Big Brother 13 Week 7: Veto Changes Are Coming

Big Brother 13 Daniele

We’re just hours away from this week’s Veto ceremony for Big Brother 13 and it could end up being a doozy. Saturday’s PoV competition results gave most of us the immediate expectation for what would happen and as we get closer that looks to be just the case. Read on to find out what’s coming up at today’s Veto ceremony.

Jeff holds all the power this week as both the Head of Household and the Veto winner. He’ll have the freedom to do whatever he wants to when it comes to decision time. Either current nominee, Porsche and Kalia, is available for him to remove from the block and be replaced by a HG of his choosing.

We’ve heard over and over since Jeff’s win on Thursday night that he wants to send Daniele to the Big Brother Jury House. Here’s his chance and he’s going to take it.

Flashback to 2AM BBT this morning and you’ll hear Jeff tell Jordan he’s sticking with his plan. He’ll use the Veto, save one of the noms, and renom Daniele. As far as which current nominee gets saved, I’m expecting that to be Porsche. Jeff and Jordan agree she’s more malleable than Kalia and considering Jeff is still angry of his nomination the other week I just don’t think he’ll use a good favor on Kalia.

Things could get really feisty this week on the Live Feeds. Jordan is worried about Daniele’s reaction and wants to hide from her after the ceremony. With nothing left to lose, Daniele won’t have any reason to hold back. Should make for some exciting times on the Big Brother Live Feeds in-house cams so grab your Free Trial right now!

Do you think Jeff is making the right choice? If not, then who is a bigger threat to him right now than Daniele? Stick close and we’ll have the Big Brother 13 spoilers soon.


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    • I do hope he puts Danielle up and that she gets voted off. She should have stayed with her alliance from the beginning and the veterans could have got rid of the newbies, then battled it out for the winner. Danielle moved too quickly to form her own alliance and I think that was her biggest mistake.

      The next person I want to see out is Shelly because she really is stirring up discord against Rachel that really isn’t fair. I admit Rachel doesn’t seem like the easiest person in the house to deal with; but, she has been as true to Jeff and Jordan as they have been to her. I really don’t like anything about the way Shelly is “playing” this game.

      • Really, Rachel loyal to Jeff and Jordan?? She was ready to back door them two weeks ago. Rachel needs to be the next one out. I can’t believe they brought her and Brendon back this season. Talk about ruining the show.

      • @ BBVET jejo started talking about backdooring br the week jordan won HOH Rachel has been true to them, the first time brendon got evicted JEJo made a deal with danielle to use jordan as a pawn so brendon would definitely go home so its only fair for BR to have tried to backdoor them 2weeks ago cause JEJO already did that to them.. other than that rachel is very loyal to them..

      • I think the only reason Jordan offered herself as a pawn was to avoid Jeff going up.It was no favor to Dani. They knew that Dani was after Jeff.

      • YES!! Daniele needs to leave, and Shelly next. Shelly is the BIGGEST liar. She made a huge statemtment that there will be no talking behind eachoters back, and ALL Shelly has been doing is talking trash about Rachel. And Rachel has not said one word against Shelly. SHELLY needs to go. What kind of mother teaches their 8 year old daughter to lie to get what you want.

      • Gabby i agree. she is a handfull but besides trying to throw jejo under the bus to save bren (which anyone would do to save their own) she has done quite well. i was so proud of her for keeping her jaws shut when shelly did the evil eye speech to her. concerning shelly belly she has done a great job with josie… out of the mouths of babes. her own daughter at such a young age knows she shouldnt lie and needs to keep herself safe with jejo. but she keeps stirring the pot. going from one player to another. atleast now they all know what she is doing. i was shocked that bren let rach sweat it out on the throwing jordan under the bus when shelly got caught lying. bren should have spoken up sooner but who would have believed him anyway ya know?

    • I know. I can’t wait until after the Veto ceremony tonight. Remember Dani would.ignore Brendon and Rachel when they would come to the HOH room.last week? She received the same treatment when she went to the HOH room.last night to talk to Jeff. How great was that? LMAO!

      • Leo, you really think this show will be more exciting without Dani? Everyone else left is a bore, except Rachel who is just unstable.

      • As far as I am concerned, Danielle adds absolutely NO EXCITEMENT to this game, so if she goes, it is still going to be good.

        I actually feel sorry for Rachel because her faults have been thrown up both seasons that she has been on, while others who have just as many bad qualities do not get the criticism. Just like the day Shelly accused Rachel of trying to make a deal with her, who would really believe Rachel? or Brendon? People know Rachel is a good player, very competitive, and she does play the game like a lot of others who “make deals left and right trying to save themselves” but Rachel really does not seem to go behind the scenes and make up lies to others the way Shelly has done. I am ready for Danielle to go first and then Shelly. Then, it will be interesting to see how the rest play. When this group gets out of the house and actually gets to watch all of Shelly’s lies, they will be horrified at how gullible they were to believe her.

    • OMG, I am so upset. First, production tells Jeff not to put up Daniele, have a good talk with her.

      Now, today, Jeff & Natalie in production tell Daniele that if she is sent packing they will quit their jobs.

      I am soooo happy that Jeff took Porsche off and put up Daniele, I am just hoping that in the next four days, production doesn’t do something, like step in and save Daniele.

      I am so disappointed. I truly believed BB was authentic, I had no idea they are the one’s who determined who was going to win. Why bother having the game, why don’t they just hand Daniele the $500,000, check. People will really quit their jobs if Daniele, their baby, is evicted, how sickening.

      I can’t stand Daniele and have been waiting for this all season and now, to find out it is all fixed makes me sick.

      I now have to send emails to all my BB and regular friends and let them know, it is so sad.

      Go J/J for what it is worth.

    • It will be great to see her throw Kalia under the bus…she shouldl realize there is no saving her at all, but we all know she will try or I could see her acting like her Daddy and throwing fits. LMAO BYE DANI!

      • She did to herself, she should of put J&B when she had the chance. Oh well a “Floater” will win.

      • I think she played just for the moment instead of the all picture and maybe the power got to her head
        She focused to much on Brendan and forced his own alliance to vote him out
        They are bound to get pissed
        And she is a strong competitor she is going for the same reasons she sent Brendan packing I am sure she will understand that :)

      • The problem was cbs bringing Brendon Back.

        She had to send brendon home again..

        CBS was the cause she will be evited…
        because we all know DOminic was american`s choice.
        And if Dominic was back in the house…last week Dani would have sent Jeff Home..
        and this week Porshe would be the HOH and rachel would be gone.

      • I really don’t think she will campaign, she knows the
        writing on the wall is for her to go home. Just hope she stir’s the pot and lets people know what they really think about each other.

      • Sorry fabio, but no…there are way too many ifs in your scenario. And. Dom didn’t win anything. Dani did this all to herself…just like. I kept saying last week, NO MATTER WHAT with the way she’s been playing shell be gone in the next 2 weeks. She got to play in the veto right? Ok and she did not win it, so she had her chance.

  1. LOVE the photo.. evil is written all over her face…Dani is gonna make the same deal to everybody in the house…She is gonna say that Jeff has won money..Jordon is a floater that won $500 g’…Will be the same old same old deal that she has been pitching for nearly 2 months…Dam u can’t take everybody to the final 2..gonna make for good feeds and BBAD tho..we may get our money’s worth this week,,lol

    • Well is better to make deal with everyone… that sitting on the Hot TUbe 24/7 and dont do shit like Jordan does… or only Kiss But like Adam and Shelly does

    • Or she says “Thanks Jeff, my bum doesn’t hurt I was prelubed and ready for the ol’ backdoor”
      And just chills out with all the fake people and thanks them for being friends.

