Big Brother 12: Week 6 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll have our sixth live eviction in the BB12 season as another HG will be evicted and become the second to head off to the Jury House for the next month to hang out with Rachel. Oh boy, what a treat!

The live eviction, complete with DPOV drama, will be followed by a new HoH competition and after last week’s mini-endurance comp, I’m finally expecting a quick quiz-style comp so we should know right away who will be the new executioner. I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast show so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 12 updates all night.

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Share your thoughts and tell us which HG you want to see go to the Jury House. Be sure to vote in our Eviction poll too. Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the live eviction show at 8PM EST!

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  1. Can somebody please confirm for me that BB will be on tonight as scheduled? I always record it in case there is a chance I won’t be home when its on, but tonight there is preseason football in its place. I went to my TV list to search for the show and its telling me that Saturday night at 1135pm eastern time is when the HoH comp will be on.

      • That’s what I see on my guide. Looks like the show will be on at the regular time. But… there’s another frick’n golf show on Sunday from 2-5 eastern. That could push it back again on Sunday. Bastards…

      • I completely hate that too because when it’s delayed my DVR doesn’t record it. totally stinks.

  2. Is there a rule that says Matt can’t choose Brenda to go up since his reign as HOH is over anyway? Please say he can do it!!!! Does anyone know FOR SURE there is a double eviction tonight?

      • Bren is HOH till there is a new Comp and he hands the key over to the winner so he is safe from DPOV tonight, and there is no double eviction they will only vote out one of the 2 noms after Matt replaces himself so Lane or whomever Matt puts up is leaving..

    • Matt can not nominate Brendon for eviction. That is not allowed.

      I am not expecting a double eviction. They started with 1 less HG than originally planned, so there’s no need for a double.

      • Sincethey started with 1 less player does that mean there may be a non-elimination week this season? That would be interesting.


    Only 1 nom can be switched, its the same as the POV except u choose the replacement, I REWATCHED the live episode where Julie talks about it and she says 1, the envelope matt opens says 1 nom can be switched, he will prob switch it with Kathy I HOPE NOT I LOVE KATTT I hope Enzo though! I heard in DR production are asking him if he can trust the brigade and how he should take them out instead of Kathy, a weaker player.

  4. Ola BB amigos y amigas! Nifty 9 Crew Shoutout! :)

    The ONLY guys that are safe are Brendon (HOH); Ragan (POV winner) & Matt (D-POV holder), everyone else is up for grabs! (Lane is on the block already so there are 4 options (Hayden, Enzo, Kathy & Brittany). I so hope a GUY goes home today thank you very much! Sick of the girls droppin’ like flies! I’m hoping Enzo/Hay open their mouths and spill to Matt that they plan to vote for him hard as it is, and he retaliates by putting one of dem up! Neither of those guys have anyone to vote for them really so if Hayden goes up not sure who’d vote to keep him either. Same with Enzo ofcourse. My only guess is that Matt would choose Enzo b/c he’s won NADA. Hayden has that lone 1st HOH comp win. (tho’ it was a group challenge that he ended up winning by default but whatEVA!lol) At least Hayden’s athletically inclined…..he can be an ally…Enzo.. not so much. ;)

    • I’m also tired of the girls going home, except Rachel. I want Enzo to go home. I’d love to see him pouncing out the door. Meow-Meow.

    • I second that, whats up with eliminating all the woman.
      Although I would love to see Britney go home.

      • Matt wouldn’t put Britney up over Kathy since Ragan likes Britney and both Matt and Ragan don’t trust Kathy

    • @jabelle, Nope hayden told enzo manday, not to say anything to matt that might give them away, as matt has been talking about a special that might be out, He talked about so much that hayden thinks matt has it, Way to go matt!!!

  5. I think BB won’t be on tonight at least for those of us in NY. CBS is showing it at its regular time, but Time Warner in NY is showing the eviction episode will be on Saturday night at 1135pm and not tonight.

    • what’s all this about CBS not showin BB 2nite on the east coast? I’m in Toronto but still under CBS – Eastern Time? There a football game on? Ohhh well, we have BB on Global TV as well, and on my guide it says it’s ON. CBS have to check. What about timeshift? (watching it 3 hrs later when the westcoast is @ 8pm, will that help?)

  6. **They’re all sold on this now and talk continues about how easy it must’ve been to convince Kathy to take it… perhaps they offered her a root beer? And how poor her comp performance has been – it has to be intentional. Ragan cannot contain his smile…

    Somehow someway they all believe Kathy is the SAB? saying it musta been easy for her to take it considering her acts of prowess in the BB House Comps! ;) oh gosh Ragan gets his $20K chuh!

    Only Hayden guessed it was Ragan and no one listened to him, he also told the bro-gade that Matt has a power! Matt is so 2-faced!

    Matt enters the bathroom, joining the rest of the Brigade, and reading Enzo and Hayden the riot act, ever so calmly, about what happens to Brigade members caught in the act of treason… Treason being keeping Brendon in the house.

    • I wonder if Matt’s trying to cause a fight with them to see if they are going to tell him they are voting him out? It will make it that much easier to put up Enzo.

    • I think Matt knows exactly what he’s doing. He is the only brigade member that has been strategically playing this game from day 1.
      The only thing that puzzles me about Matt is his genuine relationship (IMO) with Ragan. It’s just kind of strange. People joke about Matt being gay, which I think he is totally not, but maybe given the opportunity I think he can go both ways. lol Anyways, I think Matt is loyal to the brigade also, until one of them starts to screw with him, which might be Enzo or Hayden. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see !!

      • I don’t think it’s too genuine. Did you see on BBAD last night when the planes w/ spotlights flew over? Matt seemed bored of Reagan’s jokes. Also, whenever Reagan says how amazing and true Matt is, some guilt must occur.

      • “IF” there is a relationship/friendship like what the Saboteur said I really think Ragan and Matt are related. Look at them without shirts they both have the same bad posture of their backs. They are about the same size and age. How funny would it be if they were really twins, not identical of course?

    • I’m worried Hayden is going to win BB12. He knows what’s going on, he’s smart and less likely to be a target than anyone else in the house right now. It would be Drew all over again… I Hope Matt sees ahead and realizes it’s not Brit, Enzo or Kathy that’s the real threat here.

  7. If you are new to this site, or new to Big Brother, or have been gone for a while…. fine. Go ahead and ask the question….again. We won’t mind.
    But, please, oh please, let this be the end of it. There have been 257 posts over the last 2 days asking if the HOH can be put up on the block.

    Just to clarify…..

    The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block….. The HOH cannot be put on the block…..

  8. Enzon and Hayden r planning telling Matt together before the eviction.These two even want a movie deal.An empty wagon makes a lot of noise. There is too many calls to the DR. Is this a script reading game?

    • There are two Mary’s here. I’m Mary, too. So they are planning to tell him? I’m on East Coast and I hope we get to see it. The last time it wasn’t on channel 4(football) but it was on channel 12.

      • Ok some one of you will have to add a # after your name, because I battle, I mean debate a psh, so I need to know who you are. please

  9. I’m becoming more and more alarmed that producers are messing with the game. Or why would they have allowed Rachel to give Brendon a message, in pretzels or otherwise? It’s not fair, and it may totally ruin the game. Of course, ratings is what it’s all about to them. Sad.

      • I agree Beth! Any show on television is all about getting ratings, so BB is no different. They allowed Rachel to leave that pretzel message because they wanted to see Matt use the DPOV and shake things up.

      • why would they care evil dicks son sent him a message from outside the house nothing happened to him so i don’t think messages are frowned up on

    • actually the message just said matt. which could mean anything except kat told him so it was a waste

    • I didn’t think that was fair either! I recently found out they don’t get pen and paper to avoid note passing…. And he (brendan) even said that he wanted to know what she was thinking because he couldn’t make a decision (surprise surprise). And what do you know,,, he did what SHE wanted.

      Although I am secretly happy cause I CAN’T WAIT to see their faces tonight!!!

      Unfortunately, I think production may have more to do with the hamster cage then they would like us to think…..

  10. Does anyone know if Matt is allowed to vote if he uses the dpov. Usually bb does not let hgs who get to nominate (hoh, coup d’état) vote to evict. Also, since one of brendons moms were changed, does he get to play in the next hoh?

    • I’m wondering the same thing… Also, if Matt can’t vote and there’s a tie, who breaks the tie, Brendon or Matt?

    • Jake…. I don’t know for sure, but here’s what I think:
      I definitely think Matt can vote, just like a regular POV holder. You make a good point about someone who nominates usually doesn’t vote, but I think Matt will be able to. (seems like BB is handling his power more like a veto power than a nominating power)
      I do not think Brendon will be able to compete for HOH again. His power wasn’t completely usurped. Every week, the HOH’s noms can possibly be changed by the POV and I think BB is treating this one like another POV (as opposed to a Coup D’Etat).

