Big Brother 12: Week 6 Eviction Predictions

The sixth eviction of the Big Brother 12 season is upon us so let’s get to our eviction prediction! This season I’ll continue to offer up not only my prediction but also the thoughts from a few of my other favorite Big Brother websites. So check out our Big Brother predictions and then share your thoughts below.

So this week’s eviction is going to be a lot different from the norm. We know Matt is on the block and he also has the DPOV which means he won’t be on the block for long. So now not only do we have to predict who Matt will renom but also who will be evicted. There are only 4 HG for Matt to select from so that helps.

Ashli Rae will be once again interviewing who ever is evicted tonight so let us know what questions you’d like the evicted HG to answer. Post your questions below in the comments section and we might use it in the interview!

Big Brother 12 Week 6 Eviction Predictions:

Since we know Matt will use the Diamond Power of Veto the question for you is who do you think Matt should renom? Share your thoughts in the poll below!


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  1. enzo should go he has done nothing just telling the others what to do .hes the biggest floater in the house

  2. I wish he could nominate Brendon. too bad he is HOH this week. seems like a waste of use of the Diamond POV.

      • Good Day BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew :)

        No Eileen they won’t allow that, the rules are set for the DPOV can only nominate the options that Matt (BBN) above gave for voting….

      • No. That would totally ruin the whole meaning and reason for the head of household (HOH) which brings power

    • Also, looking into the future of the game…when it comes to the jury, if everyone in the house doesn’t like Brendon, they should actually keep him to the end as he is considered one of the bad guys and with their frame of thinking now, the good guy/gal will be voted to win BB. Brendon doesn’t have alot of followers now, so he probably won’t later…but in the end, it is a game and if the game is played as that, Brendon has the right to win like anyone else. Enzo, Hayden and Matt, if left to the end will be an interesting jury vote! As for Ragan…he needs to cool down his jets…and not react anymore…lay low, but play both sides. My opinion.

      • Regina, the thing with that is this.. Dick Donato lovingly referred to as EVIL DICK was HATED he attacked houseguest worse the Rach, and fought with them worse the Bren could even imagine. Hence the name evil dick, guess what after all the HG’s swore they would never vote for him.. everyone took that mind set well take him to the end he wont have the votes.. UMMMM yea well he went to jail for not paying taxes on the 1/2 million they said they wouldnt give him. so thats a game I dont think a smart player would take.. JMO

      • Dick was in the final with his daughter, who no one liked either. People voted for Dick because they felt he did more than Danielle. If someone likeable was up, do you think Dick would have won? Probably not.

      • Valid point MattB, But even still Russell swore he wouldnt vote for Jeff and he did maybe for the same reasons but my point was just that I have seen in more then a few instances some one say there is no way you will get my vote then in the end does the opposite because they see that person did actually play the game. JMO again

  3. Matt should put up one of Hayden/Enzo.
    I have a feeling he’ll put up Kathy.

    Matt wants Brendon out and since Brendon can’t play for HOH, Matt should try to knock out someone he thinks would be hesitant to put up Brendon (i.e. Hayden/Enzo). Kathy is an easy don’t-make-waves decision, a lateral move. It probably won’t help him that much though.

  4. Either Enzo or Kathy should go since none of them have done much of anything other than fly under the radar through the whole game. Enzo is all talk No action and Kathy is just

  5. PLEASE VOTE OUT BRITNEY!!!!!!! I can’t stand to hear her snarky comments anymore. I hope Matt is smart tonight. He needs to get out his biggest competition. Britney wins everything.

  6. Why vote out Kathy, she is not a threat and game wise it would be best to keep her as she doesn’t do well on the competitions. I’m not a Kathy fan myself but game wise that wouldn’t be a good move.

    Britney has good skills and is clever, I like her but game wise it would be in Matt’s best interest to put her up.

    I don’t think Matt would go against the Brigade unless he has to, those are his votes in the jury house.

  7. It should be Enzo but unless Matt discovers the feelings the Brigade members now harbor towards him – it will probably be Cathy.

    Does anyone know what CDT means? I saw it in a previous posting and have never heard of it. Am I just dense or what?

    • Coup D’Tat
      The person can override the HOH by replacing BOTH noms. Then the house votes right away without any chance at POV or campaigning.
      Jeff got it last year (from an America’s vote) and used it to put up and get rid of Jesse.