    • Flyonthewall…LMAO, so agree! You forgot to add the “blah,blah, blah”. Not only is she repeating the above, but has now made F2 & F3 deals with every player in the house. When she was complaining about how her body doesn’t tolerate slop, I kept thinking of how sick Jordan got, curled up with the heating pad from cramps & gas pains from their Benefiber in the have-nots drinks that Dani & her minions thought was so funny. I hope Jeff gets Dani out & that Porsche &/or Kalia go during DE. Go JJ

  2. Jeff is a pussy
    he is not making the right move…because I bet on the double evic. Porshe or Kalia will win both HOH and POV. and put JJ on the block and Jeff goes home.

    How boring will the show with no Dani?
    She is the only reason this season is intersting. if was not for her… this was going to be just like season 9… This couple thing does not work.

    I wish at least CBS would let Dani just stay in the house after being evivted, this would be the only way to us to keep watching the show.

    But I still think CBS will do something, because they know DANI is the main player in the house, and many people will stop watching the show if she leaves, because once she is gone, no more drama, no more game moves, etc etc.. etc

    I hope the producers will do something and wont let Jeff use the veto.

    Keep Dani in the house …Please…
    Is too soon for BB to be over.

    • Dani is no longer the main player in the house. Rachel has always been the focus as well as Jeff and Jordan. If Dani goes, there will be plenty to keep all of us interested. Dani, in my opinion, is a drag at this point because she aligned herself with weak people who can’t win much at all. Jeff is very powerful when he puts his mind to it and he is smart and knows Dani is his biggest threat and he will get her out when he can.

    • I am sure Dani would do the same if the tables were reversed…no matter what kind of deal she makes u can’t trust her..

    • Brendon and rachel had more attention at the first 2 weeks
      But after Dani turned on them..she became the main player/

      It was Dani vs the whole house.
      and when the won her first HOH, that SUnday got the higest raiting of this season so far, 8.17 millions

      CBS was making the episodes based on her.
      And even on BB after dark they only show her.
      and even this week with Jeff`s HOH, they still keeping showing whatever Dani is doing…and not even show JJ.

      Rachel is just a floater once Brendon is gone…
      Now They are trying to turn the attention to Jeff and Jordan, and this started Sunday`s episode///.and as we saw… the JJ are really boring

      • Fabio, just face it…she’s leaving, if jeff didn’t backdoor her, then. We can call him a p****. Maybe dani. Should have been more focused on jeff Last week than brendon. Maybe dani shouldn’t have ttried to plot for jeffs backdoor, maybe dani shouldn’t have alligned herself with 2 of the weakest players in the game, maybe Dani sshouldnt have been an active member of a plot to. Not only nominate, but evict their own alliance member….I mean cmon now the woman has made mistake after mistake after misatke, she has been playing for the moment, not the long-run since she got there. She is boring as hell she literally opens her mouth only to eat and talk shit about rachel. She has onle won 2 comps…she’s not that damn good.

    • Dani is the “main player in the house?” That’s news to me. I can’t wait to see her leave! She is her biggest fan, she thinks she is much better than she actually is. It’s hard to believe that Dick is her dad.
      Go Jeff!!

  3. If Dani goes home this week.

    I hope Kalia or Porshe will win HOH and POV..and put the boring couple JJ on the block..and send the stupid Jeff Home

  4. Jeff stick to the plan get rid of that whining baby spoiled brat Daniele. Did you see how sour she looked last night when things weren’t going her way? She can’t wait to gloat when she has the power but when she is down she is crying foul complaining about being on slop and that she could get the back door.

      • sorry geo.. that wasnt at you. I was talking about LaRue’s comment. Everyone who has won HoH gets too cocky and everyone who has been a have not gets whinny. New flash: JJ is just as bad as Dani, Por, Kalia and Rachel.

      • I didn’t say they all didn’t do it, I was not talking about everyone in the House. I was talking about Dani’s behavior and she is meaner than anyone else who has won HOH, in my opinion. There was no reason to jump down my throat and say get real. Maybe you should not over exemplify my comments, Bickery.

      • LaRue, maybe you shouldnt make such bold accusatory statements if you dont want someone to respond in defense to them.

    • At least she had a chance to do that on the big brother house.

      and how about you? you cry like a baby, but you are Nothing, and you have to cry inside your house where there`s nobody watching…

      you are just jelous of Dani…because she beautiful, smart and fun..

    • Rachel always gets the bad breaks. Everyone talked smack because Rachel was upset about her and Brandon being on the block. GET REAL DANI!!! Now its your turn to cry!!!

      • Helen,

        I couldnt have said it better. Dani still hasnt got over Dominic lewvi.g and that was weeks ago with a guy she met this summer.

        Dani said Jordan didn’t act pleasant but Jordan was a have not 2 weeks in a row. Dani has been a have not 3 days and is miserable.

  5. Even if you love Dani I think you have to admit this is the smart game move for Jeff. She’s by far his biggest threat.

    • I do agree on that. I am Team Dani, but even Jeffs dumb butt knows he has to get her out. She is only one with balls to go against him. The rest will kiss his and Jordons butt and give away $500K.

    • Forsure, she should of booted him when she had the chance. That was her down fall, not taking him out. Rachel is just a cling-on. jordan is useless, Shelly is a Shane, Adam is not really there. Kaila is really annoying Porscha is my eye candy.

      • I’m team Dani but for sure she’s going home this week. Jeff is the biggest target after her but everyone is scared of him. It’s pathetic how they all suck up to him and Jordan. The only reason to keep watching when Dani leaves is to see Rachel flip out. Dani was the only interesting player really.

  6. I’m really disappointed Danielle may be going home this week. I think she deserves to stay in the game, especially over Kalia, Porsche, Shelly, and even Jordon. It seems like the majority of the house is just sitting by following what other people do. At least Danielle is playing the game and making moves!

    • yeppp..but she made the wrong moves..that is what got her into this mess..Evel Dick (twitter) says she created the mess she is in..

      • eveldick couldnt even stay in the game… has no right to bad mouth the ones still there… he ran out on dani…

    • Brendon also deserved to stay more than all those floaters but Dani didn’t care. She wanted to keep them in the game, so she could make the finals easier. Now she can join Brendon in the jury house for the same.reason ironic huh? LMAO!

      • Leo, I’m glad to see your sticking to the topic and not the great someone is using my name.

      • Geo,

        I usually do. However, I have the right to call out people for posting derogatory comments jnder my name. They will be banned and the comments will be deleted. I know the rules for this site.

      • No one “deserves” to stay in game. Still love Dani, but she got outplayed. Its just them way this crazy game goes.

  7. I cannot wait to see Dani’s face when she gets kicked out & then has to spend time with Brendon!!! hahahah LOVE IT!!!!

    • I’m sure Brendon will happy, maybe they’ll even put computers in and he’ll have someone to Skype with. Rachel is going to go mad thinking about her mouse I mean man in there with a real woman. It would only be better if it was Porscha who is headed to the jury house with him.

  8. It was Dani’s idea to take out her biggest threat Brendon by backdooring him. Jeff is now using the same idea to backdoor her. Brilliant!!!

    • Jeff and brilliant in the same sentence is funny.

      It’s a good move on his part, but even a dumb sack-of-hammers like him could figure it out, hardly brilliant.

  9. if i were jeff id pull dani aside say lets make a deal ill take porsche off put you up but everyone will vote out kalia you get to come back and have one of your allies. then rachel wins hoh puts up porshe and dani thats when dani goes to the jury house

    • no bad move she needs to get out now, there is no trusting her she even told, while she was hoh, kalia if she wins hoh to put up jeff and jordan

  10. Jeff would be an idiot to place Dani up. She the one that can win and remove the floaters …yes and that means you Jordan! He should stick to what they talk about keeping them four safe!!

