Big Brother 14 Week 9: Fast Forward Eviction And Feeds Blackout – Update

Big Brother 14: Jenn Arroyo

Later today the Big Brother 14 houseguests will be shocked to discover this week’s eviction has arrived two days early. A Fast-Forward event is in store for the remaining HGs and will bring with it a flurry of events. Of course there’s bad news in all that: a blackout of the Live Feeds.

CBS will be taping a new episode of Big Brother today where the next HG will be evicted. This episode will be broadcast on Wednesday but I won’t be surprised if there are leaks since they’ll have a live audience for the taping. I think it’s safe to skip the leaks and just go ahead and predict it’s going to be Jenn going to the Jury House.

In addition to the next eviction we’re expecting the follow-up HoH competition and nominations to be held as well. Last year both events were held after the eviction but only the nominations made the special episode. If that’s the case again then we’ll be able to confirm the nominations when the Live Feeds return.

That takes us back to the anticipated Feeds blackout. Starting this afternoon we expect the Feeds to be switched to Trivia and won’t return until after the west coast broadcast of Wednesday’s show is finished, so around 9PM PT (12AM ET). Last year SuperPass provided some filler events to keep us covered, but I haven’t seen any details on that just yet. We’ll post an update here if we hear any details on that.

As for Big Brother After Dark on SHO2, they’ll just record 3 hours of footage from earlier in the day and play that back during the regular 12AM-3AM timeslot.

If Jenn is the one out the door tonight, then who do you hope becomes the next HoH?

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Update: Real has some great shows Tuesday and Wednesday on SuperPass to fill the gap while we wait for the Feeds to return.

  • Tuesday 9/11 – 4PM ET (1PM PT) – Danielle Donato live interview
  • Tuesday 9/11 – 6PM ET (3PM PT) – Rants & Roars
  • Tuesday 9/11 – 8PM ET (5PM PT) – Memphis Garrett live interview
  • Wednesday 9/12 – 1PM ET (10AM PT) – Fan Recap episode
  • Wednesday 9/12 – 4PM ET (1PM PT) – Wil Heuser interview
  • Wednesday 9/12 – 6PM ET (3PM PT) – Mike Boogie interview

You can still sign-up for the Live Feeds Free Trial to watch all of these.


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    • And then Dani is the only vote and goodbye Ian. That works out better for Dan because he doesn’t have to backstab whoever he targets (Shane or Ian)

  1. Shane! I think Shane needs to win hoh and Ian needs to win veto, or vice versa, so dan and danelle can be on the block.

  2. Dan is triple trouble. He has done the most damage and still comes out on top. Lets get him out of the house. Come on Shane let Dan go. Ian may be a threat but he has been true to Shane and Danielle

    • Dan has a secret alliance with all the players of the qp so no one will evict him thinking they are last 2 with him.

  3. Shane will nominate Dan and Ian. Ian wins POV. Shane has to nominate Dani and sadly Ian will keep Dan and evict Jenn.

  4. I want to see Dani go .. Shane and Dan have been my picks from Day one … Have always been a Dan fan, and just cause he is not playing the good guy this time, he is still playing a great game. Shane has played he just is playing like Brendan did … he is letting the female lead is choices. I am interested in seeing who of those two the jury would give the final paycheck to.

  5. at this point I would rather bring Dan to the end , he has already won so I dont think people will vote for him to win again, if you bring Ian he probably wins, if you bring shane or danielle you never know what will happen, I think its safe to say Dan has himself in a good spot to win 50,000

  6. I would like to see Shane win. If he doesn’t, he could very well
    be going home next. Danielle told Dan last night she would al-
    ways choose him for the F2. He has coached her all season to
    be emotionless and play as if it were war. Let’s see if she has
    learned what he was talking about and if she will choose Shane
    who needs financial help, or Dan who doesn’t need the money
    and only wants to be in F2 to up his game reputation. It is “just a game” as the saying goes, but this is a game that has conse-
    quences that could either help or hurt someone’s life. It is hard not to play with your emotions, unless you are Dan and greed and
    pride are your motivations. I would love to see Dan go to jury.

    • I don’t think Shane needs financial help. He was talking to Dani about modeling in the past. There’s a lot more to this guy than he is letting on. Anyway the winner should be the best game player, not who needs the money.

      • I totally agree! It’s not about who won the money b4 but how well you’ve played this current game. Dan lost two ppl right off the bat, yet he’s still there! He’s socially and strategically good. I’m all for Dan and Ian at the finale, but if they let Dani go tonight and keep Jen, Dan could take her to the finals & win for sure!