    • It means coupe de tat or an overthrow of a gov. “or the bb house in this case” by a smaller gov. whos been in power before

  8. He should put up Britney. So tired of her.

    Enzo is very much a floater he throws the competitions. He was smart though coming into the game and starting the alliance so he could sit back and relax.

    If Brendon would stop with all the Rachael talk he could have a “small” chance to stay in.

  9. It would sooo be in Matt’s best interest to put up Britney!!!!! Shes a good player! And it wont leave any blood on his hands because no one cares if she goes. But he probably won’t think like that he will waste this power on someone stupid.

  10. IF Matt is as smart as he THINKS he is hell put up Kathy. Brittany and Regana re 2 vots FOR the Brigade. I think its Kathy. IF I had that DPOV, Id wear it under my jacket, unzipp and start with the SAAAAS!!!
    “THIS is the DPOV…. THAT means that IIIIIm not goin home!! It also means that IIII get to name my replacement!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!”
    Evil & sassy just like that! :)

  11. ENZO should be voted out..if for no other reason than ENZO will be the lucky HG that gets to spend a week alone with RACHEL..I know of no other HG in the house that is more deserving of that honor than ENZO…

  12. The one person I wish he could evict, he can’t and that’s the whiny weasel. Somebody said that maybe Matt and Ragan are brothers. They do kinda look a little alike, but, I would never admit that Ragan was a member of my family. I think that Ragan’s students are absent alot, and I am sure that the members of the facilty know why – they are in shop, or home economics. I’ll say it again, that guy makes me want to throw up. Tonite will be priceless. I will also be looking at all of the stunned faces. Kathy should be elected into the “Brigade”, aka as the no brainers. She would fit right in.

    • For all his “smart” discussions and analyzing about the game Regan is gonna look the total ass tonite..He has been taken in by Matt completely this is his face that I want CBS to pan in on when Matt uses the DV..priceless ..forever frozen in time..

  13. So when Matt uses the DPOV, he selects the nominee, does that person go home tonight – no chance to make your case, nothing?

      • so then she just goes home on the live show – that’s harsh! Okay – another questions, obviously Ragan used the POV to take himself off the block – could Matt put him back on as the replacement nom?

      • Danielle No the holder of POV even though he used it and HOH are safe so Matt can not re nominate Ragan.

  14. If in fact Hayden and Enzo tell Matt that he is the one being voted out prior to the eviction ceremony, hopefully Matt is smart enough to put Enzo up. If that happens, Lane should get the votes (Brit, Matt, Regan). Kathy should not go up tonight. She should be saved as a sacrificial lamb for a later eviction.

  15. I am hoping that he will be allowed to put Brendon up, but since that probably won’t happen I would love to see Enzo go up. I’m soooo sick of him.

  16. I sure hope he’ll put up Enzo, but I’m afraid he’ll honor his alliance (even though his Brigade-mates won’t honor it).
    It would also be nice to see Kathy go, but I think he’ll put up Britney.

  17. dont think he would put up kathy. i mean i hater her and not only does she deserve to go, but nobody should help her clean the house. since she talks about everyone behind their back, and then bitches out about it then gives the “u know ima be straight up with u, if u wanna say something about me, say it to my face u knoe” garbage.

    u gotta do something kathy, and cleaning is the only thing u can do.

    but with that being said i think its either enzo or britney.

    as much as brit is my favorite, it would be a good strategic move to get her out. she is probably the best player in the game. either her or brendon but she hasnt played the game personally yet. i stress the yet part.

    but it all depends on the tone of voice when the BRIGADE tell matt. hurry u, wake up enzo and go shoot urself in DA FACE! lol

    • I agree Marcus, Britney is a clever player in the house. Her Diary Room comments crack me up especially her “eye rolls” and the expressions on her face. It would be the best strategic move for Matt to put her up. I would miss her though.

      • Matt probably won’t make his decision until real late, he is waiting on what he hears hayden and enzo say about how they plan to vote and how they say it.

      • At this point it may be in Matt’s best interest to keep Brittney due to the Enzo/Hayden backstabbing..The plan next week is to get Brendon out.. Matt needs all the Hg’s to help him make sure that Brendon does not win POV..Brittney would be more help in that respect than ENZO…and then too he longer trust Enzo..

