Big Brother 13 Episode 21: Week 7 Veto Show Tonight

Power of Veto

It’s Big Brother 13 time again! The show is back tonight with a pretty pivotal Veto competition and ceremony. Big changes are coming and there are going to be a lot of unhappy fans crying, “it’s naaaaauuuuggght faaaaiiiirr!” Well, welcome to Big Brother!

If you’ve got one of our free Big Brother mobile apps then you probably already read how the competition and ceremony turned out, but if not, then you can go ahead get all those Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Don’t forget that Thursday’s live eviction show is going to be intense. We’ll have a Fast Forward event featuring two evictions and two HoH competitions. Depending on how the timing goes that second HoH comp might have to be played out on the Live Feeds. Speaking of, this week has been awesome with the online cameras. It’s where the real Big Brother game lives and the only place to watch it as it really happens.

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Check back in tomorrow morning for another episode review by BB12’s Matt Hoffman.

If you haven’t been watching the BB13 Live Feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on Flashback which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Get started with the Free Trial right now.

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  1. I just flopped, I never meant to call Porscha a slut and say all those nasty things about everyone in the house besides rachel and jordan. May the best person win.

    • Hello loser. I see you are back to.posting under my name.

      Everyone knows my disdain for Dani, Porsha, Kalia and Shelky, so you are looking like a fool posting this crap under my name. Now.either grow up and use your name or just leave and cry yourself to.sleep when Dani is evicted.

      • Leo, your pretty nasty, there is no rules about having the same name. Did mommy and daddy not love you enough growning up?

      • You are lame…. Using my name and mocking Flyonthewalls name…. I can see how you like Dani, Porsha, Kalia and Shelly because being childish suits you well.

      • Leo, I am gonna cry and cry and cry when Dani goes. It makes me sad. Then in the morning I will try to pick a new fave. Craaapp!!! BTW, we all knew it was the poser Leo when we read it.

      • Becky,

        I have a feeling all of us will be crying especially if either Shelly, Porsha or Kalia and even Adam are in the final 2….. That will suck!

      • As long as its not Jeff at this point, I will be good. lol Oh, or Shelly. Right now, I am thinking Gooo Rachel!!!

      • Becky,

        Dani, Porsha, Kalia and Shelly have all made Rachel more liked just by the way they are acting……

      • No, Leo.. I am giving Rachel credit where its due. I dont have feeds to see them being mean to her, so Rachel on her actions alone is pulling me in.

  2. I am SO Disgusted with Shelley! I would really LOVE to see how her husband, and her daughter, react to how she has completely flipped on Jeff & Jordan, WHILE at the same time, praising the ground they walk on. She Sickens me!!!

    • Zebra’s stripes don’t change and for sure, Shelly is a snake outside of the house in one form or another. She’s too good at it in the house. She’s a kiss-up to everyone’s face, then stabs them in the back. That takes practice!

      • That is how this game is played! It has gotten Shelly this far and if played right, could get her to the finals.

        This whole game is about selling the person(s) your with, at that given time, on the notion that you are their friend and have a reasonable value in keeping you in their good graces and thinking you are on their side, not out to get them. So, promising loyalty to one group, while backstabbing another group. Then, a couple of hours later, reversing that position and promising that loyalty to the opposite side of the House.

        Shelly is actually playing the best social game in the house right now! Everyone in the House sees her as the “Mom” figure and no one sees her as a threat.

        The question at hand is, can the newbies get their act together without Dani’s lead? Or, are they too star struck of the Vet’s to rally an attempt at the finals. It’ll be a hard rod to follow. Hell, we already know Adam has indicated he’ll be happy with Top 6! WTH is that about? He got into the game to help someone else win $500k. What a fool!

        All these newbies are morons! They are star struck and either intimidated by celebrity or just plain stupid! They actually have wanted to help advance JeJo and Rachel’s (Brenchel when Bren was there) game so the vet’s could win. These people are the poster children for IDIOCY!

      • THANK YOU MacMeanie…I thought it was just me who felt this way!!! My goodness…how slow and dumb these newbies are they have had the numbers from jumpstart and have LET the vets win the game…..WOW!!!! They didn’t come to play at all!!! And for the record, I am not that fond of Shelly but for real she IS playing the best game, like it or not and until put in that situation one can only speak of what they hope they wouldn’t do..

