Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Leaked Week 9 Eviction & HoH Results Despite Blackout

CBS may have blacked out the Live Feeds from the Big Brother house for last night’s special eviction episode recording, but they still included a live audience. Now, despite a 33-hour ban on access to the in-house cams the results from last night’s show have been revealed by credible sources. If you don’t want to know who was voted out or who became the next HoH then stop reading now.

Thanks to the mysterious “MissCleo” who attended the taping, all the details from last night’s eviction and the subsequent HoH competition have been revealed. First up was the eviction which no one should find surprising. Jenn Arroyo was evicted by a 2-0 vote which means both Dan and Danielle Shane voted her out with no tie-breaker required.

Jenn Arroyo and Julie Chen on Big Brother 14

On her way out Jenn allegedly remained very positive and supportive to the other HGs. She told them to “keep it classy” and may have tossed out her joke about burning the house down (figuratively). As part of Jenn’s interview with Julie Chen on the couch she was presented with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a treat following her past few weeks on a Slop-only diet. There were no goodbye messages for Jenn as the HGs were caught off-guard by the eviction event.

Now on to the HoH competition. Only Shane, Dan, and Danielle were eligible to compete as Ian was the outgoing HoH. There supposedly seven rounds in the comp. Shane is said to have won the first round but then both Dan and Danielle answered the next six questions correctly. The tie-breaker came down to Dan and Danielle and asked how many seconds were involved in the “Time Flies” Veto competition (which we’ll see on tonight’s show). Dan guessed in to the 600’s while Danielle stayed below 200. Dan went over which means Danielle is allegedly the new HoH.

If all of this is correct then we’re looking at a secured spot for Danielle in the Final 3. The nominations were either held last night after the taping or will be done early today. After that all the remaining HGs will battle it out in the most important Veto competition of the summer. Whoever wins the Veto effectively becomes the new acting HoH as they’ll be able to determine which 2 HGs are on the block and will cast the sole vote for eviction.

The Live Feeds will return after tonight’s Big Brother 14 episode airs on the west coast. When that happens we’ll find out who is up on the block and, unless Danielle also wins the Veto, which two HGs are headed to the Final 3. Be sure to have your Live Feeds ready to go so you can catch all the action. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Then you’ll want to grab the 3-Day Free Trial now so you can watch tonight’s drama plus tomorrow’s final endurance competition as part of the final HoH battle.

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  1. Up there is you state that both Dan and Danielle voted Jenn out….. but don’t you mean Dan and Shane????

    I thought Danielle was on the block.

    • Even if he does Ian will evict Shane instead of Dan because he is so in “AWE” of Dan. Ian literally handed Dan the 5K last week by putting Jenn up instead of Dan. In his warped little mind he thinks Dan never even considered evicting Ian. LMAO. If he doesn’t win the POV, he might as well pack his bag for the jury house. Serves him right !

      • Whose to say Dan doesn’t want to get out Shane now? He knows Ian will take him to the final 2 and Shane wont. The same thing goes for Shane except he might not be able to think it through.

        I wouldn’t count Ian out so easily because both Shane and Dan know that only Danielle will take them.

      • Dan would not want Ian near him at all!
        Of all the remaining house guests, only
        Ian can claim that he played some sort of
        game at all! Ian can say that he saved
        himself from being evicted on more than
        one occasion by winning HOH and POV.
        Dan could live with Shane and Danielle
        in Final 3. Even if Shane is beside Dan
        at Final 2, Dan will still win that $500,000!

      • Thats true, but the safer bet is to get out Shane instead of Ian. Because Ian or Dani would take Dan to the final 2 if they win last hoh. Whereas Shane would take Dani if he would win and I would think Dani would take Dan or Ian but I’m still not 100% convinced she would. I think the best move for Dan is to get rid of Shane because want to get to final 2 if it means going against Ian well at least he is there where his chances at making final 2 is less with Shane.

