Big Brother 14: Veto Competition Prep Leak

The Big Brother 14 HouseGuests have been busy preparing for today’s Power of Veto competition while still reacting to last night’s nomination results. Frank has set his targets on a few of the HGs, but anything can happen once we get through this comp.

The Veto players have been picked and right now the odds look in favor of the “Silent Six” to hold on the power and do what they want this week. Not only do we know who will be playing, we also have a leaked shot of what they’ll be playing. Flashback on your Live Feeds today to 9:51AM BBT on Camera 1 to see the backyard under construction.

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Week 5 Power of Veto competition construction - Big Brother 14

Want to know who is competing in the comp? Read on for those Big Brother spoilers.

Frank, as HoH, and the nominees, Joe and Wil, will all be playing today. The additional names drawn were Shane, Ashley, Jenn, and possibly Boogie. Ian was selected as host, though Frank later told Boogie he didn’t know if he should give that role to him instead. Shane was automatically set to play after his “Veto Ticket” prize last week.

Frank and Boogie aren’t too worried about either Jenn or Ashley. Ashley can barely move around the house with her back injury and Jenn hasn’t shown herself to be much of a threat, though anything can change.

Get ready to watch the fallout later today from the Veto competition results. We’ll know more about what will happen at Monday’s ceremony once we know who holds the power and who is the latest target. Remember the whole evict-Janelle plan didn’t even start until after last week’s Veto competition, so things change fast in Big Brother.

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Check back in later today for the Big Brother 14 Power of Veto competition results.


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    • lol “ultimate big brother brides maid ” that was so funny.  I didn’t mind her before, but  leaving her newborn for a game it got to me, and the way she played the game it was just disgusting as er fake lips. happy she is gone. her baby need did that nip slip more then the viewer.
      I just loved how Britney plaed her and lied to her face to the last moment.

      •  How Cruel is that to say? It is entertainment! Was up with the personal attacks?

      • boogies baby is probably better off without him. he’s a pervert  maybe janelle just wanted to secure her babys future with like a college fund or something.i guess you can’t wrap your head around something like that? 

      • shirley are you stupid or just acting like one, you don’t leave your new baby for a 1-12 chance,and for a mother flashing “nip slip” it goes to show you her doughter will grow up just to be another who………r just like her drunk sillicon cow mom.

      • Nobody, You’re an idiot!!! I’m going to need for you to learn how to spell before you start talking badly about other people and calling others stupid. The words are spelled “played” not “plaed” and its “daughter” not “doughter.” How do you talk trash about someone you don’t know. She has a husband, the baby isn’t there by herself. Stop criticizing others for being able to do something you’re probably wishing you had a chance to do.

      • ko…….If America pick silicon face, fake who…r to be the favorite, than Americans morality are in big danger.

      • i’m not even a fan of janelle but her baby is 8 months…. and she’d only be gone 3 months max…. it’s not THAT big of a deal. she gets paid to be on the show and then a shot at half a mil, how would that not help her daughter? are you also against women that go back to work after they have thier baby??? is that morally wrong? you’re ridiculous!

      • Nobody, Boogie also left his baby. Why is it ok for him to do so, but not Janelle. The way you speak and write, you must be related to Boggie.

      • Nobody, I think your screen name speaks for itself. BTW, if the majority of Americans have morals like you, we are already in a world of hurt.

      • ko…….If America pick silicon face, fake who…r to be the favorite, than Americans morality are in big danger.

  1. oh my god, Ian is such a douche, i think he has some sort of mental deficiency, probably the only virgin in the house

    • I think he is Autistic and if he is that makes him very brave to be doing this show. Give him a break why are people so mean!,

      • I agree with Gator15,,leave Ian alone–I think he is a breath of fresh air–he makes the game more interesting watching him studying everything in the house -its what they all should be doing- I hope he wins !!!! great for us common fans

    • He’s not a douche. He probably has a mild to moderate case of Asperger’s Syndrome. And before any of you decide to jump down my throat and call me names, look up the characteristics of Asperger’s. Most genius’s have it, including Einstein (or so I’ve read). A social awkwardness, and penchent for rambling for a long time on a single subject are one of the signs. Ian may be a lot of things, but he’s definitely NOT a douche.

  2. I hope danielle goes soon she is such an idoit. Her whole game is based on jelousy which is riddiculus since shane is just playing her. Now she has an issue with ashley because janelle hinted to her about shane and ash.


  4. EARTH TO NEWBIES!!!!!!The coaches are the floaters, now. The coaches don’t want HOH power. All the coaches threw the HOH competition. They want to use the newbies take each other out. The newbies need to wise up! They need to take out all the coaches.