      • I agree. Go Shelly! Why are people talking about integrity. There is none in the game when you have to outwit others to win. It is who has the better strategy and lying is a part of the game..hello. Adam is the worst. What a moron! I hope he goes next!!

      • I also thank you MacMeanie. This is their last chance and they have been given so many. I can never understand whey people can’t see the lying, backstabbing, etc. of their own favorites. Some of most favorite past players from other seasons have done everything they are criticizing Shelly for. Yes, she is a mom, but should she just sit up and do nothing like Kathy from last year? Who knows, maybe she told her husband how she was going to play the game if she got on BB. It’s like everyone has forgotten what BB is about. Jordan was the only one from her season who didn’t play that way and won. This season she is not the sweet Jordan she was then. So even she is playing differently.

    • Stop wondering, you know she does. Maybe now that her real self came out, they will kick her to the curb too!

    • Lot of folks seem to forget this is a game. Deceit and betrayal are some of the leading themes.

      Why would she need to act like this outside of the house and the competition?

      I find it hard to believe anyone here would go in there, declare they refuse to tell a lie, and then just roll over and be evicted. It’s a game. They were cast to play it.

      • well said Matt, although I am not a fan of Shelly she is playing the only game she has because I cant see her winning anything.

      • I agree with you Matt. It is just a game. Though I would’t want to play poker with Shelley. Any quesses she is one h— of a cardshark. I was for Dani but some of the childish stuff thats beem going on almost makes me a Rachel fan.

      • I understand this is just a game, but really someone who lies that much. I really think theres more to it then that.

      • Maybe Shelly is trying to play the Dr. Will gameplay. He had the charm and she is using the “mom” instead. She didn’t think it through though b/c she isn’t coming off too well.

      • @ Matt in your season when you lied, you came to the diary room and admitted it..but shelly comes to the diary room and cries about her integrity thats what is bothering me and she confidently calls rachel a liar we say its a game and all sorts but at least in the diary room we get all the gist…shelley still doesnt accept she is lying.

  3. Dani’s going bye-bye. I just want this week to end. Time for Rachel to do some damage. Reap the whirlwind JJ, REAP IT!!!

      • One minor detail missing in your theory; those people “that are gunning for them”, would actually NEED to WIN something! DUH

      • DUH thats your response, everyone in the house has to play thier little heart out. Jordan and Rachel better win or they are gone thursday, the # are against them.

      • and even then, they’d still have Jeff and themselves to get the Veto.. They still have the votes regardless. So, Porsche and Kalia, niether of which has paid ANY attention to the Zing-Bot, are going to suddenly going to actually try? That will be fun to watch, either way.

      • Doesn’t matter now who is gunning for them bc BB just made this whole show the “BBDaniDonato” show by giving Dani a diamond Veto. What a royal crock!

      • @ flyontheWALL, Leo, Karen and whoever else is having their name copied or made fun of, just remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Ignore it.
        @fly.. sorry for laughing at flyontheturd, i couldnt help it.. the devil made me do it. jk

    • Don’t underestimate Rachel, she’s playing nice for a reason. She’s gonna do some damage before she goes. that’s just how she rolls.

      • Gene, I agree and she has the fight in her. At least she is playing nice as that has helped her get going!

    • Ok we all Know Dani is going home, can we move on to the next topic. Rachel the drunk’n prego hooker.

      • I don’t think name calling is warranted and it has not been proven that she is actually pregnant and is just another rumor that other side started.

      • why dose everyone always put Rachel down? and the little brats Dani and Porshia are so great .NOT I dont think so they all act the same!!!!!

      • I suck and have no imagination. That is why I mock the cool kids, because I suck so bad. I’m an Ef’n loser and I know it.

  4. can’t wait till dani is gone! she keeps saying jejo are liars when her plan was gonna get rid of jeff next so its ok when she does it but not anybody else?! kalia is another one, she also seems to love the sound of her own voice, too bad no one else agrees. shelley also needs to get off her high horse because she is the biggest flip flopper there is. i hope adam sticks to his guns…

  5. Honestly…

    I think too many people on here take the whole thing too seriously. Threats of not watching if someone leaves; claims of the show beng fixed if things don’t go a certain way, degrading the cast because they do something that is only expected in BB.

