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Big Brother 15 Spencer

Some seasons of Big Brother are easier than others to predict the outcome. When you have two close allies both make it to Round 3 with a stack of the third HG’s allies in Jury then you know who is headed to the F2. Tonight as we prepare to find out who won Big Brother 15, well, not so much.

If you’ve avoided reading who has won the first two rounds of the Final HoH in anticipation of seeing those comps play out during tonight’s show then go no further. Otherwise, let’s discuss who could win the big prize.

The Round 3 comp will feature Q&A rounds where the HGs have to finish the sentence for each of the nine Jury members. We’ll hear things like “Amanda: I thought the fiercest competitor this season was…” then Julie cuts in with “A: Aaryn or B: Amanda.” The HGs will guess the answer then the rest of the clip will play, “Amanda: Me! I was the best player this season!” Some of the questions will be obvious, but not all and we have seen low scores on this round where just one question can decide the winner.

I’m expecting Andy to beat GinaMarie and win this round. It’s nearly a toss-up, but I’m giving Andy a slight edge here with the expectation that he might know the HGs a little better and be able to keep his calm during all the pressure.

Now Andy winning Round 3 won’t be enough to win it all. He’ll still have to survive the Jury and a lot of that will depend on who he takes to the end. Picking GinaMarie for the F2 could be very bad and I’m really thinking he’s got to know that. In that case Andy will take Spencer with him and will win by a healthy margin.

So there’s my prediction: Andy wins Round 3, takes Spencer, and Spencer is runner-up.

Who do you think will win Big Brother tonight? Vote in the poll below.


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    • Yeah, this season has been so predictable but the result of those 3 are so unpredictable (?), in the first couple of week i never think that any of them are in the final 3

    • Predictable? That’s one thing this season was not. Until the last couple of weeks. But that’s the same every season.

      • I don;t think predictable is exactly the right word. I think what it really was is that they all acted in unison. Too many unanimous votes. There were no real flips. Even getting Amanda out wasn’t really a flip. She was on the block with McCrae. Not since Nick and David did we see the targets turn after nominations unless the target won POV..

    • So you predicted Andy, GM, and Spencer would be in the final 3? Predictable would’ve been Amanda running the house till finale.

      • Spencer was one of my 4 picks for likely to win the game based on their interviews… amanda, mccrea, and jeremy or nick were the other 3. nick and jeremy i figured one of them were liar/jerk and the other charming/competitor

        Amanda and jeremy turned out to be crazy which sank their chances within the fist few weeks. Amanda’s craziness and slutiness sank McCrea’s game. Nick was taken out by Jeremy’s craziness.

        Spencer came out on top due to those other crazy people taking each other out and him “not being a threat” essentially he’s Jordan.

        I don’t foresee either GM or Andy taking each other so Spencer is in the final 2 most likely and depending on who takes him will determine if he wins. GM has a lot of support while Andy has pretty much lied to everyone while Spencer has stayed true to everyone… so Spencer wins against Andy, loses against GM…

        Spencer was definitely not the strongest going in, and he had some close calls, but within the first few weeks he was the most likely to make it to the end and win imo.

  1. Really hard to tell, but based on Andy’s unpopular game play, he should win. However, how does this jury view his slimey play? Good move, or bitter?
    GM played decent competitions game, dangerous in the F2, but there will be votes lost based on her awful social game.
    Spencer… How do you even describe his game? Floater? Lay-low because you can’t win competitions? I’d like to see him win simply because I like him better than the other 2, but I just don’t see him getting the votes.

    • Not all of them saw his game play. He was hiding until after Amanda was evicted so only Amanda, Elissa Judd and McCrae really know what a backstabbing rat Andy is. The others may thing he really did nothing. But then again they would think the same thing about GM and Spencer too.

  2. This has been the season of “personal ” issues not game play as we know it. The jury is “bitter”so it will be a toss up as to how they vote.

    • I believe this, although I have not heard her say it. I don;t think she is particularly fond of Spencer either. But I am deducing this from a few little things not anything she has said.

  3. Production probably thinks they did something great because there are so many complaints about the house guests. This is the first year I have made any remarks about BB.

  4. I also think Andy will beat GM in the final round. GM kinda stayed in her little bubble without becoming invested in the other house guests like Andy did. He developed a relationship with each of them from the beginning which it seems most house guests don’t do. Even if you disagree with his game play he did become part of most everything going on in that house. After all, it IS Big Brother and you do have to lie, cheat and backstab others in order to get to the end. I do think Andy will pick Spencer over GM and Andy wins.