  18. Put either ENZO or HAYDEN. I have enough of those two. I’d rather keep Brenden over those two, especially Enzo.

  19. Please let him put up Britney! But, I think he’s going to waste his DPOV and take out Kathy. Not a smart move because she poses no threat. Britney is a good player so getting her out is smartest move. Plus, sooooooo sick of her vicious mouth, mean-girl personality and grotesque picking at her self so it would be a bonus not to have to watch that while I enjoy the rest of the show!

  20. Buenos Tardes BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Let’s hope Matt puts up Britt, tho’ he was tellin Raggity Rag yesterday that she can be controlled by them (once Lane leaves) but I highly DOUBT that, b/c Lane ain’t leaving, there is NO one that he can put up there that will make Lane evicted! Right?

  21. I am so tired of all the house guest talking about Rachel, for heavens sake she is out. I think Ragan and Brit have formed a eerie fixation on Rachel and Brendon. That said I think Matt will put Kathy up because of the pretzel thing with Rachel. Matt thinks she should have told him earlier. Matt does not know that Hayden and Enzo also knew before he was nominated for eviction. I wanted him to put up Britney. It is sickening to be to watch Ragan campaign for Matt to stay. Matt is wanting everyone to trust Ragan because he has a side deal with him. They are so blinded by their hatred of Brendon that they are not considering the reason Matt wants to keep Ragan. I still do not know why they hate Brendon so much, it is a game, all of them are lying and backstabbing. Some of the house guest are vile and despicable and I would not want to know them personally.

    • So true Betty! Matt is idling due to his power, but letting Raggity Rag do all his legwork worrying, crying and beggin ppls to keep Matt. Just WAIT til he finds out 2nite that all that was UNnecessary since Matt had the power to remove himself all along! Rag will be PISSED, so will the bro-gade! They won’t care that he couldn’t tell anyone! Fireworks will ensue and for ONCE it wont’ be aimed at Brenchel! :)

    • Betty, they hate Brendon not only for hooking up with that hooker and them 2 being lumped together. They hate living with him, hes straight up annoying. Im with Ragan I cant stand to listen to him talk anymore, I fast forward my DVR. He has no personality and is sooo dull. He is not a people person so hes the outcast noone wants to talk to.

      • So because Brendon & Rachel hooked up is the reason they hate him. For shame I say. How can you say Rachel is a hooker? Do you know her personally? In this day and age people get together all the time and have sex. Brendon and Rachel have an attraction to one another so what, that is not a reason to hate. Brendon is not as annoying as some of the other house guest with their vile disgusting talks, manners and ways. Brendon nor Rachel to me are bad people. All of the house guests have said nasty things about each other, but Britney and Ragan have gone way to far with their snide ugly remarks toward Rachel and Brendon.

  22. “Every dog has his day.” you keep Kathy around and maybe she flukes her way to thefinal HOH win. Worst case scenario for the whole house, including evicted houseguests. Best get the loser out now… Hate personally attacking her but it’s the only way to describe her. A true loser.

  23. It’s gotta be Kathy. No doubt about it. After last night’s after dark, Matt has grown suspicious of Kathy, Enzo and Hayden’s new found alliance w/ Brendon. So Kathy would be the odd person out of the trio.

    • Bonjour fellow Canuck, there is one currently in Quebec ( I know doesn’t count eh?) called the LOFT? lol. seriously if you check the wiki site where it shows BB in all the countries of the world Canada is on it’s 10th season apparently! (gasp! who knew?) its’ only in THAT province I take it! WE need one in T.O stat!

  24. @Matt/Ashli Rae (BBN) how many ppls can vote today?
    Assuming Matt CAN’T b/c of the D-POV or is that incorrect? I know that he can replace only ONE nominee but can’t recall if gets to vote? I know Brendon as current HOH will break the tie (if Matt CAN vote). Only 8 ppls left, so it’s either 6 or 5 voting. Can u clarify pls? Thanks so much :)

  25. im so sick of enzo he needs to go. he is the biggest waste of camera time in the house, aside from kathy who gets on my nerves. he needs to get rid of enzo because enzo plays the brigade like puppets even though he is worthless. i would like to see brendan stay another week, these house guests are so boring he at least adds some drama. i hope they do a winter season of bb cause this summer season stinks. bring back evil dick and do an allstars edpisode over the winter!

  26. Ohhh right, I forgot about Meow Mad Man Mix, if Matt finds out that they’re planning to vote him out, surely he’ll put up Enzo (since Hayden has that ONE HOH to rely on! Its’ also possible still that AFTER the reveal of Matt’s power, those aligned with him may vote differently AFTER knowing Matt’s deceit, so Lane could go home after all! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Mylanta!

