Big Brother 14 Episode 23 Recap: Pandora’s Box and Jessie Return Again

Big Brother 14 week 8 hoh endurance comp

Sunday night’s Big Brother 14 gave us the HoH results, a little Christmas treat a la Pandora’s Box and the return of a former houseguest.

At the start of the episode, we were reminded of Britney’s eviction and then watched the endurance Head of Household competition play out. Joe had already fallen before the return of Thursday’s final commercial break. He lasted only two minutes. And for falling first, he was given the punishment of having to hula hoop every time Big Brother tells him to for 24 hours.

Jenn is out next after five minutes.

Then we cut to Dan and Ian making a new Quack Pack deal just before last week’s eviction. Dan says in the Diary Room that he might have made a deal with Frank last week (and has been by Danielle’s side the whole season), but he’s playing a different game this time around. In season 10 he was loyal to Memphis the whole time, but this season he is playing with only himself, he says. So he’s ready to forget his deal with Frank as long as it means he’s covered.

Back to the HoH competition, we get to see Danielle take herself out at the 34-minute mark so she can go throw up. Then Dan takes a fall at 42 minutes. So that leaves just Shane and Ian. Shane is still a little nervous having just voted Britney out because he knows Ian is now out to avenge her. So he’s apprehensive about throwing the HoH to Ian even though his body is not liking the competition.

Ian and Shane finally talk and Ian agrees that the Quack Pack is back and Shane and Danielle are safe. So Shane jumps and Ian becomes the new HoH. Frank is instantly nervous.

Dan’s next Diary Room session features him saying “Sorry Frank” and that he’s heading back to the Quack Pack because he likes them better.

Then we get a little moment between Danielle and Jenn. They’re talking about the Shane and Danielle “nomance” and Danielle is whining about how Shane hasn’t kissed her since the pirate ship competition. Then Jenn tells Danielle that Shane referred to her as his girlfriend even though I’m pretty sure he said “best friend.” But I could be wrong. So now Danielle thinks she and Shane are legally married in at least a few states.

Frank tries to get back in Ian’s good graces and makes some good points for Ian to think on. Ian starts thinking he can easily just put up Joe and Jenn and get Frank out the following week because Frank can’t play in that HoH because of his last veto punishment. Dan is the one who reels Ian in, continuing his quest to go back on the deal he made with Frank last week. It will be Ian with the blood on his hands, though, not Dan.

Ian gets to live a dream when Pandora’s Box returns. Ian gets to have a little Christmas in August/September and gets gifts made just for Ian, like a volcano kit, a telescope and $1,000. Meanwhile, Jessie makes his return for the fifth season in a row, only this time he comes as Jessie Claus.

Jessie gives the HGs the gift of health and takes all their junk food and beer. He leaves them only with health food. So this Pandora’s Box brings no game-changing moves.

At the nomination ceremony, thanks to Dan, Ian sticks to his original plan and puts Frank and Jenn up for nomination. That means Frank’s streak of either being nominated or HoH all season long has continued. Can Frank save himself again or are his days numbered?

If you can’t wait until Wednesday to find out how the veto competition went, those results are already posted and ready for you.


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      • Well of course he did, he’s stuck with her and shes loyal. I’d use her too, its when it is over that he will run for the hills.

      • But he once said, he liked “the girl”, he just didn’t like putting showmance on reality TV; besides, it would make him a big target.

  1. Anyone Else notice they said America may decide who goes home at the end? Possible way for Frank to stay safe again?

  2. I think it is wrong that Dan makes all these promises with (on the bible, on his marriage, on his grandfather’s necklace) . Is it necessary? In this game many promises are always broken, and dan knows that, and it is wrong. It will come back to bit him if he continues

  3. I know CBS is obsessed with Jessie ….. but man the whole Santa in a speedo, comming to take all your food was ilarious

    • Lol..there are certain things that are funny and disgusting at the same time….Jesse is one of them.

    • Jesse is revolting. It was an insult to viewers to have that muscle freak parade around in a speedo and Santa hat. Shame on CBS.

      • Never said that the guy was hot…… and how exactly is the guy an insult??? Sure they guy may be full of himself just like most meatheads, but thats what makes it hilarious.

        But its always the same reason you hear from most people, The muscle freak. Guess what, he may be a muscle freak, but more than likely he has a healthier body that yours. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were one of those people that sit all day on the couch or on their computer getting fatter by the hr.

        Simple enough, you dont like to hear or watch the guy make a fool out of himself then just pick up the remote and change the channel, or is the remote to heavy for you to lift.