    I watch the show for the sheer entertainment of seeing a bunch of people claw each others eyes out for three months.

    I don’t really care who wins, whoever does deserves it in some way.

    When I see some of the comments that come in, all I can say is relax and just enjoy some entertainment, or don’t watch reality television.

    There is always going to be something that you don’t like, but that’s the fun of it all!

    • I so agree with you is just interesting to watch human behavior when there is a prize for money. For me I wish Dani would get to least she is willing to play the game. Jordan has done nothing!! Shelly and Adam are just not good at comps and have floated for a while. Kalia is the one who should leave as she made a mess out of her HOH because Jeff, the bully, intimidated her. I can not for the life of me understand why the newbies did not band together and get the vets out. As I feel, they already had their chance in previous seasons…and why would Adam want to take Jeff and Jordan to the end? Hello, Jordan has already won once and has done absolutely nothing this season except to ride Jeff’s coat tails and smile sweetly yet deceptively, at the other competitors. Evict Kalia please so BB can be fun again!!!

      • I know huh, Kieth called her out (and he was right about her and the house), she votes to get rid of him. Jeff bullies her and she’s trying to suck up to him. Say what you want about Kieth, but that dude had it right. He knew what had to be done and how to do it.

      • Jordan did win and she used her money to buy her Mom a house! Not many people would do that so maybe she wants to win for herself this time. Go Jordan!

      • Just one point; the HoH that Jordan WON; the seven or so people that went before her in the golf putting, Dom and Kalia were the only two to even score, and they got Seven, Jordan got a THREE. With only Jeff and Brendan next, although they threw it, there was NO guarantee they would do ANY better. There were only two slots open after the 3, then water….
        Jordan did win…. sorry!

      • Jordan won the whole damned thing! Why didn’t they boot her earlier rather than advance her play?

      • If Dani goes… so does the rest of the newbies. What a boring season. They have to cut the bully’s head off next and Dani is the only who can do it. Melt the Witch (Rachel) later and then send Jordan and her milk bottle home. Then you have the newbies playing for themselves. EASY pie if Adam isn’t STUPID.

    • But you see, this is a way of either venting or poking fun at the house guests or whatever is going on. It’s like we’re right there with them all. I think more than anything, comments made here are tongue-in-cheek and not so serious!

    • How many reality showz r really real though…..if u talk to the people thzat were in them they say half iz real but the producerz edit to what u want u to see and they also put in situzationz that work for them……

  6. It looks like leather-skinned woman is up early per usual. She’s putting the chess pieces back where they belong. How sweet it is! It’s cleaning time in the BB house. If/WHEN she goes to the jury, who will clean up the place? Probably no-one. Who cares. GET RID OF LEATHER WOMAN.

      • Please! You can say a lot of things about people, but if Jeff’s a “bully”, I can’t even imagine what Brendon was, what Dr. Will was, Evel Dick, and so on.
        As for how Jeff talks, I’m 100% Italian-American, and just like many that are Irish, and just many guys in general, just happen to “speak” like that. Now, if he’s talking to Julie, he knows that there are times when it’s just improper. Adults, like Jeff, like myself, know when not to use such language.

        To say he’s an embarrassmentent to Jordan? That’s just a tad too much. Jordan, and I am sure, even Jordan’s family, who I believe KNOW Jeff rather well, have NO problem with how Jeff speaks while in that house, or with friends.
        I’m quite sure he is smart enough to know when it’s OK, and, when it’s not.

  7. Porsche will win HOH this week. She has came in second several times. She just won’t get the HoH Room, letter, FOOD in an HOH basket.

    As long as Dani goes

    • I’m hoping Porsche wins cuz she’s the only one brave enough to vote the vets and cause some drama in the house… i don’t want to watch any floaters @$$ kissing, that’s boring!

      • and Porsche isn’t a floater? She was Rachel’s BFF for weeks until Brendan returned and she flipped over to “the dark side” with Dani. Once Dani goes, I guess it will depend on which way the wind is blowing?