    • At the same time, did Andy really get to know anyone or was Andy just focused on Andy? One thing I learned watching BBAD the last few weeks is that Andy l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ves to talk about Andy.

  5. I honestly don’t even care who wins and may not watch. I am just thankful this season will come to an end tonight and we can begin looking forward to Big Brother 16!

  6. I said this before, if it is live there will be at least a15 sec delay and 12 censors to bleep all the “f” words out. Should be interesting. I don’t think I have ever heard the “f” words used THAT much in any season. They couldn’t complete a sentence without 1 to 3 f words in it. Hope the censors get paid well tonight.

  7. I couldn’t stand Andy from the beginning. From the start I would say, oh there is Amanda laying on the same side of the bed. Or she would be up in the HOH room. Then there was Andy, aka pee-wee Herman. He was always popping up No one could have a conversation, then he would be there. It would drive me crazy.

  8. Since it was the last BBAD, I decided to try to watch. I lasted maybe ten minutes. There they went bashing Elissa again. Pee Wee asked who was the biggest ahole? Of course he and red beard answered Elissa. I give GM props. They were trying to get her to agree but she thought Amanda was. She said she actually got along with Elissa. I remember the convo GM and Elissa had in the HOH room when Elissa was HOH. They actually talked,without being bleeped, for at least one hr. like I David I lasted ten min. Before I turned it off and watched a rerun of Duck Dynasty.

    • We will all get a little bit of satisfaction tonight when Elissa wins AFP…just a little! I really want Andy to lose so I can see the look on his face when she does win it, and he stands there with nothing! The personal attacks this year were just too much for me.

      • Wish they cod have a comp in the jury house for runner up. I want gm to win and both pee wee spenc stand there bewilder. Can not stand them. At least gm was honest to her alliances.

  9. This season was good until the Exterminators teamed up. That’s when all the drama ended and the bashing started!! None of them deserve to win!! I don’t like any of them!!

    • I don’t understand why they are taking credit for getting out aaryn I thought the one who puts the person and gets them out takes credit. Elissa put Aaryn on the block

  10. I’ve said it so many times over the last 4 or 5 weeks, but its worth repeating. No matter who wins it will be a disappointment and the very fact that we are rooting against the worst of the bunch rather than rooting for someone we like says it all about BB15.

    I am concerned about BB 16 too. With ratings up I can see the corporate execs trying to recreate this years disaster filling the house with even more pigs and racists next year. I hope not but I think they put these people and their character flaws in the house for a reason and the higher rating will just makes them give us more of the same. I hope I am wrong.

    • Not bound to happen. You know all the fall-out that will happen starting tomorrow, future HGs will know the consequences of acting stupid in front of the world.
      Plus Les Moonvees and Julie Chen don’t like to be ambush by paparazzi (like TMZ) when they go out for dinner. Les won’t let it happen again.

    • I agree with you. With ratings up, the producers will pat each other on the back and say good job guys! Next year, we will get even worst racists and bullies and low lifes as house guests in the pursuit of ratings! And yet, all they need to do is have an All Stars with the previous winners of all 15 seasons and if they do not accept, take the runners up. That would really be an All Star line up to look out for! Dancing with the Stars brought back a huge number of winners of past seasons and that season was a huge success for them! Big Brother can do likewise and expect even higher ratings but, please keep our the racists and bullies that you pick up on the streets!

  11. For a season that was supposed to stop floaters from getting far in the game, I think it’s a huge fail. Hopefully CBS will figure out something else for next Season.

  12. I like tv, but I hate that Survivor and the BB finale are coming on tonight. That means, I have to sit and watch tv for 3 straight hours. Then, I want to watch Jeff’s (he is so darn cute) backyard group interview, as well. So, now that’s four hours of Survivor and BB. CBS should really think about airing these two on different nights night year. Just venting.

    • I think what they should do is change the Veto comp. I think the Veto winner before using the veto chooses a envelope. In the envelope would be something like “can be put on the block” the other one says ” can’t be on the block”. Then they have the veto ceremony. Then reveal the envelope. If veto winner uses the veto on someone already on the block, and his envelope says “can be put on the block”, then the HOH could put the veto winner (who now no longer has POV) on the block. This lets veto winners who we as viewers do not like, be vulnerable to be put on the block. Every year there are the same questions can they be put on the block etc. what do you think? Think it would be interesting?

