Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 8 Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Things are really starting to wind down on this season of Big Brother 14, but just before things get crazy with the finale three, final two and the new winner. So the HGs are pretty relaxed right now, but this is the time of the season when you start hearing a lot about final three and final two deals. Sunday was the day for that this season. There were several deals made on the Live Feeds. Read on to find out what happened in the house on Saturday.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 2, 2012:

9:43 AM BBT — Frank talking to the cameras. Says it would break his heart to go home with only two weeks left in the game.

10:02 AM BBTFrank and Jenn saying they need to get Dan to use the veto on her and then get Frank the votes to stay.

11:15 AM BBT — Dan is worried his actions in the game could have an impact on his wife and her job.

2:00 PM BBT — HGs are on an indoor lock down and some start cleaning. Others nap.

3:25 PM BBT — Shane tells Dan they should have a plan for Thursday just in case there is a double eviction. They also talk about Joe and all the deals he’s making. Shane wonders if it would be better to get him out now. Dan says the plan is to still get Frank out.

3:35 PM BBT — Per Dan’s request, Shane goes to Danielle to ask her about a final three deal with himself and Dan. She’s down with it but says her final two is still with Shane, no matter what.

3:36 PM BBT — Ian comes into Shane and Danielle’s talk and says they need to make sure Frank goes this week and that Jenn goes next.

3:40 PM BBT — Danielle says she thinks anyone will be able to beat Dan in the final two.

3:46 PM BBT — Shane, Danielle and Ian agree that they should let Frank believe he has Shane’s vote just to avoid drama.

5:23 PM BBT — Ian tells Danielle even if Jenn comes off the block and Joe goes up, it’s still a done deal that Frank is going home.

6:42 PM BBT — Joe saying he’s pretty sure he’ll be going up on the block Monday.

6:55 PM BBT — Ian says he wants the Quack Pack to go to the final four and that they need to not turn on each other until then. Ian’s pecking order is Frank, Jenn and Joe.

7:06 PM BBT — Ian rehearsing to Dan what he’ll say tomorrow when Dan uses the veto on Jenn.

8:25 PM BBT — Frank is back to talking about Janelle and the things she did or didn’t say about him.

8:49 PM BBT — Dan talks to Jenn about repaying her by using the veto and wants to know he’ll be safe if she wins HoH. She says yes. Dan also throws out the idea of a final three deal with him and Danielle. Dan continues to cover himself on all sides.

9:00 PM BBT — Joe trying to talk to Dan about not using the Veto. As if Joe could possibly convince Dan of anything.

9:32 PM BBT — Shane tells Danielle that Ian wants Joe to target Jenn for them.

9:49 PM BBTShane, Danielle and Dan shake on a final three deal.

1:08 AM BBT — Frank tells Dan that maybe he should use the veto on him instead of Jenn because the Diary Room is making him nervous. Feeds cut.

So based on what happened today, Dan and Danielle seem to be sitting in the best positions right now. Dan has final  deals with almost everyone and Danielle does have final deals with everyone. So who knows how anything will play out, but people are really starting to look at the finale leg of this contest. And it’s just around the corner.

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    • Dan will burn in hell for swearing on the bible to Frank then almost immediately doing the opposite… burn baby burn and good riddance.

    • i saw an interview with his wife. she said she supports him ineverything he does. also, in the words of a very wise man, “forgive them father for they know not what they do.” pehaps you should forgive him too and stop using the bible to bash someone.

      • What does his wife do for a living that would make Dan worry her job would be in jeopardy from his game play?

      • I read on another site…and really can’t verify this…that his wife founded an organization called “Good Girl Comeback”. She does motivational speaking to young girls about sticking with their beliefs and not turning into a “mean girl”. Like i said…just read it…can’t verify it.

    • Like I’ve pointed out to multiple people, what Dan did is exactly what Big Brother is all about.

      You wouldn’t have a problem with his actions, if they were targeted at someone you weren’t rooting for. But since it’s Frank, Dan is suddenly an awful person.

      It’s the exact same fit that Britney threw when she got nominated.