  11. If i was Jeff since Dani strong I would keep her make a deal not to put up JJ and let her do the dirty work until JJ has no other choice but to remove her. Bad move Jeff bad move!!

    • Why weren’t you saying this last week.when Dani wanted Brendon out before the floaters? a good.move for Dani to take Brendon out, it is a great move for Jeff to take Dani out.

    • this whole season is for Jeff and Jordan to win, it has already been mentioned that CBS hadn’t been paying Jeff the money owed to him so this must be their way of making it up to him. Also how is it that that ALWAYS get their names drawn to play for the veto?

  12. When u say : “We’re just hours away”
    How many hours away you mean?
    And what time would it be held?
    I don’t live in the states and wanted to know the time difference if possible

  13. I see dani evicted, kalia or prsche winning HOH, nominating JJ, Jeff winning POV, renom will be Rachel, with Rachel being 2nd person evicted Thursday :-) (and here again, Shelly and Adam coasting right on by…)

    • I think Porshe would put Jeff and Jordan up

      But kalia yeah././ she is just so scared that would never Put the boring couple JJ up

  14. If Dani was worried about getting rid of floaters, she would have renomed Kalia or.Porsha and got rid of Shelly. Dani is worried about Dani. She got rid.of the strong competition in Brendon to protect the floater aka newbie alliance. Now Dani is being evicted because she is a strong player…..

  15. Brendon and Rachel told Dani this is exactly what would happen. Happy Birthday Dani! You get to see Kalia, Porsha, Adam and Shelly stay in the game.while you head to the jury.

    • Leo you win some you lose some, it’s a game! I’m pretty sure they will get over it but will you Leo?

      • I am good, but I am.not.sure Team Dani fans will. So.much crying about Dani going home. What goes around, comes around. Karma is still undefeated.

      • Becky,

        I.will do that for you ok? I will focus.on upcomi.g scenarios and keep by Dani banter to a minimum. Becky thank for being respectful in your request!

      • Leo, it really comes down to being all in fun to me. Sure, I am Team Dani, but it aint like the girl would give me any money if she won anyway.
        I enjoy some back and forth banter on here as long as it doesnt get really bad. I have called people out on what I perceive as biased opinions and have no problem with people doing same to me. You and Wayne are my two favorite to “pick on” because yall can take it as well as giving it back with no hurt feelings.

      • Becky,

        That is why I like reading your posts and receiving feedback from you. It is a game, so it is all in fun.

  16. I do not understand why everyone thinks that Jeff and Jordan are the Royal Couple in the house and no one should put them up. Jeff is a big bully and jordan does nothing in the house. She does not interact with anyone and is always so board. Danielle should have put Big Jeff up when she had the chance.
    Just because Jeff and Jordan are an adorable couple does not mean they are the untouchables. Cbs has manipulated this house and this is just not any fun anymore. Jeff and Jordan are the most entitled people I have ever seen.

    • yes
      It was ridiculus Julie talking about Jordan giving Shelly(liar) the phone call.

      They are trying to make JJ the perfect couple on the house.

      even rachel said she thinks JJ are not together anymore, they just got back together to be in the house..

  17. It really sounds like your judgeing Dani for her father game.I really dont understand why everybody hates her so much?Whay has she done that everybody else hasnt done ?Everybody has lied everybody has thrown everybody under the bus.I”ll be the first to say I liked Jeff when he played the first BB with Jordam.But this time he to cocky for his own good.I loved him when he had his own show on channel 4 where went to different courties .This time around he playing the game to safe .He always taking about floaters why dont he take Jordan out if the vets didnt let her win .She wouldnt never won anything.BB gets boring and the only time the house gets shook up when Dani is on the war path.If she leaves what are be going to be watching.Rachel crying.Jordan complaining.Jeff ,Adam and Shelly smoking on the back deck.Kalia always second guessing why she voted Keith out.Porsche running around the house in the purple sweats.BoringZZZZZZ.But like I have said a million times its just a game.Bring back survivor,Dani is like a Russell and Boston Rob she keeps the game going.Thats what this is a game for us to get away from are on problems for a hour.All the players to to remember taking a true friend from this house is better then all the money you can make.Money is money once its gone you have nothing.Friendship last a life time .I have a bestfriend since I was 5 and she was 3.Im 50 now so I know what friendship is.GOD BLESS EVERYBODY

    • Im going to reply to my own post.If Dani would have came into to the house as a blonde instead a black head.Nobody be wanting her to leave.Im sorry Dani the black hair drags you down.Everybody remembers you as blonde it hard to look at you with black hair.Not that your ugly or anything you just look diffent.To me I think Dani is the prettiest girl in the house.Before all of you start yelling I most be gay Im not.Im not bashing gay people either because God loves all his children.Im a very christain wowan belives God is love.I just know boys love blondes .Janell Jordan and the blonde from last season that liked Lane her name is going over my head right now.What was her name?I know she was in the finally three With Lane and Hayden.GOD BLESS AND REMEMBER GOD LOVES ALL HIS LITTLE CHILDREN

      • flyonthewall Im glad you have all them friends you say you do.But let something happen to you as far as being in car wreck not that want that for you or losing your job you will see who your real true friends are.A true friend will stick with you as you lose your husband and mother within one year .Be there for you cry on there shoulder. know you dont want to get out of your house and sit there with you…When my mom died I didnt have a nice dress to wear .My bestfriend took her lunch hour to drive 30 min to go buy me one.When my husband died I was sad I had gain weigh and my dress didnt fit anymore. I was going to wear pants .Til she surprise me with a pretty dress.So If I only have one or two true friends Im happy with what I have .GOD BLESS

      • LADY..I’m not being nasty but u are on the wrong site..We come in here to talk about BB ..we don’t discuss our regilious thoughts..Am sorry about the loss of ur MOM and glad that u have a friend to help u out but again u in the wrong forum….BB is not about making friends and helping each other out..If it was there would be no BB…I’m ss but u are on the wrong site…I don’t know why ur here if u don’t know the game and don’t understand the true purpose of the site…

      • flyonthewall I wish you stop telling me I dont know the game.I like to fuss as good as the next person. If they are something worth fussung about.All you have done is complain about Dani .What about everybody else .You say this is a site to fuss and complain but the only person who does stir the pot you want out.So tell me who dont know the game .Dani is mini Russell and Boston Rob from survivor she knows her game.She might have acted to soon but when they backdoored Dom she seen RED.She came out fighting.Lately Rachel just riding Jeff Jordan coattail.Im sorry If it makes you mad I love my God so much.I just know the verse in the bible that read you if you dont speak of me in public I want know you at judgement GOD BLESS

  18. He has got to get her out. She’s the only one that gives him a run for the money on the competitions.

  19. Anyone who thinks Jeff is so great this season is
    not really listening to the bully talk he has done
    from the beginning. His word has never been good,
    nor anyone in his alliance. They have lied and lied
    to everyone. Dani and Kalia have stuck by their
    word and been more loyal that most in the alliance.
    To bad Dani will have to stay with Brendon in the
    jury house. He can be so mean to other women.

    • U seem to forget that Dani was at one time in the VETS alliance..SOOO I guess her word means nothing and she lies that what ur saying?? IF DANI AND KALIA HAVE BEEN TRUE TO THEIR WORD..I WILL LEARN TO MAKE SLOP AND EAT IT…You can’t believe either one of them either

    • disagree about Jeff. Rachel and Brenden broke the alliance first. Dani saw what was happening after her dad left…she was odd girl out and RAchel is an a@@.