  11. I am so glad that Rachel is gone, when she came back for 24 hours she entered the house her usual nasty self, when will she learn that she can’t keep being nasty to everyone and expect them to like her. I can’t wait to watch tonight when Matt reveals he has the golden veto and who he will pick to replace him, I hope it is Brendan, but I am not sure if he can because Brendan is HOH

  12. Matt cannot put up Brendon, because Brendon will get exactly what he wants (to be in the jury house with fire crotch-Rachel). I don’t really think at this point that Brendon cares about winning, he only wants to be with her-so they should keep him in the house.

    • I know that Matt can’t put up Brendon, but the houseguests should think about not voting him out if he should be on the block next week.

  13. I prayer that Brendon win BB. I’m sorry to all the people who don’t like him but he is trying his hardest since Rachel left.

      • Like Trish or I Torch :P… I think if he would have played with his head and she hadnt have gotten into it he would have been doing a lot better an this would have been the battle of Matt/Bren against the house LOL

    • Well, I sure didn’t like his antics (fake or not) over the past couple of weeks…. but I must say that his game has sure improved since Rachel left.
      Make you wonder what he could have done in the game without her…

      • How has his game improved since she left??? It seems to me he is still the little puppet whose strings are pulled by Rachel… She left a pretzel note saying Matt and he put up Matt. He clearly said on last nights show if he put up Matt it was for Rachel…. if he put up Brit it was for him b/c he doesnt trust her…. Looks like he is still playing Rach’s game to me! Let him join her in the JH ASAP!

      • He would have been dumb not to try and get that damn gremlin out. Its his competition, duh… It was his thoughts, Rachel’s thoughts and Hayden and Enzo’s thoughts. Too bad that liar will get to stay.

      • Why is it too late? He has been playing the game the entire show. Fighting to stay in the house counts for something. And if the HGs are smart (which they aren’t) they would keep him because you can trust his word plus he is great at competitions. But they are fixated on getting him out the house because they are playing personal and thats why Matt is going to pick them apart and win the whole damn thing.

  14. did anybody notice big brother tricked brendon into opening pd box on the pretense he would be seeing rachel, only to end up alone. that was cruel even for big brother hope he got something extra for that .

      • Karma is right! And yes, Production did trick him but the note did say “possibly” see Rachal. Well he did see Rachal on the monitor re-enacting Bo Derek from the movie 10!!!!

  15. I hope Matt I’m sure Matt will use Dpov to take self off and put Brittany. Up. Hell get rid of Brittany

  16. I love watching Britney in the DR. She makes me laugh. She is so mean it is funny. She is not someone I would like in reality, but she is by far my favorite in this semi-reality world of BB. For those of you who like “real” people, you will not find them on this show. It really is run like professional wrestling, It is scripted for the most part, but the competition is mostly real and the producers can do whatever they feel will get people to watch. And I think it was awesome that they tricked Brendan like they did. I laughed so hard watching him run around and whispering, “Rachel?, Rachel?” Wonderful.

  17. I’m having a little trouble figuring out Hayden this week.

    He seems to be dumping the Brigade to allign with Enzo and Brendon. Yes, I know Lane is still there, but it’s as if Hayden feels like… “Ok, the Brigade is done, so I’ll forget about Lane and stick with these other two.”

    I realize that alliances have to change throughout the game. But c’mon, man! Choosing to depend on one guy who’s got the biggest target on his back and could easily go home next week? And depending on Enzo??? Are you kidding? What an anchor that one is!

    • it is a smart move if you are sitting next to brendon at the end or on the block you would feel pretty good he just needs to hide the alliance

    • Last night he was discussing when to drop Brendan. Hayden’s a floater, so it all depends on who is HOH next week.

  18. There is a slight chance that someone other than Kathy is going home, only because Hayden/Enzo are telling Matt he is going home tonight. I’d like to see him put up floater Enzo.

    • Hayden and Enzo finally told Matt? Is that true? I hope so. It will give Matt time to think about things.

      • Last I heard Enzo/Hayden were going to tell Matt he is going home some time today. Matt has always played it safe, so I think he may put up Kathy regardless. But, maybe not since he will then know where he stands in the brigade hierarchy.

  19. I HAVE A QUESTION!!!!!!!!! I am relatively new to BB…SO…if DPOV is used, can Brendon compete in this weeks HOH comp as well?

  20. I would like to see britney win HOH this week. If Brendon plays his cards right then he may be saved by her for the upcoming week and we can finally see some brigade guys go home. (possibly 2 if theres a double eviction next week !)

    • If Britney wins HOH, she’ll put up Brendon for sure.
      She said that yesterday while sitting alone on the couch and talking to herself (America, family, and friends).

      • Why does everyone keep saying that Bredon’s HOH was a waste? He saved his self for a week, Put two Brigade members on the block thus causing a rift in between them. Now they are doubting their alliance and each other. Plus, he kept his word to that heifer that I can’t stand. He was a great HOH. Hopefully, Brit will go home. I beg the powers that be in the BB house to get that witch out!

  21. all messages are done the note with ink, just to bring up the ratings and Rachel comming back they get paid weekly maybe the week was not up have to earn money .

  22. I hope to see Britney and/orRagan go home!
    I was not so fond of Rachel and Brendon but they were not as low as Brit and Ragan. I have never seen two people talk such nasty personal things about other people.

      • And she repeated in their face! Brat talks sh*t all day but the only person she said something to was Brendon. If Rachel approached her, she wouldn’t say nothing cause that’s what punk a$$ girls do.

  23. For me it is really simple….if Matt plays the game the way he has been, Brittany will be going home… Bank on it!!!

    • reagan is to close to brit he thinks it is them three vs the house why would matt scatter that illusion

      • Matt is the most strategic player in the house…if he can’t get out Brendon he will get out the next most dangerous player left…Brittany

      • Depending on the “exit interview with Enzo and Hayden” today…I think Matt would think he has the Brigade’s support so it does make sense to send Brittany home.

      • i dont see it maybe you know something i dont but letting reagan know the alliance he thinks he is in is fake seems like a bad move i hope you are right i can’t stand brit just don’t see it

      • if kathy goes no enemies are made and he will be aligned with everyone but brendon brit goes reagan and kathy lose faith in their spot with him so i can’t see him doing that if he does he is not that smart

    • Matt has been the best this season at playing both sides…it is all going to come down to the convo with Enzo and Hayden…I can’t wait for the live show tonight.

  24. The ultimate punishment is being stuck in the Jury house alone with Rachel..I feel bad for whoever it is. Brendon man up and start playing the game for you and not for what you think Rachel would want…honestly how pathetic is he? Do you think she gave a crap about what he truly wanted…look where she is!

  25. next week is going to be a big week everyone will be scrambling the hoh will have to put someone up who trusted them it will be nutts how they react to the new pecking order

  26. Matt(BBN)… if this post is not “on topic”, please don’t hesitate to delete it immediately:

    When you order the “live feeds”, you get $10 in free music every month. I’m wondering if you lose it at the end of the month if you don’t download, or if it rolls over? (I have yet to download any)

    I need some song suggestions… any ideas?

  27. No one should have been safe with this DPOV not even HH that would have made it more interesting and a huge surprise…

  28. Now that Enzo and Haden are in an alliance with Brendon, I can barely stand to watch BRAD any more!!!!!! They say that they don’t know if they can trust Matt any more when really Matt should not trust them! I am so sick of Enzo and am quickly getting sick of Haden. And I will definitely stop watching if Brendon does not leave next week. He is such a huge pain. Right now, there are three girls left in the house—Brittany, Kathy, and Enzo. Enzo is all talk and no do. He competes worse than a girl, whether he is trying or not. And I am convinced that he is just too dumb and weak to win any competition. I wish that Matt and Lane could be the only two Brigade members to make it to the final four. Matt is absolutely right—he is carrying the other Brigade member and doing all the dirty work.

  29. i believe that Kathy should be leaving the big brother house and join Rachel in the jury house tonight

  30. i wonder if Matt will use the diamond power of veto and if regan will be going to see Rachel even though Regan last night won th regular power of veto.

    • Matt will use the dpov (he would have to in order not to go home). Regan cannot be nominated since he won the pov.

  31. Why does everyone keep saying that Bredon’s HOH was a waste? He saved his self for a week, Put two Brigade members on the block thus causing a rift in between them. Now they are doubting their alliance and each other. Plus, he kept his word to that heifer that I can’t stand. He was a great HOH. Hopefully, Brit will go home. I beg the powers that be in the BB house to get that witch out!

  32. My thoughts on Matt’s renomination:

    Brittney: Good strategic choice as she is a definite threat to win competitions. But she is probably his new alliance and she would definitely gun for him if he puts her up and by some miracle she doesn’t get evicted. But alliances won’t last long from now on.