      Also, if you find what Dan did distasteful or offensive in anyway, I’d say you might not want to watch Big Brother since that’s what it is all about. ;)

      • I don’t mind lying, backstabbing, etc. It is part if the game. The problem I have with Dan is 1) his arrogance and 2) swearing on the bible, his wife and grandfather with promises he has no intention of keeping. That’s where I draw the line. I am not saying this because I am a Frank fan, because I am not. I hope he gets evicted tis week, then Dan.

      • One sure way to eradicate this problem would
        be to ban the Bible in the house during the
        season of the game. All other literature is
        banned, why not ban the Bible and protect
        its sacredness?

      • I agree. Have to admit though, it’s interesting to see how far some people will go to win. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t have used it or that he should. To me, it’s a game and whatever they choose to do to further themselves is up to them. I don’t watch to judge their religious beliefs. I watch to see their strategies….which one works…which one doesn’t. And if that’s Dans strategy, then i have to accept that he goes about it that way. It may or may not be what i would do but then again i don’t have to deal with the fallout that might arise from it. That’s between Dan and his God…not Dan and me.

    • People wake up! This is a game. Deception is a big part of the game. What anyone does in this house(game) is no indication how they are outside. The object of the game is who can deceive everyone else in the house & be last one standing. You all are judging people’s character on how they play a game!

    • i agree that is a book that you do not use to tell LIES WITH and it means nothing to DAN he was trying to use it to get Shane and Danielle to sleep together and IAN SAID they could use hoh bed so in my heart the Bible is never to be use for things like that I think bb needs to get control of some things that goes on in the house with out production there would be no bb

    • what business is it of yours, pertaining to the outside personal lives of people you watch on a television show? Perhaps instead of continually posting the same trite comments in every thread, you should head to the doctors for treatment for your delusions.

    • k this might just be me but from the episode he just swore on the bible that the information that he was telling Frank was the truth and he was telling the truth. And they only shook on their handshake. And you cant even blame the guy like he is a big target going into the house, and everyone thinks he is playing the same game as he did in season 10 being loyal to one person till the end but wouldnt that be stupid to do the same strategy again if everyone has seen him do it?

  1. This is what I read on another Spoiler site:

    The PoV meeting is supposed to be early, early in BB terms means between 11:00AM and 4:00PM. Dan won the PoV and will use it to save Jenn from the chopping block, this is pay-back for her saving him last week. Frank knows (but I’m not sure he believes) that Dan is going to save Jenn, and he’s cool with it, because he feels that whomever Ian puts up as a replacement would be evicted over him, especially if it’s Joe.Joe’s under the impression the PoV won’t be used, but everyone else knows. Ian will pretend to be pissed at Dan for using the PoV, and Ian will nominate Joe as the replacement nominee. What Frank doesn’t know, is that the Quack Pack has stacked the deck, and he doesn’t have the votes to stay. Shane and Danielle will vote to evict him. I’m not sure if Dan will, he may want it to appear that he kept his hands clean, Jenn will vote to evict Joe, that leaves the vote tied 2 – 2, with Ian breaking the tie and sending Frank to the jury.

  2. Frank really should win. He has fought everyday to stay in the game. How in the hell do the floaters stay longer.

    • Usually people keep the floaters around to take to F2 because they know they can beat them. Frank is a good competitor in the comp department and would be a huge threat sitting beside of any of them in F2. It would be a sad day if Joe made it to F2 but since he hasn’t won an HOH or veto yet this year…he’ll be gone before too long unless some miracle happens or he accidentally stumbles upon a veto while cooking.

      • During Thursday’s show, the announcer mentioned the possibility of Americas vote to take someone off the block… could be the Frank’s luckiest week yet.

      • Just another way to allow production to cheat and keep Frank around. Wouldn’t be surprised if they manipulate the votes

      • That would be great. Franks needs this to happen for him, and we need Frank in the house to continue watching.

      • Yes, once he is out and I am out too. Frank makes the game more exciting and fun. Everyone hates him and want him out and that makes him the prime target and there is something to look forward to whether Frank stays or not and the longer that scenario is on, makes more exciting to watch. As we can read the comments, Frank draws a lot of haters and non-haters so when he goes, the other guest are boring. If miracle happens and frank stays another BB history and would love to see the faces of the Quacks if that ever happens. A miracle BB please. Thanks.

      • If that is the case I hope the vote will be next week. If they do it this week, Frank may not be included in the vote.

