Big Brother 13 Episode 11 recap: Newbies evade the block

Sunday’s “Big Brother” picked up during the HoH competition fully equipped with Brendon and Rachel playing like sore losers as usual.

First to fall during the endurance competition was Adam and for that he gets to wear an elf costume for a week. I swear I’m starting to think Adam being in the house is some kind of Make-a-Wish Foundation grant. Lawon falls next and ends up as a have not.

Surprisingly, Brendon falls next. OK, it’s not that big of a surprise. If he falls he can compete next week’s HoH. So, in other words, he’s putting all of his trust in Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Porsche. OK, that makes sense. That’s four people. So not that big of a gamble, right?

Uh-oh, Big Jeff falls next. He wins $10,000. Then Jordan falls. Then Porsche. So it’s between Kalia and Daniele, which is perfect for the two of them since the entire house is playing against them. Or is it the entire house? I’m not sure if Lawon or Adam are even really playing the game. I know Shelly is playing against them. Her true colors come out more and more every day. She even called Daniele and Kalia “classless.” Um, did she not notice her friends cheering on EVERYONE but Kalia and Daniele? That’s classless, Shelly. Go smoke a cigarette.

Daniele wins the competition and is the new HoH. The other vets immediately start sweating. Brendon gets to verbally abuse Rachel some more by telling her when and when not to be upset.

A little later, Kalia tries to apologize to Rachel and she takes it as an attack. It’s kind of ridiculous how Rachel translated that into something totally different. Then she and Brendon spend the next five minutes calling Kalia “crazy,” “loser” and “a nobody.” This was in addition to Brendon earlier making fun of Kalia’s “muffin top,” which is just a more insulting way of calling someone fat. Can someone tell me how these two are trying to improve their images from last summer? They’re failing miserably and I will NEVER understand anyone who is a fan of Brendon’s. I get why Rachel would have some fans, but Brendon’s a monster. Plain and simple.

Jeff and Jordan mope around and for some reason think they’re bigger targets than Brendon and Rachel. Seriously, JeJo, don’t flatter yourselves. Daniele knows what she has to do and it doesn’t involve you. Brenchel join JeJo in the have not room to do some more Daniele bashing and I’m about to throw my remote at the TV because I’m sick of watching those two. I feel like I’ve been watching them since last summer, non stop. Fourteen months of Brenchel. That’s what it feels like.

It’s time to see Daniele’s HoH room and to no one’s surprise, no one wants to see it and stays about a minute and a half.  Rachel makes a diary room crack about it and that’s that. But Daniele and Kalia are the classless ones, right Shelly?

Next we get a look at Lawon’s personal life when he tells his coming out story to Jordan and Shelly. When’s Shelly going to share hers? Shhh! I’m kidding! Seriously, it was nice to see a side of him that doesn’t include nodding along with everything everyone says or screaming in the Diary Room.

Jeff and Jordan make a deal with Daniele, which really only benefits her since they were way off her radar this week anyway. Brendon and Rachel try for the same deal and Daniele says she’s not really making any deals but will consider their offer.

It’s really no surprise during the nomination ceremony when Daniele puts Brendon and Rachel on the block. So here’s to hoping it’s Brendon who actually goes home. I think Rachel will become more tolerable without Brendon. I will, however, feel sorry for her after the summer’s over, because I’m sure he’ll take notes from home on how she played the game then use those notes to chastise her for the next couple of years.



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