  5. Good time to take a week off from Big Brother.The show won’t get interesting til Dan realizes Boogie needs to go .Don’t have a problem with Vets returning in the game just next time bring them some real gunho fearless warriors to go against instead of ian, jenn, ash, jodi, dani and joe…

    • I don’t think there’s a better person for Dan to be up against at the jury vote than Boogie. If he goes up against anyone else, he loses. He has already won the game, so it would be wise of him to have someone else that has already won the game next to him.

      Also, don’t think that Boogie doesn’t know this too. He’ll be dumping Frank for Dan towards the end. In the meantime, as Brendon said on Twitter, people seem to forget that “Frank makes the perfect bulletproof vest for Boogie.”

      • Dan would beat Boogie-but Boogie wont take Dan over Frank -Froogie will target Dan pretty soon so Dan has to make big move soon while the Quack alliance is still intact.Dan should have kept Janelle…but oh well..

  6. If Shane can win POV, he will hold a lot more power than he thinks and he can’t be used as a pawn no matter what. And looks like an interesting POV competition.

  7. Awesome Idea…..There will be no eviction this week cause Ashley is “removed” from the game due to being unable to compete in comps….. That would  bring Boogie & Frank down off their  power cloud…Shane would have the last laugh on that one…lol…..

    • We’re past the halfway mark and there’s still 11 houseguests. There’s no way in hell they don’t have an eviction if Ashley has to go. Even if she was on the block, they would make the HOH pick a replacement, I bet.

  8. I’m laughing if Shane gets backdoored. I’ve heard people say it’s too soon but I guarentee if Britt(Fat Chance) or Shane get HOH next week, they’ll turn on thier “alliance” in a heart beat.This veto comp is gonna set things in motion. 

    • It is too soon to turn on their alliance and whoever is the fool to do it first is going to get evicted soon enough! At most, you get rid of one house guest but, the other ex-allies of yours will turn on you knowing you cannot be trusted! That has already been tried by so called great competitors like Danielle Donato last season who got evicted for such a betrayal! Timing is everything. What you will get is all out war and everybody in the alliance loses!

      • yeah, but this “alliance” is weak. The only ones with a backbone is Boogie and Frank. The rest of them are wishy washy. Dan won’t start trying to win comps for another 2 weeks.

    •  I agree. Frank should have let Brittney win HOH this week because she would have stuck to the Silent 6. I’m afraid they all turn on each other next week.

  9. I love the way Dan is playing.  “Mr. Cool”  is well aware of Boogie and Franks moves and is happy to let them step up and be a target.  Dan is playing laid back.  Never too loud or boisterous.  Never comes out for or against anyone.  I predict he will be the last one standing.  Well done Dan.

    • Love your way of thinking, Njjjjh. I’m so tired of reading how Dan has become a pariah for his part in evicting Janelle. She still loves him and wants him to win, and so do I. 

      • Even though Dan had a hand in evicting Janelle….it was strictly gameplay.   Unlike Boogie who did it for personal reasons.   Granted it was a good move on his part but his goodbye message left no room for doubt that he’s a mean spirited player.

  10. Boggie needs to sit the hell down and get is ego in check. No one cared for him ever since Will handed him 500000$

    • I do care and many fans, will did not hand him 500k they were team right fro start so shut the hell up and let us enjoy the game.

      • i would love to enjoye the game, however i am not able to tell boggie to stop forcing chilltown 2, or to get a reality check, so i’ll remain cringing every time i see one of his DR sessions. 

  11. fake fake, fake breast, fake smile, fake tears, Janelle it is so  good that you went home, the viewer don’t need to see your cellulite ass, and keep your nipples for your new baby shame on you, you are a mother and flashing viewer for money.
    nice nip slip, so classy lol, lamo

    • You need to stop commenting about Janelle. You seem to be psychotic. What she does is her bussiness and not yours. Your comments have been nothing but Rude and insensitive. Your parents should have taught you some manners.

  12. Maybe “Nobody” is right.   We should stop bashing Boogie.   Boogie does more damage to his character than we EVER could.  He doesn’t need our help.   A nip slip is hardly comparable to the classless words Boogie uses to describe the opposite sex.   He’s a prime example that money can’t buy you character…or class.

    • Its been obvious for some time that Boogie dislikes women. Its also revolting how he’s been acting with Frank – as if they were lovers. Get rid of them both even if CBS has to bring back Rachel and Brendan. LOL

      • Lol…now THAT would be drastic!   At least with Brendan and Rachel the HOH room would be put to good use.    Hmmm…with your comment about Frank and Boogie acting like lovers, it makes me wonder if the HOH room isn’t ALREADY being put to good use.   I’ll have to pay closer attention to the feeds :)

    • you guys are so hypocrites and idiots. did you watch season 6 Janelle didn’t pass been banged over and over. all she is ( drunk,silicone, fake, cow mouth who….r). and DR room is all BB production they posh for that. getting drunk, having sex, flashing viewer for money is personal choice, you idol is a who…r there is nothing to say.

