Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 9 Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

The Big Brother 14 house is getting smaller and smaller and on Sunday two houseguests were out of the house and not present on the Live Feed for most of the day. Shane and Danielle went on a date outside the house after Shane won the prize in a Saturday competition. So we got to know Dan, Ian and Jenn a lot better on the Sunday Live Feeds.

So we got a nice preview of what the house will be like when we just have a final three. Read on to find out what happened in the house on Sunday.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 9, 2012:

9:00 AM BBTJenn is up and making coffee. She goes outside. The other HGs are sleeping.

9:57 AM BBT — Wake-up time.

10:15 AM BBT — HGs are waking up. Danielle is ready to start a long day of picking at her skin.

10:50 AM BBT — Dan and Danielle talking about how mad Jenn is going to be when she finds everything out. So if Shane uses the veto on himself, then Jenn will be going home.

11:46 PM BBT — Shane was told that he needs to get ready for the award he won during Saturday’s competition. He’s going to take Danielle with him. HGs speculating about where they’re going. They think it could be an awards show or some red carpet event.

12:16 PM BBT — Dan coaches Danielle (yes he still does that) about going out with Shane. He likens it to a business trip and reminds her that $500,000 is on the line.

12:30 PM BBTDan telling them this is an amazing first date for Shane and Danielle.

1:00 PM BBT — Shane and Danielle are out of the house for their event.

2:05 PM BBT — Dan and Jenn talking about Shane’s story. They wonder how truthful he’s been about his job, money, etc. Jenn thinks he has money from modeling.

7:53 PM BBT — Dan, Ian and Jenn have been doing basically nothing since Shane and Danielle left. Dan is now telling Jenn she’s played a good game.

8:32 PM BBT — Ian on the hammock, mumbling things to himself like “Get to steppin.” He later asks himself if he should trust Dan. (The answer is NO, but does Ian realize that?)

9:18 PM BBT — HGs say they think Jodi was cast to be an instigator and that she would’ve gone home right away had Dan not evicted her on the first night.

9:30 PM BBT Danielle and Shane return from Shane’s reward trip. They’re caring boxes of Corn Flakes. They went to see an Olympian touring show. They talk about how people actually recognized them and called Shane by name.

9:56 PM BBT — Danielle tells Dan that she heard from people while they were out that everyone likes the Quack Pack. I’m guessing one person told her that. Or maybe not at all. Again, she’s given me no reason to believe anything she says.

10:22 PM BBT — Danielle is freaked out from her experience outside the house. She can now add post-containment stress disorder to her many many illnesses and disorders. I guess we’ll hear

11:30 PM BBT — Danielle tells Dan she’ll vote to evict Ian over him.

11:37 PM BBT — Danielle tells Ian she’s OK with going up over Dan when Shane uses the veto on himself. Why don’t they just end the game now and give Dan the $500,000 (again). Seriously.


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  1. When are these morons going to wake up and remember that Dan already won $ 500K and it’s their turn, and they need to get his ass out of that house fast. HELLO! Jenn City is not the threat here, it is the lying, backstabbing Dan that is screwing you all over. Shane, Ian & Jenn need to get together and get Dan out first and then Danielle. Let’s not forget she has yet to tell the truth about what she really does outside the BB house. Her and Dan are perfect because they are such good LIARS!

  2. Dan’s the man. He is the true puppet master. He has all the other HG doing what he wants. Ian scared me a bit. He reminds me of Dan in season 10, except he’s not as nice, and caring about other HG. Dan gets to know everyone on a personal level and even when the house is turned upside down he never loses his cool. Where Ian….not so much. Danielle is an idiot. She’s more worried about what other HG has said about her, and weather they like her or not. And she doesn’t get the hint that Shane wants nothing to do with her. It’s sad to watch her get turned down time and time again. She thinks she made a great big move by getting Janelle out. Wait wasn’t that Boogies idea?? But she thinks it was all hers. Idiot. Shane, well he is loyal. And when they are all competing he says ” Good Job” to every person. He seems sincere. But other then that he is clueless. Jenn… She thinks she made a big move by taking Dan off the block. And that got her 5th place. She knew Dan was a threat. She had to know he wasn’t going to keep her around long. She hasn’t won a comp. all summer ( except the one that Frank got disqualified on) and was put on slop to ensure Dan would go home. But saved him and is now being rewarded with slop. Dumb…I know it’s easy for me to say this cause I’m not in the house but it really wasn’t a smart cast this year. I think the majority were looking for fame and fortune. ( talking about selling their stuff on Ebay) It didn’t seem like they were going for the big prize.