  27. @Ashli Rae (BBN) Question for the Evicted!

    U look surprised to be sitting here with me! Did u expect to be cruisin towards the final 4?(guessing a floater gets evicted)

    Are you upset at Matt for keepin his power a secret?

    Who do you want to follow you next into the Jury House?

    How excited (sarcastic) are you to be chillin’ with Rachel now?

    Are you hoping for some twist that will bring you back in the BB House?

  28. Kathy is playing the game, I know shes not winning anything but as the floater/loser shes definately playing. I know she sucks and she may go home tonite but it would be a good move to get rid of her now and then know how everyone stands. Brendon will be the lonely man outside of everyone else. Matt will know where he stands with Hay/enzo but hopefully keep his mouth shut, hes got deals with brit and ragan and screw em if they dont get over the drama Dpov.

  29. whoever matt puts up on the block he already lost the game, because now he will have lost more votes: Rachel, Brendon and whoever he puts up tonight

    • who ever goes home tonight is going to have a LONG week with Roachel! UGH too bad it wasn’t Brenda….

  30. Is everyone forgetting that Matt can remove “both” people and put up “two new nominees? Too much of a power for him not to take full advantage of it. I say he pulls both himself and lane off and puts up Kathy and Britney.

  31. well sense he won’t break up the bragade he will not put renso or haden but i wish he would put ragon he is getting on my last nerve he is so biatchy hahah but he is the great sabatder and is doing a great job. Man i hate Bratny Britny!!!

  32. Man i would hate to be in the house with Rachel and Ragon man if he didnt win the power of veto there would be a whole lot of shaken in the mansion house thingy

  33. If he puts Kathy up he would be stupid cause she can’t play and she will be easyer to win over later in the game i think?

  34. #40 Allen That would be awsome cause i hate Britny she need a reality check and she is a stupid player she goes to one and to the other don’t she know that it will get old playing both sides and Lane and playing her too she is sooo fake.

  35. I think Matt should “renom” Enzo. If he was willing to throw Matt under the bus, he deserves to be nominated. Besides, it appears Matt is in a better alliance with Brittany and Ragan.

    Matt’s days are pretty much numbered by the looks of it unless things suddenly turn around as it usually does in the BB house.

  36. Matt should put enzo or Hayden up hey talk bout Britney like a dog and the talk about the best sabby ever like a dog and they tryna get rid of my matty bb get rid of the two biggest floater ever

  37. Oh jeez…I really hope he doesn’t waste this one on Kathy. Leaving her in is for his best interests…she is a weakling. Lane needs to stay…so I just hope he puts up Britney. She will 100% go before Lane. But, I don’t know about Enzo going before Lane…Enzo has Hayden and Brendan’s votes for sure since they started their own side alliance (and then they wanna break up everyone elses side alliances…how rude!)…I think people would be torn between Enzo and Lane for sure.

    If he puts up Brit AND she goes home, I will streak naked down my block and video it and stick it on youtube, LOL. THAT’S how happy I’ll be!

    Anyone else agree with me? You don’t have to streak if you do. LOL.

    • I agree, Kathy is no threat at all. I’d surprised if she could walk & chew bubble gum at the same time! Thank God she’s not sherrif in my town! I do think Enzo will go before Lane. Enzo is dummber than a bag of rocks! It makes my ears bleed to listen to him attempt to talk.He’s running from one side of the house to the other saying dumb sh!t. The HG’s wont tolerate that for much longer.

    • I agree about Brit. I agree about Ragan next week. If Ragan is one of the geniune nice guy then I got property I can sell you in Arizona Dan. LOL

  38. If Enzo goes to JH, is he gonna tell Rachel about the Brigade – since he will surely be pissed that Matt intentionally put him out?

    • If he did, he will screw over Hayden, Matt, and Lane to win…well maybe. Because nobody likes to find out about a giant secret alliance…that was going on right under their nose for 5 weeks!

  39. Britney must go what a B**** and a snake. Enzo well the guy can be easily beaten this would be smart to keep Enzo around the same with Kathy these individuals are easy to beat and u take these kinds of people to the end. Hayden is also easy to beat he only wins because Matt is carrying the other three. The real one thats tratedgic one to get ried of is Britney because shes a snake in the grass and cannot be trusted she can be very dangerous to keep around she bhas one three Vetos and she can easy win competitions would not be personal and when the time comes shes turning against Matt, Its a sure thing.

