Big Brother 12: Week 7 Nominations Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 nominations episode!

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Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show. Did Britney make the right noms? Who do you think is in the most danger of being evicted from BB12 this week?

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Live Feeds Update: Britney is in the HoH room right now with Lane going over who to renom on Monday. Very, very interesting discussions going on right now. Jump on the live feeds now to listen or dial back on Flashback to 7:25 BBT.

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  1. Going to be awesome to see matt go home and then a couple minutes later his boyfriend of Britney get the boot, all hail the Brigade

    • The Brigade says that Matt is throwing them under the bus. They wouldn’t even have gotten this far without him. The Brigade needs to go bye, bye. Why? Enzo is just nasty; Hayden is a wimp; and Lane has suddenly become a drama queen. Matt needs to stay until the end – why? Because he deserves it. I really hope that Britney doesn’t put him up.

      • Totally disagree with you. Matt is not only a liar but unethical. I have a husband who lost his leg in Iraq and his ex-wife is actually really battling stage three cancer. Tragedy is not a joking matter and I think his nerve to use this and be a wolf in sheep’s clothing should send him packing and leave those who try to win this through really making it happen not making a up a fake reality that plays on peoples feelings on a real disease that kills people and destroys families daily. I as a marine wife am appalled at whoever would support this level of…..I don’t even have a nasty enough word to describe it. My husband fought for the rights for us to say what we want but come on Matt is a disgrace to the country I hold dear!

    • the brigade hasnt done anything except for Matt whom has done all the work and has done all the dirty work…without him they wouldnt even b there

      • yes u r right but he has done that under false pretences he got greedy and played both sides and on top of that he knows if he gets to finals 2 with the wife needing an operation he wins
        How much dirtier do u need to get???

      • Nooo…they ALL have played both sides @ one point or another, that’s to be expected…but to say Matt is completely unethical?…he isn’t any more “unethical” than Enzo..or Rachel’s punk ass for that matter, who pretty much just went after the girls n the house becuz they were prettier than her and her acne infested chin!lol If u want drama, Matt gives it to u..he has been playing the game sincE day what he made a lie up about his wife..they have ALL lied…when did one lie become bigger than the other? They tell lies everyday…

  2. iam soooooo glad that brit put asshole on the chopping block (brendon) along with enzo – but since asshole has won pov u know he will put himself down – so – God only knows who will go up in his place – lets not hope regan !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hope not, girlfriend. Matt is my favorite. Also, everybody knows how I feel abou Ragan, but he really cracked me up during the “have not” competition. Best comment of the night is when Ragan said “I’m down to my birthweight.” Have I changed my mind about him? Nope, he is just “too flaming” for me, but he did make me laugh tonight.

    • Joe why wouldn’t the “asshole” pull himself down? He earned that freaking POV! Get over it! He is no more an asshole than any other that is still there.

      • Trish…..Once again I agree…What’s amazing to me is, are all the Brendon haters aware that no one in this entire house, other than Brit, has won as much as Brendon..Probably unaware & probably don’t give a damn..Typical

      • Why is Brendon an asshole? His only fault was getting involved with Rachel. He’s been on the block since day 1.

      • Trish, you go girl. I totally agree. Some of these posters think they can attack and name call, but you are just supposed to take it. I made a pro-Brendon comment recently and someone responded with “Go get me a beer, Biatch” How childish and rude is that.

    • Joe, and if it’s Ragan what will you do?! Are you lacking in something vital here? Are you clear WHY the POV is all powerful to any nominee? Of course Brendan will put himself down. And yes, get over it!

    • I don’t think she will put up Ragen either… I think Hayden. Matt will get to her. She loves Ragen.

      • where did he get the shirt… I thought he made up those names once he got into the house…and…they have a shot named after him as well…wthell….did bb play into this brogade stuff, or am I wrong and Enzo introduced himself as…meow meow and I missed it

      • I heard the HGs on BBAD one night say they can request certain things(ie shirts) and they will make/provide them with it.

    • Sorry BG but ND known as Sexy Bald man will win. He has shown that and you just never know. Matt needs to go and then Ragina behind him!

      • Do you search the blog looking for anything negative that is said about your man then defend him.

      • Why do you say that? I watch the live feed and there is plenty to choose from. Hey you have your opinion and I have mine. It’s all good here for me. Calm down. Never thought there was any problem with each of us stating our opinion.

      • exactly we all have our opinions as does joe who called your man an asshole and was attacked for that. So you should take your own advise and chill

      • BG I would also ask YOU the same question. Do you go around looking for negative things to say about Brendon? I mean you have every right to say what you want, I never had a problem with that. I will say what I think and it is never against you, it is just what I think. I still don’t understand your comment up there. Wow.

      • Well I think Joe could speak for himself. I have no problem with anyone stating what they think. If I don’t like it I will say so. It is never against anyone. I do chill, thank you. I should think that if the person I reply to doesn’t like what I said then THEY should be the one to reply. Yeah he called who I like an asshole, so I replied to that, big freaking deal. I have just as much right as you or anyone else on here to defend what I think. But thanks and yeah chill out sounds good for ALL OF US.

      • BG this is the last I will reply about what you said. I did not attack Joe I said get over it. How is that an attack? That is no more an attack than what you said to me. If you think that is then damn I am not getting it but I really don’t care about this anymore. I will continue to say what I think. If I do happen to attack someone personally then go ahead and call me out on it. But what I said to Joe was not an attack of any kind. That is that and I am done with that subject. I am now offically chilling out.

      • Good take more than one pill cuz this blog is not only about YOU and your predictable opinion. Everyone has an opinion even so you get our yourself already.

      • OMG BG what is wrong with you? Now all of a sudden you got a problem with me? Why don’t you read your comments? I replied exactly back to you what you said to me. How is it ok for you to say what you want but you now have a problem with me doing it? I could careless what you say about any HG from now on. I am on here to enjoy talking about BB and I refuse to get into it with someone who obviously has a problem with what I say but thinks they can say anything they want. Go ahead, tear apart Brendon, ND, Asshole, whatever you would like to call him or any other HG, I DON’T CARE!

      • You care alright that is why you responed to my post when i called him ND. Are you his mother or are you 12 oh maybe you are a cougar.

      • Blackgirl I don’t care for ND myself, he is a wuss and a well ND. But why are you all over that Trish Trash? I have loved your comments and I mainly agree with you 100% but just leave that twit alone. She is not worth your time! Did I tell you that you rock? Matt is my favorite so maybe that is why I agree with your opinion.

      • I like Brandon also and I am just a simple injured Marine corps Wife. I think he has played this game tastefully and there is truth to him saying we only wanted to be in love but you guys cant let it be. He gave everything he had throughout the whole competition and been real (that is also probably what will get him kicked out)with people and what he stands for. Brittany is just riding up who she thinks is in charge. Reagan is a little whiner who has a crush on the backstabbing unethical lying Matt. Enzo, Hayden, and Lane have been unable to win or show any manhood in competitions. It is sad what people will stoop to for money. Makes for great entertainment though…

      • Wow!!! Geesh. Trish I didn’t think anything you said was out of line. BG I also enjoy your posts, thoughts and views but drop it:)

      • BG…..Just because some of us on here like Brendon does not mean we are related to him, are 12 or a cougar. That was uncalled for, you basically just took a shot at anyone that is for Brendon. Do you have your favorites on the show you would like to see do good? I’m sure you do. He is not “our” man. He’s a player on a game show. At Trish… He is one sexy looking guy with his hair or without. I was loving watching him on BBAD last night in just his shorts with the baths. He is the only guy this season worth watching and cheering for. TEAM BRENDON !!!!!!!!!!!

      • This whole thing got way out of control. Calling someone trash? Attacking people? MattBBN, why are you not banning ppl for this? The whole arguing online thing. Wow Classy.

      • I will say what i want about any HG why should that bother you. Is he really your man. If i want to say negative things about Brenda why is it a concern to you.

      • Race? Wow Nicky that was a low blow. So Blackgirl has no rights? This person has just as much right as you or anyone else on here. Leave Blackgirl alone. Her grammar is just fine. This is not any kind of school. Chill out man. That was uncalled for. Blackgirl rocks!

      • Thanks Mike, I am done with this. Note to Trish and Nicky just ignore my post when you see it cuz i will do the same.

      • I love that… Hairden…good one…and for the record everyone chill is a game and finally it is worth talking about…everyone to their own corners please…opinions and information welcome

      • You are welcome Blackgirl. Best thing to do is to ignore those who are bent on starting something on here. Smart woman. Just wish that Nicky person would reply, still don’t get the race thing?

    • I agree, the first week in the house I thought Lane was so quiet, and didn’t have much on the ball, he didn’t even know what a brigade was. He has become my favorite, some of the stuff he says is so funny

    • hilarious and OH SO HOT in that outlaw get-up!! that comp was right down his alley. or would that be ‘right down his trail’..??

      matt looked like a dork and ragan looked like “howdy doody”…

      gotta also say – brendon was the best looking lawmen..

  3. This afternoon in the BB house, the POV ceremony took place. After Bren pulled himself off, who did Britt put up in his place? Any1 w/ live feeds that can help me out? TNX

    • The POV competition was yesterday, and the actual ceremony isn’t until tomorrow. We won’t know until then.

  4. Matt dreaming of Hayden was just too much for me….I think him and Ragan are life-long lovers. lol

    • not sure if you are joking or not but i think its been officially anounced that there are no “Life long friends” and that it was only a sab lie.

    • a guy comfortable with his sexuality has no problem saying he was dreaming about Hayden, I think you are way off base. A closet case would never had said anything.

      • Uh…helloooooo….I said I was just joking. Maybe you should chill…and go back and re-read my post. My goodness…this is all in fun dude. *I still want him to go home…HA!*

  5. I never really cared for him much, but after seeing Ragan on the Have/Have Not competition, I find him to be so damn annoying. The fake crying was just the icing on the cake for me.

    I’m actually willing to put my hate for Matt aside and say that I want Ragan GONE.

  6. If Brit does what Ragina wants I hate to tell her he will pick his “lover” Matt over her anyday. He has already backstabbed her and Lane and many of her friends. She is stupid to listen to him. But then the girl is afraid so what do you expect from a weasel lover?

  7. I hope that she puts up Hayden on the block. Matt deserves to be in the game 100% right now. He’s one of the few who has played the game completely. He needs to tel her 3 things…
    1. Hayden won the vacation and the $5 grand
    2. He was in an alliance with them and they chose lane over him.
    3. They will not bring her to the final four, and even if they do, they will kick her out first.
    If he does that, then he will stay, and he still has 1day left. Matt, Ragan, do your work and keep matt in! Matt for the win of BB 12!!!!

    • I totally agree! #1 would definitely save him, but as of right now, I think Enzo and Lane are the only two who know about Hayden’s prizes. He’s kept it quite to keep a target off his back. I don’t foresee those two letting that piece of intel slip. :-\

    • Matt is a good player but I think someone is going to find out about his lie n that could hurt him in the end. So I think he should come clean about that,, Or he won’t be there in the end. I know that lying and all things go in the house but lying about his wife is low..

    • I agree, putting Hayden up will get her further in the game. Matt, Regan, Britney and possibly Lane would be a great alliance for final 4.

      Enzo and Hayden on the block who do you think would go ?

      • Enzo for sure, unless the rest find about about the 5K and vacation..that will give them something to mull over and might sway a vote for eviction…if nothing is said I am sure Enzo will walk out the door

  8. It would be nice is she put anohter brigrade membor up in place of Brenden and ENZO goes home wearng the penguin suit

  9. Ragan and Britney in the HOH room, it looks like Ragan has convinced Brit to keep Matt… Her main concern is that Ragan & Matt would choose each other over her in the final 3, and that in the final 2, she wouldn’t win against Matt.

    She realizes that next HOH if Matt goes to Jury, there’s 3 people who would put her up vs only 2 (Ragan, Lane) who wouldn’t. It seems pretty clear to me.

  10. Oh god… Matt with Lane and Hayden, trying to create a plan to get Brit to put RAGAN up. This is getting really convoluted. There’s no chance of that happening *facepalm*. These boys are in over their head.

  11. I can wait to see that two face britney out of the house. I also want ragan out. I cant stand her. I hope Brendon win HOH next week.

    • I totally agree with you. While some on here to not like Brendon you can’t say the man hasn’t fought to stay in the game. Of course there are those who will say the game was rigged for him to win. I use to say that about the two HOH comps where Matt won and I thought both were rigged for small feet. It is what it is. I can’t keep thinking that way and neither should anyone else who doesn’t like who wins. The only main fault I can find of Brendon is he is too damn trusting. I totally think he STILL would have made another deal with Brit if he felt she would this time keep it. WE know she won’t so I hope to God he wins HOH and she is up along with Ragina. They are running out of people to backstabb.

      • It would be really great if someone NEW won HOH…..getting tired of the same people winning comps…and this nonsense of throwing comps…gotta go people…play the freaking game for all its worth…which is 500K in casethe HG’s have forgotten…just my humble opinion

  12. Ragan is so annoying and Matt is a complete liar. Brittany can’t think for herself. I can’t wait to see all three of them go home!

