Big Brother 13 Unofficially Confirmed for 2011

This has yet to be confirmed by CBS, but with ratings through the roof who didn’t see it coming? New York Magazine’s TVMoJoe is reporting that CBS has renewed everyone’s favorite summer reality series for Big Brother 13! Joe Adalian tweeted the news earlier today but notes the news is still unofficial:

Meanwhile, #bigbrother renewed for S13. CBS just hasn’t told anyone… yet

So does this awesome news help soothe the wounds of a semi-deflating end to this season? I can’t wait for it to start all over next summer! What about you?

Thanks to I Hate Big Brother for the news tip!



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  1. Although I do not like the houseguests selected for season 12, I will not let that stop me from watching BB13 next year……. bring it on, BB!!!!!

  2. Ah, come on yall! This seasons cast wasn’t so bad… I went from liking to disliking to okay about the Brigade. The only one I didn’t like was Ragan. I know we all wanted Brendon to win, but maybe Lane is the new Brendon.

    Can we get a more diverse house next time! Maybe an asian or mexican person. Maybe someone with a british accent.

    • most ppl didnt want brendon to win. well the week before he got evicted.

      i didnt want him to win. he played 1/3 of the game.

  3. I think BB needs a next season to redeem themselves after this awful one. Hopefully they learn something and pick a better cast/add some better twists. Although I don’t think any twist could ever be as good as the “twins playing as one” in BB5

  4. To put it lightly, I’m veeeeeeery hesitant about another season of Big Brother US after BB12 falling far short of being entertaining and/or interesting. With rumors of C5 picking up BBUK being very likely true, I have more reason to jump ship.

    However… I have a feeling I’ll be giving it one more chance. Should they screw it up this time, though, there’s no reason for me to keep watching.

  5. They need another all-stars season, but only include houseguest from seasons following the previous all- star

    • I agree 100% But people say that if bb14 ever roles around they’ll do that since it’ll be an even 7 seasons from bb7-allstars

      • I think it will be the seson after; however hopefully they will do it early to make up for this season.

  6. Well the thing about this season’s cast was that there was not one person that everyone could agree on. Everyone had a diffrent favorite. One group liked Britney Then everyone else. One group loved Brendon then Everyone else. So on and So forth. Thats why every doesnt like the cast Because It was a very unique cast this season. It was a season that you either loved or hated. You didnt get to meet in the middle.
    Personally i thought it was the best season since Big Brother 8 :) But thats my opinion

  7. I agree: BRING BACK ALL-STARS!!! Rachel (obviii), Brendon, Laura, Natalie (bb9), Lydia, Keesha, Michelle, Janielle, and so on…keeps the drama don nt you agree?!

    • natalie from season 9 will just suck off all the guys. bring back a real player, natalie from season 11. bring back parker and jenn from season 9. nick from season 8. was it nick? i think daniele’s squeeze was nick. i could be wrong

    • obviii…that drove me crazy but it was funny everytime she said it…even my kids to just aggravate me will throw in a well that’s obviii mom! lol

  8. no I’m never happy when they cancel bbad whats this a punishment for us telling you CBS that it sucked this year. Better have a better cast for bb14

  9. hell with next summer i am calling for a re do basicly meaning a winter season i promise it will beat survivor in rateings for sure

  10. So here’s the question I’ve been trying to figure out, maybe someone else has some ideas…with this season’s cast being so blah…why are the ratings so high?
    I know this…I’ll check in with BB13, but if the cast is not better, I’m not going to spend the whole summer with them, I’ll cut bait!
    Also, is anyone else sick of a house full of BB experts? I sure hope they pick less BB savy players next year-I think that is much more interesting to watch!

    • I don’t really see why other than it’s only real competition being Wipeout. I personally don’t like that show. kind of mindless (funny saying that comparing to Big Brother) But Im glad it will be back. I can see it now because of The 13 next season revolving around bad luck or something stupid.