  3. Ian’s reaction to Rachel’s video was hilarious……I don’t think anyone could have been any less interested. That was the best laugh I had all season long.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I only wish he had been made to stay up there with the RR video the rest of the season, or at least until the live broadcast. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll take Rachel’s voice/laugh over Ian’s anything any day of the week!

      • I agree. I can’t stand Ian. He’s so cocky. And for no good reason. And to think, if not for Boogie, Ian could have been evicted week 1. And now he’s in the final four. I hope he goes during the FF week. I’ve had enough.

  4. I wonder if Jessie is sleeping with one of the producers…why is he still in the picture…anyway, I hope Ian comes to his senses and gets Dan out

  5. For some reason, and I could be wrong, I think Danielle will chose Shane over Dan. Dan was stupid for not getting rid of Shane. In my opinion, Danielle is in the best position, right now.

      • I wonder why she keeps saving Dan even to the
        point of volunteering to be put up as a pawn, then
        gets all upset when he does her dirty time after
        time? They all act like Dan is just playing the game
        for the fun of it and has no intention of going after
        the 500 thou. Seriously? Dan is all about money.
        Wish the remaining HGs could find out about how
        much Dan is making for just being in the game again.
        When Dani needs comfort she always go to Shane, not Dan, yet she claims to have this daddy-complex thing going with Dan. She knows she will get no comfort from Dan. Personally I am tired of hearing him spend endless time asking fruitless questions about everyone. When will they notice he tells them very little about himself? When they were doing the Pepsi/Coke challenge, Dan lied to Ian and Shane on four different occasions and broke the starting rules of the game, thinking it was hilarious. Last night he completely ignored BB telling him to stop going after the ball with the pool broom. Jenn had to come out of DR and take the broom from him after they chastised him several times and were ignored. HGs wake up and see how easily he breaks rules and lies about even simple things! You are giving him the big prize!

      • The whole social experiment is fascinating. I think people want to believe Dan and turning against him would be too difficult for them. If they are smart and focused, they’ll get rid of Dan, but they aren’t strong enough players. Ian, might figure it out, but not sure it will be in time.

      • Very true. People tend to do the easy thing instead of making the difficult decision…even if it’s in their own best interest. I think that’s why some of them use the floating strategy. It’s much easier to let someone else do all the work. Not only do you not get blood on your hands but you can hide your lack of knowledge and focus about the game.

      • I know Dan cheated at the beginning of his chess game with Ian, is that what you were talking about or was it something else.

      • Jenn didn’t take the broom out o his hands, and she didn’t “have”
        to come out of DR to stop
        him. Regardless of who you like or dislike, don’t exaggerate what happens. Remember, you aren’t the only one watching.

      • Dan is a spoiled 4 year old who think he can do whatever he wants and get away with it…and he does because these people let him. Danielle’s horrible lack of self esteem and grossly obvious need for attention smacks of someone who desperately needs therapy and it is really evident with her eagerness to forgive Dan no matter what he does that getting someone’s (false) affection is more important to her than someone treating her right. This would usually tug at my heart strings but her whining, lying and pathetic attempts at proving her intelligence make me sick, I can’t wait til she goes to the jury house and has to face Britney!

    • I disagree. Although she couldn’t vote him out last week, she’s started her thing where she gets annoyed with the person she needs to vote out, just to make herself feel better about backstabbing them. When Dan told her they would need to get rid of Shane a while back, she started complaining about how he follows her everywhere… lol umm..ok Danielle. The guy who chose another bed so that he didn’t have to sleep next to you.