      Dani has fought for her life and been successful when it was in her own power to do so.

      • Dani was.jealous because BR and JJ had each other. BR were in power, and Dani wanted to have Dominic as.her number 2, so she could get BR to bd Jeff but it backfired.

  20. I think it is.ironic that Adam tells.Jeff they should have kept Brendon over Shelly. Adam.will.willingly vote Dani and Jeff out, will be.4 newbies and 2 vets left in the game. Adam is.more.likely to.make it to the Final 2 with Dani and Jeff jn the jury. Too bad hkm and Rachel will be huge targets and Jordan will be sitting pretty.

  21. IMO, BB wants either Jeff or Rachael to win. I think they are going to have the winner of each season return next season and want the drama from Rachael and/or the JJ perfect couple.

    • Then I wish Dani would win.

      Hate Rachel coming back at all….she is like a bad penny turning up everywhere….her 15 min is OVER

    • Dr. Will is.done doing reality tv, so season 2’s winner wouldn’t be jn this.kind of BB season. I to see.Chill Town run the BB house for another summer though.

  22. The correct move is to evict Kalia. The next HOH at the double eviction will be True/False. Kalia absolutely smoked her HOH when it was Q&A. Of course the HG’s dont know about the double eviction. So on Thursday it will be Dani followed by Jeff out the door. Season finale for me.

    • NOPE..Porsche needs to go….Adam is getting toooo friendly with Porsche..need to break that duo up..

    • Agree with that….worst BB in a long time for me.

      Dani at least kept it interesting. The rest are floating (except Jeff – who’s humor has been the best part).

      Jordan – well adorablely silly

  23. I will miss Dani….hate that she is leaving. She has had to play hard and the entire house was and has been against her. I wanted to see the look on ED face because he just bashes her. YUCK more Rachel…YUCK.

  24. What the heck is Shelly’s problem she deserves an award for all the acting she’s doing.She knows that she was trying to make a deal with Rachel and Brendon, and try and backdoor Jordan. God now Shelly walks around crying for sympathy saying Rachel is a liar,and that she can’t stand looking at her. Shelly you are dead/MAN weight and you need to go. You might not go this week,you better bet your butt that your time in the BB house is over.

    • I have NEVER seen anyone with such of delusional problem.
      I get irritated looking at her pathetic face that cries at will.

      I am NOT a Rachel fan per-say, But They definitely bully her is hard to watch or listen to.

  25. Shelly winning would be some stupid speech about her integrity, honesty and other pukable words.

    Rachel? Over the top drama.

    I want Dani to win. But nope. Gone.

  26. Shelly if you love your family so much stop smoking so you can see your daughter walk down the aisle some day.

    • Shelly keep smoking. Don’t listen to other people. We don’t mind spending our tax money on your medical bills.

      • Tot mom ,are you Casey?You have time to watch brother.When your jetsetting all over the coutry.Tring to make a book deal.Tell Jose he fixin to disbared.That teach him stop lieing so much.The only thimg the jury didnt learn when the trail was going on.It should have never been fellow the duct tape .It should have been fellow the baby doll.Your mother said Caylee never went anywhere without her doll .If she would been in the pool like you said she was the doll would have either been in the pool with her or in your house not the car. You said she got up before you and your dad that morning got in the pool so the doll would have been with her not in the car.Since it was in the car that shows the last place she was at was in the car.You had control of that car.Glad I wasnt on the Jury you would had a hung jury.You never walk away free .Casey please get some help GOd forgives everybody that ask for it.GOD BLESS P.S. If this isnt Casey you really need to change your name .Nancy Grace has made you to famous by that name

  27. what is some people’s deal
    no one deserves to stay
    the game is about who has the power, who has friends and pure luck
    and maybe cbs

    • your right so Jeff should keep Dani in the game because she 80% or higher to win HOH and they made a deal so Dani would but up Adam and Rachel and evict her so when the votes for the $500.000 bloods on Dni hands not Jeff. If he votes her pout then the other houseguests will for sure put up JJ.
      Jeff is not thinking

  28. While you may laugh and make rude comments about Dani. She is the only one truly not afraid. Jeff is afraid of her and that is why she is going. Big bad Jeff. Watch out for Rachel Jeff, and all the floaters you let slide by.

    Show will be so boring. Do you really think Dani will be surprised? I don’t think so as she has thought about that very scenario. Will she be mad and sad – yes she will, but so was Brendon and Rachel when Brendon left twice.

    • I forgot to add that she did all Jeff’s dirty work for him and that they obviously have respect for her gameplay with less numbers and that is why they are getting rid of her.

    • Dani was afraid of Brendon, that’s why she put him up twice. She wants to be left in the house with Kalia and Porsche because she knows that they are the weakest players. My 80 year old grandmother could beat them in a physical or mental challenge. Especially a mental challenge. :)

  29. All I can say is they should have a camera in the jury house just to see Brenden’s face when Dani walks through the door. it seems likely thats who is headed there. The house will definitely be boring unless Shelley and Rachel both go off the deep end

    • I think we can count on Rachel going off the deep end at least 10 more times during her stay in the BB house.

  30. Sorry for spelling mistakes on the last one:

    Jeff should keep Dani in the game because she 80% or higher to win the next HOH and they made a deal (JJ and Dani), so Dani would but up Adam and Rachel and evict Rachel so when the votes are made for the $500.000 bloods on Dani hands not Jeff’s. If he votes her out then the other houseguests 100% sure will put up JJ.
    Jeff is not thinking

    • o no he is thinking do u honestly think she will keep her word??
      If she gets to DE she will send him or Jordan packing pronto

    • Do you really think Dani would honor that deal? I don’t. She has already said that after Brenden, Jeff is her next target.

  31. As mentioned on previous posts, Jeff should use the power of veto on Kalia, and put on up Jordan. Makes perfect sense. Everyone wins. Jordan better have her bags packed.

  32. Of course he’s making the right choice.

    Its just unfortunate for us how boring it will make the show. Depending how the fast forward goes i might stop watching this season.

    If Jordan wins again im never watching bb again.

    • why dont you think she is just as deserving as the others? if she wins she wins it shouldnt be a big deal. then those who say she cant win (which she did beat all of the newbies hands down in golf)can stop saying she cant. she atleast tries unlike others who just throw the comps until all the good peeps get out that they couldnt beat

    • it just guarnteed her a spot in the veto nothing more nothing less. she got to play but didnt win jeff won

  33. maybe they can get dani and kalia both out this week. or will that be too boring? naw i doubt it we still have the shelly belly and rach drama

    • Shelly needs to go. Jeff put her up please. I’m tired of the lies, the wrinkled forehead, and the cigarrette smoking. Enough is enough. Plus, Adam needs to go too. Tired of the bacon references and tees.

  34. The mighty Lawon Exum will return with his cape, spadex, and magical superpowers with his trusty sidekick Kevin from season 11. They will be a force to be reckoned with.

  35. It is so wickedly entertaining to see Dani and Kalia eating crow! They are both such arrogant assholes when they are in the HOH room, but when that room is occupied by someone else they walk around the house with their rat tails between their legs. Go Jeff!!!!

  36. If j gets Danie out his wish will com true his Ass will be out in her bk lol How could he pass gas in front of millions pig.

  37. I say Jeff is doing exactly whats needed. Bye Dani!!! I would like to see Rachel out next. Anyone else agree with me? Dani and Rachel are both poor sports.

    • Yes, Dani and Rachel have gloated when they won and complained when they didnt… send em to hell for it along with Jeff and Jordon who have done the same thing.