      • For the most part, there is not much else to watch but reruns of recent shows and few good new ones. In my city(over 1/2 mil) it took 6 weeks before I found someone else who watches it. None of my children (5), their friends or my close friends watch.

  11. Has anyone read that Britney has been evicted and the rest of the guys are having a endurance comp.? I read this on BBAD site. Thanks.

    • of course she is prob gone Enzo doesnt have the brains to keep her want to wear that brigade shirt they ordered Really hated this whole thing and i love BB

  12. MATT BBN..

    thanks for the info.

    of course i’ll be there (and HERE) for bb13.. i’m addicted to this show like a junkie is to heroine! (kinda pathetic actually) lol

    here’s a thought: bb production should take advantage of the “UNLUCKY number 13” and create some AWESOME twists next season! it would be great if they would take suggestions from bb fans – that would be FUN :)

    i’m hoping to NOT see so much interference from production next year – or at least don’t make it so ‘obvi’! geez

    • CT….I agree! Production has been way too involved. Kinda ruins it for me! It would be interesting to see what would have really happened if they weren’t told what to do! “REALITY” show….really?

    • I am sure it is hard for them to avoid the “brigade” scenario like what took over this season, but hopefull there can be alot more twists to make the game less predictable. The only HG to vote against the house this season was Kathy. Makes for a VERY boring season…

  13. well – hayden is officially an IDIOT.


    Eviction: Britney has been evicted. Jungle themed endurance. . The HGs are all on vines, and BB has them banging into a wall, flying across the yard, going under a waterfall, and banging into another wall.. Back and forth.

    As of 6pm BBT when the audience was released, everyone was still very much in the game.

  14. I hate to say it, but when the alcohol was readily accessible, there wasn’t a dull moment. Inhibitions were explored and the HGs let down the guards. When and why did they start limiting the alcohol supply? What’s up with BB and Prohibition?

  15. Maybe Enzo will hit the wall so hard that he will knock himself out and we won’t have to listen to him cuss and eat.

  16. I hope that Britney does go to the jury house and spill the beans on Hayden, throwing the comps, getting 5K, Hawaii vacation, lying to everyone in the house. setting Matt up, saying he was the one who took money and vacation. He has been a big disappointment for me, I hope that Lane wins the money even though he hasn’t done a damn thing, he just doesn’t get on my nerves as much as Hairy Hayden does. Good bye BB12.

    • brit WAS evicted.

      what she tells in the jury house remains to be seen though. the jury hgs ARE NOT allowed to talk about the game unless the cameras are rolling.

      • Hey Diane..who admitted to killing a cat? I must have dozed during that conversation. I MAY have to change MY vote!!! I LOVE cats!!

  17. The problem for this years BB is all the HG voted unanimous and the brigade had control of the house by playing there side alliances. The cast may have been unique but none could make a decision on their own. They always went with the majority of the house. Whether people hated Rachel she did bring some drama into the house. Each HG brought a trait we either loved or hated. I do look forward to BB13 and hope they really think about a awesome twist and making Pandora’s box more interesting. They had four of them this season and only one was worth anything that could change the game. The DPOV was the only one and the rest where lame.

    If you think about this season did bring us to BBN to share our thoughts of the game and we can only hope CBS reads these and learn to be more creative. The second saboteur was boring and brought really nothing to the game, once the HG knew they could not trust any message the sab left, they proceeded to not believe anything the sab stated. There where no pranks played on the HG, so why did Rags win 20K, anyone could have posted video messages for that money.

    Here is what I would like CBS do for next year, have a semi final round of contestants, place there video profile on CBS and let America vote for who should be in the game for the season, I think also they should slightly increase the number of HG from 13 to 15 and start the season 2 weeks earlier to accommodate the extra HG’s.

    I think they should have a more diverse cast with more of a variety. I think they should not be in fear that they will get another Chima and have to boot them out, its almost if they played it safe this season. I think they need to stop controlling of the alcohol on certain nights, this makes BBAD very boring and yet we as viewers are glued to the screen in the hopes something happens.