  4. If Dan takes Jenn off and Joe gets put up, Frank is going home. He deserves it too, he is an IDIOT. He spends the entire summer going after Dan, finally gets him, and then saves him and evicts Britney. The next week Dan is already plotting his eviction.

      • @disqus_vu4BuOXHrw:disqus What makes you think that? I heard him tell Joe the votes seemed to be going against him and all the conversations I have heard with Ian, Dani, Shane and Dan himself are talking about definitely taking Frank out.

      • Ian was on the hammock with Shame yesterday convincing him of what a bigger threat Jenn is and that Frank can’t play in the next HOH. They talked for quite a while. I don’t think Frank is out of it yet…we still have 3 more days :-)

    • How is he a idiot he has been on the block more times then anyone this season im guessin reason is is because hes a threat which is true considering everyone up to this point except shane has been a floater id rather see a person that had to fight to stay in the house win bb14 then a floater

      • I agree no one else should deserve to win the game but frank. He has fought hard and made it on his own. Dan already won and Ian couldn’t do it without his stupid quack pack. If frank goes I will stop watching it, it will get stupid and boring.

      • Mary Jane I agree. I was looking forward to Frank in the final as well. When Frank isn’t around it is as boring as watching paint dry. Ian is driving me crazy with his cockiness and the rest are so boring. Where did they get this crew?

      • It sucks. I definitely don’t want to see Frank leave. He’s not an idiot, but he is WAY to trusting, especially in BB where you can’t trust anyone 100%. He should have evicted Dan when he had the chance. Dan had been after Frank from day 1. As for Ian, that kid turned out to be a real douche, as did Jenn. Jenn made a deal with Frank, and then decided to laugh at him behind his back with Danielle. She actually thinks they like her,.and will stick to whatever 5 minute deal they had. Joe is just terrible, but he’s gonna end up in the finals.

    • I think Frank is finally out of lives. However even if he would have stuck to evicting Dan, I still think he would be out of lives. He still wouldn’t have played HOH, so Ian would have still won it (unless Brit would have) either way the noms would have been Frank and Jenn, so unless Frank was second place in the veto (and it was something Brit would have been bad at) he would still be on the block this Thursday and still be getting voted out.
      Now I know he isn’t gone yet, but it isn’t looking good for him.

      • Exactly. And Brit was trying get Fr out basically everyday inside BB house. Dan out or not doesn’t really matter.

      • May not be out yet… CBS may give America the option to save him from the block. The announcer from Thursday’s show mentioned the possibility….

    • I really would not matter if Dan left and Britney stayed, Britney is still gunning for Frank. Everyone wants him out as he is good in comp.

  5. The only coaching I need from Dan is floating lessons … zing
    Danielle’s best game move of the season was to create an imaginary relationship with Shane … zing

  6. I never realized how handsome Shane was without those mountain-man whiskers. He’ll probably get lots of offers to model when BB is over.

  7. These guys are tools, They keep taking each other out. And let Joe, Jen and Danielle cruise to the end. Frank is most likely gone because of his bad decsion last week. Ian, Shane and Dan will continue to kick each other out. Same story just a different season lol.

    • I agree, but I don’t think it would matter is he would have put Dan out or not. He still wouldn’t have played HOH. Ian would have still won (unless Brit did) so we would have the same nominations, and unless Frank was second in veto, he would be in the same situation.

      • That is very true Nick and don’t understand why people say he made the worst decision ever. The end result was the same and he went with what he thought was the best at the time.

    • True I see Dani and Jenn F2. Frank’s result would be the same regardless of trusting Dan or Ian and Brit.

  8. Watching cocky Ian in this episode was more than I could take.
    As a Dan fan, I’m disappointed in him turning his back on Frank and going back to the QuackPack. Mind you, I know this is a game of lying. But Dan swore on the Bible, to Chelsea and to his dead grandfather. That’s more than a little overboard, and more than a little lie. If he was a man of his word, he’d play Ian, and save Frank. I’m not even a Frank fan, but I respect his ability to persevere. And I would be totally disappointed in Dan if he turned his back on such a deep promise.