    Kathy: Poor choice as she should be saved for a time when he may have to nominate a friend. She is no threat to win HOH or POV and it may earn him her vote if he is ever on the block again. This would be true for everyone and is why she may last a long time. But I would not want to be up against her in the final two as even though she wins nothing, she hasn’t made any real enemies.

    Enzo or Hayden: 50/50 on these guys, but Hayden is more of a threat to keep as he might actually win a competition and Enzo is more easily manipulated even if he does mouth off a lot.

    I think his smart move would be Brittney or Hayden, but I think the chicken-$h!t weasel will put Kathy up.

    • Getting out Brit would be the smartest because her or Ragan are going to win HOH. Yet if he gets rid of Brit, Ragan will become suspicious.

      So Adios Kathy, or Enzo if we’re lucky.

      • Unfortunately, I agree that he will take the third or fourth best choices.

        Brittney would be the smart move,but he is playing a strange game, not a smart one. To really do well, you have to take some risks. For the short term, Kathy is a no-risk choice and Enzo is a low-risk one.

        But if he chooses one of those, I would bet the farm that either Britney or Hayden will be the one to evict him.

  33. Here is what I would like to see… I would love for BB to ask America again who they would want for a second sabateur. For example, offer it to Enzo (if he doesn’t go home this week) since he is such a floater anyway. He would probably take the 20 or 15 grand and hopefully wreak better Sab havoc on the house than Regan did.

    Once Regan finds out that someone else in the house is also a Sab, it will be very amusing to see him freak out and act paranoid. Chenbot could always tell the HG’s next week that a second Sab was introduced into the house. Since there are so few HG’s left, maybe it will spice up what’s left of the season since so far it hasn’t been the greatest to watch. Better yet, she wouldn’t even have to tell them that there is a second Sab. Everyone other than Regan and the new Sab would think it was the same person causing trouble. I think it would be funny to see how Regan reacts.

      • Yeah I know that. I guess I worded my post wrong. I don’t think the HG’s know that the Sab’s run ends tonight, do they? Cuz if they don’t then a new Sab would be a fun twist.

  34. All I have to say is when Rachael came back into the house and Reagan told her she did not have any friends here. I could not believe Enzo said I am friends with everyone man. I mean come on 2 face. I wish Matt would put up Enzo!! And Enzo go home!!!!

    • Did I forget to mention that Reagan is the only one who had the guts to stand up to Rachael. Go Reagan.. But I really want ENZO TO GO HOME!!! SISSY is what he is!!!

    • This. He can only nominate Kathy because he doesnt want to burn any bridges. He puts up anyone else he becomes the biggest target.

      • I hope he puts Enzo up and stir things up a little, if he does that I think Hayden will see that Matt isn’t messing around anymore, but I also think that if he puts up Enzo and he goes home that everyone will think he is the Sab!

  35. Matts only choice is Kathy. If he draws first blood in the brigade he will lose 3 votes. If he puts up Britt she will not vote for him and he will piss off Ragan. Matt aint stupid he is thinking about the whole game.

    • I don’t think Ragan will be mad. He threw her under the bus when he went to talk to Brendon about nominations. All he cares about in the house is Matt.

  36. What I’m tired of seeing is the RECYCLED COMPETITIONS!! We have only seen 1 new one so far!
    Week 1:
    HOH: Hot Dog Challenge is a revision of Season’s 10’s “Bugging Out”.
    POV: Cinco de Mayonnaise is a revision of Season 11’s “Pop goes the Veto” competition.

    Week 2:
    HOH: Majority Rules competition is a revision of Season 10’s “Majority Rules” competition.
    POV: Big Brother Stockade is a revision of Season 10’s “Garden of Veto”.

    Week 3:
    HOH: “Hang Ten” is a revision of BB6’s “Wipeout” competition
    POV Counting Competition is a revision of Season 11, 10, and 9’s counting competitions

    Week 4:
    HOH: “BB Knockout” is a revision of one of Big Brother 11’s “Hit the Road”
    POV: “Wizards of Pinball” is a revision of Big Brother 11’s Golf, BB 10’s “Slapshot, BB9’s “Color of Veto” and BB8’s “Cutthroat Christmas”

    Week 5:
    HOH: “True Colors” is a revision of BB10’s “Living by the Edge”
    POV: Lover’s Lane

    Week 6:
    HOH: “Oh What A Tangled Web” is a revision of Season 7’s “I’m Knots about Veto” competition
    POV: ZingBot Competition is a combination of Season 9’s “Trapped in the Cage” and BB10’s “One Giant Leap” competition.

    • i am also tired off seeing the same competion but tonight hov is suppose to be a new triva can and i can’t wait too see who will win it

  37. The Meow Meow aint going no where….matt is gonna put up kathy cause that doesnt mess anything up with the lil gremlin alliance or the brigade…if ragan or britt win hoh matt dnt go up if the brigade wins hoh matt doesnt go up…but if he takes out a member from his alliances he will become a target…and he doesnt want that so kathy will be going to the jury house tonight…she doesnt deserve to go..she makes the sherrif precint she wrks for look so bad, shes so weak andd no strive to be the best

  38. Just a thought..its possible that bren could be in the hoh comp tonight if mat usea his dpov, last year when jeff used his power chima was back in the next hoh comp.

  39. but you gotta give it to matt…in hoh comps he dnt give up….everyone else can push them selves but there weak….i honestly feel in any comp i could win cause if u go with the attitude im not losing im a give it 100% every time up you could go to the end unless u get back doored

  40. it would be tight if julie say matt since you used the dpov u take the role of hoh and that means u cant compete in this hoh but brendon can….and then bredon wins and puts up ragan and britt and then backdoors matt….GRENADE!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. Hey everyone, bb is blacked out in my region tonight due to a football game. Is there anywhere I can watch it online at the same time it airs?

    • Kara… You must be in NY. I am not, so we only have a game on Fox tonight.

      I’m not sure what your options are but there is some information posted in post #6 that might help. (also post #2)

    • Last time there was football it was on channel 4 and channel 12 played BB. I almost missed it last time, but I kept flipping the stations.

      • Sunday… someone said BB was canceled and Golf was on. LOL!!! She missed it, if it’s not on at 8pmET it ain’t on ever.

        I almost told her they canceled the rest of the season for BB12 and gave the money to Rachel, cause she was the best player EVER in BB History.

  43. Brendon needs to grow some ….and play for himself, who cares what Rachel thinks, as if she would have given him and $$ if she won, that boy is whipped and a drama queen!

    • Rach messed up brens game by leaving that message.brit would be going home tonight if she didn’t leave it.

      • sean, it probably didn’t make a diff but it sure make it easier for Matt.

        though if he was taking someone off they’d owe him… so if Bren had put Brit up instead then Matty would have taken her off and maybe she would owe him.

        might have been more desirable scenario as far as Matt was concerned.

  44. i love Brendon. I feel so bad that’s he’s an outcast in the BB house. He can’t be all that bad either since when the HOH lock down occurred today he slept in the bathtub when he allowed others to sleep in his bed. (:


    • He has kept his word to people. He is straight up about his intentions. He doesn’t throw anyone under the bus. He even told Matt that if they were final 2 that he would ask the HGs to vote for Matt because he needs the money for his (fake) sick wife. And everybody hates him because??? So what he fell for her. Matt was a obvious choice. He is good at comps and would be gunning for him the entire time. Why wouldn’t he take the opportunity to get out his competition?

      • exactly. just because him and rachel are an item isn’t a good reason to be hating on the guy. he is a good guy, he makes diner for everyone, he cleans up their mess, and so on. it bugs me that everyone is nice to his face and then turn around to stab him in the back. i mean, you don’t have to be a backstabber to win BB.

      • EXACTLY…. He’s a DOORMAT so people walk all over him…. thats what happens to a doormat!! He needs to man up and quit whining like a little girl who lost her doll!!

      • Whining?! You must be talking about Ragina or The Brat! They are the only ones whining that why Rachel called him a biatch…Lol!! And if he is soooo weak than why is the whole house trying to get him out. They were intimated by him because they are weaklings. That’s how it is in the real world too. Weaklings try to tear you down because misery loves company. He is not a doormat, just a decent human being. Maybe the rest of the HGs should take notes and stop being such nasty a-holes.

  45. im going for brendon, enzo, hayden, and lane final four, then final 2 brendon and hayden….but yea brendon is a softy and looks like he wants to be part of the crowd always tryin to make jokes but noone laughs i feel for him but he needs to say eff that im play for himself and really turn over hayden and enzo to his side and hell go far

      • Matt cannot get evicted because he has the Diamond Veto. He will save himself tonight and probably nominate Kathy. By doing this he can keep both of hia alliances in tact.

      • I don’t really think the Brigade is with him either way. They’ll see he had the power and probably get intimidated.