      • not saying Porsche is not a floater, but she’s the only one who would have the balls to put up Jeff and Rachel.. if she doesn’t win then yes she, along with the others, will be kissing @$$ till eviction which i won’t see and probably just catch up on the show by reading feeds

    • If Porsche were to win HoH next, from past seasons, she would get her letter and the basket of goodies.

  8. The vets came into the game with advantages (actually had a true friend with them). I think the game should start with everyone on a level playing field and then let the “expect the unexpected”occur. And then most of the vets complain about floaters….Hell you came in with a know alliance….I hope one of the newbies win.

    • I so agree, Leah. The playing field has not
      been even this year. The newbies only had
      twenty minutes to get to know each other be-
      fore they were intimidated by the vets arrival. When you have someone you know for
      sure you can trust and you know exactly how
      they will play the game, it is so much easier.

      • I agree. The vets have the advantage of sort of knowing the order of competitions ie quiz endurance etc. If it was an All Star or newbie every one would have a some level of expertise

  9. Why is that everyone says Racheal is drunk? Does she get more than the rest?? Maybe it is just she is trying to have fun with a bunch of people. All those good people that trash her every chance they get. (Jejo not included). They have been actually pretty nice to her lately. I wanted Dani to win after Dominic left but not anymore. What a brat. Dom left like a man and she had the nerve to call him pre teen. I wouldnt want any of them as my friend. I just feel sorry Racheal is so insecure or hurt about something that she has acted poorly in the past.

  10. I like goin for the underdogz!….go rachel…..i dont c anything bout jeff makin sure dani iz definatly leavin….he dcoesnt notice that shelly is talkin w dani more then she has been….and that adamz vote is secuure…porcha has had a free ride frm the beginnin and hasnt done much since…..some of the newbiez have been in second place and only 1 won…kalia…she might beable to get it again…her and rachel should make a secret alliance….wouldnt that b a nice little twist….anywayz like i said dani has all the game figured out but u dont think that her producer friend iz givin her the info? kinda suspect for me……

  11. Dani is the biggest hypocrite!!! Does she not remember after trying to get Jeff backdoored week 3 when they had the big blow up in the kitchen and Dani’s exact words to Jeff were I swear it’s nothing personal it’s just game and I think you are my biggest threat. But now that Jeff did it to her all of a sudden he’s a tool and a liar and it’s personal. Quit your crying Dani it’s just game remember.

    • I know. It’s a shame to see dani melting down like this. She could’ve had a chance to stay in if she didn’t throw that temper tantrum. She did it to herself. Didn’t backdoor Jeff. Didn’t take the deal with Brendan. She must be a dynamo in the sack to get a boyfriend to put up with her crap.

      • but why take a deal with brendan when her goal was to break up the JJ and BR alliance.. if she did, oh my as if the accusations of her being a hypocrite, backstabber, liar, mean girl, every cuss word in the book aren’t enough

      • Because if they would have taken JJ out first they would have had the numbers, B, R, K, P D. when it got tighter, it would’ve been a lot easier to get rid or B and R because nobody had any real loyalty to them. JJ leaving would’ve resulted from a bully vote on the part of B R and D.

    • for sure. watching bbad and Dani is acting like a spoiled entitled brat with the poor me attitude. I am soooo sad, I cant eat, I cant play. boo hoo. How does it feel, sweetie?? Its the game, suck it up, you played it wrong, so its payback time. Cant wait to see her leave!!!!

    • What you appear to not add into your assessment is Dani also made the deal that Jeff wasn’t actually her target, Brendon was.

      This week Jeff and Dani had a truce and agreement that she’d not go on the block and not be backdoored. The prick in Jeff shines through after his big nomination speech about payback to Kalia and about Porsche not playing the game with him for 49 days yet. Then, later reming Kalia she was there as she slapped him on the back of hand an this was his payback. And, Porsche was told she needed to show she could play the game and earn her right to stay in the game. (She didn’t do squat btw).

      I wish we could find out JeJo’s thoughts when they see the seasons footage and DR’s and find out Brenchel had and still wants them out! He’ll wonder why he carried Rachel so long. She’s a floater too! Without Brendon she hasn’t done squat.

      Now, it appears Jeff is backing the play of floaters and really doesn’t care to play with players offering competition.