  13. I cannot wait for Matt, the diabolical, super genius to get back doored and take his lying, crotch obsessed self to the jury house! It is time! As for Ragana, well he really is just a foolish player. The sab was quite a let down from the beginning.

  14. It seems like the show’s version of events lead people to believe that Matt has a chance of not being the re-nom…but the feeds seem to point to the fact that he’ll be put up and eliminated this week. :-\ Hopefully not! We’ll find out tomorrow…

  15. GOOD FOR BRITNEY! go britney!.

    her speech to brendon was very nice. and brendon was dumb enough to believe her. idiota

    now she has to finish the job. ragan my homie is saying all the right things, and honestly he is telling the truth. she needs to put up hayden

    what has hayden ever done for her? nothing. hayden thinks he can get by, throwing comps and just because he is a nice, and stand up guy he wont get put up. he needs to be woken up.

    put his ass up. enzo is gone. bam. POW.

    not its 3-3.

    one side i will call the saints. britney, matt, ragan.

    the other side is theeeeeeee raaaaaidas. (al davis)and thats brendon, hayden and lane.
    we ALL know how that ended up. saints win. well the 2009 version lol

    -matt is reggie bush (makes plays)
    -britney is jeremy shockey (make plays in goal line aka when she has too)
    -ragan is trainer who prepares matt and brit to battle

    -brendon is the 3rd QB. nobody cares about him, he is desposable, but his dumbass thinks he will get a chance to start. HELL NO
    -hayden is jason campbell. has a chance to be good, but is always in the wrong situations.
    -lane is al davis. he thinks he knows what he is doing, and he doesnt.

    its the fairest way. i wish i could tell the saints whats rele going on. done let the BRIGADE prosper. they dont deserve it.


    • Bren believed her? I thought he said that he did not put her up last week so how could he target her? Nice one. Matt, Brit and Rag are clowens who will talk themselves out because they can not stop talking about people …I mean they never talk about people according to them.

    • Saints??? LmAO. Just my opibion, it’s not right to call them saints at all, holy! They did nothing but LIE, Backstabbbed, Talk trash about everyone. So I cannot at all call
      any of them saint!

      • uh krissy u have to do that in BB. every year we get ppl like “oh they lied and backstabbed” umm this is not the house of honor, this is the house of BB.

        u and everyone who is smart would do it. u gotta save ur ass. thats why enzo is lying and backsabbing matt. to save his ass for later in the game.

        they are saints because they arent like talk talk enzo or that punk ass brendon.

        if im brit and i know brendon’s dumbass would believe a lie i told him, and it would keep me safe, hell yea i would do it.

      • Out with Brittney, Reagan and Matt. Yall heard of the Dream Team. Well they are the Nightmare Team. And Marcus you said your piece so I have the right to sa mine, so back up.

  16. The way Ragan was acting during the Have-Not competition was childish and annoying. Did he think he was being funny? He has got to be the most embarrassing college professor I have EVER seen. In graduate school he obviously missed the class about not acting like an idiot.

    I was soooo hoping Brendon would win the Veto and Matt would go up in his place. But now I would be just as happy to see Ragan go first. His DR’s are stupid and his love for Matt is over-the-top ridiculous. Um hello, Matt is married! And if he isn’t, then Ragan and Matt are the lifetime friends.

    Actually, maybe it would be good for Matt to go so Ragan can continue to cry like a little girl. Its the only thing he’s good at in this game anyway.

    • He also missed the entire ethics class. I so hope his Board of Regents watches the feeds. Can’t believe he is a tenure track professor at Cal State.

  17. The only final three based on performance in compititions that makes sense is Matt, Brittney, and Brendon. Enzo has no right to be there even though he thinks he is the hardest player in the house. Hayden won 1st HoH because he had to help girls in first comp. not because he wanted to win it.Ragan won one POV to save himself. Matt, Brit and Brendon have at least performed consistently well in the competitions. Not so of the others.

    • 100% True…btw Leann, your logic is based on real life reality…However in this insane asylum..Who knows

  18. anyone going for BB13? Want to have a chance to win?

    Rule 1 – Evict Hg’s w/alliances; NOT, I repeat NOT, someone w/o an alliance. Good example Brendon had a 2 person alliance then his partner was evicted now he has no alliance. He’s a 1-person alliance.

    Do not hold a grudge against a person that caused you a problem when he/she was a two-person or more alliance down to a 1-person alliance.

    Go after another alliance until your alliance out numbers the other alliance or alliances.

    Rule 2 – Go back and read Rule 1.

    It’s not rocket science.

    And after you win the $500T if you would like to give me 5%-10% of it, that would be okay with me.

      • Kristy, i’m serious, don’t you think i’m being serious?

        why are you LYAO?

        I’ll be pulling for you!!!

    • WOW – an ACTUAL STRATEGY that doesn’t include EMOTION – imagine that!

      sounds like a doable plan to me :)

      IF ONLY bb13 could be played your way Greg…

      • your right CT… i didn’t even think about emotion… i’m a day-trader and if you trade with emotion you might as well just write the check over to the broker and say here it’s all yours.

        it’s hard to do but without emotion and ego you’d do better in BB, it’s the real world you need to live with passion.

        look how Evel Dick won, he tried to lose, no emotion meaning he was fearless and didn’t care, no emotion about if he had a Hg’s vote or not.

  19. At this point Britney needs to realize that although they are all nice to her, none of them aren’t looking at her like she’s disposable. If she would have been smart whn she was handcuffed to Brendon she would have hashed out all the drama & made an alliance with him seeing as they are the only 2 playing for themselves but think they can trust these people! It’s Hayden.Lane.Enzo– Matt.Ragan– her– Brendon! If she’s against anyone other thn Matt or Ragan she’s already lost the $$$. It should be a no brainer!!

  20. I don’t think Lane is strong when he was doing the weights, he had 3 guys behind him to help him out. He’s a “weak beast.”

    • When you are lifting especially heavy weights you have spotters, who hold a very light touch on the bar, so if your arms give way you don’t crush your chest.

    • Ericka… you obliviously don’t know what you’re talking about… why would you make yourself look foolish?

      How much does Lane weight, maybe 220-230? he lifted over 300 lbs. Think about what you weight is, if you could lift your weight that would be good and chance are the max would be less.

      He did like his weight plus 100+… he is a beast, did you see the arms on the guy.

      When he says I’d knock a guy out, he’s talking like 1 good punch, out cold on the floor. call 911… send a ambulance fast.

  21. This cast is a joke. Out of the HOH’s only 2 made their own decisions(Matt & Rachel kind of). Brit is offically the dumb blonde. Once she noms Matt on Monday, I can’t wait until she follows him out 30 minutes later. I wouldn’t doubt after Matt gets put up, her only real ally, Ragan, starts gunning after her. The way she acted in tonights show is the way you act on week 2. Not when it’s final 6/7. In the final weeks EVERYTHING is clear as day. The only way Matt can save himself is start throwing the “Brigade” under the bus and tell Brit the truth about those guys. It would be a smart move since Brendon is also in the dark about the guy’s.

  22. Britney’s ONLY choice to re-nominate is Hayden. That’s it. If she’s persuaded to put up Matt, then she’s assured a seat on the jury.

    @post #18 (Andrew): you have it exactly right – it makes the most sense logistically

  23. Brendon sucks!!! Lane, Britney,Ragan or Matty for the winn!!! As for Enzo and Hayden they get on my nerves as well

    • Brendon does suck. But, along with Brit and Matt, they’re the only 3 that deserve the money at this point. I’m sick of Hayden and Enzo. Those 2 can’t find their way to the bathroom without help. As for Ragan, I’m on the fence with him.

      • I totally agree with you Jason i dont like Brendon but i still can’t get past the thought of how matt has got himself in this lie about his wife!!! That was uncalled for!!!

  24. I think she made a huge mistake! But she can redeem herself when she renoms Matt on Wednesday’s episode!

    • and what use matt as a pawn and hopefully matt will go along and send enzo to the jury house? that i can see

  25. Lane saved the show tonight otherwise they could have ended it in ten minutes and we wouldnt have had to see crybaby fake cry.ugh we see enough of the real thing with him.Brattney will just lie until she does what she wants on monday.most boring show this season.

    • and the first 10 minutes was a repeat of Thurs show… the show was boring tonight except for Lane.

      i agree it was the Lane show and you can’t help but to like the ole country boy.

      the Brit/Lane/Matt conversation was funny with what Brit & Lane said but Matty comes off really as a wacko.

      and i liked Lane’s reaction to Brit in the little blue dress for the have-not comp… “she’s looking good and if i saw her in a bar w/her bf, I’d knock him out…”

  26. I think Britney and Lane are basically a pair at this point. Lane has made it known that he’s into Britney and Britney has pretty much acknowledged it and is accepting of it. So Lane has no chance of going up. Ragan will not go up either.

    That leaves Matt and Hayden. At this point, Matt really needs to re-think his strategy because he isn’t as useful of an asset to the Brigade as he thinks he is and they’ll throw him under the bus with no hesitation.

    I think Lane will place Britney in front of the Brigade at this point, to be honest. Hayden and Enzo are the only true members of the Brigade at this point.

  27. I hate BRENDON!!!! He has to go!!!! Enzo is being such a Floater!!!!! He always talks about how Floaters have to go!!! Lets see….. Hayden has won hoh so has matt and oh look Enzo hasn’t won anything!!!! Neither has Lane but at least he tries!!! Enzo just sits back and lets the rest of the Bergade to all the work!!!!!! Now who is going tobe put up now that Brendon has won POV!!!! I just want him out of the Big Brother House and in to the Jury house!!! Because you know Rachel is going to get everyone in the Jury house to vote for him if he comes top 2!!!!! If he wins this season I will be so MAD!!! Either Rachel or Brendon should have gone home the first week when Hayden was HOH!!! They let them stay in this game to long!!!! And Because of it they caused so much Drama within the house!! I think Rachel got mad at Kristen because she is an attention secer and wants to be the only Showmane in tyhe house!!!! They were friends untill Andrew let out there big secret!!!!! Here is my take on the rest of the memebers left in the house: Love Regan,love Lane, love Hayden, love Brittney, kinda of like matt and enzo and Hate hate hate hate BRENDON!!! In conclusion I hate brendon

    • i love brendon, dislike ragan, cant stand britney, find enzo funny,ignore hayden, dislike lane but not as much as i dislike matt.

      • I LOVE LOVE LOVE, BRENDEN, the one HG working the hardest to stay in the game! Those other HG who are; Do NOTHINGS > Lane,Hayden,ENZO need to GOOOOOOOOOO! Since Rachel went to JH, Brenden has been playing a hell’va game, AGREE :) I don’t like to see the HG so sure that their safe all the time.

    • I’m so with you all the way Team everyone except BRENDON!!!!!! hopefully they’ll not rig anything more for waaaandon let him try to win on his own and watch him fall on his face i think it all started when he was a sore loser in the bowling comp and production saw this and decided to make then “brenchel” and thought what if we make this shomance get broken up and help waaandon any way we can and that’s just wrong that’s all out cheating.

      • So… do you all think that production helped Ratt when they gave him the DPOV. How is that not rigging the game? Or what about helping him by allowing his wife to write a letter to back up his lie about her being sick?

  28. please i want enzo to stay oon a bit longer. he is my comic relief. i wish brendon would make it to the end. he may actually get votes.

    • REALLY! that Jersey accent is almost as bad a listening to Rachel’s voice, he gets a good one off, once in awhile but he’s toothless in the game and i think it’s causing him some hair-loss too.

      And talk about NERVE… “Hey, Bro I’m voting you out but I can still count on your jury vote, right?” Are you joking me, are ALL Jerseyites like that? Matty should have bitch-slapped him and said I’m just trying to get you, your senses back.

      Then after Matt saves himself w/DPoV… Enzo’s got the guts to say “i need to go do damage control w/Matty”. Or you kidding me, that takes a really ignorant person to have the guts to do that.

      • me too! i am for NJ. all these idiots on tv lately making us look bad! we’re not like that! Enzo is just trying to cover his ass!

      • sorry Jersey ppl… but an ugly stereotype of you has been in the making and has been exacerbated with Jersey Shore & some other show… plus i worked with a gal originally from Chicago who had lived in NJ the prev 10 years.

        it’s the attitude plus the accent… it’s galling and just plain offensive.

        SORRY… i know all of you aren’t like that and it not fair to you good ones… so since when is life fair?

  29. 2 things: 1. i hope that brit puts up hayden

    2. have brit work her magic and puts
    up matt as a pawn. tick off waaandon
    and work her cute little butt off to
    prevent waaandon to win hoh or
    pov in the double elimination.

    a side note: i think lane not waaandon is the glue that’s keeping this season entertaining by a thread.

    • if she puts up matt there is a strong chance that matt may go home.the brigade do not trust him and they know that brendon is a target of everyone. i say get rid of matt now.

    • who’s waaandon? brendon? Lane is pretty funny, him & Brit’s conversations are hilarious.

      did you guys caught Lane’s comment seeing Brit in the little blue dress, if he saw her & her bf in a bar, he’d knock the bf out and go for it with her.

      also anyone notice the Hayden stare on Brit… it was like “whoa, what do we have here, i may need to give her a chance to fall in my lap”.

