Amanda continued to run the house in Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 15. And once again, the house had a chance to get her out and they skipped it again.

The episode picks up right after Aaryn nominated Helen and Elissa for eviction. Aaryn reminds us that she doesn’t want Helen to know she’s the target and also she wants to keep it a secret that she’s in the 3AM alliance.

Helen, meanwhile, thinks she’s definitely safe because of the fake alliance Amanda made McCrae and Andy make with Helen. Elissa is Elissa and Helen does what she can to keep her in line while they’re on the block.

Helen pulls Andy aside and he immediately starts telling Helen lies. He says he’s out of the loop and he can only imagine that Aaryn is targeting Elissa. And then the tears start. Andy says he doesn’t want to lose Helen or Elissa. But he knows what’s going on. He does a good job covering for himself at this moment.

Amanda gets to work trying to turn Elissa against Helen so that when Helen goes home, Amanda can work on Elissa as a puppet until she’s ready to be discarded. Elissa isn’t sure what to believe, but she knows that she’s next to alone as it is. So when Helen goes, she’s all alone.

Hey everyone, it’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Chosen to play along with Aaryn, Elissa and Helen were GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy.

Helen is bummed that Spencer got picked to play because she expects him to go up and go home this week. But she’s happy Elissa picked Andy because she thinks he’d use it. But he has no plans of trying to even win it, much less use it on her.

It’s time to play the veto. And it’s one of the better-known competitions: OTEV. Of course the first person out is GinaMarie. Helen is knocked out second. By Elissa, none the less. Andy is out next, also taken out by Elissa. Aaryn is the next one out. That leaves Spencer and Elissa. Spencer isn’t fast enough and Elissa wins the veto. She killed it.

Helen is thrilled that Elissa won the veto, so she gets to work with trying to get Spencer up and out. Everyone keeps Helen in the dark, so she doesn’t realize what’s going on. But Andy is starting to wear thin with his lies and Helen is getting a little suspicious.

Amanda decides not to keep the secret any longer, so she tells Elissa that Spencer will go up and Helen will go home. Amanda does this to prove to Elissa that she’s willing to be honest with her. Oh, and to get the chance to threaten Elissa into not flipping the house. You know, typical Amanda fashion.

Elissa wants to warn Helen, but she’s afraid of Amanda, so she’s not sure how to do it or if she should. So Helen asks Elissa if she thinks so. Elissa does say yes, matter-of-factly, but she says “I’m sure, don’t you think?” Helen picks up on Elissa not being able to come clean, so she basically figures it out that she’s the target and has been threatened by Amanda.

Helen talks to Aaryn about coming together with her, GinaMarie and Elissa to get Amanda and McCrae out. Aaryn reveals to Helen that she thinks Andy is even under Amanda’s thumb. Aaryn thinks Helen’s idea is appealing, but everyone is always so afraid of Amanda.


On top of the idea already being planted in Aaryn’s head, Amanda blows her top at Aaryn and McCrae is freaking out because he knows Amanda could go up. So she’s considering putting up Amanda. But Andy gets to work on fixing Aaryn’s annoyance with Amanda.

Elissa of course uses the veto on herself. And Aaryn of course is too afraid to put up Amanda, so she once again puts Spencer up.


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