  12. Matt(BBN)

    Whats with Leo attacks on other people? Here is a cut and paste what it says;

    Hello loser. I see you are back to.posting under my name.

    Everyone knows my disdain for Dani, Porsha, Kalia and Shelky, so you are looking like a fool posting this crap under my name. Now.either grow up and use your name or just leave and cry yourself to.sleep when Dani is evicted.

      • Geo,

        That is because you have Team Dani fans acting childish like them impersdonating other users by posting under their names which is a clear violation of BBN rules…. Is it you doing that? LMAO!

      • Leo,

        There clearly is no rules about having the same name, I’m pretty sure you are not the only Leo on the internet.

    • Geo, are you complaining that Leo called you out for posing as him to leave comments? You do know I can see that it was you doing that, right?

      As far as “no rules about” that, I answered your question on that yesterday. I said there’s no rule against having the same name. The issue arises when someone intentionally poses as another poster to antagonize others, which is exactly what you were doing by posing as Leo.

      Congrats. You’re on the moderation list now. I’ll have to manually approve each of your comments. Thanks for the extra work.

  13. There is alot of personal attack on this site, what’s up with that? Talk game talk not attack each other that don’t have your same views.

    Go Lawon Go

    • How about you grow up and stop trying to cause fights by posing as other readers? That could help cut down on those personal attacks you’re causing complaining about.

  14. I will Miss Dani because she is the only person to have the nerve to turn the house upside down. It you have BBAD you will see how Rachel treats other houseguest. She is drunk most every night. She also taunts the other girls.
    You would also see jeff and Jordan and their behavior. Jeff and Jordan get the best editing job of any of the guest. Talk about favors Jeff and Jordan expect everything. They have forgotten more of their
    lies than the others have told.

    • I watch BBAD 2 and I have not seen what you have everybody is cuttind down everybody else when they are not onsight and about the winw what about when Porsha was hiding it and taken it up to her pals in the HOH room when Kalia was HOH

  15. Matt the extra work, well you did it to yourself, leo is a punk, thats way others not just me used that name.

  16. I just cant wait for the second eviction… I mean Dani is almost a certain evict. I like Dani so all you Dani fans don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m just being realistic. It would be interesting if the 2nd HOH would put up both JeJo. The nominations stay the same and Jeff goes to the jury.If only there is some one bold enough to do so. Then let the game begin

    • Whoever wins HOH on Thursday for the fastword will reap no rewards other than placing the two noms up and/or dealing with veto fallout. If jeff makes it through the dbl eviction on Thursday he will play for the HOH and win again getting another week in the HOH room.

  17. Drama seems to be sleeping in the BB house this season ! Wake it up, houseguests !

    This is the first time Danielle can hear all the mean words of her fellow housemates in their goodbye messages !

    Wonder which face Brendon will choose to show when he sees Dani in the Jury house, I hope it will be as good as when he heard Rachel and Lawon were nominated and Lawon was evicted.

    Quick question, Matt : if you’re chosen to be the houseguests in BB 14, who will be running this site ? CBS should invite all BB sites admin to BB 14, so that there is no site talking about the game :D (just a crazy thought)

  18. Dani is telling Shelly and Adam that if they don’t keep her, they are giving Jeff the money because he is playing a better game than everyone. Dani forgot to say that she will win because she has done more than them as well.

    • Would love for Adam to tell Dani and Shelly “FINE, I’ll do it”! Just to get them out of his ear for today and tomorrow then come back and vote Dani out! hahahaha

      • Agreed, that would be great. If P&S vote for Kalia but Dani goes then Adam’s got some great ammunition to use later. He doesn’t need to keep Dani to put the house into an uproar, he just has to let J&J know that Shelly was actively working against them.

    • I love that Judas is showing her true colors! What a phony, sad little thing she is. All time BB Great? Not so much I think! BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HI TO BOOKIE!

    • Stir it up people ! You can’t let BB house go on like this, turn it up, tear it down ! :D

      Go, Shelly and Dani !

