Evel Dick Joins Big Brother Rewind Online Tonight 7PM ET

If you’ve been feeling like this batch of Big Brother 12 HGs are a bit lackluster as compared to seasons in the past then tonight’s your chance for some good ol’ nostalgia. Evel Dick, the winner of Big Brother 8, will be joining the Big Brother Rewind online show from GFQ tonight at 7PM ET.

If you’ve got any questions you’d like Evel to answer about this season then be sure to share them here on this post and then check out the show, Sunday at 7PM ET at GFQ Live TV.

You’ll be able to join in live on the show and send Evel Dick questions during the event if you log on while it’s happening. Don’t miss it!

Updated with the video of last night’s Big Brother Rewind. Check it out below!



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  1. If you could pick the winner this year or should I say if you had to declare a winner this year who would it be and why?

  2. If you could smack any house guest this season for being annoying or a stupid f$&@ who would it be and why?

    • 1,000% Ragan. If Matt does go home, and I hope he doesn’t, than I don’t care a rat’s behind which of the remaining idiots win this year. They are all really lacking in everything that is good in human beings. They have no character, intelligence or social skills. They are without a doubt, the biggest group of mifits ever gathered in the BB house.

      • Really? and Matt’s lie about his wife doesn’t put him into the same catagory? HE is the worst. and then his boyfriend and the tag along brit. they are preety horrible people. not a nice thing to say EVER!!!!!!

    • Reagon cry baby or Matt about lying about his wife……he would get a punch not a slap.

    • it would be Matty and i’d ask him “want were you thinking when you named Kathy instead of Enzo or Hayden with the DPoV?”.

    • Evel made it interesting, i loved hating him, just his look revolted me.

      i’ll never forget the banging pots & pans scene and he definitely thought for himself and was not a follower by any means.

      his spawn had evil dna in it and as pretty as she was, she was pure evil, thru & thru.

      can’t say they did not play the game with all they had or didn’t have. worthy hg’s for sure.

  3. I wish they would let Evel Dick out of Pandora’s Box! Talk about something to watch. It would be way more exciting than Jesse…

    • they might actually have to pay ED for an apperance..Jessee services were probably free becaue he just wanted to promote himself..lol

    • I think he should come out on the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping and run around banging pots and pans to wake everyone up then leave and come back every hour and do the same thing! I think that would be funny!

  4. I’d like Evel Dick to tell us who he thinks is most deserving of the win and who he would vote for if he was on the jury.

  5. I read a comment that Evil supposedly made about Enzo. He said Enzo couldn’t win a competition if he was the only one playing! Don’t know if Evil really said that, but I thought it was priceless!!

  6. Evel Dick: If you could throw a drink in anyones face this season (like you did to Jen), who would it be?

  7. dear Mr. Dick ;)

    when you were on bb, did you ever feel that competition results were sometimes “influenced” by production/CBS?


  8. Hey Guys,
    I will be using your questions tonight. Hope you all enjoy the interview with Dick tonight . You can also come into our chatroom and hang out .

    Thanks BBN for all the help .

  9. is Evel the only player is BB History that tried to give the game to another player (his daughter in his case) and won??? i don’t recall an other instance of this.

  10. Do you think you could beat Rachel and put her down like you did others that would be so AWESOME in a ALL STAR game..lmao

    • That wouldn’t be any contest at all. Dick would make her DOR inside a week.

  11. Hi Evil Dick,

    Did the casting directors get it right this season?

    P.S. Are you single?

    • hey AZ.

      should be a great time w/ ED… he can definitely take the term “expect the unexpected” to a whole new level!!

      have fun w/ it :)

  12. ED,

    will you continue to do stints (maybe another all stars or host competitons) on bb if invited?

  13. Evel Dick—What madcap ideas would you do to liven up the BB house? I know you’ve been wanting to share your “calm and relaxed nature” with the current HGs for some time. LOL

  14. Evel Dick – What do you think of Ragan’s ‘sabotage?’ What would you have done as saboteur?

  15. E.D.;
    some of my favorite moments from your reign were when you alone were outback, late at night, smoking and pacing and running some of the best all time monologues of the season. Were these just “vent ” sessions” for sanity’s sake or calculated to explain/temper the audiences POV ? Also, have you noticed several houseguests doing it this season and do their monologues seem intentional?

  16. Evil Dick:

    Who where when and why on this season projected winner. This is such a dull group I am not sure even you with your personality can even get this bunch out of the bed. At least you smoked. This bunch even likes slop. You were made for the show. Everyone hated you but could not wait to see just what you would do next. You were on the move thinking all the time. I suppose there is evil in us all but I think this bunch is just too dull for the big brother fans.

  17. Who do you think will win Big Brother this year? Not who you want to win, but who you think deserves to win.

  18. I saw a promo for a show you were going to do about helping bars that were failing. Did anything come of that?

  19. BB needs to make up for these season’s awful HG’s. This has been the worst season yet. BB, you should really consider having a winter show maybe another all start season

  20. I agree the casting was bad. BB YOU PUT A LOT OF WANT-A-BE’S IN the house with people that do not need the money,hense half of them have not even tried. You need to stop putting twenty year olds with twenty year olds. BB is not a porn flick that goes on for months. You have older viewers that watch.Loved watching 3 guys with their hands down their pants all season..Great job BB

  21. Please…Ragen and Matt are the biggest wieners ever!! I would rather see Enzo win. All Reagen can do is whine about everything including Matt his bbf. If its not one thing with him its another…Grow some Ragan\Regina!

  22. Yo evil,how do think you would handel Ragens idea that you should play this game with integrity,if you were playing with him in the same house.

    • Andrew – Just wanted to thanks sorry I missed this last night but was listening today and that interview was great. I hated ED but he is what made me watch the show LOL. Great interview! LOL him ripping on them crying over Jesse last season was hilarious

  23. HEY GREG —-

    i’m listening to evel dick on gfq..

    YOUR QUESTION about his relationship with danielle was asked – dick talks about it for 3-4 minutes!!

    you guys gotta go listen – it’s located 44 minutes into the interview. it’s easy to get to it through the link that Andrew Zarian attached to post #35.


    • CT… thanx, i’m listening to it right now. why i was thinking he was going to be on the CBS show.

      he’s really knowledgeable of the game, present and past… that’s a surprise to me.

      and he’s pretty much on but you can’t agree with him on everything. his view of the Bro-gade is right on… 4 boring guys who are delusional thinking they’d make an All-Star game.

      that’s wild, i just got to where they asked the “daughter” question, his answer doesn’t surprise me but it sounded very true… i get the feeling if she doesn’t get her way she’s not interesting in having a relationship and she will argue with you.

  24. Just get those two morons out of the house! I mean Matt and Ragan! Matt needs to divorce his wife and marry Ragan!

  25. Dick likes to talk and that’s great when your trying pull things from him . He is very honest about things. One question I didnt ask is about All-Stars… There is a reason why I didn’t… Lets read between the lines … lol .

    Again .. Thank you so much to the great Fans of Big Brother Network…

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