  7. why cut the feeds if your having a live show, the people at the show will be all over facebook, twitter and evertthing else, we will know as soon as it happens

  8. dan already won so I dont thing he is playing with as much emotion as everyone else, and last time he played he played with pure emotion and was nice to everyone, I guess money chnages things

    • Are you serious are you even watching te same show here? He played nice the first time cause he had to he was a target from week one and had to lay low and he was very loyal took his alliance to the end. This time he can’t play that because 1) everyone thinks he going to an that’s why everyone believes him when he says there taking him to the final 2. And 2) ppl don’t expect him to lie case he played so honest. Like are you even watching or listening what Dan says in the DR he said it a thousand times he doesn’t like to play dirty but has to in order to stay in the game.

      • I really don’t think Dan has a hard time playing dirty. He had said many things this time that were way beyond low, like ripping Ian’s face off if he puts Danielle in danger. That’s not dirty, that’s threatening !!

      • Ian said it to Dan first when Brittney was on the block. “You vote for her, I’ll rip your face off.” So if it was threatening when Dan said it, it was equally threatening when Ian said it. I’m an Ian fan, but if they both said it, both should be called out for it.

      • That was a figure of speech. He didn’t actually mean that. Like I’m sure he’s going to rip his face off.

      • It wasn’t a threat! For God sake people! Get real. How many times have YOU said ‘I’m going to kick your butt’, ‘I’ll rip you a new one’, or any number of things in the heat of the moment. It happens to all of us. Don’t act so high and mighty.

  9. If I recall … the winner of the POV is the only one who can vote next time around …. so, long as Dan doesn’t win the HOH and/or POV …

    • Like Danielle and Shane won’t be out to evict Ian!
      They will all move to evict Ian and get to Final 3. Ian
      was dumb to nominate Jenn and not backdoor Dan.
      If Ian does not win the POV, he is done!

    • Hoping Shane wins hoh and Ian wins the Veto, although a small part of me would still like to see Dan & Shane on the block to see Danielle have a complete meltdown… But I dont think Dan would be the one to go home so I don’t mind passing on the pleasure of watching that bit of drama…

  10. ians decision not to back door dan just rendered his whole game moot. hes going to feel like an idiot sitting in the jury house, saying i know i know i should of back doored dan when i had the chance. what a yutts………..

    • If Ian thinks Dan’s keeping him because likes him better than he liked Frank, then Ian isn’t as smart as he claims to be. He should know if he did it to Frank he WILL do it to me….duhhh Ian….

    • To backdoor Dan you need the votes to evict him, otherwise you are just poking a tiger with a stick. I am not sure the votes are there to back door Dan.

      • WHAT? Dani might be an airhead but Shane knows what game hes playing. Dan should be history! Ian blew it bigtime. And if Dan has anything to do with it DUMMY IAN will be sitting in the jury house

      • Shane has not thought for himself once in this game. He only has 1/2 a brain cell. He goes along with whatever Danielle or Dan tell him.

      • I agree, others just cannot see this. Dan said he is already planning to do something if Ian gets the next POV. My guest he will bully him into not using to protect himself. Dan’s game seems to be interrogate and bully. Although the level of “threat” may be up to question, he has threaten Ian on a couple of occasions that are well known.

        I certainly hope the next POV is non-contact, if it were like the last OTEV, the other three would physical block him to prevent him from winning.

      • this house turns on a dime. anyone of them would have voted him out as long as the blood was on the current hoh hands. didnt you see how fast they turned on the other 3 coachs.

  11. I think Dan will be the next HOH, if the comp is mental and Shane if the comp is physical. I don’t think Dani will win anything else, because she hasn’t done anything to keep herself in shape mentally or physically. If Ian does not win the POV, I think he will be history.

  12. Pulling for Ian who was the underdog from the get-go. Nice to see a smart kind of nerdy, real person win. Not whiny Danielle.

  13. Dear CBS: Next time could you actually put people who are somewhat competitive in the house instead of a bunch of layabouts who get creamed by guys like Seargeant Pink Flamingo. Thanks.

  14. I am rooting for Shane to win Hoh, I’m afraid if he doesn’t win either Hoh or Pov he will be going home! I want him to win but I’m afraid he won’t if he doesn’t win anything! I was happy to see in the Sunday episode that dani told him that Dan wanted to put him on the block but I still kinda got the feeling he didn’t realize what she was saying not as a pawn I was still surprised she did that behind dans back I always thought she was dans puppet and would never go against Her coach. I was hoping once Jenn started to see the real picture she would fill someone in like Ian or shane!