      • Hey Becky,

        How are u? lol I just wanted to ask u a question, I hope u don’t mind…

        Don’t you think that at this point Danielle and Rachel seemed more deserving to win since they were hated on but yet, they are the ones who I see as hardworking. They worked their tails off to stay safe. What are ur thoughts?

  38. what is going on in that house, 1) jeff the bully he needs to nominate rachel get her out of there first, best oppertunity
    2) jorden needs to stop she is getting worse than kalia with her baby talk, makes you sick.
    3)adam, what a joke he is a follower. between him and shelly lie lie lie.

    • Why would Jeff put Rachel up? She is in his alliance. She is not gunning for him right now, Dani is.

  39. This. Is obviously the best. Game move for jeff. Those of you dani fans who just act like dani “saved” jeff out of the kidness of her heart are just being ridiculous. We all know the only reason jeff didn’t go was. Because dani was scared of brendon, and he. Was her main target. If brendon wasn’t there, jeff would have been targeet 1 for dani.

      • Do you think Jeff has enough votes to get rid of Dani? All he has for sure are Jordan and Rachel. I don’t think Shelley would vote Dani out and who knows what Adam would do. If he saves Kalia I don’t think she would vote Dani out. I don’t even know if he could trust Porsha to do it if he saved her.

  40. I so want to see Rachel win the whole game this season. Yes, she does have issues, but that girl did come to play. She doesn’t want to ride in on anyone’s coattails. And she plays the game.

    I do not dislike Jordan and even though people are critical of her game play, I just think that is how Jordan is, very laid back. She also is a person who attracts people and whom people like, which sure does help you go far on this game.

    • i find it ironic that jeff, who constantly puts down ‘floaters, is aligned with the worst floater in the game. jordan has done nothing but ride on jeff’s shirt tails all through the game. yes, she’s pretty and sweet, but without jeff, she’d have been long gone.

  41. Good Lord! I get so tired of hearing people talk about so~and~so lying. EVERYONE lies in BB. Everyone. Get over it. It’s a game people. Anyone in that house who says they don’t lie is a big fat liar!

      • 1.)People DO LIE in the Big Brother House…The house CHANGES people. 2.)NEVER under any circumstances,under estimate the POWER of Big Brother & ALWAYZ expect the UNEXPECTED.

      • Bip, I can’t believe I’m answering this, partly because I can’t believe someone ASKED it, but…of course the houseguests are NOT allowed to read this forum — they’re on lockdown with no contact or media allowed from the outside.

    • problem with this is jeff claimed to be a straight shooter, no lies, blah blah blah. he is a liar, he will go back on his deal and he has already won via Jordan. Give me a break. i cannot stand him anymore. he used to be my favorite but not anymore. he is a bully

      • Agree with you about Jeff. Jeff has a “potty” mouth and he is a hot head. Remember the first time he was on and he did not use good judgement. Jeff getting rid of Dani means that Rachel will come after him and Jordan who is a quart low on brains. Look for Jeff to go next. Shellie should not ever be able to look hersef in the mirror.

      • Ok, really You hate Jeff now Because what He decided to Play the game…. get real, bottom line is America gets jealous of JJ. To be honest with all the BS on TV and in this world it’s finally nice to see a couple like JJ and so on… so get over yourself…….

  42. @Bip25 No. Nothing from the outside world; newspapers, television, radio, etc. unless specifically provided by BB for some specific reason (phone calls, movie screenings, etc.) Go Dani!

    • Yes Go Dani Go!!! I can’t stand Jeff and the way CBS edits him to be America’s favorite sweetheart!!! I hope Jeff leaves on double eviction. “Big Jeff” is a total loser and cocky a**hole!!

      • Omg- yessss. I so agree with you!! How many shows are they going to put him? Isn’t his 15 mins of fame up yet?

      • Agree, who died and made his bb king of the house. wow, he is arrogant this year. i hope he goes and feels the pain. nice to put someone up on the block on their birthday. wow jeff you are the big man.

      • @ mimi001. Jeff is not arrogant he sees the game for what it is and acts on it.Birthday or not Dani chose to play big brother during a time her birthday would come its not a reason for keeping her in the house if she is a threat.

  43. I want Dani out of the house so badly, I can taste it! And. I hope Jordan stays long enough only to help vote out some of the others. Both Dani and Jordan have had a win before. Let someone else win this year. It would be great to see Jeff or Rachel pull out a win! I know lots of people dislike Rachel. But, even though she is emotional, she is a more loyal player than almost anyone else in the house.

      • ED is the only reason Dani made the final 2…. Zack would have taken ED to the end because Dani won so many comps

        Don’t tell me winning comps makes you a better player because the greatest BB player of all time is Dr. Will Kirby who have never won a single challenge.

    • @ marcus…ill explain it for you. Rachel has won 3. Comps dani has won. 2. Dani has been involved in what will most likely always be the dumbest move in BB history. Dani has played a horrible social game…oh and one more thing, Dani is going home Thursday lmao.

      • rachel has won 2 competitions. 2 hoh’s. what show are u watching?

        dani has been “in the game” and shorter time. btw.

        her social game is actually the best in the house next to JJ. but JJ have the alliance with everyone else left in the house so it doesnt LOOK good.

        dani was “involved” yes but kalia made the move and nobody could tell her anything otherwise.

        daniele got out brendon twice, who did rachel get out? cassi and dominic. WOAH WATCH OUT! BIG GAME MOVE.

        if u wanna talk about NO social game, u should be talking about ms riley lol. she and brendon, but really her have to worst social game in a LONG, LONG time.

        her social game is so terrible, she is a target every week even with ppl in her own alliances. if she had ANY ounce of a social game, she’d be unstoppable.

        but everyone has a weakness i guess right? even the mighty rachel who hasnt even sniffed the final 2, and in two seasons has like 4 comp wins to rachel’s 7 in one season. yea she’s great alright haha.

      • Marcus, Rachel was the reason Team BR won the first HOH and she is the reasonn they won the third HOH…. Rachel has wonn 2 HOH’s this season.

    • hello dani never won , her dad did. Also jeff has won with jordon so really bye jeff , dont let the door hit you on the way out. arrogant jerk

      • what are u saying? u falsely defended jeff because jeff has NEVER WON JACK SQUAT. then u say “bye jeff u arrogant jerk”?

        jeff didnt “win with jordan” jordan won by herself and she shouldnt have won because she didnt do anything to deserve a win. it was because lydia and jesse were bitter that natalie used them.

  44. i dont think the veto ceremony will happen today
    Should be happining right now
    I guess they will keep the suspense until tomorrow

      • I disagree, I think if rachel makes it to F2 with Jordan, or jeff does. They will both beat jordan. All reachel would need would be brendon, dani, kalia and porsche to vote for her. I think if jeff gets dani out this week, that she will def not vote for him or jordan. I think that basically it will be like an evel dick situation with rachel and jordan. Rachel will have to fight hard to make it to the end and jordan most likely will not. People will not appreciate jordan not doing much, for yet another half mill.

    • I totally agree! Jordan winning her season was a total joke. If her or Jeff win this season I will NEVER watch this show again!

      • dani never won , her dad did. Also jeff has won with jordon so really bye jeff , dont let the door hit you on the way out. arrogant jerk

    • here is the real scary thing. can u picture ANY way jordan goes home? if she is up against anyone which also seems far fetched because nobody will put her up, she would stay.

      she has done nothing in the game yet is like unevictable.

      • to all the jordan haters. do you people not realise that jordan is playing her game. it the way she the won before. and may be the way she wins again. So she may not be as dumb as you think.