    • Should’ve would’ve could’ve, ppl who can win comps w/o any alliance seems always just that much, and time to go. I don’t Frank winning, I am just saying.

    • I agree Frank should win, He has been a great competitor but everyone has stabbed him in the back. I’m for Frank and sorry to see him go. Jen or Joe should be going this week, They don’t need two floaters around.

      • Frank shouldn’t win, he’s played a terrible social game. I give him credit for winning when he needed to, even though there has been some controversy around it. But besides comps, he had failed every other part of the game.

      • Do you not consider a social game being true to Ian who back stabbed Frank and Boogie. Do you not consider that Frank pointed out Ian to get the money when Boogie was able to give away some cash instead of pointing to himself which Boogie could have done. The house guest are just so terrified of him because of his physical strength and has won HOH and POV>

      • Are you serious? So all of Frank’s POV and HOH wins were for nothing? Especially with the WHOLE HOUSE wanting him out from day one… oh yeah, i can see how EVERYONE fought FOR

      • Totally agree. I’m not the biggest Frank fan, but you have to give him credit for winning when his feet was to the fire. I didn’t see anyone throwing comps to him…if anything the opposite.

    • Agree Sand even not the grand prize winner, he at least deserves to be in F2 and get the second place. Hoping that he gets the fan favorite and wins $100,000.00. He is just so trusting and believes anyone. He had an instinct before about Ian being the mole but he never follow through and believes Dan that is why he again on the block, Frank is so gullible. Someone should get into his head that he should work on Ian as he really owes him and Boogie and throw him the guilt to make him realize that it was him that broke their alliance and Boogie left and now he is leaving and will not get his jury vote as well as convince others to do so especially Ashley and that is minus two votes in the finals. In reading one of the conversations Ian stated that he does not know why Frank is so mad at him. Is this kid that naive?

  3. dan will win if its him Shane, Danielle. that is why he wanted to make a deal with them to picks but then again it depends on the game :

    competition and that is another reson why he wanted wil out of the house because he knew if he stay there it would be a very good match

    • Maybe you are right, but I am thinking he is screwing over too many people and his actions are going to come back and bite him with the jury. But then again in the end they just might see it as great game play. Myself I hope he doesn’t win.

    • I doubt it.. Dan wont have Ashley, Frank or Brittany’s vote.. and if Danielle/Shane is in Jury he won’t have theirs.. Danielle and Shane will vote for one another if one of them are in the F2 and the other is in jury..

    • Yes Joe is the worst BB player ever, first to be out of every comp. I don’t understand why they want to give him 50,000. take someone who earned it.

    • Don’t be shocked if Dan finds a way to back stab everyone and ends up taking Joe with him to Final 2. That’s how much he wants to win this game.

      • I do not think that the jury will award Dan another half a million dollars. They will mostly consider that he won before and Britney will definitely push for him not getting the money and also Frank will do the same and whoever he will back stab soon after Frank. Using the bible and family on a promise is way too low for me.

      • Britney’s stated several times that he respects Dan for outplaying her; I’d wager she’d vote for the person who beat her, rather than voting against him simply out of spite. I think she’d be able to convince a large number of people to do the same.

      • Ian’s strategy (doing what Britney tells him to do) hasn’t been anything to write home about; I think in the end Britney would care more about the better player than who she was allied with.

        Plus, I don’t see Ian making it all the way to the end; he’s too cocky right now, especially with half the house thinking out getting him out ASAP.

      • you ‘ll be suprised how ppl vote especially after the jury members have time away from the game their mind always change.

  4. Unfortunately it looks like either a snake or a floater will win this time.Frank has played the best all around game this season but that doesn’t always get you to the end unfortunately.Still pulling for you Frank…..

    • He has absolutely no strategy in this game… in order to play the best game you have to have a good social game. The best player so far that played this game was Dan.

      • Up until now (with the Veto) Dan hasn’t won anything. Im sorry but Dan’s social game doesn’t make him a better “competitor” than Frank.

      • Dan’s two biggest problems winning are he has already won once (people tend to want to give it to someone new) and he is going to have to back stab a lot people he has made deals with to win.

      • I guess that’s why Evil Dick did so good because of his social game,To many things effect the outcome and emotions are definitely one of them.Each player as in real life have there strong points as well as there week points but a social game will not always carry you to the end in this GAME….