    • Best way for Dani to play it too. She can say she didn’t have choice, really, on who went up and couldn’t vote. So Shane would be gone and she really would have no blood. Kinda like when Boogie won the final 4 HOH in all stars, and Will was evicted during his reign

    • Dani will put up Ian and Shane.

      And it’s up to Dan who goes

      Unless Ian wins veto then Dan goes up and Shane goes

      The puppet master rules

  2. Well as so many have said to this point if Ian doesn’t win this PoV his game will end here. They all know they have zero shot in beating Ian in a jury vote so they all want him gone

  3. Whatever crazy scenario gets Dan out this week is what I am hoping for! NOOBIES TO THE END!!! All coaches must be evicted. Then Shane and Ian can kick Danielle’s butt in the final 3. Ian and Shane final 2!

      • u r right, they want to sit next to him in the end because they all think they can win against him.
        Dan has played a masterful game. I understand their logic, (previous winner) but I’m not so sure it’s true.
        I bow down..and in the end, the jury may as well.

    • I believe that Ian’s strategy has been to take Dan to the end for some time now. Not saying its a good strategy but I think he has convinced himself that the jury won’t reward Dan. If Ian wanted Dan out, he missed his chance.

      • Ian needs to think about final 2 scenarios if he does win PoV. Ian needs to make the smart decision and evict Dan because Ian should win against Danielle or Shane in final 2. Shane could out Dan to Ian so he could save himself, but Shane has the mental capacity of an elephant.

    • Everyone I know who watch BB all feel the same way, the coaches should NEVER have been allowed to enter the game (they had the huge advantage of no chance of being evicted and the got all the inside information from the other HG’s and then shared that info with each other, plus it just seems so fishy that them coming into the game was on Brittney’s and Janelles mind right from the start, i truly believe that production told them this was the plan from the start before they even entered the house) Hopefully the idiots left can figure out DAN is the one who should go (he already has a half mill from before)

      • I very much disagree with that. This seaosn would of been the worse season ever if the coaches came into the game. Dan has made this one of the most memorable seasons in a long time probably since his season. Also, Dan could have been evicted that week 2 if the evicted Dani. I think your forgetting the coaches comp as well, newbies were able to be saved for a whole week for doing nothing! If you remember if Boogie didntt win that first one Ian would of probably been voted out week 1. The coaches also have a huge target on there back coming into the game, and it is much harder for them to go far compared to the newbies, and thats why is it absolutely insane how good Dan is and the position he is in right now. Just shows you how good this guy is at this game.

      • The reason they brought in the coaches because
        the newbies will not play the game! When the
        coaches were just coaching, the newbies just
        followed the coaches. When the coaches came in,
        the newbies still followed that the coaches told
        them to do! Even now, Dan who is a former
        coach is telling all the newbies, Ian, Shane and
        Danielle pretty much what to do! If the coaches
        did not come in, it would have been a pretty
        bad season! I was against the coaches coming
        in but, with how the newbies has been playing,
        I am glad the coaches came in!

    • As far as they think Dan is there most trusted friend and they have a secret final 2 deal lmao . Oh there it is c it? Its the mist lol

  4. Although I admired Dan’s big move a few weeks ago I am in utter disbelief that the remaining HGs are not targeting him, especially Ian. I hope someone interviews Ian when this is all over to ask him why he trusted Dan, especially after he broke his vow to Frank. I’d love to see Ian win the next HoH and when it cam time to evict, he blindsides Dan. That would make him one of the most bad-ass, ruthless players in BB history.

    • It’s easy for us to sit here and say what to do because we know whats going on. But honestly if you saw Dan first season, it would be VERY hard not to beilieve that he would not take you to the final 2 if he told you he would. Cause his reupuation is to be quite honest and he stuck with Memphis till the very end, he probably even had a better shot at taking Jerry over Memphis but he still took him anyways. From that him backstabbing and lying would be something you would least expect from him, and thats why he is such a badass at this game, who else has been able to change there gameplay up that drastically going on the second time on BB in the history of the game? NO ONE!