    •  It’s so amusing to see all of this Mike “Boogie” hate. I mean, why? Seriously? Is he not playing a game? Is it because he speaks his mind, is it because he has the gift of gab, or is it because he voted out Janelle?

      • If it’s only a game…and it is….why does he feel the need to refer to women as cu*ts?   How would you feel if he called your mother that?   Even in the context of a game.   That’s not the gift of gab.   That’s someone that’s denigrating women because he thinks he’s superior.   Very sleezy.

      •  It’s a word. Get over it. The “gift of gab” is his being able to sway people. My, my, I hope YOU have never said anything bad in your lifetime. Jeez, people.

      •  I have also tried to merge into traffic, with my blinker on, and no one would let me in. I said “F**kers!” However, I do not feel that all other drivers are the word I said.

  13. WOW!  It looks like some people are being too sensitive to their favorite HGs being dissed on here.  Why dont we all stick with trashing the people in the game instead of each other?  Its so much more fun that way.

      • I agree, there’s been no real game talk on this thread at all, everything has been so negative..makes me want to find a different website as my main one..

      • ThatGuyCy  You are right.  I really meant about their game play instead of personally, though.  But, they did set themselves up to be on a TV show where it’s going to happen.

    • I agree but I got sick and tired of silicon woman fans bashing Boogie, the have (boogie Janelle will) their own drama and pay back, but the fans can’t understand that. And they got on my nerves so I start commenting without using (oral B) lol.
      I wished if the old players didn’t come back. it would have been good season, but the queen of silicon ruin it for us.
      but truth be told Janelle had the best nip slip, her husband will be so proud of that and her cellulite ass flashing.

  14. I agree but I got sick and tired of silicon woman fans bashing Boogie, the have (boogie Janelle will) their own drama and pay back, but the fans can’t understand that. And they got on my nerves so I start commenting without using (oral B) lol.
    I wished if the old players didn’t come back. it would have been good season, but the queen of silicon ruin it for us.
    but truth be told Janelle had the best nip slip, her husband will be so proud of that and her cellulite ass flashing.

    • Nobody ”
      silicon woman fans bashing Boogie” Really? I guess you personally know every fan out there then hey? Your personal attacks on Janelle are shallow and rude. I wasn’t even a fan of her this season I didn’t like her game play and I’m glad she’s gone. I don’t care if her boobs are fake and every woman has cellulite somewhere get over it and stop ruining this thread for every one. Not EVERYONE is bashing boogie and not EVERYONE is bashing Janelle, but they’re 2 players with a very strong passionate fan basis (I assume you’re part of Boogies) If you’re going to bash Janelle at least make your arguments include something of substance

      • I don’t think he was referring to EVERY Janelle fan out there. Personal attacks on Mike are ALSO shallow and rude. Bashing of anyone should come with some substance.

    • Honey, I am out,  I can’t stand how stupid and hypocrite Janelle’s fans are. I’ll leave you can have your seat.

  15. Janelle is sequestered. She said, in a conference call to reporters, that she had kept in touch with Boogie after All-
    Stars even though he did not like women. She also said that he was and is in love with Dr. Will Kirby and was jealous of her because she and Will were friends.

    • So what if he dosen’t like women, all gay men don’t like women. so what is the big deal if he don’t like women?! he is in love with Dr. Will? ! so what where is the problem in that 30% of American are gay so what is the big deal.
      And who really can love a ( fake hair, fake lips, fake breast drunk crazy women). he don’t like women ok. She left her new born baby behind so she can flash us with her cellulite ass and fake breast

      • Sorry but you have that wrong.   All gay men don’t like to have SEX with women.   That doesn’t mean they don’t like women as friends or associates.   I really don’t care if Boogie is gay…not gay…in love with Dr. Will…not in love with him.   Boogie has made it clear that he thinks women are second class citizens and referred to them in derogatory terms.   This has nothing to do if he is gay or not.  

    • I’m surprised Boogie has not punched a girl in the face. He hates them that much! Lol. You guys are priceless.

  16. Ian is a master at BB trivia.  But he’s so timid.   I don’t think he has it in him to make a bold move when its needed.   Which is too bad since it would be nice to see a REAL BB fan win.   Dan seems to be the only one that has a clue as to what makes each hg tick.   He can use that to his adantage.   I hope he at least makes it to F2.