      • Dick is not a very good person to bring into a comparative argument about social gameplay. His season was the most rigged season in the history of BB. From Dustin’s eviction on, he had America’s Player Eric doing all of his dirty work for him and tilting the game in his favor, so I don’t even know why he’d even be brought up in the same conversation with a player like Dan.

        The bottom line here is that in the newer seasons of Big Brother, juries have relied way too much on competition wins and less about social gameplay, strategy and manipulation when casting their votes. This is what I refer to as the Janelle effect. People hated it that a person like Maggie who didn’t win very much but managed to dominate the entire game with her manipulations and strategic moves won that season and the rootable underdog competition beast Janelle lost. I wasn’t very fond of Maggie as a person myself, but I have to give credit where credit is due and say that she played a much better social game than Janelle and deserved to win.

      • Doug, I can’t agree more. Modern Big Brother is too much about winning competitions and less about the social aspects of the game and using your wits to get yourself further. I don’t understand the mentality that the comp beast automatically translates into a better player. If someone outplays you mentally, they outplayed you. It’s really not that hard to figure out.

      • I’m just saying.. what makes the mental competitor better than the physical competitor. As much as it helps to be both, if you’re struggling with the fact that the “mental” competitors (i.e. Ian, Brittany) to keep persuading others (Shane, Danielle) to put they physical competitors (Frank) up on the block than obviously you’ll need the physical ability to stay safe. Just because you have good social strategy and can bullshit your way to the end doesn’t mean crap without the physical ability to keep yourself and maybe a couple of your alliances safe week after week. DUH!

      • Fair enough point. But the fact of the matter is that Frank has not been playing a very good social game and that’s one of the main reasons why he has been on the block every single time he’s been eligible. I get that players like Ian and Britney have been egging their alliance-mates on to nominate him for their own personal benefit, but at the end of the day if he had truly worked on his relationships within the house outside of Boogie, he wouldn’t have been in that position in the first place. There’s a reason why Ian turned on them in favor of the QP. They belittled and ignored him to the point to where he felt he was better off working with the other side of the house.

        I honestly do feel for Frank, I do. Don’t get me wrong about that. He has busted his ass to get as far in the game as he has. But I just feel that if he had worked a little bit harder at trying to form better relationships with others in the house and didn’t brag so much about how great he is at the game physically and that he’s a sure-fire lock to win the game if he makes it to F2, he wouldn’t be in this position every single week.

  5. What does it mean that Frank says the Diary Room is making him nervous? I will be so sad to see Frank go but it doesn’t look like he has anyone to support him. Jenn is turning against him with Danielle. Danielle is stupid. I think that anyone who goes up against Ian or Dan in the final 2 will not win BB. Dan or Ian will get those votes. How dumb is Danielle? Really dumb. Frank has fought so hard but for some reason he has no one to support him and he has tried to be true to his word. I wish Ian still thought Jenn should go and Frank should stay because he is no immediate threat to them because he can’t play HoH. It is Dan driving Ian to get rid of Frank right now. It actually would be better game play to not get Frank out right now; however, Frank could win POV next week and save himself. Bummer all around about Frank.

    • I’m guessing that production is hinting to Frank that he may go if Dan doesn’t use the veto on him. I’m also wondering when they are going to get in Dan’s ear to use the veto on Frank. I’m a Dan fan, I want to see Frank stay too, but production needs to stay out of it!

      • Yes production doe’s need to stay out of it they are always trying to find a way to save Frank n bean’s

      • hear a great deal about production helping
        Frank, but I haven’t heard anyone say any-thing about how they have helped Ian. Has
        there ever been two Pandora’s Boxes before?
        He got $3000 from Boogie and now another
        $1000 and all of those gifts totaling quite a
        bit, not to mention their worth on ebay. Some of the comps were definitely in his favor weight-wise. Perhpas they are playing for both.

    • The coaches have messed up the game this year it has been coaches in charge the whole game Dan is using GOD FOR HIS ONLY SELF GAIN the other players can not think for them self you are right like now people are doing what Dan says if I was DAN WIFE WOULD HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS FOE HIM.. Oh yea what did i hear about the people might have a pov vote this week is it true for Franks safety i hope so he has worked so hard to stay

      • Ok before everyone pounces on me about Dan having POV and he can’t be voted out. I do know that. I am just saying I wish he could be going. Is my grammar and punctuation ok? LOL!!