  19. Can’t stand Dani, can’t stand Rachel or Brenden and am I the only one who gets Jeff? I think Jeff is a great guy, perfect for Jordon….and he treats her well. You can tell by the way she acts. She is a decent person…and after giving that phone call to Shelly and to have Shelly be the jerk she is now, she makes me sick. Her kid has got to be blown away. All of Shelly’s crying and boo-hooing about having to write out “I don’t lie sentences”…all an act. If she is a decent human being in real life, then I don’t think she will be able to handle it emotionally after this game is over…unless she wins….please, no!!!!! I am still rooting for Jeff and Jordan, I don’t even care if she won it before…that girl is about as classy as you can get, a real sweetheart and genuinly nice person. How many people like that have you ever known? Go JEff.

    • Not to dis Jordon, but I know tons of girls like her. In my neck of the woods she would be pretty common. Just a regular small town country girl. In my community, even your “enemies” will be at your door in times of need. Maybe thats why I dont see the adoration that some people have for her. I am accustomed to her actions.

      • Well said Becky…and Jeff does not treat her well. He is obnoxious, a bully and self-centered. She should run away from him after the show, far far away. I do not mean for them to show PDA like Brenchel…but he has not shown any tenderness towards her on this show or TAR when they were on…..Drop him like a hot potato, please Jordan!!!

      • Well said Becky. I don’t see the adoration either. Especially this season. I use to be one of those that adored the both of them. Both are different this season. I have never seen Jeff act this way with Jordan before.

  20. No matter what, if Shelly votes to keep Dani, JeJo will know that either she or Adam flipped. I’m pretty certain JeJo will figure out who it was and all heck will break loose!

    • Shelly just wants Judas’s jury vote. Shelly has no intention of keeping Judas. If Shelly can get Adam to vote for Judas, she will vote for Kalia to stay and go running to JJ that Adam flipped! Shelly keeping Judas would be stupider than Adam keeping Judas. Shelly would be on the bottom of her new alliance instead of at the top of her old one. Wake up Judas lovers! JUDAS is OUT OF HERE! GIVE MY BEST TO BOOKIE!

  21. Adam called Dani out for her lie about keeping him over DOminic even though Dani has a deal with Dominic

    Adam isn’t going to keep Dani just like he refused to keep Brendon for Jeff

    Adam is like yeah yeah whatever…. I hear you!

    • I cant figure out which emotion I have more right now…. Proud that my girl wont go down without a fight or embarassment that she is trying to save a sunken ship. WAAAAAAAAAA

      • That is because Judas is delusional and actually thinks she is a good player and deserves to stay! Judas is so gone……..GO RACHEL! WIN IT ALL FOR BOOKIE!

  22. They are pushing Adam to the limit…He has a breaking point like everybody else…If they keep at him for the next 30 + hrs he just may go tell JEFF as to get them off of him..They are not giving him any new reasons as to vote for Dani.. It’s like a broken record..They just keep going over and over the same old crap..Just bring it to the open Adam..You won’t have to listen to it and we won’t either..Please just let it beknown..

  23. Rachel joined Adam, Shelly and Dani in the backyard…. Dani and Shelly have fake smiles on their face because they can’t keep trying to persuade Adam…… Adam is like finallly, lets change the subject…. Good job Rachel!

  24. now…since “fly on the turd”‘s comments have been placed in moderation SO HAVE MINE…THANKS GEO THE JERK…

  25. Dani is so furious Rachel is in the backyard……. I hope Rachel and Jeff and JJordan stay close to Adam like white on rice to piss Dani off…. LMAO!

  26. I can’t wait to watch the feeds with everyone locked in the HOH room when Dani has to look at the people who are voting her out because Adam won’t change his mind!

  27. Rachel is walking away…. Adam is like, sh**…. Don’t go away…. Dani wants Rachel called to the diiary room…..

  28. Adam is blowing smoke from smoking cigs and Dani is blowing smoke up Adam’s a**…….

    Dani, I put it on my grandmother I would never go back on my deal with you Adam….


  29. Dani is like damn…. Call Rachel to the diary room

    Rachel was like am I interupting your comversation with Adam and Dani

    He said Dani is campaigning

    Adam just confirmed with Rachel that he is going to evict Dani for sure…

    Adam is telling Rachel everything Dani just said to him….


  30. Dani went into the kitchen which gave Adam and Rachel time to talk, so Adam could fill Rachel in on what Dani was saying….. He isn’t going for it.