    Here is a question for all of you, for those that think production is involved with the outcome of this years BB, why the heck are three losers going to the end, my feeling is if they did have a hand in the game we would have seen a different final 3. Lets hope for better season next year and yes imp now curious as to who will win this years even though my favorite is no longer in the game. Thanks BBN for this site, its awesome

    • I think they are given talking points and directions and they are told to use them when it would be beneficial for them in the game. Why would someone go in and have a two or three house DR session? As for these three losers, they don’t think they are losers, they honestly believe that they are going to be major stars when they get out of the house, go on Oprah, regis and kelly, opening business establishments, movies, they are nuts. Their fifteen minutes of fame will be over as soon as the finale ends.

      • @Lynn totally agree with you, I do find it funny they think they will have major deals coming there way

      • @Sandstormatrix…Yes! Alcohol. I agree with everything else you wrote too. Your ideas for the next season should be viewed by CBS pronto.

      • As much as I hate Enzo, I have to admit that he would be a riot as a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.”

  18. But, I am sure she has been instructed by production not to do that because that would mess up their plans for their golden boy’s victory.
    I think Hayden has been their pick all along. Production is way too involved with this show, I really noticed it this year with the live feeds and BBAD, I have never subscribed to any of those before. Disappointing.

    • i completly agree, production had even hinted to ragan that alliances may exist you just have to look at what you see and figure it out what the heck is that, they did that because BB fans werent happy with the season, also what about Enzo cheating BB never did anything about it, now why is that?

      • I know production influenced the HGs. That’s what “Big Brother” is all about,controlling the common people, influencing their actions, making them dependent, etc. BBHGs become more suspicious. They aren’t forced to make decisions,just gently nudged in certain directions. A HG must be smart to muddle through the hints and questioning to make the best decision for oneself, which often doesn’t happen. Live and learn.

  19. just learned that the above “tweet” (post #16) came from someone that was in the bb audience today. this message from the same person was just emailed to me – i think it came from facebook:

    Just got home from the taping of BB12, and it was great. Lane was hysterical. His DR’s were so funny, the entire audience loved him.

    The POV comp was with the HouseGuest’s pictures but not a morph. They had huge cards with at least one of the houseguests picture on each side of card. There were 2 questions for each card. They had to find the card that matched the questions and line them beside each other in the corrct order. Hayden was so fast. Lane didn’t get any. Enzo answered all the questions but missed more than 4 of them. Brittany didn’t do well either.

    The goodbye messages to Brittany were very good. Brittany started crying a little. The interview with Brittany and Julie was good. Julie asked her about her relationship with Lane, Brittany told her he was like a big brother to her, the audience didn’t believe her. Julie brought it up several times and Brittany just kept saying no.

    It was a good show. Very funny. The HOH comp is really good. To bad we can’t watch it.

    Oh, and BBAD will also be a taped show tonight. They taped the houseguests for 3 hours today to show tonight on BBAD..

    • yes thank you for the update…i feel i can sleep now cuz i was ready to watch all 3 hours of BBAD to see what in the hell was going on cuz right now BBAD is showing all 4 hg’s making t’shirts! lol thx for the heads up…i love this site…will deff be returning next year with hopefully some people we dont like so we can have fun making fun of them on here!!! lol everyone have a good nite and can’t wait to see tomorrow nites show!!! =)

  20. Bratteney is evicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bratteney is evicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ding Dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch(Bratteney) is dead and evicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Why are they so secretive about the eviction/HOH comp.? Even this site hasn’t put it on. And no live eviction.

    • with live feeds and all the spoiler info that’s available on sites like this one, CBS is trying to keep the eviction & hoh info under wraps until wednesday night’s show.

      it’s a “ratings” thing…

    • what ur seeing on bbad tonite was taped earlier today when brit was still in the house.

      the “live” part is BS – just ignore it.