    • I think she actually did that by mistake… She likes to make everything about herself and wanted Shane to feel indebted to her… I doubt her intention was to warn Shane about Dan, or to throw Dan under the bus… She wanted Shane to feel guilty that she went up on the block in his place because he used the veto!

  15. wow no clue how people can think Ian will be F2 when he has to win veto or go home Thursday. Ian guaranteed will be up regardless of who wins HoH. Gratz on F4 Ian but ur done here unless u win veto.

    • If Danielle were sent home it could possibly be worse than the Stanley Cup riots. People would be celebrating in the streets, others would stage a march in honor of the truth and lightning would strike twice…preferably in her direction.

  16. if dan win hoh he will put stan and iean up and if iean win pov daniel is the replacement and shane goes to jury so go iean and win the pov but I really think it should be iean the winner stan in second place and give dan the valualable player money for he has already won, daniel and jen need to go daniel needs to go for she crys to much suck it up .dan and stan carried the cry baby daniel the whole game, and gen love the loyality to frank till the end thats when you got your head in the game
    only one problem you suck at endurance but good on memory.

  17. This season was so fun to watch because all the vets got blindsided, big time! Except for Dan… well, not yet. If Dani were to take Shane to F2 that’d be a big blindside too!

    • I would be shocked if she took Shane instead of Dan to final 2 if that was the choice she has to make.
      I don’t think that she has a chance to win against either of them but on the off chance she did she would stand a better chance to beat Dan since he has screwed over so many of the jurors.

    • I doubt there will be any twists, I think BB is probably frustrated and has given up on this season… They needed to pull a few twists a little bit sooner to wake up these sleepy and dumb witted houseguests. My guess is that they have probably dropped many subtle hints in the DR for the last couple of weeks but the HG’s have no smarts to get it! I would bet money on that because there have been many potentials for drama and calling others out that have been missed! The end of this season could have really been something to watch, but sadly these HG’s have forgotten why they came to play and would rather snooze, lie in the sun, and stuff their faces with junk food!

  18. I think Dan better worry more about Shane. We all have been bagging on the guy about how dumb he is but you know what? That SOB has been sandbagging. Look at the last POV. That fool knew what day was what then today on the feeds he’s talking about the 2 double eveictions and fast foward in 1 season. How would he know that if he just watched a couple of episodes? I think today’s the day the real Shane comes out and Dan ain’t gonna be to happy about it

    • Dan is worried about Shane, but only in his ability to win challenges. Unfortunately, Shane is as dumb as they come. The ONLY reason he knew so much about ‘the days’ is because Dani and Ian helped him study. They constantly went over and over it with him. He knows about the double evictions and fast forwards because they have been talked about A LOT by the other house guests. That being said, if Dan or Dani win HOH, Shane and Ian will go on the block. One of those two WILL go home. If Shane wins HOH, Dan and Ian will go up. If Ian doesn’t win veto, he will go home. If he does, Dani goes up, and out.

  19. If Ian gets voted out in the final four, just how sad is it that Danielle is basically assured of being in the final 2?

  20. Dan is a beast! Hands down deserves this the most. Every episode it’s all about Dan and what he s planning and everyone is affected by how Dan plays. No one else is really even planning or tell the viewers what there next move is.

    • No way, if Shane’s doing what I think he’s doing, he’s gonna win it, he’s taking Wil’s crown, and his game play will go down as legendary and when the other HG’s put it together, they’re gonna give him props for the next 50 years.

      • How? Dan is in beast mode and he is going to the final 3 even if he doesn’t win a competition and mostly likely final 2 even if he doesn’t when a COMPETITION! I’ll tell you why. The only way Dan is going home next is if its him and Dani on the block and Shane gets to vote. Well thats imposiible! because one of those 3 are going to be hoh! So that scenario would never happen even if Ian wins veto he would keep Dan everyone would keep Dan. Now best case scenario Shane is out final 3 Dani Dan Ian. Dan doesn’t even have to compete the those two ppl would take Dan. Now the only way as I see it is if Shane wins last hoh and he pixking between Dan and Dani. Dan is the best player to ever play this game. And has an amazing chance to getting to final 2 without even winning a comp from here on out, and he still can compete in everything so that makes his chances even better! So tell me whats Shane plan?