  45. Of course he’s going to take out Danielle….but if I had the choice, Rachel would be the one to leave. But then again, I hate the idea of providing the Jury House for Branden and Rachel to shack up again, alone for a whole week. (I keep wondering at what point Branden is going to “get it” about Rachel. Once the fire of the romance dwindles to married life, I’m sure he will consider hanging himself!)

    So his choice of Danielle is probably the right one.

    • is not the right one

      because he will leave 4 newbies..

      and kalia or Porsha will take Jeff out in the double evition.

      Jeff is stupid…

      • i agree, hoh seems to have gone to his little brain. sending dani out that way is also what he claims he isnt about. i get that everyone lies but the ones who claim to be so true and run on the straight and narrow, give me a break. i hope he is gone next then pregnant rachel

  46. Shelly is loony,

    For someone who can’t stand Rachel and hates her so much, Shelly is sure getting along well with Rachel in the backyard right now. Talking about hair care and nail care….. WTF? Shelly, I thought you couldn’t stand looking at Rachel or being around her? Shelly will probably deny having this comversation with Rachel as well. LMAO!!!

    • no rachel is the sore loser, whiny brat that needs to go. Dani did have a handicap right off the bat. the other vets had their partners to help them so its no wonder she tried to team up with newbies that had higher numbers. problem is the newbies were picked obviously for the lack of brains they possess. shelly pb and j queen who slips and slides back and forth. adam who doesnt know an game stragegy if it kicked him in the face… adam, the only other guy possibly capable of winning how long do you think jj will keep you. dumbest newbies in history

  47. let me write a quick F-U list for the houseguest i hate this season.

    F-U to jordan. she is NOTHING but a floater. no way around it. She is dumbass that benefits from CBS desperately at every chance to make america love her. Every DR of her’s is to put her over as the ditzy blonde, and the one who is TOO cute. PATHETIC. She never knows whats actually going on in thie house and can anyone think of ANY scenario where she would go home? yea me neither.

    F-U to Jeff. he benefits highly from the same treatment from production and is a A-hole when he doesnt get his way, when he doesnt win, and when someone DARES to put him on the block. Granted he is more tolerable because he has started winning but he talks so much trash, and did i mention how he talks to his jordan?

    F-U Kalia! if it wasnt for ur dumba** move 2 weeks ago, well… u and dani probably still be in the same spot (i’ll get to THAT in a second.) Im not going to talk about HER horrid week of HOH and yes i stress HER because everyone wants to put 50% on daniele when its not the case. but kalia…. HOW CAN U SAY (and really mean it) U’LL NEVER PUT UP JORDAN?! that makes no sense ESPECIALLY when jordan has said nothing about doing the same for you. this is exactly what im talking about. jordan does nothing in the game yet nobody wants to put her up because “she is so nice/cute”

    and finally a BIG F-U to the rest of the house (not dani). just leaching, scared to make any move, and in adam’s case pathetic. Jeff and Jordan have controlled votes thus the house for 2 weeks/since kalia’s “HOH”. Even if kalia wanted rachel out from the get go, she would have stayed. even if daniele would have put up jeff, jeff would have stayed probably by a effin landslide vote.

    its pathetic how this house works this year. from shelly telling everybody everything and playing the nice mom card, to everybody telling shelly everything because she “is all alone” when its obvious who her ties are to, to adam being the swing vote yet doing nothing in the game but shet, sleep, and shet, and to porsche being a graduate from the jordan university with her master’s in floating.

    • wow, Marcus..I wanted Dani to win too, but its gonna be OK. Yes, you were pretty accurate in most of the descriptions of ppl, its still OK and just a game.

      • oh no im not terribly angry. it may sound like it. just telling it like i see with some emotion. but i know its just a game, im going to watch regardless. but i couldnt think of a more catching short way to start a paragraph for someone i like better than F-U lol

        plus its a reference to tupac. cant wrong with that.

    • Your crush is going home so now you are just a sore loser. F-U to Marcus, hope you quit watching so we don’t have to read your long boring comments. BYE BYE JUDAS!

      • ofcourse. i could smell the ignorance of wayne lurking somewhere in the corner’s of this website. waiting to be unleashed with his always lame, boring, dull, narrow minded comments. it just wouldnt be a marcus comment w/o a wayne comment.

        dont have a crush on her, i just love greatness. excuse me lol. im not going to quit watching, and if my comments are SO boring, why do u always read them? nobody is forcing u but i guess since they are so great in magnitude of information, thought provoking and rich in perspective, u just CANT help urself.

        judas is a compliment i think thanks to lady gaga.

    • way to go. yes, i agree getting dani out is stupid on jeff’s part. jordan is so completely useless, she is the floater. jeff is a wannabe dick and its really pathetic . the newbies should grab a brain between them and go against the “vets” it would be priceless. shelly flip flops so much she might as well be a fish and adam, what game is he playing they cannot cut a break, because if they do play a move ie dominic then the vets are all bent out of shape because they may be voted out… man…

      • If Jeff had a brain he should have picked Rachel or Shellie. Shellie is on the side that she believes benefits her the most. Jeff will be next whether Dani stays or goes. If Rachel win HOH he will be GONE. Jordan is competely useless. Are J&J, B&R pros being on shows like this? Do they not have a real job at making money?

      • Geo,

        I criticize people for using 2 names. I unlike Dani in BB am not a hypocrite. You know when I on on here.

  48. I think Jeff should backdoor Rachel!! That would be a big play on his part. Besides, I thought he was tired of hearing her voice and that laugh. I know I am!!

  49. The HG’s received a fifteen minute warning for the POV Ceremony 10 minutes ago. Rachel and Shelly just confirmed this when they went to change pants and finish getting ready. Within 5-10 minutes the Veto Ceremony will be taking place. I can’t wait to see Dani’s reaction on the live feeds!

    • BB needs to make Rachel take a PG test. If PREGO BB need to tell Jeff to backdoor her if she is cause would not be good to play in comps or anything that could cause danger to her.

  50. If Dani is going up she should eat food. Production would give her some sort of punishment like can’t play in the next HOH game. This would possibly entice some to keep Dani and Jeff has no blood on his hands
    The change of a double eviction on Thursday would mean Dani could play the second round if she survives the first round.

    Crazy thought, but, Dani is a “big move” type gal and has nothing to loose!!!!

  51. @Rachel I agree. That is why many have issues with Shelly. She lies then denies (even in the dr) that she does. And she lies about things that have nothing go do with the game.

  52. Porsha just told Dani that her and Jordan look like twins….. They are dressed for the POV Ceremony!

  53. as much as i love daniele for her gameplay which to me and i think to anyone when u take out emotions is by far the best in the house, her gone is great for everyone in the house.

    if im jeff, the best move i can make this week is getting rid of daniele. now u have nothing but scrubs in the house minus rachel that are too afraid to play.

    daniele is TOO dangerous. she can win anything at anytime and with the ppl left in this house would be a cakewalk for her. she could spin a web around anyone wants jeff got out (like his clones would ever let THAT happen) but u get my point.

    if im jeff or anyone other that really kalia, daniele is too dangerous and the biggest threat to anyone in the house. she’s too good at the game.

    i’d backdoor daniele too. is the best move, she cant do anything about it, its the big move i (in this case jeff) needs to make hi argument to jury.

    u would backdoor daniele.


    • they vote for him to win…espically if its him and jordan in the final two….(I wish) he made the biggest move by backdooring dani…its all about gameplay in the end…see everyone in the house will be able to not hold grudges unlike you when it comes to voting for the winner

      • hold grudges? u need scroll down a read why i said its a good move by jeff. FAIL on ur part. maybe u should do some reading.

        voting for gameplay is never guaranteed. thats how jordan won her season. and thats why Brendon and R voted for freakin LANE over hayden.