  30. Go Brendon! Hope the Ratt is backdoored and Ragina is right behind him in the double eviction so we don’t have to see him cry for too long. I think its hilarious that Ratt is trying to get him re-nomed this week after Ragina was crying his eyes out for him last week and talking to Brendon about not putting him on the block. Ragina has been duped meanwhile he calls Brendon stupid for trying to avenge Rachel. I bet you does the same but I have my doubts he will win the HOH. He better because once Matt is gone, his days are numbered.

    Brit might still have a chance with Lane and Hayden if she pulls off the backdoor but it would mean that they turn on Enzo first, which I don’t see happening.

    I want Matt gone this week but I wouldn’t cry if Enzo left.

  31. Britney is dumb, when Matt some how becomes HOH, he will definitely put her up, and she needs to put him up as the replacement, not Hayden because Matt knows how to win and why get rid of people you can beat?

  32. HAHAHA Brenden ROCKS! Allso he Ragon, Matt and Lane. Britny sucks and she is stupid for back stabing Brenden She has a Big target and Brenden has her lind up on his scope

    • June, who would she have put up instead of Bren? She’s not doing Lane or Ragan. So that leaves Matt or Hayden.

      Her mistake was she should have used the logic on Bren that she tried on Matty. That she needed him to be the pawn and that he was the best to win PoV so they could get Enzo out.

  33. sure hope brattney puts matt up he is such a snake and mouthy bye matt cant wait til u go and ragan your new wife can follow right behind u. I hope matts wife heard his dream about hayden ragan is rubbing off on matt lol

  34. I can’t wait to see Britney trapped in Pandora’s Box with Jessie from last season. It sounds like Jessie still has a beef with Jeff and Russell because of the Coup de tat…talk about holding a grudge LOL. I’m sure Britney is rolling her eyes at Jessie the whole time…looking at her watch…just waiting for the torture to end haha.

  35. Brendon just won POV, if he gets to the final two, he deserves to win, and Brendon is good under pressure from the HOH competition and hes won 3 POVs, twice to get himself off the block, If Brit put up Hayden and Enzo, two people who dont win at all, she would be safe, and Brendon might even think of her as an alli, but know Brendon has his eyes on Brit, hell keep Ragan and Matt around one more week just to get rid of Brit.

    • I agree with you Neal. Brit was almost thinking to put up Matt but Ragina got into her head and now she is not sure.

  36. that idiot britney will not have the guts to put up matt. she will put up hayden for sure and enzo will end up going home. then hayden will have no choice than to ally himself with brendon because he will have nobody else left. lane and matt are with britney and ragan.

    • I think Lane will stick with Hayden because he wants them in the final 2. It might be H/B/L against R/M/B.

    • here’s hoping you’re right, sugar.

      please don’t call our Brit an idiot… there are bigger idiots left in the game. LOL!!!

  37. Sunday’s show is over… Enzo said he will win the PoV, as we know he doesn’t, he’s WEAK and his meow-meow would be more appropriate if it was the sound a weasel mades.

    I don’t like Bren, but he deserves to be there more than Enzo… glad to see him win PoV.

    Would like to see Brit put up Hayden, rather than Matty… if it’s Hayden then Enzo goes, if it Matty it’s a coin flip and most likely it would be Matt gone.

    lets vote Enzo out.

    • agree…Enzo’s meow is barking up the wrong tree. Lane & Enzo need 2 take there hands out their pants & play the game instead of playing with them selves. (we all seen the U Tube vid Shame Lane. lol

    • hey greg. i would like to see brit put matt up and let hayden, brendon and lane vote him out. granted – if she does that, ragan will be pissed at her, but he will have no choice but to get over it cuz he will have NO ONE = he will NEED her = lessens the chances of him nominating her if he wins the double eviction hoh.

      matt’s eviction could also possibly lighten the anger that brendon has towards britney and make her less of a target if brendon wins hoh. he might go for nominating lane and ragan, and only put britney up if one of them wins pov.

      note: i’ve heard brendon make comments to hayden/enzo on bbad like: “what britney doesn’t know is that i won’t make decisions based on revenge” (if he wins next hoh). so he seems open to ‘forgiving’ her for not keeping her word about nominating him if she now puts matt up in his place.

      i think at this stage of the game, BRENDON is the one that would take britney furthest in this game.

      if matt & ragan are out, brendon & britney vs lane, hayden & enzo in quiz comps??

      my money would be on brendon & britney for final 2.

      • i will say this about Matty, he blew it when he didn’t use the DPoV to advance himself in the game… it was a lame move to evict Kathy and one that deserves to put him out-the-game.

        the fact he knew they would vote him out over Lane before using the DPoV and then not using it to blow-up the Bro-gade shows that he’s NOT SMART.

        i would love to hear what he was thinking at the time that happened… was he so nervous he said Kathy instead of Enzo? And he obliviously was nervous, he was shaking and he even broke the DPoV off the ribbon. LOL!!!

  38. question,what did Matt win or suffer in the pov comp,sounds like he didnt even try,hope brattney figures that out.

  39. who else thinks Brits final statements tonight mean she nom Enzo because she knew Brendon would win POV and that would allow her to put up Matt as a second choice

      • Putting up Hairden wouldn’t be a bad move on Brit’s part, strategically… Whichever one is left has proven themselves as no threat in competitions and she would only have to worry about Brendon winning HOH. (which she would have to worry about no matter what)

      • She is handcuffed to the boy, Just bat her eyes and say he was a pawn to get Matt out, like Rachel wanted LOL..She should use this handcuffing to her advantage, and well Rachel is probably jumping out of her skin by now, b/c Britney just came between her and her man.

      • I do not think she’ll put up matt either and she should because he will be after her soon. matt needs to go home along with regan and lane. My husband thinks she’ll put Matt up I so not ..Matt is a liar as regan is and they both s__k. Lane has floated through this entire game would hate to see a floater win! BB is nothing without Rach and Breadon!!

  40. Put up Hayden, he is an ASS too. Enzo is a floater, I can’t stand Brendon, but he wins, Enzo just talks about winning. Lane hasn’t won anything, but he is funny as S&^%. LOL Go Brit, get rid of the floaters….except Lane. LOL

    • yeah ‘Jerk Chicken’ Lane is quite funny. When he was talking about the moth being predator and ploshing off skulls was funny.

      • Lol, I’m right there w/ u @ Irish Girl. Cudnt have said it better myself. Enzo is such a loser, and an asshole…the Brigade always say “..and next week, we get HOH and put such-and-such up, get em out, ‘that’s it’ “. PLEASE!! All the Brigade does is VOTE..its been Matt doing the WINNING!

    • No Evel Dick was just on a live internet chat site at 7:00pm answering questions about past & present HG’s…THe site was www. gfqlive. tv/ the taped interview is up.

  41. If Hayden and Enzo are up is it likely that there will be tiebreaker vote?? Regan/Matt (Enzo) Brendon/Lane (Hayden) Just wondering cause that is gonna put Brittney on somebody’s crap list if it happens..

    • Matt kept on saying he wants Enzo to go – so I am not sure – but if you are right all the more reason to put up matt where he only gets on vote – Ragan

  42. Did anyone hear the rumor that Matt and Enzo are going to be a guest duet on the next American Idol?
    Here’s a clip of their song:

    Hand down da pants!
    Hand down da pants!
    Lookin’ like a foo’ wit der hand down da pants!
    Got da penguin suit on, hoody on sideways…
    Hand down da pants……

  43. first of all I must say … Brit does make a hot Bar wench.. but I still don’t like her.. and just by the sheer # of votes of brendon lane enzo and hayden, if she aligns herself wit the two man team of Matt and ragan she almost guarantees her huge target

    • Yeah, but two things go against her if she alligns with Brendon/Lane/Hayden/Enzo…
      First, only one of them have done anything in comps.
      Second, none of them (with the possible exception of Lane) have any interest in taking her beyond the next week or two.

      • I see her Brenden and Lane … if they get matt this time and go after “Rag”an the first hoh next week she could win the second hoh knock off enzo or hayden cause we know they wont win anything and lane fianally wins a hoh and then who really knows from there

  44. @7:24 PM PT Scene HOH room players= Britney/Lane Bombshell = Britney looking Lane straight in the face and tells him I want to put Haydan up…….
    Lane is so trying to change her mind. Watch the event!!! :)

  45. Lane looks pissed at Brit. They are both in her HOH room and she has told Lane that she is not putting up Matt and thinking of putting up Hayden. Lane knows who put that in her head and he is so pissed.

    • Damn it! She gets on my last nerves…lol. Well, if Hayden goes up then its going to be Enzo going home. Which means Hayden, Brendon, and Lane are going after Bratney. Ratt or Ragina better win HOH cause she will be the next one out the door.

      • Yup, I don’t think they would vote Hayden out because Ratt just professed his (wet)dreaming of a toples Hayden. Stacey , He’s spending too much time with Ragina

      • I agree Rose. Lane is talking to her but not pressuring her. Lane is a smart cookie. I do know if she puts up Hayden and Enzo goes that Lane will distance himself from her.

      • I know he has a crush on her Jason but I still think he will pick Hayden over Brit. Just my thought. Or maybe you have got something there, maybe Lane wants Matt out because Brit IS so close with him.

  46. BB please if your rigging this crap, and your going to twist it more and have ZRatt stay, then you have to unload Ragina immediatly. he’s pumping that poison into Bratney’s pea sized brain. I can’t beleive she’s going against her Lane alliance for Rattragina!!! EEEWWWW!!!

    • only the 2nd season I’ve watched, I got hooked last year on BB, but after watching BB control what and who stays on the show I will never watch again, this is not a reality show is nothing more then a scripted show

  47. I think Enzo might be evicted no matter who else is put up. He’s a penguin!! Casey, the banana man, and Miss Hippytard didn’t do too well.

  48. I’ll be as brief as I can. I’m a first time poster on this blog and I’d like to say how I’m glad that people can come together as a community about their favorite HG’s… however reading this site numerous times a day I’d rather see more of the productive posting that should be going on versus the same posts popping up over and over again. I’m glad people like to voice their opinions, but to post it every time just makes this blog harder to pull through. Nice site however Matt, and hopefully you’ll be blogging about my exploits once I’m in the BB house. Now for my unbiased opinions on the HG’s:

    Brendan: I didn’t like him from the moment I started watching him and Rachel together. However, after she left he has seemed to cool off a bit socially and it playing the game better than before. He’s a competition competitor and is playing that well.

    Britney: Cute. I like her humor and knowledge about the game. She was so good at deducing the double eliminations this week, and that’s impressive in my eyes. She has talked a lot of smack before, but recently this past week or so she also has been coming off of that. She’s a knowledgeable and social player.

    Enzo: Ahh my comic relief. Or used to be. He does nothing in this house to benefit others, but expects to have everything done for him. He’s a funny guy, albeit a little gross on BBAD… but either step it up soon or he’ll most likely leave. Nice work on trying to win PoV, I’ll give him that.

    Hayden: Not much to say about him, but from what I’ve seen on the show and BBAD, he’s not talking as much smack as the other HG’s.

    Lane: My new comic relief. Crack-ups aside, I know he’s trying harder on PoV’s, but from what was said, it should be clear to which he should stick closer to.

    Matt: (Personally I’m tired of reading all the complaints about his lie, the HG’s don’t know it, so that fact isn’t counted when figuring who to put up and nominate, get over it) What a slick guy… I look as often as I can to see what he does in order for many people here to think he’s so sleezy and downright evil, but honestly… he’s playing the game and playing it well without saying anything dramatic or outlandish about anyone else. He’s too busy defending himself.

    Ragan: Rollercoaster. He’s a logical thinker, but way too up-and-down. He’s like Britney being able to pick up on things, but he needs to air them out.

    Everyone on this show now is afraid of confrontation, and not stepping up. Nobody says anything or goes directly to that person and talks about it to them (creating or not creating drama, to each their own).

    In closing, I guess I wasn’t too brief, but hopefully I’ll post more if everyone here appreciates more logical insight and less name-calling of the HG’s and other negative things. Thanks for being patient and reading this all!

    • Nadroj….

      Great post. I think you are right on target with your analysis.

      Nice to see some well thought-out views…

      • Oh so you have the market on logical and positivety, that’s your perception!!! Maybe we should all wear swastica’s and march to the beat of your drum eh Nadroj. This is a blog about a make beleive senario and a game wear dishonesty and criticism are the pillar’s of success to winning the half mill and if you can’t deal with catiness or people venting for their own comic releif then don’t read it!!!! BAMMMM!!!

      • Hey Tishe, appreciate your posts on here!

        I was in a tizzy when i wrote it because i was fed up with having to scroll through some pointless posts made. I mean talking about the game and strategy instead of name-calling and rallying cries on every post of this blog that, when added up, are a lot to read through.

        Like I said, appreciate your posts! ^_^ I’ll be reading and possibly posting again before the night is through.

      • tishe… I think he means he would like to see more strategy-type posts, and fewer things like this:

        Enzo’s a stupid buffoon
        If you want, you can call him a goon
        Get your hand off your meat
        Close your mouth when you eat
        Jury House – a penguin and 2 loons.

