Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 4 Sunday Highlights

Game talk continues in the Big Brother house as Dani has a big decision to make for the pov ceremony.  The winner will definitely use the veto and today is spent trying to figure out who will be taken off the block.  Dani works the numbers and tries to decide who should be the replacement nominee and will she still have the votes to send the right person home.  Brenchel are scrambling hoping for a miracle that will allow both of them to remain in the game.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 31, 2011:

10:30 AM BBT – Shelly, Adam and Brenchel up and sitting outside running their mouths about Kalia.  They say some people can only complain and that’s why her and Dani get along so well.  Adam hasn’t connected with Kalia at all.  I guess they don’t realize they’re doing the same thing talking negatively about Kalia. Brendon says Dani has a black heart but Shelly quickly says it wasn’t a nice thing to say.  I hope Brendon uses the pov to save Rachel and he goes home.  I’m so sick of him and his mouth.
10:36 AM BBT – Now they’re talking about how she peed in the hot tub.  Gross!  I didn’t know that.
10:44 AM BBT – Apparently Brenchel is having a mock wedding on Wednesday.  Big sigh!!!! Give me a break!!!
10:53 AM BBT – The hg’s are amazed because it’s raining for the first time since they’ve been in the house.
11:05 AM BBT – Rach says she sees now why ED called Dani a little bia.
12:00 PM BBT – Bren and Rach are whispering about Dani.  Rach wants to talk to her but Bren says to wait until morning.  Rach is still under the delusion she can convince Dani to put up Kalia.
12:45 PM BBT – Brendon says most girls are catty and talks about how secure Rachel is.  What? Are you kidding me? Do you even know your fiance?
12:55 PM BBT – Rachel tells Shelly that Brendon will use the pov on himself because he for sure won’t have the votes to stay.  They are speculating she will put up Jordan to ensure Rachel’s eviction.
1:30 PM BBT – JeJo in the HoH room talking to Dani.  Dani is scared to put up Jordan because she doesn’t want her to go home and they go over the votes.  Dani says she will put up Porsche to show them she doesn’t want to put them up.  Jordan said Porsche could get voted out.  They want to talk to Adam about where his loyalty lies.
2:00 PM BBT – Adam is now in the HoH.  He wants Rachel gone and will definitely vote for Jordan and fight hard for HoH this week.
3:45 PM BBT – Porsche says she bang pots and pans and put some gross crap in Dani’s bed if she is the replacement nominee.  Just like an immature brat to do something like that.
4:50 PM BBT – Adam runs his mouth to Porsche about Dani putting up either her or Jordan.  Porsche tells Brenchel and he gets pissed because he knows JeJo made a deal with her.
5:27 PM BBT – Jeff tells Jordan he’s glad Rach is going home so he doesn’t have to worry about sneaky crap.
8:30 PM BBT – The mock wedding plans are under way.  The bachelor/bachelorette party will be tonight, Porsche and Adam are the strippers.
10:00 PM BBT – Brenchel decide to go on and talk to Dani and head up to the HoH.  Bren tells her he will use the pov on himself instead of Rach.  Asks where her head is at.  She is not answering but instead turn their questions back to them.  Brenchel is doing a pretty decent job of pleading their case.  Dani is going to think about things and talk to them again tomorrow.  I hope Dani doesn’t fall their crap and puts Jordan up which will ensure one of the Brenchel’s is going home Thursday.  YAY! LOL

So the house is speculating who is going up as the replacement nominee.  Porsche has promised a temper tantrum if it’s her and I personally would love to see her act like an idiot but I’m guessing it will be Jordan on the block against Brendon.  We will see later in the day what goes down at the pov ceremony so check back for all your spoilers.

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