  22. Good Night BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifties! :)

    Yup she’s gone yo indeedy! So now on to the REAL game play? lol, highly unlikely, these buds will be sooo boring to watch! Save for Enzo with his meow mad mix hands down his pants, Lane doin’ his thang in da shower course now that Britt is gone where’s his inspiration eh? lol. As for Hay, keep usin’ that girlie shampoo, the hair rocks! Them guys are jealous, b/c no gyals will running them fingers through their crusty locks! lol.

    • I’m outta here, too… So will it be Dave, Jay, Jimmy or Charlie Rose?
      Thanks for the updates on the Brit eviction… I knew these guys had no brains… Just wanted to stick around long enough to see my worst fears confirmed…

      • No worries, where’s Rico, Q, C-Ann & Chrisdagr8 this eve? Where are my limericks to get me by? lol.

  23. The season has just been ok to me – one positive is you see a lot of the strategy involved this year. The bad thing is that Rachel and Brendon turned out to be the best thing about the cast, and they don’t match some previous couples.

  24. i dont know who the hell bratney is. i never saw her playing the game.

    but from the last comments it sounds like BRITney got evicted already. did she?

  25. awww man she DID get evicted.

    damn… that sucks.

    well that all but clears the way for enzo to win. he will be final 2 if hayden or lane wins this HOH, he will end up winning.

    • Hi Marcus! havnt chatted with you in a while! lol i hope your right about Enzo…even thoe theres alot of Enzo haters out there…some just worse than others haha

  26. Completely off the subject…i know the BBAD that’s airing right now was recorded earlier in the day before Brit’s eviction…but have you’ll seen how messy the house is? the kitchen has food and dishes everywhere!!! i think they need to bring Andrew back for 1 episode just to clean up after these guys! lol

    • You would think with nothing else to do they would at least pick up after their own self. They are lazy and used to someone else waiting on them. I wish BB would tell them they had to clean or they would all be evicted and give them a time limit. That would be “fun” to watch.

  27. I have never seen bb do this before. Can anyone remember a past season with so much trivia on the lf’s or on bbad being recorded. If so, what exactly are we paying for?

  28. i have watched all bb for 12 has always been my favorite reality along with survivor. but this yrs. bb has been my least liked one because the people chosen to be on the show were not as interesting as all the past shows i can’t pick a favorite this year. so i hope next year will pick better people to really get my attention.

    • I’m with you. 12 seasons & couldn’t pick a favorite. 13 has to be better. It sure as heck couldn’t get worse.

  29. It is great to read here and learn that I am not alone in how I feel about this seasons HG’s. Before this season I loved and I hated and whether my choices got to move forward or not, I couldn’t miss a second and even duped my uninterested husband into caring who won. None of these losers can possible win, OMG are we gonna be seeing them make guest spots next season. Maybe the producers were trying to wean us off BB so that we didn’t revolt in mass in case they decide to give it up. Yet I would give BB another shot at captivating me. Time for an all stars show but please skip this season. It was bad when we all missed the red heads drama.

      • I absolutely agree! He is so full of himself anyway! He has NO heart for animals, & I wouldn’t vote for him to win if he was the LAST one standing!!

  30. Even better if canadiens can audition considering we make up more than half of the successful ratings

  31. A friend from Cali says all the buzz out there is about a big brouhaha in the Jury House. She heard that the police were called. I don’t have any confirmation other than that. I have a former partner who is now with LAPD and I’ll see what I can dig up in the AM.

  32. oh shut the front door! police called to da jury house? oh my could it be raggity & rachel? yahhhhh! i swear they need their OWN spin-off show on CBS! ratings boNANza baby! lol.

  33. I know they probably never have this, but if they had a celebrity version of BB, who do you think would bring excitement and do well in the competitions for HOH and POV. I’m thinking as well and I’m not so sure who would be good.