      • Nadroj, O.k., got it. @ Rico, I love this stuff!! It is totally related to game! Quite hilarious I might add.

    • You and Matt should join forces. The two of you seem to believe what you have to say (write) is somehow more important or beneficial to the masses. Not true. Furthermore, you write that NOW everyone on the show is afraid of confrontation? The only person willing to step up and tell it like it is/was… Rachel. I’ll gladly give her that. The rest (for the most part) continue to “follow the leader,” whomever that is!

      • Not saying my posts should be perceived as “more important”, I just would like to voice my opinion without mucking up the readability of this site. And I do say that now everyone is afraid of confrontation, because Rachel isn’t in the house anymore. That’s a fact. There is always a debate on why she left, but I’m not here to debate that because that’s back on the blog posts when she was residing in the house.

      • Nadroj offered his insight
        Somehow it started a fight
        We should welcome all views
        Whether entertainment or news
        No opinion is more wrong or more right

      • @ Rico , Thanks Rico,
        If we want to look forward with some insight, there are two people in the Jury House, which way do you think they would vote? Kathy went againstthe vote one time , who did she vote to evict?
        Rachel= Brandon,Enzo,Hayden
        I don’t think she would vote any of the others to win. Oh maybe Lane.

      • Kathy stated in a post-eviction interview that she would base her vote on who played the game with morals and integrity, and on her personal relationships in the house.
        Not on gameplay. So…. who did she think was honest and moral? Who did she get along with best? Maybe Hayden.

    • @Broham – Who said I have the market on logic and being positive? And who said lying and deceit isn’t a part of the game, thus backing up Matt (HG)and telling others to stop thinking that will factor in nominations while in the house since they all don’t know. And why go as far as to reference me as a Nazi? That’s uncalled for. Don’t make this personal, that’s not what Matt wants clogging up the site.

      • You Fired the first shots at other poster’s, I just responded to your (my perceived)negativity of your post. Sorry if my standing up for myself and others offended you, though I Don’t ever recall trying to persuade others thoughts and to control their perceptions to align with mine.

      • Nadroj,
        Since I’ve been a regular at this site I have yet to see any posters have more closely a senerio to mine! I nodded at every word you wrote. I, too, have written such things, but unfortunately, we’re the minority thinkers here (for what reason I’ve YET to figure out).
        I, for one, think you’re right on the money! I’m particular to Britney (hated her week one and two), and aside from his horribly cocky personality, I’m also a Matt fan. Both seem to be playing the game more “big brother style”, and that’s what we all tune in for, right?
        Post on, friend. Post on!

      • WOWWWWW now we’re picking teams and sides and recruiting other opinions to intimidate .WOWWW, Thanks for the spanking Kimmy. And you post on Nadroj, I’ll try not to get in your way from here on out. lmao lol!!!

    • So, you are the one to tell us where it’s at this site? Your so called logical insight is actually you peddling your opinions which are not only skewed but downright biased. In addition, I find your post very condenscending with a thinly veiled didacting tone which is out of place on this site. I find the posts and the replies on this site to be all very much appropriate for what this site was meant to be; colourful language, great choice of nouns and adjectives and yes, some namecalling…THAT’S WHERE IT’S AT ON THIS SITE.

      • Amen svetlana, @nadroj (or jordan the comedian that likes libations) post all you want I just don’t think it’s not cool to try to coerce people into thinking your’s is the best and that many people who express their feelings and vent their perceptions of the show/game are wrong and that your type of posting is the kind deserving of this site, you even tried to tell me someone else’s(Matt”s)wishes for post’s on this site.
        I sense a little Narcissism and vanity to go along with the biased and condescending implications svetlana writes about.
        It’s a free world, If you don’t like what anyone is writing then don’t read it, but don’t come on this site and tell us how to write and feel. that’s where the Nazi Thing came in.
        I have allready apologized once but as I read the rest of your posts last night jordan , you became one of the people you were slamming earlier!!!

      • @broham, I totally agree with you. This is a site for us to express our opinions and feelings with a modicum of decorum as per the Commenting Rules. I object very strongly to anybody’s attempts to “enlighten” me by peddling their style of expression as being the right one.

  49. I’m not a fan of the cattiness, but Britney is really impressing me right now on the live feeds with the way she is figuring out the game and scenarios…
    She is very smart in her gameplay and has shown herself to be a solid competitor, too.

    • You’re right, Rico. I’m impressed too! She’s not my favorite, but she’s being smart… finally.

      • Brendon is so still on Britney evict list. Britney game is to stay in the house after the double eviction. Loved how Lane slipped up and was talking about the road he scoped out and keeping Matt was not in his map plan. Britney response said that plan is fine for you but no so much for me. Good for Britney and EYE opener for Lane. He so did not think Britney would go Ms stratgey on him!!!! :)

    • Sooo on the same page. Lane is working hard to change her mind. She has great rebuttal for his points. Rather funny as less than 60 minutes ago Lane told Haydan he was a 100 million for sure Haydan would not go on the block. :)

      • maybe her and Brendon found some common ground and shared ideas on the game plays while they were handcuffed

  50. Absolutly the right move. Too bad Brendon wins POV. But who would have thought….. Now I fear for Matt. And don’t get too comfortable but Britney you are next unless you keep winning.

  51. Britany is not a good player, naming Brendon when he has been a strong player in the POV competitons – just stupid. I actually like Brendon, it’s unfortunate that he did not play as hard as when Rachel was in the game, it would have been great to see a couple make it at the end. Rachel was a strong player, just let the HOH power go to her head. Matt should have been on the block and Ragan – Matt would have been gone and all his lies about his ailing wife – sicko!

  52. from what i’m ‘hearing’ right now, britney is in the hoh w/ lane – trying to make him see that HER best option for staying in the house is to KEEP MATT & EVICT ENZO – she’s telling him that matt nor ragan would put her up if they win hoh – and both would vote to keep her in the house if she were nominated by someone else.

    hayden would be brendon’s replacement this week.

    • So love her game play right now as I stated above:
      Brendon is so still on Britney evict list. Britney game is to stay in the house after the double eviction. Loved how Lane slipped up and was talking about the road he scoped out and keeping Matt was not in his map plan. Britney response said that plan is fine for you but no so much for me. Good for Britney and EYE opener for Lane. He so did not think Britney would go Ms stratgey on him!!!!

      • Oh yeah LEB, I may have under estimated our little britches! She is fun to watch!! She might have some “Game” I still like the way Lane is playing!

      • Area of concern: Idiot Haydan had a guilty moment and told Enzo/Lane how he wone the $5K/Trip. That mouth opening action could come back to bite him. NJ boy will bring that up in a heart beat, if it is Haydan/Enzo on the block.
        WOW the vision of fireworks is playing in my head! :)

    • CT: thanks for the updates as well, i appreciate your posts as that’s what i’m trying to read and look for.

  53. Matt and ragan both tried to get her put up last week even though matt had the dpov. She will be matts next target.

    • I don’t know…I think Matt will continue to gun for Brendon. That’s if he doesn’t find out that she was contemplating backdooring him.

    • I was thinking the same exact thing and I think Matt would look at it like Britney is a stong competitor and he needs to get her out ASAP

  54. Hey BB Folks!! have they had the veto ceremony yet? just wondering who britt put up in Brendans place! if you know…please tell! can’t stand not knowing lol

  55. Why is the DR telling the HGs who to nominate? Britt said that the DR was telling her to put up Hairden instead of Matty. I am a Matt fan but that is not fair.

    • What?? DR is telling them who to nominate?? nuh uh! Really? Not fair, how about just plain wrong!! Are they really doing that? I can not believe this!

      • I just started watching BB last season and became a big fan, but after watching how production has run things this year I will not be watching another season, it is completely wrong for them to tell the HOH who to nominate, which I have now see them do at least twice this season, no longer a reality show but a scripted show, and the 20,000 they gave Ragan for doing nothing much more then leaving a note for Enzo under his pillow

    • That’s insane. I wish i could’ve seen that, but sadly can’t stand to spend money on the feeds especially when there isn’t much to watch.. well, except that little tidbit you offered :)

      • The DR is not exactly telling her who to nominate, just trying to get her to consider all her options. In my opinion, they are trying to create as much drama as possible for ratings. To keep Matt in the house would accomplish that.

      • yeah spending the money on feeds at this point except maybe to see a comp is a waste..Actually this has not been the best season for the feeds but only few weeks left so will let em ride this year..

      • Are you really surprised? Every year there are hints BB sways houseguests through their line of questioning in DR sessions. Brendon has already said that’s what finally made him decide to put up Matt (as Rachel wanted) instead of Brittney (who he really wanted).

    • The producers don’t directly tell her to put up, but they can hint to the players who they should put up, by asking certain questions. This has been common practice since the very beginning of the show.

      The producers want certain contestants to survive in the house- if the house at the moment consisted of Kristen, Monet, Andrew, Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Kathy, do you think there would be much suspense or drama going on? The producers are in it to make a buck, and I know it’s been brought up before that Big Brother may not be registered with the FCC as a gameshow, allowing the producers to manipulate the outcome.

      Why would they want say, Matt out of the house? It’s what could be called the Howard Stern effect- many people love him and listen to him because they wanna know what he’ll say next. Many more people hate the guy, and wanna hear what he’ll say next. Besides, like him or hate him, Matt has played a hell of a game. (For the record, the guy scares me on what he’d be like on a personal basis. A slip up aside, he’s too good a liar for the most part.)

    • In past seasons, after the initial regular eviction, the houseguest go immediately into an HOH competition, the winner nominates 2 houseguests on the spot. Then, a veto competition, and 2nd eviction all in one night.

    • They have the regular vote (hurried) and then proceed through the HOH, Nominations, Veto, Veto Ceremony, and then vote for eviction, all on the same night.

      • double eviction nites are very rushed…it’s like a whole week edited and shown in less than a hour! no time to really backdoor or talk game for days cuz you only have mins!

  56. Is it just me or Lane is the BEST THING EVER on the TV show?

    Hands down, the most fun HG. His moth/Predator comparaison was hilarious.

    • Lane is sadly getting to comfortable. I like the guy but he sooooo under estimated Ms Britney.
      If he can’t change Brit’s mind he will become the Moth dangling over the fire!

    • deff agree with you…when he says things about going to a bar and finding the hottest girl and beating her bf up or anything about fighting in a bar i’m just cracking up…he seemed so quiet in the beginning of the season and the past few weeks he has just been like BOOM with all his comments! love his DR sessions! lol

  57. I’ve been saying for days, they need to get Lane out. Now even the production is promoting him. He could win, if I was a HG he’d be enemy number 1 for eviction NOW

    • Yes. I love Lane but at this point I think he’s going to end up winning it all. He has no enemies and he can easily sway others to do his dirty work for him.

  58. The one thing we’ve all got out from the show:

    the worst thing to ever happen to Britney’s game was to win HoH.

    She now have more targets on her then when Brenchel was still going strong! The surviving memebers of the Brigade will all go after her, and I don’t care how chummy they were last night – I’m pretty sure that Brendon will still target her when he becomes HoH.

    • When? Don’t you mean IF? Matt’s not exactly too bad at these competition thingies.. And after a week of food and a decent bed, I imagine Ragan could do pretty well himself.

      • You know what, I said it yesterday: I’m not betting against Brendon anymore. The guy’s worse than a cockroach – HE REFUSED TO DIE. And there’s absolutely nobody else in this house, not even Matt, that wants that HoH more than him.

        Mark my word: it’s gonna happen. If Vegas had bets on who’s going to be the next HoH, you know he would be the one with even money on him!

      • I agree that he wants it more, but after a week of slop and sleeping in the Have Not room, not to mention cold showers, it can be tough to compete.

    • Amen, she should get Ragan to dye her hair for her! “Ragan come up here to the HOH Room and dye my hair, you can even see me nude cause I know you won’t look, ha ha”

  59. If I was Brit and Bren I’d want out Lane, Matt, Hayden, Enzo and Ragan. In that order. Be the final2 and Brit would get the JH votes. The other clowns should want Matt, Lane, Brit, Bren, Enzo and leave Hayden and Ragan and Hayden wins. At this point if they dont’t get rid of Lane, I think he could win.

    • Don’t count on Brit getting the Jury House votes in your scenario. Having seen most of the seasons of this show, winning competitions tends to mean more when it comes to that final vote. Brendon, as much as the guy makes me sick, has done a heck of a job in competitions.

      • Yeah but this year what happened for votes before isn’t gonna happen. This bunch of misfits is mainly about revenge. The only one who might think like you said, is Matt. The rest are not players in that reguard. I don’t think they will vote based on who played the best “game”

    • I don’t thnk Brendon really wants to evict Brittney.. he’s had 2 chances and didn’t.. tho he did threaten her couple of times..He may want to take her to the end..have to keep watching..