      • Shane’s playing possum. The dumb thing is all an act. Playing dumb kept him off everyone’s radar and he used Dani and Britt for info and Strategy. He was beast the first part of the season and carried his team but backed off when he ran into that roadblock named Frank. He decided to let someone else do the deed. Now if he wins HOH which I think he will, he’s taking out Ian unless Ian wins POV then it’s Dan. Final 3 He’s looking good because Dani is gonna vote with him, not Dan. She’s been having misgivings about Dan for a while now, and Shane’s been sitting back as the good guy who never two stepped her and has always been there for her and getting info from her. He knows Dan tried to take him out. Sorry Dan goes to F2 with Shane or Ian he loses, point blank. Why do you think he’s keeping Dani? She’s his Memphis. Dani and Shane started putting it all together and the wall caving in on him but he doesn’t even see it coming. Dan is a Will wannabe without the nutsack

  21. So from Dan’s perspective, he’ll want to win the HoH to get rid of either Ian or Shane. My guess is that he wants to get rid of Shane before Ian. But if Danielle or Shane wins HoH then Ian goes home for sure – although they should send Dan home. But is there an advantage for Dan to skip this Hoh? I can’t remember how the final three HoH works…

    • If you are HOH for final 4, you get to compete in the HOH during final 3. The restriction on not competing is waived at that point.

  22. Why doesn’t anybody think Dan should go? He is a conniving, backstabbing, self absorbed, narcissistic SOB. This whole season has been all about Dan. Ian is smart, albeit naive. Shane is coy, Danielle is a dish rag. I am all for Ian.

    • Dan is the only one playing the game. Everyone else
      is his puppet and he just pulls their strings. That is why!
      Get rid of Dan and what would the poor puppets do?
      And the fact that the puppets cannot even think of
      evicting Dan then, why do you think the rest of the
      bunch deserves to stay over Dan?

      • He’s the best. The man knows how to play the game. He’s the only coach that actually “coached”. Plus kept himself “alive” in the process.

    • Ian is no way smart. Arrogant yes. He believes in his
      own greatness! LOL Imagine, if Ian was as smart as
      you say, he would have figured out by now that Dan
      has been playing him for a fool all this time! If he did
      not win POV when Dan put him on the block, he would
      have been evicted without even a clue that it was
      Dan’s plan all along! When Dan told about his plan
      to take Jenn off the block, Ian gave his blessing.
      Dan used that to solidify Jenn’s loyalty to him as well
      as reinforce Dan’s Final 2 deal with Jenn and Ian
      never had a clue that Dan was up to something!
      When Ian wanted to put up Dan as a nominee in
      Ian’s HOH, Dan convinced Ian to instead, put Shane
      as one of the nominees. Of course, Dan knew that
      if Shane did not win POV, he would have been
      evicted and Ian as usually did not have a clue!
      Now, tell me again why Ian is so smart? All the
      facts state otherwise!

  23. Dan should have nutted up and evicted Shane when he had the chance. Dan could have been going into this comp versus Joe/Jenn and Danielle. Thats what is known as a “slam dunk”.

  24. wtf why did Danille offer herself up as a pawn? She should have convered with ian and Shane no one can beat dan in the end and he should go up, she especialy should have done this because sh offerred to sit next to jenn the only person she could beat!

  25. I don’t understand why they have to blackout the live feeds. Whenever they do HOH or nominations or POV’s they go back to the live feeds afterwards and we find out what’s going on ahead of time so why not the eviction? And same with BBAD. Just let it go live. Who cares what we find out. We have been seeing things happen before they air all season.

  26. I’m rooting for Ian to go all the way to a win. And, I want Dan to go and Danielle to go. Both of them aren’t high on my dance card for the win. Ian has been a force to be reckoned with. He’s just awesome. And, it would be sweet for the “geeky kid” to take it all. Who would have thought it? Shane would take 2nd slot. Good social game, fair competitively. If he had not won veto this week, I think that Dan would have sent him home. Dani is just riding everyone’s coattail. Boo-hoo to Dan all the time. Boo-hoo to Shane. Using her “pouty” stuff to sway sympathy. So Ian! Pull another one out of your pocket and stay, stay, stay to the end. Backdooring Dan would have been the best bet all around. Shane would have voted him off and Dani would not. Ian would have deciding vote. He would send him packing. And, he’d have then taken out three of the top players in this season’s game. Agree, hope it does not come back to bite him.

  27. +Flag as inappropriateDan is sitting pretty.
    Shane wins HoH
    puts up dan and ian, regardless of who wins
    like if shane or dani win nominations stay the same. Ian gets voted out the door by dani. If ian wins and it is dani and dan on the block ian will vote dani out because she knows shane would pick her over him in final two, and he already has a pack with dan. If dan wins veto and ian and dani are on the block. Ian will be sent packing by dan launching him into the final 3.
    Base one covered.
    Dani wins, ian and dan go up or who ever. if ian wins veto shane will go home if dan wins veto it could be shane who goes home and if shane wins veto it will probably be ian cause of the final three deal with dan and the fact that shane knows he cant beat ian in the final two.
    Now if dan wins – best scenario cause dan would be safe! If dan win someone except him will be going home which is fine with me. Mostlikey shane or ian.