    • ohhh well they have that on the bachelor now with bachelor pad, but i would LOVE it for celebs! lol great idea!

  34. I hate this. Like who cares about spoilers…live feeds are a spoiler, BBAD is a spoiler– we still all watch EVERY Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday!!! Stop all this “Live yet taped a day in advance bullcrap!” ugh

      • I LOVE the spoilers, & it doesn’t keep me from watching it Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday, & it is JUST as good except it keeps me from having a heart attack during the comps not knowing who will win!!! Please do not take the spoilers away! lol

  35. Is BBAD broadcast on the internet? I don’t have cable. It says something on superpass abut camera 1 but I can’t get it.

  36. So much for a live POV on Wednesday. Britney has been evicted and the guy’s are doing their endurance challenge hanging from vines. I will watch it even though they are trying to make us believe it is live. We know that BB is now scripted will survivor be too?

  37. I LOVE BB!! I get Showtime just for the “BB After Dark”!! It is SO different from all the other realty shows, & there is never a dull moment! Thanks CBS for renewing! I hope I am around for BB99!! I am SO addicted to BB that when the final week comes I feel I need to go into BB rehab!

  38. Ok so im British, but im ADDICTED to the american big brother, its so much better than ours, in england they just fill the house with the most crazy fame hungry people they can find.

    Does anybody know how i apply for the next season of big brother? I wanna play the real game!

  39. Someone said Brit was out, but then later she was making a T-Shirt… so it seems she’s still in?!

    • If you go to big brother spoilers it will tell you that yesterday they had the eviction ceremony and Britney is gone and the guys are hanging on a vine battling out their first HOH comp. They taped the show with the live audience to show today.

  40. rachel and brendon ruined this season

    getting anie out in the first week was the absolute biggest mistake in BB history

  41. I think we will know Thursday night who has won the final HOH. I wonder if they will evict tomorrow night or not let us know til next Wednesday at finale night. They should evict tomorrow and let the two be in the house til the finale.

  42. So, Britney has been voted out. I knew she would be. Hayden, Lane, Enzo, who will win Big Brother this season?

  43. YAYYYYY! i can’t wait for next summer for bb13 just two things and it would make it great:

    1. make the live feeds free to everyone.

    2. change the house cameras from standard to high- def.

    other wise let’s have it.

    • Then…allow us to evict the weekly houseguest…not the HGs themselves. If we do it …it won’t be based on solid loyalty or the fact that “so-and-so” doesn’t like “whoever”. People are forgetting that “performance” rules in this game. Also, they should let “us” know what goes on in the Diary room. As well as, not allow the houseguests to go to sleep during the time we are watching them on Showtime2.

      • Why should we evict the house guests? That makes no sense, because the house guests wouldn’t be able to campaign (unless if you expect them to do triple backflips in front of the cameras to show “America” that they are a stronger competitor in the beginning).

        I like the HGs voting to evict. What does need to be changed however is strictness of the rules. I hope they add some funny and some really strict rules to HGs who break them. I’d also like to see them eating something different from BB slop (I liked the whole “America decides who eats one of the three food choices we provide you” vote they were doing before. Why not just feed them that and that’s it?)

      • Kristy-Jean Are you crazy. Letting the fans vote is also a favorite and loyaly vote. Leave things the way they are. The back stabbing the flip flopping are part of the show. I just don’t believe in the alience aspects. That over powered the show this season. There are plenty of house guests to watch, so ledt them sleep. bbl

      • @Kevin I suggest you watch BB UK version as they play the game as it was meant to be. The big beef I have with the USA is that they aren’t adhearing to international rules of BB. Having a public vote makes sense because it gives the HG less control over the game after all its called BB not HG house. That being said, also get rid of HOH and replace it with each HG nominating 2 HG for eviction, then the top nominies will only participate in the save and replace comp, not other HG. Doing it this way is what the USA needs because right now the game is too predicable, and easy to win.