    • @DannyBoy I agree with you. Dan has disappointed me with his lying. I was told by others that the swearing on the Bible, his wife and his dead grandfather was only about him telling Frank about the Quack Pack. I took it as the whole thing including the F2 deal. On tonight’s live show when you saw him in the Diary Room he admitted he swore on his wife regarding the F2 deal. How can anyone debate this as we never see the Diary Room until the live show? Tonight in the Arcade Room Dan made a F3 with Shane, Dani and himself. When Shane left he planned how they could get Shane out. He has a F2 with Ian, a F2 with Jenn to make sure he is covered all over. Not sure about Joe. Frank is pretty positive he is going, but I admire him for still being fun and not moping as we have seen all the others do. I know it’s a game, but it’s one thing to make a deal and shake on it, but another to take it to the level Dan has. As you said that’s a pretty deep promise. Dan has used his magic mist on all these people. At least you are a Dan fan, but I am a Frank fan and was excited to see him in the final two with the best.

    • I agree with you and I am watching this game with no favorite but fairly. Just hoping that Frank will not leave this Thursday as he has worked so hard and did not back stabbed Ian but this kid did not even think what Frank and Boogie did to him and betrayed them. If Frank goes would like to see Jenn wins this game. She made a big move and as much as I would like to see Danielle to win but she has not done anything but to ride on Shane and Dan.

      • felicity your wrong about danielle riding dan and shane she won a hoh and a pov in the same week joe and jenn are the coat tail riders they go with who ever has power plus jenn big move was not her idea it was dans and franks

    • When he hides behind a promise on the bible, and his wedding ring, and his wifes name, and then breaks that promise, yeah hes a scumbag. Im fine with people giving their word and then going against it. But when you have to use the Bible, your wifes name and your wedding ring to get people to buy into you, thats pathetic.

      Sorry but Dr. Will and Boogie didnt need to make promises like that. He doesnt get to claim his “best player in the game” title when he has to pull moves using those things.

      • Were only going on what we see, and what we see is Dan is a piece of @#$#. Case in point elbowing a girl and a nerd boy for a veto ball.
        No that’s PATHETIC!

      • Oh my mistake, I suppose he should have found the quarters and passed them out politely. Janelle once kicked James in the head for a veto doll. She must be pathetic also. Damn those who sign up for a game and actually try to win, how pathetic of them.

      • Its a ham game. At its core, by its very nature ruthless and unforgiving. Don’t take it so seriously. Dan is the master of reading peoples desires, fears, wants and needs and backing that ability up with the quickness of mind and intellect to take advantage of any situation using all the tools at his disposal. And he is leagues above Boogie as a player, as Boogie learned the hard way. When he talked Frank out of putting Dan up I laughed because his massive ego couldn’t allow him to see Dan would run rings around him. He thought he was better at the game than Dan. He signed his own death warrant underestimating a player way more advanced than himself. Just like Frank has by letting Dan escape twice. You think he would have learned after Boogie got his, you don’t give Dan an inch if you want to survive. Unlike the overrated Boogie, Will was a great player. But nobody is on the level Dan plays. He win 10 being loyal, this time he’s doing dirty Dan. He is a master anyway he and circumstance dictates his play.

      • I don’t want to argue or upset anyone, but the reason Mike didn’t want Frank 2 put Dan up was b/c he & Dan are friends o/s of the house & he DID think/want to work w/ Dan as game moved forward

    • He really just is if he can swear on his wife, dead grandfather, and the bible out of all things then he truly does deserve to go to hell if he is so religious as he says. And what is up with the pandoras box that Ian got I think he should have got some kind of punishment like frank did. It just doesn’t seem fair like um rigged.

    • Nope. Part of the hate comes from the fact that he was so closely associated with Boogie, and fair or not, the hate trickled over to Frank in that deal. Also, there are a lot of people that are convinced that production has allowed him to cheat, which angers the viewers.

      • I feel like if production was helping him cheat he would not have been disqualified from two HOH comps… way no how.

  9. There are only three players left in the game, Dan, the best player in history, Frank, a great physical player and Ian.

    Frank made a possibly fatal mistake keeping Dan in play. When you have the chance to take him out, you do it because he is just that dangerous. People gave reasons for him to do it, but none were worth the payoff of getting him out.

    Ian is a very good player despite fans hating him for his idiosyncrasies and being a back stabbing rat. They all do it when they can. Dan does it at whim, Brittany was going to do it to Dan, Frank was going to do Dan till Boogie talked him out of it.

    Ian was instrumental in xing Boogie and now has Frank on the verge of leaving. He also wins competitions. Thats called having serious game. He doesn’t have the brilliance of Dan, but who does?

    Ian is the one guy who could blindside Dan. He has the game, intelligence and demeanor to pull it off. And if he is really smart he will before long. If he doesn’t, Dan will end up with another 500 grand.

