Big Brother 14 Episode 27: Week 9 Veto Plus Surprise Eviction Episode Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Get ready for a wild show tonight on Big Brother 14! Last night Julie Chen and company taped a surprise eviction episode and tonight we’ll get to see it all play out in addition to the Veto competition and ceremony. Of course if you can’t wait for tonight then we’ve got all those spoilers for you right now from the links below.

The Veto competition was held on Saturday and the follow-up ceremony was held on Monday. The Veto competition looks pretty cool and should be fun to watch playout. We’ve got the preview video of the Veto comp “Time Flies” at the bottom of this article.

Once we get through that portion of the show we’ll be treated to the HGs being caught by surprise and racing to get ready for a surprise eviction and HoH competition. CBS has turned off the Feeds to protect the results from spreading and they were effective… for about 20 minutes. We have reliable reports on who was evicted and who is the new HoH. Get all of those Big Brother spoilers right here.

Once tonight’s show has broadcast on both coasts the Live Feeds will return. From there we should be able to discover who is currently nominated and who has won the most powerful Veto of the season. The HG who wins this week’s Veto will determine the nominations and cast the sole vote so there’s a lot of pressure.

Be sure to have your Live Feeds (Get your 3-Day Free Trial right now!) ready to watch what happens and then you can always watch tomorrow night’s final endurance competition of the season. It’s going to be a wild ride and you won’t want to miss it.

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  1. Dani wins hoh? Yuck! !! I bet that went rigjt to her head.. maybe she will quit complaining about her froot loops! U r what u eat! Will she follow dan or stay with shane?;all I know is she doesn’t deserve to win the money!!! Send her to the jury!!!

      • Definitely Ian, right? I believe wholeheartedly she would take Dan to Final 2 if she is the Decider.
        However, from the way they said the HoH comp went (I wasn’t there – just going by the way it was described), it sounds like Dan threw it to Dani. That is hard to believe at this point in the game, that he would trust anyone with his fate but Svengali may be that sure of his hold on Dani and of Dani’s influence on Shane that I *wonder* if Dan MIGHT go against what is ingrained in every fiber of his being and tell Dani to put him (Dan) up against Ian. She can say she is suspicious of an alliance and is breaking it up (though she won’t realize it’s true!) as the reason. But in actuality, Ian’s blood won’t be on Dan’s hands and Ian is a vote for Dan in the Jury. If Dan wins POV, no hard feelings to him from Ian for saving himself. If Shane/Dani win POV and save him – oh, well and if it isn’t used, Shane will cast the lone vote that evicts Ian so Ian’s anger will be against Dani (final 2 with Dan) for putting him up and (in Ian’s mind) influencing Shane to vote him out) and Dan gets Ian’s vote to win. If Ian wins POV, Shane has to go up and Ian casts the lone vote, which of course he will use to evict Shane, breaking up the fauxmance and, in his mind, keeping his Final 2 pact with Dan. Shane goes to Jury angry at Ian for evicting him. IF Ian wins final HoH and takes Dan, then Dan gets Shane’s vote to win, over Ian.
        What do you think?

      • Nope…doubt if she could win against ANY of them. I don’t think her social game was good…in fact it sucks! Her comp wins would just not be enough to get her the money. JMO.

      • but no one wants dan to win again it was not about the coachs cbs and bb gave dan the info when he was in that room for 24 hours he did not come up with that himself i know it and everyone else knows it

      • I think you better look around you…there are quite a few Dan fans on this board…and many other boards…including myself. As for CBS giving him info…were you in the room with him? Somehow i got the impression he was in there alone. Some people are just strategic enough to think logically…and put it into action. And others have to have the thinking done for them….as in Danielles case.

      • If it was Danielle versus Shane and Danielle
        evicted Dan from Final 2 then, Danielle
        can claim she played a much better game!
        She can claim it was her plan all along to
        evict Dan. Shane pretty much did what he
        was told by Brittney and now, Dan so, that
        is a good argument to use that Shane did
        not play the game although, he won HOH
        and Veto a couple of times. Danielle won
        a couple of times HOH too so, she can
        argue on that point, she and Shane were
        even but, she wins it by virtue of having
        the cojones to evict Dan!