  44. The ratings thing baffles me since this season was so horribly boring and predictable. I really don’t get it but I’m glad so that CBS can give it another try —

    But yes, mix it up a little. Let’s get a more diverse group — not just ethnically but age-wise as well. Let’s bring some maturity into the game. Yes Kathy was a 40-something but she was so dim (still can’t believe she is a sherriff deputy — must, must be a dispatcher only! LOL!) she didn’t seem to count.

    Let’s get this season over wish and now we can look forward to the next season. Send the current losers packing quick!

  45. Thank God CBS…thank you for giving Big Brothers producers another shot at getting it right and picking me to be on the show next season. Haha Word of advice to get the ratings up for next summer…..pick all of Americas favorite players from past seasons (since there wasn’t any this season) and do an emergency BB show this winter. I think America deserves that much.

    • I agree with this we were stuck with these losers, please do not i repeat do not bring back any of this years PLAYER they sre NOT ALLSTARS BUT starless LOSERS

  46. I am so excited! I am so hooked on BB..I watch it everyday on the Big brother after dark..and I can’t wait until the regular show comes on CBS on Wed,Thur and Sunday! When the season of BB 12 is over I don’t know what I will do with my time. I even tape them all just so I can watch them over just in case I missed something.I work 60 hours a week and I still find time to watch my favorite show. I hope there is a all star this year and I would love for Lane and Britany to be on it..I wished after the season was over that we would hear about the people that were on the show. It is sad to know after the show that I have watched non stop for 3 months and got to know the cast,that I will never hear about them ever sux! Please Please try to work on that…from I think your #1 fan…keep up the great work on production,casting & making this 49 year old woman look forward to her summers every year!! Love you Big Brother!!
    Beverly Dixon
    Maryville Tennessee

    • I agree Beverly! I hate the fact that we never get to hear what happens to the cast after the show unless they go on the Amazing Race. I really do hope that Brit and Lane hook up, I think they are so cute together and I think after the summer that they shared they could make a decent go at it. Think about it, they see each other at their absolute worst in every way, and can still be content together.
      I am with everyone else also when they say that they should have 2 BB’s a year. It sucks having to wait a whole year to see another one.

  47. I am SUPER excited CBS renewed BB for season 13! I can’t wait for the summer though and wish they’d have a fall BB. Didn’t they have 2 BB one year? Big Brother is my FAVORITE reality show ever. I talk about it 24/7 and my coworkers think I’m nuts!!!

    • I totally agree Stacy. They did have 2 BB back a few years ago when the writers strike was going on in hollywood. AnD I LOVED IT! It is so addicting I have Showtime so I usually catch a bit before going to bed. It is so much fun to watch.

  48. why can’t they air BB like they do Survivor. twice a year not only once. I hate having to wait until July 2011 for the next BB. Who do we have to talk to about that?

    • I completely agree!!! I am always so sad at the end of the show knowing I have to wait a whole year to watch the next season.

  49. Here’s a thought…
    First game is for the first HOH, then every two weeks the two evicted HG’s one returns voted by america, that returning HG now becomes the new HOH.
    The HG’s think that they are playing for HOH, when in fact its a veto competition.
    Each HOH gets a pandora’s box, but have the punishments better then this seasons. Best punishment was Rachel returning for 24 hours.
    Have three groups agian, they have to stick together for the whole season.
    Each week they groups play for luxary, Haves, and Half not’s. For Rooms and food!

    I think this format would bring up more ratings, and make it exciting.

  50. Congrats to CBS for BB renewal. Suggestions for improvement.. (1) Edited (or not), Diary sessions. TV viewers get to see some, why can’t we see, edited or not, sessions that they don’t see, after all we are paying for the behind the scenes look. (2) Weekly clips of Jury house once the 1st evictee arrives. (3) Instead of “bubbles”, “fishtanks” and whatever, how about a camera change to another hg in another part of the house who is not violating one of the “no-no clauses in their contract. THINK ABOUT IT!