    • I’m with you. They did the same thing last year and I was happy about the 90 mins of Survivor, but felt cheated because they cut the BB finale from 2 hres to 90 mins. And I wish they would not cram so much in the show part and spend more time the reunion part.
      Before last year I seem to remember the finale was 2 hres. on Tuesday.

    • I think I would like to see the house guests be given opportunities to win secret POVs (maybe two secret POV per season). The secret POVs (held in the Diary Room), should always be some kind of quiz and no two quizzes should be alike.

      • Interesting. What’s the thought process there? I am thinking Spencer did practically nothing the entire season and a lot of people never liked him. To me he played the same game as Andy, only he was not as outgoing as Andy. People like Helen, loved Andy. Not so much Spencer. If Spencer wins and Andy doesn’t I am happier than if Andy wins, but I just think Spencer is going to get 2nd place.

      • Spencer is a big time floater that has not crossed anyone other than maybe McCrea. I don’t think this group of people will be concerned with who played the best game. I think they will vote based on their heart and not their head. Andy has doubled crossed everyone in the Jury House. GM is not liked by most of the people in the Jury House. The jury may hate Spencer, but Spencer was on the block most times and did not have the opportunity to vote. Therefore, I think he has a good chance at winning. I don’t want to see him win, though. I know there will be a winner, but who ever wins…….just wins.

  13. I think for the first time ever since S1 I will not be watching the final tonight because none of them deserve the win imo. The thought of watching this group be cheered for doesn’t interest me at all.
    If I thought Julie would at least talk to the F3 like she did to Aaryn then I would at least feel better because they deserve it just as much as Aaaryn did. Julie has been on other shows as well still talking about Aaryn. I find that unfair and wonder why just Aaryn and not all 3 of them? Especially GM since at this point GM has made more racist remarks then Aaryn did. I am pretty sure that Julie won’t be saying anything to any of them because they have all been getting great edits on the weekly tv shows. The last bad GM showing on the weekly shows was when GM told Candace her mother didn’t want her. Nothing would be better then to have all three of the F3 get huge boos as they walk out. I don’t expect that to happen either. It will be your normal final show. Even the last show on Sunday was disappointing to me because they didn’t show anything of how the F3 behave. We saw more of the evicted guests and things that had already taken place. I guess they couldn’t come up with enough good material since the live feeds just show them constantly trash talking about everyone.
    I will definitely be watching Survivor and hoping for a good season. Anything has to beat this season of BB15. BB US needs to take a look at some of the other countries and how they do their seasons. I am really enjoying BB Australia. The audience gets to vote who goes home. If we had that same opportunity I am guessing the remaining F3 of GM, Andy and Spencer would be long gone

    • You have come too far to turn back now. You should just watch the finale show, anyway. Whether you watch it or not, the outcome is still going to be the same. So, just watch.

      • So true LeeArmie I can’t change the outcome – what will be will be, one of them will win. I guess it’s the thought of whoever it is and watching them treated just like any other seasons winner. I have never felt this way before where I really wish there were a way that none of them could win. Believe me I have had plenty of seasons where the one I wanted to win didn’t, but I could watch someone that was not my favorite win and not feel sick about it. I truly think I would feel sick watching any of these F3 declared the winner of $500,000. I know that it will make the news and I will hear which one won. I may change my mind, but just not feeling it yet. I’ll let you know if I change my mind. :)

    • Julie is jealous of Aaryn’s youth and beauty. When Chen sat next to Aaryn during the interview she looked like an old washerwoman.

  14. I think Helen was the only one in the house that bought Spencer’s story about his mother being an avid BB fan and as a result never realized what a piece of offal he really is. She was far too trusting and didn’t listen to Elissa when she tried to tell her. Helen might vote for Spencer tonight. May the final two whoever they are get the karma they so richly deserve.

  15. I don’t like the final 3, but the person who deserves to win out of 3 is Andy because he has played a far better game than the other 2.

  16. GO GM!
    You’re rude, crude and socially unacceptable … but …
    you are funny as hell and turned out to be a fierce player!

  17. GM > Spencer > Andy… that how i see the ranking for who is most likely to win. Spencer is second place or winner definitely… GM is winner or 3rd. Andy is 2nd or 3rd place

  18. I can’t even say which of those 3 that I’d want to win. I hate all three of them. I will watch the finale, only because I hope the jury gives them a tongue lashing. Especially to Andy. I don’t expect Julie to call them out on their nasty behavior, though that’d be cool. Just glad it’s time for Survivor now, and hoping for a better BB next year.

  19. if Andy wins i will never watch the show Again he has just floating all year and spencer has been riding gm coat-tails i want G-m to win .

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