      • I think she is playing for $50K. Dan has managed to pull the strings indirectly enough so that blood on his hands is minimal on Jury Members except for Frank (though Joe, too, has his number) and who the heck listens to them? ;)
        I think in a Dani: Dan F2 that Dani would prolly a good amount of votes – make it close but lookit last year: Adam flipped on Rachel!!! AND her arch nemisis, SHELLY’s vote was the one that won her the season – even against (gasp) Shelly’s girl crush, Jordan. So we never know. We think we do but then…. :)

      • I think she is playing for $50K. We can run scenarios on the “half floater” Jury House (Ash, Brit, Frank, Joe, Jenn, Ian (poss) & Shane (poss) but you never know. Lookit last year, Adam flipped on Rachel!! And her arch nemesis, Shelly’s vote was the one that won her the season – even against Shelly’s (gasp) girl crush, Jordan. So we never know….We think we do, but we don’t… :)

    • I agree. Her head will be so big it won’t fit through the front door of the house. I’d be glad to help her through it if she would just GO!

    • i think people who dont like danielle are jealus of her she played the 2nd best game behind game if i was not for britney ian would be long gone same for danielle with dan but she won comps and ok a social and making deals she was ok i want too see her in another season of big brother without shane or dan and see how she does

      • Please tell me what it is that posters have to be jealous over concerning Danielle. I’d be curious to know. Is it the 900 diseases she has fabricated? The self love? The coattail riding? The jealousy over any woman that isn’t her? The blatant exposure of certain body parts? (and yes there are pics). The incessant whining when attention is not thrown her way? The constant disgusting display of eating …which never ends? Yes you are right…these are all great reasons to be jealous. She has dug herself a hole socially. And personally i’d like to see it swallow her up.

      • People are turned off on the way she carried herself during her stay in BB house. She’s wack. Her popularity is so low not only in this board but through out the internet.

    • That would be exciting for sure – a total gamechanger. I just think from Shane’s perspective, that Ian is the bigger threat to him (Shane) and he won’t put up Dan unless he gets a clue that it’s Dan/Dani. I don’t think it’s clear to those in the mist how far Dan’s reach extends.

  2. If Dan’s smart he would evict Shane because if he doesnt he might be the one going to final 2 with Danielle, He need to keep Ian for any shoot to the final 2. Dan has played a great game but he needs to realize whats about to happen , wanting Ian out will be maybe the worst game play he might do this season GET Shane out

    • I agree. I can see Ian & Shane up (after POV is said & done) on the block, leaving Dan as the deciding vote and Dan evicting Shane. Further establishes Ian’s trust in Dan & Dan needn’t worry about Dani because he has prepped her to accept that BoyToy has to go “sometime” so she’ll remain his loyal servant. And Dan can logically explain to Shane why Dan went rogue and evicted him over Ian: Shane would definitely take Dani to F2, not Dan, and Dan couldn’t risk a big, strong, handsome macho guy like Shane winning/making that decision (appealing to Shane in case he can weasel a vote out of him for F2).
      Then here’s how I can see Dan playing it in the final 3-part HoH comps:
      1st comp – Dan throws to Dani if she’s close, to guarantee she goes to the 3rd comp for sure.
      2nd comp (Dan vs Ian) – Dan will try to win this so Ian can’t compete against Dani (though Dan’s golden either way).
      3rd comp (Dan vs Dani) – Dan will throw it so DANI has to make the decision to take Dan to F2. Then – in Ian’s eyes – Dan didn’t “choose” Dani over Ian. Ian will go to Jury believing that, had Dan won 3rd comp, he would have taken him (Ian) to F2 – loving Dan til the day he dies…Or watches the season. Regardless, Ian will vote for Dan over Dani and campaign for him in Jury, as well.

      • I would LOVE to see Shane and Ian in the final two! I truely don’t know if the jury would give it to DAN. He has already won once and other than the “FUNERAL” which was a one of a kind move that will never be topped, and it hurts me to say this but Dan has given ultimatiums and been a little hands on with the remaining houseguests. This is NOT ALLOWED!!! However, any of the four remaining would be O.K. with me to win. Ian wants the money for his parents(and thats not a BAD thing) BUT…. Dan says he invested well with his last winnings……..Shane TRUELY NEEDS the money… heard of pay check to pay check I think he said he is living on two paychecks ahead, otherwords he is ALWAYS behind!!. …..Dannielle according to her it would be nice to win
        But I think she is in a pretty good place right now………..These are things that I have picked up on from watching Bid Brother after Dark. Good Luck and GOD Bless all four of the final remaining Houseguest!!! QUACK QUACK…..LOL!!!

  3. I DON’T want dani in final 2 i can’t watch if she’s there I’m still teamboogie so gooo IAN!<<even though he's a snake

  4. Shane deserves it. Dan won already, Ian made some wrong moves following Dan around like a puppy dog and Danielle, well, face it Shane supports her every time.

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