  28. So does Danielle know how to play the game or is it just Dan controlling her every move? In all honestly Danielle you’re in the top 5. This is where you have to start backstabbing.

  29. Dont count Jenn out….the other night on BBAD. Dan was talking to Jenn a while about music and goin to the final two with him….she told him that she could use the $50,000…..I know he thinks he can win over Jenn……so if they split the vote today and Ian has to break the tie and Dan has him to vote out Danni, then Dan dont have the blood on his hands…..Dan is tryin to push seperating them two and this is his chance…………

    • That’s what I think. Dan said he wanted to break the ShaneDani bond after the Dani replacement. How could he break the “bond” at this point? I guess he can convince Ian to break the 1-1 tie by telling Ian he wants to show his “loyalty”. Of course, Dan didn’t know, which I believe, Dani would take him over Shane. First, Dani has already mentioned “it would break my heart if I have to vote Shane out”; so, she has the intention. Second, she keeps saying everyone would keep Dan to F2 bc he will have no way to win again. My guess, just opposite to what Rachael’s saying, Dani will say, “no one can ever come between me and my money”!

  30. Dan is sitting pretty.
    Shane wins HoH
    puts up dan and ian, regardless of who wins
    like if shane or dani win nominations stay the same. Ian gets voted out the door by dani. If ian wins and it is dani and dan on the block ian will vote dani out because she knows shane would pick her over him in final two, and he already has a pack with dan. If dan wins veto and ian and dani are on the block. Ian will be sent packing by dan launching him into the final 3.
    Base one covered.
    Dani wins, ian and dan go up or who ever. if ian wins veto shane will go home if dan wins veto it could be shane who goes home and if shane wins veto it will probably be ian cause of the final three deal with dan and the fact that shane knows he cant beat ian in the final two.
    Now if dan wins – best scenario cause dan would be safe! If dan win someone except him will be going home which is fine with me. Mostlikey shane or ian.

  31. When Dani wins I hope she thanks all the people who helped her,her abusive parents,her loving parents,her ceerleading coach,her olympic coach,her cooking school,the school where she learned to be both a nurse and a doctor,the doctor who gave her implants and the dr.treating the cancer in those implants,the modeling jobs like harley davidson she’s had,the beauty contests winning all of them of course,all her hard work winning the game.a big lol lol lol

  32. Only way to get Dan out: Ian wins HOH, puts up Dani and Shane. Shane wins Veto, Dan goes up with Dani. Shane votes out Dan.

  33. I am praying the houseguests wake up and boot Danielle’s butt out of the house… she does nothing but make the show hard to watch.

  34. i believe Shane, Ian & Jenn will go to F3. Dan’s dumbest move by far is his not taking Shane out when he had that chance. Plus, I am really disgusted with Dan’s behavior since his renage on his deals with Frank. It was a very much a disappointment since he swore on the bible while some would argue it was a game move. But when he told Jenn he wanted to take out the “boytoy”, even street JennCity was dumbfounded at that moment. What king of game move is it for a high school teacher to call ppl name like this? I am really disgusted!

  35. If only Ian would have gotten his head out of Dan’s ___. He could have said Dan I have to replace you for Shane because you told me if I put Danielle up you would rip my face off.

  36. Can someone help me out, wasn’t there some seasons early on were final four could all play for HOH? I have a recollection the 4, 5, and 6 they could all play for HOH, but I can’t remember that far ago. Thanks!

    • I’m not sure, but I remember Julie said sth similar about the final few rounds. So, seems it’s about time.

  37. well all in all Ian did the right thing ,jenn will be gone , Nobody would have voted dan out. the only thing Ian did wrong was not putting dan up first . but shane or dany would have used the pov to get dan off. Ian is between a rock and a hard place. Why are these people not talking to each other, Dan would be gone if they did. I cant wait for thursday. THe only two in the house right now that should win would be dan or Ian If for some reason those two are gone. this will probably be the first time a not so good player wins without ever doing anything special.

  38. Did I miss something? I noticed that we haven’t seen the jury house. Maybe the jury isn’t watching tapes of the activity in the house like they usually do, and someone is coming back…maybe right after tomorrow’s eviction!

  39. I’ve been watching Dan’s season #10 and boy was that season Crazy!!!! This season has been so boring in comparison.

      • The only good thing with the feeds not being live until tomorrow night is it’s one less day we have to listen to Danielle talk about how she’s the best player in BB history. Oh one more good thing is Dan should make it to final 3.