      • i commented on the wrong thing. my bad. fail on MY part.

        how did u read what i said, and then say i hold grudges?

        its the best move to BD dani. maybe u missed that part. (thought i said it enough)

    • Finally someone has it right.
      Jordan won’t win though. If her and Jeff make it to final 2 it will be Jeff.

  54. Well it’s pretty impossible for Dani to stay. Even if she got Adam & Shelly to vote for her (which she won’t) she would still need Rachel to avoid a tie-breaker where Jeff would still vote her out. Rachel would never do that. I think this is a bad move for Jeff and will cost him the game. With Dani gone, J&J will have a smooth ride right to the finale. The other houseguests will have to realize this and will have no choice but to turn on them. Furthermore, it’s doubtful that DKP will vote for Jeff if he in fact does make it to the finale because he’s breaking up their alliance.. he’ll need everyone else’s vote in order to win. Of course keeping Dani is risky, but it could have showed her some trust in return and I think she would have been willing to work with them til final 4. I wonder if Big Brother will put in a Pandora’s Box next week and bring Dani back. LOL

    • just thinking….if Jeff did keep Dani to show trust she had already stated privately after their lovefest that she’s putting him up next week so then Jeff looks the fool and would be on block

      • Yes in deed. I can’t wait to see Kalia’s reaction when Dani throws her under the bus to try to keep the votes to stay and vice versa.

      • I just hope Dani eats food and the BOX does the suggestion posted @13!! At least it would buy Dani time and we know the BOX has been trying to change Jeff’s mind about the veto selection.

      • That still won’t do Dani any good because Jeff knows, If either Kalia or Porsha win the next HOH, Dani would be safe and would play in the next HOH comp and take him out if he isn’t allready gone.

  55. What happened to getting out the floaters, and letting the players compete for the prize…. Jeff you disappoint me with this option.

    • Jeff is getting rid of Dani for the same reason Dani got rid of Brendon before the floaters. Make it easier for him to win comps by taking out a better competitor.

    • jeff is full of shet. been knowing that. its a common lie told in the house but a lie nonetheless.

      • Every year people talk about getting rid of floaters, but backdoor better competitors when they have a chance because they think there is no way in hell a floater will beat them in comps to get to the final 2.

  56. It makes me mad on how peopl think Jeff and Jordan are the best. Dani is clearly better than them!!! I think Jeff needs to put up Rachel because clearly she was trying to get him out last week and the following week. Ummm hello? If I were Dani I would have told Jeff this. Shelly is also stupid because she made up with Rachel because she is a dumb person and a follower. I agree Dani has made mistakes but I like her and want her to stay and work with Jeff and Jordan and Kalia. Jeff and Jordan would be smart to do that.

    • That’s the way the game goes. Dani made a dumb game play early in the game…that was her mistake. In my opinion, she allowed her emotions for Dom to cause her to lose sight.

      Jeff needs her out bc his game has been threatened too many times with her in power. Plus, he’s the bigger target since Brendan was evicted.

      • Trying to build dissension within her alliance and have B/R do her dirty work, trying to persuade them to trust Dom over Jeff – she was targeting Jeff. She had B/R’s ear and was trying to be sneaky and it backfired.

  57. OK OKKK

    Rachel might be pregnat
    That means she cant stay on the show.

    and that means nobody will be evited this week.


    • Hmmmm is production concern that Ms R is and that is why there was no W/B last night?
      Rachael was sitting all alone this morning outside deep in thought with a serious face.

      • well unless we find out she is pregnant before thursday, nothing is changing. and if there is vote to bring someone back, america will let us down again and vote the father back in lol.

      • Dani is telling Adam, Porsha, Shelly if they go to the jury house before Rachel to lie to Brendon and say Rachel is pregnant.

      • porsche says alot of b.s. though haha. its more believable with rachel because she’s been getting the dick to put it nicely. so we or atleast i automatically think its true. especially if she doesnt use birth control

  58. Danielle is still a very big threat in the house if he evicts her he will be the biggest, then trainwreck Rachel! If Dani leaves I hope Rachel will Big Brother 13

    • Sara r u serious???? She ugly personinside and out and you hope she wins why? She a sore winner and loser!!

      • KG, you mus not have watched the feeds or show the last week. Dani is the definition of a sore loser…

        I was screwed when my dad won over me

        I am being screwed and it isn’t fair Jeff and Jordan have each other and Brendon and Rachel have each other and I am by myself

        It isn’t fair Dominic is being evicted and I am by myself

        It isn’t fair Brendon came back in the house over Dominic

        It isn’t fair Brendon got to see my good bye message

        It isn’t fair My HOH sucked

        It isn’t fair I am a have not during my birthday

        It isn’t fair I am being backdoored the same way I backdoored Brendon!

      • ive never heard her say most of those things (and neither have u) especially the last one Leo. but she kept rollin with the punches did she not?

      • Marcus,

        She did complain about being screwed her first season which is why she came back

        She did complain about being the 5th whell and how JJ and BR had each other

        She did want Dominic as her ally which is why she wanted Cassi out

        She did want Dominic in the game which is why she wanted BR to backdoor Jeff

        She did complain and tell BR she would be pissed if Dominic would be evicted

        She did complain with Kalia about how is was not fair that Brendon came back and couldn’t believe Brendon got more votes to return to the game over Dominic

        She did complain about brendon seeing her good bye message and returning

        She did complain that her HOH sucked

        She did complain that it wasn’t fair she was a have not for her birthday

        These all all facts and situations that have happened. Use the flashback on the feeds or ask Matt (BBN Moderator)

        The last statement is what she will be complaining about next when she is backdoored. Watch!

      • Marcus,

        Dani and Kalia are in the have not room crying….

        Dani is saying this is the worst birthday ever and it is not fair she is backdoored…. They are complaining about Dani being backdoored

        Jeff said he did it to give other players a chance to win

        Jeff is telling Kalia after the ceremony that they can work together going forward

        Kalia is telling Dani that she think f*** you Jeff going forward.

  59. Rachel lost a HOH she cried under a tree enough said.

    I watch the feeds on showtime after dark Dani always thinking game she not a mess like rachel

    • KG, Rachel didn’t cry about losing an HOH comp…. Get your facts right…

      Rachel critiicized Jordan for not continuing in the Veto Comp when Dominic and Adam where first nominated… Jeff told Rachel to stop worrying about Jordan and play her own damn game…. Brendon was like, “come on Jeff” and that is when Rachel went to cry under the trees with Brendon consoling her.

      ******* That is what happened *******

      • Ok then i stand corrected why she slump over under a tree and cried. She needs help.
        She also wanted Cassi out becasue she pretty, Rachel needs help when she gets out

  60. Get dani out.
    She is the one destroying the game.
    Kalia and Porshe are just puppets and they don´t do a thing. Kalia won the competition by outside help. Dani got the 2hoh due to outside help.
    And there is something that CBS is not showing on tv: Dani was mad, very mad after the POV competition. She asked to go to the DR, when she got out she was even worst. Right after she got out of the door she sayed loud: “He lied to me about the work. I lost because he lied”
    So who had told Dani about the POV competition… and why was she mad that he didn´t gave her the correct information.

    • what are u talking about? outside help? really? thats ur excuse for kalia winning a LIVE HOH that was about who can press a button faster? thats ur excuse for a number counting game? she’s destroying the game because what? she came out the DR mad?

      yes im sure dani wears an earpiece too, and production tells her the lies going on in the house.