  5. I dont understand why everyone is saying Ian’s toast unless he wins the veto. Maybe all of you are forgetting Dan wants Shane out since Shane wont take him to final two and Ian would.

    • Dan doesn’t want Ian near him and all the Final 2
      deals are worthless except the one that Dan keeps!
      My money is on Danielle being in the Final 2 with Dan!
      That is the best combo for Dan to easily win that
      $500,000. 2nd choice would be with Shane in the
      Final 2 and Dan would still win! Last choice would
      be Ian but, that is iffy and it could result into a 4-3
      vote which might go Ian’s way although, I still feel
      Dan would still win it over Ian but, it is going to be
      close, so why even chance it?

    • If Dan takes Ian then his whole game is for nothing. Make no mistake no matter what Dan has said he is in it to win it all. Maybe u have been misted lmao

  6. Dan at this point may make the more conservative move of voting out Shane here. Ensuring Danielle can’t take Shane would get him a spot in the final chars twice. Shane would only take Danielle, and Dan doesn’t know 1000% Danielle would take him if Shane is still in the game. If Ian does take him to the final two, Dan may believe, and be right, that he can win.

  7. Wow, way to go Dexter, I mean Danielle! I admit it, Ian has been fun to watch at brief moments, was a great mole as in providing intel to Brit and Dan, and even won comps, albeit prematurely… Shane was strong in comps earlier on, and yes He has been very nice to look at all Summer, but I think He has maybe one IQ point on Ashley, inside His pretty little head—at best… All that said, Father Dan is still the Man, and it will be He and Danielle sitting in those two seats on finale night… IF I had been inside the House this year, I would have loved to hang out with JennCity, as She has an awesome sarcastic sense of humor and has cracked Me up over and over again, all Summer long! IF the jury is not as bitter and vengeful as oh, Boogie and Frank, I see Dan winning it all, and rightfully so… I mean, He did work his magic spell on those He needed, cleared out the house, and to be honest played the best game of all, once again… I hope that Dan wins the POV, and as He said, hands Danielle those scissors to cut Shane loose… Ian has been more irritating than strategic, and I am saying He will be thrown from the contrived “Quack Pack” into the proverbially frying pan, becoming Duck a l’orange (ask Chef Joe for the recipe, if You wish) but hey, He has done nothing to deserve that big check… As for “America’s Favorite” I think there should be one check for the Coaches, Britney, and another for player, which shocker, I would cast MY vote for JennCity, hands down! To wrap this up before it becomes longer than a Stephen King novel, I am hoping this is how it all goes down on finale night:
    Winner: Dan aka the Best Player in “BB” history…
    Runner Up: Dexter, I mean Danielle
    “America’s Favorite Player”: JennCity (and YES, I am serious)
    “America’s Favorite Coach”: Brit, if for no other reason, than She kept that house interesting and kept Me laughing, I mean come on that Girl could have a career as a Stand up Comic, She is that quick and that funny! So what if She IS lousy at the game other than the Social game, which is second to none…

    (But, I do know stranger things have happened, like every single seaon, so I am probably wrong on all MY predictions and it could be Ian and Shane in those two final chairs, with Ian taking the prize, but IF Dan and Dexter, I do mean Danielle stick together having been together all season, My scenario pans out…)
    One parting suggestion to the Producers and CBS: Don’t make Us wait until next Summer for another Season, have a Winter “BB” season, as You did during the Writer’s Strike… I am willing to go out on a limb here, as saying the ratings would be a lot higher than was this Summer’s (just way too much going on this Summer, with the Olympics, Political Conventions, etc…)

    • u got to be kidding jenn as player she floated most of the season and only won 1 veto which frank used it for her and the only thing she said was funny that she made a big move which anybody that watched the game knows it was frank that coned her into it

    • Frank has told Britney all that has happened with Dan ratting out the alliance. He will also inform the rest of the people that go into Jury. You can’t do what Dan did and get out of it scot clean. He will not win.