      • That is not a good thing! as a former fan of his in season 10 I can honestly say that Dan is truly the worst human being to have ever played this game. And yes Ian is out unless he wins POV this time but it’s mostly his own fault that he failed to use his vast knowledge to help himself.

    • ermagod noooo, now we’re gonna here how great of a player danielle is. she’s won 2 hoh’s, masterminded jannelle, britney and boogie’s eviction, she totally is the best player of the season so she should win, but not before we hear her cry about having to nominate shane or dan next to ian because she loves them both so much that she would kill bunnies in animal sacrifice to still be able to talk to them everyday outside the house, heaven forbid ian wins the veto and she forced to nominate the other one, whaaaaaa

  40. Jenn was evicted. Danielle is the new HOH. Ian and Shane are nominated. Julie gives a sandwich to Jenn during interview. Shane and Danielle make out in the limo coming back to the house.

      • Damn straight! If she’s in F2, i’m going to cover half of my tv screen…the half she’s on of course. And pretend she’s not there. If she can rewrite reality…so can i.

      • I’m back bitches! (I learned that from Rachel). Remember earlier in the season Wil said he was gonna take 24 hours off? I did that too, trying to slowly wean myself off BB so I don’t get mass withdrawal symptoms when it’s over. God help us all if Dumbielle is in F2.

  41. I drank 2 much last night and almost got alcohol poisoning but I watched Big Brother After Dark and seeing Ian with his shirt off and his saggy tits made me barf for an hour straight and now I feel fine. The kids body is disgusting.

  42. Well, too bad for Shane. He might just have to give Danielle what she has been begging for all season long. Shane didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as Danielle last night, but I for sure he will be in the HOH bed tonight. Darn, I swear (oh that’s not a good thing to do) if BBAD aired tonight, I would stay up and watch.

    • Bite your tongue!!!…NO man should have to endure such things. But i would be interested to see if he could rise to the occasion.

      • JILLITH!!!!…welcome back girlie! Chucking sh*t at Shame and Dumbielle has not been the same without you.

      • Sorry about missing church. I kinda felt bad. Even had a bible sitting by the door ready to go :-) I won’t leave you guys for that long again.

      • So I’ve heard. Too bad feeds are down, I’d love to see that princess sitting in her HOH bed pigging out on everything in her basket. I hope she pees the bed tonight.

      • Maybe she can get plastic sheets on her bed. What’s her latest ailment? I checked out of BB land for about 24 hours.

      • Oh ya, I read something about that here. Allegedly the tumor attached itself to the implant…when a week ago after Joe commented on her boobs she said they were real. Ya know, I bet she got a boob job in the DR one day.

      • Yes and she probably performed the operation herself….with no anesthetic. With her eyes closed….while juggling plates.

      • Hahaha! It was probably that 3rd eye right in the middle of her forehead that she was seeing through. She probably thought if she closed the other 2 she’d go to sleep. The same way anesthesia is referred to a going to sleep, she wouldn’t feel a thing.

      • No, she does not have breast cancer. She has a non-cancerous mass, but her doctor’s have decided to treat the mass like it is cancerous. I bet her doctor got three degrees, too.

      • You’re right…a non-cancerous mass…that needed chemo and radiation. As someone that has actually had that condition before…chemo and radiation is not needed. They remove it with a scalpel….which is what i would like to do to her.

      • Just did a little thinkin’. (I’m ok, don’t worry).
        If she really had only one kidney, and I’m assuming the other one was removed, she should have a pretty obvious scar.
        She might have one kidney BUT I bet she has 2 stomachs the way she eats!

  43. Dan MUST go to jury THIS WEEK! Whatever crazy scenario that sends Dan packing is what I am rooting for. NOOBS TIL THE END!!!

  44. Ian needs to win Veto, Shane needs to stop listening to the head not above his shoulders, Dan and Danielle are moving in for the kill and aiming for for the 500 and 50 k, they are keeping the coach and team angle alive and well. Ian and Shane need to realize this is do or die time, no more quack pack bullshit. the fun part is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. this should make for an interesting week.

    • Shane is thinking with the head above his shoulders. However that isn’t working for him. He might need to start thinking with the other one. That one will definitely get him farther in the game, especially since Danielle is HOH.

      • My sentiments as well, but hopefully that one has more brain power. Danielle is HOH after all, which is why I even mentioned it, oh dear. lol

  45. WOW Dumbelle ex bf has come out and said that she has lied her whole life..and if she is caught lying she covers it up with another lie..I mean its pretty obvious watching her during the live feeds..She has even lied about some serious Tragedy’s thats happen to other people..She is metally ill

    • OH YA! I’ve read some of that stuff! Did you read the story about the tragic auto accident she claimed to be in? Now that to me is sick. I don’t know who would even want to tell a story like that. Sick and wrong in all ways possible.