    • Final Four For Me: Matt Brittany Hayden Enzo/Kathy (whoever survives this week)

      Final Two: Brit and Enzo/Kathy so Brit can win. ;)

    • Final two for me is Brendon/Matt. I can’t stand Matt but he has put his self out there to really play the game and if Brendon makes it to final two, he has fought his way the entire game and deserves to win.

      • I agree with you. There is no way Matt does not make it to Final Two. I think Matt’s lie will have lasting effects. Future BB shows will have HGs saying all kinds of things about their families. Matt really crossed the line and that is why I hate him.

      • I agree with your final 2. Even though Matt has told a nasty lie, I do remember another HG on another BB telling some horrible lie about his “sick” grandmother. I am not sure that the current HGs are even thinking about Matt’s problems and if Matt was really worried about her, he would be talking about her all of the time, and he isn’t.

      • i understand they havent won anything but i dnt like ragan, britt, or matt so i just want to see brendon safe he truly is the only one thats been fighting in the house, i like going for the underdog

      • Hey Torch. I totally agree with you. The big powerful “brigade”, lol. Only one of them can win a comp. ( except for Hayden- why did he win again? Oh because he came across a giant weiner LAST. lol

    • I’m not sure I want Matt to go the distance. But Hayden and Enzo can’t win nothing. I think they should form an alliance with Kathy and call it the “Three Stooges”.

  46. Just got to watch the vito episode and it was so hilariously funny i just felt i needed to share. Even if it is a little late.

    That ZingBot was Zingeriffic! i just wish it would have pulled out a few more zinngers! Stupid “Meow Meow” HAHAHAHAHA

    Ragan crying the entire episode was obnoxious and the fact that he thinks Matt is a stand up guy is the stupidest assessment of a person anyone could make. Matt straight up acts like an arrogant ass to everyone, even Regan. Matt acts like the Golden child of BB, can’t wait for him to leave.

    Poor Brenchel they were separated!
    Regan is such an Asshole, he said some mean NASTY EVIL STUFF! He needs to leave! Rachel is over the top, speaks her mind, and Is loud. Deal with it Regan!
    Regan what a vial nasty Bitch! Rachel was right.

    The only good people left in the house are Brendon and Britt!

    Britt and Rachel should have teamed up, they act alike!

    Thanks for reading my late post.

    • Although I think you cant condemn Ragan without doing the same to Rachel (and vice-versa), I am truly surprised. You are probably the only person who has Brittany AND Brendon in their top two. :o It’s usually love one, hate the other.

      • They make the house entertaining. Gotta love them.

        Even Ragen is entertaining, but he is too much. Does Ragen not realize that Matt is a supposed married man?
        but i did read a post where Matt told Britt he was talking with Ragen abot “The Butt Stuff” so who knows.

        When Matt was HOH they did sleep in the same bed EVERY night.

        little off topic but worth mentioning.

        Bren and Britt get along please.
        Britt will have no one on her side soon.

    • Ok Ragan was not the only one that made some nasty commets….look how Rachel treated him when she came stomping thur the door! I think Rachel was a good player but so glad that she is out of there!

      • It did not start out bad and i am sure Rachel was looking to make some waves.
        Ragen was PMSing and flipped out. Britt does not like Rachel but she has a brain not to pick fights with a jury member. Both said some mean things but Ragen and his mocking and dirty comments about Rachel’s looks! Regan is the one without class! He can barley do his job as the SAB! He was so boring and then when he got veto and knew he would get the money he starts throwing GRENADES.

      • But it was ok for her to call him out about his sexuality? So tell me please that she had a lot of class on that one! Because I am pretty sure that was low and just plain out being a bitch!

      • …….and yes Ragan also was saying things about her her fake boobs and hair but seriously someone needed to say soemthing about that……I mean she puts them all out there!

      • Okay, no one said Rachel was right in mocking his sexuality. It’s always the Ragan fans that pull that out because precious Ragan is a diamond that got pressured into a coal.

      • Commenting on someone’s sexuality is FINE! She was not negative or being a bigot. He is GAY and a bitchy GAY guy at that. No one cares! Everyone throws around the race card or the gay card as defense. I don’t care when people comment to me about things of that nature. He is making the fine upstanding gay guys of the world look like BIG BITCHY QUEENS!
        Rachel was there to be DRAMAliciouse! IF you start talking about personal things like appearance and personality! That’s when you have no class. Regan should look in the mirror once in a while, he ain’t so hot himself!

      • By any means I am not a Ragan fan at all, just something about him I dont care for, but I also was not a Rachel fan, do I think she played the game good, Yes I do, kind of wish she was still in the game just wish she would have went about her methods a little be better. Everyone makes her out to be the most perfect player and my opinion is that nope sorry she is not and will never be the best player ever!

      • Agreed Rachel played badly! Attaching herself to Brendon so openly was her downfall. If there is one thing i have learned it’s to keep your alliances secret. The brigade SUCKS but they are making it.
        I agree Regan is a whiner and that the problem and pining over Matt….. Give me a break but to each his own

      • The brigade did do an amazing job keeping everything a secret…if Bren and Rach could have done that then they could have made it to final 4 and possibly final 2! but for obivious reasons they didnt keep that a secret!

      • OMG rachel came thru the door and said “Hi Bitch’s I’m back, OMG the world might end, Please tell how you would come thru the door after you saw thier goodbye speeches?

      • BrenchelSupporter – Do you watch the live feeds at all? Or bbad? Rachel and Brenden (brendon, however its spelled) have been doing nothing BUT spewing crap from day one. Ragean and Brit are finally standing up for themselves, good for them. Everyone else has been meow meowing around them knowing that they need the votes and not saying anything. If you watch the feeds, you see Enzo a.k.a. Gonzo, Kathy, Matt, hayden etc… all talk the same talk as Raegan, they just do it quietly so they can kiss butt till the end of their stay.

        Rachel is a horriable person. That is why she stood there and took it, she could not dispute anything he said, it was all true. Brit had JUST told her that Ragean was a have not, and she went straight to him with the “ooey gooey cookie dough”, wtf was he supposed to do. She asked for it. The things she said while there, then leaving the pretzle note, I hope they kicked her out and the person who arrives at the jury house this week see’s that she was kicked out of the game for cheating.

      • Jennifer, I’m a Brit fan, but I’ll say that Brit is up there with them. She once said that she hopes Brendan would be blinded by sizzling oil from bacon.

        As for Ragan, him and Brenda spew crap and then play the high horse card. That alone, makes me prefer the girls over those two.

  47. Watching Brendon trying to quiz the two bafoons, Enzo and Hayden, is like taking your nail down a blackboard. These two could care less. I think they are the two biggest floaters ever in BB history. I bet you anything, one of them wins HOH tonight by sheer luck, because as everyone knows, they would prefer to throw every competition. I have become really disappointed with Hayden. Enzo is nothing but a slob. Brendon tries everything possible to get everyone to do what he wants, trashes Britney, I am really starting to believe this Hayden-Enzo-Brendon trio. Can’t wait for tonight’s show. The way Brendon trash talks Britney, saying what kind of horrible person she is, and he likes Rachel, are you kidding me? I can’t stand these three anymore. GO AWAY!

    • It was even dumber when he told no matter how much older someone is, you should respect your elders….a couple of days after calling Matt (his elder) a midget.

      • Matt needs to go! does anyone wonder what Matt touches after he fondles himself, in front of everyone, ALL DAY LONG!

      • The other HG need to call him out on such a disgusting habit. I love a good ball handling as much as the next guy.
        But all the time and then who knows that he touches! DISGUSTING!
        NO WONDER ragen spends all his time will Matt the chronic crotch fondler

      • Matt just sticks his hand in his pants…. he is not fondeling his junk! Enzo is the one who is constantly playing with himself… On BBAD last night he was totally grabbing it and flinging it around!! Yuck, at least Matt just rests his hand in the waistband of his pants

      • Yeah, on BBAD Enzo said “I just jacked off twice here” while laying in the yard beside Lane/Hayden. To make matters worse, the camera zoomed in constantly.

      • Gross… Can’t they try to have a little self control while they are there? Guess Matt ain’t the worst of them. Yikes

    • Brit is evil, why wouldn’t bren trash talk brit, she totally backstabbed his girl, she is so fake.

    • AMEN! Thank you for writing that! I was beginning to think I was the only person here who remembered from DAY 1 how horriable Brenchel has been. And now Brenden has them all eating out of his little hands. I used to like Enzo and Hayden, but not anymore. I hope Matt uses it and everyone kicks Enzo out. Matt carried the brigade, then they stabbed him in the back. I think Layne is totally confused and hope he, Matt, Brit and Ragen make it to the final 4. I am still on the fence about kathy.