    • I mentioned that just a couple of days ago…but I said age 45 and up. Or a show where all the HGs are women…or a show where it’s solid well known celebrities in the house. But I have heard through a reliable source that next season they are going to have the second All-Star competition … having all the First and Second place winners from 2000 to 2010…20 players with plenty of double eviction nights.

      • Personally, since I live here in LA, I have auditioned to be a houseguest on the show 6 times with no luck getting selected. I am basically an attractive 45 year old woman now having the whit, features and figure of Julia Louis-Dryfuss, but dress in my own taste…flowing vintage cotton dresses from the late 50s, which I believe they assume STRANGE…but how strange was Red Mohawk James…who lived in the street before getting on BB9?

  51. I love BB and have never missed a show this year i finally signed up for the paid part what a joke, i get more from the show time airing and the updates then from the feed i just want to know who picked this cast? they were the worst Enzo a total fool, ragan who was my favorite with brit until regan became a big cry baby and he teaches college god help his students, and don’t even get me started on the redhead hoe and her dude, please find some people with personallity and a will to play oh yes Brit should get the money three stoagees left dont deserve a dam thing

  52. With Britany gone the show is over. I don’t care which muscle head wins – they are almost interchangeable.

  53. Will they allow another brigade 4 person alliance again? With what happened this season where 4 people essentially floated from beginning to end,
    who really wants to watch that? The game has turned into a joke. Alliances should be limited to 2 people no more as it has a very bad corrupting influence in the game. Or allow alliances like the brigade with penalties. Like, form a 3 person alliance each member should have to sit out a HOH, a 4 person alliance and each member of the alliance has to sit out 2 HOH’s.
    That way, you restore integrity to the game. Without those changes, people will stop watching Big Brother. I know I have since, Brendon was thrown out. You pretty much knew the brigade will pick the other players one by one! How exciting
    is that?

    • I disagree to some extent Virgil. Hayden has NOT floated at all! He should win the game (keeping my fingers crossed) Lane and Enzo a bit of floating in the beginning w/hardly any comps won, and I feel bad for Brit but that they way the game goes.


  55. Looking forward to BB13. I wish BB were on
    during the winter…..
    I love having a show like this to look forward
    to at night after my nightly chores are complete and I can sit down and relax and watch BB.

  56. I am excited for nxt year, can’t wait . It is one of my fav shows. It is great to be able to watch the after dark when nothing on tv. I luv comp, and vetos ,HOH . I hope it is better then this years.

  57. An interesting twist for BB13 would be to do something similar to BB9 (the “couples”), except flip it around. ..

    Everyone mingles in the beginning, makes friends, get acquainted. After they start to get along in the short time, Julie breaks the news that they will be partnered for the first two weeks. After the first two evictions (four people going home), Julie throws a grenade (sorry, couldn’t resist), telling the HGs that the person they were partnered with will end up being their “rival”, where if they can evict their partner/rival they will win a prize to that will either help or hurt them the following week. This prize changes every week (obviously predetermined to promote fairness), ranging from a DPOV, to a slop pass, all the way down to being blindfolded for a week (or something funny like that).

    What do you guys think? :P

    • Forgot to add that similar to the “matching people with their perfect match” thing in BB9, there would be tests performed to match the HGs with someone who is their total opposite. It’s up to the HGs and how they interact with their partners whether or not they decide to become friends/alliances, or enemies.

  58. BB13 would be nice, but they got to change it up. 1) Stop recruiting barbies and ken dolls. Some of the most best people in bb were Evil Dick, Cowboy and his sister Nakomis. 2)Bring back the food comps. 3) Diamond Veto should mean nobody is safe.