      • yea why would she say she was involved in a car accident that took someones life when she wasn’t that’s sick.Is she really that needy for attention.She’s mentally ill

      • Seriously sick. I guess she tried to back up that story by saying she was in another car accident the same day. I wish I could say her stupidity on the show is all an act, but it’s stories like this that confirm it’s real.

      • Danielle has also tried to convince people that she had throat cancer. Now, RB is clever. She asked Danielle why her hair hadn’t fallen out from chemotherapy. Danielle said, “”It’s a special kind of chemo where that doesn’t happen.”

      • I did hear about the throat cancer too. Hmm, maybe she got that from being bulimic? Has she had that ailment yet? I know she claimed anorexia- oh wait- but not by choice. Haha, whatever.

      • I definitely don’t wish her throat cancer but i DO wish she would get laryngitis. In her case…silence is golden.

      • Nobody deserves any kind of cancer at all no matter what. The fact that she claims to have any or had any disgusts me. But I do agree for her to get laryngitis would be a good gift for us all.

      • I’m disgusted by the lies. Cancer and terrible ailments are not funny lies no matter who you are. I’m also disgusted by the fact that her lying has been confirmed many times on other sites by her former friends. If you search Danielles BFF tells all, just put that in the search bar, you will learn about her life prior to entering the BB house. I understand BB is a game of lies, I’ve been watching it since season 1, day 1. I support the “game” lies. It’s one thing to lie about game play and strategies and F2,3,4,5,6,7, etc deals, but lying about serious health issues that affect many of us is just not acceptable.

    • I read in one of the comments on that page that Danielle is actually an LPN (you only need a 2 year degree for this profession….I’m not sure if you need a degree at all). The person said that she does not know Danielle personally, but knows someone who does. The person said Danielle is not a charge nurse and can not write prescriptions.

      • If you go to LinkedIn you can see her profile :-) If it’s true or not, well I think we know. If she’s really a nurse I’d hate to be her patient for the fact of what she’d write on my chart! Holy crap, some stuff could follow a person for life and really mess them up!

    • Personally, I don’t hate her (but I understand why she is hated by some), but she has my pity. She’s clearly a sociopathic liar and needs therapy.

      • Actually, I don’t have any feeling, like or dislike for her. I just don’t want her clinging-covering Dan to F2.

      • I should say I dislike Dani’s clinging along Dan. Not only she was not playing her own game, she basically destroy everybody’s chance of playing games; just like Natalie clinging to Rob Mariano to the final end! I woudn’t say riding Dan’s coattail bc she’s not.

  46. If Ian wins the veto, I think that Shane will be out the door, even though Ian should get Dan out but Ian still seems to be sold that Dan is going to keep their final 2 pact.

  47. If you are not HOH, it is essentially a crapshoot at this point.
    If it is Dan and Shane who does Ian vote for?
    If it is Dan and Ian my guess is Shane evicts Ian.
    If it is Shane and Ian I think Ian is gone

    • I hope Ian and Shane can make a pre-Veto deal for F2, if they are smart. I don’t think Dani & Dan will take any of them. Only Shane will take Dani instead.

      • Dan has already tried times to get Ian out, why would he take Ian if it is very likely he will lose 0-7 to Ian before the jury?

      • Maybe her mom WATCHED Olympic swimming on TV and then went in the backyard pool and thought she was one. I have a problem like that too, whenever I go swimming I turn into a mermaid.

      • For Gods sake Jillith….don’t give the girl any ideas. She will next be swearing that her legs turn into fins when she blows fairy dust on them. Only the fin should be on her back instead.

      • Well Tinkerbell better check her pockets…she’s going to NEED some fairy dust to get Shame out of his pink kimono.

      • Oh ya! I caught some of that on BBAD. She said something like 10 years of it, yet when she was attempting to do handstands she looked like a freak with no professional training at all. Not to mention when she was doing what she called cartwheels. Puh-lease. I was a gymnast when I was young & she is an insult to all who are, have ever been, or ever inspire to be.

      • If that’s at all true it was probably between the ages of 1-10. I seriously doubt she could lift herself off the ground now in order to do ANYTHING of a gymnastic nature. The most exercise she gets these days is lifting her hand to her mouth.

      • It will be good if one of them gets the veto and get off the block, he will have the ultimate power to vote out one of the other 2. Of course, it will be useless if Dan or Dani wins the veto!

  48. From what I’ve seen, you can always see how a hg think when they nonimat a prawn, who was always sb expendable. Even Memphis and Dani to Dan Action always speaks louder than words!