  48. britt needs to go i use to like ragan until the girl came out of him and he started talkin mess bout everyone…and rachel needed to go….yes she was a good competitor but she bad mouth everyone and bullied ppl u cant do tht in the bb house cause it will come back to you…and britt is soooooo hottt but she has to go shes two-faced and needs to get whats coming to her

  49. i can agree that Britt and Rachel are alot alike.
    Britt is just more backstabbing about it.

    Everyone loves a good Bitchy woman and i love me some Rachel and Britt

    • That’s what I’m trying to get people to understand, bitches run the ratings. I don’t like the male bitches (Brenda and Ragina) though.

      • I agree. Although Ragina did put up a good CAT fight.
        Rachel was expected to stir things up and that’s exactly what she did.
        We were all lucky Brenda got whisked away.
        For the Love of God next HOH open pandoras box and get Rachel back for 48 hours.

  50. matt can’t put up kathy tonight. who’s doing to do all the laundry, folding the clothes, washing the dishes…? the house needs the maid. whose doing to do all the work once she leaves?

  51. What’s with all of the picking and scratching that Britney does … her hair, her teeth, her face, her fingers, her lip, her nose … and what is she picking off of her knees all the time?

    • I love Britney, but, I agree, that picking she does all the time is really irritating to watch. These HG’s have some bad habits, don’t they, Matt fondles himself, Britney picks at herself, Enzo plays with himself, he was really going at it on BBAD last night.
      Brendon picks his nose alot, Kathy just sits and stares 95% of the time, they are pretty good entertainment!

  52. @BrenchelSupporter, Matt can fondle himself all he wants, that has nothing to do with the game, just a very bad habit. Just hope he washes his hands after.

    • HAHAHAHA!!!! I know, but i don’t understand why the HG don’t mention it? he can’t wash his hands all the time.
      It is a social game so playing with yourself is not the best strategy LOL

      • I see Gonzo playing with his “junk” a lot on the feeds too. same with bbad. it’s gross, but after awhile, I think you forget the cameras are on! The other night Hayden was making some noises when everyone else was asleep… i swear he was pulling a “Stiffler” (American Pie) moment!

    • AMEN! We can only hope that Matt does it, but I really don’t think he will. Think it will be Kathy, I am just waiting for the expression on Brendon’s face tonight! It will be priceless!!

      • I hope that Kathy will not have be put on the block this week so that Matt will not put up Enzo, Hayden, Lane. I’m not even sure if Matt will put up Britney tonight. I would feel so sad to see Kathy go tonight.

  53. I really think Matt will put up Kathy who will be evicted. Then it will be a free-for-all. If you think there has been back-stabbing, you ain’t seen nothin yet. It will be flip flop city. I think it’s wide open for anyone. Whoever wins the comps from here on will be the ones to advance. No more floating.

  54. I kinda think the Sabo thing is played out. Sabo’s been proven to be a liar so who cares what it does or says – I don’t understand. Whether you like it or not, I have to agree with Brendon that, so what is this one or that one is the Sabo? There are bigger threats to focus on. Sabo lies are just a distraction. If the hgs ignored the Sabo crap, it’d go away.

  55. To: BBN Matt…

    Matt, you and your website just rock!
    We blog here almost ’round the clock.
    But no one should post
    The question we hate most:
    “Can HOH be put on the block?”

  56. Brenden’s going on the block next week and hopefully when he loses POV challenge Big Brother will make him walk around in a Neanderthal suit…Yeah

      • LMAO BrenchelSupporter! I think I just pee’d a little! :) You just switched me to your team! LOL

    • Before you open your mouth, first you need to look up both words, and you will see that both are right.

      • @Chris
        no maliciousness was intended. Brenda made a point of saying it that way the other day. Calm Down! LOL = signifies a joke
        i ain’t no English major or chemist for that matter

  57. No WAY
    there is no way!
    if the final comes down to those two
    HAYDEN would WIN

    Rachel – Hates ragen! Vote for Hay
    Brenda – Does whatever Rachel says. Hay +1
    Enzo – Brigade and does not like Regan and Matt’s relationship. Hay +1
    Lane – Brigade! Hay +1
    Britt – Ok it’s a give in. Rag +1
    Matt – His stinky sweaty ball hands will vote for his BB boyfriend Rag +1
    Kathy – Probably wont vote at all. She will fail to do that too.

    Hay with 4 Votes
    Rag with 2

    no hope for Ragen! Good theory but not thought out very well. It is a game a regan is playing it badly. He got the Sab money, best he could hope for.

  58. why does brit keep reminding everyone its her birthday on monday…

    since rachel left, brendon hasn’t done anything or said anything to anyone, aside from the first night when he won HOH….why do they continue to talk shit about him…
    making fun of him vacuuming and cleaning, wearing the bandana, kind of feel sorry for him because no one does wnat to be around him, all because of rachel…

    • It is a bad strategy to attach yourself to someone else. You will always be a big target. The hate on brendon will die down and the player will focus on each other. They might want to take Brendon to the finals because they can easily win against him. Love me some Brenchel but it’s the truth.

  59. BB fans: Does Britney have a large rose tattoo on the back of her right shoulder?

    I have found a girl in a pre-BB movie that looks an awful lot like her.

  60. One difference between Rachel, Brittany & Ragan is that Rachel is a drama queen so it’s her nature to bring the drama and spice things up. Brittany & Ragan are just hateful people. Rachel’s comments were out of frustration and anger, not just to be mean and hateful. Brittany & Ragan have some very obvious mental issues that I’m sure some proper therapy would help. Brittany is a nasty little bitch.

    • Oh and I am sure Ragan was not upset OR frustrated at all when he got into it with Rachel… He and Brit are just soooo EVIL to poor pitiful Brenchel!!!

      • I’m sure Ragan was upset and frustrated when he got into it with Rachel. You forgot to add hateful in the way he delivered his comments. I also agree with you about he and Brit being sooo evil…and not just to Brenchel. Brit thinks she is God’s gift to the world and spends her time tearing down anyone who doesn’t see or treat her that way. It’s a shame she doesn’t have any inner beauty to match her outside appearance.

    • ragan mopped the floor with rachel (TWICE!) when she came back in the house – and i TOTALLY ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.
      wtg ragan – for putting that bitch in her place.

      on another note:
      what we DIDN’T see on last night’s show was the apology session between rachel & ragan – why not CBS? – no ratings in that i suppose.
      but anyway – the two were actually on ‘speaking terms’ when rachel left the house.

      • Yeah but he said I think to a couple of the HG’s that the apology was not sincere but he tried to calm the situation by talking to her..

    • Really, you can’t honestly believe all that hype. I really like Ragan, and wish he would have controlled himself more when he was ATTACKED by Boobzilla, but however, emotions were running high. Boobzilla deserved what she got because she has “bragged” about herself from the beginning. If she is going to put out, then she better be able to take it. She has been rude to and fought with most house members when she doesn’t get her way. Hopefully, she will grow up and mature after this season. Life is more than just attacking people and then asking for forgiveness.

      • At least she is woman enough to apologize and has a conscience that has her ask for forgiveness, unlike Ragan & Brit. She also isn’t afraid to tell people what she thinks. Again, unlike the other two who take great pleasure out of making fun of people behind their backs.

      • Nancy….Britney is nothing more a disgusting bitch..and will never be anything but that….btw $500.00 says 12 months from she will NOT be married to this Nick guy.

      • nancy,
        we we watching the same show?
        because on the one I saw, rachel started the whole dam thing – not ONCE – but TWICE.

        her apology? – nothing genuine about it. if you were following the live feeds, you would know that she went to ragan IMMEDIATELY AFTER she had been called to the DR. my guess is she got her butt chewed out by production because of her ‘gay’ slams against ragan, and they told her to get out there and apologize.
        NO WAY did she do that on her own – rachel would never own up to saying/doing anything wrong without someone forcing her.

      • nancy,
        we we watching the same show?
        because on the one I saw, rachel started the whole dam thing – not ONCE – but TWICE.

        her apology? – nothing genuine about it. if you were following the action online, you saw that she went to ragan IMMEDIATELY AFTER she had been called to the DR. my guess is she got her butt chewed out by production because of her ‘gay’ slams against ragan, and they told her to get out there and apologize.
        NO WAY did she do that on her own – rachel would never own up to saying/doing anything wrong without someone forcing her.

    • nancy, nancy, nancy… never-mind it’s really not worth the time to straighten out everything you said.

      • Trish, in your opinion. read the comments, the majority support my stance, notice CT’s post he’s right on.

        here’s reality, Ragan was correct when he said Rach was the common denominator in all the drama in the house.

        Rach attacks everyone, even Kathy, she’s a vile person… $10 says this gal has NO GIRLFRIENDS, she apparently has no social skills except to find a gullible male (Brendon in this case), hook’em, land’em, use’em… need I go on?