  60. Wow… Britney had it all figured out, but Lane is working her over hard. Now she’s going back to putting Matt up.

    • Matt should be up in that HOH Room as much as possible to try and convince her to at least get Enzo if she won’t put up Lane. She is very much able to be influenced. I would be up ther chatting away and making her feel the heat of what might happen if he (Matt) goes to the JH

  61. LF is back!!! Lane still trying to change her mind, but so far it is not working. Enzo is pissed and wants to talk to Brit. Lane is telling her that Trust with Haydan/Enzo is 100+%! Now she is asking Lane when will he pick up the slag. He said he has been play the game in the back and knows what every one is thinking..
    OMG I think he is changing her mind. So hope she stands her ground, but think she is weakening!!!!! so sad…. :(

    • Another talk with Ragan would probably sway her back to putting up Hayden….

      She is soooooo on the fence right now!

  62. I swear I want regan OUT Matt OUT and Brittany is a liar. I am SO So happ the Bredson won the Veto and I hope that since Brittany and bredon where stuck together for 24 hours that she sees what a great and honest guy breadon is and places Matt or Regan on the block. better if Matt went home because he is scum for stating his wife is ill, etc. Regan disgust me regarding his lowering himself and name calling on Rach and breadon still he is just jealous has no soul, evil, heart and need to be put in his place. use to like him until i realize he USES ppl!!

  63. I don’t know if Matt admitting he had a dream of shirtless Hayden was scripted/staged by BB, but that was kinda funny and raises some questions. Enough with the working out crap. I could care less if Lane is a beast.

    • Yeah and it gave Lane more air time on BB. Telling everyone “If you had a dream like that in Texas you wouldn’t tell anyone else” Did you notice how much air time Lane had? Producers are pushing him.

  64. Hi Trish, tishe here. I am wonderful, haw are ya doin? I was a little floored with DR telling(influencing) the Hgs, on how to vote(sway)!I’m ok tho! Whew!!

    • Well I am surprised but not shocked. They (production) have been doing that since the start. It is not good though. I might not like certain HG’s but let them play the game without outside influence of anykind. Rather it be in a letter or spelled out in pretzels, either way not fair and should not be allowed!

      • Trish, I don’t get the live feeds or BBAD. So, this is the first year I have been on the BBN sites! I have been a little “shocked” ever since I have been posting with you fine peeps! Nothing will surprise me again! Not!!

  65. Lanre is Vilent and talks violent about breadona nd other ppl, BB needs to grow so balls and call him in the diary room and have a talk with him about the things he says. he has done nothing in this game and him and Matt needd to go as well as Regan can not stand a 2 faced person like Regan he makes me so ill… Regan u s__k!!

    • Lane hasn’t acted violently towards anyone in the house, he’s only said things along those lines. Brendan, however, seemed pretty threatening towards Brit and Ragan a few weeks ago.. I thought maybe they were going to have to pull Brendan out of the house with his behaviour.

      • Oh c’mon Jason! Stop being so freakin’ dishonest!

        He did it for Rachel, everybody knows that – I know that, YOU know that, hell even the HGs knew that! He was as threatening as an angry 6-years-old who refuses to talk to his mom!

        Dude, you’re making me defend Brendon, which is UNACCEPTABLE. So please rechanging history to make it fit your askew vision of reality… in other words: GET REAL.

      • Hey, I haven’t made any personal attacks. I’d appreciate it if you did the same, MightyMad.

        Besides, how does “doing it for Rachel” make it okay? He acted like a bully, the same as Rachel was doing in the house. All I was saying is that Lane hasn’t gotten up in anyone’s face.

      • Correction: what you said WAS that BRENDON SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVE FROM THE HOUSE SINCE HE WAS SUCH A THREAT – look it out, you just wrote right up there… and I said that you are being dishonest… WHICH YOU ARE.

        Now, if you truly feel like a being attacking you (that’s a personal attack?!), sorry, but I’m not down with people rewriting history just so it can fit with their own storyline.

        Brendon is a moron, yes, but he hasn’t been truly threatening to anyone. Seriously, get real.

      • I didn’t mean that they should have. I, personally, was worried that he would act violently towards them. I didn’t say “Big Brother should have taken Brendan out of the game.” You interpreted what I said wrongly, and I’m sorry you took it that way.

      • You know what? I shouldn’t have to defend myself from you, but there was a modifier in my sentence that should have clued you in. I said “Maybe.” Maybe they were going to have to. Not should.

      • If you felt attacked, well I’m actually sorry, Jas. That’s not what I want to be about around here.

        That being said… I feel like I can see this current game clearer than most people, because, contrary to most folks, I truly do not have any favorites – hell, I’m pretty damn proud to say that I HATE EVERYBODY WHO EVER ENTERED THE BB12 HOUSE. So I have ZERO problem with people hating on any of the HGs. But, when you start making stuffs up to make an already unlikable person look completely despicable, than I have an issue on that.

        So pick on Brendon ‘cuz he’s a moron or ‘cuz he got no balls and a cry-baby – I’m completely down with that. But violent and theatening? COME. ON. Seriously. And you know what that ‘dispute’ with Britney and Ragan was all about, so you shouldn’t have brought it up as an example – it makes you look bias as all hell.

        Bring out the hell, so please keep it real.

      • Seriously? if you were trapped in a house with total strangers for months with no tv, music or books i bet youd be saying threats outloud when no one could hear you too. it doesnt mean he’s actually gonna go and punch someone.

    • OK Suse, love the passion, but PLEASE CALM DOWN and take your time when you’re writing your rants.

      You got it, baby – you love Brendon and hate the rest of the house… just keep it together though, don’t let the game play you!

      • oops ur correct i re-read what i wrote and lots of typos. breadon has had to fight from day one and is still there. What about the others/ Matt lies abbout an illness his wife does not have?? Sick uh? Hope in the duture she does not get ill. Also, regan has nothing but mean things out of his pot hole mouth…Matt is the biggest threat and needs to go. there not so many typose now that I have calmed down. tyvm and peace

  66. I cant believe Rachel went back on her word to Brennen WHAT A TWO FACE BITCH! u dont give your word of honor and then renig, especially since Brennen Kept his word and didnt put her up. GO get that Veto Brennen and keep fighting. Put that freaking two face Ragan or Matt up, thier annoying as hell. Hang in there Brennen, u have fans out there routing for u. Oh BTW u look SHARP in the cowboy hat bud

  67. if ya think production DOESN’T interfere in this game?

    this just happened:

    lane and hayden are together outside and lane is telling hayden what britney said to him about wanting to keep matt in the game.

    he’s telling hayden that britney was telling him she was thinking of keeping matt because he isn’t gunning for her. lane said that when he asked her if matt had actually said that to her, she said “no” – and made a gesture – HINTING at the DIARY ROOM.

    ugh. i wish production would stay the hell out of this game!

    • They know they had a loser season and for “production” reasons they are adding some “spice” I think the minipulation has been more evident this year.

    • That is why they use the slogan “Expect the Unexpected”….. because “Expect Us To Interfere” didn’t go over well.

    • same thing happened last year…HG’s were talking about how production was influencing thier votes or trying too

  68. BB is fixed! It isn’t a game show…and America’s Vote means nothing. The producers have been tweaking BB12 all season to keep Matt in. I can’t believe it’s happening and makes me sick. I wasted a lot of years watching BB only to find out the whole deal is a con.

    • Believe it or not, the game is ALOT better if you don’t get emotionally involved in the game or the characters, and appreciate it for what it is- a paid experiment in sociology and psychology.

      • No thanks. I don’t watch wrestling, and now BB has crossed over to that creepy zone. I’ll check out the other 100+ channels to find something to watch.

      • i 150% AGREE with Jason.

        i was much happier watching this show BEFORE i started following the spoiler/update sites and watching “after dark” on showtime.

        NOW i’m just PISSED OFF all the time and it SUCKS.

    • Congratulation! You’ve just figured out something (BB is fixed) that most people realize since BIG BROTHER 8 – especially since Eric himself said that production made sure that Dick won that season.

      … But hey, now you know. Better late than never!

      • OK to Alison/Production….. We always knew you had your F…… finger into the story line. But time is running out. Economy sucks…people want entertainment to ease their mind and chill.
        This in your face we don’t care if the fans know that production controls is so ENOUGH!!!!

        I was just a small blogger who will not be missed. Signing off I am done. Back to do other things.
        Later!!! :)

      • Who do you think Production is trying to help make it to the end? I’ve been getting the impression more and more that it’s Matt (I try and keep up with spoilers since I don’t watch BBAD or have the feeds). Probably because if Matt wins it, it will cause A LOT of drama when his wife’s revealed to be disease-free.

    • Just think of BB as cheap entertainment. Don’t get so hooked that you really care what happens. Just laugh, enjoy, and think about who you would evict and what you would do eating “slop”. In a few weeks when BB is over, it should be over. I remember Evil Dick, Will, and Jeff and Jordan. But in the end, it’s just a TV show folks. Be able to move on and not be influenced by a bunch of misfits trying to win 500K.

      • my BIGGEST problem with it joey?

        i HATE it when people try to DUPE ME. grrrrrrrrrrrr

        CBS should not be calling this a “reality show”.

        the OSBORNES was a TRUE reality show! – NO ONE was gonna tell OZZIE what to do!

  69. Trish, I forgot to comment on rake and the “pretzel” message!! Okay, comment, is this the best idea an unemployed chemist could come up with? I missed tonights show, was it Normal as always?? Oh, Who is this Evil Dick guy??

  70. Did anyone hear how Lane’s phone call in the DR went last night and what information he was given from the outside ??

    • I don’t think he’s allowed to get information about the show from the callers. It’s usually, “I love you, we miss you, you’re doing great on the show” stuff like that. The show content usually is not allowed to be discussed in outside phone calls

  71. HEY GREG —-

    i’m listening to evel dick on gfq..

    YOUR QUESTION about his relationship with danielle was asked – dick talks about it for 3-4 minutes!!

    you guys gotta go listen – it’s located 44 minutes into the interview. it’s easy to get to it through the link that matt has on the evel dick portion of the front page.

    VERY VERY COOL :) :)

    • ACTUALLY – it’s easier to get to the evel dick interview through the link that AZ posted on post #35 of the “evel dick” page.

      and after reading through the posts, i think gfq made a mistake… ANDREW posted the question about ed’s relationship w/ danielle – not GregH. (oops!)

      • actually i did ask the question, maybe Andrew did also, no it was Andrew’s comment on he would ask our questions & i replied to his comment about Danielle, i didn’t remember her name… it’s a question anyone doing an interview would ask him.

        for those that don’t listen to the interview, though I was surprised to find out how knowledgeable Evel was on BB present & past…

        he said he & Danielle got along good for about a year then took a trip by car to Seattle and that was the end of their relationship then recently they hugged & made up.

      • greg – it wasn’t, as you say “a question anyone doing an interview would ask him”. the host SPECIFICALLY said:

        “GregH from the big brother network wants to know….”

        that’s YOU – yes? lol

      • Yes, i asked the question, i was just saying that’s a question an interviewer should ask him anyway.

        and i believe “Diamond” had her/his question from those posts asked also.

        It was a very interesting interview, Andrew Zarian the interviewer has to be a BBFan with his knowledge showing.

        Didn’t realize Evel playing like he didn’t want to win was his strategy to GET TO THE F2 w/Danielle.

        so getting F2 w/daughter was a win for him and winning was a bonus.

        and he credits telling the other hg’s he was ONLY interested in helping his daughter win… it was the “i don’t care” that took the power away from the hg’s and give it to him, he felt.

  72. I’ve read that next season is another All-Stars? If that’s true that sucks because I am totally applying for the next available season. I’ve watched since Season 1 and I am hoping I would be more entertaining than some of this season’s HG. But I’m sure everyone thinks that of themselves at this point.

    I love how Matt is making Britney her birthday cake. How nice.

    • Actually I think you would do great in the BB house. Although many not agree with what you write you do write it very well. Very logical thinking and easy to decipher.

      • Thanks Trish, I appreciate your posts as well! :)

        Although it may not seem like it right now, I actually have quite the sense of humor seeing how I am a comedian for my job lol

      • I just like reading what you write. You don’t get emotional like I do (damn those hormones) which I appreciate. Your sense of humor does come out as well. I also like that while you might have a disagreement on what someone might say about what your write you don’t let it to to another level. That is also much appreciated!

    • get your facts strait if brit is floating every house guest is floating even those from seasons past she has won 3 pov’s and 1 hoh

      • Torch I don’t think Andrea meant it like that. I took that as her way of thinking or playing the game.

    • Matt should be working on her big time. If he’s making her a BD cake, he’s pretty smart!
      (I still think Lane should be the target of ALL the HG’s. He could win if they don’t get rid of him)

  73. If Brittney is smart… she needs to trust Matt and Ragan. And I really think she should have not backstabbed Brendon. Enzo and Hayden need to go… because if she pisses Ragan off by putting up Matt… well now she really has no real alliance other than Lane, and im pretty sure hes stuck with the brigade. So if Brendon wins PoV, shes already targeted by Brendon. I cant believe she hasnt found out the Brigade yet. I mean Lane, Enzo and Hayden all came into her room all wanting Matt out. If thats not an alliance I dont know what is. She needs to know after Brendon, its either her or Matt next.