  59. This was BY far trhe best B.B ever….Other then Rachels LAUGH~ AND her mouth….I loved this one and I have seen them all….May the best man win…Show them the love ~

  60. When is BB13 going to air? Are we going to get a winter BB again that would be great if theres a better cast than BB12. I have to say ive watched BB since the first episode aired this was the worst i dont even think i can watch the last show tomorrow night….. So again whens BB 13 gonna air????

  61. I was disappointed that they never brought anyone back that was voted out this year. Hayden is obviously gonna win the whole thing, no matter what he will be in the final 2 because Lane will bring him over Enzo, Lane’s only shot of being in the final 2 is if he wins the final HOH because i am 99.9% sure Hayden would bring Enzo over Lane. I am only 32 but i agree about haveing some older people in the cast, over 40 and even into their 60’s. and more then just one… they have 10 23 year olds why not have 3-5 people over 40 and how about some people that aren’t stick figures, granted I know CBS likes Bikini’s and all but i think some variety would be nice. I LOVE Big Brother, I cannot wait until next season, I agree about them needing to have more than one season per year!!

  62. I can not believe this seasoning rating were high. It was by far the most boring season ever and I think they need a winter show to get the bad taste out of the fans mouth. REALLY I have not missed a minute of the last 11 seasons and this season was so boring that, all they did was play pool. I didn’t even watch late at night or the lives feeds which I am usually glued to.

  63. Did I overlook the brogades influence on the game? To me they were undeserving of of the final three (more like 3 fools and a barstool). For CBS to push what a great alliance they had was a joke, and then the other cast members being coached to say that the brigade manipulated and masterminded all the votes is unbelievable.
    The brigade basicly flew under the radar until there was any competitors left. You could tell that Brendon and Rachel were not buying into the greatest alliance in history theory.
    Brittany again showed her true colors by her snarky remarks ie: “Rachel are you pregnant yet” and silently mouthing “I’m gonna be sick” when Julie was asking Brendon and Rachel about their romance. Once again she was classless.
    For loving this show so much and anticipating its arrival in July this has been the worst season ever. As far as i’m concerned the season could have ended at the end of July and not dragged on and on and on.
    My guess would be the high ratings were due to lack of other new summer shows and CBS only had the brigade to prop up and make a big deal out of after there was nothing left to excite the viewers.
    Thankfully this debacle of a season is finally over with.

  64. I think they should still do hoh and all the competitions but on Wednesday after the veto, America should be able to vote the people out! so Thursday it will be revealed.

    • Leaving the voting up to America is a terrible idea. That is a big part of the show. Watching to see who votes for who. Back stabbing is a very big part of the game. One thing, and I know I am not going to have a lot of agreers is that the BB slop can be done away with. People need to eat. This is not a punishment show-like-Survivor. bbl.

  65. I would watch more, and our group would as well, if there was another BB in the winter months, as we are in much more than the summer. And please, this year was very boring. There has to be,some younger end older than this boring year. Last year was the best!

  66. big brother is the best show ever. Ive watched it sence the very first season and loved every momment of it. But you guys should do more winter seasons, that would be awsome, a lot of people love big brother, so why not do any winter seasons so we dont have to wait till the next summer

  67. im soo glad there will be a big brother 2011, i dont think they should do a celebrity as there boring. they should do another big brother as they had millions on viewers on it in 2010. and i loved it and i will watch every episode. they should just keep big brother going. and move the channel from channel4 to bbc 1, 2 and make it twice as long. and put it on for more than 3 months this time make it more intresting.

  68. I think they should have Big Brother thirTEEN… That would be soooo fun. The UK had one like that and i think we should too where i can go on it before it cancels if it does :D

  69. I agree, this was probably the most boring show
    ever, the guests were like sleep-walkers, they
    had no personality, they all seem to have been
    coached into what to say when they were suppose to
    be having a casual conversation anywhere on the
    premises. So boorrrriiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!
    Talk about obeying rules–check out comment “”#16″”, how’s that for “DUH”.

  70. Lol Typical Usa Taking The “Unitedkingdom” Big Brother And Making a Series of there Own

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