        If she does not have some form of mental illness, if living or watching the dvd’s of BB12 it doesn’t wake her up to get help, I hope someone convinces her to get some.

        I’m really thinking she could be okay if she can get out of Rachel’s World and learn to love someone and not love to use someone.

        Sorry I haven’t seen Brit or Ragan do that, I have seen Ragan reach his breaking point with Rach at least twice and though I do not condone him I will say Rach got everything she deserved.

      • and that’s why my “nancy, nancy…” msg was so vague… just didn’t want to get to the raw truth.

        so Trish actually the truth i see does hurt… Rach is a human being, I hate seeing someone live their life that way… have you noticed how she gets so excited about the tequila?

        she NEEDS that substance to function and to THINK she’s okay and be a fun person and a person that gives the appearance she has fun.

        It’s sad… and I feel sad for her, she’s a TAKER and not a GIVER.

  61. @ rico

    Rico must be getting Mad
    To think it’s kind of Sad
    All day they ask, ask, Ask
    The same question, it’s a blast

    Can Matt put up the HOH
    Can Matt put up the HOH
    Rico keeps saying No, No, No,
    The Hoh can’t Go

    But to no aveil
    It makes you want to yell
    Rico keeps saying he’s Safe
    But the same question keeps smacking him in the face

    At night when he try’s to Dream
    Rico wakes up with a Sceam
    With sweat running down his face
    Rico hears, Can Matt put the HOH

  62. If Matt doesn’t realize that DUH BOOR-GADE has turned on him, he’ll probably put Kathy up (indicating how clueless the HG’s have been this whole season). Why would he break-up his back-up alliance by throwing Brit-pick-her-knee up? Really wish he could find out that No-Brain-zo and Look-at-my-Hayr-den are planning to throw him under the bus… That is probably not to be, since the one thing DUH BOOR-GADERS have done so well this season is to keep their secrets… A lesson for future seasons’ HGs…

    • No, I want matt to put kathy, that will make enzo and company really believe that matt is going over to britney and ragan to take them out, So matt and ragan or britney will be the finale 2, So if matt puts up kathy, I see enzo, hayden and lane going over to brendon’s side. If matt is smart he would put up britney, we shall see tonight!

      • I don’t follow your reasoning… Rather than alienating DUH BOOR-GADE, anyone that Matt backdoors, allowing all four BOOR-GADE players to stay in the game, would tend to make the other three think their alliance is intact… (More fools they, since Matt is really playing for número uno, and his poor “sick” wife,of course…) Anyway, tonight’s show should go down in BB history!

    • I remember, Season 4
      The X-Factor
      im watching all the back seasons and it just so happens i am at season 4.
      So no one ruin it and tell me what happens. I’m watching all the way from INDONESIA

    • Have not got to the All-Stars yet but it’s on my list.
      I thought you were going home the first week in BB4
      well i better not ruin things by talking to much about past seasons. Looking forward to watching and seeing more you. Seems like you did well.

    • Oh, are we talking about the REAL Erika Landin?? Yeah, sure we remember her…. I thought were were talking about the obvious fake wannabe Erika posting these messages.

    • Last I heard, they are going to tell him before the show tonight. The reason they will tell him (last I heard) was that they can’t beat Matt; he’s too strong a competitor. Guess showing mad props they think. Gonna be awe-some when the DPOV gets whipped out!!!

      • oh man i wish we get see matt’s reaction to when they tell him. and then theirs when he vetos their thoughts

    • No matt talked so much about a special power that hayden now believe’s that matt has it, and told enzo not to say anything to matt that would give tham away.

      • Thanks for the update. Any chance that Matt will flat out ask them for a definitive answer – make them fess up?

      • dang it. if matt would have been told i would see him putting up enzo…but now i think its gonna be kathy since they think she’s the sabotuer.

      • nope, he alreadly knows he taking himself off, No need to ask, Matt is so smart (So he say’s) that he thinks that he has everything going his way, I don’t think that he believes that the ber-egg would turn on him, not all of them anyway, He thinks he has the ber-egg and ragan, and britney all tied up and on his side.

    • Matty knows doesn’t matter if Enzo/Hayden come out and REALLY tells him or not.

      The move of the Season is going to happen tonight… if not Matt’s gone next week, well maybe not next week because a Brigade bro would have to win HoH.

      I’m sticking with the Brigade is blown-up, Enzo or Hayden walks out the door to be with the she-devil alone for a week and odds are Ragan wins HoH, he wants it bad… did he promise Bren anything, I can’t remember.

      Nope, bye-bye Bren and if he did then bye-bye Bren. LOL!!!

      I think Brit PROMISED not to put up Bren or back-door him and if she wins I thinks she already said bye-bye Bren – I don’t think she’ll live-up to that.

      • I think Matt’s best chance to win the game is to keep Brendon (as a target)
        in the game until the end….Why????

        B/C Bren will only get 1 vote!!!

        Think about it.

    • Torch that is so funny and true. If that were the real whoever she says she is then why be on here advertising herself? Nothing better to do? LOL

  63. Matt, is in the best state, to win this year…

    He has 2 alliances and the rest of the house is to stupid to figure things out….

    Were did they get this years players….They need to find another barrel…..

    • Well not everybody is stupid. Hayden is suspicious of Matt’s power (and warned Enzo) because Matt got too arrogant.

      • Enzo/Hayden may protect themselves today but maybe Matt will still opt for Brit since the Brigade agrees she has to go.

  64. Please ..Regan is taking this crying jag toooo far…Matt is not dead…Regan is being so stupid and he will look even more idiotic tonite..Dam just up Regan..Or Production keep him off camera ..please..

  65. Hi every one hope y’all are having a good day :)

    Bye Bye Britt I reckon ya don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!!!!
    Are is this just wishful thinking on my part??

      • I know Deb I want her out so bad or at least even a member of the brigade but I have a gut feeling MATT is going to put up Kathy and the rest is lame after that…Oh well I am going to keep the faith that its Britney going to the jury tonight!!!

  66. Big Brother ,please talk about production because this seasons show is a flop. Fire the casting director and lets move ahead to next year. Does anyone actually care who will win the money? It’s always the same old stuff everyday….drama,back stabbing,lies,crying, and YO….stupidity.

    • I think I love to hate them all…lol
      It is a wacky cast but it sure is fun to watch all these idiots…lol

      • I could care less right now about NEXT SEASON..I have having a hell of a time getting through this one.. Please one season at a time..

    • I think if they started off by keeping: Matt, Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Kristen, Brittany and Rachel but had replaced Brendan, Ragan, Kathy, Annie, Andrew and Monet, we would have a better season.

  67. I love Matt and he needs to get rid of the cocky floaters Enzo and haydon, and battle it out with the emtionally unstable Brendon!!! Go Matt, Ragen and Brittney!!!

    • You could have just said Matt’s the best gameplayer- I might’ve agreed with that.

      Coolest, manliest and real man? I don’t like bringing it up, but his lie sure seems like something a real man would do. As for coolest- I guess talking to people in his jammies while his hand is down his pants is what’s cool these days.

  68. matt’s gettin’ prepared!
    omg – it’s gonna be AWESOME :)

    1:49 PM matt is making sure the outline isnt too bad of the diamond pov in the jeans hes wearing tonight.

  69. I remember you Erika. You used to rock the bikini. Boogie was pretty cruel to you in the end. You played the game well, but your shomance turned into a faux-mance. :)

  70. Rachel is the moost hateful , dillusional charactor ever to come to big brother, and she’s uglier than she knows! ragen and britney just don’t like bullies neither do I!! Bredon is a simpleton and He needs to go home take his meds. Britney is spicy and knows how to play the game.Mattis the only man in the house!!

    • Yes I agree Matt is the best player this season …He has out smarted the thinkers(Rachel-Brenden) and out performed the jocks(Lane-Enzo-Hayden)


    am i the only that notices how much brendon PICKS HIS NOSE?
    and rolls the boogers up in his fingers??
    and then DOESN’T wash his hands???

    he’s NASTY….

      • CT that don’t sound like something “Torch” would say..but I could be wrong…u never know in a forum who u talking to

      • its me graves i’m in a bad mood and too many asking the same stupid question that has been answered over 300 times this week

      • That reply came from “Torch” lol..I got cha drift .if people would read the post or watch more than one episode of the show..maybe we would’nt have to go through so many of the same post with the same questions to get to a new one..that does get tiresome..

      • CHEER UP torch!

        in an hour from now, everyone will KNOW that matt CANNOT NOMINATE the HOH :)

        (then we can move on to the next obnoxious question) lol

    • Yeah I might love Brendon but that is disgusting. How about Matt and his hands in his pants? I saw him once sniff his hands……ewwwwwwwwwwwww. And Brit with her picking at herself…..and Kathy who is suppose to survived cancer but smokes like a Chimney….and Enzo with is smack eating……and Hayden……nah he is cool and Lane and his doofus attitude……Ragan and his poor me crying…….