    • dan is the best player in bb history because when he was in that room for 24 hours bb and cbs gave him the info and said how about doing you bb funeral if that was danielle and the same thing work does that make her the best player ever no i think none of the players are the best because big brother and cbs give them the info they create things for the show like dans funeral but the players still decide what to do as in voting out who and to use the vote or keep it the same

    • “America’s Favorite Player”: JennCity? LOL
      You are very delusional if you think America’s Favorite will be Jenn.
      It will either be Ian, Frank, or Britney.

  8. For Dan’s play, I still think he would prefer for Shane to get evicted first. Ian or Danielle will take Dan to the F2, while Shane will only take Danielle. F3 will be Dan, Ian and Danielle. Last eviction would be Ian….Dan and Danielle F2

  9. I am curious how all of you think this will affect the jury vote. I think it is safe to assume that Frank is badmouthing Dan in the jury house. So my question is, do you think that Frank campaigning against Dan in the jury house will hurt Dan, or will the jury house just be turned off by Frank and it will actually help Dan?

    • Well if he is as big as a fan as he says he is then he should vote for Dan 100%. I mean look at the jury everyone except Ashely is there because of Dan, or how Dan played the game. That in itself should make him hands down should let him win the game. I think they will let their personal differences aside and just vote for the best. Even Brtiney in her interview was pissed at Dan, and then telling Julie that yeah I am mad but Dan is amazing at this game look at what he did he turned the house upside down in a matter of couple hours.

    • Based on the passed seasons, the part when they’re questioning the F2, some of the jurors are angry and may appear to be taking it personally. There maybe one or two that would cast their vote based on their emotions, But historically, they are fair and award the best player of the season.

    • I think if ANYONE votes emotionally, it will be Frank. Some jurors may see it as whining..especially if he goes on and on about it. This would definitely be a turn off and i would have to question it…and look even closer at gameplay…if i were a juror. AND if he’s tooting his own horn while in jury house…they may look at it as bad sportsmanship. I’d say Frank better be careful about how he informs the jury of Dans plan. Otherwise he may turn them towards voting for Dan while not meaning to.

      • I agree with you. Brittney could not stand Frank when she was in the house, so I don’t think she would be too inclined to listen to him. That leaves Ashley and Joe. Joe already said Dan played the best game, so I doubt if Frank could influence him. Ashley? Who knows if she even realizes she was on Big Brother.

      • If Dan makes it to the end (not with Ian) he should win. Shane, Ian, Britney, joe should all vote for him. Frank is iffy Ashley will probably follow frank and jenn most likely will vote for dan

    • In season 10, there were three HG’s that I thought would not give Dan the vote. Michelle, Ollie and Jerry. Ollie was humiliated in front of the American viewers. but they all voted for Dan as the best player.

    • A lot of time when jurors cool off they analyze e situation logically and possible frank also will realize Dan a genius

  10. Dan’s already said he wanted Ian out and still does…so if Ian doesn’t win the Veto, he’ll be out before Shane and Danielle. He also stated in one of his DRs that he initially came here to coach and intended to take one of his team players all the way…I think he’ll stay true to that and he’ll probably win the $500k since Danielle isn’t as popular as Ian is/was by the viewers!

    • Yeah but that changed because he thought he could get Shane out last week. He wants Shane out next because Ian or Dani would take him to the final 2 whereas Shane would take Dani, and I dont think Dan wants to be in the situation where she has to picked between taking Shane or Dan to the finals.

    • Ian I believe will be the next to go! This is only Final 3
      however, everyone gets to play in Final 3. Dan will do
      his utmost to win the last HOH so that, he decides who
      gets to Final 2 which is Dan and Danielle. Danielle
      will probably take Dan to Final 2 but, you can never
      be sure with Shane. Shane would want Danielle in
      Final 2 for obvious reasons but, you do not want
      Ian in Final 2 either!