  6. what a show it would be if little miss elvira had to choose between dan and shame, (on the block of course).the tammy fay baker show. the highlight of the season.

  7. I think it would be really great tv if Danielle goes up and Dan votes her out. And here’s why – that’s how BB is portraying Dan this year – as a big backstabber and of course it’s true – but that would solidify his villainous status.

    • I’m pretty sure Dan has always planned to take her to the final 2. For good reason. 1- She’s his best chance of winning 2- His biggest appeal to the jury (besides the fact that she is a total loser) is that he was brought here as her coach and did his job to coach her to the final 2. She is is best chance at a win. GO DAN!

      • I agree, I think he got insanely lucky picking her in the beginning because at first he was doing his coaching thing but quickly he realized he could take her to the final 2 and win over her and still look like a good guy doing it :) I love Dan – he makes villainous acts look so nice, lol

  8. Shane uses veto , comes off the block & Ian puts up Dan. That scenario leaves Danielle & Shane to vote. Danielle will then be forced to choose between Shane & Dan. She votes to keep Dan then Shane votes to keep Jenn. Ian is forced to break the tie ! Wouldn’t that be EXCITING !?! Too bad it won’t happen… = ( Bye-Bye Jenn !

  9. ” Why don’t they just end the game now and give Dan thr $500,000 (again). Seriously.” Hilariouusssss!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree completely, with these self-righteous, self-absorbed whiners hand-wringing about who’s gonna be America’s Choice (Britney, duh) they seem to have already abandoned all hope so stop wasting our time,

  10. Dan 99% is going to win this game unless Ian finds out that Dan wants him out. If Jenn goes home this week, whoever wins HOH next week is going to keep Dan safe. If Danielle wins she puts up shane and Ian and even if one of them wins veto and Dan goes up both Shane and Ian would keep him safe, if Shane wins HOH he puts up Dan and Ian and Danielle would vote out Ian. So the final three would be Dan, Danielle, (Shane or Ian). If either Ian or Danielle or Dan win 2/3 competitions, Dan wins the game. Shane is the only person that would take Danielle to the final 2 and vote out Dan over her.

  11. I’m with Dan til he eviscerates Dr. Will’s legacy some more, then once he accomplishes more of that, I’m with Ian for the win. hopefully things should shift into overdrive this Thursday, though regardless I really want Danielle out, once she goes. I say may the best gamer win from there on out, Jenn is irrelevant. Shane has a dinosaur brain that just wants his spotlight, and with all that said. Dan and Ian are the only true players left this season.

  12. shane acts a little twitty at times. if they would boot out little “rosemary’s baby”, maybe he can get his wet noodle in order and play the game.

  13. Ian screwed up his HOH. He should have done an alliance with Jenn for her vote. Put up his two biggest competitors, Dan and Shane. When Shane won veto then put up Danielle. Jenn votes for Dan Shane votes for Danielle. Ian uses tie breaker to get rid of Dan and will have to only compete with Shane in the next veto comp. Ian will go on the block next week. If he doesn’t win the veto he will go home. Stupid moves Ian. He did it to himself.

  14. Do you really think that CBS would let Ian not open pandora’s box? Has any not opened pandora’s box?

    I wonder how long they made him set in DR to get this one. BB wants to give Dan a chance to appear human again.

  15. If Ian does not renom Dan & then Shane & Danielle vote to evict him…then, they all DON’T deserve to win BB!! Ian says that he’s been a huge fan of BB & watched since he was a kid…Ok, so IF this is true, then CERTAINLY he should know when a threat is a threat (Dan) & he should certainly know that this wk is the PERFECT opportunity to eliminate his biggest threat to winning BB at this point!

  16. Oh please Ian – wake up now and back door Dan………. How can you let a returning player who won before do it again????? You have the power – use it.

  17. Dan is going to bust hell wide open, He is not only a judice,but also a person who acts as a devils serpant.

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