Big Brother 13 Daniele

We’re just hours away from this week’s Veto ceremony for Big Brother 13 and it could end up being a doozy. Saturday’s PoV competition results gave most of us the immediate expectation for what would happen and as we get closer that looks to be just the case. Read on to find out what’s coming up at today’s Veto ceremony.

Jeff holds all the power this week as both the Head of Household and the Veto winner. He’ll have the freedom to do whatever he wants to when it comes to decision time. Either current nominee, Porsche and Kalia, is available for him to remove from the block and be replaced by a HG of his choosing.

We’ve heard over and over since Jeff’s win on Thursday night that he wants to send Daniele to the Big Brother Jury House. Here’s his chance and he’s going to take it.

Flashback to 2AM BBT this morning and you’ll hear Jeff tell Jordan he’s sticking with his plan. He’ll use the Veto, save one of the noms, and renom Daniele. As far as which current nominee gets saved, I’m expecting that to be Porsche. Jeff and Jordan agree she’s more malleable than Kalia and considering Jeff is still angry of his nomination the other week I just don’t think he’ll use a good favor on Kalia.

Things could get really feisty this week on the Live Feeds. Jordan is worried about Daniele’s reaction and wants to hide from her after the ceremony. With nothing left to lose, Daniele won’t have any reason to hold back. Should make for some exciting times on the Big Brother Live Feeds in-house cams so grab your Free Trial right now!

Do you think Jeff is making the right choice? If not, then who is a bigger threat to him right now than Daniele? Stick close and we’ll have the Big Brother 13 spoilers soon.


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