  72. Erika, I agree with you completely. Just as long as Bozo, Boobzilla and Brenda don’t win, that is all I ask. Boobzilla is a psycho women who can give, but not take. Except in her line of work.

  73. I believe this is really THE Erika. Why would someone pretend to be someone from 4 years ago? Call me a sap, but I believe it.

    • Just in case it is the real Erika, I just want to see if she ever uses the term “faux-mance” on TV. :)

    • people post on here all the time using phoney ailases..not to mention using the names of actual posters so that can make off the wall comments appear to come from some of us..

    • OK, I’m an idiot. It just seemed too far-fetched to use such an obscure character as an alias. If it was Janelle, Boogie, Evel Dick or Dr. Will, I wouldn’t have believed it.

  74. Well, Erika… I guess I was wrong. If all these celebrities know you, you must be the real deal. My apologies…

  75. There has got to be a behind the scenes Production thing concerning Kathy that allowed her to be on the show…She (of course) fell off the beam first in the veto comp. She has shown no cordination or strong physical abilities. Could she be some kind of contestant that gets xtra bucks the longer she manages to stay in the house?? She simply does not belong on BB.. She does not fit in and her actions make her appear sooo out of place..I don’t get it ..there has got be something more to Kathy’s “no game play” stauts…I still think she may be raising money for the Cancer Society in that CBS will match her stipend and donate to the ACS…SOMETHING JUST DON’T FIT WITH HER BEING THERE…and this month or next is Cancer Awareness Month..

      • fly you know how eviction is going to go tonight? do they have all house guests pack there bag’s or are they just playing it off like matt and lane are up on the block?

    • AND… in support of your conspiracy theory (luv those)… all she EVER cared about is making it to the jury house. Now she will just coast by (not that she hasn’t). Luvd Brit’s comment “oh, NOW you’re going to take your time”.

      Let’s make a deal okay,,, I jump off and be the have not for the week. Okay,, deal.


      • Don’t know where u got conspiracy theory..But if wanna use the term u go ahead… I’m just making observations and guesses like everybody else as to what if or why ?? Also she “is” gonna make it to the jury house eventually NO DOUBT THERE..

  76. I think that Rachel and Ragen are the two friends prior to entering the house. I think all of the yelling and stuff is just a gimmick

    • I hope one of my “friends” never comes at me like those 2 went at each other..Cause me or my “friend” one would be feeling some pain..bad pain..

      • i think thw whole friends thing was just a lie i think cbs would have already let veiwers in on it dont you think?

      • I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the house was filled with couples. Maybe that is why Kathy is still in the house…she could be Brit’s mom.

    • That could very well be… I kinda noticed Rachel and Ragan almost laughing during their argument….Just Saying!!!!!!!

  77. anyone know ow eviction is going to go tonight? do they have all house guests pack there bag’s or are they just playing it off like matt and lane are up on the block?

    • the other houseguest wont know about it if its not lane going tonight than who ever leaves will get there things later by having whos left get it togather! I think!

      • i thought they would have everyone pack last night like it’s going to be a double evictions, but they didn’t

    • Pretty sure they will do it like any other suprise evictions and just have production pack them later. otherwise they would know something was up.

    • Erika, i was really rooting for you to win… maybe we can get together sometime… what’s your filing status?

      are you still the great looking / intelligent gal that played BB?

  78. I really hope Enzo doesn’t make it to the final 2, I think he throws the comps on purpose, I mean I don’t think he’s really tried in any competition.

  79. I would so love for enzo to convince matt that they were voting lane out. Knowing his ego about his brain and game he would think its no one has to know about dpov

  80. I think there should be a big brother couples with J&J B&R and even the exes the one who didn’t work out..that would be fun to watch!! :)

  81. Remeber on Wednesday epsidoe when Rachel coems into the HOH room and writes “matt” on the table. When Kathy locked the room and left she should have done:
    Pretend to lock the door then secretly go the HOH room Then erase what rachel wrote and write a strong player like hayden. Then leave the room. Then Brendon would assume rachel wrote hayden so he puts up hayden for nomination.


    But we all know Kathy is not smart enough to do this. Oh well…

  82. The other useless players would be a tie for Hayden, Enzo, Cathy, and Lane. Brendon is semi useless, but he wins the comp. I’m not sure I want Matt to win, but he can play the game better than most of the rest of them.

  83. feeds are up and it looks like enzo and hayden told matt they are voting to keep lane so look for either enzo or hayden to go up

    • is matt talkin about it, or how do you figure that?? i dont have feeds, thats why i ask…not to be rude.

    • Wow! Bad move. They shouldn’t have done that. Maybe they were trying to get his Jury vote by being honest, but they jumped the gun. Maybe Kathy escapes again. If so, she is the luckiest player in BB history.

  84. If Matt truly wants to win the money, he needs to keep Kathy and Brendon in the game.

    Not a big fan of Matt’s but he knows he cannot win vs Enzo/Hayden. And I don’t think he can beat Ragan head to head in quiz.

    After this week, Matt needs to use Brigade to get rid of Ragan…that is his biggest threat!!!!!!!

  85. That would be an awesome cast, however, I would love to see Brendon on there, too. I have a feeling that Brendon and Evel Dick would clash. Brendon doesn’t seem like Dick’s kind of guy.

    I also think that it would be fun to have Rachel and Natalie (coffee shop bikini girl from a couple seasons ago) on there together. They would vie for the “Ho” award.

  86. omg hope that matt puts brittney and enzo up and he gets 2 send both of them home. If he could choose to put ragan back up I wish he would send them all home this week they make me sick brendon and matt are the only ones playing the game in the househope they go 2 the end brendon has my vote at least he didnt lie about a family member sick and needs the money 4 them shame on mattt he reminds me of johnny fair play on survivor who is the most hated reality star in t.v.

  87. Why not have Adam and Matt (season 9) from their prison cells included. They could speak to the damage done of dealing drugs from their winnings!!!!!!!

    • i wonder how many times matt went into the dr to ask that question…to only get the same answer…no

  88. Hay CT how ya doing, Did you hear, that BB is going to bring back rachel so they can have a double eviction, I can’t wait until they spring it on the other HG’s, It’s going to be great.


      omg – are you f*ckin’ kidding me??

      rachel IS NOT coming back for the double eviction —– is she???

      dam. what’s it gonna take to get that ho out of this house PERMANENTLY…????

      i woke up this morning – all excited – thinking this was going to be an AWESOME nite of BB fun. but with matt’s HUGELY disappointing veto use – and now THIS? – it’s turned out to be a HORRIBLE nite! :(

    • thats a dumb list. where is rachel? and why in the hell would jeff and jordan even be invited to all-stars? they werent good tv. they were boring and jeff couldnt even hang.

      and jordan floated through 97% of the game.

      even though i hate rachel, put her in their. put in russell/lyida/natalie.

      actually put in lydia and natalie because they hate each other and almost got in a fight after the show. (youtube it)

      put in both donato’s.

      put in PARKER. he got screwed cuz of that bitch jenn. then u got urself a ALL-STAR cast.

  89. OMG Enzo just told Matt he was going to vote MAtt out. MAtt is furious. He is telling everybody about the brigade. He say if its the last thing he will do is to take out all other members of the brigade.

    • Drake was that on LF? Can’t believe Enzo, Hayden told not to say anything about that, OMG is Enzo stupid. Now adds a twisst to everything, All I got to say about that is bye bye Enzo, can’t to see your face.

  90. Due to Matts secret power will they have all that can be eliminated pack their bags? What will happen when Matt uses the veto on himself and replaces with Kathy and her bags are not packed.

  91. Ragan and Brendan aren’t smart or outlandish enough to make an All Stars. Not even my fav, Britney. Rachel can though. Also Erika, we definitely think differently, cause I would take out Memphis (for Renny), take out Ryan (for Natalie “Matty” :P ) and switch out Drew for Nakomis.

    Natalie is a must, though. She’s crazy/annoying but you just have to love her for carrying a torch like that. <3 (I'm a twenty year old guy, so using a heart is rare and for special occasions.)

  92. enzo didnt tell matt. i wont believe it till i see it or matt writes it.

    enzo didnt tell him all day, and was in the shower saying to kathy he might have a special power.
    and with hayden being cautious (little does he know the SMART move) enzo didnt say anything.

    hopefully kathy goes home.

    britney is too good of a player and fun person to watch to go home although since she is a good player i would be trying to send her home.

    lets make the game interesting. let the players play. KATHY GET THE FUGG OUT!!! oh and clean dishes before u get evicted chump

  93. Kathy dear put on some extra mascara cuz you will be in the spotlight tonight, you are going home.

  94. Bye, Bye Enzo goodbye
    Can’t wait to see ya cry
    Hayden told you to not say a word
    But someting you must have held

    Now Matt willput you up in his place
    Can’t wait to see your face
    Matt will wave bye, bye
    Hayden will sau I tried

    Now Enzo heads toward the dorr
    The ber-egg is no more
    With his hand in his pants
    He will say please Matt one more chance

    Matt says I can see your mouth moving
    But it’s to late for you to be saved
    When the door hits you in the ass
    Don’t forget to wave

    • Scene: Matt in DR talking to camera…

      “I’m a genius, some think I’m dumb–
      While they twiddle their thumbs,
      Got my twig in my hand,
      Masturbate in my ‘jams,
      Haven’t washed them since week one.