    • hey georgia i have a friend who lives in LA california he is going to the big brother after party when the season ends and he will get to meet the cast from this seasons big brother and i ask him to talk to danielle and find out if she played crazy for the game and he will ask her was it being crazy just for the game so no one would vote her out

  6. If Shane wants to win he needs to get Dan out next!! Then Dani will be loyal to the end and his only real theat will be Ian!!!

  7. Just face it people it’s almost over it’s going to be boring most of the time from here on out ….no matter who stays.

  8. After reviewing the tapes, Production concluded that, yes Dan swore on the Bible. They continued to say that it is not illegal to do that, and not a violation of house rules as long as it’s the House Bible and not your own Bible.

    • Of course it’s legal….it’s just disgusting & immoral. If u are a person who claims to have the faith that Dan does, there is just no reason or excuse for what he did less than 24 hrs ago. Yes, it’s a game, but, like I said in a previous post – it was also a social experiment. There’s only so many days you can put a ” mask” on & be some1 else. We are seeing Dan’s true colors….& in the immortal words of Rick Ricardo the worlds beloved Lucy: “you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!”. And, in full disclosure, I am NOT a bible thumper or a Catholic nutbagger (both of which Dan has

  9. I hope Frank stays. I would hate it if Dan won after he swore on the Bible, and his wife that he would protect Frank! Do not like Dan this season. Its one thing to win, but to use the Bible and swear on it… come on Dan, hope you children wont suffer for your decision!

    • “hope you children wont suffer for your decision!”? Really, you go there. Dan is playing a game, everyone playing knows the rules, or lack of rules, but for you to go there is way worse in my eyes than anything Dan has done playing this game.

  10. Why do people care about Dan swearing on the bibe?? When I get on bb,imma do the same thing. I mean its a game people.

    • But does the Lord see it as “just a game”? God shouldn’t be used to further yourself in this game. Just sayin’.

      • OMG just shut up about GOD already I hate when people act like they are all high and mighty better than everyone else. Like you don’t sin and you follow the bible to the tee grow up and shut up.

      • I don’t give much credence to the people who are decrying Dan’s gameplay as immoral because he’s Catholic and therefore should be held to a higher standard than anyone else who has ever played this game. As a Catholic myself, I have absolutely no problem at all with how he is playing the game. I think most of these people who are outraged at his gameplay are probably the same people who sent Shelly’s family death threats and tired to get her fired from her job for voting out Jeff last season. People need to get off of their high horses and realize that this is just a game.

      • It has nothing to do with being on their “high horses”. Don’t read your Bible and proclaim your faith one second and the next flat out lie. Its hypocrisy. Don’t just live out your faith when its convenient for you. That’s all I’m trying to say..

      • Apparently one who thinks things over from every
        angle. You have the right to say it is ridiculous
        just as I have the right to question the actual
        actions of someone. That is what a democracy is
        all about. Thank you for your input.

    • I could be wrong, but I seem to remember Dan touching
      the Bible, his ring, and bringing his grandfather’s necklace
      out and touching it while saying, “I will swear on……..”.
      He was not actually touching the Bible when he swore
      all of this. He said he would????? Or did he actually say
      he WAS swearing on all of that? When you take an oath
      to tell the truth, the whole truth in court, you never take
      your hand off of the Bible until your oath is over. Just

  11. I woul take Joe to the final two with me if I were any of the other HGs. He is the least liked. I too think it will be floaters in the end unless frank pulls a miracle.

  12. I really hope Frank lives another week. Dan what were you thinking. You are now worried about your wifies job. Perhaps you should worry about your own. I cannot believe you swore on everything that is holy only to break your word for the almighty buck. You should be ashamed. You disgraced yourself and your whole family. Go Frank go.

      • I think if F2 consists of Ian and Dan….Ian will take it. Jurors normally say they can separate their emotions from choosing who actually played the game best. But just like a lot of posters, with the Bible incident, i think emotions will influence their decision.

      • All I have seen is that Dan swore on the bible to Frank, so his vote would be the only one effected. The others probably wouldn’t even know of it, unless Frank goes to the jury and talks about it, and then the jury members wouldn’t know if they were to believe frank or Dan.