    And some things I dont understand about this game. She says Matt is a great competitor… but if that great competitor is on your side, wouldnt you keep him? and why wouldnt you keep Brendon? If o ucan keep him towards the end the whole jury other than Rachel hates him and you practically win…

    • I see what you’re saying, and I agree with you for the most part. She might be worried, however, that she won’t have another chance to get Matt out, who most likely would win if it were put up to a vote with everyone else in the jury house at this moment. Great competition competitors tend to win in this game, not the people who get along better with other people.

    • I hate to admit it but what you said is true. I might be a big fan of Brendon but I can’t think of one besides Big Red who do like him in the house or JH. Taking Brendon along would have benefited her to some degree. Too bad she did backstabb him, he could of done alot of her grunt work for her.

  74. I can’t figure out why everyone is against Brendon. Brendon seems to be the only one really playing the game. All the other HG’s are full of it!. Can’t stand Matt- Can’t stand looking at him! Britney is a BIOTCH- Reagan is such a cry baby and Lane and Enzo and Hayden are the floaters if you ask me. You Go Brendon! America is on your side!

    • Brendan wasn’t playing the game for a long time.. He only recently started really picking up the slack, as far as going to other people and talking to them. Rachel was a shackle on his game, still is, to some extent. He seems like a nice enough guy, but he tends to be emotionally driven, which, especially when Rachel’s case is looked at, isn’t a good trait to have in the Big Brother house. It tends to make you enemies, which is never a good thing in the house. People want you out simply due to the drama you cause.

    • I think it’s because Bren wants revenge for Rachel. He should have dropped that stuff when she got evicted. No, he annouces how he will come after all the HG’s. I think it’s too late for him. Bren’s only hope is winning, all the comps. But still, he could not win BB. He can’t get the votes in the JH

    • brendon was a victim of guilt by association, rachel was playing to the camera and obviously has esteem issues that she overcompensates for.

      and the fact that she’s a ho-wha. check out the youtube video of how she cons dudes out of their money by having them buy expensive drinks at the lounge she works at.

      plus she didn’t shy away from calling peeps on their BS.

  75. just tired of the term floater being attached to Britney,Brenden,& Matt the only ones to win more than one competition.

  76. Brit doesn’t deserve to win. She has no strategy of her own, and is very indecisive, and immature. Although this year, most of the HG’s are immature. Ragan is beyond hope. He and Bren should be a alliance. Call themselves the “Cry Babies” How about Ragan talking about a “Forty year old woman crying watching Oprah”? Give us a break!

    • ragyna is definately beyond hope!

      I doubt the azzbyte can show his face in his classroom ever again, as I would think all his students are, or were, watching.

  77. It has been bothering me that Rachel was allowed
    to do the pretzel message…not fair…Also she was able to listen to good bye messages some not so nice and she is in the jury house now..They did not show Kathy any messages did they??
    Also I have had it with lazyasses Hayden,Enzo and Lane…I hope their bromances are broken up this week ..they have doen nothing and do not deserve to float around anymore!!!

    • Except that noone thought Kathy was going home until the last minute- everyone likely taped farewell messages for Lane and Matt.

    • They didn’t show Kathy any goodbye messages because no one had them prepared. The HGs (with the exception of Matt) assumed that either Matt or Lane was going home, so that’s who they made messages for. It would look a little suspicious if they made everyone do a goodbye message for someone who wasn’t yet nominated for eviction.

  78. I’m still in complete awe of Britney’s reason to put Brendon on the block:

    “Brendon, you and I had obviously had (sic) our share of differences in the house before; all that aside, I nominated you base on one fact, and that is that YOU WERE COMING AFTER ME LAST WEEK.”

    Meanwhile, Brendon never put up Britney last week – hell, he even stroke a deal with her to not put her on the block if she did the same if she becomes HoH… a deal that she obviously reneged on.

    Now people who read some of my comments certainly knows that I think of Brendon as A RETARD. But, if he manages to get HoH in the next weeks and DOESN’T put up that two-faced skank on the block… man, that guy wouldn’t even be a human anymore, hell not even a freakin’ MONKEY! No damn mammal could be that moronic! And I don’t care whatsoever what happen last night – short of him IMPREGNATING HER WITH THEIR FIRST BORN CHILD, nominating her should be a no-brainer for him!

    See – you don’t even need to have A BRAIN to make that decision, Brendon! GO FOR IT!!!

    • Obviously you don’t like Brit or Bren…
      who is your favorite to win and who do you think deserves to win….

      • I HATE THEM ALL. In my book, NOBODY DESERVES THAT MONEY. But if you forced me to name me the one player who played the game the hardest… then Matt. I hate his guts, but cannot deny that he plays BB hard (I can also not deny that production sure gave him a lot of power for absolutely NO CONSEQUENCES – man, was that sabotage idea weak or what?!)

        … However, America’s Choice should go to Lane, not for his gameplay or his strategy (on both front, the dude hasn’t done crap), but because the man is freakin’ hilarious on the TV show. Yes, mel, I know – that’s a weakass reason to give someone $100,000, but he doesn’t deserve the $500k AT ALL, might as well give him something!

      • melanie, I have came to the sad conclusion,the one that deserves to win, will be the one BB decides to let win!!

    • bitchney proves once again that beyond a shadow of a doubt she is quite delusional.

      the little princess is cracking under pressure.

      I predict she goes home in thursday’s 2nd eviction.

      • Right now, she has SO MANY PEOPLE going after her next Thursday.

        It’s not even funny… well, it wouldn’t be if it was someone else then Britney!

      • Ok Ok BB I will re-write
        it different!
        Fool me once,
        fool me twice,
        fool me trice,
        POOP, I lost count
        I will start over again

  79. Enzo is a Loser. All he does is talk and let everyone else carry him and Hayden along. They can’t do anything for themselves. If Brittany doesn’t put Hayden up she will probably go home on the double eviction. Brendon has proven a worthy opponent but still an ass.

    • Agreed. And I’m so sick of Enzo complaining all the time about how hard the game is and how tired he is and how bad his week has been. He has done absolutely nothing in this game besides run his mouth, so what’s he so tired from?

  80. Hey Joey, Brittany although a obnoxious brat has been playing all sides and obviously by putting Brendon up was a bold move. It put a Huge target on her back because Brendon could win HOH and this time he will not thing twice about putting her up or trusting her.

    • bold move? everyone wants brendon out, and not cuz he is a testicle free retard but rather cuz he is a strong competitor.

      a bold move would be nominating matt the rat and telling ragan to STFU about it.

      that would have been her bold move.

      we’ll see tomorrow. I bet she chickens out (nom matt)cuz she doesn’t want to listen to ragyna rag on her non stop.

  81. It is simply amazing to watch Enzo and Hayden think they are going to be famous after this show. For What? Being Brigade Losers. Sorry, a Brigade is a group that fight for something. What a Joke.

  82. you know, I sure appreciate that ad on the right side of this page for the live feeds that shows kirsten’s mighty fine azz.

  83. Right now I think Matt should let everyone know about the Brigade, not that it will do much damage, but honestly it’s better than having everyone in their corners talking smack but won’t confront the other side about it. I would at least go over and say something about it… as civil as i can be. Too many whispers not enough talking and opening up chaos. At this point, chaos will help the ones who really need to win this game.

    • Totally agree, Nadroj… If Matt is to have any hope of not going on the block and straight to the jury house, he absolutely has to break up duh boor-gade ASAP… He may be waiting until tomorrow to prevent the other three (who he knows have turned on him) from having enough time to do damage control… Too bad that Enzo and Hayden caught Brendon when he was so vulnerable… That misguided loyalty could cost him the game… I hate to see that Lane is still controlling Brit when he is so obviously planning to toss her under the bus. Hope she opens her eyes soon…

      • Although I am personally rooting for Ragan, I do believe Matt will get him them before any one of those HG’s. The Brigade must be exposed this week, and that may save Matt…Brendon is a strong competitor and I have a sinking suspicion that he might win this whole thing solely by winning competitions…

  84. I believe that if Matt goes home Ragan will probably volunteer to go with him. He has $20,000 for being the Sabatour what does he care. And I don’t think I can handle another week of his crying or taking forever to answer a simple ?????. Duh

    • Cally 1, that is funny! Someone please tell Hayden that his village called, they’re looking for him! Tee-hee

  85. I love the 3 solid minutes of Enzo in the hammock… alone… silent… Meow Meow’s wanting his milk.

    THEN, back to the chatty group having a decent time. And then back to Enzo… lol

  86. Bad move by Brit. Should have put up Enzo and Hayden. Then Backdoor if Brandon didn’t win POV. Then she would have Brandon in her corner (maybe) or Enzo goes home.

    • You might be right but for some reason (and Evel Dick mentioned this today in his interview) these guys get SO Enraged when they’re put on the block! Putting them both up as pawns probably made her think she would be their #1 target next week for that reason.

      • Yeah it’s absurd that they get so enraged about being on the block. It certainly isn’t helping them when they go storm off and throw pity parties. It would be better to be social instead of being off the grid in that case

      • Yes! I TOTALLY agree w/ u Bill. Hayden and Enzo shudve been on the block…poor Matt…I’m really hating watching his demise take place like this. He really should NOT have thrown the HOH competition on thursday. He should have won and put them BOTH up himself…Regan, Brit, and Matt, the smarter 3 in the house, need to form an official alliance and get that 3/4 of the Brigade out the house.

      • Yes, he will definitely regret throwing the competition when he is sitting in the jury house with Rach & Kathy. His motive for evicting Kathy was leaving competitors in the house, yet he throws the comp. We’ll see what happens.

      • @Darcy, I don’t think that what Matt said about Kathy was his motive. She was just a “useful idiot” – a safe toss out whose vote is up in the air whether you evict her or not.

  87. Just watched tonight’s episode and I’m glad they made the challenge so creative!

    If Matt is renommed, he’s definitely going out in a (brigade exposing) bang. Hopefully that would be enough to unite Brendon and Britney against them, then get each other.

  88. OOPS, sorry peeps, seriously!! Am I bad? @ Nadroj, is it worth the money to watch enzo?? Exciting stuff? enzoannoysme!!

  89. lol love how ppl have seem to forgotten that Hayden won the 1st HOH. So obviously he has the ability to win comps, maybe he doesn’t feel the need to go out there & win comps if he doesn’t have to, maybe he figures that if he goes out & wins comps just b/c he can that, that would be an uneeded target out his back. Honestly I think keeping Lane & Hayden would be her best bet to make it to final 3. Matt plays both sides of the house so he would definately turn on her if need be, Ragan would do the same & brendon will definately be gunning for her after breaking her promise. If those 3 formed an alliance they could make it to the final 3, plus I don’t think anyone else truly would even though they say the would.

    • Well, that was a “team” HOH. He kind of won by default since he was the only one left on his team capable of mounting the hotdog :)

      • Yeah, that comp was designed for whoever wanted to win it. Some people wanted money, and others didn’t want HOH in week 1. Hayden’s still lazy and passive.

        Also, Brittany’s fall played heavily in his favour.

    • aside from naming a replacement, britney is no longer in control of anything.

      she can’t participate in HoH, and brendon is strong enough to win it.

      her only chance is to nom matt, if not BOTH brendon and matt will be after her from both sides of the equation.

      • It’s really unpredictable as to who Matt would get out. He might want Brendon out.

        There’s also the off chance that Ragan or the Brigade gets it (funny, right?) and have their own targets.

        We also cant forget the veto, which will be very tense.

      • sure he wants brendon, but odds are good that brendon could achieve HoH of PoV the rest of the way, therefore being untouchable so to speak.

    • That was a negotiated win… Can’t even remember who the other guy was, but they agreed that Hayden would go last, thus winning the HOH… I don’t consider that a real win… And Ragan threw two comps to let Matt win…

    • Well you all have points. I just think Lane & Hayden are under estimated. Everyone gets caught up in the competitions of the game thinking that winning comps is they only way to prove that a person is really playing the game & I don’t see it that way at all, to me in BB it’s more about knowing when to pick your spot so to speak & when not to. Why would a person go out there guns a blazing every comp when they don’t have to? The only person that has had to do that is Brendan. I think the keys to bb are; being observant & knowing when to fight & when to lay low. And so far Lane & Hayden haven’t had to fight, it’s really not their fault no one sees thems as threats & so far I’d say it’s worked in their favor. Also what is so wrong w/ getting other people to do their dirty work, lots of previous HG have used that strategy & it’s work well. Sounds like a smart plan to me, it gets what you need accomplished w/o getting any blood on your hands.

      BTW did anyone else catch Enzo’s stupid comment in the DR tognight? “I’m like a pyschic with caller ID”. He’s so dumb he thinks he’s smart…if he were psychic he wouldn’t need caller ID in the 1st place lol

      At the very least he can entertain people w/ his dumbness.

    • @Lisa, In Regards to Hayden; in the first competition, he won by “default”, not “skill”. The teams had to compete to get all of their members across on the giant “Hot Dog”. It was easy to figure out that sending the girls, being much lighter, would work faster. Hayden just happened to be the last person across on the “winning team”. Thus, he became the first HOH.

  90. Regan is starting to make Big Brother unwatchable he should join the other drama queen in the jury house..:)

      • Oh me too. I think he will lock himself in his room till someone else comes in. After being in the JH with Big Red and if Brendon is still in the BB house he will change his way of thinking and say “Damn ND wasn’t so bad after all”. lol

      • Trish, yep, I am a nite owl! You people have me hooked!! I am going to say nite tho! Have fun all!!!