  49. The POV this week is more important than the HOH..There is only one vote and if u have the POV u are most assuredly in the final 3..If Daniell is HOH she has no actual power unless she wins VETO..

    • Agreed, that’s why I hope Ian and Shane will make a deal before the Veto. Otherwise, one of them is to be voted out, most likely Ian unless he wins the Veto.

  50. Eeeek! Just read on another site that had someone stationed in the live audience that Dummy has one the Hoh now that jenn has been sent home!!!

  51. You know what I like about Dumbielle being HOH right now? The feeds are down, BBAD is not live, and we don’t have to deal with her being queen of the house! I don’t want to see her HOH room!

    • She probably thinks the feeds are still up, BBAD is focused solely on her and that the world waits with bated breath to see her HOH. She thinks she’s queen for a day…only she doesn’t realize she’s a lame duck.

      • Quack Quack. You know she’s thinking all of America and Canada and every one else is just sitting in front of their TV’s or computers completely in awe and in love with her.

      • Oh i’m in awe alright!…I’m in awe that my computer hasn’t staged a coup and my tv hasn’t refused CBS as a channel selection.

    • I bet dumbbell gets over shame once they are out of the house but I’m afraid shame is gonna be calling her 20 times a day..he actually more clingy to her.she will move on and sleep with the whole Alabama football team once she gets out.She gonna lie about stuff that people never saw..Oh the live feeds were turned off or the camera never showed it.. she will tell people

      • She will swear they were married in the house…by Jesse. Divorced…Ian was her lawyer. And she got the house in the settlement. PLUS …she has a restraining order against Shame in order to keep him away from their son Ted.

  52. So Jenn is gone and Dani won HOH. Now what? I hope she throws Dan under the bus for her imaginary boyfriend. I seriously hope that Ian wins POV or he doesn’t stand a chance,

    • Yep Ian will be evicted if he doesn’t win POV but if he does he will make final 2 because he will win the the final HOH competition its always two out of three and he will win the endurance and trivia

      • Im hoping if Ian is up against Dan in final two that people in jury will vote Ian since Dan has won it before..but i think Dani and Shane and Frank will vote Dan..Brittney Ashley and maybe Joe will vote Ian not sure about Jenn..if its Ian and Shane i hope Brittney votes for Ian because shane voted her out..Franks vote is gonna be a wildcard I don’t think he likes Ian but I’m sure he knows Dan backstabbed him He might not wanna vote

      • Hmm..I think that Frank is super-duper-extremely pissed off at Dan. I don’t see him getting a vote from Frank no matter what. Now if it happens I will eat my words.

      • were do you see jenn and joes vote going..I think Jenn is upset with Ian but don’t you think she see’s Dan as a backstabber? especially since Dan has won it before

      • Wow, that’s a good question. The easy part is Joe. He will vote however he is told to. I’m thinking Twitney has or will influence him to vote the way she wants him to. As for Jenn, geez…that’s my wildcard. She probably knows that Dan played a good game, I think she see how shallow Dumbielle really is, Shane might get a sympathy vote from her based on the fact she realizes he needs to come out of the closet, but Ian might get her vote for actually playing the game & not throwing comps and being in it for the experience & the love of the game. Ya, that’s just MY opinion as confusing as it is.

      • If Dan’s in F2 it will most likely insure that the person sitting next to him will win. That’s just MY opinion, no reason for people to hate. :-)

  53. Is it legal for side deals between a houseguest and the producers of BB such as a bonus if Dan takes Ian to the final 2 (for likely higher ratings)?

  54. If Dan makes it to final 2 frank, Brittney and Ian should vote for Dan to win the game because he played them AND the game perfectly!!! Here is too hoping they aren’t sore sports

  55. is danielle puts up Ian and Shane we all know that if Ian wins POV he will vote for Dan to stay. But if Shane wins I wonder who he would vote for to stay? I’m not sure it would be Dan. Any thoughts?

    • Shane probably will still keep Dan given the choice
      over Ian. Dan has a Final 2 deal with everyone. I
      imagine Shane thinks Dan would take him to a Final
      2 and Danielle also would take Shane to a Final 2.
      What Shane does not know is Danielle has a Final
      2 deal with Dan.

  56. I wonder what the HOH comp was, anyone know? If Danielliar won, it must be who has the most illness. Or who picks at their face and skin on camera the most, or who is the most conceited…something like that.
    Shane should really out Dan to Ian….I think its the only way he makes final 3, which sucks because all hes done the last 4 weeks is make deals to keep Danielliar safe or he could have won.

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