      Wait ’til the houseguests see,
      I’ve got Diamond POV–
      Some blood on my hands,
      Might cost me some fans,
      Hopefully, not 500 G’s.”

    • … was that supposed to be a ryhme? because almost none of what you just wrote rhymed. but good try.


    i just found a website that lets me (living in san diego, CA) able to watch the east coast feed of big brother.

    so happy. i hate having to refrain myself from the spoilers.

  96. MAN…. i can’t wait to see what happens tonight- Brenden is sure to be disappointed- I don’t think he will but i hope Matt puts up Brit in his place…

    • Matt wants Brit out, he is smart to keep her and align with her. I think he will send out her and not kathy. I wish he would send out Gonzo… :( Cant stand that ape anymore!

      • Using the word “ape” to describe someone is an ethnic slur. It’s no different than saying “little monkey” or using the N-word.

      • William Z – Thanks for your 2 cents… Do you want change with that? If you have been following this forum, you know we ALL have names for Enzo, Brit, Hayden etc… I call him “Gonzo” for one reason only, I want him GONE! He looks like an “ape” because he is so furry, he needs to man-scape. Again, has nothing to do with race. In conclusion, Enzo + Gone = Gonzo. Not everything has to be about “race”!

  97. i believe torch. but how are u guys seeing the votes? the east coast show hasnt even started yet?

    unless ur texting from the live show lol

  98. So now that it seems the live feeds have gone off for the taping of the show, when do they come back on??? I HATE being on the west coast, in Napa, 5 hours from the BB House and being on tape delay! Thats why I bought the season pass, to watch it LIVE!

  99. I was watching last night’s episode of Lopez Tonight, and George Lopez said someone was masturbating in the shower on the live feeds. Anybody know who it was? LOL!! Just curious!

    • lol. at first, when these two would smack on each other and play around, i thought britney & lane were cousins.
      but when the playing became more intimate, i became convinced that lane is NICK.

      i began posting about this when lane started making sexual passes at britney and she just played it off like it was nothing. she’s VERY outspoken, and i just don’t see her letting sexual remarks from someone she just met go by without her totally cussing him out and putting him in his place!

      then tonight, brit’s own mother said that britney “wants a BIG GUY that would protect her” and that she would SUPPORT a relationship between brit & lane – even though brit is ‘supposedly’ engaged to someone else???
      COME ON! who’s MOM would make a statement like that about their daughter on national tv! LOL

      i’ve been wrong about a lot of things in this game – but THIS ONE i’m sure of!
      lane IS nick :)

      • No ct you are not. Just type “britney haynes is engaged to nick” it will take you where you need to go. lame is not nick, and nick is not to happy.

      • I think he chose her to prove his alliance with the brigade. I do not think they will turn on him again. Smart move for Matt. Althogh I wanted Enzo to leave. It would have been a tie, and Layen would have been out! LOVED Brits dance!

    • Yeah, completely predictable from the very minute Matt was put on the block.
      And… guess what? Another easy prediction before the alliances turn on themselves…. Brendon goes home next week (unless he wins POV, or production gets involved).

  100. the brat slides through another one…I waited all week to see Kathy voted out??? what a waste of time.How anticlimatic can it get?

  101. Wow…. I am so shocked! Enzo (god forbid should I offend anyone again calling him Gonzo! LOL) Had to have sh*t his pants!!! Maybe they will see Matt was really alligned with them afterall. Unlike Enzo and Hayden who went running to Brenden!

  102. Notice they have not shown Rachel in the Jury House, I think she was kicked out for the pretzel stunt!

  103. Kathy… “I didn’t really have a chance to fight…”

    C’mon Kat. You’ve had over a month to fight, and didn’t.

  104. Wonder why Matt threw the HoH comp? I really thought he would lather up to win that and put up Brendon, his arch nemesis.
    With Kathy out, who is Brit putting up alongside Brendon – a pawn isn’t necessary but it won’t be Ragan, I bet. She would use one Enzo or Hayden first, wouldn’t she? And if Brendon wins POV, she will need a replacement….
    I know alot transpires between events so who knows? But Brit is smart and I wouldn’t put it past her to put up her biggest competition – Matt. Won’t be Lane or Ragan. That leaves: Enzo, Hayden and Matt.

    • Maybe this time he will learn the hard way.
      If he wins POV, there will be no tear-jerking deals made – with her or Ragan.

  105. Why didn’t they show Nick and his reaction to Brit’s flirtation with Lane? At least he is “current”, like Kristen’s bf was.

  106. Enz/Hay have to be cool with Matt this week but if Brit does put him up…IDK. Of course the next vote could be a tie that she has to break. But the DPOV may further convince them that Matt has to go still.

  107. Britney has a problem, and it’s not brendon, it’s hayden and enzo, right now, It all depends on who she put up with brendon, That the 64.000.00 question right now. No one and I mean No one likes to be put on the block, even if they are told that thier aren’t the target. So lets look at her choices.

    1. enzo – enzo believes that matt has an alliance with ragan and britney

    2. Hayden – the same as enzo

    3. I don’t see her putting up lane, ragan or matt

    4. If brendon wins pov, then she has a bigger problem.

    No I don’t see any goodway out of this, and that is why matt didn’t win HOH, he doesn’t want this problem on his hands.

    • hey chris – how ya doing :)

      with matt wussing out tonite and NOT putting enzo on the block, i’m no longer making predictions in this stupid game! he had the opportunity of a lifetime handed to him to make a power move and who does he nominate/evict? – KATHY!
      big f*cking deal, matt – you WUSS.

      anyway – no predictions from me, but what i would LIKE TO SEE is:

      britney puts brendon & matt on the block next to each other.

      britney wins pov – brendon goes to be with his ho.

      double eviction HOH winner – ragan.

      puts enzo & hayden on the block.

      lane wins pov – uses it on hayden.

      britney replaces hayden with matt.

      enzo goes to jury house.

      next hoh – lane

      puts matt & ragan on block.

      hayden wins pov – doesn’t use.

      matt goes to jury house.

      final 4 = lane, hayden, britney & ragan.

      hayden wins hoh – ragan goes to jury

      final 3 = lane, britney & hayden

      lane wins hoh – britney goes to jury

      final 2 = lane & hayden – just like they planned week 1!

      hayden wins bb 12

      britney wins ‘america’s favorite player’

      • ii think your right about brittany putting brendon up and matt. Matt is a lier when he wen’t around to the other houseguest saying that his wife had a diease

      • Wow CT I would love to see this happen!I really don’t like anyone this season but Hayden and Lane. If they don’t get Matt out he will make final 2.Britney and Lane I can’t figure out these two out.But I really don’t won’t to see Brendan win because Rachel will spend all his money then dump him and he can’t make a decision without her!

  108. oh PLEEEEZZZ erika – rachel has NO INTENTION of hooking up with brendon after this show ends. she USED him to get the attention that a “showmance” on bb provides. and when this is all over, rachel will go back to vegas and milk her experience on bb for all it’s worth while brendon crawls back to los angeles with his tail between his legs like the p’whipped lapdog that he is.
    they are both PATHETIC human beings.

  109. Kathy & Matt should have had a 1-on-1 comp & the winner gets to stay. She wasn’t even given a chance – like it was scripted. And Matt again took the easy way out – he could have changed the whole tone of the game, but of course he didn’t. It was too easy. I hope they pay Kathy well; otherwise she could turn around & sue CBS for not following the rules of BB!

  110. To all: lane is not nick go to “britney is engaged to nick” it will take you where you want to go, No lane is not nick, and nick is not happy.

  111. Did anyone that is watching BBAD just hear LANE, tell matt that enzo said that if britney puts him up, he’s going to off on her, and then in the same breaht he said I told Enzo to chill out that not to get up set about it, Is this the same lane that wanted to hit brendon for putting him up and was up set all week long.

  112. Who do brit and ragan think they are? I am so sick of their trash talk! Have they once considered that branden has been on the block from the beginning of the game. Not once have they put themselves in his shoes, but want everyone to feel their pain. They are nothing but COWARDS!

  113. I can not stand Matt or Ragan, they need to go
    Ragan does not deserve the $20,000…What is
    wrong with you Big Brother????????

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