  91. Lane has been smooth sailing the Entire Game. Never a have-not, no blood on his hands, Brigade + Britney have his back, everyone likes his laid-back personality … Nobody should be this comfortable in the BB house!

    • Why? It is a kinda lay back season! You know, what I mean? The only folks that have blood on their hands is Rake, she is out of the game. Matt (#2) will be running away from karma for the rest of his pathetic life!!

      • You’re 100% right, but now its coming down to the end of the season where nobody is safe yet he can still afford to drop out of another (Crucial) HOH this week … no one will target him and he knows it!

      • Yep, DD, he does know it!! He will have to start playing to win soon!! He is sitting back, being “lay back season” letting everyone else go bonkers. A decent game play!!

    • Smooth sailing? Most of us call it FLOATING… His only real contribution has been “handling” Brit, and making sure she’s making the moves that his Bozo-gade is too namby-pamby to make… Even Brit seemed to realize it for a couple of minutes last night, before she fell right back in step… Wake up or pack your bags, Brit!

      • Just watched the episode LOL @ Britt. She said she nominated Brenden because he was going after her last week…WTF

    • not just on showtime.. but ALL of the time! Enzo does it too, and I notice more and more each day that Hayden is joining it too.

      I personally think Brenchel crabbed up the house and that explains all of the junk adjusting and Brit picking!

  92. Can’t stand Enzo. He has done nothing to merit staying in this game. Neither has Lane. Get rid of those two and you will have fighters left. I really want Brittany to win, but as long as Enzo and Lane are gone, I am cool.

    • agreed.. although I loooove Layne and Brit, together. So I would like them to go to the final 2.. I stand by my prediction that they are engaged! :)

      • I called him “Gonzo” forever and last week and got bi*ch slapped by a poster who is only here once a week! He said I was being “raciest” I am like. I want Enzo “Gone” so if you take Gone+ Enzo= Gonzo! I am here daily, but have leanred NOT to post on thursday nights, that is when the trolls lurk!

    • Also Hayden, who was too keen on soaking up prizes but turns around and tries to get the game to go his way.

  93. RICO SUAVE!!!! They are talking about you on the live feeds tonight… Ok.. the singer, but het, it’s you right! LMAO! :)

  94. Does anyone have BBAD? What’s up with Bitchney? Any clue on who she’s putting up to replace Brendon?

    • Seems pretty obvious it’s going to be Hayden

      Even without watching the feeds or BBAD it’s the only decision imo.

    • It is between Hayden and Matt. She keeps riding the fence. Depends on who gets to her last tomorrow for she has to name a replacement.

      • If you watch the 7:25 flashback feed, it seems pretty conclusive in her convo with Lane. If she gets rid of Matt, she probably goes home Thursday in the double eviction. She knows this. Why help out Brendon by taking out his #1 enemy, and make yourself the primary target the following week?

        However, it is telling that it was Ragan that had to inform Britney of this reality. Before that convo she was 100% for backdooring Matt just because the guys told her to… My prediction, she just misses the final 3 due to her lack of ability to see the big picture on her own.

    • Her mind is in a labyrinth right now. She’s being swayed to put up Matt by one side and Hayden by the other. Any way you slice it, she’s walking on a thin tightrope … I predict she’s gone on DE night or the week after.

    • still in the air, on the live feeds. she knows she is smart to keep matt and ragean, and break up the brigade.. althhough she does not know about the brigade.. her goal is to break up the guys. she wants enzo out – loves him, but wants him gone. she knows it would buy her 2 more weeks, or at least thru the double eviction. matt, ragen and bren are targets. Layne is just about begging her to go for matt.

  95. On the show tonight on C B S , was everyone else – regardless of if you love or hate Ragean. laughing their as*es off during the Have Not comp??? I could not stop laughing it was over the top and his diary room after, totally explained it! What was it, crying as hard as a 40 yr old trannie watching Oprah???!!!

    • Yeah, for once his crying entertained me! It was hilarious.

      I also noticed how bad of lier Matt was on the round where they guessed Ragan, but it was Matt.

    • Was that Reagan mking that annoying noise? I was eating dinner and not really watching since I already knew the outcome. Why was he doing that?

  96. Well hopefully when I wake up tomorrow Britney will have nominated Hayden after Matt comes to her and says that the Brigade Alliance is all still there and Matt is through with there antics. But that’s just a dream, and I’m sure the opposite will happen. Oh well, at least I have plenty of new friends (I think) to talk to about it tomorrow. G’night all.

  97. Hey for all those who are talking about how backdooring Brendon would have been better, I thought the same. But think about this (and it requires to believe for this situation that Brendon has a brain): Enzo and Hayden are up and Brendon still wins the POV. What if he decides to use it, saves say Hayden…then Brit still has to renom one of the three guys she didn’t want to nominate. But nominating Brendon straight up now leaves her with the option to renom Hayden. The other situation would have not given her the option to keep Matt, Ragan and Lane safe.

    • Math wise your correct. Leaving brendon, lane, ragan matt to vote either Hayden or enzo out . I would voye Hayden out bucause that would leave Enzo for next hoh and don’t think he will win it.

    • Sorry, Dan… Seems to me that first they evict either Enzo or Brendon’s replacement (presumably Hayden or Matt); followed by a quick HOH, Nomination, POV, and a second eviction… So I don’t think your scenario will come to pass… Unless some rules are “fine tuned”… At any rate, Thursday’s show should turn the house upside down again…

      • Plus another (probable endurance) HOH competition? Looks like another late one tomorrow, unless they cut the audio… This double eviction thing sounds like it’s going to make everybody’s heads spin…

    • But, I doubt he would have gotten to play for veto if he wasn’t nominated. He probably would have been the only one sitting out. So, in conclusion I’m happy she nominated him because now he is safe and she has shown him that her word means crap.

  98. Britney should not put up Brendon that was a mistake because she knew if he won POV then he would be after her but maybe Lane can win HOH then she will be safe.

  99. Britney made a huge mistake by nominating Brendan. She also lied about Brendan at the ceremony. No matter what happen HOH wise she will be out soon.

    • HE is not the only one doing that all season:lane, matt, hayden too. BB you need to give them all a PANDORA’S Box with a hole in it:)

  100. I feel that if Matt leaves, Ragan will completely fall apart. For the sanity of viewers Matt should go in the first eviction on Thursday and Ragan in the next eviction. Can’t imagine Ragan in JH with Rachel. It would be toxic.
    Also feel that if there truly is a life long friendship in the house it is Matt and Ragan — possibly cousins??? They have the same stature and similar facial features.

    • I just don’t get Ragina’s obession with Matt. While I dislike Ragina’s game play he is very loyal to Matt. Matt was throwing him under the bus so bad last night on the feed. I don’t know if this is true or if the rest of The Brigade were just playing with Matt but they all said they were going to talk to Brit before she renoms someone in place of Brendon and they were all going to tell her Ragine. How dare you MATT! I personally don’t care which one goes but if that was true of what I heard them say then Matt you are more of a slimeball than I thought you were.

    • Not really. Well atleast on Ragina’s part it was fake. He just wanted less drama before she left.

  101. personally i think she should’ve put up Matt…that dude is pissing me well as Ragan where he is just annoying every time he talks..

  102. Brit should have told Bren that everyone wantsed him nominated so it was either him after her or everyone else. That might have bought her some time with him, that is if they could have worked out the odds. But then again . . .think, plan. . .what am I thinking?

  103. If Brit puts up Matt, she’s a goner and will probably follow him out Thurs. I can see, whats left of the Brigade, throwing the next HOH to Brendon. At that moment, Brit will realize her fatal flaw.

  104. This whole season has just gone from bad to atrocious…it is a laughingstock…CBS should be ashamed

    Matt with his big boy speech about the DPOV and how Brendon almost got him out etc, big man talking a big game. This lil punk and his nerdy pocket protector most likely had his lunch money stolen every day in school….he married that pretty high school sweetheart with the retainer and coke bottle, catch me, scr*w me glasses….a real winner you are

    Enzo…dude…if you have $2,000 I suggest some Rosetta Stone software or a dictionary. Meow Meows don’t need 2,000 worth of foot gear…besides, you have “paws”

    and I don’t need the visual of how you are gonna look like some skinny Hollywood skank if you are a have not again

    Ragan and Britney…shut up

    Lane..we dont care about your drunk, bar brawling womanizing days back in Texas…baaaa, the animals miss you

    Hayden..enough with the “clown” references…find a new word already Spicoli wanna-be

    this season cannot end soon enough Praise God that the new shows are lining up for September

    • Lol! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree with what you said about Matt. He is so annoying. I hate how he thinks he is so cool and smart. The real reason why he hates Brendon is because he called him short…lol. Probably had a flashback of being teased in school.

      • he is a punk Rose…he has an inferiority complex…for a self proclaimed Mensa type, or did he mean mental), this guy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

        I think he has a problem with being vertically challenged…

        his wife is prolly the only woman who ever dated this weasel…I wonder what instrument she played in the band?? lmao

    • On Thursday as soon as the show starts they will hold the eviction.

      Then they will go into the backyard and play an HoH. Brit will sit out.

      They will go back inside and the new HoH will nom. 2 people for eviction right then. No keys no box.

      They will then go back outside and play the PoV.

      The PoV ceremony will be held and then an eviction will happen again.

      They then return back outside and play another HoH comp with the newest HoH sitting out.

      All of this happens within an hour on Thursday’s live show.

  105. Here is how I see The DE go … Brit puts up matt and he gets Backdoored(not like Ragan does it) and they give the quick HOH to enzo and he puts up Ragan and Lane is the voluntary pawn and ragan goes on the same bus to the JH with his sexually confused partner Matt. and Then it will be a free for all for the second HOH because throwing comps is no longer an option and it will go to whoever wants it most .. personally I am rooting for Bren

    • LOL- No, i mean is all this happening in one night? Like, they vote out one, have a quick HOH, put up 2 more, and on the spot vote out the second?

      • I am pulling for Brendon too! On the feed last night Hayden was talking with Matt and he said that if Brendon makes it to the F2 then he will probably get his vote because the guy has had this whole house against him and he would deserve the money based on how hard he worked without anyone’s help.

    • bill, you lost me at Enzo gets HoH, HOW’s that going to happen?

      It’s not plausible, though that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen, surprises happen and they’re hard to predict… so you’re on the limb with that one.

      The winner of the quickie HoH is hard to predict not knowing who Brit puts up to replace Bren and who gets voted out… too many combo’s to wade thru.

      Easier to just wait & see… i’m doing an “Enzo” on this one… that a new word for “not putting any effort into something and letting others do the work”.

      • Thats what I mean… they will give Enzo the quick HOH so he can put up ragan and get him out without costing them the chance for the second Hoh because that is the one that will have power

      • confusion… doesn’t Brit own the HoH now and then on Thurs Live after eviction there will be a new HoH, then the quickie part is make nominations and evict?

        am i confused on this sequence of events? wouldn’t be the first time.

  106. I think Britney should have put up Matt and Ragan, I did not like Matt’s DPOV speech, he is rude, it may bite him in the end. I feel like since Rachel left, Brendon has really been playing
    the game, hope he wins…..

  107. I hope Brittney realizes that the three stooges r snakes and she needs Matt to finally get rid of the Weezel(Brandon)

    • I agree. Hayden and Enzo are useless in competitions, I would definately keep someone who could get rid of Brendon. I think Matt and Ragan are the only 2 that can win an endurance comp

    • i agree too, Evel Dick said “Enzo could only win a comp if he was the only one in it”.

      So True… he almost won one… did you hear him talk about that “i had no idea the answers to those questions, do i look like someone who would study that stuff?”.

      Well, you might have wanted to, if you wanted to put ANY EFFORT into winning BB.

      Enzo, what a poor excuse you are, I wish you were a woman b/c we’re ashamed to have you on our side. meow-meow, what is that? i don’t get it.

      • So what did women ever do to you to wish such a horrible non-entity as Enzo on us????? :)

        I believe Enzyme is pu**y-whipped at home and he sees BB as an opportunity to find his bollocks. Too bad he has yet to be successful.

  108. Brendon is as sickening as the three stooges, I would not watch the end of Big Brother with only floaters and emotionally crazed Brandon!!

    • the ring in Brendon’s nose must be huge, he’s lead around by anyone that wants to lead him around.

      meanwhile Rach would be super pissed if she knew others were touching Bren’s ring. LOL!!!

      Rach: “hey bitches, don’t anyone of you get between me and MAN’s ring”.

    • Interesting is the key word

      we have an openly gay college professor who whines lilke a lil bish

      a self proclaimed mensa who has been hoh 2 x and held the DPOV and still cannot get his arch nemesis out

      a surfer wanna be who has done nothing, excerpt moan and groan

      an uneducated mope from NJ who thinks he is a cat

      a backwards neck from the sticks who thinks bar brawls, womanizing and shooting things with eyes is fun. Not to mention his affection for animals

      a scientist (supposedly) who coaches college swimming???????? and walks around aimlessly like a lovesick puppy dog talking to the Rhode Island red bar fly who has been evicted

      I dont think this guys elevator stops on all floors…is he Dr. Mengala??

      and that snobby, rich bish brat from Arkansas who cries a river when she don’t get her way…she needed to be taken over a knee and paddled more when she was a kid….