  31. Adam told Rachel he is getting rid of Dani for the same logic he got rid of Brendon….. Adam says he has a better chance head to head against anyone but Dani and Brendon which is why he is getting rid of both.

    • Dani’s eggs are hatched, she started playing and making “big” moves WAY to early, get her out of here, but on the other hand, Kalia is the WORST BB player I’ve EVER SEEN!!! her HOH week was worthless and he “strategic” plans SUCKED!! even Dani knew she was worthless, but she couldn’t step on her toes cause Kalia wanted to be her own person. I can’t STAND kalia so if it would ever happen and I don’t think it will Jeff should keep his word and go after Kalia and GET HER OUT!

  32. Dani is coming outside not knowing Adam just told Rachel everything Dani tried to sell him

    Dani is saying, “I want to watch you make food Adam”…

  33. SHelly is throwing Adam under the bus…… Shelly is asking Rachel if she thinks Adam will throw Dani a sypathy vote? W~O~W!!! Who won’t Shelly throw under the bus….

    Dani is telling Rachel about how Dani says Rachel hates Shelly’s guts….

    Shelly to Rachel

    I am not a grudge holder,….. I don’t believe anything Dani says….

    She trashes Rachel with Dani, Kalia, Porsha all day and everyday.

  34. The feeds are great now…. Dani talking game to Adam in the kitchen

    Shelly talking game to Rachel in the backyard

  35. Dani: If you send me to the jury with Brendon, I will always hate you… My dad will always hate you

    If you keep me, my dad will be obsessed with you

    Adam: You are going too far blowing smoke up my a** now…

    Dani: I am serious

  36. Dani, telling Adam he always roots for the under dog and thinks backdooring was a p**** move

    Dani backdooored Brendon

    Adam said you played for the Veto

    Dani said Jeff said he wouldn’t backdoor me

    Adam, said playing devil’s advocate, you believed it…


  37. Shelly is telling RFachel she told Dani, Kalia and Porsha she was voting Lawon out….. Shelly using being put up as a reason why she blew up on Porsha, Kalia and Rachel

    Too bad she always talks crap about Rachel

    Shelly would have been scared to still play with Evel Dick still in the game… Rachel was scared as well.

    Evel Dick told Shelly Cassi was playing for the golden key!

  38. Adam is cooking while Dani campaigns…. How funny would it be for Kalia to walk in on Dani

    Dani asks what will it take for you to keep me

    Adam is thinking I won’t keep you

  39. Dani told Adam she will harrass Adam for the next 24 hours

    Adam told Dani he can’t beat her

    Dani throws jeff and Jordan under the bus

    You can’t beat them, so keep all three people you can’t beat in the house Adam…

  40. Adam is stringing Dani along the same way he did Br
    Brendon and Rachel…..

    Adam: Let me digest this…..

    Dani, please please please, baby I am begging, please…


  41. Dani,

    I have been nothing but honest with you this whole game besides not saying I wouldn’t keep Dominic in the house over Adam…

  42. Someone please tell me is Adam is staying loyal to Jeff? Does Adam have a chance to win this thang? I like Adam…I think.

    • lol no.. because the vets know if they were up against adam he’ll win the jury votes since he hasn’t ‘backstabbed’ anyone

      • also i read that JJ were planning to evict adam pretty soon.. so maybe the question should be is jeff loyal to adam or is adam stupid for staying loyal to one person

    • So far, unless Dani has gotten thru Adam’s thick head, Adam is too starstruck by JeJo to go against them. Why would you spend your summer, after getting into this game you have been dying to get into for years, trying to make sure someone else won the game?

      Wake up newbies! You have NO CHANCE if you keep JeJo and Rachel around! Be brave! Keep Dani and take a fighter into this next round! You know she can win! Otherwise it’s lookin like a JeJo & Rachel gloatfest to the top 3 and it’s likely Jordan will become a two time winner of BB.


  43. Dani is denying it

    Adam, is telling Dani he was never going home because Dominic was…. Dani saying Jeff and Jordan was going to vote Adam out….. Danhi is lying now…. That isn’t helping you Dani…

    Adam, is not believing it….. Dani, thank you… Keep lying…. Adam will probably get sick of your lies and say I am voting you out…..