  11. I think if Ian or Shane wins they might be better of bringing Dan to the end, dan has already won so people might not vote for him to win again, If Ian or Shane bring Danielle , they could loose to her especially if she wins a couple of more comps

      • You think she played better than Ian? Ian played a major role in getting Boogie out. He has won comps when he needed to also. What has Danielle done? She had to be coerced into putting Janelle up…and her jealousy sealed the deal. She won a couple of HOHs…the last one i would dare say was pure dumb luck. Other than that she has played off of Dans game and alienated the other hg due to her lack of social game.

      • I must have missed what she did. What has she done. I agree she did more than Shane but aside from Dan, Ian is the only other competition

  12. the best scenero dani puts up ian and shane which most likely will happen shane win veto pulls himself off then dan goes up and shane has the vote to whoever goes and votes dan out i know im dreaming of a big move from shane but u can only hope im pretty sure dan will win bb

  13. agree with lea, team ian! so many jury don’t like dan. if dan goes with any of them he is only 2nd place. as for dani, she is likely to choose shane as she had final 2 with him before dan.

    • Just let Dan get into Final 2 and you are in for a
      huge shock! Dan will win this overwhelmingly.
      Remember now, Dan won his season with a 7-0
      vote! That should tell you something! The only
      fools believing that they can win over Dan are
      Danielle and Shane. Ian might have a chance
      against Dan in a Final 2 so that, Dan will not take
      Ian to Final 2. Dan will take Danielle to Final 2
      given a choice!

  14. i think i get it now. Dan is scumbagging everyone to his way to the final 2, and is going to do whatever it takes to bring Dani with him. He wants to get Danielle the money so he can say that he coached her to the end, and ciached her to the money.

    • Yeah, he may be scumbagging his way, but if everyone falls for it, whose fault is that? The cardinal rule of BB is ..Trust NO ONE.

      • So true. Aside who said BB players were honest. As boogie said in BB you can bounce a check. If people are falling for what Dan says all the power to him. I think he’s brilliant.

  15. o-yea, dan said the other day on bbad…that he wants shane out! so if dani puts shane up, and dan is only vote he will get out shane. i think he is more worried about shane in final 2. if it’s dan and ian on block then ian… i hope ian wins pov and then he will send shane out as he is in love w/dan in a bro…kind of way….would be cool though to see ian vote dan out….( wish-ful ) thinking…

  16. IF DANIELLE would put up Ian & Dan & she won pov & kept it the same & had Shane to vote out Dan .. Then her or Shane won HOH & sent Ian out..maybe she could win.. & maybe pigs could fly

  17. The writing on the wall is SO plain to see.Dan & Danielle will be the final 2.Dan will win simply on brilliant game play.I hate it & u don’t have to like it,but it is what it is.

    • I think it will be Ian and Shane. She’s devoted to Dan. Plus, he will work his magic and she will follow his directions

  18. I’ve been quietly reading comments all season and not once has anyone suggested that Dan never actually stopped being a coach. At the beginning of the season his goal was to get one of his players into the final two.The twist sent him into the game as a player, but has he really stopped looking after Dani his only player left in the game? His BB funeral not only saved him but Dani as well. What did he do right after his chit chat with Frank? Went to Dani and told her he just saved them both from eviction. He is now just taking advantage of being a player and is getting himself now into the final 2.If Dan and Dani make it into F2 his moves has proved that he can coach someone to the F2, and get himself there yet again. I think he will use this in his final speech too..

  19. and Cameron L….you guys are EXACTLY right. Dan is playing BB! People need to remember they are playing for a half million dollars, that’s HUGE. I would lie, swear, and blind side anyone who stands in the way of that. When they sign up for BB they know what to expect, so check your morals at the door and go play family fued or something. Dan is a genuis!!! He has played this game from day one! If the jury members stop being angry and think about game play they would have to give it to Dan. Dan has made some HUGE moves. Danielle has just been a puppet and Ian made one move granted, but his back hasn’t been up against the wall like Dan’s has been constantly this season. GO DAN!!!
    Shane would have evicted Dan when it came down to the 3 of them. He did the right thing.

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