    • interesting but VERY STRANGE… that story about his dream with Hayden being shirtless in it.

      and then Lane’s comment “in TX we’d NEVER tell anyone you had a dream like that”. Oh my that was funny and so true.

  109. hey guys – LOOK WHAT I FOUND!:

    kristen’s HIPPITARD & WIG are on Ebay!!

    the item # is 160471815284 or if you put “hippietard wig big brother 12” in the search – it will come up.

    so far there have been 47 bids placed and the price now at $265.99 with 6 dyas & 5 hrs. left on the auction. i bet it hits AT LEAST $1,000 !!

    here’s what kristen says in the listing:

    “Hey everyone!

    It’s Kristen from Big Brother 12! Soooo, I have two hippietards and decided to auction one off to my fan’s. It is the one that Julie Chen interviewed me in and the one I wore more often during the show.

    Included in this lovely package is the beautiful hair piece I got to wear for a whole week :).

    By the way my nickname in the last days of the BB house was Joi (french for Joy lol) after I put this getup on, just a fun fact.

    Happy bidding!”

    • question… has it been washed?

      i’m joking, who the hell would wants that? now, if it was with her in it and modeling it then that’s a different animal. camel comes to mind.

      i’m being a bad boy today.

      • yeah greg – i’m pretty sure “body not included”… sucks for you – sorry :( :)

        but IT IS amazing what people will buy, huh? lol

    • OH SH*T!! i think i’m in trouble again…

      @MATT – ADMIN

      i wasn’t thinking when i pasted kristen’s listing into this post.

      PLEASE don’t be mad.

      i’m sorry!!

      • CT – that reminds me i posted a comment once and a message error came up that i was posting too many comments. LOL!!!

        thank you… so i had to go back into the site and it didn’t post that comment, so i typed it again and it took.

        i thought that was just rude… i follow the rules of the site and hold back on a poster even when they might have said the most stupidest thing and i don’t recall a rule about a limited number of posts.

        why… i’ve half a mind… no comment on that statement, please. LOL.

  110. Hmmmmm- seems like a lot of people here are jumping on the Brendon bandwagon. Kinda makes me feel like the lone ranger, lol ( nothing against Brendon, it’s just strange that so many people are starting to like him now that Rachel’s gone)

    • Perhaps it is because he is the only one in the house that seems to have any sense of loyalty and integrity? Yeah, he’s less annoying now with the hooker gone and really had it not been for her he might have been a house favorite.

  111. Hey CBS…why don’t you take a clue from Survivor..if you wanna get rid of all these useless props to the fans, instead of trying to make a buck, why don’t you have the proceeds go to charity, like the Elizabeth Glazer Foundation or soemthing instead of into someone’s already over flowing pocket.. Survivor donates so much every season to that when they sell off props that contestants have sweat on and puked all over…

    if this stuff goes to charity, then I stand corrected, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

  112. Please get rid of Hayden and Enzo, Britney, they have done nothing and earned zip. Brit Matt and Ragan for final three, please! And talking of Hayden and that dumb hairdo, his lips make me cringe, so thin and little and they way he holds his mouth, it looks like an anus…PLEASE DO NOT show him eating a tootsie roll..YUUUCK!!!

    • Please get rid of Hayden and Enzo, Britney, they have done nothing and earned zip. Brit Matt and Ragan for final three, please!

      You say get rid of Britney in Line 1 but on Line 2 you want Brit to stay and play

      You do know Brit and Britney are the same person right?? lol

      Brendon has done more than Ragan has…he won a pov comp because he was on the line…he is worthless

      • I believe JuJu said (to paraphrase) Britney, please get rid of Hayden and Enzo. Seemed quite clear to me the way it was written however.

  113. So last night I watched Matt talking to Britney.. then Ragan talking to Britney (starting around 7pm est). Britney was pretty much dead set on putting Matt up at that point. Which made me sad. And I am thinking, “What the hell are you doing?! Who are you playing this game for?! Your ass is going home if you send Matt home!!” All of this was yelled at the computer at some point or another, I am sure.

    So this morning I flashback to 7:20 BBT to watch the convo between Britney and Lane… and BAM! She wants to put up Hayden and get Enzo gone! WOO HOO! With the thinking that Brendon is going to win the DE HOH and put Matt and Ragan up. Then if one of them win the POV, she may go up, but won’t go home. Then Brendon can’t win the HOH next time and she’s at least safe another two week.

    I hope she sticks with this plan and gets Enzo out. Then there will truly only be one pu**y in the house.

    • she needs to send Matt out..these robots need to realize there is one winner..matt’s mistake was canning Kathy…like Rachel’s (among many) was ousting Monet and Kristen..

      why take off the weaklings..get rid of the people who win…if you wanna win, you need to oust the power players

      this is a cut throat game..and sooner opr later, they, like animals, will start eating their young.

      Brit needs to oust Matt…Brendon is on everyon’e radar so no worry there…Enzo, Hayden, Ragan and Lane are no threat to win anything…battle it out with Brendon

      • Okay… but if she sends hime home now, she has NO CHANCE of making it past the DE or the next HOH. She’s gone. There’s no final three chance or final two chance. At least if she keeps him she has a chance of making it there. Then it’s on her to win HOH.

  114. I’m getting tired of people complaining about this season. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, don’t post on fan sites about disliking. Using facts from the show…which means you watched it. This season is perfectly fine.

  115. And watching Enzo in the penguin suit listening to Lady Gaga and doing some of the hand motions.. HILARIOUS!

    • So was Ragina last night. He was up in the HOH room listening to Lady Gaga and he was doing the hand motions. Funny……

    • Lane has become a much more likable Hg lately, his replies to Brit are very clever and totally funny.

      i’m starting to wonder what Brit will be saying to Nick, the fiancee after BB -or- for that matter Nick to Brit.

      that’s a pretty big rock on her finger… think that’s a real diamond? maybe Lane needs to check if it will cut glass.

  116. Rule 2 for winning BB13 and this is from Evel Dick and he should know…

    Always REMEMBER: the way you act when you’re on the block has lot to do if you stay in the house… don’t go Berserko on the other Hg’s.

    Did he even follow his own advice?

    He said at a certain point in his season he went to the other Hg’s and told them he would do whatever he felt needed to be done to keep his daughter in the game.

    He felt that put the power in his hands and out of their hands basically saying “i don’t care if i’m evicted” meaning i not looking to win. Wow, great idea/strategy.

    To this day i did not realize how much he was into the game, his objective was to get him & his daughter to F2 and he felt he had won at that point.

  117. With Brendon and Britney handcuff together they had a long talk about Matt and Ragan, so i’m not really sure if they will be safe this week after all. Enzo, Lane, Hayden,Brendon are telling Britney what to do. When Brendon use his POV to take himself off the block, Britney need to think for herself who really should be put up on the block with Enzo. I think that Enzo should go to the jury house this Thursday.

    • we’re still wondering if it really exists b/c it was Annie the SAB that started that rumor.

      and since BB/Julie has not mentioned it, the jury is out on that one… unless it’s something that will shock us at some point.

      i think there’s an outside chance but the relationship or half of it may have already gone out the door and BB is like “so just let ppl think it exists in the house, we didn’t say it does or it doesn’t”.

      flip a coin!!!

  118. These HG’s are stupid. The number one enemy of all in the BB House should be LANE. He hasn’t ticked off anyone, but I think he’s the one that could win. They need to take him out now. Even before Matt. Matt could come next, but Land should go NOW or he might win BB.

  119. Is there a “Big Brother for Dummies” book?

    Rule 3 – don’t worry about jury votes early in the game. at least go to the point where the evicted hg goes to the jury b4 worry sets in.

    at this point in the game, it may require some damage control with a hg or two, deal with it. LOL!!!

  120. getting rid of mat is a good plan cause she can beat enzo and hayden in comps. she doesn’t want to have all three (Bren,matt,Ragan)competeing against her. take matt out takes the heart out of Ragan unless he goes on a “nobody comes between me and my man” tangent (couldn’t resist) and goes on the warpath. but lets face it he wont be able to compete through the tears. not smart to get out all the floaters… in the final 5 or 4 you want as little competition to better your chances of moving on

    • She needs to get rid of Lane. Right now, Brit doesn’t have the votes to win. She might not ever. But Lane needs to go. Of the remaining HG’s it should be Lane, then Matt.
      She’s too stupid. You don’t start a “showmance” in the end that isn’t going to benfit your game. She is indecisive and immature. BB is all about the game. She’s not a player.

  121. Off the subject but … has anyonje else seen the ‘Could the newest be?” post about there being another veto power out there and either matt or Ragan have it. Matt from from the last pov comp or Ragan from the Pandora Box Luau when he was searching for the “Key” to release Brit from the pandora trap. ??? anyone else know ??

    • No, I have not heard of anything…but if BB12 does do something I honestly feel that the viewers & fans will go crazy!!!! I already feel that they have “pandered” to Brendon & Rachel enough + in some way also to Matt. Send Enzo home….he is a loud mouth, does not think highly of women & is just ugly inside & outside!!!! At least, Matt, Brittany & Ragan are playing the game!!!!

  122. Wow that would be crazy if Matt goes up!! I think if that happens then crying Ragan will fight hard to win HOH and get Brit out. LOL! Then Brendon wins the 2nd HOH! :)

  123. does it seem that Big Brother is “SPRIPTED” it seems odd that Brandon would win the “VETO” and remain in Big Brother House……………….we all hate him in TV LAND….but it makes for good viewing that he is still here…………….

  124. does it seem that Big Brother is “scripted” it seems odd that Brandon would win the “veto” and remain in Big Brother House……………….we all hate him in TV LAND….but it makes for good viewing that he is still here…………….

  125. Britney made a huge mistake not putting Matt up. She should have put him up and they could have gotten rid of him because if the power was in his hands he would put her up without a doubt. If she kept her word to Brendon, I think he would keep her in the game because although he’s annoying, I think Brendon is honorable. Now, she is going to go, because Matt and Ragan are her “friends”, but they will both put her up when given the chance. She thinks she is safe, but I don’t think that now after she has done what she’s done, she is safe from anyone’s reign. She is probably going this week with the double elimination. I love Brit, but she completely screwed herself this week.

    • I agree with everything you said Jane except the liking Brittney part. She is deceitful and deserves to go home. Brandon has no social skills but he is honorable, for that reason I like him more that annoying Reagan, lying Matt and Deceitful Btittney. I like Enzo also. He has personality. Hayden has a good game going and Lane is smart enough to align himself early which helps his game.

  126. I absolutely cannot believe y’all….Brenden is evil…no he is not playing the game. BB12 is handing him everything on a silver platter. Matt has been playing the game & now Brittany is too!!! Enzo is a joke, Hayden trys to get by on his looks & Lane gets by because of Matt & Brittany!!! Brenden has to go soon & so does floaters Hayden & Enzo!!!!

  127. just take Enzo out even Hayden. Brit can win at the end against Matt or Branden or even Ragen. I really want Lane and Britney to the final two. They are the funniest ever.
    Great job Regan on last nights show-so funny!

  128. Britney is gooing to get what she deserves. She looked Brenden in the eyes and lied so it serves her right that the brigard looked her in the eyes and lied. I like Brenden he may be a sap who has his nose wide open but he not nearly as decietful as the rest of the players. Reagen acts like the evil person he professes to be be, making mean comments. Reagen and Britney put people down behind their backs they are decietful people. I do not respect Matt’s game, lying about his wife being sick, if not for that I would say he is one of the best players. I am on team Brenden, America loves an underdog.

  129. Britney and Reagan are gone. The Brigard will target them and forget about Brandon and I say good riddance. I do not like those deceitful people.

  130. I would really hate to see Lame, Enzyme or Haytful win. They have done nothing this season to advance them to this point. Since the Ratress left, Brendon has certainly come back into the game. Guess he is now thinking with the big head rather than the little. If he does win, would hate to see Ratress get her mitts on the money and then tell Brendon, too bad, so sad, life is a crap shoot!!!!

  131. I, Think tonights SHOW really sucked.The FLOTER from the start of the show gets LUCKY, the gay guy who says”GAYS ARE LIKE WEAK.WOMEN” makes me SICK!!

  132. So mad that Brendon is gone. He made the show interesting and he worked harder than anyone to be there! Not sure if I want to watch anymore or even care at this point. The ones left in the house suck big time and don’t deserve to be there!
    This is the worst season ever!

  133. I know cbs BIG BROTHERS SECRET! All the houseguest were playing in secret pairs from the start! Brendon&andrew,Britt&Lane,Matt&ragan,Kathy is Monets MOM,rachel&Enzo,Kristen&hayden are siblings,back up at goole then put in haydenandkristenmoss, youll be suprised to see kristen last name is moo before she got married and she’s from az!I wonder how much EXTRA MONEY Britt and Lane will get if they make it to the final 2 together?

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