  17. Janelle if you read this I want you to know you are just as ugly as your fake lips. Boogie doesn’t love you cuz you are fake; everything in you is fake and ugly.
    He like men? ! well news flash 30% of American are gay and better than you.’
    so why are you anti gay?  is it that why you were mean to will cuz he’s gay?
    wht gay people did to you, ugly cow?

  18. Janelle… Dr.Will was not your friend he just used you for sex and game, you were  his toy in BBH and in jury house.
    he played you like violin so get over it.

  19. big deal boogie doesn’t like women, woow it is the end of the world Boogie doesn’t like women we are are doomed Janelle revealed the truth, OMG what we gonna do if Boogie doesn’t like women we will be banished, lol how stupid and hypocrite are people to hell Janelle and all her idiots fans who cares if Boogie like/ doesn’t like women it is NOT te end of our world get afffffff over it.

    • You sound like your obsessed with janelle after posting 20 comments about her! Are you a kid? Because you sound like one. Better watch what you say or karma will get you back for it an you will be the one people are making fun for having cellulite or call you ugly! Or maybe you really are ugly an that’s why your hating on her so bad! This person is a joke an I can’t believe this site is allowing him to post anymore!! Please ban him fans of BB don’t come here to read this kind of crap!!!

      • Any woman leave her newborn baby to play game is a who…..r and Janelle was Dr. Will sex toy she di it to her self and she is getting what she deserve. yes am ugly kid you got it .wooow good for you.

  20. Alert Alert..Zingbot is in the house…lol…The cams were not cut quick enough…lol

  21. I been BB surfing  to check out how other fans are viewing/ rating the show… Seems like it’s pretty much the same comments as we make but of course it’s a different group of peeps….The topic I did pay close attention to was “Ashley” and her medical issues….Seems that they are also wondering why Ashley is still in the game if she can’t compete. They too are saying she should be removed….hmmmm… waiting to see the outcome of that issue….

    • If it is an act on her part then it’s gonna bite her in the ass if she gets removed because of it! I personally can’t believe they aren’t on her about looking high everyday, I think she is high an maybe an addict that is acting like this to get her fix. But then again maybe not an maybe she is really hurt if that is the case that sucks she was picked for the show an is hurting the whole time an not taking full advantage of her time there!

  22. I don’t blame mike boogie for getting rid of jani. Good move by him bad move by dani. What I do hate is his hatred of women, arrogance, and bromances. He has said he is the best winner ever. He is definitely not better than dr will, Jun, Dan, or even Maggie and Evel Dick. He also is a hypocrite. He laughed when he backstabbed marcellus, Howie, James, and Danielle but threw a fit when jani booted will. He can dish it out but can’t take it. Jani left with class all 3 times.

  23. Does anyone know if Janelle is possibly sequestered? And if Ashley is removed from the game, will Production bring back Janelle in her place and just do 2 double evictions to get back on schedule? I just find it very odd that every single time her name got brought up on Thursday’s episode it was, “Big Brother Great, Janelle”. Plus an interview asked her if they would see her back in the BB House and she said, “I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see”. Please no hate, because I know they are on a extremely tight schedule and bringing someone back doesnt seem very likely, but it just seems as if they arent done with her yet..

  24. feeds are back… hg wearing zingbot labs suits… veto seems to be done… no word yet and ash is still in the house….

  25. Is is true that Janelle is sequestered?  Just read that posted here, but I thought CBS said she was sent home.  Why would she be sequestered?  Aren’t there too many players now?

    • She is tweeting, so I doubt she is in sequester.  Her account was being updated by someone else while she was in the house, but now it appears to be her.

  26. Zingbot told Danielle that Shane has a surprise for her when BB is over – a restraining order!!!!!

    • For all those who talk trash and put the players down, I want you to remember karma’s a bitch and I pray that it will bite you all in your behind so bad. for every bad word you say I hope 10 bad things happen to you. karma always come for pay back, so say whatever bad words you want about players it will just hit you back in worst way 10 times harder

  27. For all those who talk trash and put the players down, I want you to remember karma’s a bitch and I pray that it will bite you all in your behind so bad. for every bad word you say I hope 10 bad things happen to you. karma always come for pay back, so say whatever bad words you want about players it will just hit you back in worst way 10 times harder

  28. I have an 18 year old who has asbergers and the very first night I watched I told my family it was like watching our child. They said maybe and the second night it was on they all told me I was right. It is sad because even the house members like some of you started calling him names because they don’t understand. They are unique individuals but they are great people who can’t help a lot of the things they do. I’m rooting for Ian

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