    • Britney and then Ragan that little weasle,….it is a wonder the other house guest can stay dry with all his BOO HOO’ing,…I think Britney is the one to beat and if they do not get her out now,-she will win !

  40. Please oh please Matt… Put up that filthy, disgusting, pathetic, idiot ENZO….Hayden would so be on ur side, cuz he’s as dumb as a rock.

  41. I pray that Matt puts up that nasty talking witch Britney. Hope she goes tonight and next week the other nasty talking snake Ragan follows.

  42. Enzo needs to go he has the biggest mouth in the house. I am so tried of f this and f that.I feel sorry for his daughter if that is the way he talks at home. He thinks he knows everything. What has he done in this house other than run his mouth? If Matt puts him up I’m afraid Lane would go home and I don’t want that to happen. SO…..Kathy would be my next choice. No one in this house is any better than Brittany. They all talk about each other behind their back. Kathy is kissing up to everyone right now. What has she done in this house other than clean?

      • That is unfortunate since BB said he could replace the nomination with anyone. And the Veto was days ago. Oh well, wishful thinking!!! Not that I think Regan is a bad person. He actually has a great head on his shoulders from what I have seen. He also really does deserve to be in the house.

  43. Onzo adds nothing to this show and won’t be missed and would defintely make the house more even for Matt.

  44. If they leave Kathy float by chances are she will win this, ya ok she may not be a threat but she is still in the game.

    • I think she is playing a great social game! AND, that is part of Big Brother!!! However winning the game, don’t think it will happen.

  45. Britney definately needs to go visit Rach!! Then she will not be tempted to cheat on her fiance!!

    • britney really has fiance? i guess this is old and resolved, but is there any chance that kathy is britney’s mom? i guess it was just a sabateur thing, but it would certainly account for britney running up to kathy every time she’s insecure

  46. Hayden, Lane and Meow-Meow,and Brendon and well (Kathy) have really done nothing to be there, At least Brittney and Regan are fighting. Brendon needs to grow some ….and play for himself, who cares what Rachel thinks, as if she would have given him and $$ if she won, that boy is whipped and a drama queen!

    • I’m thinkining Brendon has won as many comps as Regan and Brit, so indeed he does deserve to be there. I also think he would have put Matt up without seeing the Pretz message. Also, what has he done negatively other than try to get himself evicted rather than Rachel (which I thought was ignorant by the way). But everything he said about Brit was true. She is a whinny baby!! I’d like to see BB get some of her EX’s on the show just like they tryed to get viewers to dislike Brendon!!! Producers have not shown me any other negative things Brendon has done other than to call Brit out on her Bi?$% attitude. (Yes Rach was the same way and that is why we never see women bond together and make big moves like the men of BB – we are generally too catty).

      • I think Brendon kinda fell into the “Guilty By Association” thing. Unfortunately, it was who he was paired with, that was his downfall. Rachel pissed alot of people off, and Brendon stood by her side while it was happening. Personally he is not my fave and I would rather him go, but I really think his game could’ve been different if he were aligned with someone else from the beginning. Just my opinion

    • What do u mean Brendon has done nothing to be there? He’s won 2 POV and 1 HOH comment partially deleted. Don’t insult other posters.

  47. Very INTERESTING question. This totally depends on his loyalty to the BRIGADE! Has their opinion of his lack of loyalty gotten back to him, if so maybe one of the brigade. If not, can Brenden be put up? Or is he still protected by the HOH position? If he is STILL playing the ENTIRE house I believe that he will put Kathy up. She is the “safest” as far as Matt’s way of playing and not making any enemies and lets face it, she is a FLOATER without a doubt!!!

  48. why does everyone hate britney she’s so pretty and says the cutest stuff at least she can help matt set to the final 2 enzo dumber than sh hayden needs a hair cut hasn,t won a thing neither has lane although i like him

    • hey i think Brittney is the best player in the game, Rachel on the other hand is exactlry what Ragan called her in so many ways..

      • I was saddened that Ragan took the low road with Rachel. He seemed to be at his limit, but still…..he lowered himself to her level…most disappointing.