      • don’t do that again
        we almost had a stroke, not that we’re a rachel fan, just cos we’re expecting him to put dani up lol
        bad girl/boy baaaaaaaaaaad hihi

  61. You know I read a post where someone said they didn’t like how Jeff yelled at Rachel. This is the small issue which made me think of a bigger issue that has me very annoyed. Jeff is a meanie. The reason why he yelled at Rachel last week about her supposed angry looks at him when she asked him if he was gonna vote for Brendon to stay was because he was a guilty man. Guilty of intentionally throwing the cornhole POV for Adam so he didn’t have to deal with the choice of taking Brendon off the block. And when Jeff talked to Rachel outside about this, he was all huffy and angry and acting as if Rachel had been bullying Jordan. But Rach was being totally cool headed. (Besides, Jordan is a grown woman.) Jeff then yelled and said that Rachel had nothing to be mad at him about. First off, how can he actually say that? He had a chance to get Brendon off the block, (The strongest player in this game other than Dani and Jeff’s closest alliance member, and he chose not to!) Jeff threw the POV cause he’s not as tough or as loyal as he thinks he is. (Not putting Danielle up immediately this week shows that too!) I used to like Jeff and Jordan but after he gave up on Brendon and acted like Rachel shouldn’t be mad when he said he wasn’t going to vote for Bren to stay just ended my like of his gameplay. And to allow Shelly into their alliance even though Danielle told him that Shelly made a deal with her as well just shows that Jeff is stupid and playing the game safe. I really hope Rachel wins now. Nobody else but Rachel is playing this game with true and open loyalty to their alliance. And Rachel is the only one who doesn’t flip flop or take floaters in to help them look good in the game. She is who she is and she plays her heart out! Go Rachel!

    • Rachel has zero loyalty!!! who ever is HOH she the friend of the week otherwise she doesnt talk to anyone else. She was Kalia friend for a week!

      • Thats called social gameplay. She knows that she needs to play nice in order to keep an even keel with those not in her alliance.

    • REALLY?????? She was in the HOH throwing JeJo under the bus when brendan was on the block. She is not LOYAL….that isnt even in her vocabulary….wow try again another EPIC fail….Jeff is playing the game very smart you are supposed to play this game to win and that is what he is doing

  62. Dani and alia are in the have not room crying….

    Dani is saying this is the worst birthday ever and it is not fair she is backdoored…. They are complaining about Dani being backdoored

    Jeff said he did it to give other players a chance to win

    Jeff is telling Kalia after the ceremony that they can work together going forward

    Kalia is telling Dani that she think f*** you Jeff going forward.

      • I disagree becuase he now has blood on his own hands. Think about it. If dani stayed this week she most likey wins HOH then She can get rachel out etc. so now Jeff will have to evict rachel soon then he guarantee’s to lose 3 votes in the jury house. dani ,rachel and brendon

    • KG, he won the money if he is in the finals with Jordan or one of the floaters because B,R,J and Dani would give him the win. Dani won’t vote for Shelly or Adam to win the money.

      • he now has blood on his own hands. Think about it. If dani stayed this week she most likey wins HOH then She can get rachel out etc. so now Jeff will have to evict rachel soon then he guarantee’s to lose 3 votes in the jury house. dani ,rachel and brendon

    • Do you even watch Big Brother. Brendon said he will vote for who plays the best game, Jeff took out Dani who is hands down the best player in the house right now. Jeff pretty much has Brendon and Rachels vote if both are in the jury and Dani isn’t an idiot and if Kalia isn’t in the final 2 Jeff will get the vote. Jeff is playing a flawless game people are just mad cause Dani is about to leave.

  63. Porsha is outside ready to flip to Team JJ and R….. Porsha is only reliable when it comes to floating to wherever the power is. The same is true about Adam and Shelly as well!

  64. Dani is going to make a speech about the King and Queen chess pieces and comparing them to Jeff and Jordan during her final speech….. Dani and Kalia hid the chess pieces in the storage room…. THey are talking about it now in the Have Not room

    • Karma is the reason Dani is being backdoored because she backdoored Brendon last week and said, “I said I wouldn’t nominate you but never mentioned using you as a renom, hahaha”

      • (Bitch?)he now has blood on his own hands. Think about it. If dani stayed this week she most likey wins HOH then She can get rachel out etc. so now Jeff will have to evict rachel soon then he guarantee’s to lose 3 votes in the jury house. dani ,rachel and brendon

  65. Good Bye Dani can’t wait to see Brendan’s face when she walks into the jury house! Its just Karma! :)

  66. @12:57 PM Dani asks Shelly if she would vote to keep her. Shelly said yes but needed Dani’s word that if a double conviction that she would be safe. Dani told Shelly she would be safe to the end….”I promise on my Grandmothers life!!”

    • Jordan, Rachel and Adam are going to evict Dani…. Who cares what Porsha and Shelly does

      Adam wants the vets out to make it an all newbie final 4 which favors win.. Bye bye Dani

    • You might be correct but Adam is a man who wants to be know as a big gamer. Alas, does not reflect as a person with backbone.

      But hey a girl can dream that the backbone is in the mail arriving at BB house AM Thursday!!!

      • Adam will evict Dani for the same reason he evicted Brendon. Without Dani in the game, it is easier for him to make nit to the end. This will be his reasoning for voting out his buddy Jeff as soon as it is possible.

  67. Shelly Kalia and Prsche need to grow a backbone and start playing the game instead of sucking up to Jeff Jordon and Danielle. These people have won before. Why don’t the newbies ban together?

    • Shelly,Kalia and Porsha need to be their own person. Break up the couple. As much as Rachel gets on my nerves she just might pull it off and WIN. All Rachel needs to do is win HOH and get rid of Jeff or Jordan. Jeff”s ego is bigger than his brain.

      • @ are so right about Jeff’s ego is bigger than his brain. He thinks that he is KING of the house.Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

  68. P;ease peop;e lee[ ot c;eam this is a game not personnel please let the people in the house play the game and lets watch we are not playing what happenes, happenes. Karma people

  69. Daniele and Brandon together in Jury? Dani being the girl who evicted Brandon twice? In the same house? (x I wonder how that’s gunna be like :P

    Dani has to go. she’s a huge threat. But thers not gunna be any drama now Q.Q

      • Dani is the biggest threat, Rachel isn’t only because she doesn’t play with her head she plays on emotion and will go after the girls picking on her or the worst she’ll do is going against JJ by putting up Shelly for being mean, which actually help’s JJ then they don’t have to stab shelly in the back…

  70. I loved JJ last time. This year, they are like someone died and left them god! They demand the HG come to meetings that they call and they have agreements with everyone, including Dani! Jeff has bullied everyone! He is not likable anymore and Jordan has already win by doing nothing once. Looks like that tactic may work for her again! What a bunch of losers they have this season. With Dani gone, it won’t be worth watching. Bye-bye, BB!

  71. jj acting like divas hope jeff gets the boot next after dani and Porsche or adam win this only ones like

  72. I laugh at most of the comments.This is a game, these are people too, let them play the game and make comments but leave out the uncalled for rudness. some of this they will see and read. I happen to love JJ. Heck I even wanted evil Dick to win when his season was on. if you think you can be yourself in this house then bb would love to hear from you. get on and see what you can do better than everyone!

  73. Dani needs to go. I don’t remember her being this nasty in the previous big brother. Her attitude just sucks and she thinks she runs the show….If I were Jeff I would say Bye Bye Dani

  74. Daniele Donato, the current record holder of most veto wins in a season with five, has the same amount of wins this season as myself. What a shame. :(

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