Big Brother 12: Week 7 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

My gosh can the HGs go over some more Big Brother 12 stats and numbers and sequence of events?  I think I could play for HoH and beat them all because I’ve had to listen to it for the past 2 or more days!  Geez!  How about this?  You all know I’ve pulled for Matt all season but I can’t take another lie.  He’s told so many he has to be a diabolical super genius just to keep track of them all.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 24, 2010:

9:30 AM BBT –  Brendon is up and talking to the camera’s.  Says he is more compassionate towards Britney and needs to take her to final 2 because he can beat her.  He continues his talk with himself for a long time and finally wonders if Rachel is missing him and having fun in the jh.

 12:30 PM BBT – Ragan tries to tell Matt that it’s the 3 boys that want him out and talking to Brit, not Brendon and that he (Matt) is in denial.  Matt says he’s going to fight to stay but Ragan wants to be left out of it and doesn’t want his name brought up in any way.

1:25 PM BBT –  Matt tries to tell Lane that he’s still part of the brigade and that Brit and Enzo have a side alliance.  So Matt is grasping for straws now.  Meanwhile Enzo takes off the penguin suit and screams at BB for giving his clothes to charity as he puts on someone else’s shorts.   

2:30 PM BBT – Brit and the 3 boys compare notes on what Matt has told them and find out he’s been lying to everyone.  They say Ragan is trying to stir up trouble as well because he told Brit they really didn’t want to get Brendon out. 

3:25 PM BBT –  Lane grill burgers for everyone except the have nots.  Matt’s drinking beer and says that Ragan wants to get out Lane and Hayden but not Brendon.  Ragan just told them he was getting Brendon out for Matt.  WTH is wrong with Matt?  The lies are really getting on my nerves today.

3:40 PM BBT –  Lane and Hayden want to get Ragan out before Brendon and Brit now.  They think he knows too much.  What is there to know besides the brigade alliance can’t win crap?   They haven’t done ANYTHING!

4:06 PM BBT – Matt’s been talking to Lane and Hayden pledging his loyalty to the brigade.  He said he’ll continue to tell them what Ragan says.  To be a diabolical super genius this guy can be really stupid. 

4:34 PM BBT – Lane goes to change and oops, he shows off his manly parts. There you go ladies, something to start balancing out all the Rachel nudity from earlier.

5:00 PM BBT –  The hg’s are either sleeping or studying for the upcoming quiz.  It’s pretty boring right now.

6:17 PM BBT –  Matt comes out of the DR and Ragan tells him the three boys were whispering the whole time.  Ragan tries to get Matt to realize they have a final four deal with Brit and doesn’t see how Brendon can’t see that.

6:31 PM BBT – Hayden says he seriously thinks Matt is a gay relationship with Ragan.  lololololol 

6:52 PM BBT – Enzo thinks this season’s DR’s have been the best ever.  You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!

8:30 PM BBT – The hg’s get a badminton set.

12:37 AM BBT – Matt tells Ragan that if he is so sure the three guys are going to make it to the final 3 then why not put two of them up if he wins HoH and throw a kink in their plans.  Sounds like Matty is starting to wise up a little.

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I’m hoping Matt will come to his senses and out the brigade sometime today but with all his running back and forth from them to Ragan I just don’t know if he will do it.  It’s coming down to who has played the best game and that’s who I want to see win.  That person was Matt but with him leaving Thursday I’d rather see anyone win but the three stooges.

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