      • Even though he made some good points and was actually quite entertaining. LOVED his interpretation of her fake laugh. His last departing zinger seemd to stop her for the moment…otherwise shoe sould have followed him across the lake and into the bathroom to bellow her amazing rebuttals.

        PS I accept her degree in Chemistry. So why is she a cocktail girl in Las Vegas?

      • Leota – how can you say that Ragan took the “low road”. All he did was succinctly describe how ridiculous Rachel is. Was he emotional when he did it? Sure, but who wouldn’t be when talking to that girl? Ragan really impressed me with his quick mind…he even made Rachel shut-up and actually think about how she had been acting.

      • Okay believe it or not, in LV you can make so much more money in the service business of cocktailing — waitressing and bartending. So, despite having a chemistry degree doing this kind of work can and is for many much more fruitful. I know this first hand in that I have two family members doing similar work there. Each of them bartend — part-time — and make almost twice the money I do in my more “respectable” full-time office job. Seriously. I work 40+ hours as opposed to their 3-8hr days. I make $80,000 a year compared to their $150,000+ income. I have a Master’s degree in my area of work. Both of my friends are educated but are working in this business until they are burnt out — why? Because it is lucrative. For this I don’t blame Rachel. As long as she can stand cocktailing and her looks hold up, why not take advantage of the benefits of that line of work.

  49. I have a funny feeling Kathy will be the next houseguest to leave the Big Brother Compound tonite.

  50. I really think he is going to play this one safe and put up Kathy. I really don’t see him turning on the brigade at this point.

  51. Personally, I think Brittany should leave. Shes rude mean and hates everybody and talks behind everyones back. yes Kathy is weak at games but Brittanys not any better. I hope she goes and I hope Mattas next. Regans ok for now.

    • Kathy talks about everyone too. I think I have heard her say ” I’m just through with it/him/her” about everyone in the game. She is “through with Rachel.” Please save me from being cornered by Brendon, I’m through with him.” “I’m through with Brittney.” There is a guy at my job that has been saying “I know that’s right” for the past 18 years (about everything). Kathy’s “I’m just through with _____. I’m just not doing it anymore” is equally irritating and I’ve only been listening to her for 40+ days! Just my opinion.

  52. I think Brittany needs to go …gee can’t you just see her and Rach in the same house…Brit can’t be trusted..She is two faced and mean…

  53. Brittany is 100% the best choice to go. All she does is chew her fingers pick at her hair and bad mouth Brendan. I think she is disgusting and I’ll bet she won’t lock herself in her room when she gets to the jury house.

    • I agree. Brittany would be the absolute best choice to get out of the house tonight. I agree that she won’t lock herself in her room at the jury house — she’ll be too busy trying to convince Rach she is her best friend! Her lying two-faced vile personality is beyond just playing the game — it’s who she is. She will continue to do in the jury house what she has done in the BB house just because she knows no other way to conduct herself. So glad my life is not plagued by her, LOL!

  54. @ rico

    Rico must be going Mad
    To think it’s kind of Sad
    All day they ask
    The same question it’s a Blast

    Can Matt put up the HOH
    Can Matt put up the HOH
    Rico say’s No, No, No
    The Hoh can’t go

    But to No aveil
    It makes him want to Yell
    Rico keeps saying he’s safe
    But the same question keeps smacking him in the face

    At night when he try’s to Dream
    Rico wakes up with a sceam
    With sweat running down his face
    Rico hears, Can Matt put up the HOH

  55. It would be the smartest move to nominate Britney. Kathy and Enzo can be easily beaten in competitions and those are the people you carry to the end. However, Matt is going to put a huge target on his back since he lied about the DPOV. I can NOT wait to see Britney go, she’s sneaky and a good competitor.

  56. If Matt puts Kathy up, he is making a dumb move. Not that I like Matt. Kathy is no threat in any challenge either POV or HOH. Brittany is a threat because she wins challenges. He would help his game to get rid of her, I think. Personally, I can’t stand any of them but Brendon. I always liked Rachel and Brendon. I enjoyed Rachel’s visit! Ragan was so mean to her. Rachel is right, it is a game. She was there to irritate people and he go so personal. He went ballistic over what Rachel said about being gay yet he could say whatever he wanted to her and make it completely personal.

  57. Should – Britney – because that’s the “known” alliance that makes him a target (along with Ragan). This would prove his loyalty to Brigade which as a four man unknown alliance is really his best bet to keep together.

