Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 4 Tuesday Highlights

Tuesday’s are generally spent tanning, eating and sleeping in the Big Brother 13 house and today was really no exception.  However, along with being lazy, much game talk was going on as you can see below.  It’s Brenchel’s big mock wedding later in the night and oh my gosh I can’t wait!

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 2, 2011:

9:25 AM BBT – Brenchel and Shelly are up and doing some Dani bashing.  Bren thinks she really liked Dom and was too embarrassed to say.  He says she road ED’s coattails and how Dick saved her.  I guess he forgot all the comps Dani won in order to save the both of them.  Rach is still under the delusion Bren will stay in the game over Jordan. Shelly says she will NOT vote for someone to win if they lied their way through the game lol.  The pot calling the kettle black lol.
10:25 AM BBT – One hour later and the three are still Dani bashing.  This is their favorite pasttime at the moment.  Rach going on about how she’s not fake or a liar.  She didn’t betray their alliance the way Dani did.  Oh God Rachel, you’re just the most awesome person in the world.  Keep giving yourself the props you know you deserve girl.  (I hope you all know I’m being sarcastic lol) Brendon makes the statement of all statements when he declares the brigade was jealous of him last year.  Yeah I’m thinking not since they went further than you both seasons combined lol jk.
11:45 AM BBT – Brenchel is talking to Porsche about why Brendon should stay over Jordan.  They’re not real happy with Porsche for spending time with Daniele in the HoH.
12:20 PM BBT – Shelly and Porsche now talking game.  Porsche didn’t like Brenchel coming down on her last night for talking to Dani in the HoH.  She’s in the middle and doesn’t know which side to choose.  She wants to vote to keep Brendon because Rach is her friend but she also knows when Bren leaves, Rach will be up her @$$.  She doesn’t like how Rach talks to people.  She and Shelly make a deal not to put each other up.  Shelly has the balls to tell Porsche not to two time alliance her. Porsche comes back with I thought you were the one two timing the alliance. They both say they would put up Kalia.
12:30 PM BBT –  Everyone’s favorite floater Kalia is standing at the door listening to their convo lol.
1:45 PM BBT – Jeff tells Jordan that Porsche was stupid for making a deal with Dani when she was never the target.
3:00 PM BBT – Shelly wants to talk game with Lawon.  Says he’s a good man.  They get interrupted by Jeff.  Shelly has a side deal with everyone in the house I do believe lol.
4:45 PM BBT – A poem is written for Brenchel’s fake wedding coming up later tonight.  I can’t freaking wait!
4:50 PM BBT – Kalia telling Dani that Brenchel has sex at least 4 times a day.  Kalia thinks it’s inappropriate for Rach to let America know such personal things.  Dani can’t believe Kalia has only had sex with 10 guys while she revealed she (Dani) has never had a one night stand.
5:45 PM BBT – Shelly is now running her mouth to Brendon and says Porsche will vote to keep him but does have a deal with Dani.  She tells him Porsche talked a lot about Brenchel grilling her last night for hanging out in the HoH.  Brenchel needs to leave Porsche alone before she gets pissed and doesn’t vote him to stay.
7:01 PM BBT – Rach asks Bren for a kiss.  He ignores her and says she has to play smart and play for both of them.  Rach tells him twice she’s been working on it but he doesn’t stop.  Soooo glad he’s the one going home Thursday night! He tells her it’s her decision to play smart.  What he’s really saying is play the way I tell you or you’re gonna get it when you get out of the house. BTW, Kalia actually cooked dinner tonight lol.
9:00 PM BBT – HGs are all preparing for the big Brenchel wedding event. All the ladies are getting fixed up while the guys are outside practicing their parts.
9:45 PM BBT – Adam and Lawon have a quick game talk and agree they need to win. Lawon says one of the Newbies needs to win and then they’ll talk.
10:40 PM BBT – The wedding gets started. HGs are singing “for she’s a jolly good fellow” because it’s not copyrighted. Lawon is very entertaining and really getting in to his role as the minister. Shelly stays nearby to help him remember what comes next. Jordan ends up catching the bouquet.
3:20 AM BBT – Lawon, Kalia, & Daniele talking game. Their target will remain Rachel. They believe the three of them could really do some damage in the game.

The HGs mostly put aside their fighting to make the day a big party and celebration for Brenchel. It was all pretty silly and cheesy but I imagine the HGs gladly welcome a little fantasy escape after a month in that house.

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