      • I could be wrong, but i thought jury members were allowed to view each show. When they are evicted they usually show up at the jury house with tape in hand of how their eviction went down. Maybe someone that knows more about this can enlighten us.

      • You are correct…no strategy talk is shown. I looked it up on rules and regs of the game. Thanks for reminding me. As you say, Frank could spill the beans to the jury. And i fully expect he will. Not sure how religious other hg are but i think it will influence their decision.

      • Ugh. I hope not. As much as Dan rubs me the wrong way, I can’t even watch when the little rat is on. This wk has been hideous!!! No feeds, no AD, no show…only Internet updates, THAT’S how much I abhor that rat monger

  13. Dan is BY FAR the best player left in the house. He is the only one with a social game and the ability to win comps. The thing that people need to remember is that this is a GAME!!! Dan is the only one playing as of right now.

  14. I’m just going to quit watching if Frank goes home! How ridiculous that nerdy Ian and the worst person in the world Dan are still around…it would be so great if the producers figured out a way to get Frank to stay!!!! I would love to see the look on everyone’s face…priceless for sure!!

  15. The thing about Dan is that love or hate the guy, he doesn’t have to rely on twists or rigs to get himself in a better position in that house. He’s playing old-school BB, where you had to be cunning, manipulative and use actual strategy to get yourself further in the game.

    I hate that the more recent seasons of Big Brother have evolved into the mentality that the comp beast “deserves” to win above all else. If anything, we should praise the manipulators more because they’ve actually outplayed their competition by out-thinking them. It’s as simple as that. It may be a dirty way to play the game, but at the end of the day, Big Brother is a dirty game.

    • Old school big brother??!!! Please…!!!!! Does anyone besides myself remember S6 & the nearly 18 HOUR endurance comp??!! Now THAT was BB @ it’s finest!!! No1 in any season has played an endurance like that! That’s the BB I miss!!!

      • Old-school Big Brother to me is pre-Season 6. I honestly believe that’s when the shift towards the mentality that the comp beast deserves to win the game over the strategist/manipulator began because people hated Maggie and loved Janelle. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Janelle too, but I just think that the social aspects of the game have become less and less important to the juries post Season 6 and has bastardized the game in a lot of capacities. Dr. Will never won a single competition and won his season and came very close to winning again in All-Stars. I enjoy watching the more cerebral players like him and Dan more than players with less of a social game comp beast their way to the end of the game and get rewarded for it.

      • I see what u are saying & agree w that as well. It is quite obvious that u are a long time viewer & I enjoy reading ur comments. Will is a friend of mine & I sometimes forget abt S2 (my bad). I guess it’s because that it’s the season b4 vetos were introduced, as well as other things. Thanks 4 poking my memory! But u have 2 admit, that no1 (besides ED) has had the balls 2 take on an endurance like S6….every1 wants 2 make the deal & get off ASAP. As a viewer, that’s just amateur hour, IMHO, anyway!

      • Thanks for the kind words:) I have been a fan of this game for a very long time and the fact that Will managed to win his season pre-veto while being up for eviction so many times does in fact make his win all that more impressive. I also agree with you about the “deals” on the endurance competitions as well. When you’re truly fighting for your life in this game and pull a Kaysar and get yourself evicted because you were dumb enough to trust someone else’s word, you kind of deserve to get stabbed in the back.

        But I think the point that I was trying to make is that a truly cunning player knows whether or not he or she really “needs” to win in a competition or not. The ones who run mental circles around the rest of the players by laying low and pulling off the art of the “throw” impress me just as much as the ones who hang on for dear life. It’s often a lot of people’s downfall in this game to make themselves a big target early on by showing off their physical capabilities too soon.

        Since Dr. Will’s strategy can really no longer apply in modern BB because of the mentality that you need comp wins to build your resume, Dan’s strategy of throwing comps early on and then going all out for them when he needs to is something that I kind of admire about the guy, along with his other attributes in the social and manipulative strategic gameplay.

  16. I am starting to wonder if production is saying things to persuade Dan to use the veto on Frank by saying things about how he swore on everything for a F2 and “how that might affect your wife’s job, etc”. I think him saying he is worried about his ‘dishonorable’ game play may be a foreshadow of him using the veto on Frank or getting others to keep Frank. Hey, anything is possible in this game, just saying.