    Will – Kathy

  58. surely Matt is smart enough to kno that he has to put up enzo. Enzo talks and Hayden thinks. If he does not get one of them now then he has to reallly wory about next week. They keep worrying about breaking up people. Why do they not see Enzo and Hayden.

  59. Brittany Plaaease! She is just a spoiled little brat! Reminds me of our Cheerleaders at school who thought their crap don’t stink because they are better than everyone else!

  60. If they evict Britney and she goes to the Jury House with Rachel…they should move the cameras there. Now THAT would be a hoot.

  61. Are we sure Matt can’t nominate Brendon? They said the diamond veto gave him the power to take himself or someone else off the block and the power to nominate someone else. Didn’t say he couldn’t use it on the HOH.

    But smart money would say Matt should get rid of Britney. She is way too good at this game.

  62. I think that Brittany should go, she is a major player/liar and can not be trusted. Or Enzo he is as useful as Kathy !!!! I like that Ragan is safe for a while, he is awesome. Rachel should have not acted the way she did for the 24 hr visit !!!

  63. There is a lot of talk about floaters: Kathy, Ragan, but when you think about it Enzo and Hayden are the two biggest floaters in the house. Between them, only one HOH was secured, and they have won nothing else.

    Hayden is supposed to be an athlete but hasn’t won any of the physical challenges. Except for Matt, the whole brigade are as dumb as a box of rocks, and so they are unable to win any challenges that require them to access a brain cell.

    Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with floating, except when you run your mouth about other floaters in the house.

    I predict that Matt will put Kathy up on the block, and that Kathy will go home.

    I can’t help wondering if Kathy will have a job when she gets back. Her sheriff should be embarrassed by her. I thought law enforcement had standards for physical fitness, as well as intelligence and in both areas she is lacking.

    I loved the bitch fight between Ragan and Rachel last night. Poor Rachel, she was in over her head when she decided to target the smart gay guy with the quick comebacks.

    I almost felt sorry for her. You could tell he hurt her feelings several times and she did not know how to respond. But he is right. She needs to wake up and realize how she comes across to people.

    She chose Kathy in the bowling competition because she thought Kathy was weak, then got mad when Kathy was happy to prove her wrong. That was the most spunk I saw out of Kathy the whole season.

    Really, this is the most boring cast ever. I thought Brendan was going to be this really super cool Hg. When he was on the block and challenged HOH-Hayden, telling him that if he did not remove him from the block that he, Brendan, would come after him, I thought that was fricking ballsy.

    Then when he comes back the next week, and wimps out. His game totally fell apart when he got his showmance.

    I wonder about these great looking men and women who come on the show and flush their one chance at 500,000 dollars down the toilet for a showmance. What is wrong with these people that they cannot get a boy/girl friend out in the real world, and cannot distinguish the real world from a studio wired with several hundred cameras and mics?

    I almost dont care who wins this game, but if I had to pick the people who seem to be playing the game with strategy and guts, it would be floaters, Ragan and Britney who do have a strategy, but if pushed into a corner will come out swinging, and Matt who actually does win competitions and is smart enough to not get drawn into over conflicts.

  64. Matt should nominated Enzo. He has done nothing in the game thus far but run his filthy mouth. I’m sure his family is so proud of that. He cannot win a single thing and he just talks alot of smack with excuse after excuse and has the nerve to bad mouth floaters. Now, he wants to backstabbed Matt who in my opinion should win the game.

  65. I know that Kathy will be put up on the block and sent to the jury house tonight on Big Brother. I just wish that Matt would put Enzo on the block and send him to the jury house. I’m very sure that Lane will be safe tonight. Britney and Hayden i’m not to sure if Matt would put one of them up on the block. I’m so happy that Ragan is safe this week.

  66. I was so upset the way Ragan talked to Rachelle last nite. I know she isnt that great herself but he went way over th top. If I’d been her I would have let him have it good.

    • rachel not only let Ragan HAVE IT, she has been all over him since day one. She needs serious counseling, she is absolutely EVIL!!! Ragan is an intelligent put together person who stood up for himself & everyone else in the house when “the real men” of the house should have done it, but NO they are all cowards!

  67. My vote is to put Hayden up. Then the House will really be split on who to evict. It would make it more dramatic to watch the Hamsters scramble!

  68. He said it clearly on t.v that “won’t Brendon be shocked when I use my pov and he goes home. So I believe he will nom. Brendon, but one never knows. Expect the unexpected. I’m beginning to think that Regan and Matt know each other, there is something a little too cozy going on.