      • Agreed with you, only wish that Frank will speak to Ian and enlightened him with this scenarios if he leaves he cannot get his
        jury vote and also convinced Ashley and that is two jury votes. Also,
        explain about their four Quack Packs alliance minus two jury votes is
        important to split to two Quack Packs going to final two and everyone
        hates him no one will give him the money. He needs to tell Ian that Dan masterminded Britney’s eviction. My problem here is he trust Dan and just hoping that he can speak to Ian get to his head because Ian said he likes him so maybe if he speaks to him all the time and just be aggressive on him it might work., We need a miracle on this one.

  10. I am just thinking, could Ian has already started his second round of blindsiding? First round, Boogie and Frank; second round, Frank and Dan. His recouping of the QP might be just a ruse to calm Dan down, take out Frank; otherwise, he would be outnumbered by the other side. Is it possible Dan be knocked out by Ian this time?

  11. I haven’t seen this on here yet but I’m pretty excited to see jury house Thursday night’s episode just to see the look on Britney’s face just seeing Ashley.

    • I kind of agree that Jenn made a big move because by doing what she did, she knows that she will be a target, is that not a big move? She knew that it was dangerous for her to change the nominations and she could have saved herself from being a huge target but she did it anyway. All big moves in this BB is almost always get influence by someone else and for Jenn this one big moved gave her my vote to win and hoping she can win the next HOH.

  12. Frank is the only one who deserves the 500,000. Dan makes deals with everyone and keeps none of them. I get sick and tired of everybody saying he’s just playing the game, because nobody lies and stabs people in the back that easily without doing it on a regular basis. Dosen’t anyone remember Dan the whimp elbowing Britney, and that nerd Ian during the veto ball comp?
    I hope Frank goes off on him, if he does it will be fun watching Dan wet himself!

  13. Im tired of the “BUTT CRACK” uh,Im sorry, I mean the quack pack. Could they have thought of a more stupid name?

  14. If Frank goes all we have left is the stupid “Butt Crack Pack!”
    If we wan’t more excitement than that we can always watch the grass grow.

  15. OMG! Someone needs to tell Jenn she did NOT make a big move. Dan and Frank did and just used her to carry it out. I cringe with embarassment for her when she says that..poor thing.

  16. My opinion in watching the game is would really like that Frank would have stayed a little longer or could win the game. No one deserves it more than him as he has been the target all along and survived. Hoping he could survived this one but it will take a a miracle or if production do something about it. He could have told Ian and Dan that if he leaves they cannot get his jury vote and also convinced Ashley and that is two jury votes. Also, explain about their four Quack Packs alliance minus two jury votes is important to split to two Quack Packs going to final two and everyone hates him no one will give him the money.

    • I’m sorry, I hate when people say; ‘Oh well, he was a target during the whole game and still survived, and that’s why he should win.’

      That just means he played a mediocre mix of poor social game and strong physical game. How is he more deserving to win because he made himself a target by making stupid moves over someone who played smart and made it through without being a target, like Dan or Danielle.

      • Totally agree. If you don’t make it to F2, then your game obviously wasn’t strong enough or strategic enough. The winner is not based on how many times someone gets put on the block or who makes the most honorable moves. The only thing that matters is who can avoid eviction until the last 2 are standing.

      • My problem with Dan is that when someone swears on a bible and also swears on your loving family, him being a catholic teacher will probably loose him this game. He already won half a million before and he does not deserve to win again because of false promises using the holy bible, that is like false pretense on your faith. Lie, yes lie as much as you want but do not put faith on the line.

      • I believe if Frank is being voted out, Dan’s promises will catch up with him. Tell me who would bring him to the F2. Shane and Dani won’t, Jenn need to float with sb, and do you think Ian that stupid?

      • Yeah, I agree..the religious thing becomes very hypocritical @ that point & then, very disturbing. Yes, it’s a game, I get it & I am not saying otherwise, but this game has also always been a social experiment, as well. When you look at some1 like Dan, who not less than 24 he’s ago was swearing on God, his wife & everything else he holds dear to him, it’s just a little creepy.

      • In response to Franjojurkin, It is not just he has been a target all along and survived but also he was true to his alliance with Ian and Boogie and when Boogie won cash and can choose anyone to give it to who did Frank pointed out the crazy kid Ian and Jenn. He did not ask for it himself and that showed something, wouldn’t you agree? That showed a good social game. Ian on the pandora’s box got all the present and lied that he did not get any. I like Ian before but after what he did to Frank and Boogie, not rooting for him to win. Sorry.

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