    • I’m sure the diary room probably is in his ear, but at the end of the day, it’s his decision to use it or not. Dan’s not the type of guy who would be easily swayed by production if it didn’t benefit his personal game. He’s not a weak-minded person like a lot of others in that house.

      Did you happen to catch the conversation with Frank at about 1:00 AM BBT when Frank told him that “they” have him worried about Dan using the veto on Jenn and him still going home? He basically begged Dan to use the veto on him to ensure his own safety. This means that the DR is already in Frank’s ear about a possible blindside. After their conversation was over and Frank left the room, Dan looked into the camera and said “You’re trying to screw up my game…” to production before they cut away to the fish tank.

      I really hate the fact that this type of manipulation goes on. I know that CBS is worried about their ratings if Frank goes home but to do so at the expense of another player’s game is just wrong. It may make for a better storyline for the network but it’s not fair to the other contestants involved, and Frank staying will only benefit Frank and hurt the games of several other houseguests.

  17. After Frank’s DR session, he wanted Dan to use the Veto on him. He said, DR made him nervous. So, it’s obvious that DR gives them hint of what’s going on in the house….i’m not saying a full disclosure, but a hint only.

    If Dan is being persuaded by Production to use the Veto on Frank, it will be a disaster for his own game play. They can persuade him, but he doesn’t have to go along with it. He has the last say.

  18. What Frank needs to do today is go to Dan and tell him he will tell everyone that he swore on his wife and Bible a final 2 deal with him unless he uses the veto on him. No one would trust Dan after that and his game would be blown up. come on Frank if I can think of this so can you!

    • Yeah, but DAN still has the Veto.. I’m sorry, but he’s not going to save Frank. He’ll just deal with the information being out there in the open and take his chances with Frank “finally” out of the house. The boring a$$ Quack Pack probably wont even care… they just really want Frank out soooooo bad.

      • Jordan wasn’t even that bad of a player. I’m personally happy she won. As for undeserving winners, that would be Adam from season 9 and Rachel from season 13

      • Definitely agree with the Adam from season 9. Not only did he float his way to winning…which is actually a strategy, although one i wouldn’t use…. but he managed to use his winnings to get himself convicted of drug dealing. Not quite the smartest player to grace the BB house. But then people get greedy and do things that only hurt themselves. He’s suffering for his actions. I can only hope that he has learned something from the whole experience.

  19. 11:15 AM BBT — Dan is worried his actions in the game could have an impact on his wife and her job. Really, Dan! You did not think about the impact your actions would have on others who are close to you? I think you should worry.

  20. Im a frank and Dan fan…but too bad a girl like Danielle is protected by the best players shes masterminded Dan and good at comps Shane…lucky way to get too final 2… ride 2 peoples coattails.. why couldnt it be another girl..this ones so unstable.

    • Lol..i agree with you but it’s her instability that keeps us watching….and baffled. She may have a few nuts and bolts missing but the girl knows how to cover her ass. Plus it seems her instability can be used by others…such as Dan making her cry for a total authentic reaction to his plan. Or by Shane…who most likely fears reprisal from her if he dares help evict her. He knows her loyalty to him outweighs his fear. Since he can almost guarantee she will vote his way. Not pretty reasons to keep her…but smart ones.

  21. ooops she has Dan whos a mastermind and shane whos good at comps this waco dani is safe…lucky her..

  22. this house is boring I want action …like if Frank stays he will tell everyone Dan and Danis secret that they were acting all along…Shane will turn on them for sending britt home…and trusting a waco like Dani… i cant wait..

  23. I find anyone who openedly picked up a fight can seldom go to the end, bc hgs are scared to make alliance with them. Whenever the deals go sour, there can be a drama against you. That’s why everybody why they become the target. When Frank picked up a fight with Willie the first week, he was doomed. And the fact was, Willie did want to save Frank, and I believe that’s why nobody wanted to be straight up with him, no matter what. What comes around, goes around!

  24. Production better not get in the way of Frank leaving yet again. It’s time for that fool to leave.

    Hopefully Jenn follows next week, I’m tired of hearing about her “power move” she didn’t do anything, Dan planned it all.

    Say what you will about Dan he has made the best game move so far, while he isn’t much of a competitor in the comps, his social game is amazing.

    Bye bye Frank!

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