  69. I wish that Matt, Lane, Regan, & Brittany would team up & name their alliance the Brigade. The original Brigade doesn’t matter if nobody in the house knows about them. Anyone, how funny would it be to see Enzo cry that they stole his name. I do think that Matt will nom Kathy & she will leave. I really hope that Matt loses Hayden & Enzo all together, they are the biggest turncoats ever, no loyalty at all.

  70. Matt says hes smart and if hes even got a childs level of common sense, the smartest move would be to put kathy on the block. So, my guess, it’s 100% Kathy for sure. Why? She’s got no one in the house anyway and no one will get annoyed with him for doing so. So yes, I’d say for sure that it is Kathy. The second possibility would be Enzo. Other than those 2, everyone else should be safe.

  71. I like how ragan went off to Rachel telling her how mean she is and how she talks smack about everybody when ragan and bitchney was the ver ones who were talking crap behind errbody’s back. What a Hypocrite!! He needs to leave. And so does bitchney

  72. Matt should put up a strong player that might turn on him, Brit, she is true to no one. The weaker HG haven’t won anything yet, so his chances are better to keep winning.

  73. I can’t want for everyone to find out Ragan is the sabatuor I am so sick of him and his crying This is the most boring BB ever and I am a hugh fan I pray they find out that Matt has lied about his poor wife being sick and she is not. How awful is that.

  74. My understanding is that HOH is NOT safe tonight and that Matt can choose Brendon to be evicted. Please, SEND BRENDON HOME! I’m so sick of listening to this love-sick chump. Keep Kathy since she’s zero threat and evict Enzo next week. GO HAYDEN!

  75. I still say Hayden needs to go, cause he will get more jury votes than anyone in the House. He’s made no enemies and hasn’t really got blood on his hands – he’s been coasting. You don’t want him beside you at the end of the game!

  76. Get Brittany out asap next Reagon they are the worse two faces b-tches. Matt has go to, lieing about his wife’s health is reason enough.Then Kathy,who in their right mind would want her to be a sherrif in their town.Then Enzo because he is an idiot.

  77. I think Britney is going home but the thing is, WHO KNOWS? Okay, If Kathy went home, I’d like to see a member of the brigade or Ragan win HOH. (Best case scenario Ragan wins POV). Then finally he can put up Brendon and a pawn so BRENDON GETS THE BOOT. I hate that guy. He has no morals, or sense of wit. ANYWAY, who wants to see all guys in the BB house? WTF? Weird season…

  78. Enzo, first choice – changes things up a lot, not working for it. Kathy second – get rid of the swing vote.

  79. Again, they took the easy way out – so Boring! Kathy is gone. When are they going to start really playing their game?

  80. I just read that Matt used the DPOV…what is happening now. Or did they close down the live feed.

    Matt will be fine if he puts up Brittany. Ragan is his guaranteed support base.
    But for some reason, I can also see Matt putting up Enzo…what do you think…
    And then again. I do not think Matt should. Brendon, Lane and Hayden, with Kathy could set up and alliance…Should be a good show tonight.

  81. Matt is a piece of trash…Kathy can not be such a threat to him…He is trying to keep his hands clean. M A D.

  82. I hope they give Kathy a big paycheck, cause what the Sab did with the note was to put a big target on her back and give Matt another easy out! She didn’t get a chance to play for veto or to campaign for herself. Wow, it was like she was set up or something; maybe manipulated; I hope she was paid well!

  83. Matt needs to have his wives fake illness known to the rest of the HG’s.matt is the biggest maggot jerk I have EVER seen.
    I guess the producers of BB don’t care about people with REAL illnesses. I honestly hope Matt gets hurt and has to leave the show. I can’t believe he actually calls others out for being liars and having no class. I also can’t believe brendon didn’t smack matt during tonights show with what he said to him. I will no longer be watching the show because of matt,Ragan, and brithney the b*tch!

  84. Brendon is so gone, see ya loser, even if he wins POV, he will get eliminated during the second eviction

  85. Yes I agree matt should go to the jury house, but he also has been playing well, but too high on himself! Brittany is a complete liar and can’t be trusted. And someone said that Ragan and Matt know each other. There is something there, matt calls him babe all the time and Ragan too excited that Matt didnt leave!! Go Enzo,

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