Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Wednesday Highlights

Wow what an awesome day for some drama in the Big Brother house.  We all knew it was coming but didn’t know when.  Today it happened.  The two couples go at it and even Jordan goes off.  It’s pretty obvious who is going home and no one wants to babysit this go around.  Sounds like the dynamic duo is going down.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 17, 2011:

10:00 AM BBT – Shelly is paranoid that Dani and Kalia are being nice because they are going to evict her.  Shelly doesn’t like that JJ are tied to Rach because she can’t stand her now and doesn’t trust her at all.

10:30 AM BBT – Bren and Shelly talking about Rach.  Shelly says it’s good Rach speaks her mind but not when she makes up stuff.  Brendon saying she doesn’t and Shelly needs to go to the source.  Bren asks if Shelly will nominate Rachel if she wins HoH and she says no and for him not to worry.  Brendon says Dani uses people and doesn’t need anyone and Shelly says everyone does that in the game.
11:05 AM BBT – Adam says he was an all star soccer player but became a pot head in hs and college.
11:35 AM BBT – Dani, Brendon and Rachel talking and laughing.  Bren doesn’t understand why everyone is scared of Jeff.  Makes it clear he is not. Brenchel think JJ have final 3 deals with everyone in the house except them lol.  Dani is called to DR and Rach tells Bren she thinks Dani had a final 3 deal with JJ before they came in the house.  Says it’s hard when others know people in production and can make deals before the show starts and the feeds cut out.  Dani comes out with the camera.  Picture time!
1:00 PM BBT – Jeff in the backyard with Brenchel.  Jeff asks if Rach is ok.  He says he is not going to deal with her this time if she is going to act like this.  Jeff says he is glad Bren is there to see how Rach is acting but Bren is defending her of course.  He tells Rach not to give him her anger look.  That all he has tried to do is help her and she keeps running to the people that want her out.  Bren tells Rach to direct her anger at the other side of the house and win HoH.
1:10 PM BBT – Brenchel alone now and he tells Rach he will speak to Jeff before he leaves about how he talks to Rach.  Rach says he can’t talk to her like that.  Ummmm he just did lol. Rach is pissed at Jeff and Bren will put him in his place lol.  He’s drawing the line.  Says he can talk to Jordan however he wants but not Rach.
1:55 PM BBT – Jeff is telling the story to Dani now and is getting loud and pissed again.  Brenchel walk back outside. Jordan is mad now.  She’s had it with Rach.  She tells Rach not to say she’s never had her back.  She starts listing things she has done for Rach.  Jordan is not going to ruin her and Jeff’s chances and vote for Brendon to stay if they don’t have the votes.  Jordan is not going to risk pissing off Shelly and Dani.  Rach saying ok over and over.  Bren tells Rach it is what it is.  She is now saying they would vote for Jeff no matter if the whole house was against him. Jeff says they kept Rach in the game last week by campaigning for her everyday and she acts like they still owe her something.  In the end they all apologize and say they will work it out.
3:45 PM BBT – Rach promises on her marriage that she will die trying to win HoH and will turn the house upside down.  No one will feel safe, not even JJ.
6:35 PM BBT – Brenchel talking to Porsche about her vote.  She says she felt burnt by Rach last time and isn’t doing it again.
9:15 PM BBT – Brendon asks Dani to look up in the BB rule book if he can go through everyone’s stuff to find his personal belongings which Porsche took btw.  The hg’s play games like who’d you rather or which is better.
12:00 AM BBT – Rach telling Bren she is still mad JJ won’t vote him to stay.  Says she thinks she will be the next one evicted if she doesn’t win HoH.
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