    Dani says go with your instinct…. Dani says do you think I am lying

    Dani says, who cares, that was week 3

    Dani asked Adam, what have I done to you since then

  44. Jeff is awoke… He is in the kitchen so Dani stopped talking game

    I can’t wait until Adam tells Jeff about this conversation and how Dani trew JJ under the bjs about the Dominic vs Adam vote!!!

  45. By the way, Jeff is not doing the PDA with Jordan because she is not comfortable with public romance stuff. I like that about her…and I see Jeff honoring that promise. I think she told him before the show that there was no way he was getting any while they were in the house…she does not even barely take off her top or hoodie, even in the jaccuzi anymore…she is modest…not like Rachel who would do anything on tv. She is much better now, though, controling her temper tantrums and her diva moments and shutting her mouth ….nice change.
    Dani is playing hard but it blew up in her face…later girl, you messed up too early in the game.

  46. Dani just told Adam she had a lot of bad votes

    Dani is saying Kalia wanted to put Adam up because Kalia didn’t trust Adam out…… Dani saidm, I didn’t want to put you up…

  47. Di sayin, I prevented you Adam from going up. I never wanted Jeff up…. It wasn’t my HOH…

    Dani is getting pissed

    What else do you want? I kept you off the block….

  48. So much going on

    Jeff, Rachel and Shelly talking game in the backyard

    Dani and Adam talking game in the kitchen

  49. Dani,

    I never said Jeff’s name… It was all Kalia’s idea… What a joke

    Dani said Kalia wanted Adam to be a replacement… Dani said I kept Kalia from nominating Adam… Dani wanted Adam up instead of Lawon….

  50. Daniele really needs to be voted off this week. It would keep the viewers watching if only to see Brendon’s reaction when he sees that Daniele is the next person to come to jury house.

  51. Dani saying, how would I go against you (Adam) for the three of them )J,J,R)

    How is Adam going to go against the three of them (J,J,A) for you (Dani)

  52. Dani said, I haven’t been honest with everyone else, but I have been honest with you

    Dani says she has been honest since week 3…. LMAO! Really Dani? This is your best pitch?

  53. I can’t wait until Kalia tells everyone Dani stole the chess pieces when Kalia realizes Dani is throwing her under the bus.

  54. Crap…. I have to run errands…. I will be back later with more updates ok? Have a great day everyone!

  55. Shelly is funny

    She is always Rachel’s best friend when they are alone talking

    When Shelly is with Dani, Kalia and Porsha, she is Rachel’s worst enemy!

  56. Porsha just told Adam that is this week goes well (IE he votes to keep Dani) that she will make him a plethera of bacon!

  57. LEO!
    Thank you Leo…I have no live feed..
    it si geting good, can’t wait for tonight.
    I will be watching your comments, too!
    Have a great day.

    • Leo? Please keep updating. I’ll be waiting for you to return from your errands… Anyone know if Adam told Jeff about Shelly yet?

  58. if Adam wants a chance at winning he should vote to keep Dani. He must know he’s 4th in his alliance. People need to start playing for themselfs and looking at the BIG picture.

  59. Shelly is such a sleeze not because of the way she plays the game.She is a chain smoking fiend,her face is so high mileage for her age (barfly).Her I know it all ect.
    No class at all.Her BS with Rach sucks.Does she ever wash her hair oops maybe that’s part of her game plan.Watching her is like fingernails on a chalk board.I need therapy i know i do because i continue watching this load mouth know it all.Love it !!!!

  60. i hope dani’s parting shot at rachel it to tell her she’ll take good care of bookie in the jury house…… roflmfao…..

  61. first off bringing in people who have already got a chance to play was totally unfair. 2nd off if daniele gets voted off tomorrow night i am done with big brother. Jordan deserves someone better than jeff and rachael is the most annoying person in the world. If either of these 2 win i will never ever watch this show again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re NOT a true “big brother” watcher…. I think this year has been so much fun!! I LOVE it…will watch it EVERY YEAR!

  62. Tell the camera person who must be in love with Danni to do his/her job right! Their are other people besides her in the house! Or tell showtime!

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