as last season because you had all those bb vets. Not really happy with the idea that a jury member will go back to the house, seen that already on bb Canada. I’m just happy America doesn’t get to vote who goes back into the house and they have to compete for it – gives each of them a fair chance. I think it would be better if the jury had some voting power in the nominations instead of returning. LOL. Or they got to be MVP and pick a player to put on the block. Love these shows always enjoy them.

    • I hope out of the jury members judd returns…I think that would be great to watch..especially the drama of when he returns and what they all did to him. Oh my gosh would love to see that.

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